WDAF Fox 4 Kansas City Weather

3.3 (64)
188.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDAF Fox 4 Kansas City Weather

3.25 out of 5
64 Ratings
11 months ago, BeastRiderGamingYT
Slightly annoying to use, but does its job
It’s handy to have an app that’s contains my local weather station’s news and forecast. Forecast is fairly accurate, including the hour by hour forecast. The annoying thing is the radar glitches out after reopening the app, forcing you to force close the app and reopen it. Other than that, a it’s a decent weather app overall.
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2 years ago, nappizza
Not only is the radar always wrong. But the hourly is always wrong too. It can be gusting 30 miles an hour winds and the Apple show 6 miles an hour. It’s very unreliable and sad. And I don’t know who is in charge of all the information input or radars but I thought this one would be the best one for me but it’s definitely not accurate. When I need it the most when it’s storming or when it’s going to be storming and it calls for horrific weather and then nothing happens or vice versa. I’m just done with everybody in the Meteorologist that are more interested in spreading fear and panic instead of being accurate and informative.
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10 months ago, DianaDartist
Not showing precipitation
For several months now the radar has not been showing the precipitation or cloud coverage. This makes for a lot of frustration when needing to see where the rain is falling and when it will pass. Very glitchy. Yes, all of my devices and systems are up to date, and it happens on multiple devices. This used to be the app I always recommended.
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4 years ago, Flatmtber
Recent update problems
After the most recent update the app freezes with initial start up. Won’t go past the start up screen. Requires a force close. Then reopening the app works. Every time. Otherwise, the app is great.
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3 years ago, Ruth4hm
No notifications
I received 1 notification after the update today. The video always has the speaker off and you have to click it on for the forecast. My friend and I haven’t received Notifications for months and all the settings are on. Still no notifications from the app!!!! It worked fine for several years and everything is on to get notifications, but a big ZERO! Where’s your tech support?
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6 years ago, Bobm1972
Fun Facts
1. Kansas City was formed in Missouri before Kansas was even a state. 2. The name of the app has "Kansas City Weather" in the title. So If you live in Utah this app may let you down a bit. Try looking for an app from one of your local news stations. That being said the app is not so good. Too buggy. It opens but it takes around 30 seconds for the screens to show up if they show up at all. Works great the first couple of times but then fizzled out.
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6 years ago, Kathyw100
Click on a story and it takes you to an ad
I used to like this app. Recently they have a list of news items. You click on it and instead of the story, you get taken to an ad. This is wrong. It’s annoying enough to have the ads stuck in the middle, but to not even take you to the news item... ridiculous- I’m going to use KSHB41 for my local news app. Fix this please.
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4 years ago, Tjoxley
Don’t be fooled..
Don’t be fooled by all the folks that try to pick apart these things. The weather app here is the most intuitive, up-to-date, and comprehensive, I’ve found. #dlnow
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7 years ago, Tamara.Copple
Hard to navigate and poorly edited.
App stinks. For a long time I tolerated it because I like Karli Ritter but the app has always been difficult to navigate once you make your selection about which style of weather report you want to view. Tried to watch Karlis video segment this morning and it was so badly edited and choppy I finally gave up. I am trying another station's app.
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8 years ago, Geomutt
Mixed--some really good, some not so much
The content merits five stars, especially Joe Lauria's blog and the almanac. However, from a technical perspective it's definitely a one-star product (at least on an iOS 9+ platform). When opening the blog it autoscrolls to the very end; to get to the beginning you have to scroll back through all the trash links and ads to the blogs, and it usually crashes before I can get to the beginning.
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4 years ago, too many ads and too long
This app is useless for the most part. The weather forecast is constantly changing up until current time which defeats the purpose of a weather “forecast”. I understand weather is hard to predict, but precipitation percentages and wind speed/direction are all over the place on any given day.
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5 years ago, Ellejay ***
It takes forever to get the app to show you its screen, if it shows at all. Often goes blank and then doesn’t come up at all. After watching the video of the weather cast, you can’t get back to the main screen. Don’t waste your time. So very unreliable........especially living in Tornado Alley.
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5 years ago, boymom1115
Used to love this app
Hate the new update except for the new radar. It’s so hard to see and they messed the colors for warnings and things up. Keep the radar tracking, but change everything else back to the way it was before please.
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2 years ago, Memaw Starling
When will it work correctly?
I use to love this app. Now it almost never works. Won’t open, have to click the daily forecast several times before it MIGHT work. Very frustrated!
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8 months ago, Does not work nameless
Radar is bizarre
I was working great but now the radar will not run future most of the time. That is what I use very much! Can ya fix that????
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4 years ago, NotFunctioning
Doesn’t work
Downloaded, but it doesn’t seem to be on my phone. When click on weather takes me to old format which doesn’t work???
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5 years ago, doqx
Bad layout for iPhone X and beyond phones
You can not navigate back once viewing anything. The apps back button goes under the time in the status bar.
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3 years ago, 2tallcurtis
Slow, does not work
Tried a number of times, wifi, cell data nothing loads, freezes. Don’t feel it is worth the add.
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3 years ago, neil_t
Not very intuitive
Not like any other app I use. Lots of wasted space on an iPad. Data not clear. Seems to be created by a low end developer.
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2 years ago, partisan garbage
very accurate and detailed weather updates.
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4 years ago, Sobeshot
Won't open any forecast videos
Nothing working in the app. With severe weather coming this is garbage.
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5 years ago, C_Clark
Inaccurate forecasting
Forecasts found in this app rarely matches what the station a actually broadcast.
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14 years ago, General Ed
Too many bugs
The bugs are in the radar. Whenever I try to zoom in or out it acts up on me. And drives me crazy!!! Please fix it.
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12 years ago, Spy-Girl100
Amazing and lagging
When u got this app I'm like one lagging two it has what the other weather app doesn't this app said I was getting hit by intense it show me get prepared it showed me what's actually going on I love this app ;)
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8 years ago, KJohnsonkc
Not A Fan
I much more preferred to get my news and weather in one app number one and number two the user interface on the weather app is horrible. It's more difficult to navigate to the info I want.
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12 years ago, IIJACKALII
Needs updates
App is ok, weather not bad, radar slow but ok I guess, news blows I don't live in Kansas and really don't care what goes on there, no way to change news location
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11 years ago, theoryunearthed
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10 years ago, Browneyes33121
Rainfall amounts
Why can't you include 24 hour rainfall amounts?
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12 years ago, CassieWX
Great weather...when it works!! Crashes more often than it works!!
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11 years ago, Minecrafter22785
Fox 4 is in the Kansas and west Missouri so thats what it is going to give that
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14 years ago, im a pepper
love fox4
thanks for the updates! map loads extra fast!
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12 years ago, Nicciboo82
I live in kc so this app is great for me!!
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14 years ago, PikachuRoxMySox
Awesome app
This app is cool
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13 years ago, Starkonium
STUPID stupid StUpId!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omg PLZ show something other than STUPID Kansas!!!!!!!!!! 0 stars from meh!
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4 years ago, pp2049
They screwed the app up!
This latest update causes the app to lock up my IPad, I have to reboot to get it to work, a real pain. It also does the same lock up on android. So I use accuweather, at least it works. Never had a problem until this new update. Fix please, or find someone who can.
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