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10 months ago
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User Reviews for WAND WX

2.89 out of 5
79 Ratings
5 years ago, csd320
New update is worse
The latest update is terribly hard to read. I loved the app before this update. I don’t mind the new scrolling feature, but the font color is too light. And I liked the old format for the weekly forecast (left to right instead of up and down). Please make some changes quick, before I get used to another app!
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2 years ago, SlappyBird44
Horrible because of ads
Do yourself a favor and get WICS or FOX or WCIA’s app because this has full screen ads that deploy and block view for seconds when trying to navigate. This app had banner ads at one time, but then they decided to deploy full screen ads that prevent usage until you click it or they expire. In an app that you use in emergency situations this is absolutely not ideal, in fact, I find it rather gross. I swear I wrote a review about this the other day, yet now I can’t find it. I was going to update the original review to include alternatives that offer the same content but without the full screen ads, but I can’t find it; so I’m writing another review to let people know they can get the exact same functionality without using this app.
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5 years ago, PennyJ1024
Latest upgrade is TERRIBLE!
This used to be our favorite weather app. Please put it back to the way it was 2 versions ago. The all-in-one scrolling content is annoying. Forecast video should be an option, not a standard feature (we never use it). The light-colored map is much worse than the old darker one. The white text on gray and white clouds is very hard to read. If you have to keep that awful new look, at least give users the ability to customize which screen (i.e. the map) comes up by default.
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2 years ago, CKnight777
Ads are out of control
The app isn’t to bad overall but they have gone overboard with the ads. Not only are they on the screen in banners which isn’t too bad, I deleted the app when they started to pop up and completely cover the screen. You have to wait for the “x” to come up and close the screen, then do it a second time. Just as bad as a low budget website selling garbage. Low class move on their part.
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3 years ago, Trashywoma62
In An Emergency, Do I Want To See A Pop up Ad!!!
I’ve had this app for several years and check it frequently through out the day, especially during bad weather. Recent changes allow pop up ads to cover the screen, not just banner ads!! Do I really want a pop up ad for a game to hide the map of where the severe weather is? And the sound comes blaring out unless you’re phone is on silent. Whoever had this bright idea should be outside when severe weather is heading their way, Lol!! I understand you have to make money with advertising, but do it on the tv, not on an app when I’m checking on the path of a tornado or severe thunderstorm!! Hate to replace this but I’m trying out new weather apps. Bye Bye soon.
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5 years ago, Rainbow Girl 5683
Not a fan of the new update
I use to love this app for my weather. After the new update, the daily forecast is hard to read with white letters on gray background. Also, city names do not appear on my map. Please correct. The new update is making me look for other weather apps.
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4 years ago, CTM71
ADs are horrible, time for a new app
I used to love this app. Now the ads have taken over. My family was out of town with a storm headed their way. I pulled up the app and had to wait for a stupid game app ad to run it’s course before I could assess the storm. Not really interested in that type of delay. I get it is a free app, but full screen ads with sound aren’t necessary nor acceptable. Just like the vast majority of recent reviews, I too plan to find another app.
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3 years ago, annoyed doug
Pop up ads
I liked this as my top local weather app until recently they started having full screen pop up ads that are some times hard to close without accidentally clicking the ad. I don’t mind ad banners that don’t impede the use of an app but you lose me when they’re full screen. I won't use this app anymore and will go back to WICS wx.
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5 years ago, Blackhawks68
Hard to read
I like everything about the newest update except the white writing with clouds behind it is very hard to read!
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5 years ago, Deblilacrose
New update
I have always liked this app but the new update is great. I like being able to see a video of the weather forecast now.
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8 months ago, LakeviewH20
WAND Weather Map
The Doppler map no longer accurately tracks weather events. Something has happened in the last few weeks making the map almost useless for tracking weather events.
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5 years ago, Man In Brown
It just keeps getting worse.
Sorry, but it’s time to start looking for another app for my mobile weather. Latest version/update is horrible! I miss the old version, this new home screen is not for me. Plus, the ads now have audio that can’t be muted. We’ve had a long run together, WAND, but I think it’s time we went our separate ways.
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3 years ago, Ffej1
Get rid of the pop-up ads
This is been my top weather app for many years- It has always been superior to any other weather app-Until recently when the whole screen pop-up ads with sound started-Please stop these ads so I don’t have to delete this app!!!!
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5 years ago, Mom of One Amazing Boy
Horrible update
The new colors are impossible to read except in a pitch black room. Who decided it was a good idea to use white font on top of a picture of light colored clouds? If it doesn’t change soon, I’ll be searching for a new weather app. This one is too frustrating now.
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4 years ago, sylveon 45
GREAT weather.
Nothing needs improving, I love how you can customize what conditions you see!
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2 years ago, thekadiddle
No longer my go to!
Used to be my favorite app for weather! I don’t even mind they added the ads. What I hate is that you can’t close the ads. It shows you an ad then makes it impossible to close. Ruined it for me. I’ll use the weather channel!
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2 years ago, Kat from Shelby County
I don’t like the popups that come up on the screen. If I wanted to look at ads I wouldn’t be on the weather screen.
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2 years ago, linful080
Offer a paid version please!
The ads are horrible and so irritating & inconvenient to wait on. I want weather from my local station, and I used to love this app. Please listen to your audience and change this ad situation. I would happily pay a small fee for an ad-free version! PLEASE!
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10 months ago, @🤔🤓
Radar shows storms over my whole town and there is nothing in the sky. Other apps also show nothing in the way of weather. Incorrect and misleading. Not sure why.
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3 years ago, Cerviperus
Full screen video ads with audio
This has been my go-to app as long as I can remember for local weather. I don’t mind ad-supported apps, but I can’t tolerate full screen ads that appear out of nowhere blaring audio. Time to find a new app.
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5 years ago, shepsmom
Lousy update
More difficult to read. Less user friendly format. Not a fan and that’s too bad. Was my “go to” for weather and a “stand alone” on my phone. Not anymore - into the background it goes. :(
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5 years ago, 2P8C
Newest Update
Can you please make the white letters black? The white is very difficult to read against the light background. Otherwise, I like the new look.
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2 years ago, Hd1shrk
Had to delete the app due to not being able to close the add after it runs. This app never used to have pop up adds. Would reload if they get rid of the pop up adds.
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12 years ago, Imcowpatty
WAND weather APP
This is the very best weather app. available when it works. Unfortunately it does crash quite frequently. I ride a motorcycle and depend on a weather app like this one. I wished they would get this one fixed for once and for all. Because of it's problems I have to give it a 3 instead of a 5. PLEASE GET IT FIXED!!!
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5 years ago, PaytonsPawPrints
Great Weather App
Finally a weather app that is user friendly. Kudos to WAND on a job well done!
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1 year ago, DarthMeeple
Tornado Alert Fail
Weather app never alerted us for a tornado 2 miles from our house. Total fail for me. Radar is good but don’t count on this app to tell you when there is a tornado.
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2 years ago, NopeWAND
Why Ads Now?
Why all of a sudden are they filling the app with ads? And they are often difficult to close the ads between forecast pages. Uninstalled app.
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3 years ago, Mrs.RMM
Get rid of Ads
I used to like this app, but now it’s getting the boot because of the pop up ads… and the ads are for games that I have no interest in ever playing.
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3 years ago, NGpm
Weather now covered in ads
Ad banners were tolerable, but now playing ads over the weather map means I will have to find an app that is usual.
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4 years ago, Wuxxabuxx
Unreliable performance
Sometimes it works but mostly it doesn’t load right. Frustrating app.
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2 years ago, cqqkie1970
Hate the ads
This was once a great app before they started using ads.
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5 years ago, None20190
Horrible New Background
Cant read any of the white font against the white cloud background!!!
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5 years ago, raekay02
Terrible until the update
I can’t even read the Doppler it just looks like clouds.
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2 years ago, Wjoz
Worst app
Ads are now on this app. Very annoying. I am deleting
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13 years ago, Lord_Beelzebub
Great weather app
Love the storm tracking feature and the radar being so current. The ability to turn my phone to landscape view and hide the legend to see the radar map full screen is awesome. Virtually every other app only let's you see up to 12 hours in advance with the hour by hour feature, but this app you can view up to 24. The 10 day forecast is nice being able to flip through each day and see that much detailed information. Needless to say this app has now replaced The Weather Channel app as my primary weather app. More information, and it's more intuitive. Kudos to the programmers and designers of this app.  Edit: Can you add Humidity and Dew Point please???
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13 years ago, IDHypnotist
Great, reliable app!
This app is amazing, and is far better than many other I've tried to use for local weather in Central Illinois. Great maps, clear graphics, and easily understandable information characterize this app from start to finish. Well done!
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13 years ago, wlewnka
It's not bad, but the ADs clutter the screen and get in the way of a good radar view... Like the storm track feature though.
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7 years ago, Punkyape
Bring back the color!
I love WAND WX for my go to weather app. The update is great except for the monotone color theme. Other than the monotone color is greatly boring (weather shouldn't be boring), it's difficult to read. All the info is the same color and it presents itself as one blob of words. The info just blends together! Nothing stands out. I miss the yellow sun, the grey clouds, the white snow flakes, the caution sign yellow, etc. Please bring back the color!☀️❄️🌩☀️☁️🌧☀️🌦💨☀️🌬⛈☀️🌨☀️
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10 years ago, Redenbaugh2012
Needs update
Great app! Needs to be updated to fix a few bugs but other than that it works fine
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11 years ago, NuclearTC
Overlays need work
Prior to the shift from google maps to apple maps it was possible to adjust the overlay opacity. Now that it is apple maps there is no way to adjust it. With this said I no long use this as my go to weather app because if your area is covered with rain you can't read marks on the map because of the weather layer. This really needs fixed!
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11 years ago, Knitty
Love this app. BUT since the last update when I try to use the "future" feature the app crashes and closes. Frustrating! Please fix this! It is a great app.
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13 years ago, Kentuc794
Nice local radar.
It works great for a local radar also like the 5 day forecast
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10 years ago, browell05
I want to see the future radar and hour ahead but it moves up like 10 hours.
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10 years ago, Thane87033
Still crashes
Still crashes randomly. Amazing how the future radar won't work when severe weather is around still.......... Just freezes and the app crashes again so you have no clue weather the warned storms will hit you......
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13 years ago, Omg_kat
Perty cool
Its a great app.. And uhhif u hold your phone and ot ipod sideways you get a better radar view without all the adds....
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13 years ago, Maaz77
Reel feel or heat index
Need to put this feature in the app n it would b a five star. Thanks
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12 years ago, Bill8705
Love the storm track option.
Works great so far.
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13 years ago, KSbooks
Keeps crashing...
This app is terrific...if you can get it to load. It worked reasonably well (only taking two or three tries to load) initially, but won't load at all now. Have deleted and reinstalled to no avail. Too bad.
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7 years ago, SusieQusie27
Needs new update
This was my favorite weather app until the last update, now it doesn't even open. Needs more bug fixes apparently.
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10 years ago, SP162
App crashes or won't open
It's a good idea but it doesn't work. Constantly crashing or won't open. Really needs fixed, wouldn't recommend at this time.
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