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WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems
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4 months ago
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12.4 or later
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User Reviews for WASH-Connect

4.4 out of 5
81.2K Ratings
2 years ago, a281739
Not Glitchy Anymore…
This is an update to my original review. This app has improved significantly in the past few months. The connection between the app and the machines is so good now - I’ve had zero issues. I like that it vibrates when the connection is made which is super fast. I like that it doesn’t take 20 seconds for the app to update the purchase. I like that it confirms the purchase to all the machines, not just a selected ones. I don’t miss PayRange anymore. - - - - - - Original Review: The app has been glitchy ever since we had to switch to it. Lately, with the updates, it has gotten a tad better but still glitchy. One has to try several times for the machines to respond to the commands on the app or sometimes the machine you’re using doesn’t appear in the list of machines you’re operating therefore not getting notifications. It seems like there’s always a lag in between actions or when it’s trying to connect. All in all, I miss PayRange.
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3 years ago, jbart827
This could be SO much better - revised
Since my first review of Wash, which wasn’t great, I’m revising to 5 stars. To be fair, a lot of the initial problems were due to this being a brand new facility, and it was just plain buggy. The recent update turns this from a sort of ordinary app into a REALLY nice app! The new status feature is wonderful. It just works seamlessly now. Well done, Wash! (Initial review) First, it IS convenient to be able to pay with your phone instead of having to go to the card machine and load your card. The fact that you have to be standing next to the machines to see if they’re available is sort of stupid as you can easily see them. It’s also really dumb that notifications only work when you’re in the laundry room. Again, I can see the machine. I know if it’s finished. And there’s no timer. Having the machines talk to the app via Bluetooth really only makes it useful for paying and not for monitoring or reminding. For the payment part, it’s good. Update: I know you are supposed to be able to check the status away from the laundry room, but the message is always “no machines”. Additionally, the notification doesn’t show up for a day or two. I know it’s all supposed to work, but it does not. I can only speculate that something is wrong with our laundry room setup as it doesn’t work right for multiple users.
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1 year ago, kmyonker
Terrible app terrible company
If you’re moving somewhere with WASH as your primary laundry service or are a company considering using WASH, RUN THE OTHER WAY. If you are a resident who has to use this app, track your washes and watch your balance. The app feels the need to drain your balance randomly with no transaction history and does it by $2-$10 at a time hoping it’s not noticeable. There is no way to get an actual refund without getting a refund for each individual washer or dryer load you do. They conveniently don’t provide a “transaction” for this in your history, so there’s no way to get a full refund. You can only get a refund for each individual load in case there’s a problem with the washer or dryer. If you do have a problem with the washer or dryer, be prepared to wait 6 months to a year before it’s actually fixed. Have actually witnessed their “techs” sit in the car doing nothing. Didn’t even come into the building to pretend and look at the washer in question. When I contacted support (which took 4 different emails with no response over several months), they quickly blamed it on parts being on back order. How can the part be on back order if you never looked at the machine to know which part to order? Even further, there is no phone number to contact support or to talk with an actual person about these issues, just automated email responses that are no help. Much easier to go to an actual laundromat. This company is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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2 years ago, 870 hands
Overall not a good system
Our bldg is about 2-3 months of having automated system. So far personally ive had to make 3 service requests. For one thing today’s issue was resolved after 2 phone service calls. I was advised ro uninstall n re install ap which made it work again. This should be listed in your troubleshooting menu. If i would have left it as reported first time for service person to come out it would have been big waste of time for all. First rep should have suggested this. Second the washers don’t really give value during time. Minutes are lost just waiting for water to come into washer. Same with spin cycle. Spin for a minute then nothing for 10 seconds then spin again. Its like system just passing time of cycle without doing anything. Third. Timers not in sync with real time. Get message it’s finished but find put still 6 more minutes to go. Also water lays in little compartments of where to put soap n softner. The only good thing is dryers are more efficient. Lastly when id requested a refund previously service rep made it for me. But then i was able to get it thru ap. Then i kept getting emails about my request. I answered each time saying issues resolved. Finally i got one saying since I didn’t respond my ticket was closed. All in all not on the ball
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2 weeks ago, Erinstorun
Scamming company scamming washers
SCAM! DISHONEST! I absolutely loath this company! Not only do they steal your information and there’s tons of glitches when trying to put money on your account where it overcharges you; the washers don’t work half the time as well. Takes months to get someone to come out to fix it. Finally got to the point where they wouldn’t refund me for broken washers because they said it happened too many times. Will you know what! That’s not my problem that’s your problem as a company! Secondarily, they’ll be several washers or dryers all of the same kind and different ones will ask for different amounts of money and have different wash times even if you put them all on the same time. This company is just incompetent. Oh! And! I did call the company once and ask for a refund a couple years ago, and the guy asked me the problem, asked me the washer and asked me where it is, and says “OK we’ll get the refund right out to you.” I asked him “you don’t even have my address?!?” “How are you gonna send the refund” he says “oh yeah, what’s your address.” Needless to say, I never got a refund. This next part, I am saying directly to the company: You know what you are, you know how you’re treating people, you know you’re dishonest. Shame on you because you’re taking advantage of people in lesser situations and you know it.
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2 years ago, FatShittCat
I hate this company
The app is fine. But I’m leaving a one star for the company. I’ve been in an apartment that uses this company for two years. Having a community laundry room is not ideal, however this is all I could afford and I make do. The prices have always been annoying, but lately, over the last year, they’ve made using their equipment more expensive. They’ve lowered the time you get on a dryer and charge you .25 cents to extend that time. They’ve kept the price the same, but have sneakily been lowering the amount of time you actually get for this cost. .25 cents for six minutes (as of Aug2022) adds up, especially when you’re drying things like towels and bedding. No one uses these machines bc they want to. Many times it’s their only option. I get it: They’re a company that doesn’t care about the people, only the profit. Even though that’s not surprising, it’s still disappointing. With everything the way it is in my country right, I have to pick and choose what I wash sometimes. I just wish these Wash Connect wasn’t so greedy. If any of you reading this have the option, use a nearby family owned laundry mat or a friends or family’s laundry room. I wish I had those options because I’m personally sick of giving these guys my money and having them rip me off even more.
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8 months ago, Coco Nik
Freezes often and they do not pay attention to service requests
I used the app as it is supposed to be much more convenient than constantly running to get quarters. This is not always the case though. It freezes constantly and sometimes does not register the machines. A separate issue is when the machine‘s break down and you send in a service request you have to send 3-8 Service requests and then call in to ask why none of the service requests have been honored before anything gets done. With this last issue it was seven months with a machine broken. I finally called in and I got the same line I get every time. “I’m sorry this is the first time we’ve heard of this issue. Maybe there is an issue with the app.“. If they know this is the case then maybe they should fix the app or find another line to use as I hear it all too often. On top, of which the fact that you cannot take care of your own machines, this is the worst company and the worst customer service! We have started a petition to possibly get another company if you cannot start to follow through and fix. These machines. The machine I just put a service request in is the eighth time I have done a service request on that machine. It has been. Eight months with this machine broken unacceptable
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11 months ago, LBC_Living
BBB grade F
Ive lived at my complex for 1.5 years and in that time there’s ALWAYS a machine broken. It’s usually always standing water inside a washer FOR WEEKS. Disgusting! The water starts to smell and mold after a few days. I reported 7 days ago through the app, and yesterday saw it was STILL there. I sent another report yesterday AND called customer service. The representative sounded SO bored and indifferent and wouldn’t give info of when they were going to come fix this health hazard. I left a review on Better Business Beuro and saw they have an F score! Not surprised. I never take time to review stuff but this company is pure trash and will be bankrupt very soon I’m sure. On top of that - you’re paying twice per load because the washer won’t properly wash or the dryer won’t dry completely! They’ll refund one or two cycles but after that they tell you to call customer service who are just as horrible as the actual machines. If your complex uses this company: RUN. Or buy your own stackable washer dryer combo. Reported the company to Long Beach Health Department with a years worth of photos, videos, dates, times and call logs. My building manager has had the same problem getting them to do their job and said they are looking for a new vendor. Scummy company that won’t last the year. Two thumbs all the way down.
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6 months ago, Myndraker
Happily Surprised!
Heard so many complaints in the past from this app and its developers that when my building association decided to convert to this company and system I was very concerned about the level of service and issues we would be heading into. However, it has been about a year that it has been in place and I have been astounded at how well it has been working. The app has not had any down time that I’m aware, and the machines by and large have not either! The few times that I have had an issue with having paid for a washer or dryer that did not start was dealt with faster than I expected and the money was refunded within a day! If this current app, and the developers and those that monitor the service have and keep this level of attention to the customers, then I give and will continue to give a 5 star rating, and will and will continue to recommend to other building associations this company, their app, and their services. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Kelbecause
Predatory app interface and no customer service number
Ive always had an issue with this company because the way the app works they very obviously try to trick you into adding funds to your account multiple times and then make it very hard to get it back. Ive put up with it because it is the only laundry facility available to me, but yesterday I had a huge issue with the app. I was in a laundry emergency and tried to add funds to my account. It kept saying there was an issue and not going through and once I even tried a different card of mine, it said i reached my transaction limit even though there was no money in the account. I was able to buy a laundry card through the machine to use, and I checked multiple times to make sure they didnt actually take any of the transactions from my account. Now I checked, and there is 20 dollars in the laundry account that shouldnt be there! Luckily its only $20 when it could have been more but it is the final straw. I hope they give it back even though there is no customer service number to call and I can already tell the entire system is set up to be impossible to get your money back. Lets see if they answer my email…
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2 years ago, Youtube.lover
Pretty Bad
The app and the washers are barely functional. If you don’t stay in the app for about a minute after starting your washer, you won’t get a notification for your laundry. If your washer becomes unbalanced, you don’t get a notification; you’ll only realize once you go to put your clothes in the dryer and they’re sopping wet and full of soap, and at that point, you have to pay even more money if you want them washed correctly. There’s also no way to add time to your dryer without being in the laundry room and god forbid you don’t realize your clothes need more time after your time is up. If they’re still wet, you have to pay for another load as there’s no way to add more time after the dryer stops. Oh yeah, the only way to pay for the laundry is to add funds to your account in $10, $15, $25, or $40 increments. No way to just pay per load. Please stop siphoning money from me, I’m a broke college student. Maybe I’d be more sympathetic if the app weren’t extremely buggy, always showing the same machine 10 times on the list of available machines, not connecting while I’m in the laundry room, and not listing my active machines.
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2 years ago, MinaMorgan7
Good start, but major bug fixes needed
This system is a good idea, but fails to meet expectations. It has severe bugs in the basic functionality and I would hesitate to call this a minimum viable product. Connecting to a machine to pay is very hit or miss. It takes up to five minutes of pressing buttons on the machine and hoping for the option to pay to appear. Compare this to a few seconds to put in quarters in a quarter operated machine. This system is not yet an improvement over quarter operated machines. In addition, the options to add money to your account are not optimal. I would love the option to customize the amount added, or at least a smaller option than $10. I’m moving out of my apartment complex and have no easy way to get the leftover money in my account back, not could I simply add the exact amount I needed to get my last loads of laundry done. The availability of machines displays accurately for the most part, which is one of the good parts of this system. Layout of the app is also relatively intuitive and simple to use. If the major bugs are fixed, this could be a very good laundry system.
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2 years ago, chc cgh
I read a lot of you guys review and I’m so glad I’m not the only complaining about this stupid and worthless app!! I been complaining to them almost every week because every week I have issues with this app and machines and this guy came to fix them and he told the manager ( this lady is the only one complaining) I complain because first I don’t have their time I can’t spend 20 to 40 mins trying to get the app to work and plus I have to keep track of how many wash I made and how many dryers I put why because it always happen the I have a certain amount on my acct and them when I want to use it again my acct appear to be negative they steal money and you should pay attention otherwise they ripped you off!!! And the worse part is that they don’t have a customer service number you have to email them so don’t expect to get your issues to be resolve right away it will take about 2 day or so!!!
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5 months ago, TrixieRose66
Easy To Use App
I love this app. It works really nice. It’s really easy to load your card money on there. Easy to scan to pay for washer dryer. Love that it shows me how long or when my loads are complete. I’ve also been able to report an issue with a washing machine easily. The only negative I have to say is the fact that it does not tell you how many machines are available on the app itself even though that is one of the features noted on the app. It says all machines are available all the time and I tested it out and even though I have one in the washing machine it will still say that the machine is still available. If that worked, I would give this five stars because the laundry room in our complex is far away, and I have to physically walk over to see if there’s any machines available.
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3 years ago, nomorecrummylaundryservice
THE WORST EVER! Do NOT get for your building!
We have had this app associated with our machines for a year now- and every time, EVERY TIME I do laundry, the app fails mid way through. Each time, when it starts to work, I am hopeful it will work until my laundry is finished. But each time I am left with one or two loads of soaking wet laundry and an app that won’t work. After a year I can tell you it does not get better, it does not get fixed, the app does not improve. You will get the run around, blaming YOUR phone, your wifi, your whatever- when it is 100% NOT your device’s issue, or a wifi issue. I spend more time trying to get the app to work than it takes to actually do my laundry. A waste of my time, that I don’t have much to spare. I don’t have room for 2 loads of wet laundry to hand in my apartment (and jeans don’t air dry well, be ready for mildewy clothes!) You can refresh, delete-reinstall, hard reset, etc to you hearts content and nothing changes. I’m so fed up I’m actually writing a review because there are no other avenues to take. If you own a building or are thinking of using a service like this- DO NOT USE THIS ONE.
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1 week ago, LarsVB
Great potential
The good: I live in apartment building that has a laundry room with only a few machines, so I mostly use this app to determine if the washers are available. It not only shows the machines that are available but how much time is remaining on the ones that are in use. Likewise, I use the app to determine how much time remaining on machines that I am using. I also like that I can pay with the app and be alerted when my washer or dryer cycle is done. The bad: The app is really inaccurate when reporting the status of the machines that are available and the remaining time for machines that are in use. For example, it kept showing a machine as available that was disconnected for weeks because of problems with it. It also shows machines as available that have been in use for several minutes. Lastly, the remaining time for machines that you’re using is also in accurate. If they would just fix the accuracy of this app, I would give it five enthusiastic stars.
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3 years ago, issalegitreview
Terrible App
Hi so my property management company dropped this new way of doing laundry without warning a few months ago. One Saturday you’re using quarters, next Saturday you have to be in the laundromat standing with your phone over the appliances to get them to work. Amongst the change to payment method the washer and dryer times were cut significantly. A regular wash on HOT TEMP was 41mins and now it’s 27mins. For the dryer it’s now 45mins (compared to 54mins) default and can only increase the time by 9mins for 25cents. Prior to the modification, a quarter warranted a 12min increase. On to the mechanics of the app, the app forces you to have to be in front of or practically sitting on the machine for the Bluetooth to connect. Even so several machines lose connection for no reason. The notifications that tell me my load is done works 10% of the time—this is no exaggeration. I believe I have to remain in the communal laundry room for the notifications to get to me. For reloading the card I have yet to run into an issue but I’m not going to hold my breath with this one. I’m guessing the only perk to the app is that I’m not being charged a fee just to reload the money 🤦🏾‍♀️
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8 months ago, Jtower8282
Not fair
You should be able to pick the amount to load onto funds. Must be 10$ in the least to start your laundry. There are people who don’t have that money who needs to just put 2$. I have used different apps for different washers at my last apartments that allowed you to pay whatever price. You just have to pay 25 cents if it’s under 5 dollars. For some reason this app does not care about the people who use it. And that’s just starting off. I was using the app and every time I finally had the 10$ to put on the app. They started taking my money saying that the last time I was doing laundry that the app wasn’t taking the money. So then I couldn’t do my laundry at that time because they were taking my funds from the last time. That is SO not ok. And then when you try to get support help on the app they deactivated it so you can’t even email or call or anything because they don’t care about the customer using this app. They just want our money…worst app I’ve ever had the displeasure of using. Don’t even think they will read this comment…ugh.
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1 year ago, vulnerable girl
App glitchy and slow, 3 months wait to get an account
I’ve have been trying to create an account for the past 3 months at my new apt. Every time I put in the info to make an account it would freeze. Blank white page, and I did this multiple times. I ended up just taking my clothes to a laundromat even though I pay a lot of money for my apt to have this convenience. So, it was very disappointing considering at my last apt we didn’t have this problem with the app that the machine used which was a different company. I made and account, gave my card info, and then I could clean my clothes. For this wash app I had no help, lag for months, I even went on my computer to make an account to hopefully fix the problem and still couldn’t access it on my Mobil device. And when I contacted support I got sent to an email which I never got a reply to when I first moved in and still haven’t. A week ago I sent another help request email which I also haven’t received a reply too. Honestly if you’re a property owner I would recommend looking for another app or service for your wash machines. Having to deal with this over 3 months has really made me feel like my apartment isn’t the perfect place I thought it would be, and especially as laundry was one of the main things I was looking for when picking places to live and this situation has made me fell like I’ve been lied to and it’s only a matter of time before something else with this place isn’t what was promised in my lease signing.
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4 months ago, Mamalou01
They steal money
I have so much to say about this app… Our property managers installed wash machines out a year ago, and they are the most problematic machines on top of being the most problematic app in the whole world. I have had to ask for several refunds, because the machine did either not work or they took out double the money of the cost of the wash and or dryer. I have had conversations with the people from the 1- 800 number that our property manager gave us, however apparently the app is different. It seems as though the app just works incorrectly or somebody is stealing money. It’s only a few dollars at a time so I’m sure most people won’t complain but for me it’s our only way of washing clothes so I’ve had probably close to $100 that has mysteriously disappeared from my account. I spoke with the wash mechanic a few weeks ago and he told me to use only quarters. However, I had a few dollars left in my account to wash clothes and once again the cost did not match up to my account. Very disappointing app I highly recommend not using.
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1 year ago, Md713
Incredibly buggy - also needs better management
So this app is usually hit or miss regarding how accurate it is. For example sometimes it tells you that it’s complete but then when you get to the wash room, there’s still time on the machine. Also, trying to add time to your machine via the app doesn’t work more often than not. Finally, the most frustrating thing about this whole system is the fact that people leave their laundry in the machines for long periods of time which in turn prevents you from washing/drying your clothes. I feel like this is especially true on weekends when people put their clothes in before brunch or going out till whenever they get back. This is incredibly inconvenient, selfish, and infuriating. I wish there was something punitive involved so for instance if you didn’t open the door 5-10min after your cycle is complete, then you’re charged like $5 every 10min or something along those lines so people wouldn’t be able to do that.
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11 months ago, ChassyMae
App Improvement Follow-Up Done Quickly
Update: Changing from 4 stars to 5 stars. Connectivity issues have improved significantly. Cute moving images of laundry showing with the time left. (Time left is now accurate). Thank you for working on this so quickly! Post before: A little glitchy when paying for a load. Sometimes I have to close the app and reopen it a few times to get it connected. Also, the time left doesn’t always match, so I usually add an extra five minutes to my own timer. I live one floor above the machines and if I close the app while in my apartment, the cycle(s) in progress will no longer show upon reopening the app. Other than these minor issues, the app works fairly well. I’m more excited that there are ways to pay for laundry other than quarters.
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2 years ago, Chcffccxdd
Working one minute, then just not working
I just downloaded this app tonight so that I could do my d@mn laundry because the units in my apartment aren’t working and we’re getting them replaced. At first everything was going really really great! The app was making things so nice and simple! But then, all of a sudden nothing was working, and then it RANDOMLY signed me OUT of my ACCOUNT. And it won’t let me sign back in on ANY device! And I have no idea what’s going on, my best guess is that there’s a system error on the company’s end, but I have no idea. But there should be something in place to let clients know their is a problem, because my fear right now is that moneys gonna be stolen off my card. I can even REMOVE my card now because I can’t even GET INTO MY ACCOUNT. I just want to get into my account, take my card, off, and NEVER use this app again. Your now -1 customer. (I’m MORE than a little salty that I had to walk 3 load of WET laundry up 3 flights 3 times because my neighbor was kind enough to let me use their machine, it was so d@mn HEAVY)
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1 week ago, Kameron91
Overall the app works very poorly. On multiple occasions I have had issues with payments to which I am told that the my connection is poor and that’s why this issue occurs. When this does happen I reopen the app later to see that my account is in the negative. When reaching out the support reps are lacking on customer support to which they state that it’s my WiFi when I’m never connected due to the distance of the machine from my routed and I’ll have multiple bars on my phone. The machines also have issue with starting and connecting to the app to which I will have to literally unplug the machine and plug back in to get a load to start. On top of the the pricing has gone up which is outrageous due to the poor functionality app support and the fact that the machine are not even up to par with the machine that would be at the laundromat. Overall I use the app and these machines out of convenience to which if I had a better option I would never use this app or machine again.
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2 years ago, future cadavre
The improvements they’re making aren’t the necessary ones
Is the experience getting smoother? Sure. It takes my money more often. The “get your junk out of the washer” alerts are more reliable, as opposed to completely busted, though they’re still a crapshoot. “Success! We found four machines!” notifications no longer take up your screen for a good half minute, blocking access to the actual app. Yay. But I still have to be *in* the laundry room for this to work. I have to haul my laundry down to the basement of my half-block five-floor walk up before the app tells me if a washer is available (or, because the landlord’s a cheapass who installed one machine per fifteen apartments, unavailable). Hello, at that point I can seeeee thhheee machiiiiiiines. The makers of this app market it as a convenient tool for finding available machines. It is not. Send landlords a Bluetooth repeater or something. Until then this is just an app that takes your money … sometimes. Boo hiss.
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3 years ago, StellaBlue1972
I have had to delete and reinstall my app multiple times over the last 3-4 months (whenever this started) sometimes it can’t find my washer and dryer and I have to unplug the washer and dryer. And the most annoying thing is that when search for my machines I don’t need a congratulatory message that there’s 2 machines that stays on my screen for a ridiculous amount of time. This app does not save me time. I can’t go switch the laundry “real quick” anymore. Convenient? On paper, yes. In reality it’s just annoying. A human doesn’t have to come pick up quarters. So they win but this app and/or the communication between the app and the machines make me crazy a good 20% of the time. Restarting my phone to get rid of a black screen on the app, deleting the app when that doesn’t work, reloading it. It’s better than it was on day one. That’s why there’s three stars and not one star. I have hope.
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2 years ago, SternDragoon
Great concept, terrible execution.
They made an app that is more cumbersome and takes longer to start than quarters would be. It’s really sad. Half the time the app can’t see machines that are 3 ft from the phone. It’s absolutely INSANE that you can’t specify additional credits into dryers and you have to wait for the machine to be ready again, then tap it, then add one credit, then push the machine button again, then pray it actually took and adds the time. Repeat until desired drying time is reached. It takes, no joke, 90 seconds to two minutes to do this and that’s if the stupid machine is in a state ready for the App to access it. You have to stand hovering at a machine for three times the amount of time it would have take to use quarters. I’ve also encountered the stupid BUSY/CODE status on the displays many times that effectively turns the washer or dryer you want to use into a really nice paperweight. FIX YOUR APP. This is inexcusable.
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11 months ago, Troublesum1980
So far so good…
I like that app, it’s nice not having to track down quarters once or twice a month… the only thing, you have to put a minimum of $10 on your account. I was 25 cents short of doing my last load, so I had to add $10 when I didn’t need to. A feature to do single dollars or even a $5.00 minimum would be really helpful when someone might be having a financial issue or what have you and doesn’t want to drop extra money for it to sit for a week. Just a thought… Also, I wish you could add money to a machine that is running, without being standing at the actual machine. PS- i did let y’all know what you could do to make it better. So your auto generated response makes no sense. Just pointing that out.
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6 months ago, Aaliyah Haqq
Don’t use this app!!
I just recently moved into an apartment that uses this service. You have to preselect the amount you want to wash. Which is inconvenient for moms who want to wash ONE LOAD. Anyways the first time I used it everything seemed fine and I had a balance left. I went to wash a couple days later and I was in the negatives. I’m like ok no biggie. I added more money and washed again, I was in the negatives again. This last time I washed clothes I uploaded $35 and washed. I was left with $4. I’m literally sitting at the wash house 2 days later and my balance say $1.25. They are stealing money right from under our noses. It’s funny as ever cause I will never use this service again in my life !! They steal money from you, I know how much I washed and what my balance should be !! I reached out to them and they told me that the money doesn’t come out directly when you wash clothes. That’s a complete lie, anyone using this app can back me up on they. It shows you your balance immediately!!
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12 months ago, True Reviews23
Great.. when it works
The app is great, it works and is easy to use. You might get a little confused until you know how to navigate and troubleshoot through some of the issues that might arise as you try to get things working. Mainly getting it to work when you’re looking for the start page. My reason for 2 stars is that my Mother could not get the thing working no matter how many times we uninstalled and reinstalled, or how many times we contacted and corresponded with the app support people. It’s so frustrating and disappointing, because it works fine for me, and also worked fine for her until suddenly it just stopped working. I experienced the exact same thing and then after a few weeks suddenly it just magically opened and started working again. It never worked for my Mom again. So… great app, when it works.
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2 months ago, SF_babe
Time waster
Hands down the worst blue tooth enabled app I’ve ever used! You can’t add minutes to extend the cycle once started, even though the app has the option. You’re left with some miscellaneous change that’s not usable. It’s random when either one of the machines actually connects, so you’re just hitting the button like you’re at Wheel Of Fortune slot machine in Vegas, hoping for the best. It takes on average 5-10 min to connect. Refreshing the app, disconnecting and connecting the app, disconnecting the wifi, resting the machines, none of these work. I usually end up taking my laundry to another place. This wasted at least couple hrs of my life since installed 2-3 months ago. The previews app worked just fine. Imagine that one IRS employee going through the midlife crisis who you called to inquire about some mistakes on your tax return. That one that puts you on hold for 23 minutes and then hangs up. Each time. That one. That’s how this app makes you feel. Shame on you devs!
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6 months ago, Ryan@F64
Preposterously Overengineered
This washing machine app takes complexity to a whole new level, and frankly, it’s preposterous. The idea of integrating tap-to-pay is innovative, but the execution here is baffling. Why do I need to set up a dedicated account with my phone number, email, and personal details just to wash my clothes? Simplicity is key for such tasks, but this app misses the mark entirely. Navigating the app feels like a puzzle with its array of unnecessary features. There are at least three different numbers on the device that can easily cause confusion, not to mention several QR codes that seem to serve no clear purpose. This is a classic case of over-engineering, making what should be a straightforward process unnecessarily complicated and frustrating. In an era where user experience should be smooth and intuitive, this app feels like a step backwards. Less is more, and this app would greatly benefit from embracing that philosophy.
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2 years ago, peachynic
#1 Family-Friendly way to wash clothes.
With teenagers that will sometimes wash a load while I’m at work or running errands, they seem to always misplace our wash card. A neighbor told me about this app and how convenient it is for the entire family. I tried it almost instantly and discovered many great perks like safely allowing me to reload straight from my cell with my debit card, check the current balance, check machine availability/machines I am using(& time remaining), and also getting real time status notifications. No more forgetting clothes!! I no longer need a card nor have to wonder if a washer is open... My kids just log on the app from their phones and just push a button. Simple. Effective. Awesome. Thanks for this♥️♥️
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9 months ago, Rawrfael
The app isn’t polished yet
This app is just okay. I used to get these sort of phantom notifications from the app every once in a while (not recently) as if I had a load that just finished even if I hadn’t visited the laundromat. The app also feels a little clunky like I have to swipe too many times because every time I pay for a laundry load the app takes me back to the main page and then I have to click to pull up the list of machines, swipe down back to the number I’m looking for and then select it, and tap to accept the charge for my second washer. It should just let me select a washer, pay for it, and then go straight back to the list of machines that I originally had on screen. It should do that without me having to tap and scroll back to where I was in the list, as if I never left that section.
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9 months ago, Aoolasnis
I'm disappointed in this system
I live in an apartment property where we have service for these washing machines and let me say that it is embarrassing the washing machines are broken very often and the worst of all is that when we make a Request for them to come and repair them if they don't come they ignore them spend the days waiting for Salvador to fulfill our domestic duties trusting that the washing machines will always be available to us in good service but it turns out that it is not very disappointing that they push us from the new technology paying by phone we do our best to learn and carry out its requirement to use them but when we finally master it and want to use them, the crap is useless
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2 years ago, TiredUser123
Not making laundry easier!
Can’t begin to count how many times this app has taken my money without actually starting the machine. Most often it fails to extend the time on the dryer through a supposed “Connection Error,” but this has happened so many times I have begun to wonder if this is by design. In the most recent incident, after checking the clothes in the dryer with 5 minutes left in my cycle and $6.75 left on my balance, I tried to extend the dryer cycle time, which it is supposed to do for an additional $ 0.25, but received the dreaded and all too frequent Connection Error, with the warning that it might be because my balance was too low and a suggestion to call support. Once the timer runs out, you have no choice but to start an entirely new drying cycle for $1.75. This has happened over and over and over again. The support functions on the app are absolutely useless. At one point one of the machines stopped working completely, and when we reported through the app, nothing happened in spite of several tenants in the building filing reports through the app. Eventually we were forced contact the landlord, who called the company, and the company said they never knew anything was amiss. If you are a landlord thinking about installing this system, think twice before doing it. Quarters are much more reliable.
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4 months ago, annoyed resident!
ALWAYS an issue! NO support!
There is constantly an issue with WASH. I am so sick and tired of it. Most recently, one of the machines can't be found by the app. I am the second person to put all of their laundry and detergent in the machine to find out it's not working. If you request support, it says "error" and will not let you submit an error request. There is no other way to contact them. Half of the buttons on the app literally do nothing. Press the button and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. One time the dryer was broken for over 6 months despite someone coming to "fix it". The prices are ridiculous, the service is terrible, the machines are rarely all working correctly. I cannot stand this company. Greedy and they do not care (I mean just read the responses to the other reviews, they do not care). I will be contacting my building about the terrible service by this company, hopefully someday they'll get enough complaints to switch.
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2 months ago, Ethan Philip
A WASH App Review
The WASH App is fine until something goes wrong. Since most people do their laundry on the weekends, there is no ‘live’ person available if there are any issues. Also, it is near impossible to get a refund if you’ve ever asked for one and the last time I checked you couldn’t even get in contact with these folks through e-mail since their server appeared to be down. When all the machines in a laundry are in use, the system appears to shut down, even when there is one machine available. Also many people with the Samsung/Razor IPhones are unable to connect, whereas those with Apple IPhones seem to have no problem. Thank you for listening. Ethan Nielson
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10 months ago, ajfnlajgjalglajnf
Rip off and app doesn’t work
The app doesn’t even let you add your card you have to do it through the website despite it telling you in every list of directions to use their garbage app. The minimum you can add is $10 and i’m in an airbnb that i’m staying in for another week, I don’t need to do 3 loads of laundry in a week and there is no refund option. I am so ridiculously sick of having to download apps for every part of modern life and give everyone my personal information in order to make them work, I hate this company and I hate everyone who helped develop this system and app, you are modern day thieves and I’m sure you receive kickbacks for selling customer information to third party companies just like every other person in your miserable business. I ask you and anyone reading this, why does a laundry machine require my phone number and email to run a simple load? It doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Adri Carlson
Great Company!
My apartment building has 60 units, 12 on each floor. We used to be serviced by another company who only reluctantly serviced our washers and dryers. They eventually stopped responding to broken machines and that they would often accept quarters but then wouldn’t start and they didn’t respond to requests for refunds. Luckily we use Wash Connect now and the machines work great and are reliable. We’ve had service requests and they are typically on site solving the issues the next business day. They make it super easy to report problems and loading/reloading your balance is effortless. The level of professionalism and friendliness is superb. I’m very happy that they are our laundry service.
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10 months ago, Angry handicap user
App doesn’t work right
I have called the company several times to let them know that more money is being pulled out of my balance then being used. They stated the app doesn’t always register correctly of the use and once it updated it’ll pull the needed funds. Then fix your application that is required for us. If I log in my account it shows the fund and usage at the time of the transaction, how later down the week am I now at a negative balance. If it’s not deducting the balance of the time of the transaction, who dictates the transactions to know to pull the funds later, if your app isn’t registering them at the time. The apartment complex has nothing to do With the company and there’s no support, yet we are offered laundry facility that Can and well pull funds at random. I am disabled, and it makes it extremely hard to go to the laundry yet that is what I am forced to do need to be ripped off.
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1 year ago, hrohde
This app/ the machines have found a new way to scam me out of money every week. First, the driers started disconnecting from the app. I was unable to find the dryer I was using. This is annoying because I’m not sure when my clothes are done, but also, then I cannot add time to the dryer. Instead of adding about ten minutes for $0.25, I have to pay another $1.50. This has happened to both me and my roommate multiple times. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it really adds up when you’re doing multiple loads of laundry each week. Now, the app won’t connect to a machine if you have low funds (as I was informed by a pop up). So I had $1.50 which was the exact amount to dry one load. In order to dry my clothes, I had to pay a minimum of $10. I know these seem like little things, but for someone who is on a tight school budget/ has to be strategic with when I spend my money, it’s incredibly frustrating.
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2 years ago, kaylani choncha
I normally love having a app for things like this but this one I’ll hate it so bad all the time it gives me a hard time even with the card it’s really annoying I keep pressing the cycle and pressing it to pay and it keeps telling me to keep doing the same thing over and over again and it does not work it takes me at least 10 minutes or more sometimes to start machine weather is the app or the card it’s so irritating I had to pay five dollars for the card because the app was not working now I wanna see how do I get a refund and I can give you the card back because I don’t like it it’s just so irritating and upsetting
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7 months ago, JeffreyCOle
Getting they could not connect button
Today I put my clothes in the washing machine pick the number pick the mode push start and then it kept saying could not connect and gave me that stupid OK button it’s never OK when you guys screw up might want to change that to say sorry button I don’t like it with Windows messes up and says OK I don’t like that either Finally, after about six tries rebooting the app a couple times verifying that everything was turned on my Wi-Fi and my Bluetooth. I did it again and it still said it couldn’t connect. I just kept trying already put my soap in the washing machine I didn’t wanna move it to another machine, and then it finally did it. Let’s just say it was very frustrating. I would say three stars that I gave you was very generous.
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3 years ago, Dominoe253
Mixed feelings
It’s clean because you don’t have to worry about having quarters and you can just load directly from a bank card but you can’t get your money back if there are funds left and you don’t need to use them anymore. It can somehow tell me when the machine is done with my cycle but I can’t find if it’s available from my apartment before that. It has messed up and I’ve had to pay twice for a load. I don’t know which is better, this or the way it was before. I had issues with refund requests for the machines taking my quarters with those machines as well. Still have not received to date. From my experiences, make time and go to a Laundromat that has an attendant to help with any issues at the time. That has always been best. But that’s just me. Good luck!
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3 years ago, Larry McJackson
PLEASE get rid of the “success! Found machines” message
This notification drives me insane and is of no practical use. When searching for a machine (which I can see is available behind the pop up success notification) why do you need to force us to view a “success” message that it found machines?! You can’t close out of it and need to wait a few seconds for it to disappear to actually do your load. This sounds trivial but is a constant micro aggression for almost every user, im sure, and terrible UX design. I would be so happy if just this change was made. Side note - the laundry status notifications are useless. Build in a timer instead of delivering status by Bluetooth. Whose idea was it to use Bluetooth for laundry notifications in giant apartment buildings like bruh. Im serious - whose idea was this?!
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1 year ago, Hested
Just use coins.
This app is very buggy. To be fair, I used it for about 6 months before the bugs were too bad — at which point the app took money from my bank account without adding it to the in-app balance. (Customer service did correct this, but that was not a seamless process). The whole app is a scam; don’t take my money before I’m going to spend it! There’s no benefit to using the app over paying with coins. The timer in the app is just that - a timer. It doesn’t update to accurately reflect the amount of time the washer will take, so it will regularly alert you that your laundry is done 20+ minutes early. You can just set your own timer. Otherwise, the main functionality of the app frequently doesn’t work and requires restarting or trying a different machine, which is frustrating and time consuming.
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9 months ago, Billyboi 176395
This app is a terrible replacement for quarters
There are connectivity issues with the machines and you have to download the app and create an account just to run a load of laundry. There is also no support for the app outside of a generic FAQ page. On top of that, you have to connect a card, but the app doesn’t just charge your account for what you use. You have to put in a preset amount of money and there is no way to empty out the remaining balance in the app. In my case I would have to run 20 loads of laundry ($65) at the hotel that I am staying at in order to have $0.00 left in the app. There are card readers on each machine, but they don’t work at all. Quarters can be a headache at times, but I would rather use quarters than to ever be forced to use this app to do laundry again. For reference I am 26 and do controls engineering for a living so it is not an issue of me not being good with technology.
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12 months ago, Gaggingguy
Wow. This what we’ve come to.
Most of the time when you think of using a public washing machine you immediately think of the classic quarter machine. So it came as a surprise to see that I had to make an account and use an APP to wash my clothes. Incredibly redundant. Worst part of it all is the MINIMUM you can load onto the app is 10 dollars. We ended up doing extra laundry basically for fun because the balance was so high. Absolutely ridiculous. To sign up they need basically all your information, including phone number and email (which could potentially be sold to scam companies). Why a washing machine needs my phone number is beyond me. This is just a scummy way to make normal everyday tasks digital so they can collect information and stick you with a 10 dollar minimum. Skip out on this one and head to a local laundry place that you can use quarters to run, unlike this redundant scam.
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1 year ago, Hollywood Tenant
App OK but machines are not
The app works OK most of the time but it seems to be a product of the Wash-Connect company that leases machines to buildings — which is absolutely terrible. Machines are constantly breaking down and they’ll make a show of sending out a technician, but then the technician won’t fix it. The machine will sit for weeks with a note on it saying parts are in order. In other words, they’re too cheap to keep parts in stock. The element of the app that’s especially problematic is the auto function of sending a response to a service request. Emails updating you on the status of your req may or may not be accurate, but it’s really hard to tell because they don’t specify which machine each notice is for, and these machines are so bad that you’ll be submitting so many requests you won’t have any idea which is for what. If you’re a building manager, do not go with Wash-Connect!
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