WDBJ7 Weather & Traffic

4.7 (4.9K)
64.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDBJ7 Weather & Traffic

4.66 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
6 years ago, KerryKelvas
Don’t know why the reviews are so bad. This forecast is often more accurate than my local news. Yes there are ads sometimes but they are nothing compared to the 10 minute commercial reel Id have to watch on cable. This app never gives me a problem. I also love that you can see where and when earthquakes happen around the world as well as their intensity. The hourly forecast is very useful and most often I’m the only one I know who is prepared for the weather.
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5 years ago, TheFriendlySpiderMan
Reliable forecast, too many ads
The Good: I’ve always preferred WDBJ7’s weather and news coverage over other local stations. The forecasts are reliable, and it’s much easier to watch the 20 second morning forecast video on the app than turn on the tv and wait for the weather to come on each morning. The app itself is easy to navigate and it’s easy find the info you’re looking for. The Bad: Do you like ads? If so, this is the perfect weather app for you! You have to sit through a 30 second ad that you can’t skip before watching each video. For some reason even with the phone set to vibrate, the sound still comes through. Want to just see the daily forecast for the week? Then you’ll get a full page ad with a tiny X at the top to close first, and then another one every few seconds while you’re scrolling through the days. Did you get a severe weather alert that you want and need to read? Well, get ready to sit through a commercial for good ol’ Rick Woodson Honda or learn about the local Goodwill Industries employees first. No disrespect to those companies, but if something is going down weather-wise, I don’t see why it’s important to first try to sell me a Honda. Overall, the weather forecast itself is very reliable and brought to you by the people you trust. I understand the need for ads, but this app has way too many and it’s frustrating to use most times. If they ever offer a paid, ad-free version, I’d be happy to get that one.
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3 years ago, B1G_d0g323
Great Coverage
The WDBJ7 weather app is my go-to app for my weather. It is easy to get your hourly forecast. It makes planning your day easy. I especially love the interactive radar to watch and see what's coming my way.
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7 months ago, Jep4vt
Too Slow
The new performance update didn’t help. I timed the app from opening until I could get weather information. It took about 7 seconds. Doesn’t seem like a long time but the 10Weather app only takes one second. The weather channel only takes about 2 seconds. Also you have to have a very strong cell signal to see radar. Other weather apps will work with a weaker signal. Both these problems are disappointing when there is severe weather and I can’t get the app to work. I have an iPhone 12 Pro with 512gb memory.
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3 years ago, LMusickVA
So many issues
This used to be a good app, now it’s slow to open and the advertisements get data priority, loading before the forecast does, and let’s not forget the full screen pop ups. Lately, my app thinks I’m in Ecuador. I have to close and relaunch the app several times for it to show my current location, and it does this whether it’s cellular or WiFi data. If I zoom out on the map my location dot is in the correct spot in Virginia, but I get the forecast for Ecuador 🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, ErinL528
Location issues
Recently, the app loads to a message saying that it is not available in my location (Boones Mill). First time it happened, location actually said I was in Ecuador (???), but then I restarted it and it worked with my Boones Mill location. Now, it shows my location in the background as Boones Mill with a pop up message over top saying the app isn’t available in my location. At this point, the app is useless, which is too bad because it used to be my go-to app for a quick look at the day-to-day weather.
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3 years ago, deerkiller#1
Channel 7 weather
Best weather with new iPhone , like every bit of it when I hear a tone gone off this new phone works better. Thank you for your service
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3 years ago, Shawn@yahoo
Nice weather alert app
I like the app, just not the ads. With all the commercials the station has been shows, you’d think a simple ap would be ad free.
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6 years ago, BigJim&theTwins
I can’t stand fighting my way through cheezy ads, so I don’t use it much. (The first ad covers the entire screen.) BTW, I would even pay a few bucks to get a ‘premium’ version with no ads.
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2 years ago, holbusby
New to the area like
I like your down home news and weather in Georgia the news people acts so professional not like you all
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2 years ago, so sorry Jerry is my name
WDBJ7 news
Used to love it but now it’s just the same exact 20 minutes of the same news 5 or 6 times a day and sometimes it carrys over for 2 or even 3 days. Sorry but after the first day it is no longer news.
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8 months ago, Reg Photogal
The only one!!
This weather station is the ONLY one to use…they are quick, reliable and easy to follow!!
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8 months ago, Jack8061
Too Many Ads
I had the app on my phone but after using it for two months I deleted it. Way way too many ads to wander through to get to the weather. Just give us the facts on the weather 86 the ads.
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5 years ago, Betsy imthequeenbee
Terrible app
I love WDBJ’s forecast, I find it more accurate than other local stations, but this app is the worst. Half the time it doesn’t load at all, the radar won’t update to show current conditions, and forget even trying to watch the videos. They never play, although as videos seem to have no problem. This app needs a lot of work before I’ll consider using it again.
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6 years ago, DroopyAmish
The inability to navigate any information in this app without a full page ad popping up and blocking everything out is unacceptable. I understand the need for ad revenue. However, the design of this app allows for an ad to appear every 3 seconds while reading a weather advisory. This in turn renders reading near impossible. This is truly a failure of a trusted news and weather source.
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4 years ago, KD98765444
Bad app, great weather station on TV
I love WDBJ7, but their weather app is awful. The videos won’t play and lately the app won’t even open unless I close the app completely and then try to reopen it. They also don’t update the forecast in the daily section. I’ve noticed their forecast will say one thing on the air, yet it’s the next day or two before you see the forecast updated on the app.
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3 years ago, Astrobuff
Most correct weather forecasting in SW VA!
When we need accurate weather forecasting, we always turn to WDBJ7
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6 years ago, BlueDevilFan01
What happened?
Won’t load after recent update. Just a blank screen. Probably getting hung on a non responsive ad? Tried multiple locations. Tried WiFi and LTE. No joy. It was already getting frustrating enough with the ad pop ups every few seconds, no iPhone X support, etc. It was frustrating, but at least still usable. Not so much now....
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3 years ago, SW VA
Great weather app
Very good weather app. Daily planner and radar and can change location.
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3 years ago, bonsack grown
Five Stars
WDBJ7 has been my favorites for a long time. Good reporting of local news and weather. Excellent job
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6 years ago, amber2768
I can’t even see the page for the ads popping up. I get one word read and another ad pops up. I then x out of that ad and a second later ..guess what? Yep. Another ad.
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4 years ago, Portia's
Channel 7 app
This is the worst app for channel 7 that has existed. It rarely will even boot up. Stay away from it.
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2 years ago, Tiggy kitty
Trust the Weather Person
Chanel 7. Can be very trustworthy with there weather reporting. Thumbs up to you👍☔️☀️☃️
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6 years ago, ElliotBroyles1
What could have been...
This app used to be amazing. Now just try to pull up the text of the weather alert you got. Get through a sentence and you’ll get an add, close it out and you go back to the top, find your place and try to read...you get the same ad. Horrible execution ruins a perfectly good weather app.
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6 years ago, mevans404
What’s wrong with this?
I don’t see any problem with this there are about 2 or 3 ads that pop up nothing else.
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6 years ago, bigmonvt
Don’t waste your time.
Pop up ads literally every 2 seconds make this app unusable. It may snow or it may be sunny, I wouldn’t know. But I can sure get a loan from FFCU. No wonder Air 7 crashed, I’m fairly certain a pop up ad blocked the controls before it hit a tree. Thanks WDBJ7 for making me waste data downloading this junk.
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3 years ago, LexingtonLimo
Still presenting the facts
Second to none:)
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1 year ago, Gramma junebug
How I start my day…
I start my day with 🙏🏻devotions and the WDBJ7 ❄️weather. Then I plan accordingly 7/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, otterbill
WDBJ7 weather app
Very accurate for the short term and reasonable for long term updates frequently very helpful for outdoor planning
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6 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. T
Usually one prefers a local weather app rather than Google, Apple, etc. However the advert pop-up has rendered this app useless. You can read a single sentence without it popping up over and over again. So much for checking on storm watches, etc. I live in Roanoke and have deleted a WDBJ app. Sad!
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3 years ago, dickBe
Way to many commercials
I just can’t stand the ridiculously long commercials for local veterinary, carpet, goodwill, appliances and more. The music for some weather videos is heavy metal for some bizarre reason. If the commercials were less than 10 seconds it wouldn’t be so obnoxious.
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6 years ago, Dhgear
Unfortunately this app does not reflect the excellent quality of the actual WDBJ7 News Station weather. This app’s radar map is slow to load and the daily outlook is rarely correct more than 1 day out. Not a trusted app for planning events around weather.
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6 years ago, oojbrssoo
Way too many Ads.
I used to respect WDBJ7’s weather app but they are just throwing random ads up that I care nothing about and usually right as I’m about to tap the screen to see the radar map which opens their ad. Seriously WDBJ?!? Can’t you scale back all these forced ads?
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2 years ago, Wendy Sharp Scaggs
WDBJ is The BEST !!!!!
As far as I’m concerned, there is No other news or Weather team in the valley except WDBJ 👏👏👏. Absolutely the best. 😊
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4 years ago, Trent46
Don’t get discouraged Wdbj7, It is good. These other people just just bots trying to discourage you.
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2 years ago, Merwalker2
Thank You
Love the weather app. You keep me in the know 😉
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2 years ago, Rock2soil
Too many ADS! I use the App to get weather information not to be solicited. Get rid of the ADS and the App get a 5 star!
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4 years ago, bjff8jvgh
Too many
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5 years ago, A & Ts Momma
Wish it was better
I grew up on WDBJ news and weather. I love it! But I am not such a fan of this app. Videos don’t play and I get three day old notifications on occurrences such as snow and wind etc. really disappointed. 🙁
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3 years ago, bkcalb
The video is rarely Load on my phone and I don’t usually have trouble with other videos.
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6 years ago, Perplexedinva.
Probably the worst weather app. When reading a weather advisory an ad popped up 21 times. That is a disgrace. Good thing I left the app, who knows how many times if I didn’t!!!
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4 years ago, Ramslo Quartet
Good forecast. Glitchy app
The forecast is fine, but the app is so glitchy. Many times the sound is gone from the video.
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6 years ago, BrittanyAnnDalton523
Never loads
9 times out of 10 when I go to check the weather this app will not load. I have to force close it multiple times then it MIGHT decide to load. Ads will pop up and no go away.
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3 years ago, cscou
Too Many Ads
This used to be a great weather app, now it’s becoming a billboard for ads.
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3 years ago, Ralph Arthur
Too many advertisements!
It began as a five star, but now the advertisers are the most important and the users are second rate!
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6 years ago, SJFIPodT
Nice maps, but way too slow!!
Takes forever to load and play videos!
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6 years ago, vahike
Too many pop ups.
I just deleted the app because I could not read the weather alerts because of the consistent advertisement pop ups.
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3 years ago, John Bumgarner
Too much garbage and very little information! Someone made changes several weeks ago and now I can never get the information needed!
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6 years ago, VirginiaBred
Loads too slowly!!!
Takes waaay too long to load. Really like the former format before the update.
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3 years ago, Tephygirl
Too many ads
Way too many ads. It is hard to navigate. I would gladly pay to remove ads.
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