WAVE 3 Louisville Weather

4.8 (15.4K)
97.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAVE 3 Louisville Weather

4.77 out of 5
15.4K Ratings
11 months ago, Patsylynne7777
Wave 3 family 🤗
I love how y’all became a family as I’ve watch through out the years. I so very much appreciate the laughter and the smiles I’ve had from watching and am great full for the hard work all of you put in to keep us safe from storms “between you and me the storms and the lightnin bugs are my favorite 😉” lol the little people around us are great full for the heads up where storms are concerned 😆 truly it helps us plan the day.. 🤣 also little Ryder Jaxon asked me to PLEASE ask OUR WEATHER MAN 🤣🤣😂 to wait on any more storms UNTIL the fireworks are over. His exact words. Well I sure wasn’t tryin to write y’all a book. 😃so thank you for being here and thank you for everything. Your our kinda people and we love y’all 🤗🤗🤗 sincerely ,little Ryder Jaxon and Patsy Cron Bedford “again thanks for the thunder and lightnin” ☺️
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4 years ago, CatJam2122
Terrible changes
The updates that have been made are terrible. After figuring out how to get through it, the scrolling and smaller views were not up to the former app's par. It’s all advertisements. I'd rather pay for an app that I depend on and check very frequently than have to search through ads for miniature versions of what was previously a 5 star app. I'll be looking for a new weather app. WAVE has been my go-to station for everything for as long as I can remember...I’m 72! Looks like WLKY will get a chance. Please go back to the former format.
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6 years ago, scott502
Gives me the weather when I need it
This app keeps getting better. The improvements they have made it my go to app for weather. The weather alerts are right on time for my area. The thing that I think I like the most is that it’s updated by WAVE’s meteorologists. So instead of waiting for updates from someplace far away from Louisville the info is updated up to the minute by weather experts who live in the area.
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11 months ago, Solarbear16
Best free weather app!
This is a great app! Keep up the great work! It’s the best free weather app out there. I’ve compared many; this one is the most accurate for Louisville that I’ve found, and you can get weather for other places too. Most (if not all) of the other free weather apps I’ve used, have either completely eliminated future radar, or drastically reduced the time it shows. Not this one! It even has 24 hour future radar (far better than anyone else), as well as past, past and future, and a shorter-term future. Note: it’s currently defaulting to 24 hour future, but you can change that using the three dots on the right. Thanks for sharing this with our community!
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1 year ago, Alayna96
App and videos
Okay so here is my issues!! My app will show differently than my Husband and My Daughters, forecasting and wording different..Secondly when I watch the videos that are posted with the forecast and it will cut off to to a ad and when it comes back on it switches to the next video..Kinda aggravating that I can’t watch n see what the forecast is going to be especially when severe weather is involved!! Yes my App is up to date!! I have checked multiple times and there is update available!!
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2 years ago, Angelmuyer
Always available
I enjoy the different ways that I can get the weather in the news and you guys had provided so many different ways the radio the TV my phone the computer I mean I just no matter what I can find out what the weather is in what’s going on in my neighborhood so I really love this news team they are awesome
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2 years ago, pkelly33
Not Once
The wave3 weather app and radar are so convenient. Not once have I went to the wave3 weather app, and experienced a delay, server problem, and nothing less than just quick information. I would highly recommend it, especially when it gets a little dicey.
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2 years ago, Shepherd man !!!
Great Team !!!
They are comprehensive, thorough, and most importantly, completely understandable !!! This gives us a huge advantage over the unknowns we would otherwise face with severe storms or weather disturbances of any sort !!! We enjoy the WAVE of emotion we get when you can finally give us the “ALL CLEAR “ !!!
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2 years ago, Mrs. Stacey Carter
Temperature wrong/Too many alerts
It is currently 33 degrees and the app is saying it's 0 degrees. I checked and my location is correct. It's been like this for several days. I also want alerts for severe snow/wind only but because I have those checked I get alerted basically every other hour. Annoying. I don't need alerted every time they are talking about snow or wind throughout the day. I just want alerts for the serious stuff. The app needs some updates. I most likely will delete the app soon.
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6 years ago, Wjasonh
Overloaded with ads.
Don't let the screen caps in the app store fool you. They conveniently omit any ads. Believe me. This app is completely overloaded with way too many ads. So much so, they turn an otherwise functional app into a convoluted, distracting, and awkward experience. You even have to wait for a 15 second commercial to watch a video. That's a long time when you're looking for immediate updates about warnings and emergencies. I'd gladly pay to remove all ads. And change the startup graphic.
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10 months ago, oneoneoneofakind
The weather
Wave is the most accurate weather station for local weather in our area. They take more into account than the national weather service. Just my opinion, but overtime it has worked out that way.
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3 years ago, delnky
Thank you
I always tune into WAVE 3 for all weather needs. Even though we live in Anderson county and are not technically in your viewing area, we always tune in for all our news and weather needs. Thank you for always keeping us informed and feel free to mention Anderson county from time to time.🤗
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3 years ago, Ville dude
Daily Usage
Thanks for the important updates. Daily usage allowed me to depart my sister’s home last Saturday in Va just in time to drive through the mountains. The app feature of traffic info was also a great help at the right time. The weather team efforts are greatly appreciated. T Sanders
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1 year ago, Digital47
Not that good
The app is full of commercials. Starting up time is not good. The app needs a major revamp. I realize you have to have money, but do you have to have that many commercials? Also, there are very few updates during the day. I will try it again in six months.
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2 years ago, ruthsworld
A BIG difference!
Moved from asking Siri the weather and always being fooled to very accurate information that allows me to make reliable outdoor plans! Amen! Thank you for your excellent work, good weather people, tech programmers and media folk!
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6 years ago, part time farmer
Accurate forecast, slow radar
I like the convenience of having a way to see the forecast and usually very accurate. Only negative is that the radar is always 10 minutes behind real time.
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3 years ago, Had-Con
Wave 3 weather app
I only gave 3 stars because of the inability to increase the size of the text of the forecast. The other applications are great. I especially like the ability to keep track of the weather in other cities where family and friends live.
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5 years ago, S&LWolves
I just updated the app, and I find the radar some what confusing, because no matter how much I miss with what I want to be shown it doesn’t get any less cluttered, and it makes it hard to tell what’s what, and where it is moving, so if it’s not to much trouble, could you please Chang the radar back to the way it was.
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3 years ago, calamity wathen
Friends at WAVE 3
I love Wave 3, it keeps all of us updated on weather and other important things that may affect our daily lives. Also Dawn Gees program is interesting to watch. Lots going on out side out tiny little places we call home. Thank you all.
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3 years ago, Piper_1973
Excellent App For Weather
I love this because it's a WEATHER app. I have uninstalled the Weather Channel because I was tired of the non-weather notifications and pandemic news. I just want the weather. And Kevin called it!
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2 years ago, CrankyFred
Upgrade stinks
You took an adequate app and made the radar view almost impossible to view. The warnings overwhelm the actual weather. I can’t see the storm because the warnings are so strong. Then when I change the settings it changes them back. Every time I open the app I have to reset it. The last version was superior to this one.
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2 years ago, Addicted archer
Used this app for years. Latest update does have an issue, I have alerts set up so only severe weather, specifically tornadoes, are supposed to get through. Lately all weather alerts get through. I only allowed tornadoes for safety reasons, but I’m about to shut off alerts for the app altogether.
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3 weeks ago, KdubG
Accurate weather!
Accurate local weather with crucial updates. Lots of Skytrack cameras to see what is going on all around the coverage areas.
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9 months ago, bobelouis2
Radar overlays are too much
The app is generally very good, however in trying to enhance it, the radar feature has become so cluttered with uncontrollable overlays you can really see the precipitation and approaching storms. And you can’t effectively turn them off And the iPad version doesn’t work in Ios17
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6 years ago, LostDog_Ky
Not good
Everyone I load I have to look at a pic of Kevin and a pic promoting papa johns. No matter if I close it for even a second it starts all over. I get it... Kevin is a meteorologist and he called it.. uhhhh And yeah... I know there’s pizza made by papa johns.. And the obvious.... The radar is so slow to load. I could build my own dopler just waiting for it to load. I use My radar pro now. Extremely fast and accurate!
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1 year ago, Craceface
Don't tell me you'll tell me
I can't figure out how to change this WAVE 3 setting. When there's a weather update, I just want to hear the update. Instead I hear, "There's a weather update from Wave 3." Then I need to open the app to hear/see what the update is. I just want to hear the update. Not a notification that there has been an update.
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3 years ago, FoggyMemory
Weather App Review
This is my go-to app for weather for central Kentucky. My only complaint would be sometimes 8-10 hours can pass without an update on the Daily section. But overall, I get a good snapshot of the next few days with these reports. Songscribe
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2 days ago, Jayman Rider
Just awful poor
There has to be some kind of good update for this app. This app has become extremely slow and this is a app issue and not a user issue. Nothing opens like it supposed to, the home screen takes forever to actually get to the weather. But you guys won’t fix anything that needs to be fixed. WDRB weather app is not this bad.
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1 year ago, Ailis Mac
Great App
This is my go to when the weather is bad. Highly recommend! This is accurate down to the second
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9 months ago, frustratednow!!!!
App not opening on Ipad
App not opening on Ipad 6th gen, IOS 17.0.3 (updated 10/4) and previous version, hasn’t worked for one to two weeks. Have the app on IPhone 14 also updated to IOS 17.0.3. Haven’t had any issues, maybe pertains to IPadOS. Tried deleting and reinstalling app twice with no luck.
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3 months ago, Dr. MRT
Thumbs up!
WAVE Sky Watch is mostly always accurate and on point! Dependent and accurate with what’s up with the weather. Accurate and timely alerts! 👍🏾
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6 years ago, skeechnky
Latest release is extremely slow
I used to think this app was one of the best for layout and performance. Since the latest release, everything is much slower. The home page with current conditions used to open in a couple of seconds. Now it takes 30 seconds or more. In addition some of the ad come up and the current conditions don’t load.
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2 years ago, lormoe
What’s up with this weather
I just down loaded Wave radar a few weeks ago. So far so good. Time will tell how accurate it will be. I’m satisfied right now.
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2 years ago, fromsfca
My go to for weather
I use it to check weather around the globe, depending on where I’m traveling to. I find it as accurate as any.
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5 years ago, Nevalpu
Slowest app
It’s a nightmare only to open the app and have to wait like 15-30 seconds for it to open, then if you close it and open it again immediately, it starts all over again. There are other weather apps that run so quickly compared to this. Too many adds. Home screen is always the same. I don’t like it.
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2 years ago, will 809
Waves weather app
I used to use the weather channel app but really like Waves app much better frost thing that was apparent was the app is so user friendly. You must try Waves app.
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5 months ago, Stretchmarks around your mouth
To many advertisements and most of the time it just won’t work
The format of this app looks great! The problem is it hardly ever works right. Until they fix it don’t waste your time. I had it downloaded for less than 2 days and only got it to work right once. Good luck.
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4 years ago, WxGeek11
Good Weather App
Really like the hour-by-hour forecast that is updated by their meteorologists and the new radar screen. Loads faster than it used to, too!
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4 years ago, KYBuckeye54
Not great, but OK
I find that the app tends to lag other weather sources on forecasting. I also think that seeing Kevin Harned’s face first thing is unappealing. More so than other meteorologists, he seems to get excited about weather, more so than necessary. It may be the most important thing to him but rarely to the general population.
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12 months ago, Averythegoat11
So helpful!
I have so much anxiety and for me and my family. I still get worried looking at it but, it helps me summarize the whole radar down! Thank’s Wave 3 Team!
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3 years ago, rricks53
Timely weather and news
Great news and weather updates!
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1 year ago, Best one#1
Wave TV is the BEST
Wave has the best accurate weather forecast in our area! As is the news department! It’s my go to news and weather station!!
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3 years ago, cggiftshop1
The weather team is AWESOME They let me plan cook outs , grocery shopping and more for nice days as I have COPD and need not be out when it’s too cold or way too hot for me ..Thank you very much Wave 3 Weather Team
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2 years ago, disgruntalted customer
Tells me what’s happening after the fact ! But radar is great
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1 year ago, John’sJohn
Always There
Can’t live without this weather app. So easy to use and always there!
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1 year ago, Crash Course ⚜️
Crash Course ⚜️
ZERO STARS🙈 iPhone 13 Pro Max fully updated and plenty of memory available. Hasn’t opened without immediate CRASH the past year👀. My other iPhone (s) in the family ( shared Apple ID) running older iOS have no problem. Please correct ‼️ Deleted app and reinstalled- no different ❗️ AGAIN PLEASE FIX‼️‼️‼️🆗. Thanks now using other local Wx apps.
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2 years ago, Lalowi
Wave Weather!
Our family benefits from the Wave team’s forecasts and updates! We love all of your personalities too!
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3 years ago, Yldcatphan
Very accurate.
I live 125 miles south of Louisville but I can get radar at my home all the time. It’s a very accurate reading!!
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2 years ago, Abosaid
Need improvement
Very hard to use and often has mistakes Need to make it friendly to use especially when to watch your videos
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3 months ago, Silky227
Best weather forecast
I always look to wave for my daily weather forecast. Great job wave thank you
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