WCSC Live 5 Weather

4.8 (7K)
77.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WCSC Live 5 Weather

4.75 out of 5
7K Ratings
2 years ago, Terminal Menopause
Weather app
This app shows everything I need to view. I especially appreciate that I can view it horizontally. Charge wires on an iPad are not in the way when viewing horizontally, and the picture is larger. I delete apps that cannot be turned horizontally to view. Great job! Please do not revise it. Revising seems to never improve the viewing😂😂😂‼️. Thanks!
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2 years ago, DIWeatherBug
Always appreciate Live5Weather keeping us updated with the most current and anticipated weather conditions going forward! Helps us plan ahead and Stay Safe!
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2 years ago, amsissy
I am in Alabama and wanted to know what the weather was like in Summerville today. I am here in Alabama for the weekend. I am really pleased to know that I can get the weather from home. Thanks for being there. MaeWalker
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12 months ago, Mrs. Peral
Our Lives 5 weather is amazing
I am so glad we have weather folk at live 5 weather trackers to keep us informed about the weather conditions 🥰
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4 years ago, RealtorSC
Tornado Warning! (but first an Ad)
Are you kidding me!? A tornado warning (not a watch...a warning) is in effect and I get the notification. Great. I click on the notification to learn more and a video add pops up. Come on Live5. Really!?
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5 years ago, T239888888886654
Needs an update to fix issues.
Recently the app will no go past the intro/ad screen, other times it stays on the intro/ad screen for way too long. When you need a quick weather radar update, the last thing you want is a delay getting that information. There should be no intro/ad screen or at least the option to disable it and open straight to radar.
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3 years ago, virgilt2
Always Checking
Seems we rely on our weather answer to always be there.
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3 years ago, big bishop Sam Hazeltine
I like the app always on the go and watch the news every day and night
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6 years ago, Jace29
Better try next time
Good app when it works, god forbid you want to watch a video, the whole app crashes, plus it doesn’t work in landscape view. Also there is no back button, once you click on a window, that’s it, you have to close the app all the way down and restart it again.
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1 week ago, Jim.cu83
Radar is very delayed
I can be in a raging thunderstorm and the app radar shows clear. After the storm passes it looks like it’s over me. I need more up to date radar than this.
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3 years ago, sugar plum4643
News and weather love it just fine love hearing you your thank you for both ,Miriam
I need the news too! 4643
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3 years ago, Larger than You
Great station and App
I really love this app because I can see the weather exactly how it is being reported and in real time.
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5 years ago, weary of trying
What happened...have hard time opening
I loved this app but in the last four to five weeks I might be able to pull up once every six or so days if I’m lucky. It’s very disappointing and frustrating. Please fix or go back to original. Using another local news app but like Live5Weather better....or use to.
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4 years ago, vhfhdhdhsh
Good app
Its is good people say it crashes, but i haven't had a single crash.
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4 years ago, tconey
No sound for any of the Weather Alert Videos
The sound doesn’t work on any of the videos. I get the pop up stating click here for today’s forecast. The commercial plays and the sound works. However as soon as the weather person starts the forecast the sound stops.
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6 years ago, Aquafuzz
Latest Update (Reformat)
The previous version was great, no need to fix what’s not broken! This reformat is completely horrible. Way to many adds and Live 5 spots compared to news articles. Visually you all are trying to cram to much stuff into one space.
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2 years ago, jdiess
Too many adds
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2 years ago, Irish Sunshine
Accurate forecasts without all the hype. Professional and competent meteorologists keeping us informed.
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3 years ago, Frequent Traveling
Not always up to date
Decent app but doesn’t seem to be up to date on the actual forecast. Hourly data doesn’t match the daily data.
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1 year ago, doing suduko
Fails to load
This app frequently fails to load. I shut down device and still doesn’t load. Storm Team 2 weather app loads just fine!
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6 months ago, Sexy pecan brown Leo
I watch yeah every morning,evening and night love each one of you!!!
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3 years ago, Khdaisey
Always on top of their game
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5 years ago, Sir Go's Outs Alot
Great for checking weather
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2 years ago, mariainmanta
Live Five Weather
Joey does an excellent job on the weather!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Westernmike
Good radar coverage
Good radar coverage
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3 years ago, beach113
Web site
Radar poor, too many advertisers too cluttered
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2 years ago, amazoner woman
Slow to update forecast
Weekend forecasts not updated for many hours. Very poor on keeping folks informed.
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2 years ago, Augusta Highway
The best
Love Channel 5 great team😊😊just keep Joey lol & Mr Bill😊Walterboro & RoundO fan always👌👌
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3 years ago, rob flan
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5 years ago, Charlie Pritchett
Tornado warning... after this short ad.
Get your emergency information after advertisements.. Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, ridedick89
Video play
Good app but when trying to play videos....it pops up with a video error of some sort... please fix that...please and thank you 🙏🏽
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12 months ago, Pure Jazz Man
Awful waste of time
Very confusing. Full of click bait.
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7 years ago, TeamPikaWWG
I don't live in Charlestown
Did the update and now it continues to say I love in Charlestown when I'm clearly an hr away!! Thanks now I need to find my location!
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6 years ago, Wendy JM
What happened?
I used to love the live feed. Now, all it does is stream the commercial. No news or weather.
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3 years ago, jsbsvaha
Weather App
Everything is crammed on the app. It is poorly designed.
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3 years ago, God fearing sinner
Forecast temps inconsistent
App has daily high that will be plus or minus 10-15 deg from video forecast. They need to get it together...
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2 years ago, Cona Jazz
Never consistent
Hourly degrees are never the same as daily degrees on the same day!!!
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2 years ago, Arrowinder
Advertisements galore
After getting through the adds it might be a o.k. App. Flustrating.
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3 years ago, tv complex
Get rid of audio ads too loud
Too many loud audio ads that interrupt forecasts
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12 years ago, Bemb2
I love this app!
I love this app that I had to come back and write a review. I use it many times a day. I like the 10-day and radar map. I especially like the feature of other places and have quite a list going which include international places. I use this to check where family members live. My husband and I like to travel, so I use this for packing and when we are at our destination. Any problems are minor and not worth mentioning. I love Live 5 TV news and this cell phone weather app!
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13 years ago, jsejre
Great App
Plenty of info, love the large map you get when you rotate the screen. A go to weather app :)
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9 years ago, Boo to spam
New version needs work
Constantly get network errors & the app crashing with the latest update. If I can get it to work, the app has to be closed from the background and relaunched every time. Hope the programmers are working all the bugs out because this is unusable currently. New format is ok, although I thought the old one was fine.
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12 years ago, pookadoau
I can tell already... Going to use this ap every day! Looks fantastic & loads of info!
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13 years ago, Gatorbait30
Thanks for a great app for the greatest place in the world.... The Lowcountry!!
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12 years ago, Lowcountry girl
Won't work!
I absolutely love the app...when it works. It isn't connecting to wifi for some reason! Please fix it!
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10 years ago, Kevin carrigan
This app is horrendous. The map is detailed but the forecasts are lame. It's never accurate and makes me wonder what it is you guys do all day. I mean c'mon posting the same weather day after day is a little rediculous. Forecasts means an actual forecast.
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9 years ago, Emills517
New app is horrible
The last app worked great but this new update is terrible. Too much info is presented and it's done in a way that is not user friendly. I switched to the WCBD weather app, it's the same as the old one from channel 5.
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10 years ago, Holy City Outlaw
nobody knows weather like the locals...Bill Walsh is a "dome of delight!"
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13 years ago, Birds8285
App crashes each time I try and open it. Please fix. Thank you!
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13 years ago, Chucktown Drunk
Great Radar
Best yet!
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