Weather on the Way

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Piotr Knapczyk
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather on the Way

4.75 out of 5
11.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Tailgunner55
Fantastic app and fantastic help
I purchased this app last night after stumbling across it when I was looking for something - anything - that would help me plot weather across my route simply. This app did it beautifully. The interface is great, simple, and informative. I also had what I thought was a glitch (but was not) when I tried to open it on a second device. It turned out that I simply had to wait for that device to sync with my App Store/Apple ID so that the purchase would be recognized. In the interim, I emailed the developer and got a response within minutes. How great is that? I assume the forecast information is accurate since I have not actually traveled as route yet (though, from what I’ve seen as it relates to other weather forecast, the temperatures and cloud cover appear to be accurate) but, from all that I have seen so far, this app is fantastic. If you are a traveler, buy it!
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2 years ago, Fototico
Good app but expensive
I like the app and the concept is good. Functionality appears to be good too. But like 99% of apps in the App Store, I will never subscribe to it. More and more apps are switching to a subscription based service. Everyone being greedy trying to reach into consumers’ pockets. Most apps are over priced or not worth the money at all. Why in the world people pay, it beats me! With that said, this app is subscription based, and even though I am against monthly or annual subscriptions, I feel that if you travel a lot the 5 bucks per month is reasonable. But again, only if you do a lot of travel or for whatever reason you need to know the weather along the way. The problem I have with this app and the reason I gave it two stars, is because for the occasional trip that I do five bucks per month would make it a waste of my money. I would use it enough to justify 5 bucks per month or an annual subscription. So I am moving on to other similar apps with free versions. Or, I’ll keep doing it the good o’ fashion way. That is, open the good o’ Weather Channel app and check the weather along the way. Not hard to do at all.
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9 months ago, ArchigosAJ
Awesome app and awesome customer service
I just downloaded the app a few days ago and checked out the settings and features. I hadn’t had a chance for ‘real world’ use but had a question about the app so I contacted them. It did take two days to get a response but I did email them in the middle of the weekend and have no idea what time zone they’re in. They wrote back, not only answering the question I had but went above and beyond for me. I’ll be able to test the app tomorrow as I have appointments out of town and will update this review if anything changes.
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1 year ago, Aggieland
No Audible/Directional Navigation Features
Bought a new truck that now has CarPlay. Was looking at apps that were recommended for CarPlay, especially one dealing with weather. I downloaded it based on reviews and paid for the Pro version for a year. I have now tested it a few times on my hour and half drive to my ranch. I was surprised to find there was no audible voice/ directional navigation for the map even though it uses Apple Maps. It’s been fine because I obviously know my way to the ranch. I have an upcoming trip to San Antonio and Austin. Because I will have to make a stop in San Antonio for an hour before heading on to Austin, I will need to rely on the navigation function to get to my stop in San Antonio and back out to head to Austin and navigation to the point in Austin. In my test drives to my ranch near Weimar, there has not been a navigation feature, audible or not, to see if I can rely on the navigation and weather features. Maybe I’m missing something
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5 months ago, swphotovision62
On the go Live weather
I think this is a great app, I like all the features it offers except for one thing it lacks but not sure if it’s due to me using the free version at the moment. This one issue will keep me from buying the pro version unless this can be corrected. The one thing I don’t like is that if you go off route it will not automatically recalculate a new route from your current travel path. It will display and ask that you return to route. The app does offer multiple routes but it would be safer for a driver to not have to pull over and not try to manually choose an alternate while driving. Lacking this feature is the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars.
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2 years ago, collisionbend
CarPlay! Bingo!
This app gets my nomination for App of the Year! It’s about time somebody came up with this. I know, there’s all sorts of DOT regs on this, like no motion, etc., but you don’t need motion. I love that I can drive somewhere and be able to see what’s coming on my route on the larger screen. It needs some tweaks, but I’m still here for it: it needs the ability to lock the screen North-up, pre-set ranges you can use in your viewport, and the ability to remove the temperature readings and the directions would make this app close to perfect for me. Nicely done!
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7 months ago, Bro H
The app has a trial period. You are told you will be notified before trial period is up and you are billed for an annual subscription. I never got a notice!!! I kept looking at subscriptions to cancel but it appears it does not show up until Its billed. Once billed you are on the hook for one year. Let this serve as a warning on getting an app with a free trial that auto bills. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth and a bill. I will be smarter in the future. I might should have deleted the app, maybe that would have stopped the subscription. My Research didn't confirm it worked that way. The app itself is ok. The trial version is two hours behind, which doesn’t give you an adequate test of its real capabilities. I guess I will now have a year to see if its worth it. :)
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2 years ago, Peppy Techie
Love the app! Would love to see one thing added
You have done a great job with this app. However, it would really help with timing if you added in route intervals for rest/gas time. Most people stop about every 3 hours for gas, food, etc. It would be helpful to have a additional setting that could be added so timing on weather and trip were able to be set. Maybe a slider for time or miles you may travel and stops for approx time. I pick a city and it really messes up the map and times. Thanks for a great app
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4 years ago, Happy (4/5) user!
Why can’t google maps be like this?
Seriously, I have literally been telling everyone about my genius idea and why no one is doing it. Finally, someone does it and they do it RIGHT. Why can’t google or Apple do this? Brain damage probably. Maybe with the acquisition of dark sky from Apple, Apple plans to include this. Mark your calendars, this app’s days are numbered. Enjoy it while you still can! Give this man who INGENIOUSLY finally did this idea, all of your money now. He truly deserves it. Genius. May your family be blessed with many goats and camels my friend. I love you, thank you and goodbye
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3 years ago, Songbird Channel
Add forecast, hotel, grocery store, gas station info please
I have wanted something like this for years as a trip planner for the family. Now if you put hotels info along, that would be just perfect! Oh one more thing, Can you set forecast whether along the trip? System can set a set of default forecast depends on when you reach to each town on the way (for example , based on your driving speed) and user can set a different forecast for the town on the way according their actual travel schedule. Add gas station, grocery stores, etc. Thank you.
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4 months ago, JoRoTurner
Great for mountain driving!
My daughter and I have to drive through the mountains to see each other (Sacramento to Portland). She got stuck in a hotel because of snow on her last trip. I downloaded this app when going to visit her to make sure I could make it all the way both directions. It was 100% correct the entire way. I also like seeing what the weather is going to be like at the end of my drive without having to look up multiple cities on the weather app.
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1 year ago, NodrogWol
App transforms the way we travel!
This increases the level of the safety for long trips. We cannot say enough good things about the app. Based on the app, we changed our day of driving from SLC to Alberta by one day each way. We missed a blizzard on the way up, and avoided fog with freezing patches on the way down. Instead we drove through beautiful snow covered landscapes in sunshine! We particularly like the functionality of the sliding time departure scale. Nice simple intuitive user interface.
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3 years ago, Zgafsjskshsysb
Already can tell it’s AWESOME
I just loaded this app in preparation of an upcoming road trip - so since I haven’t actually used it on the road I’m reserving the 5 star rating - but I can already tell from looking through the app that it’s exactly what I was looking for. After searching several apps for something to give real time weather as I traveled - including weather alerts, I chose this one for the ease of use. It’s amazingly easy to use and has great concise graphics and lots of information in a compact form. I’m ready to pay for it but will use my free uses first - Fantastic app that does precisely what it says it will do.
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3 years ago, Thdjfkrksu
Great app
Ever since weather underground got rid of their road trip planner feature, I have been looking for an app just like this. I came across the developer’s Reddit post several years back and have been a huge fan of the app ever since. I’m a frequent traveler and storm chaser so having such a simple yet effective UI has been a huge help, especially on the plains where the weather varies from county to county. I would definitely recommend it, the pro features are worth it!
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2 years ago, winmayn
Almost There
It would really be great to be able to save the locations in the app. I drive cross country and it usually takes 3 to 4 days. If I close the app for an extended period of time to take a rest break I find I have to reload my locations back into the app. This can be a little time consuming because breaks are based on time/distance between stops and are different each trip. If not for this issue, this would be a top shelf app.
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1 year ago, Mahalia Fan
FINALLY a Weather Radar on CarPlay!
I thoroughly enjoy this app for the fact that I can FINALLY see a weather radar in real-time in CarPlay. I have been begging Apple to open this functionality up in CarPlay for years. The only thing I suggest is to use more a traditional color scheme that people are used to on the radar. The yellows and pinks show intensity but traditional schemes such as those used in tv forecasts or with competing apps are a bit easier to interpret at a glance.
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12 months ago, Sys Engr1
Radar could be a lifesaver
I bought a brand new 2022 ford explorer January 2023 (due to chip shortages) and Sync 3 does not support Sirius XM travel link, it did in my 2016 explorer and I used it traveling in Midwest to stay away from terrifying tornadoes. It also showed fuel stations and 5 day forecasts, which I wish they would add soon & would probably change to 5 Stars. If I knew about sync 3 lacking this I probably wouldn’t have bought a new explorer & will drop XM. I am also looking forward to seeing a 2 hour projection of radar.
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12 months ago, MacDuck12
Perfect app for traveling
I downloaded this app before embarking on a three-week trip through four western states. Towing a trailer, it was crucial to know about winds, especially, as well as heat and cold. This app did that perfectly! It has an clean, elegant interface and is easily customizable based on when you depart and what speed you travel. It gave us weather alerts and was spot on in forecasts. This is like a Swiss Army knife for travelers. One of the best apps I’ve ever used.
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2 months ago, tstA2
Excellent and easy to use
I’ve been using this app since getting our Toyota Venza about 6 mo ago. Had previously used SiriusTravelLink but that wasn’t compatible with this model of Toyota. Really like this and it makes planning a road trip easy whether short distance or long. It shows you what will be happening along the way. Easy to use on my iPhone and with CarPlay in the car dashboard display.
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11 months ago, Elso232
Excellent for driving
For some stupid reason SiriusXM removed weather tracking for vehicles and there are no other apps that work with Carplay except this one. Shows clear radar location of storms and rain updated every 10 minutes. Would be perfect if updates were more frequent since things change pretty quickly with summer thunderstorms.
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4 months ago, Chef Juke
Excellent app – better info than other map programs
I find this travel app far better at giving me the core information I need regarding weather along routes. I drive often through the Pacific Northwest during winter time and I find this far better at giving me road closures and inclement weather between where I am and where I’m going than Google maps, Apple Maps or Waze
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10 months ago, Niecie P
Great For Trip Planning
LOVE this app! Weather info is available and fairly accurate, especially since I drive long distances. A couple of enhancements would perfect this app: 1. Adjust the time and route to accommodate for delays and unexpected stops. Stopped to rest for 20 minutes, and the arrival time did not adjust. 2. Ran into heavy fog, which did not show on this app, or on any weather app. Made for a harrowing trip!
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4 years ago, talon09
This app is ESSENTIAL for any road trips lasting more than an hour. It’s crazy when you leave home and it’s gorgeous out, and then half way through the drive it starts unexpectedly raining cats and dogs. Live near mountains? You know how the weather can vastly vary from one side to the other. I will be paying for Pro. This app in seconds what would take me 20+ minutes each time. Multi-day road trips makes this almost impossible to do manually.
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4 months ago, PhotoFanatic
Flying is awful these days, so I'm doing more long road trips. It's *super* helpful for traveling in the winter months to find days when there won't be snow. For other months, being able to pick dry pavement days is awesome. You can adjust the departure time, and it updates weather conditions at multiple points along the trip route as you change the departure time. Great app!
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4 months ago, JimmyJamesSr
Very Dependable App
I downloaded this app for a trip I was about to take half way across the country. I was just going to use the free trial version but was so impressed I paid for it. I have used it several time since and have never been let down. I can utilize the best times to leave and avoid potential dangers by adjusting my departures if needed.
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11 months ago, Another RV Traveler
Free version worked well, now trying to force me to paid subscription
I installed app about a week ago. Just using free version. Works pretty good, allows me to select start and stop locations, and even adjust travel speed. And I can adjust my departure time. Quite useful for seeing weather on the way. But this morning it won’t let me adjust the departure time. The default is “depart now.” This morning when I try to adjust departure time it tries to force me to install the pro (paid) version. Hopefully this is just a temporary bug which the author will fix. If it keeps doing this I’ll end up uninstalling the app.
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5 months ago, OREGONBUBBS
Ice ice baby
I’ve been loving this app. Have used it for 2 months for work. I travel often for work. It’s been great until yesterday. I checked my route many times and it had all clear. No spots of wet or ice. However my husband called before I left and warned me of ice on many parts if my journey. So I checked ODOT trip check and no doubt there is at least a 45 minute stretch of black ice and ice. Quite a few deadly car crashes and more. While this app is great for many reasons, always double check roads.
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1 year ago, OzzyBSK
Excellent App if you like to Travel
I don’t remember where I heard about this app but it is a game changer. I go back East for the holidays. It is a long drive in good weather and even longer in bad weather. I used this app and decided to start my trip a day earlier. Instead of driving in the snow and rain, I had a pleasant drive on a sunny, blue sky day. I recommend it to everyone.
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6 months ago, HEED MY WARNINGS
Rarely Accurate
I just got done using this app for the last year and I’ve decided to cancel my subscription. Everything is great about this app except for the actual weather forecasting. It would be one thing if it just couldn’t get weather it was predicting a few days ahead of time right, but it can’t even accurately predict what’s directly ahead of me. The Apple Weather app seems to know the weather in the town that’s a half hour down the road, but this thing regularly does not. Unless it can do at least that, it’s just not worth the $25.
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8 months ago, Panelbasher
Takes the anxiety out of late Fall traveling.
We have done a ton of cross country road trips but mostly Spring through early Fall. This year we wanted to do CA to OH to spend Thanksgiving with family…and we prefer the I-70 through Denver route. Yikes! The weather can really get ya once it’s too late to reroute. This app keeps us updated day by day, hour by hour. Fabulous!
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1 year ago, Canyonist
Route display too distracting
The weather features are great, even in Southern California, but the “always forward” route display’s constant pivoting is extremely distracting (unless you’re on a long straight stretch of freeway). The Maps option to select always North display is ideal for visually relating to upcoming turns. Another desirable feature would be the ability to import Maps Favorites destinations, rather than having to re-enter/search for each.
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2 years ago, DarkJasmine1
Exactly what I was looking for
Thank you. I travel frequently from Southern Ontario to South Florida and have searched high and low for an app like this. So far, I am seeing that this was exactly what I was looking for. You’ve even considered my speed patterns relative to posted road speeds. Simple and brilliant. You’re going to make my trips a heck of a lot safer and easier to plan.
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1 year ago, banddood
Good app, will be even better with voice support
This app definitely fills a hole out there with regards to weather while you are traveling. Two major upgrades it could use are voice support (understand it’s being worked on) and timely road closure info. I live in central Washington and in the winter we often deal with pass closures, especially on I90. This would be a most welcome addition. Good support.
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5 months ago, LilypadAustin
Genius… just genius
Perfect app to help me feel safer when my daughter travels to and from college in another state. Before I found this app, I would literally try to figure this out on my own. It could be an exhausting endeavor, but worth it for her safety and my peace of mind. Now I can just click and drag to get a plan in seconds! Just genius.
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10 months ago, Lupita91910
Recent hurricane Whitney
I recently had to travel when I knew the hurricane was on its way. I heard there was a reload closure heading home and was stupor a couple days I found this app and tells you the weather throughout your route and is very accurate on time and everything. I don’t plan on deleting this all for a long time.
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4 years ago, Rayellen
Literally saving my trip!
Road trip across the country, listening to audiobooks and avoiding the news. I had no idea about the wildfires, but I was curious about the weather. The app showed warnings where smoke and air quality were dangerous and I was able to pick a new route. So grateful!! Next upgrade: cell service along the way please!!!
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6 months ago, Lovetoeatandonlyliketocook
Helped immensely during a snowstorm
Driving home for the holidays a few years ago, and we were able to skirt a snowstorm instead of driving right through it. We were able to time our departure and stops accordingly as well. This app is brilliant!
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9 months ago, Pad'r
CarPlay bugs
I tried to use this app on the start of a 3000 mile road trip. Had to quit using it because of the inaccuracy of the weather conditions and the annoying “return to route” message that kept popping up. I contacted support and they responded quickly. But, they have no idea what is causing this annoying message. I tried putting my iPhone on top of the dash and many other different places in my car hoping it would help. It did nothing. Canceling my subscription.
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1 year ago, John Ondo
Good app
I’ve been wanting a more accurate and useful radar app for my car. No one has one for CarPlay. This was great. Nice graphics updates well. I hope they can increase its features. I live in Ohio which tstorms and tornado watches pop up suddenly and I’d love to see alerts and maybe motion. I don’t need the navigation as much as I being able to pop to it in bad weather. Thank you for a good app!
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9 months ago, Sensei Wuu
Way too expensive
Another money grab. The app looks good but could never justify that amount of money for what it is. So I'll be uninstalling and moving on. Just another example of why I don't like the app store and most apple products in general. But if you have plenty of $ to throw at something like this then I'm sure you would be happy, just not for me. And yes I know there is a "free " version but if you want to use it as intended (car play) then you have to cough up the cash. To each his own
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10 months ago, bb222222222222333
I found that when we were traveling in Montana and South Dakota the information was not correct and it was not as accurate as using radar and seeing when and where the rain would be. We were in a motorcycle and the information about weather is really important. Not able to count in the accuracy of this tool, the idea is. Great. But we would get stuck in bad situation if we tried to count in it instead of the weather radar.
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1 year ago, Atticus_13
CarPlay app wonky, but great service!
Amazing app. I can’t believe that it took so long for something like this to be made. My CarPlay unit doesn’t have touchscreen, it works with a dial. Unfortunately this means I can’t use the CarPlay version of this app since the keyboard is only touchscreen. Also I wish the CarPlay app had the timeline view like the iOS version—though it’s absence might be due to Apple’s regulations around CarPlay.
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2 years ago, G Irvan
CarPlay barely useable
Jumps out of CarPlay multi view screen after .5 seconds Jumps out of route details after .5 seconds Update: tried on different Car (not sure if relevant as previous car unavailable). I think problem was related to how Apple Maps is used. If you go to Dashboard view, this app is NOT shown. All other NAV apps transition in and out of dashboard view. Instead of Weather on Way Apple Maps is displayed. Even if you kill Apple Maps on your phone, it is launched. To go back to Weather on Way you need to go back to launch icon as Apple Maps has taken over. I think my previous complaint was related to issues with Dashboard view but behavior was different. Definitely bugs in this area.
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2 years ago, mollie26
It is an ok app
I wanted to use this app to see the weather on my son’s trip across the country in winter. The week I used it it was going well until the last day. The app said the route was partly cloudy most of the route, when in fact it was snowing most of the drive. So, do not count on the accuracy of the weather on this app. Use only for timing. But, then again if it’s poor weather, timing will be off as well.
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1 year ago, Wileyxword
No Radar (updated)
I initially couldn’t see radar, but did in a few hours. No problem since. Great product works with Apple Car play. That was why I bought it. Will use it a lot. Thanks! Big plus to developer getting back with me. Changed my rating to 5 stars.
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11 months ago, geolehman
Needs more work on nav
There is a lot to be done here. This is the worst app for navigation use. I want this for weather on the route or roughly so. The app refuses to reroute. If it was reasonably close to the route I use with my Garmin, the weather display would good. Let me turn off guidance! CarPlay mode interface is too clunky and oversized. The weather balloons cover the position indicator. Who thought of that? As it is now, I can’t use this and don’t think it’s ready for paid subscriptions.
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2 years ago, Thundercaaat
It just works.
Unlike many other trip-planning weather apps, this one is actually intuitive and easy to use. It gives you the information you want in a straight ahead manner that's easy to understand. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Vizslas99
Too much radar color
The colors of the radar are too bright and overwhelming. They are also reverse of the NWS and other weather services that I have used as a professional pilot for 40+ years. There is also no way to set the radar transparency so the radar colors overwhelm the entire display making it difficult to see where the radar is in relation to where I am researching. Overall the functionality of this app is at best a 2 out of 5.
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1 year ago, Scooter-3
Great for motorcycle touring
Love this app! Navigation is solid with good alternative routes. The Siri interface is handy for hands-free operation. Weather info along the route is very informative & helpful. Only criticism is that Map graphics are too dark when using CarPlay. Not enough contrast between map & text in bright sun.
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3 years ago, SoloTraveler 291
I find this app very helpful as I travel to avoid driving through bad weather. The only thing I would like to see added is an adjustment for my speed. I tow a RV so I drive under the speed limit which can make a difference in the weather I see while planning.
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