WDIV 4Warn Weather

4.7 (33K)
223 MB
Age rating
Current version
Graham Media Group, Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDIV 4Warn Weather

4.72 out of 5
33K Ratings
3 months ago, kuffley
Thank you but just a little suggestion—
Hi. I really appreciate the updates and the newformat Only one problem: when giving the forecasts, the guys talk in counties. While I recognize them as Michigan counties but don’t always know wWHERE they are. It would really help if the county names were on all the maps. With the radar I can check on my kids: AnnArbor, Pinckney and Abingdon Virg. I even liked the old way. Thank you for being there and giving updates, warning, and locations of bad weather to this senior citizen who lives alone and can’t drive anymore. Hello to all the weather guys. I enjoy watching them. But get those county names on there— for our state and any others that can be brought up on the maps. Take care God Bless. Linda Kuffel, Farmington Hills.
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4 months ago, adcw1
Love this app so much, I specifically cam here
I downloaded this app. Used it a handful of times. Immensely impressed! A message popped this last time to review it. I hit close by accident. So I specifically came back to the App Store to give it a 5 star rating! So thorough, easy to use and the best part, is the straight forward language used. They don’t use the technical language meteorologists use! I would probably have to use a dictionary to use this app if that was the case! 😆 ‼️Also, please don’t change the app‼️Maybe the colors could be “jazzed” up a tad, but otherwise devs, well done! 👍
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5 years ago, nooopppeew
I don’t know about this update
The newest update changed the formatting of the app. While the changes may work for some people, people like me, who have been grateful for this apps simplicity, are likely to be disappointed. I find that this version is harder to navigate. Instead of having the menu on the side, it is near the bottom, and instead of having multiple sub-sections, this version requires you to scroll down to find some of the accessories. If this sounds wonderful to some people, I’m happy to hear that they can continue using this app comfortably. If I am not mistaken, there were about the same amount of bugs in both versions. I noticed that when you go to type in another location, I was unable to see the word as I was typing. This may have just been an issue with my phone, but if that happened to you, you’re not alone. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
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9 months ago, cgmarko
Great app bad forecasting!
The app is great! The radar is the best of all the weather apps I have seen! There is a lot you can learn in this app. The reason for the 3 stars is that the forecasting is the worst of all the weather apps I have. They are wrong more than they are right. Also they don’t update it during the day. As an example today was forecasted to be a sunny day. You look at the hourly forecast and it shows sunshine all day. Well they got the first few hours of the day right. It became cloudy by noon. It stayed cloudy all afternoon and when you look at the hourly forecast it still says sunny all afternoon! When I look at the radar and view cloud cover it’s pretty clear that we will be lucky to see clear skies by evening! So yeah, the app is great but would be better if the forecasting improved!
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3 years ago, GardenPaw
Best weather app!
I recently installed the 4Casters app on my phone and I couldn’t be happier. I love the written forecast I get in the morning, the menu makes it simple to pull up the daily or the ten day along with the radar! More is less, and the 4Casters app gives me everything I need to plan my day. Don’t change a thing. Oh, and one more thing, you are accurate! I had the app of another local station and it was awful. Their on air forecast never matched their app, not even close. It was terrible to maneuver around in as well.
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9 months ago, Shmichael.
It’s ok
The hourly and 10 day forecasts are really useful. Personally I find the radar to be better on other apps. The notifications are usually lagging when compared to other apps. Ex, a storm lasts for 10 minutes. Eight minutes into heavy rain and a notification will come though that, “moderate rain is detected near your current location.” I’ve returned two stars as the hourly and 10 day forecasts appear to have been returned to the main screen. Get those notifications fixed so they come more accurately and I’ll give it more stars. I’m fine with using other apps for radar, but it might be nice to get that up to snuff with the competition.
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1 month ago, Blackjackjack
Love my Detroit forearm weather app very accurate ! Love Kim Addams ! She’s my favorite ! She’s down to earth and feel she don’t get enough credit in there she’s a sweetheart and very accurate ! I trust wdiv 100 too plan my day ! Brian on the weekends rocks too ! Devin & pets are great too ! Wish they would come to Dundee mi to visit ! Karen too ! Attention on Rhonda a lot and Jason they are great but need to see themm more they deserve to be noticed for their hard work also ! Thanks # 1 fan glad your back Kim missed you last week
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4 years ago, YaleOne4Fun
Almost TOO Informative...
Good app. VERY informative... but done a bit aggressively. Needs more detailed settings for Alerts. Need the ability to choose what alerts I want. Example: I Don’t need alerts waking me All throughout the night stating “Lightning detected 3 miles away” or “Moderate rain near your location” or “Get ready for some wind” over & over. What I Do need are Emergency Alerts: Tornado Watch/Warning, Severe Thunderstorm with High Winds, etc. OR The ability to get alerts only at certain times: “No alerts from 11:00pm - 7:00am unless life threatening emergency situation occurs.” Good information on this app an it is informative. It just needs more Settings to accommodate our Alert Preferences. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Whocares009
I was good until it got silly!
Had the app, enjoyed getting a daily briefing of weather to come as a notification each day, really simple! Then i started seeing these daily notifications getting “cute” that was sort of it for me...I don’t want cute, the weather is to the point informational, not cute. Something has occurred over the last many years where they have tried to make weather entertaining and light, again it’s just informative not supposed to be fluff! With this app, I see the same thing you see on the 3 hour daily morning news broadcast with weather every 10 minutes, where it gets monotonous. Well I choose to not get my weather in a cutsie way, I don’t need a report telling me at 6am as a notification “No 50s today” I need the accurate info at a glance when I look at my phone...a quick simple “High of 45, no rain expected, cooler to 15 tonight” simple, easy, to the point, and most importantly doesn’t talk about what it’s not going to do today! I gave it a month or so and never used any of the other stuff on it, this is a hard pass!
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4 years ago, Intuit2
I Love the 4 casters team
I recently moved here from out of state. When we were looking for houses it was March and in the week we visited we had spring weather and snow. I watched 4 casters on TV and they recommended the app. I’ve found 4 casters to be highly accurate up to the hour about what is happening in our neighborhood . Thanks for helping us keep a true eye on the weather so we can be geared up for whatever Is happening day to day, season to season.
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3 months ago, leisaie
mystery lightning
Overall I think this app is decent but it has a weird habit of telling me that lightning is x miles away from my location on days when the weather is completely clear throughout the entire region. I am currently staring at a blue, cloudless sky while getting a notification that lightning was detected 0.2 miles away from me. Not sure if this is a bug or some type of meteorological phenomenon of which I was otherwise aware.
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6 years ago, BudHumph
Radar map
Your radar map would be much, much better if you got rid of all of those large-letter city names on the map. All this crap just gets in the way—-viewers are not grade-school children—-anyone who uses your map already knows where they are and the area they are interested in. I love the radar picture itself but absolutely hate all of that unneeded name clutter that blocks the view. Sincerely, Gordon Roberts
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6 years ago, Woodland Rover
Problem with temporary locations
I have an iPhone 6s Plus and I have had difficulty with temporary locations. I don’t know if it’s the phone or the app, but when I identify a location as temporary, I am unable to pull up weather information about it. I can only get weather information on cities that I identify as permanent. And then I am unable to remove the cities, except one time when I got lucky. Mainly they stay and I have a long list of places that I have visited and I’ll probably not visit again for quite a while.
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4 years ago, SC2010e
Best weather app I’ve found
Thanks for displaying the Dew Point !!! I’ve removed the Weather Channel & Accuweather apps because if too much news and NO dew point value; Humidity value is blah as the barometric pressure is figured into the value and I could care less about the ‘real feel’ temp; dew point tells me when it’s Muggy out.
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6 years ago, AgBullit
WDIV 4 Casters - Pretty Good
Pretty good website. Radar very good except for the contrast between rain & the green background of the land. Sometimes hard to see where the light rain is. Recently, I’ve had problems getting it to open. I just see the picture of one of the weather people. I did use it while on a trip to West Virginia & got good weather info when I could get it to open. I’m not sure the current weather screen shows the humidity info.
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7 years ago, SarahFG
Good except for continuous location use.
I've had this app since it first came out years ago. I like it a lot. I would have given 5 stars before the update. Three concerns I have with the update. 1. Even though I have it set to only use my location when I am using the app, I have to "kill" it every time I am done with it because it will continue to use my location (blue bar at the top of the phone screen indicates this). 2. I can't figure out how to delete a city once I am done wanting to know the weather there. For example, I was going on a trip to Charlevoix so it got added to a list of locations. But once I was done with needing to know, I can't seem to get rid of it. Should be more user friendly. 3. I wish the daily breakdown of temps was what was on the screen when it is first opened instead of the radar.
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6 years ago, clr247
No updates when most needed!
We just had a severe storm but the most current update is from 4 hours ago?! Where’s the current update when we really need it?! There’s Ben Bailey broadcasting live on TV but the app has a four hour old report. What’s the point of the app if you can’t get current available info? This happens all the time. Many hours old forecast updates on the app-even in active weather situations. How difficult is it to put that recent report on the app? Looking for something reliable. Not worth it.
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1 year ago, Barb98765
Stop sending notifications at 4am please
I really like the app, but I sleep with my phone near me in case someone contacts me with an emergency. I just got woken up by your push notification at 4am about the frost warning. If there is a tornado headed to my house at 4am, I want you to send that notification. But please don’t send trivial notifications when most people are trying to sleep.
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5 years ago, cynk06
I just switched to this weather app. I do like it and would probably keep it, however, I don’t like that it opens to the “Radar” page as opposed to a “Forecast” page. I like to see a quick weather forecast and not a radar. I do like to have the option to switch to radar but a quick look at weather, in my opinion, should always default to the forecast and current conditions. Sorry that it isn’t possible on this app.
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7 years ago, Linschwa
Too much trouble
I just want to know the temperature. The first screen is a map. Then you have to tap the photo of the weather forecaster. Then you have to read his spiel. Or else you have to tap the menu tab to select your choice. I'm very disappointed in my local weather website.
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6 years ago, Cath523
Love this app!
I just wish the “today” hourly was still set up like “tomorrow’s” hourly is set up. It used to be that way, but changed a few months ago to where we have to scroll left and right instead of up and down. Now we can’t see the whole day at once. That’s the only thing I don’t like. But still my favorite.
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11 months ago, Jan’s opinion
Wear their alerts
Your localized weather alerts are great!! Today I was alerted of a severe weather alert in my area as well as surrounding areas. I like to be able to click on the radar and see what is going on with rain and storms in my area etc.
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7 years ago, Mom2bsa
Pretty good but....
Until the last update, the Today view of weather was condensed which I prefer. I could see the entire day with one swipe up. Now it's so big with graphics that I have to swipe multiple times sideways to get the whole days information. I also do not like the tracking and the blue bar so I'm always taking the app out of memory. Yesterday there was a "wind" advisory. It it should've been for the dog we really had.
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5 years ago, Motorcity Hip Chic
Not getting alerts
When I first downloaded the app it worked fine. Then after a couple of weeks I stopped getting alerts for some reason even though they are turned on to receive.
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6 years ago, saintcyrilmom
Too much notice!
I just got this recently and so I’m not too familiar with it yet. I can definitely say one thing I don’t like, though. I assumed the push notifications would be warnings of imminent inclement weather. I really don’t need multiple messages a day from you guys, telling me things like “the sun is still shining” or some such nonsense. At least give users a choice on what level of notifications they want.
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5 years ago, aj4wx
Weather on-point!
Weather app is always accurate, the Local4Casters put hard work into developing a trustworthy forecast. Detects lighting and rain in my area. Would recommend to anyone who lives in southeast Michigan or anyone who has family in southeast Michigan! Best weather app I’ve owned!
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6 years ago, Cerrydwen
Why so many notifications???
Yesterday we had thunderstorms come through. I have TWO FULL SCREENSHOTS of all the notifications from this app. Some were just two minutes later than the previous one, and basically said “lightning strikes 3.2 miles from current location.” Noooo, really? Like I can’t hear the thunder? If raindrops can be heard from my location, I don’t need the app to tell me it’s raining.
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6 years ago, JPLC70
Deleted App Today
This app quit working properly recently. When I would open it, the picture of Ben Bailey would stare at me without opening the next window. Since the update a few months ago, the app hasn’t functioned well. More often than not, the radar would not open and would often freeze when it did open. So, I’ve decided to try another source for weather. I am disappointed. Finally, please remove Ben Bailey’s picture! It is not the only meteorologist working for Channel 4, WDIV, Detroit, MI.
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2 months ago, PackerFan!
I’m not sure if anyone has complained about this but your app isn’t showing lightning and it’s really important to our family because we have dogs. Can you please look into this because it’s my app and my husband’s app. We both looked for an update and there isn’t one. Please get this fixed. Thank you, Sandy and Paul Dog lovers
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3 years ago, Pisces1305
Plz No Ads during severe weather
Love this app. But we’ve had a few days in a row of severe weather. Please suspend ads during times of severe weather. No one should have to sit through an ad when they're trying to get a weather update while it’s thundering and lightening outside.
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2 years ago, rainbrid
George Moy
I’m glad for the 4WARN weather app it keeps me informed on how good or bad the weather gets ,its more convenient because we all don’t have time to watch tv so when you’re on the go make sure 4WARN is with you too. Rain brid
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6 years ago, Fast Glass
Needs more setting control
It would be nice if I could change what screen opens first. I would rather be able to go right to the daily forecast or 10 day outlook instead of right to the radar. Now I go right to Ben Bailey. How annoying. Other than those annoyances the app works fine. Radar is finer detail than other apps and the weather alerts are nice.
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4 years ago, KitsonJC
Too cluttered
Appears too much content was attempted. Get rid of the smiling videos, video commercials, etc. Provide data and intuitive navigation. Since the recent update of weather underground with too much junk also, been looking at several new weather apps. Thinking this one is just too cluttered and will be deleted soon.
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6 years ago, DjMarke
Great info
4 Star but close to 5 because I downloaded it for the zones but it only shows temperatures in the area. A lot of updates, maybe too many but great when there is bad weather. Overall well worth having.
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6 years ago, Use other weather app more
Too far behind
It doesn't show current radar. I would like to know what might be coming or currently happening, not 30 minutes ago. Only shows past radar. Plus on "today", please go back to the vertical showing of the hourly forecast. When it went to horizontal and only shows and few hours at a time, it bothered so much that I went to using other weather apps.
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5 years ago, vietvet69
Rating and suggestions
Just downloaded this app yesterday. Still learning, but am impressed so far. One thing I may have missed, but would be nice is to be able to send weather related photos to WDIV weather via the app..
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1 year ago, dgchapy
Thanks for the accrete weather preview!
I love the team, Brandon, Kim, Kim, Bryan….hope I did not leave anyone out. Thank you, thank you!! You guys and gals have made it easy to plan my errands. I fell an the ice last year and did serious injured to myself, now I don’t go out on days with I in the forecast!
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1 year ago, JWare63
Love this weather app!
Weather I can trust to know how to dress each day in Michigan! Enjoy using the radar feature especially when I travel to different states!
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1 year ago, foxfyrez
Forecast good- notifications not
Love the forecast and current conditions. Hate hate hate the lack of setting which notifications to alert me for! It’s all or nothing. Yes I want to know if there is a thunderstorm warning at any time of the day. Maybe alert if there is lightning near me. No I definitely don’t want notified almost every night about tomorrows forecast after 11pm at night. I am already asleep. No I don’t want notified about a weather story about the history of May snow storms which came in the middle of a work meetling. Should be a simple setting to have.
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6 years ago, Pattlb
When I click on radar it shows past radar weather instead of the current and future no use at all
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1 year ago, Notaname!
Falls short
I downloaded this app as we prepared for a huge storm and wanted to know our snow totals. Nowhere that I could find listed the snow total for my location. They only had old video from the news giving forecasts. Additionally, while they include the forecasted temp, they don’t show the real feel which can be vastly different. What a disappointment!
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2 years ago, kelly F 60
Weather people on wdiv local 4
I absolutely Love the team on local 4. Paul, Andrew ,Brett & Brandon are THE BEST ! I have been a fan for many years . You all go above and beyond to keep your viewers informed . Thank you for being you , all of you . Sincerely , Gail F .
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6 years ago, Canterbury Estates
Great App.
Great app I love how you can get the forecast videos. If you have the locator on you will get weather updates for whatever city you’re in no matter what state. Only complaint is that picture of Ben Bailey that pops up when you open the app. It’s kind of in your face. So please take that down.
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6 years ago, anolte1
Drains battery when running in background, often crashes
I thought something was wrong with my phone battery until I looked to see what was draining it all the time. I inadvertently left the app to run in the background and it would use 34% of my battery life in doing so! Also the app often crashes upon startup. I like channel 4 weather but I do not like this app.
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5 years ago, Simone's bell
Latest and Best
This is my go-to place any time day or night that I want to know what’s happening in and around my city. Updates and notifications keep me in the know. Great real time weather info. I give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Orac
What have you done to this app?
I used to like the app. It functioned well in general and was rich in features. Then, a couple of updates ago, a splash screen was added that wasn't there before. The app launching went from snappy to glacial. The splash screen takes forever to load and the app now frequently crashes on startup—up to half the time. I'm now thinking of deleting the app.
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5 years ago, GGItsMe48236
Not liking the new format after update
Used to love this app. It was easy to use but showed just enough detail. Now I have to scroll and scroll like I’m reading a book. I want to get weather at a glance. The radar was good too. I wish this app was as simple and easy to read like it was before. I deleted the app. But I’ll try it again if it’s redesigned again in the future.
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1 year ago, Sharon**8
So reliable!
We can always rely on 4Warn weather and accurate updates to get us thru storms and blizzards! Awesome to know you can always count on the channel 4 team!
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3 years ago, RLS_in_Plymouth
Radar view
When I pan out to get a larger view it doesn’t stay that way when I go back. I’d like the larger view to get a better idea of when the snow or rain is coming. It should stay as I said it when I return to the radar view.
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6 years ago, Barefeet Sailor
Worldwide Coverage Weather App
I use the 4Casters weather application on my iPhone as well as iPad while traveling internationally. It works great with any internet connection! The ability to save a listing of cities is convenient for planning activities where you expect to be in a day or two or ten. The weather radar coverage is exceptional and also provides a detailed map of the area in question. Don’t leave home without it. August 2028 UPDATE: Something no longer works seamlessly. Most times when I click on the app, I only get a big smiling face and it freezes. NOT GOOD. If I delete the app and reload it, it fires up normally. What’s is wit this? One of my all time favorite iPhone and iPad apps is messing with me!
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