Weather Dock: Desktop forecast

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Voros Innovation
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User Reviews for Weather Dock: Desktop forecast

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5 years ago, jimct
Nice app, convienient but IN APP purchase not working in El Capitan
Its convienient and quick with a nice design. However, no matter what I do, on El Capitan I can not upgrade to the pro version. Click the upgrade and it does nothing. My Apple ID, billing etc are all up todate and work for everthing else Apple Store and iTunes related. Some now I am stuck with annoying nad scrren that I have to click through. I suspect this is an El Capitan issue (I can’t upgrade my MacPro 2009 to either Sierra version. It would be nice if the developer offred the pro version as a standalone download from the App Store as opposed to an inApp purchase. UPDATE: I found the pro version on App The App store. It is called “Weather Dock+Deskto[ Forecast” I was able to download it directly from the App Store rather than the InApp purchase option. I unistalled the free version. Happy now. So my comments about the free version still apply, I upgraded the Star count to 4 as I rally think is an El Capitan issue and not an app issue.
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2 years ago, Sushi Fan 99
Weather Dock makes accessing weather data and forcast easy. Many similar apps present their data in small cramped windows. Weather dock displays data only on demand and it displays the data in a large easy to read swath accross much of your screen. However, the data provided by Weather Dock is limited. Statistically, the vast majority of weather data used by any app or service comes directly from the National Weather Service. Weather Dock accesses a minimum of that data. No radar maps, no lightening strak maps, no prediction map etc. Nice app with a lot of potential.
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7 years ago, mhbastin
Very Convenient and Reminds me to Pay Attention to the Weather!
Weather Dock is always there with up-to-date weather forecasts ; it’s hard to forget to check the weather when the little reminder is jumping up and down in the doc to get your attention. It’s done tastefully; not aggravating. So I’m very pleased so far; no complaints! And I also like the cloud, rain, and sunshine, etc. graphics. Fun! It truly is very helpful. I find that often friends will be saying one thing about the weather forecast different than what Weather Doc is saying; however, it always turns out Weather Doc is “right on”! It’s so nice to have this service at my fingertips whether on my laptop or phone. Thanks Weather Dock; Good Job!
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6 years ago, Rocknie
Weather Dock Always at your Fingertip
I find there are three features of the Weather Dock, which makes it my favorite weather app. First, I appreciate the graphic display of the current weather. I am a visual learner and the picture of the weather is perfect... with one glance I can get a good visual of the current weather. The second feature I like is along with the visual there is a red dot containing the current temp. Again making it very convinent to see your locstions current temperture. Finally I enjoy the ability to find the weater almost anywhere around the world and can get a five day forecast by opening the app for that location. This is great way to check the forecast for a vacation location. Ialways keep the app open on my launchpad.
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4 years ago, ChicagoBluesboy
It's Easy But Is That All You Want?
A lot of people continue to complain about the weather but still, no one does anything about it. The same is true of this app. I like this app but I have to admit, it's not the most intuitive. I expect it to understand me more. Isn't that a hallmark of intuition. I want the output of any app that I use to be more consistent with the results that I am hoping to obtain. I have resorted to using this app like a millenial would use Pokemon Go. For instance, if I'm not achieving the desired results, I start walking. More often than not, I have to walk considerably further than Pokemon Go to achieve the desired outcome. But that's okay. At least, I'm doing something about it.
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6 years ago, worst dating app ever!!!!
if u want top screen icon; this ain’t it!
I used weatherbug for years and was happy with it. Then Apple updated from “Lion” to “High Sierra” making the weatherbug app useless. Downloaded this app but the icon goes DOWN in the “tool bar” and not up at the top of the screen where I wanted it! If your tool bar is “hidden” you have to scroll down on the cente pad (one motion), scroll right til you find the app (2nd motion), click on it (3rd motion), then it opens up a window in the MIDDLE of what ever “page” you’re on. Fine, all that to see the weather? WAIT! we’re not done yet: when you click on the red button (upper left corner) to close the app, it then ….wait for it….DISAPPEARS! As in, completely! Sometimes it goes back to the tool bar; sometimes it goes away completely! Really? Why can’t you just have an icon at the TOP of your screen that actually shows the outside temp at your location? Is that a LOT to ask??
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6 years ago, Sol.33
Reduces internet speed to less than 1/3
For a long time I was on the phone with Apple Care trying to understand why my speed on my MacBook Pro was less than 1/3 of what it should be (300mb/s). It turns out that this app was the culprit. I quit the app then the speed would be back up to what it should be. I did multiple tests to verify running speed test with the app running and testing after quiting the app and confirmed. I couldn’t understand how a weather app could consume so much speed. I contacted Weather Dock tech support and rather than helping me to fix the issue, they asked me what could about the app could cause this issue! My man! It’s your job to tell me! Conferring with other people it seems that this app is likely transmitting my data without my permission and causing the extreme consumption of interenet speed. Needless to say, I will not be using this app any longer.
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7 years ago, bobsaab
Bizarre interface ruins OK app
The strange way the 7 day forecast window functions within the desktop renders the app useless for me. I use an iMAC with a secondary 4k monitor, so I thought this app would be handy and that I could park the forecast in a small spot on the external monitor, but turns out that the window the app creates is way, way too big and there is no option to just display the key data you want, leaving a giant window with 90% of it wasted(in my opinion). I do not need a large graphical display of the sun or clouds, etc. I just want to see the data in a compact form so i can use the second monitor for something else, yet keep the weather in view. The main issue I have here, is that the 7 day option is something you have to pay for, but you can’t experience how strange the interface is until you buy it.
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3 years ago, Sneaky Pink
weather dock
i love weather dock. i like how it displays the weather with it's animations and how it stays in the dock with the current temperature and weather, since it shows animations of what the current weahter is. and i like the seven day forcast show i can plan for the week. if you want a cool little weather app for your desktop, i recommend weather dock. i wrote this awhile ago, but it still stands. I love weather apps and weather dock is one of my favorites. i still recommend it if you want a fun weather app that is easy to use and very accurate weather forcasts.
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2 years ago, SupermanMikail
I really like this app
I really like this app compared to all the rest. It is very easy to use, the interface is simple, and there are no annoying ads. I also like the option of leaving it to your app drawer so you can easily reference the current temp. My only constructive criticism would be to enable the app to take up my whole screen if I choose to. Design-wise, maybe have the current temp metrics take up the top 2/3 of the page and then sequently have the next 5-10 days on the bottom 1/3 of the page. That would look great.
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3 years ago, Nellie548
Love Weather Dock
I have Weather Dock on my Mac laptop and love it. It’s convenient and is usually correct in the weather prediction. I do have a problem reading the red numbers as they seem to blend into the gray. I also wanted to have it on my Mac desktop, but it wouldn’t accept it, but did notice a Review telling how to install the Pro version, so I will try that. Great app. Thanks Starting August 2021, I bought a Mac Mini and was able to also install a Weather Dock on it. Now I'm a happy camper with it on both computers. Still love it. Thanks.
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5 years ago, MIchael Baruch
Pretty Good
The Weather Dock can stay innocously in the menu bar, ready to be called to duty. Or, it can stay open anywhere on the desktop. The Weather Dock's preferences allow the user to choose from current conditions, today's conditions, or tomorrow's forecast. The text and background color can be changed to either white or black depending on the user's lighting conditions. The animation speed can be turned off, slow, normal or fast. The badge info (app resting in the dock) can be changed to current temp, feels like, wind or off. This is particularly helpful to help the user choose from whatever several different weather conditions, which can be seen with just a glance. The user can choose from Farenheit/mph, Centigrade/km/h, and any combination of temp and speed desired. As well as the ability to choose whatever location you like. Highly Recommended
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3 years ago, PunCrocs_805
Great App
For the cost it's well worth it and it does exactly what I need it to do and would expect it to do for reporting the weather. I wish there was a way to view the weather at the additional locations you select a bit more easily. You can view them but it took me a second to figure out how to do that but I think it should be easier to view them. But overall I'm pleased with the app and would buy it again knowing what I know now.
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7 years ago, Lynne H VA
Nice easy-to-use app for weather
I was looking for something similar to the app on my iPhone, and this works well. I downloaded the Mac version, and it gives me what I need - current conditions, forecast and hourly weather. I’ve pinned it in my dock, and can see the current temperature at a glance. I did upgrade it, so I could see 7 days and the hourly forecast covers more time. I also like to be able to see weather in other places, since we travel frequently. Overall - happy with the purchase.
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4 years ago, PaHiker
Weather info is good
Overall I like the app, gives me accurate weather info and allows me to set more than one location. I only have one issue that I would like to see addressed: when you switch to a different app (ex: mail) then come back you have the Weather Menu bar but the window isn’t there. To get the weather window you have to go to the menu bar and select Window -> Weather. It would be ideal if either the window would pop up when the app gets focus, or if you could do a cmd-W to open the window.
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3 years ago, Rush Raz
Weather Dock weathers nicely
I am very please with the informstion I receive when I open my computer in the morning and the Weather Dock gives me a very nice snapshot of the weather to expect today and in the subsequent days. I am pleased to have it. I open the Weather Dock during the day to remind myself of the coming weather and I am better able to plan my day and note the windows of opportunity I will have concerning the more pleasant weather conditions.
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6 years ago, Whitjr1
Version 3 was worse that version 4 [now on my Mini]. I use The Weather Channel app on my iPad, and am used to that format; this one is different. Even So, I see differences in accuracy between both these apps. The Weather Channel seems more “on point” to my location than this one. It’s a nice graphic in the icon bar, demonstrating the weather. There is a very quick connection to the updated weather data, and in this regard is much improved and better than The Weather Channel app.
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3 years ago, Julie Lessman
Love, Love, LOVE IT!!
I absolutely LOVE having Weather Dock on my computer! It's the first thing I look at in the beginning of my day and the last thing before I go to bed. It's wonderful knowing the temp just via a glance and the weather with just a click of my mouse. And I'm always the first one to report what the weather is when we're out on the deck with my friends and neighbors, so THANK YOU, Weather Dock for making me the "go-to" on weather in my family!
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3 years ago, Slvrhrt1
Good App
This is a simple app for weather temps on a daily basis. It’s simple. When I want complicated I go to the NOAA website. In the beginning I went to Weather Dock: Desktop forecast support. From there I set my dock icon and the settings I wanted. I am pleased it’s always in my dock and ready when I want to check weather here or the other 7 locations important to me and then right back to my location…Boom! I’m 76 years old and a newby learning as I go along.
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1 year ago, Shellcaptain
Just okay:
I would much prefer having the icon show in the top menu bar on my iMac desktop, which is what I wanted. I don’t understand why this choice of showing it in the menu bar, as well as, or instead of the dock is not made availalble. I don’t even care if I cannot open it up to see all of the weather—all I want is to see the TEMPERATURE in the menu bar. The temperature is all I care about. I can get the weather on my homepage and everywhere else. I cannot find a free app that will show me just the temperature in the menu bar.
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6 years ago, J.Naeve
Its okay.
Not sure what I expected, its a good weather forecast tool, much like the one on your phone but it takes up too much real estate on my computer. There should be a minimized version that floats along side the dock as an example, or maybe even a dock extension that shows current with today's high/low, tomorrow and the next day as a minimized view. In full size, its actually pretty nice looking, shows fairly consistent data as well. Not sure I'd buy it again though.
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2 years ago, Loosrd
I love this app for my MacBook Pro
It is always in the background updating, so when I go to the app to check the weather I get the most up to date information on today and the 10 day forecast. Of course, I can click into a day to get more detailed info, but this app looks, good, works wonderfully, and does not eat up data or memory, even though it is always running.
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2 years ago, Joe4u2
I agree with the second statement "kiss"
I like the way it's laid out it's easy to understand and shows what I wanted to know. The only problem, when it starts it shows information that is incorrect. It then goes on to show all correct feedings. I'm glad you corrected the above statement. It has many changes that I like. I just hope this is not gonna be an example of the Peter principle. Remember kiss!
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3 years ago, Kirsch54
Quick reference to start the day!
I use this app daily and often, several times throughout the day to check activities conditions, based on changing weather patterns. It is enough data and the forecast seems very accurate to my part of the country. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants a quick look at the day ahead.
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4 months ago, nctipton
Reliable and Accurate
Easy to access, quick to respond, and surprisingly accurate. I've used Weather Dock for several years and have found it to be a streamlined and dependable weather app for my Mac. Many new updates have been added which allow for fine-tuning the app's customization features and weather info is just one click on the keyboard. Very well-designed app.
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7 years ago, The Silent Cartographer
Works ok, but window won’t stay up on screen.
The app and the dock view both work well. However, there does not seem to be an ability to leave the Weather Dock window up on the screen alongside other open application windows. As soon as you click on the desktop or any other application, the Weather Dock dissappers, and you have to launch it again to see the info. Seems pretty dumb to not have a toggle feature to allow you to leave it up and running next to your other programs.
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4 months ago, onken82
pleased with its performance
I like having the weather right there when i just wanna know quick if it's warmed up yet without waiting for an app or website to load. These guys did it for a price that isn't outrageous AND my favorite part is you can choose how it shows up. I like having the "feels like" temp available. Thank you for creating this.
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4 years ago, CedricMcCay
It gives me a quick glance at the weather
I think it is fine for what it does. It gives me a 5-day forecast. But, honestly I find the ads more annoying than the app is appealing. So, I didn't pay the $3 fee to remove ads, cause it's just not that good. I can get that info elsewhere, easily. I'd have paid $.99, though. I'll use it for now until MacOS brings something better, as a native app. This is good, as a general overview.
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3 years ago, Huhwhatliar
Now want more money, AGAIN
The app is ok. BUT I unlocked the app for their price of $2.99 over a year ago. NOW the developer decides to EXTORT more money by having a pop up window attempting to get me to pay more money to unlock the app AGAIN! Their in-app contact the developer link will not open my perfered email program, it is trying to force me to use Mac's native mail program. Good app but POOR developer policies attempting to EXTORT more money. Boycot this developer and all the apps they offer!! I intend on filing a complaint with Apple and my States Attorney Generals office about the attempt to EXTORT more money from a app that was unlocked previously.
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6 years ago, hasthisnickbeentaken
Exactly what I wanted and for free
Can’t do much better than this. It took me a bit of searching to find something similar to what I use in Linux as a menubar icon. Although this is on the dock and not the menubar, it fulfills the purpose. Graphics are good. It’d be nice to have multiple locations but I’m guessing that’s probably in the pay version. I might buy it if it stays consistently solid over the next few months.
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2 years ago, LaurieBartolo
Great weather display
The Weather Dock is easy to set up and beautifully displays a 7-day forecast on my iMac. A small icon appears in my dock with the current temperature and weather conditions, and one click on that seamlessly opens up a larger screen with a more detailed 7-day forecast. It's easy to read and gives me the weather info I need quickly. Love it!
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2 months ago, finderoflost
I've used this app for several years now and depend on it daily for accurate forecasts. I've not been let down yet. The user interface is simple and effective. It has done everything I need it for at no cost. If I want more detailed information, I can go to the NWS web site but I very rarely need to do that. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, krisneri
Wonderful weather guide
What a fabulous way to view the weather. If you leave it in your dock, you'll see the temperature at every moment. When you click on it, you receive all the information you need, as well as the forecast for the days ahead. The most perfect weather format you'll ever need. I'd give it more stars if I could.
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5 years ago, samantha_rubio
When I'm too lazy to look out the window
Obviously you can't tell the exact temperature when you just look outside a window, that's why this little guy is pretty nifty. I'm able to quickly look down at my dock and see a relatively accurate depiction of the "outside world" as well as see what the temperature is outside. I also appreciate the pretty in depth 5-day forecast upong clicking on the app in my dock.
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7 years ago, cjhmdm
Good except that it keeps making me restore my purchase
Please stop constantly checking the license. If I purchased the app already and activated it, there shouldn’t be any reason that you constantly “phone home” after that. As it is now, because I use 2 apple accounts for purchases (work and personal), I have to keep restoring my purchase every day because you are constantly trying to verify the license even after I already successfully restored it. Yours is the only app that does this.
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4 years ago, ClassicRatPack
It shows the weather - but thats it
I need an app that I can leave up on my extra monitor while I am doing other tasks. This app disappears as soon as I click on something else. Just as bad, it doesn't allow for re-sizing of the app window, which means I can't arrange it with my other windows in that monitor. I am literally better off browsing to google and searching for the weather forecast - then resizing THAT browser to fit my needs. This is annoying, and I am probably going to just write my own weather app if it continues to be a problem.
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4 years ago, Timo in Alto
Not Very Accurate
I downloaded this app a few days ago. When the app initally opens, it displays temperatures for each day in the next week as 108 degrees farenheit. When it corrects it self, it shows the weather for the coming week in a way that seems to be a day behind, according to the weather apps I use on my phone. For example, today is says showers. We had storms before midnight last night. Now it is partly cloudy, with all the other apps stating it will become sunny by afternoon. It seems the only accurate information I get from this app, after it gets correctly started, is the temperature.
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6 years ago, BoMoWa
Weather Dock: Desktop
In the few weeks I have used this app, it has been a useful addition to my system. It provides a very quick look at the conditions outside and the temperature bubble on the dock icon offers a fast check without opening the window with more detailed info. This app is convenient and low-impact on system resources. I’m pleased with it.
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3 months ago, essceekay
Frequently more accurate than the weather report !
We often refer to this app after watching the television weather report as we find it more accurate and specific to our region. In addition, we can move to other areas with ease to find the predictions for those areas.
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3 years ago, Robineur
What's Ahead That I Need to Know?
As I plan my weekly activities, I need to know how the weather will affect them. Enter Weather Dock. Every relevent bit of information is at my fingertips. And it is accurate. And it is constantly updating information as conditions change. I need accurate information - and Weather Dock provides it.
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3 years ago, Riggie711
Easy to Access
This weather app is very easy to access since it's located on my dock. I also like the fact that it is simplified and with one glance I can see what the weather is gonna be for the whole week. I also like the graphics that are included in the apps interface. It's my go to app if I wanna check on upcoming weather with just a click of my finger.
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4 months ago, Almost As Old As The Hills
The North Wind Doth Blow. Do We Get SNOW ?
I check the weather each morning on my laptop. Then I get ready to greet my day: continue with my original plans or revise according to what I see on your great chart. It has just the right amount of information and is easy to understand. THANK YOU for providing this great information. NO SNOW here today ! Have a nice day !
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2 years ago, stupenndos
An Excellent Weather App
No matter where you live, this Weather Dock App provides the very latest forecasts so that you can plan your day or week accordingly. The level of detail it provides brings one stop shopping to the table - i.e. you don't need the Weather channel to round off the information you are seeking.
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1 year ago, RichardLloyd
Great Weather App
Back in thearly days of "personal Computers", when most software was being developed for MS-Dos, and then Mac and Windows, a few developers became popular for their more "Elegant" solutions. Weather Dock is elegant software at it's best: it does a fine job of its basic task, looks great doing it, and adds a few nice touches without ever feeling clunky or in the way. Nice work!
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3 years ago, kckATL
Discrete; comprehensive
Dock icon is unobtrusive; shows the current temp and a simple weather graphic which changes with conditions. At a glance. Click on it to get the current conditons and a 5 day forecast. Simplicity. Exactly what I want without consulting a weather app. My only complaint is its constant offer (intrusion) to upgrade and pay for it.
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2 years ago, Lisztian
Nice app!
You can get the free version, which has ads, or a lifetime subscription for $7 which removes ads. I like the fact that it sits in the dock, gives me a quick overview of what's going on, and doesn't "chirp" at me if there is a watch or warning. It does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. Happy to give you five stars.
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3 years ago, RR7 in Denver
It Gets the Job Done!
This little app was just what I was looking for. The animations are a nice touch too. For most occasions, we just want to know the basics, not waste time with a bunch of extra data (there are plenty of websites for that). I highly recommend this little gem for anyone who wants an adequate yet attractive overview of the weather.
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3 months ago, One_Musician
Accurate. Attractive Design
It provides Current weather information plus an accurate 10-day forecast. The display has relevant information without having to navigate through multiple pages or being crowded. The developer, Voros Innovation, did a very nice job with this App.
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2 years ago, Crash911-411
Simple App with few features for $7
This app presets nicely, the GUI is nice and the appearance is sleek. As far as functionality and option features there is very little but the simpliest of extra features of functionality in depth. I do appreciate not having adds, but not so sure the app is worth $7 for being app free.
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3 years ago, JulesJames
all in one.
A good source of weather information. Covers all important details. Decent graphics for visuals. Be it calm sunny conditions or foul wet weather . This app. is informitve and gives you the needed information to make sound sensible plans for daily routine schedules or long distant travel. its all you need for solid forecasts you can count on.
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