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User Reviews for Watch

3.32 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
8 months ago, LSSR22
Poor features in update
The change to control center access, and the complete removal of access to favorite apps is a really big step backwards. What a terrible change. The previous arrangement: swipe up for control center, press the bar for access to favorite apps was perfect and now it’s ruined. Now you can only access either all apps—and excessively long list of apps, only a few of which are used, or you have to DOUBLE PRESS on the crown to access receipt used apps. First of all, double pressing is awkward at best. It’s not something that works well on a watch. And thx “recent” apps can be a long list that really is of little better use than the entire list. If I want recent ones, they’ll be on my watch face. Why did the watch engineers “fix” something that wasn’t broken. At least give us the option to select the old arrangement.
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11 months ago, Mel C5
Shortcut is not listed as option to select for the Watch
I love Shortcuts, I have been using it since it was Workflow. I liked Workflow better because you really learned to program with it from the ground up. Apple has really dumbed down Shortcuts in these latest versions for the masses in respect to really programming shortcuts from the ground up. However, I’m deeply disappointed, I bought an Apple Watch with the sole excitement of using Shortcuts on my Apple Watch and I have never been able to use Shortcuts on the actual Watch, “THEY WILL NOT SHOW UP ON THE WATCH” or under the actual Watch App list on the iPhone. This a known issue what gives? Each update, I’m hopeful this issue will be resolved and nope the Shortcuts Apps will not show up as an option to select in the Watch App and the Apple Watch keeps saying,No shortcuts you can add them in the Shortcuts App on your iphone, which are listed and designated for the Apple Watch, but don’t show up. There is a disconnect between the iPhone Shortcut App and the Watch App not letting the Shortcut App appear as a selection to be on the watch and the actual Apple Watch Shortcuts App. Just works- nah, It just doesn’t, please fix it Apple. And to add, the Haptic Touch is too soft, please the increase the option to make it stronger, especially for alarms and waking up.
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2 years ago, grandgeezer
A mess
The integration between apple watch and iPhone is s royal mess. Some settings are controlled from this app, some from the health app, some from third party apps, some from the watch and some combinations of the above. Worst, by far, is the Sleep ... function (it's not an app, though it has an icon on the watch's app list, what is it?). You set a fixed schedule that you will *never* diverge from. Well, occasionally it'll detect you have gotten up early (say, to catch a flight) and offer to suspend sleep mode early, but it's incredibly rare, and while your watch/phone are in sleep mode, they're pretty non-functional. The watch won't unlock the phone, so in mask times, you end up punching your carefully chosen password in under the watchful eyes of a dozen CCTV cameras. For odd reasons I can't search for Watch and find this app on my phone, I have to dig it out from where I stashed it years ago when iOS installed it and I didn't have a watch, but that's clearly my fault. The idea that everything on your watch is controlled from the watch app is fine, but it's not really implemented here, especially where third party apps are concerned. And the Sleep function, lordy what a abhorrent disaster!
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1 year ago, Remmidoodle1
Apple your apple watch’s are at their finest, truly. The only thing I have to offer is a a suggestion for your future apple watches. While your apple watches have all the customization that someone could dream of, there is one thing I would like you to add for future customizing, and the future of your apple watches in general to make it the best it can be. Can you add an option to customize how much you’re apple watch buzzes? There could be a little section on the watch app just for it! It will be so great! Personally, I have experienced not knowing that I had a new text because of how small the buzz was whenever I got the text. Adding a custom option to be able to change how much your apple watch buzzes will greatly benefit others, and me. I’m positive some others probably have the same problem as me. Thank you for your time, I hope this helps.
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9 months ago, Paulpar88
New IOS is a huge step backwards
The new software for the watch is awful. Why would you remove the dock? That was one of the best parts about the functionality of the device. Who is making these decisions? I have never seen a company make a device worse with and update. Also, why did you change the look of the stop watch? It looks so stupid now. If you’re going to add more options, that’s great. But to remove the old look and or options is crazy. It’s completely embarrassing that people who work at Apple green lit these changes and then actually rolled them out. I feel like the people responsible for these changes do not actually use the device themselves. I can’t see anyone who actually uses Apple products being happy about this. Really shows how out of touch so of your staff members are becoming. Please bring back the dock option and resolve this massive oversight. And while your at it, fire the people making these ridiculous changes. I couldn’t be more embarrassed for you guys right now. Paying people to make your products worse. What a job. Sign me up.
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2 years ago, thegreatsongtraveler
Had to revise my score for the right reasons
Look, I had a Fitbit for my first smart watch experience and I learned the app and found it to be very user friendly and the Watch I had (Charge 3) while basic by Apple standards, just did what it was supposed to do and without interruption. When I got the Apple Watch I just thought it would be an easy transition for me because I’d owned Apple products for a decade at that point. It was NOT easy for me. It was so convoluted and made finding basic statistics an Easter egg hunt. I’ve since more or less brought myself up to speed on the system and how it functions and I am revising my score to a 4 from a 2. Misses a 5 because I still feel the basics could be found on the iPhone app with greater ease if they wanted to show them to you without making the app an advertisement of its depth, which is objectively impressive but still daunting for the new user.
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2 years ago, Theman game
It’s junk!
Trying to connect a Apple Watch Series 4 to a iPhone 13. Same issue everyone else has blasted about. Won’t update because it’s not connected to the internet. If they would at least give you a chance to get everything connected and setup to your phone problem solved. Than tell you have to update your watch to the new update. It seems like the simple things are over looked. I can’t connect it to the internet to even get it updated. Sorry can’t update your watch not connected to internet. Like Duh!!! You don’t even got a chance. Perfectly good watch and can’t use because of something so simple. Set it up connect phone to watch than connect it to internet than update everything. That dang simple! Not even a option in the setup to type in WiFi password to connect the watch than allow updates. Am not even a tech guy and can understand what needs to be done. Probably fix a lot people’s similar issues. You would think apple would be better than this. A billion dollar company!! 😔😔😡
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7 months ago, New Jersey 737
I do not like watch os 10!!!!
I purchased an Apple Watch 8 to replace version 4 in May 2023. It was great to have a new watch with a lasting battery. As soon as I updated to watch os 10 battery started depleting faster. This last update was supposed to fix the battery drain, it did not. I do not understand the purpose of the Smart Stack, it only holds 3 apps, my previous dock was great, it held many more apps then the revised dock holds, if you can remember where it is in the new update. Last but not least, I do not like that the total steps and total flights climbed each week are missing from the weekly activity summary. When I paired this watch to my phone some of the data in health was reading my old watch so now I do not receive current data. I wish Apple would stop trying to create a million new features and concentrate on the original great features of the watch. I want watch os 9 back!!!!!. I have been wearing an Apple Watch since 2016 and this is the first time that I am not happy.
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1 year ago, Tim-Cincy
Needs better control of notifications
I’ve had my Apple Watch 8 for a little over four months now. The biggest frustration I have with it is that the developers have decided to make all notifications and interactions primary on the watch when both watch and phone are on my person. This is VERY frustrating, as I am unaware of many texts from people until much later, because I am unable to set my phone to chime when I get a text, as I would normally have in place, when not wearing my watch. I am often in the middle of doing things with my hands and since I get so many vibrations and notifications on my watch, they are simply ignored throughout the day. This is also particularly frustrating when I am wearing jackets or coats during the cold months and can’t view the watch face to see what might be going on at the time. If I had the ability to decide as the user which notification system should be the primary and allow my phone to operate as though I wasn’t wearing the watch, this would be MUCH more user-friendly. I do hope they make this change soon!
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7 months ago, alexandermed
Extremely overrated, almost no useful features
Have had this for two years now and it doesn’t get any better. You cannot easily download music to watch, you have to connect to your computer to do it. Also, lots of apps, for example YTM doesn’t allow you to download on it neither. No BP, or oxigen sat measuring and other important medical related features that cheaper 30-40 dollars watches have. Battery is garbage to say the least, why would you want to use a watch that if you forget to charge it just one day you will not be able to use it? Too much of a work for something that does not give you almost any real valuable functionality.  is getting worst and worst, and making products from just 5 years after ralease worth nothing by their “updates” that will damage them and make them work worst than before, specially noticiable in the cameras.  is just not worth it any more, and it comes from me that have been an  user since 15 years ago.
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2 years ago, ChefsShowLing
Disturbing App
I’ve never owned an Apple Watch! Never. But it was downloaded to my phone and periodically used to attack my privacy and security. I’m certain because of a security app I trust that displayed it using Bluetooth to hack me, and made a victim of identity theft and they also stole quite a bit of my hard earned money. Leaving me with nothing but yet another hacked cell phone (in addition to the 12 Androids I destroyed totally over $4k down the drain) This App was never installed by me and I purchased this iPhone for Security. I’m very concerned that between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM cards and Apple Watch that no one is safe online. I can’t remove it. I can’t uninstall it. I can’t operate it. But the attacker can. Horrible product and I’m sure that I’m not the only iPhone that has or will experience this. Can anyone assist with getting this Watch off my device so I can protect my security? I have no need for it and my iPhone is stating that it can be restored AT ANY TIME! I’m tired of being hacked and robbed. Thx!
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2 years ago, jannahgirl🐶
I’m sorry. I don’t like writing bad reviews about things, but Apple Watch is going too far. 😥 I dislike the shape, size, and weight of this Watch. I wish steps was a main goal. Terrible sleep tracking. Terrible battery life. Fitbit is way better. The app is okay. But the choice of Watch faces is terrible! My dad’s series 6 decided to stop working when it was younger than 2 years which is unbelievable. My mom’s series 7 is good 👍🏼. Me and my sister have series 3s, and they seem ok. They haven’t broken or anything…yet…and they’re approaching 2 years! just get this - Apple Watch cannot do what your Fitbit or Garmin could. Unfortunately. So sorry, Apple, we just need more from you. Suggestion: instead of making your fancy Apple Watch Pro or whatever, maybe you could make a slimmer one. I’m sure it would be a hit x10!! 👍🏼😉 Sorry for the long review, and I don’t want to be mean or anything, just warning everybody out there. Ty for reading 🤗💕. Bye ✌🏼
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2 years ago, kindones
Not Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing friendly
When I first got my Apple Watch 6. The watch app allowed us to set a complication on a handful of the watch faces to control our hearing device. Then a couple updates ago. They moved it to the control panel. Now the most recent update to the watch iOS. It no longer allows us to add it as a watch complication. Even though the setting is still there. There’s not a single watch face that has that complication. Nor does the mic volume show up in the control panel anymore. The whole reason I got the watch was to control my hearing aid instantly without pulling my phone out. I have it set to mirror my phone. You would think having it set in accessibility as much volume it would show up one at least a single watch face. Nope. I’ve tried everything. It used to work just fine until the very last update. Now it’s basically a normal watch since I can’t use it to hear calls or anything anymore.
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2 years ago, Migital
App is not syncing with watch
I own a gen7 watch, and the latest version of this app is causing issues that affect notifications, and battery life on my watch. I routinely miss text notifications because my focus settings are not syncing correctly, and I am barely making it 12 hours on a full charge with my watch, where I used to get a day and a half easily. Changing any settings in the app do not transfer to the watch. If I want to adjust complications, it has to be done on the watch, because none of the installed apps show complications in the app. Watch faces that I have saved do not sync between the watch and the app, and most of the available watch faces to choose from are blank in the gallery. This latest version of the app is garbage and it needs to be fixed. I have unpaired, and re-paired multiple times, restored from older back ups, set up as a brand new watch, and nothing fixes any of these issues.
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2 days ago, snowflake_plays2
It’s junk
I need help getting on my headphones in the name of my headphones is Cowin end it seems like it won’t work because on Settings on my phone it says go to the Apple store so I didn’t record at the Apple Store and I want to hear it and my headphones are still not working so that’s why I gave y’all a one star so I just need something better and so my settings can get better and better and better and better mental down everywhere so I need your help can you please help me so it told me to come on this little Apple Watch app and that’s what it told me on my Settings and this thing is junk you want help with nothing so I need help because my headphones are not working so can you please help for like once so I really need your help so can you help me in the salon asking for and I’ll give you a five star review and then if I want to give you at one store I’ll give you one star now can you help me with my headphones
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7 months ago, the ultramind
Battery killer update
My watch auto updated and how I wish I hadn’t let it install this update. I’ve been wearing it only two hours today and the battery has gone from 100% to 78% in that time. That is ridiculous! The battery life on Apple watch was already bad enough but now it’s barely making it 8 hours before it dies. Meanwhile my friend with a Samsung smart watch only charges hers every few days. I’d been intending to upgrade to a newer watch model as mine is a Series 4, but I am going to strongly reconsider my options unless this is fixed fast. I also hate that swiping up no longer takes me to the control panel, but that problem is really secondary to the abysmal battery life. It doesn’t matter what the interface is like when the watch is unusable because it’s dead. I never leave reviews, so congratulations on being so completely awful I had to say something about it.
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2 months ago, Evilprincess89
All this money paid just for lack luster watch faces
I don’t understand why they make something so nice just to lack luster the the main point of the device the faces I have gotten this watch for it is my first one ever buying a Apple Watch and I am disappointed with how little the watch faces have the only ones I like is the Kaleidoscope one I would love more to choose from it seems apple is know for making nice devices with very little customization i get it you want things to be simple but for god sakes man can I get a lot for options customizing my watch it’s just as lame as the phone is when it comes to customizing my stuff I don’t wanna use third party stuff I wanna use apple apple that’s it I find it crazy paying all this money just to have little to no customizing or having to deal with the same lame stuff they left there just to wait for something new.
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2 years ago, Ardis4kids
I fell today!
I got the Apple Watch due to me being a traveler and usually in a new town. I thought, well at least if I fell down my watch can call for help. But I always hoped I wouldn’t need it. It happened, stepping onto the driveway, miss judging the seemingly small step. Everything went in slowly motion, “am I falling?” Face plant onto the driveway, makeup print on the concrete! Wow, unbelievable! This is going to be a black eye. My watch started buzzing, asking if it should send an SOS. I pushed no. It asked did I fall, and I confirmed. As my son looked down at me with concern, I thought thank God he was here, but if he weren’t, I would have been okay. I was so happy not to be alone.
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3 years ago, Olsensei
Surprisingly disappointing….
Disappointed at the wasted potential, not very polished or thought out 1. Using watch to unlock iPhone is a hit or miss, not sure if it’s still looking for half of your face + a mask or what but it’s not as reliable as Android’s smart unlock 2. Brightness only has 3 levels and lowest setting is still too bright, need more granular settings 3. Screen timeout only has 2 settings both of which are too long, again need more granular settings and shorter timeout to save battery 4. No option to disable Tap screen to wake, anything with capacitance that touches/rubs on the screen will keep waking the watch and drain the battery, and the digitizer is always on. 5. Cannot view battery stats from the App, also battery settings need a list of sensors to toggle enable or disable 6. Power reserve mode is the most useless power saver mode of all smartwatches and doesn’t even last very long despite restricting everything, and any savings in battery by using the mode (if any) will just be negated by the required long reboot when turning it back to normal mode. Other smartwatches’ battery saving mode still show notifications in greyscale and do not require rebooting to turn off
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7 months ago, Former Grad Student
App keeps crashing, battery life reduced significantly
Every time I try to add the Timer complication to one of my watch faces, the app crashes. What’s on the app doesn’t match what’s on my watch faces. Also, some watch faces take a very long time to load on my watch, and I despise the new way you have to hold down on a watch face on the watch to change to another one - you used to be able to swipe quickly from one to another. This delay of having to hold down on a face to swipe to another makes having multiple faces almost useless. Add to this that my watch battery used to last all day (down from 2 days when I first got it), and after the update about a week ago, the battery would die by about 6pm each evening. I hope that the latest update has fixed this.
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5 months ago, Cajun Burgular
What a mess of an ecosystem!!!
I finally broke down and purchased an Apple Watch. Series 9. At the same time I bought one for my Mom- who does not own an iPhone. Apple, pay attention! Is an iPhone required to own an Apple Watch or not? Because the horrible mess that exists today makes no sense at all. Some settings are controlled by your phone app. Some by your watch. Some functionality is available to family member’s watches and some are not. I get it, Apple is suffering from a development process that started small and grew out of control. But it resulted in a typical Apple mess; one characterized by great hardware, horrible Apple software and third party integration support that limits what developers can do to attempt to fix the issues. And seriously, Xcode development MUST be done only in Swift? Wake up and realize the best stuff is still written in Objective-C! Apple needs an intervention. And don’t get me started on the ridiculous fact that in a dark room you can’t increase the watch’s brightness! Or that in “nightstand mode” the watch shuts its display off! What good is a nightstand mode that requires you to get up and tap the device? Aaarrrrrg. Someone else said it in another review: it’s like Apple doesn’t use their own products!
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8 months ago, MMMadmike
Worthless update
This is a poor update. Now to change the current face you have to go to the watch app and do this. Who could have possibly thought this would be a good idea? Half of the apps you can’t remove most of them I would never use such as, the cycle track app, I am a guy, what in the world do I need to have an app to check for my menstrual cycle for!!! The changing how you access these from pressing the bottom key to the top button and having to scroll through all to get to them!! Instead of the ones you use the most being listed at the top. I’m not impressed with any of the current OS updates on any of the platforms. If you are trying to drive to alternative devices just say so and spare us the hassle of having to figure out these stupid fixes. If it ain’t broke it doesn’t need to be new and unimproved!
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2 months ago, Denolicious
Let it charge to full!!
You are KILLING me, Apple. I wear my watch all day every day. I wear it to track my activity and health during the day and I wear it at night to track my heart rate and sleep. So I have to charge it at least twice a day. When I charge it, I want it to charge ALL THE WAY. Ever since the last update or two ago, it only allows the watch to charge to 80% unless I select some option to charge it full. WHY IS THAT THE DEFAULT? It is so infuriating every time I walk over to check it, having left it charging for more than enough time to get it to 100%, just to see that it only charged to 80% and I have to tap a button to make it charge all the way and waste MORE time with it on the charger. I can’t even go to the settings and disable this useless function. GET RID OF IT!! Or at least give me a setting option so *I* can get rid of it.
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12 months ago, harveythepig
Save your money. Tells time great….
That’s about it. Oh, you can answer calls and texts on it too. If you need fall detection (which is why I purchased it), don’t waste your money. It has never detected any of my falls, even with injury. But it loves to tell me a fall when I squat down or reach down to grab something off the floor. I really wanted to love the watch, especially since it could’ve been so helpful to those of us who are disabled. Don’t waste you money and shop elsewhere if you need it for medical stuff. It also doesn’t even track activity well, something so incredibly basic for any smart watch. I can take my dogs for a 40 minute walk, and it’ll still tell me I didn’t move around for more than a couple of minutes the entire day. And that’s after making sure the settings are correct. So really. Save. Your. Money.
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2 years ago, TinePatterson
Unusable apps on new Apple Watch
There are a few apps that even though I downloaded them to my watch, none of the faces in the Watch gallery will allow me to use them. All of the current complications are designed basically for working out! I do love to workout but there are several everyday things that I could use more complications that I use on a daily basis. But now I can’t use any of them on any of the faces. This is more than disappointing. Considering how much money customers spend on your products you shouldn’t assume that one kind of lifestyle is the only one done by the majority of the population. You need to consider making all of the faces in the gallery capable to insert ANY complication loaded to the app. Being limited by the company isn’t what I paid all my money for. We all don’t live by your standards so don’t force us to.
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1 year ago, 6381945382946284628473846283
get a fitbit instead
i transitioned from a basic fitbit to one of the newer apple watches, and while the fitbit would last nearly a month on an hours charge the apple watch doesn’t last longer than a day and takes way too long to charge, has a lot of unnecessary features and in the one week i’ve had it i’ve already had to reset it because “too many passcode attempts”. i didn’t attempt to enter my passcode once i had put it in my pocket. Please implement a feature that allows you to unlock the watch within the app of the paired phone, if someone has access to the phone there isn’t anything on the watch they would gain anything from. there are some interesting features on it but overall it’s more inconvenient than convenient
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2 months ago, Terrable74
Watch costs too much to actually benefit from
Got my watch. Supposed to be able to detect so much more than any other watch... Get free apps to use the watch functions and then pay a hundred dollars or more per year to actually get any benefit beyond my heart rate and irregular heartbeat notifications... So disappointed. I won't buy another one and I don't suggest anyone buy it unless you have a ton of money to spend on apps so you can actually benefit from it. Can't get bp for less than 100/ year plus buy a cuff. Can't get pulse ox without a wireless device and pay for use of that app. I wasted my money on the watch. Won't waste it on apps that don't do anything. Apps that say they work, but really don't do anything. Apple says it's available in the USA, but not for me apparently.
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2 months ago, Max and ruby 2
It’s ok….
In general I like the watch. But… the sleep is way off. It’s very dependent on your entered “sleep schedule.” So if I have an early meeting- and I don’t adjust the schedule the night before- it will say I spent 11 hours in bed. It will include the time I was getting ready, showering, driving, and sitting in the meeting as “in bed” because of the sleep schedule I set, There is no way to track sleep and also remove a set schedule. Everything is updated. My Fitbit (which was an old model) didn’t rely on a set schedule, and even knew when I was napping (Apple Watch does not detect if you fall asleep watching tv or take an afternoon nap). Kind of annoying.
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2 years ago, Marekinthevoid
Complaints about sleep app
Why do you have to have an active sleep schedule in order to track how long you sleep?! That fact honestly confuses me. I just wanna know how long I’m asleep for and how long I’m in each phase of sleep without an annoying schedule that is more for working adults in terms of it being a function! Is that such an impossible request?! It really shouldn’t be. I hope apple actually listens to the people who fill there pockets. Ty for reading this. I actually really like this product. P.S make it to where we can compare the watch that we own to the newest models pls right now we can only compare the newest models to each other.
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6 days ago, iamcrimson
Update: Sunrise Sunset Watch Ultra Issue (Resolved)
Had nonissues with the Apple Watch Ultra up until the last update. Now the Sunrise/Sunset times are not displaying. Tried rebooting with no success. Please Fix. Apple can you fix this issue? It’s been a couple months since I posted the previous paragraph and the sunset sunrise feature is not synco. Love my Apple Watch Ultra, but this is the only issue I’m having is the sunrise sunset UPDATE: June 10, 2024. Since I’ve posted the above issue. Everything has been working great. The sunset/sunrise has been showing up with no issues with my Ultra. If you fixed it Apple. Thanks!!!
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5 months ago, Bonjillvi
Hate the latest update
I switched from Fitbit to apple watch because I thought it would have more (read better) features. However with the latest update I find it is harder for me to use than before. I hate not being able to switch easily between watch faces. I used different ones during different times of the day because of the features I had loaded on each. Also I don't like that you can no longer just swipe up to silence your watch or set it to theater mode. Also rather than wading through all the fitness features, I'd just like to have a quick and easy read of my number of steps. Overall I think the updates are going backwards rather than adding value and ease to my watch and if that stays the same, I probably will never purchase another Apple Watch.
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1 year ago, JackH.316
Apple Watch S8 (45MM)
On April 3rd around 2:30pm I was finishing up at work on a machine called a doubled facer. There was a jam in the machine and I went to grab the paper out and my hand was snatched in. My fingers were smashed and part of my hand. Thank God for my Apple watch because it stopped the machine from dragging my whole arm in and possibly cutting my hand off! The watch didn’t even break or crack, but my hand is pretty banged up. Thankfully I still have my hand, but I need surgery and months of therapy!! Thank you Apple!! You saved my life! I highly recommend getting an Apple Watch, ESPECIALLY if you with dangerous machinery!
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6 months ago, Ani_toyo
Major issues with Dec 2023 update
Ever since download the new update there have been issue after issue. First thing I noticed is you aren’t able to scroll between faces anymore, when I go into the watch app all of the faces are there. I even deleted faces and remade them and no resolution with the issue. The sunset sunrise option on the face isn’t working anymore. However my biggest issue is the actual fitness app, I am currently in a competition and it’s not that the watch and phone aren’t syncing but it’s completely different. On my watch it says we completed the competition yesterday but we still have another day and it points are all messed up too. I have to get on my actual phone to see. I am happy to update the stars on this once the issues are resolved.
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2 years ago, A. Voss
Miss the Big Date on Modular
I absolutely love the watch and all of the faces. I’ve have one for many years now. The only thing I don’t like now is that with the iOS 9 update, the option to have a large Date on the Modular face now includes the schedule. I wish you could pick which one to have, just the date or just the schedule. It was much easier to see a large date in the middle of the screen. The date is now almost too small to see (yes I’m aware it is now in the top right corner but I’m not a fan of that either…Sorry)
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4 months ago, DJatChurch
Alarm (are you awake?)
I don’t lightly say hate, but I HATE that my watch will vibrate my wrist and ask me if I am up and do I want to turn the alarm off! NOW I AM! I had to pee and now I am half way back asleep and my watch scared me back awake 🫨 or I just got up for a second to turn the fan off/on and went straight back to sleep, just to be woken up again. (Or I haven’t even gotten up at all.) Why did someone think this was a good idea?!? This should at the VERY LEAST be a feature that we got an alert about and asked if we want to turn it on.. but I can’t find any way to turn it off. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing a watch to keep track of your sleep when the watch is the one waking you up and disturbing your sleep!!
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7 months ago, Sportsfan2
Apple Watch 6 operating worse and worse with ‘updates.’
Since the latest iPhone and Apple Watch updates, the watch frequently fails to connect with the cell service and/or wifi. My guess is that beside new unnecessary new multi-mega byte graphics Apple is trying to use AI in the watch’s operation but failing…miserably. Several times daily now I restart the iPhone and Apple watch or go into the watch settings and manually tell the watch to connect. The Apple Watch applications are mostly great. My frustration is that Apple lost it’s simple elegance to unhelpful confusing unnecessary graphics and operations like the ‘double-tap.’ The best cars have simple controls and layouts meant not to burden the driver/occupants. Apple could learn from them
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1 year ago, Cleverpun1
Weather Location Continually Resets to Cupertino
This bug has not been fixed for MONTHS. Incredibly annoying and renders one of the main uses of my watch null. I do not wish for my watch to know my location for security and privacy reasons. For the first two years I had the watch, I just told the app what city to display weather for and it worked great. Around December or January I began having to DAILY reset the preferred location within the app. Every night it would inexplicably reset itself to Cupertino. Now, no matter what I do, it shows me the weather in Cupertino. This is a level of bugginess I expect from a Samsung or a Lenovo, and frankly is why I spend the extra money on Apple products. I’m frustrated and angry that a company that stakes it’s entire reputation on exceptional user experience, and charges a premium price for it, has left a GRIEVOUS error like this in place for months. It feels intentional, as if the value they derive from having my location data is more important than their stated business values of championing user experience / security & privacy, and retaining consumer trust. Get it together.
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5 months ago, Peachy Sara
Add iPad Connectivity
Overall, I like the app. Being able to modify different watch faces is nice. I get that you need an iPhone to be able to properly use the Watch. I understand and have no problem with that. I just really wish I could also connect it to my iPad, like I can pair headphones to both devices. It would be nicer to see and modify watch faces on the bigger screen. I would primarily like it when I'm listening to music, podcasts, audio books, or watching videos. I like that when I play music on my iPhone, the Watch becomes a remote control for it. I would love the same for the iPad.
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2 years ago, Dani L M
Glitchy Apple podcast sync
I primarily use my Apple Watch to listen to podcasts on my morning jog without my phone. I don’t have cellular on my watch so I have to download episodes before going. This thing is absolutely maddening. Every single day, despite having automatic sync on, I have to specifically select episodes to save then have to open the podcast app, then the watch app, un-sync, re-sync, over and over again until it finally catches up and downloads the episodes I want. It literally takes me like 45 minutes every frickin morning. I honestly can’t believe how unreliable it is given I’m using an Apple phone, Apple Watch, and Apple podcast app. It makes every single morning a struggle to get out the door.
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1 month ago, Seattle native 556
Honestly shockingly bad
Apple should be ashamed to have their name and logo on this awful, awful product. I got the watch and had so many issues - wouldn’t play music from headphones (only from phone speakers??), apparently it doesn’t even stream when not connected to a phone even though I have it on an internet line (????), everything loads incredibly slowly, and every step we did from the forums to try and fix it somehow made things *worse*. What’s crazy is that these issues were known back in *2016*, that’s how old these forum posts were, and it’s still so broken. I know people with Samsung watches and honestly Apple should be so embarrassed that a v1 Samsung watch is better than a brand new Apple watch. Just unbelievably awful engineering from this company
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2 years ago, brush buf
Amazing app (partially because I am biased (which is for a reason, including how my Fitbit was advertised as a waterproof devise but died permanently after a year in the shower)) but I think since the app devs probably have communication to the watchOS devs this will probably be the optimal place to write a suggestion. My idea is that you can add a keyboard that is controllably by scrolling the crown for more precision when typing like with passwords etc. Also a notes app would be good because sometimes I have things I want to write down and I have to text myself.
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1 year ago, JoleDee27
Hate the latest update
The changes to the workout feature on the Apple Watch are awful. It’s less user friendly, you’re required to upgrade to a paid premium subscription to even use the new features, and it no longer notifies me of mile markers and pace while running. The workouts also no longer sync properly to my Strava app for tracking. I’m sure this is a convenient way for apple to maximize profits by forcing users to upgrade to their premium product, but the only thing it makes me want to do is switch to a Garmin once I’m ready to upgrade my watch. It’s unfortunate, because I use the entire Apple suite of products and have enjoyed the compatibility up until now.
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2 years ago, SouthsidePride333
The new watch OS update is not good for sleep
I loved the old OS, but this new update to the sleep functions woke me up at multiple points in the night. The screen is always on. I like to use music and white noise on my phone to fall asleep but, because the screen is always on, the crown will adjust the volume to be nonexistent or very loud if you bump it in the middle of the night. I tried changing my sleep settings in the app but all I could do was to also turn on theater mode. I loved to keep track of my sleep with the watch, but I will no longer be doing that. If you like the sleep functions before the most recent update, don’t update.
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2 years ago, User 0042
Steaming pile of…..
You know the rest. Trying to load profiles on my new watch and often it will say that the password is incorrect for the certificates (even though there is none). The only way around this is by closing all apps on the iPhone one or more times which then gives the illusion of the profile loading. When the profile is successfully loaded however it is often just one certificate and often not even the current certificate/profile you’re trying to load! Echos of previous load attempts seem to be stuck in the system….even after unpairing the watch and uninstalling the app then reinstalling the app and repairing the watch as a new device not restored from backup. Oh, this is a new iPhone as well.
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2 years ago, G McGinty
Not great with Siri in the car, or while using phone.
I’m not sure if I’m missing something. But wearing my watch and using Apple car play for calls is difficult to impossible, when using Siri. I can’t ask Siri to call ____, while driving. I have to say it into the watch, and it only has the call in the watch. To make a call through my car, I have to use the screen on my dashboard while driving. It’s not safe. I also can’t use Siri on my phone while using my watch, and I can’t ask Siri to do something on my phone, through my watch. So basically if I’m wearing my watch, Siri is useless for everything but the watch.
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2 years ago, Maroline Johnson
PLEASE Add Compatibility with iPad !!!!!!!
As a Peloton subscriber without a Peloton bike, I want to be able to use the Peloton app on my iPad AND connect my Watch to the app so I can measure my heart rate. Since Watch is not compatible with iPads, I have to use the Peloton app on my phone and connect my Watch. I LOVE that the connection between my iPhone Peloton app and my Watch is able to measure heart rate and record exercise (so I can close my rings!). I really wish I could do the same, but on my iPad. I want to buy a non-Peloton stationary bike that can hold my iPad upright and visible. If the Watch app is compatible with my iPad, I can measure heart rate and exercise with my Watch as I use the Peloton app.
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6 months ago, Sarniks
Disappointing Experience with the Latest Apple Watch Update
I am very dissatisfied with the recent Apple Watch update. The touted improvements have unfortunately resulted in a less-than-ideal user experience. The touted performance enhancements have not translated well in real-world usage. The watch now exhibits occasional lags and delays, impacting the overall responsiveness and fluidity of the device. The redesigned user interface, while aiming for a modern look, has introduced a learning curve that feels unnecessary. Navigating through the watch's features now feels less intuitive, and certain functionalities seem more convoluted than before. Furthermore, the promised health and fitness tracking improvements have not lived up to expectations. Some users, including myself, have experienced inaccuracies in heart rate monitoring and exercise tracking, diminishing the reliability of the device as a fitness companion. Overall, this update has left me with a sense of frustration and disappointment. I hope future updates will address these issues and restore the seamless and reliable experience I once enjoyed with my Apple Watch.
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2 years ago, The Lion Goddess
Maybe add some new watch faces
Like more variety of pride flag faces examples trans gender,bisexual,pansexual,demisexual . Also maybe add some more digital faces for those who aren’t great at reading clocks well or are in a hurry and need to read the clock as fast as they can or I think it would be cool to draw the background or also make a little watch face for long distance relationships or it doesn’t have to be for long distance relationship any relationship so that they could feel more connected even though they are far apart
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1 month ago, TheWus
Serious improvement needed
The watch that uses this app is good, but the app is limiting the watch. Unlike other Chinese app that I have, H Band, this app lacks so many features such as constant monitor of health and the watch face selection is like a traditional mom and pop store with outdated and limit options. I am thinking about returning this watch because of this app. H band app monitor everything constantly, unlike this app only does so when you activate it. I also cannot going a watch face that I like to give me all the info at once with traditional analog style. This app is just kindergarten student work, not professional at all. I have Apple Watch and Garmin, they are much better in terms of app.
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6 months ago, Tietoncpl & B
Used to love Fitbit, have had it since they came out. Now that Google has taken over, went downhill. Friend challenges and games are gone, most have my friends have switched to other fitness trackers as everyone loved the competitions. Now I can’t just open the app, I have to log in with google since I switched (rumored to eventually be mandatory anyway) and half the time it says it’s unable to open. They’ve now switched the look of the app which I don’t care for at all. I also like to do Supernatural on the Oculus VR. Fitbit is one of the only trackers that won’t work with it. Eventually when this Fitbit bites the dust, I’ll most likely look for a different tracker.
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