2.7 (44)
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Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAMC

2.7 out of 5
44 Ratings
3 years ago, PodsWhileDishwashin
Battery hog!
I have a slightly older iPhone but has no noticeable battery issues until I downloaded this app. My phone kept draining by midday suddenly. I looked at battery usage andthis app was using more than all my other apps COMBINED! Even after disabling background refresh and other settings, if I didn’t remember to fully close it after listening, it drained my battery. Had to delete. It’s a shame because ITunes does a terrible job of streaming the station and the new version of Stitcher won’t even try… please FIX the battery issue!
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2 years ago, 1848;$48:!28;
Overall poor
I love the radio station but the app is poor. (iPhone 8). Two thirds of the screen are a fixed banner leaving only a tiny space to scroll through the available links to stream. In addition, if the stream is momentarily dropped, the app reverts back to the promotional lead-in. I understand the need to thank their supporters but please play it once when you open the app. I live in an electrically noisy environment. It’s common for my WiFi link to drop momentarily. Sometimes my phone simply plays the intro over and over and never gets to the stream. My one year update on this app is that WMAC has done nothing to improve it. I love the station but trying to stream it is so frustrating I quit listening.
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7 years ago, Melissabgmini
Could be better
At first I could watch video streaming with the round table but now that option is gone. And today my app said that the bandwidth for this app is full. There is no help contact info for the developers so I will have to write a general email to WAMC. In the meantime I'm missing the round table 😡
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3 years ago, ian's my favorite
Difficult to navigate
App is often non responsive to whatever I press on. For example, I clicked on “schedule” - only thing that came up repeatedly was a blank page. Clicked on Caiano’s midday forecast. Pressed ‘listen’ 10 times (at least)- absolutely nothing happened. Not user friendly. It did work however when I hit listen live. Unfortunately that’s not what I wanted. Will avoid using the app.
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2 years ago, MizSmitty
Keeps pausing itself
If you dont have the app actively up on the screen it will pause whatever you’re listening to, so you can’t use any other apps on your phone at the same time. Every time you hit play, it makes you listen to two long announcements. Better off just streaming from a web browser.
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3 years ago, can't even get a nickname.
Application was poor to begin with…
This app was poor to begin with on my iPhone 11, constantly buffering, dropping the signal; especially on Mondays. With the new edition it’s horrible. I’ve given up. I’ve called the station asking for help. No success. I’ve cleared cookies. No success. Even Apple support failed in their multiple attempts to help. I’m now listening to other public radio apps without frustration.
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7 years ago, MM Upstate
Poor app
Works well with a wifi connection but cellular connection drops out frequently and often requires closing and opening the app to reconnect. Rarely reconnects by itself and also covers the information at the top of an iPhone so you can't see signal strength or the time. It also stops streaming if you switch to Facebook! Really annoying.
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3 years ago, Shoshana Shlomit
Apple watch, please
This app is eat for iPhone and iPad but I want to listen with Bluetooth earbuds through my Apple watch,when I am out walking, so I do not have to carry my phone also.
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7 years ago, Elisa Sue
AMC fan
This app is extremely frustrating to use. It is hard to fast forward, difficult to navigate between shows, and twice this morning as I was listening to the round table, it suddenly skipped over to a different show. I love WAMC and look forward to this app being updated so it works with less difficulty
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7 years ago, NotLovinIt
What happened to the old app?
The app was great for awhile...but now it’s basically just a live feed and a website link. I don’t want to click through multiple pages and buttons just to play a program, especially when I’m in the car.
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9 years ago, SpiritmanDave
Live stream down now
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4 years ago, Dahlia's mom
Great discussions of current events every day!!
I try not to miss this stimulating daily discussion of a range of current topics. Panelists are knowledgeable and lively debates often ensue. Love it!
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7 years ago, Heather845
Cranky app
Very crashy and temperamental. Once crashed it stays crashed- even in wifi. Also when listening to programming, it appears data will loop- can randomly replay 5 minutes of a program...
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4 years ago, Albanypaul
App not to good
Love WAMC love NPR the app not so much. Many of us donate to the station and would like an app that works well. Please put some money time and effort into repairing the app so we can all enjoy W AMC and get all the information we need Thank you
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7 years ago, 1000wayne
Pretty good so far.......have a button for "writers almanac" on "programs" page
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3 years ago, PublicRadio-junkie
“Hamburger” Schedule” link
Doesn’t work. I am using an iPad with most recent update....
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3 years ago, Therapist 21
Can’t access WAMC
I listen to WAMC every morning. I no longer can access. What happened?!!!!
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6 years ago, Hampstead1
One of the worst apps I use
I love WAMC but this is truly awful. Drops connection especially in car every few seconds.
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6 years ago, Prof'B
Continues to be awful
Crashes-hangs repeatedly, as it always has, how many donations are needed to get a decent app!??!
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9 years ago, WAMCfan
Good but needs lots of improvements
I really like the new redesign but it is not a good update. Once you select a show to listen to there is no way to get back to the main menu to select a different show. Also, on the original app I could listen even if I didn't have a cell signal. I listen while I drive and with the previous app I could continue listening whether or not I had a signal, now the shows are continually interrupted as I drive between high and low signal areas. Please fix these issues!
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10 years ago, hsaam
Huge improvement over the old app (and the NPR app, which hasn't been able to play the WAMC stream in months). My one suggestion for a future update would be for the live stream to have a "now playing" display as it does on the website.
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8 years ago, njf1213
Consistently disappointing
Half of the time I attempt to use this app, it simply doesn't connect. The arrow turns to a square and nothing happens. I start over again...and still there is silence instead of the friendly NPR or WAMC voices I hope to hear. More and more I turn to NEPR where the app works perfectly every time.
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9 years ago, Mxchamp24
Very useful
Does everything I need it to and it's really useful considering I don't have a working radio outside my car
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8 years ago, CC Wren
Frustrating update
Initial Loading time is worse with no indication that loading is occurring. Also not able to tell what programs are currently playing on the live streams anymore. This update is a nice look but feels like a downgrade.
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8 years ago, WwsMog
Step backwards
Won't run on my iPad even though op system is up to date. Clumsy, awkward navigation to select a podcast I listen to each day. It starts playing the newest podcast prior to proving a menu of the available programs. (Try navigation to "programs>roundtable>daily panel)
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10 years ago, Danasaurussssss
Ugh. Just got back to the real NPR app.
Why oh why did you guys need a separate app from the NPR app? It's really redundant. This app constantly cuts in and out over wi-fi. I'll miss big chunks of programming because I have to constantly re open the app and hit play again. Disappointed at best.
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9 years ago, Schmultzburger
Streams like a dried up creek
Often claims "Can't play track" when live streaming. When it does play, it will stop on the hour, every hour and rarely continue without intervention.
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8 years ago, Chareezo
Terrible, absolutely terrible update. My usual programs are no longer available and the app regularly freezes. Please fix! I need my WAMC.
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9 years ago, cmg12019
How about a little functionality - like a back button that actually works?
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9 years ago, BH8000
Needs More Work
Poor design, and apt to cut audio out unexpectedly. I've pretty much stopped using it, in favor of TuneIn Radio.
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8 years ago, Analog Kid1
Fire the developer
Unprofessional design, constantly cuts out. Complete Waste of time.
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8 years ago, Angus553
I can take WAMC anywhere!! (without static) 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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9 years ago, Ddonna13
This app closes as soon as it opens on my iPad 2. Please fix!!
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