WBTV First Alert Weather

4.7 (11.9K)
71.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WBTV First Alert Weather

4.74 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Alan Wolf Roark
I’ll always watch WBTV, but this app is worse than useless. It’s dangerous. It doesn’t always show a radar reading, and when it does, it is NEVER correct. It’s always different than what’s being shown on Chanel 3, always. Giving such misleading weather information is just plain dangerous when people rely on it for planning their daily lives. It will show clear skies in my area while a storm rolls through. Don’t use this app to plan any outdoor activities. You just might find unexpected thunder and lightning overhead.
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1 year ago, DLK1
Needs to be better
The version before the current was probably the best it’s ever been. The version they have now you have so many things to choose from as far as alerts and you can’t figure out what’s what… in this version? You have so many overlays that just doesn’t need to be there…. Really all we need to see is current and future radar. Half the time the radar won’t even show up because it just won’t load so you have to go out of it and go back in just to see if it works. Sometimes when you open the app and go to the radar all you see, is the directional paths, but not the images of the storms. This app definitely needs some work done so people will be happy.
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2 years ago, Weather6504
Your weather app is absolutely the best! Only thing that is lacking is the need to add the wind direction and speed to the Daily Section. It is absolutely annoying have to shuffle back and forth between the Daily Section and the Hourly Section just to obtain the wind information. Please fix this anomaly. Thank you.
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2 months ago, Kraykenn
Time to find another weather app.
This latest update/redesign is terrible. The main weather condition page has been turned into a seemingly endless scroll with ads in between every weather box. They’ve also put those clickbait ads that have ruined so many websites at the bottom of the sections. So when you scroll (and you will doing a lot of scrolling) you will be greeted with utter garbage that you will likely accidentally tap. TLDR - This ‘redesign’ was done just to cram more garbage ads in their weather app. Steer clear and find something else.
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2 months ago, RedEagle76
Was 5 stars, now 3
This latest update is a BIG disappointment. The landing page used to be compact and easily readable. I could look at current conditions that included Dew Point & Humidity. It no longer shows Dew Point. Video is running as you scroll down the page, which means reduced battery life. Will probably start looking for a replacement. And what’s with the duration of the ad splash page before it loads the weather landing page? Have you added some more time to it?
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9 months ago, 49ersDan
Weather forecast
I very much appreciate and enjoy this app having used it for several years now since it became available. Have always depended upon WBTV for most dependable and accurate news and forecast. One improvement I suggest is to have more frequent weather updates and forecast. As of late there’s too much time between updates. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Boogirl40
Emergency Notifications are really just ads
My issue is the emergency notifications. Twice now on separate days, I’ve received a tornado warning alert. I click on the link (as directed) and it shows a TINY map with an arrow pointing to the area. FOR 3 SECONDS OR LESS! Then it immediately goes to an ad! There’s not enough time to even focus on the map, much less know where the arrow is pointing! This is supposed to warn me of a potential deadly weather event, and I’ve got a split second to focus before I get a 20 second stream of ads? Really? Come on y’all, you can do better! This is unacceptable!
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1 year ago, Caubler
Incorrect radar
For the last few weeks the radar on my iPhone has been incorrect while it is correct at the same time on my iPad. What can I do to correct this?
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3 years ago, Leslie_JT
Ads make it hard to use during a weather emergency
During last tornado warnings when I was trying to get in a safe place I had to fight with ads to find out what was going on. At this point the ads are so encompassing they’ve rendered the video portion unusable but we do look at the hourly/daily and radar part of the app.
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11 months ago, kmcko
Radar not good
There are way too many overlays on the radar. I just want to see where the weather is coming from not as good as it used to be
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3 years ago, EarthySummitt
Neighborhood weather man
My husband things he is a behind the scenes weather man. He ALWAYS get its right! His secret??!? This app. He says it’s the only weather app that hasn’t let him down! Hourly, daily, even video updates.
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3 years ago, paw paw Darrell
To all the weather people
I think you all do a very good job with the weather forecast and alerting all the viewers of possible dangerous conditions my hat is off to you all thanks Darrell Chapman of Hickory NC
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12 months ago, southernhusker
Too many ads
The app’s effectiveness is diminished by the ads that appear before the features can be viewed. In an urgent weather situation, one does not want to wade through so many ads. Could the ads display with the requested page?
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3 years ago, Soni 9997
Daily weather forecasts
Enjoyable programming but I don’t enjoy the commercials! I watch other weather stations to avoid all the extra programming .
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3 years ago, Ynottony?35
Thank you!
I can confidently say that this app is the best for local weather updates! Always on time and accurate! Easy to use and understand! Great app! Thank you WBTVWEATHER!
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3 years ago, gdb6381
Ads and sound issues
Clicking on the app’s Notification “Tornado Warning Issued - Click For Details” took me to an Advertisement! That’s some pretty screwed up priorities. Worse, while the ad’s sound was very loud, there was no sound on the video about the Tornado Warning. In general, the app generates too many unimportant Notifications every day. Stick to problems, like Tornado Warnings.
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6 years ago, Sparlkypink
What happened?!
I hate that they took off the past and future options on the radar which was really helpful. This app has also become very slow within the last couple months probably do to so many ads on the screen 😕
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5 years ago, Matthew Tessnear
App good, forecasts misleading
The app is actually pretty good. I downloaded it solely for the weather radar that the basic phone weather app doesn’t offer. But WBTV’s forecasts have become increasingly more misleading. When dense clouds cover the entire region, it’s not ‘fair’ outside. Fair skies lead us to believe it’s sunny with blue skies.
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4 years ago, vtmapleman
Love this app
I really like this app. It is always accurate and up to date. I wish it was available on my Apple Watch.
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3 years ago, The knight love
Weather app review
There are too many advertisements in the app, too many notifications sent out daily and too many references to use the app on the newscast. We know about it, we can choose to use it but shouldn’t have to in order to be weather aware.
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12 months ago, linbink68
App won’t load correctly
In the last month this app has been horrible! If you check the radar once, it won’t load again until you clear it out completely and restart it. It doesn’t load the radar future in a seamless manner, it is very slow and stutters. PLEASE FIX THE ISSUES
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3 years ago, Hubers Club 4
#1 Weather Team
It’s not a surprise that the #1 Weather Team has the #1 Weather App. I rely on the this app 24 hours a day. I’m notified of all situations from thunderstorms to snow and ice. Thank you, WBTV!
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4 years ago, LVwatcher17
Great Station
Their weather app is improved over the last two years. Way to go! Great station too!
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6 years ago, goody2shuez
Alerts Audible Inconsistent
I have all the settings on and the notification comes to screen but no sound or every other time. Lucky I’ve caught it pop up each time. Also the video cuts off before anchor is done so I wind up going to check weather elsewhere. 👎🏻
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3 years ago, z38&t
Way TOO many advertisements!! Especially when there is a special weather alert. Example: Tornado Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm warnings. Why would have ads when there is life threatening warnings?
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3 years ago, linda stiles jones
WBTV Weather💯
Yes I check the HOURLY Temp Too! Since my health won’t allow me to be out shopping in High or Very Low temps! ThankYou WBTV for ALL you are! I Luv your mornings & ALL who are on there John Carter‼️💯
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2 years ago, ccjohnny1
I only signed up for severe weather alerts. However I get morning afternoon and evening notifications giving general weather information. Why? That’s not a severe weather alert. I get woken up at 1030 at night for that?
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4 years ago, astral-sylph
This app is useless
Ads continuously play, causing me to be unable to get any other Information about dangerous weather. If a dangerous storm were to roll through I would not be (and haven't, in the past) be able to stay abreast of the information. This makes this app literally useless and totally unusable.
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2 years ago, weather bum
I love when it lets me know what the weather is going to be
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4 years ago, timzr
That was a waste of 5 minutes
Unfortunately I downloaded before reading reviews. Like others mentioned you have to watch an ad before getting the alert. Chintzy and below the belt for what i consider as the best weather team in CLT. I’ve already deleted this waste of time. I guess I should have expected 💩 from a Penguins fan.
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3 years ago, Buffalo and Budget
I like the way Eric explains the weather as a teacher would.
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1 year ago, I Touch E
The weather
It it helps me see what is happening
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11 months ago, F.D.Jr.
Some times it work good occasionally it cuts up.
Some times it work good occasionally it cuts up.
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3 years ago, Beaching Boy
Usually very accurate but the temperature is several degrees lower than forecasted. (A departure to the safe side).
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3 years ago, MC Corn
Update more often.
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2 years ago, Jason In NC
Very accurate
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7 years ago, Jackiegarrett2
Tornado warning not picked up
Tornado 15 mins from my home was not picked up by this stupid weather app. My home security system alerted me and my family's other weather apps such as the weather channel notified everyone but me. This is life threatening news, so what good does this app do me to show me rain if it can't alert me to seek shelter??! UNINSTALLED!
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1 year ago, Felorza1955
Very informative
Thanks for all the alerts, they are very informative!
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11 months ago, Senior softball
Weather forecast
It is very helpful
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2 years ago, Nitrobuzzard
Having ads in this app makes it useless. Surely WBTV doesn’t need to sell the ad space to cover the expense of main thing this app. I’ve always watched WBTV News but this “business decision” has got me to question their priorities. Very disappointed
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5 years ago, Disappointed HK
Incorrect Radar
Since the new radar format, it can be pouring rain in my area and radar shows absolutely nothing. I get alerts that there is heavy rain in the area, or lightning detected but again, radar shows nothing. Looking for a new weather app that is accurate.
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5 years ago, JJeesseerr
App has grown progressly worse with each update..... you need to ditch your present IT PROVIDER
This app now has a dark (black) background which make viewing difficult and the general app atmosphere dismal.... Six months ago this was my weather app of choice.... now it is my last resort only....
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3 years ago, SirHorace
I feel WBT weather tends to be the most accurate in forecasting!
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5 years ago, Nanneyboat
When you send me a “weather alert” and then make me wait for a commercial to play, I know it is not really an alert. I’ll get my alerts from people who don’t feel the need to sell me something.
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3 years ago, big willie can go
Radar is wrong
This app is just all kinds of wrong about the weather it was better back in the day when they just guessed and now they still can’t get any closer than 45% this is pathetic
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2 years ago, CS Asheboro
Accurate weather
Yes, it is possible! Find it on the WBTVWEATHER app today.
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3 years ago, cookie3620
Skip the ads when there is dangerous weather
I find the app SO frustrating. When advance warning is everything for safety in a severe weather situation, that there is first an ADVERTISEMENT and then just a radar WITH NO TRACK or TIMING doesn't give me much information (or confidence) in this app.
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3 years ago, time2eat
Video advertisements too long
Not a fan of having to watch an advertisement before a weather alert, especially when it is a severe storm warning or watch.
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3 years ago, jeff holshouser
I love my weather app
I love my weather app it follows me everywhere I go thank you so much Nicole and James
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5 years ago, unsatisfied-29053
Map out of date
The satellite map is 8 years out of date and some major cities are missing.
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