WDRB Weather

2.9 (82)
78.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WDRB Weather

2.91 out of 5
82 Ratings
4 years ago, ceg1234
Pop ups
Love love love the weather people just not the pop up add that covers the whole page Right now is not the time I’m looking for a pic up truck, I lucky to have the time to have one hand free to delete the pop up eg
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1 year ago, Ellie May Mae
Glitches when needed the most
This app is what I used everyday for the temperature and when it might rain; however, the last time we had a very bad storm come through that generated tornado warnings, hail and high winds, the app completely stopped working. Now, a week later, we are under another thunderstorm warning and, before the storm is even here, it stops working again. The time people need an app like this the most is when nothing else can give them the vital information needed to stay safe. I depended on this app. Now, on top of the horrible glitches, they decided to add full screen advertisements. I’ve had this app for years but I am now going to delete it and find either another local station’s app or will get a nationwide app. I don’t know what they’ve done to this app but it has in no way improved anything. They’ve accomplished the exact opposite
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6 months ago, Rstout72
Exactly what it says
I love this app and it’s exactly the same as it describes to be and it’s a great and dependable way to get the weather where you are or where you want to set it and I’m not sure what the low ratings are about but it’s definitely worth downloading and using in my opinion. It has to be set and if you don’t know how to do that then it will not work for you however that’s not the problem on the apps end.
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6 years ago, jddehn93
My new go-to weather app!
For years I’ve used the old Storm app, by Weather Underground. Now that it has been discontinued, I have been searching for a new weather app. After downloading numerous chart-toppers, including the new Storm app, and being let down, I thought I’d give this a try and I’m so glad I did. If you’re looking for a replacement for the old Storm app I suggest trying this, especially if you live in the Louisville, KY area.
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4 years ago, Lxman1
This is a useful app that I use often. Today I started getting a popup ad every time I open that app and that’s not cool. There are already ads in the app and I’m ok with that, but now a full screen app pops up when opening that app and that is unacceptable. I will be changing weather apps if this doesn’t disappear ASAP!! You have tried this stunt before and it didn’t work. Don’t do it again and alienate your audience!! Lose the pop up add ASAP!!! There are plenty of ads on the app already. Will be going to another weather app if this continues.
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6 years ago, KyanaBelle
Good Replacement for WU & the WU Version of Storm
I’ve been on a desperate search for a replacement for my dearly departed WeatherUnderground version of Storm. I kept the WeatherUnderground app primarily for the Scientific Discussion section since they offloaded several important radar layers to Storm. With this app, I get the full, pre-Storm radar experience of old WU and I get the blog, which satisfies me for the scientific discussion.
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3 years ago, Angie8792
Newest update needs fixed
The newest update has changed the map settings. When you open the app, every single overlay/alert is turned on and you can’t even see the rain/storms on the radar anymore. You can turn them off but there’s no way to save it so the next time you open the app, they are all in again. It’s very annoying and makes me want to find a new weather app. I hope it is fixed before too many people stop using it.
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3 months ago, Dewsp22
Notifications need to change
While I leave my phone on silent majority of the time, I turn the sound on at night in the event of severe weather. All apps I’ve ever used had a sound as it’s notification system. This app uses a voice. Not a good idea to be asleep and hear a man’s voice wake you. As a male this startled me. I can only imagine if someone lived alone and a voice woke them up. Needs to be a sound.
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5 years ago, User545kdt
Invasive & Inappropriate Ads
This redesign was exceptional last month, but just this week, this app now pops up with ads that now completely take over the screen and ask for things like feedback on the border wall?!?! Seriously, they’re letting politics, unwelcome surveys and other app ads block the use of the weather app until you wait out the countdown! It’s infuriating for the user, so we’ll be deleting your app and switching over to another local station’s app.
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9 months ago, Cardwood67
Poor weather summaries
What vexes me most about this app is the way too concise daily forecasts. They use vaguely worded one or two word descriptions that offer no specifics. I’ve brought this to their attention in the past but it always falls on deaf ears. The Wave 3 weather app is much more specific and detailed. To the mets at wdrb, do better!
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8 months ago, RobertaNclearwaterBeach
Get rid of the Close Captions! This WDRB weather app does not give the user the option of turning off their close captions. It should be noted the WDRB NEWS app gives the user the option of turning off the close captions but the WDRB Weather app doesn’t allow the user to turn CC off. So inconsistent between the 2 apps. Frustrating!!
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3 years ago, Loneangel4
Newest Update needs work
After the most recent update the map setting have to be set every time you open the map page, even if you just go to another tab without closing the app it resets and applies every single overlay onto the map. It’s the most annoying thing EVER
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9 months ago, Okokinhhgyntdrrcj
Beware of inappropriate adds
Okay APP for weather especially for the Louisville area and surrounding region, but recently noticed adds with pictures of immodestly dressed women. I understand there needs to be revenue to support the effort to build, maintain and improve the APP, but selling out to the evil of mainstream marketing which has no moral or ethical grounding… no good. Deleted.
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6 years ago, Digital47
Update is horrible. Slow to open. Ads seem to be everywhere. Don’t like it anymore.
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1 year ago, JGordon2012
Updates made this apps radar useless
Whatever updates were performed caused the radar portion of this app to be completely inaccurate. I would normally use this app for the radar to see where we are in a storm. The radar shows sunny sky’s in a complete down pour. Garbage.
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3 weeks ago, Dash47129
Radar map
Will only let me see a future forecast but can't view past/current as the option is grayed out. Had to start using another app to see what I want. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Skmccutc
Changes are awful
I’m not sure what changed but the radar does not work anymore. It defaults to the entire country instead of zoomed in on my area. Then once I zoom in the radar glitches in and out and disappears completely
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6 years ago, cheryl0161
Freezes while trying to view future
This app is too slow. It constantly freezes up when trying to view future radar. Not happy!
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7 years ago, Justmyopinionpeople
Weather app
I love the app mostly but l wish there was a option to eliminate the ad’s.
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6 years ago, LouisvilleT
Lately the radar hasn’t been working, seems like for the past month it’s been very random? I’ve been using another channels radar with no problems.
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4 years ago, annievigilante
Love the weather team; however this app is bad. The videos Never play and the radar shows past weather movement to the present. That isn’t useful! Disappointing!
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5 years ago, redfalcon six
Bad update
With the latest update it will not load on my iPhone now. I was on it like at least ten times a day checking the weather. Please fix this. Plus y’all really need to stop the ads on it.
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5 years ago, Cprsl98
Now full of ads
This used to be my go to app for weather and traffic, now it’s full of pop up adds. Officially deleting this once useful app that now pops up adds for games to download.
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1 year ago, Niteflyer5
Every update is a disaster
Tired of resetting all the overlays for the radar with every update. Also the weather radar defaults to a national view. Seriously. Not helpful
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5 years ago, factsis
Terrible App!
Used to be decent but now adds pop up continually in the middle of the screen. Very distracting! Also now, FULL SCREEN political adds pop up. This is garbage! Yahoo Weather is much better!
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5 years ago, Gvgddsbb
Pop Up Ads
The ads that pop up whenever you try to do literally anything are ridiculous. Can’t even use the app.
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7 years ago, Bekkahboo1983
Incredibly slow
App is incredibly slow to open and load. Couldn't take it anymore and had to replace with another local channel's app.
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5 years ago, Guilicious
Intrusive ads
All of a sudden I have intrusive ads that actually force me to interact with them before they go away. Completely unacceptable.
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9 years ago, kapek87
Teeny map is supposed to be an upgrade??
The new app update minimized the amount of space for the weather map into a tiny little square. And then used up the remainder of the new layout for ads and large text for the next three days of weather?? Seems redundant since there is also Daily and Hourly buttons below it. Not impressed.
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4 years ago, Sport Mode
Unless it calls for all day sunny or all day rain, this app is poor. The computer models are rarely accurate on the map.
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3 years ago, Kelbar
Awesome App
A great app with the trusted team of Meterologists in Kentucky
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6 years ago, Jemcrae
Can’t get future radar weather to load. No weather blog. What’s the point
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2 months ago, Zaiah coslow
The weather beginnings and endings are changing and I don’t like it!
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9 years ago, -feyfay-
I loved this app before the big update that changed the entire interface. Granted I'm not a fan of change, but still, all the features that made me love it are gone. It's still pretty accurate but the current temp isn't clearly visible upon opening the app. I liked it with all the info on the home screen. The ten day forecast was a handy scroll through that home screen. This just looks like all the other news station weather apps. It has lost what set it apart.
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9 years ago, ghoul138
Oooh, a new look! With more ad space, and a teeny tiny map. What was wrong with the older design? Did companies who pay to have their banners up on the app start complaining that they were wasting money because no one was clicking on the banners? Well, it's because they're for crap, or ambulance chasing lawyers....gee, I wonder why those banners never got many clicks. As much as I love wdrb weather, I think the new look is crap. It's the same with wave 3 and wlky, they all changed for the worse. Deleted.
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7 years ago, Cescazoo
New weather app
Don't like the new app. The weather map is to small and the radar portion is not accurate. I have to look at the weather channel app for the radar portion.
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9 years ago, Parris Howard
Works Great!!
I've never had a problem with WDRB. They do a great job at what they do. I don't get info on anything except from here. The app does a very good job of staying up to date.
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9 years ago, Sugar8302
Love it!!
I love the update! Some have complained of the map size and the advertisement on top but hey, it's a free app! It's working so much better than the old one.
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11 years ago, Roadgrader79
Can't upload pics.
Good app but I cannot upload photos because the app crashes.
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9 years ago, Di 70
WDRB weather app
Hate the new 10 day weather page. Go back to the one with them on one page in the little squares. Don't like other changes either.
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11 years ago, Chandler5588
Finally a great weather app great job guys
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11 years ago, DMP360
Hate it
Deleting off my phone. Irritating flash in advertisements. Awful.
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10 years ago, The Luigi Dude
Great App for weather
It's a great app for weather in my area.
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10 years ago, Wwwhaaattttt2213
Great App!
This is a great app! I strongly recommend downloading this app! Thanks WDRB!
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11 years ago, Kai12588
Great, thorough app!
Will use it daily.
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