Weather Underground: Local Map

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Weather Underground, LLC
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather Underground: Local Map

3.96 out of 5
29.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Hungarian Paprika
Very useful but too busy
Love the Doppler radar. The app was better when it didn’t have so much “stuff”. The basics are good and aviation layers helpful but you still must call and verify. Just basics with radar, forecast, precipitation predictions, outlook, and options for storm warnings, marine warnings, etc. I like the allergy and flu info, but would be much better if more specific by region. The fire data is not updated and simply lists all the fires even if they are not active. Would be better to list most recent in 7 day window, then separate list of all still active with touch screen to isolate. Really would be fantastic to make many of the features (fire and earthquake, etc) like this instead of trying to put them all into widgets. Despite all that rambling, I still use the app daily because of the the radar. Living in Florida, it helps with planning around frequent afternoon storms. The hurricane option should be a regular option selection along with a regional/local warning when the hurricane flag goes up, not a premium addition. This option is just as useful if not more useful than fire and earthquake info which is free. In the continental US, hurricane info is much more valuable and far reaching with regard to loss of life and property than earthquake and fire so why not add it at no added charge far ahead of other apps? Feedback for thought and consideration. Thank you for this helpful and useful app. Val
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4 years ago, sicbprice
Not Nearly as Bad as People Say
Due to the negative reviews, I was scared to update, and didn’t do so until today only because the old version was no longer supported. And I must say that I am a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about. I think this new version is just fine. Sure, there are some little hiccups, such as the daily details and graph not being fully displayed without clicking on “more” and the seemingly more prevalent appearance of ads. But first off, those are very minor things, and second, this is a big change for the app and developing team, so there’s obviously going to be some kinks to work out. And there are some features I LIKE about this app; it appears and behaves a lot cleaner, and I kind of like the design better. But that’s just my personal opinion. And let’s not forget that while the interface is different, the data being reported is still the same. You still get accurate, hyper-local forecasts that are hard to beat, and for free, no less. I don’t know who these people are writing the negative reviews, or why. Maybe they’re really into weather and used the old app more features more extensively. But I can say as an average person who just wants to see the daily weather, it is still a great app.
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1 year ago, Hdgggggggg
Dangerously inaccurate
Update- for over 6 months this app only ever states that every day is 76 degrees. It hasn’t been near the 70s for months-its almost February. My location services are on. Location is set by GPS. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app more than 10 times. I did a factory reset on my iPhone. Still refuses to provide accurate weather info. I have zero issues with any other apps or my phone. Everything works perfectly except this app. Former review- Been saying it’s 70 degrees and sunny for weeks now, even though it’s 106 with severe flash flooding. I’ve tried reinstalling the app. Keeps going back to 70 every day. My spouse and I have been laughing for 5+ years at how we can turn on the location gps thing and standing next to each other have wildly different forecasts. This app is so spammy and full of ads, they don’t give you real weather, they just send you whatever garbage data they find first and spend the rest of the time stealing your data and draining your battery. Finally deleted the app for good, so much happier not being lied to and stolen from every day or having to recharge my phone every time I check the weather. Saying it’s 70 every day for weeks when there’s a heat advisory and several inches of flash flooding is going to kill someone. Tragic, but I can’t wait to see how much the greedy app creators need to pay out in wrongful death lawsuits.
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1 year ago, Crawlski
Great App with Free Features
This app offers great content for free. Yes, they have a $20 a year premium for additional content and no adds, but it’s not necessary to get if you don’t need the additional content. I love the almanac that tells you the sunrise and sunset, as well as the radar and customization. I miss back when you can see where the actual Doppler radar locations were on the map, don’t know why that’s gone now, but that’s a minor thing. This app is a great alternative to the other app Storm Radar, which I’m pretty sure Wunderground owned due to its similarities in notifications which popped up simultaneously. But Weather Channel bought it, and completely nerfed the free features trying to get people to buy their premium, forcing me to delete it. I’m using this app full time now. Please keep things how they are, and don’t go full Weather Channel.
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4 years ago, kurt_s
6.4 is Crippleware.
As a longtime user, I must unfortunately concur with criticism of this latest forced upgrade. Simply put, it is commercially-driven crippleware. An example is the daily summaries, which have been replaced by a conspicuous advert: ‘Upgrade now to get 15 days of summaries’ (for $48/year). The existing summary menu is buried at the bottom of the screen where most users won’t find it or recognize it. Hourly forecast graphing is harder to access and far less readable, and even the Wundermap itself, the distinguishing feature of Weather Underground, has been made less useful and visible. (Although, I approve of the improved mapping quality.) Instead of fixing long-term bugs like disappearing crowd-sourced weather report controls, and cumbersome menus, they have made the app less distinctive, more generic, less functional and more obviously commercial. Within minutes of using the new app, I found a new bug. Woe be the user who selects ‘my location’ (GPS), when searching for the missing Wundermap station functionality. (Make that two new bugs, or one new bug, and one old one.) As of 6.4, I am looking for a new weather app. Unfortunately, none of the mundane options which these developers are inexplicably trying to emulate come close to what WU offers in terms of granular weather data. If only they would hire competent developers....
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1 year ago, Joe-Xcit34cfted
Meh. Cluttered. Not streamlined.
I was forced to find a new Weather app after Apple, the grotesque corporate tech behemoth, acquired the beloved Dark Sky app and killed it in order to crush the competition. This app does not hold a candle to the weather app I’m used to using in terms of its features or ease of use. The information it contains is fairly consistent, but aren’t they all the same these days in that respect? Everything relevant should be at your fingertips on one page of your phone. It’s not. You will find yourself scrolling and scrolling, vertically and horizontally, to access information. Views far into the future or far into the past are not easily accessible, if they exist. It’s overrun with advertising. I can’t find the precipitation radar app yet if there is one. and worst of all, with this app we’re back to the idiotic, simplistic weather icons. how is it possible that we have come this far with technology only to be reduced to describing complex weather phenomena with crude symbols, like the outline of a cloud, or a little sunshine symbol peeking out from behind a cloud? There has to be a more comprehensive way to describe this information that’s still quick and easy to read.
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2 years ago, Sterling 943
Hourly and daily doesn’t match, drags previous search
Updated but still frustrated. Constantly crashes, then disappears. I can no longer determine if I’m reading the city daily forecast with matching hourly, and takes too long to match current data. Both my iPad and iPhone have that issue. Example, I look at a city in Texas, daily forecast shows 85* and sunny, yet it kept part of my previous search in Colorado, where each hour shows 19* and snow. If I compare two nearby cities, I certainly don’t know if it is matching. I have ultra fast high speed internet. I cannot get local areas without a long wait. Other weather apps load in 2 seconds. Local areas must have wind gauges inside their porch. We can have high wind warnings, gusts to 50 mph, yet my areas show winds 5 mph. Forecast isn’t as good as other apps, not sure why it steadily went downhill. It often has 0% chance of rain while it rains. I live in a difficult weather area on the edge of the Rockies, and depend on weather data, if the others can do it, why can’t W/U ? Extremely frustrating. Disappointed. I’ve deleted then reinstalled, no success. The Walmart app is even better, never crashes, always updated. What a shame.
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2 years ago, BrianC72
Every Time I Think it can’t Get Worse…
…it amazes me in all the wrong ways. Seriously, it used to be so good. They’ve leveraged off thousands of users’ goodwill to share their personal weather data so it could be packaged into a valuable resource - especially in places where traditional forecasting does poorly, unfortunately, since IBM/TWC took over, even the most simple functionality has taken a dive. App doesn’t update efficiently, stations don’t show up to date information (or any information), location information is wrong (the app think’s I’ve been in the middle of the South Pacific for the past several days, while stating in the title I’m in the middle of Oregon) even with app restarts, phone reboots, and even uninstalling/reinstalling, the app maintains its delusion. If this was a new company building its user base and database, I could cut them some slack, but it’s not. It used to just work (for the user, anyway). I’m sure it didn’t work for the bottom line and I’m ok with IBM figuring out how to make it profitable, but don’t break all the functionality in the process - because that’ll only ensure it never becomes profitable.
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3 years ago, ag2427
App (or it’s ability to speak to individual weather stations) no longer working
I have really enjoyed this app For several years but in the last month or so, most of the weather stations on my list appear with /two dashes inside a circle/ which means the weather info is not available. This app used to be really reliable and there are two weather stations located within a mile of my house in an area of NorthernCalifornia with many microclimates which was so helpful because we are usually a 10 degree difference here than in town. Even the weather station in town shows up “unavailable” these days. As do the weather stations near the coast, 2+ hours inland at my parents place, my friends in Southern California… there seems to be no logical (to an un-sciencey person like myself) explanation or pattern. Needless to say, I’m bummed. I don’t know of another app that people can check the weather of such specific coordinates. I have been checking for app updates almost daily, hoping that one will pop up that will allow me to use the app reliably again. Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there hope?
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3 years ago, nmregan
I’ve been a WU subscriber for years. Like most people in the reviews, I was also disappointed at the big update about a year ago. Unfortunately, there still wasn’t a weather app that gave the amount of information I wanted, so I have still been using WU. Recently though, when I open the app, it won’t even display the temperature or any current weather info. Instead everything is appears with dashes in place of metrics saying that the information is temporarily unavailable. The website also states that premium subscriptions come with 24-hour future radar, which I don’t see anywhere in the app. The radar stops at the current time still. I wish that they kept the feature of being able to report the current weather condition where you are, because often when it is lightly raining or spritzing outside (enough for umbrellas) the app doesn’t pick that up and says it’s not raining. That type of weather was usually picked up by local reports from people on their current weather conditions. Now it’s just as useless as the other apps.
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3 years ago, stevespile
What once was great now noting
I’m finally writing a review because I don’t see things getting better. I’ve had this app since the beginning, in the past this app used to be great, a titan of meteorological information, it’s where I went to get all sources of information even aviation METAR data could be pulled up and read. It had amazing info graphics and a great source of tropical weather. Their network of weather stations and webcams made it very accurate to read and even see what the weather was like pretty much anywhere. sadly since IMB and the weather channel took it over it’s a husk of what used to be my favorite app on my whole phone, they were even making a dedicated storm app but that’s just dust now. I now have to go back to noaa and other sources just to find the info I want, the prediction and data displayed is often wrong or somewhat inaccurate, saying overcast yet it’s barely partly cloudy, I get storm warnings for a place that’s 50 miles away. This app is a general weather app now just like all the others bland and unremarkable. Even the website took a huge hit. Sad days in the kingdom fro those who remember what this used to be.
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4 years ago, shawnfromnewbury
New update is USELESS
UPDATE: I wrote the following review weeks ago and came back to see if maybe they fixed the app. No they didn’t fix the app and I found out they deleted my ONE STAR review. THAT IS A SCAM TO DELETE PEOPLES REVIEWS. I have had this app for years and years. It has been my favorite app for all weather inquiries. With this new update I’m sad to say that I now have to delete it from my phone. Their is just too many things wrong with the change. I have owned iPhones since the iPhone 3 was released and this is the first app that I can ever remember giving one star to. So that should tell you how bad it is now. Never change an app completely. If you have a vision on what you want your app to look like, then slowly change it through updates so the users can get used to the change slowly. The first time I opened the app after the update I couldn’t believe that you changed everything. I use to be able to see all the things I needed to know right at the top of the screen. Now I have to scroll through most of the app just to get a few different weather inquiries. If you change it back then I will be a returning user. Until then, sorry to say “goodbye”.
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4 years ago, Gibbs_Rules
So long WU, you ruined it
READ UPDATE*** These people are manipulating the reviews, getting real bad ones removed and posting fake good ones. If you have followed the progress over the years you’ll see how bad this app has evolved. Especially after the corporate takeover. DONT FALL FOR THE FAKE GOOD REVIEWS. THESE PEOPLE ARE SLIME. ***. Wow, this app went downhill fast on latest update. If you are still on version 5 DO NOT update to this garbage! Premium used to be $4 yearly and now is now $4 monthly. LOL Are you kidding me?! iPad is portrait mode only now, no landscape mode. This new and improved UI design is complete trash. Whoever decided this would be the direction to go is completely out of touch and clueless. Read the many many bad UI 6.xx reviews and decide for yourself. Devs totally destroyed what was the best most useful app on the market. Even if they reinstated the older version I doubt I’ll be back. Simply because I was midway through my old subscription. After this update my subscription was canceled and the only option was to pay the current price for 1 year. Sorry, no longer remotely interested in this shady operation. It’s not even 1 Star worthy anymore.
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4 years ago, WillOrWon't
3.5 stars—glad to see some improvement
I was a WU fan for years before the complete redesign a couple years ago. I eventually abandoned the service and began a quest to find something else that was as good for my purposes. I used to love the easy-to-understand, multi-day temp, precip chance graph format. The old design was summarily eliminated for a useless but colorful and “pretty” new design that just didn’t convey the same info. I was one of the frustrated users who left a one star review and went away, begrudgingly. Well, I was happy to see a move back toward the old format in the current app. I can now see several days of temp and precip trends at a glance. It’s a true step forward (or “backward” in a positive way). The first “speedometer-style” graphic is still pretty useless to me, but I just scroll down a bit for the old-school WU goodness. Thanks, app developers, for listening and considering the merits of WU’s tried and true formats. I’m back now. stars if the upgrade was more reasonably priced. $3.99/mo or $20/yr seems overpriced. I would personally find fair value at $2/mo or $12/yr.
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3 years ago, BobDog in Bonedale
Charging station owners for ad-free
Here’s a note I wrote to WU Support: “So let me see if I have this correct ... I supply you with free data for your web and app based products. In addition to the free data, I pay for and maintain an expensive hardware/software system and pay for the bandwidth to get it to you. Then you want to charge me to see that data in an incomplete mobile app that has ads ... that has been previously free to me as a station owner. Which is especially galling after you have essentially abandoned all support for the webcam component in the latest integration of the mobile app … and soon on the website! That webcam wasn’t cheap either. Seems to me that you are biting the hand that feeds you. The Wunderground community of station owners are the heart of your business model. We are your business partners. What would happen if a majority of us decided to stop sending our data? Please honor your previous commitment to us as station owners and restore free access to the mobile app. And add back in the ability to see a stations webcam as one of the components.” Time to take my business and data elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Jamison's responsible choice
Weather men and women future
For anyone who wants to become a weatherman, this is the best app to choose it has advanced weather that most apps don’t have. it shows all the weather features it has all different kinds of radars for different people, and you can see multiple things on the radar. what’s the one thing that’s good is you can’t see the future, some people like that but they don’t like it because it has stuff that might not be true, so it’s really good because most of the apps have only future or you have to see the future you can’t see the past or you have to buy stuff to get to see that stuff. It’s a really good app and if people want to become a weather or understand better this is the app to choose. Sorry if I didn’t add the period at the right point but I’m still learning, but this is the best app for the weatherman and women future.
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4 years ago, Bcunning12
Great app
I love the app and use it on a daily basis. The information is current and the app performance has been nearly flawless. The only issue I’ve run into has been when trying to create a custom smart forecast. The app always crashes completely. I’ve tried it on two separate devices running different versions of iOS with the same results. The custom forecast I’ve been trying to create includes wind speed, rain, and wind gusts (though I don’t know if that is an option since the app always crashes before I get that far). Obviously a smart forecast is more of a luxury feature and I can find all of that information individually within the app so I don’t think it’s worth deducting a star for anything, but it is a nice feature that I hope to be able to use in the future whenever the bug(s) get worked out a bit more. Other than that minor gripe this app has been flawless. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Malaneous
Ads, Tracking, & Less Trust
I’ve been using the app for a long time & have been using Weather Underground as my main source of weather for over 10 years. I even have a few weather stations (home, work, etc.) that are a part of the network. That data feeds into Weather Underground and gives them awesome data and I get an ad-free experience. Or I used to. Now I have ads on my mobile phone all over the place. Tracking is by default, selling my location data, browsing habits, etc. to who knows what sketchy company. I understand that I can log into the web version and get an ad-free experience, but I don’t plan on dragging my laptop with me everywhere. It’s been known for a while that weather apps (specifically those owned under the Weather Company owned by IBM) track, mine, & sell your data. Now that I’m getting pop ups telling me how to turn OFF the tracking that I’ve already turned off because you’ve decided to turn them back on (you know, in case I’ve decided that I’m cool with being tracked), is not so cool. It was a good run, but I bid adieu. I’m pulling all of my weather stations and sending my weather data to someone else.
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4 years ago, Design box
Extremely disappointed from favorite app to no longer wanted.
Fire the pm and the info xm graphic designer immediately. This decision was terrible I can appreciate new looks and fresh ideas. I also know you can’t please everyone but this shouldn’t have gotten any further than the first revision. This used nothing of the phone’s physical size or attributes to make some guy or reading easy. I can’t glance at a day. Now I have to work to see the information. I even thought ok I don’t line this but I will give it the benefit of the doubt. I slide to find temp, I figure out the time and how disconnected it now is. Then I try to determine the windiest part of that day. The time and speed feel like they are on opposite ends of the screen., worse the time slide starts moving it took me roughly 20 seconds to figure out and not exactly what the wind speed might be, might be. 20 seconds. Disappointing and dismal my favorite app on my phone you dissected and disemboweled. Harsh words for a harsh job. Truely disappointing. I can see by the length of others you have really gone off the deep end. I never see reviews and have never really provided a lengthy review as such.
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4 years ago, benreaves
IBM Redesign Killed This App
I’ve been a paying customer of Weather Underground for years, and the things I used to like about the app were how easy it was to read large amounts of data from local stations at once, and how they translated among views. When IBM acquired Wunderground and redesigned the app to be “sleeker,” they utterly destroyed that ease of use by oversimplification. Everything is in one continuous column except the subviews, so you see less at once. Scales on graphs are arbitrary and not marked on the main view. No more scrubbing flag on the conditions-over-time graph unless you enter the detailed view. No more precipitation graph in the widget, which hasn’t been updated for the new iOS 14 widget framework. Everything in the app feels worse and less helpful after the redesign, and never improved. It all still works, and you still get local weather station data, but it will never be as joyfully easy to read as the pre-IBM app, and that is a shame. The data here is still good, but it’s just nowhere near what it used to be before 2018.
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10 months ago, Joshualaska
Sluggish & Often Incorrect
I’ve noticed over the last few months that the app has been much slower in updating the current weather and forecast when I initiate a page refresh. It sometimes displays weather from another saved city in my saved list as the local weather for the actual location I’m in. Also, I depend on accurate hyper local weather forecasts. I do all of my work in the field, mostly while primitive camping. I need to know what to prepare for, to avoid setting up camp on a ridge versus a valley. A conservative estimate on their 3-4 hour forecast accuracy would be 40% at best. Far too often, I will check the forecast before bed and the night will be clear skies or partly cloudy, then I’ll wake up in the early morning to lightning and thunder! Prediction accuracy of major storms 4-5 days out is abysmal. Please post your new favorite weather app because I’m looking around for a better service. This is just an ad machine with a basic radar function and broadly inaccurate weather forecasts.
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2 years ago, imhoReviewer
Ads! Landscape View, Missing Units, History; Map your weather station
OMG, ads have gotten out of hand - they’re super sensitive to any touch on the screen anywhere near them! I’ve never had so much trouble using this app for YEARS that the ads launch links so much! I mean they can either fix it or I can fix it by stop using WU, which would be sad after so long. Since the IBM acquisition it’s been a slow fall from grace, but doesn’t have to be - I mean just respond to feedback/update/fix!!! Do you want me to just use the original WU developers new app Windy? Bring back Landscape mode!!! It was so helpful to turn your phone and look across the wider axis of the screen at the whole multi day forecast! What happened to the Hurricane/Tropical Storm section?!? Units on the temperature and precipitation Y-axis of the daily forecast inset graph are missing. Also, it was nice to scroll left and see a few past days weather grayed out. Today’s weather conditions like the old “About this weather station” should show it on a map and give you Lat/Lon of the station like it used to
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2 years ago, Kylekylekylekylekyle
I'm tired of the problems
I've been a Wunderground fan for years because of the way Weather Underground sources their data and provides a comprehensive, helpful set of visuals. But this app is so buggy, so poorly laid out, and so full of annoying, performance-inhibiting ads that I'm just tired of it. There are so many weather apps that are just as good, especially now that Apple has upgraded their native app with legit sources. This app almost never refreshes when you open it, so you're always looking at the wrong data unless you remember to manually refresh. Everyday, my wife is confused by comments I make on the forecast because she's using the Apple weather app and I'm giving her bad info from Wunderground because it isn't refreshing or its got me randomly in a different location. Also adding favorites is super buggy, sometimes it sticks, sometimes it won't let you unfavorite. For something so daily and so commoditized as weather reporting, it's time to just stick with a reliable, accurate weather app.
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4 years ago, Face the change
Lost Features, Disappointing
Finding a new weather station, changing layers, running conditions removed. Where did they all go. Weather underground appears to have sold out. When the app first change it was not user friendly and hard to navigate and find the previously used features. I use the app several times everyday as I live on the coast and things can be very different with time or location. I have always trusted WU and recommend it to anyone I can. It has helped me run out a storm on the way to a boat landing many times. Unfortunately, the other features that were lost are quite missed. There is no longer hurricane info or am I able to add those layers during Hurricane season. There is also a glitch with your current location. It stays on previous locations even after shutting phone down. You can’t change it because you can’t pick a station any longer. My husband and I can be looking at the app and see two different things. Its very frustrating. I hope there are plans to make the app better because with the changes it’s not encouraging me to go premium.
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3 years ago, AsphaltFenude
Finally, an app that accurately reflects......
the professionalism of the umbrella corporation who owns WU. What a huge difference between the old WU and this new version. It is easy to see what the weather is now and what’s forecast and so far it has been quite accurate. The hourly forecast is a big plus so you know what to expect when going out to shovel or blow snow, or actually determine what time is best to go do that. The daily is also handy so you know what’s coming longer timeframe, like maybe seeing that you might be wasting your time blowing snow now if it’s going to be crappy later on today or tomorrow. Very nice to know those things! I find myself going more and more to WU and finally paid the few bucks to not see the ads - why are ads so, well, a pain in the keester. All in all, this has become a great app and now includes quite a few interesting sidelines. Even the icon is iconic!
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4 years ago, elundy33
Somethings gone terribly amiss.
I’ve been using wunderground as my main weather app for years and it’s been awesome but over the last few months I’ve been having more and more accuracy issues and often finding people using NOAA or even the stock apple weather app are having better results when it comes to forecasts. Considering I don’t need a weather app that tells me what’s going on currently, because I can see, that makes it pretty useless. Then there’s this update they recently made to the app and oh my god it’s awful. There used to be a way to just open the map and select any weather station. Very convenient. Not any more. They’ve shifted the data into a hard to read, visually appealing, but not very informative graph layout. There’s not much to love about the new layout. So instead I’ve made the switch to PredictWind for wind forecasts (stupidly accurate and filled with cool tools)and I’m trying darkskys out as a general weather app. Good luck and don’t bother with whnderground until they go back to being a weather nerds easy playground.
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4 years ago, JimJoe Donut
Not very accurate at all. Not safe for outdoor enthusiasts...
I have five other weather apps, this use to be the best and it would notify me way before the other apps with sever weather but, not anymore.. I have to watch the weather very closely due to all the extreme outdoor activities I’m involved in and this app could get you killed in the backcountry with the failed information they provide. I gave it two stars because it has a map that works... that’s about it. The radar is very sketchy and does not pick up everything compared to the other apps. It’s approx 90% wrong all the time anymore with the forecast and accumulation. Seriously if you do outdoor activities where your extremely far from any help, please do not trust this app! Weatherbug is crushing this app with the exact forecast. Weather underground said it was going to rain yesterday. Never dribbled a drop.. even though the radar showed it was which makes no sense.... I think you need some new programmers and developers because you turned this app into a pile of compost.
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3 years ago, Melissa from Long Island
Used to love it but…
I used to love this app! It has a lot of great features and we, myself along with about a dozen close friends, used to use it almost exclusively. The app was great for the hourly wind direction and speed indicators, but this year the wind direction is completely wrong,if you are using an iOS product. We are boaters and the wind strength and wind direction is very important to us. Unfortunately, the only wind indicator that is correct is the original wind compass at the top, for the current time, the hourly wind direction is the complete opposite of what it should be, ALWAYS. We compared it with several of our friends; some of them using iPhones (IOS) and others that are use androids and it works correctly on the androids but it does not on any of the iPhones. I emailed the developers several months ago to make them aware of the issue, along with pictures demonstrating the problem, to which they neither answered my email nor fixed the problem. I will obviously have to search for a new app.
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3 years ago, daveK:Scientist
No layout options, hourly jumps, location, privacy
As a daily cyclist susceptible to Chicago’s ever-changing weather, I appreciate the accuracy of the hourly forecast, the one feature for which I routinely use WU over my default weather app, WeatherBug Elite. Unfortunately, there seems no way to adjust the layout, so each time I must scroll down to the hourly forecast. Even more annoying, the hourly forecast does not reliably default to the current hour. Instead, too often I find WU hourly jumps ahead two or more days, forcing additional side scrolling. It also works best with location info for the forecast, a privacy concern that also complicates getting info for a distinct microclimate (eg, Chicago’s “cooler by the lake”). Finally, although disclosed in the App Store and somewhat modifiable, the app certainly captures a lot of info for targeted marketing. All in all, some features are best in class, but it’s not especially friendly, and it’s downright intrusive.
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4 years ago, Hate tweets
What was a great and straightforward, easy to use app is now cluttered, awkward, and hard to decipher. In this case more is not better, it is instead confounding. On top of that it has constant ads. I bought the subscription but the ads are still there. I really loved Wunderground. Unfortunately I mistakenly allowed it to be updated yesterday on my ipad. This new version is nearly useless. The temperature and condition predictions are inaacurate, it is difficult to impossible to change the location. Really annoying is that although I have a subscription I now again have ads back after the update even though the subscription is still in force for nine more months and there seems to be no way to get rid of the ads every time I open it. On top of that the sliding system and complex displays make it almost impossible to get information quickly. All of my settings for outdoor activities are gone, and why don’t we have the simple to useSunrise sunset information displayed? This really is a terrible downgrade. Is there anyway to revert the app update?
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4 years ago, ArikGerhardt
Best to worst in one day.
This app USED to absolutely amazing. The moment I found it I fell in love and instantly made it my go to weather app. Nothing even came close to what weather underground provided. The layout, features, and overall simplicity in the app was just so far beyond any other weather app available. All of these other weather apps try to make it look new and different to try and stand out, but all that does is cause a ridiculous amount of confusion and makes it difficult to even find some of the information you may be looking for. Well, I’m sad to say that Weather Underground has done exactly that. The last update changed the entire app making it unrecognizable and exactly like the apps I despised so much. That very day I seen the change I was so frustrated I took the time to find an email in hopes to try and contact them about how terrible this change was and I never waste my time with that but this was too much. Hopped on it today and it still made me mad so now I’m taking the time to vent and make sure they know this app is garbage now.
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3 years ago, innlinesk8r
What I miss...
I really miss the old version of WU before version 6. Looking back at screenshots I have, it was so much cleaner but yet more feature rich. I really don't understand the change. BUGS: - Weather Station Rain Accumulation on the map shows hourly rate and not daily totals as of version 6.6.2 WHAT I LIKE: - The map and radar loads much faster in version 6 - The daily forecast graph has been improved to look more like the old one WHAT I MISS: - Ability to slide the daily forecast graph back to previous day to check precip totals - was useful for determining how much I needed to water - Single graph on main screen that you could toggle between daily / hourly / summary (although at least I can get a detailed hourly view on a separate screen) - No ads as a contributor with a personal weather station - Slide right/left to other weather locations - Landscape mode on iPhone to see the whole week forecast - Webcams to quickly check visual weather conditions - Tropical Storm / Hurricane mode - Free smart forecasts - Ability to rearrange the screen
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4 years ago, jdryon
TWC killed WU!
As soon as TWC officially took over the site and app, they promptly destroyed all of its functionality. They’re also manipulating the app ratings somehow. Just scroll recent and see how many 5 stars there are. With a rating of 4.2, the should be plenty. You’d think their main concern would be weather but no, turns out it’s just money. They used WU, it’s reputation, and loyal followers and exploited them all. WU, shame on you for selling out! We gave you your weather data for free, and paid a subscription fee for your services, and you show your appreciation by selling out in secret to the one company most known for inaccurate weather data and disregard and negligent to its expected purpose. They care about nothing but profits. Clearly, the private market cannot sustain a reliable, accurate, consistent weather data set and ui for public access. This is really important, life or death for some. NOAA needs to develop something like WU used to be. There’s crowdsourced weather data still ripe for the gathering at their disposal. Use it, so then we can. *THIS REVIEW SHOULD NOT BE DELETED FOR ANY REASON*
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4 years ago, 12876496574&$:())/@
This app has become just like all the others. Its not special at all. I used to use this app to see what the weather actually was in my immediate vicinity. It has ceased to be useful in that way. It’s fine if you just want a general idea of the weather but it no longer has the same functionality that it once had. Today I tried to use this app again to check in the rain that is falling from the sky. This app told me is was dry and no precipitation. I used to be able to see reports from other local users that could report rain. I can’t find this information anymore and I can’t even report the rain myself. This used to be a great app that crowd sourced some of its data and was able to be very accurate because if that. Now it’s no more accurate that the newspaper or any other random weather forecast. You all ruined this app for some reason. Are you making more money now? I hope it’s worth it to you. I used to tell people I work with about your app all the time. I won’t do that anymore and I’ll instead say how terrible you have made this app.
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4 years ago, Jacob C
Moving in the right direction
I’m one of the many, many people who loved the old WU app and HATED version 6. It was such a major downgrade that I switched to a different app and checked back periodically to see if they’d undone the awfulness. *Note* I had left a scathing review with no cursing or other inappropriate content, but my original review appears to have mysteriously disappeared. Very suspicious. Anyways, the most recent update is definitely a step in the right direction. The line graph showing temperature and precipitation chances is taller now (like it was on the old WU) so you can actually see it now. And it’s nice that you can tap on the graph and see more detailed versions (maybe the only good thing to come with v.6). Also, I like that this version lets you pick what app icon you want—more apps should do that. Anyways, I still miss the original, but at least they’ve improved.
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2 years ago, 1248163264. 123466
A Lovely Weather Graph without Time to Reference
Hi Wunderteam, Under the day or hourly forecast, the visual graphs with in depth detail of temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and more information, the is a line that gives off numerical readings except if you scroll down to access anything below temperature and feels like, you lose the date and time of what your looking at which is kind of IMPORTANT! I like the visual graph and want them to stay, just insure that the little time stamp stays with in the view of the screen making the information both usable and awesome! I think this was just over looked or accidentally forgotten as if anyone saw this, it probably would of or should of been fixed. Thank You Wunderteam! This problem is not due to me or my stuff and is out of my control: My phone is a Iphone 8 and updated to IOS 14.4.1 which should be fine and my Wunderground App is fully updated to what ever I can update to app wise with my version of IOS although the problem is not unique to me but rather ubiquitous to me, my mom, dad, brother, sisters, friends... who have more expensive and less expensive phones with better and worse hardware, and softwares that are at lower versions or at higher versions that that is always better. I have a diversity of app users with the same problem. Please make us happy, thank you!
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4 years ago, GodDaMonster
Another Weather App Down The Drain
As a weather enthusiast this was the app we (the weather enthusiast collective) used. It used to be a fun glorious app to use. All weather right at your finger tips. Crowd sourced hyper local forecasts with the ability to have home weather stations shared and to help other locals. We could choose how we wanted the weather laid out when we opened the app. Nothing was buried having to dive into a more section then scroll through graphs or down a page to get what in the old app was “just there”! I could go on a lot about how this app has been dissected and put together with “more” sections which are actually like a web based app deflates safari page and all of the users choices removed and great relevant information that is no longer available here. Oh wait I jus did… A big sincere thank you to the original Weather Underground for selling out to The Weather Channel and to The Weather Channel as well for giving us weather enthusiasts a wake up call as to how corporations will always move in an unconscious selfish direction as to make it so people are not informed and control and monopolize their product, (even if it is nature, hell who was it Exxon that tried to patent the sun lol), so that they can sell you back features. Us weather enthusiasts will just go back to tracking things the way we used to which is an individualized experience. We where having too much fun and got to lackadaisical and too informed. Thank You!
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6 months ago, Padre3660
Neighborhood not user entered!
The neighborhood information is now added automatically. Mine went from being my actual neighborhood to one called “East Mountain Coalition, which is not a neighborhood but a political organization. This tag covers a vast area, at least 10 miles from my location to the next city/town. I am offended that I am grouped with others under a blanket a political group and not an actual neighborhood! My biggest beef since Weather Underground was bought up by the Weather Channel is that, even as a contributor to the weather network, I have to pay to remove ads. The Weather Underground always provided ad free accounts to contributors. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands privately owned weather stations that feed their information to the Weather Channel for free, and in many instances, at our own cost to set up network connections and purchase special equipment needed to make this possible. Their accuracy would suffer if not for these people. But I guess it is all about the money!
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4 years ago, N1ck08C@5c@d1ng
Why did they change the Interface?
Wunderground used to be (Yes, I said USED to be,) my favorite and go-to weather app. It was accurate, simple and easy to use, and most importantly, it didn’t have any advertisements popping up on the screen every 5 seconds. All of that changed once they came out with the new update. I went onto the app one day, wanting to check the weather to see if it was going to rain that day, and then suddenly, I was greeted by a slow log-in screen, a completlely different interface, ads all over the top, bottom and sides of the screen, and banners popping up saying “Upgrade to premium to get 15 days of summaries.” Along with this, the app felt extremely slow, and I felt that they are ridding you of your money, and trying to get you to pay countless amounts of money to use features that used to be comepletely free. I hope the people at this company notice the mistakes they made, along with the loss of customers and hundreds of 1-star reviews, and will decide to bring back the old Wunderground we know and love.
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4 years ago, Purple Pillows
Was better before the update
I used to use Wunderground for everything related to weather. I still do sometimes. This is because I have no other weather apps. But the update has made the usefulness of this app go down so much that I would prefer practically any other app. Now there are ads everywhere, you have to subscribe to see the really interesting stuff, and there are no more Smart Forecasts or weather videos. I enjoyed both of those features quite a lot. Now I have to pay a bunch of money to use Smart Forecasts and I don’t even know when or how to get the videos back. Please get rid of the ads. I don’t particularly care about Wegmans Fresh Seafood, as one example. The Wundermap doesn’t even register that there used to be a weather spot in the next neighborhood over. It doesn’t seem to exist anymore and that was my nearest weather station! I don’t want to pay 20 dollars a year just to get the same stuff that I had before. Revert the update if at all possible, PLEASE.
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2 years ago, shhull
Has Been?
Current advise - not worth the effort. I’ve had this app for years and years, and have loved it. I used to pay the extra because I believed it was the thing to do with quality apps. I thought the wind maps were awesome, and frequently viewed the surface wind as well as the jet stream maps. The ease of use of the wind maps was one of the first items buried when WU and IBM became strange bedfellows. I called/emailed my concern and they helped me find them (buried). Over time, I forgot where they were. Since then, everything has become too busy and/or buried. The cost for add free has gone way up, while usability has gone way down. Some of the storm info abilities have been removed, now requires another app. I am no longer happy with the app, nor with any of the companies related to this weather fiasco. I will keep it for a backup until I am comfortable with a new app. So sad. 🥲 🙈 ⛅️
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4 years ago, Bozorgmehr
Widget? Information? Privacy? Less of it!
This used to be a great app. It had a wonderful and informative widget, giving a quick snapshot of what to expect for the day. Why did you get away with it in the update? The new version and its new layout is even more confusing and less useful. Information is hard to find and ads occupy considerably more space. Speaking of privacy, the app seems to be more intrusive and less reliable. I’m going to switch to a different app. UPDATE: The new version of the app has improved in terms of user privacy and contains clearer information about data use and advertising. The ads are still annoying and space-devouring. A widget is back, but it is NOT *the* widget that Wunderground used to have, which contained an informative, day-in-a-glance graph of temperature and precipitation. If this kind of widget is back, I will update my rating to 5 stars again.
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4 years ago, Torpedo Tortuga
Long time user
I am in agreement with so many others who have used this app for years. There is much less data than what wundrground website records from individual stations. There are so many weather apps out there this used to be the one that seemed to be most local. Not any more. Yes it fives the local station data, but the forecasts seem to be no longer based on local weather stations. The forecasts don’t even agree. The daily/weekly ones don’t agree with the hourly ones!?! It can’t be that hard to build a program to compare each weather station to a regional forecast and save that co parison data for each station. Then simply produce a local forecast for how the specific station varies from the regional data. It is sad that what was a great app (though it needed some improvements) has been so degraded. In the competition of weather apps this isn’t going to last.
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4 years ago, JLPlourde
Devs — LISTEN to complaints!
UPDATE APRIL 6, 2020 App is still horrible. What complete destruction of such a good layout. And over the last couple of updates the developers are still stubbornly sticking to this degraded visual timeline. I’m done with App, unsubscribed from Premium, will no longer tell my friends about it. NOAA seems to be a fairly good substitute. Don’t know why developer egos get so huge they can’t admit when they’ve made a mistake based on customer feedback. And feedback here should tell you a lot. WHAT did you do to the previous clean interface?? This was my go-to app, checked it throughout the day, turned a bunch of my friends on to it. But what have you just done?? MAR 2020. It used to be a clean graphic timeline of the next 10 days and an easy pop in for the hourly view. Why can I no longer swipe left and right between my favorite locations? Where did the Webcams go that displayed at the bottom of the scroll so we can see real-time images? Why have SO many features disappeared? MOST of us access this app on our phones — why are you catering to iPad app and downgrading the mobile experience?? Please go back to the Premium design you had just a month ago. I will never refer this app to anyone again. Graphic timeline had a clean presentation. For the love of god don’t just think this update is good because you’ve paid someone a re-design fee. Put ego down and listen to your users who now hate it. We all see the reviews.
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4 years ago, eustachys
Used to be a great app, ruined
This was my one and only weather app for years, until the latest redesign ruined the interface - I tried to get used to it for a day or two but hated it so much I deleted the app and I bought Carrot, which has a nice clean interface and good privacy protections (and a great humor team, added bonus). Highly recommend switching. The top feature I used to love about weather underground was the temperature and precipitation odds graph - the graph was the single most useful and unique feature of WU, quickly indicating what to expect when. Now, the graph is further down in the app and squished to such a degree it’s unusable. I also used to love the nice clean current weather bubble right up front, with the color border quickly indicating current temp, a few smaller weather stats visible, and a radar thumbnail that could be expanded if you wanted to - now it’s a hideous color wheel that doesn’t tell you anything up front. The ads also used to be unobtrusive and you could buy out of ads entirely. Now, I’m outta here.
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4 years ago, ionceateapotato
Atrocious Weather Reliability
The app is frustratingly unreliable in my area. Woodstock, GA. It prognosticated 2 days of rain followed by a cloudy day earlier in the week and it ended up not raining those 2 days. Now it’s pouring down like crazy on the one day it said it wouldn’t. Earlier today it said there would be rain for one hour today which is fine but now it’s changed to rain for 5 hours?!?!? How are you even that far off on the same day!!! I planned moving into a new home around what it had told me 3 days ago and nothing that it prognosticated came to be. Everything was wrong!! It changes dramatically even on the same day you’re checking the weather for. This is beyond frustrating. This has been my experience with the app so if you live in a different area it might be better but for Georgia, it’s an absolute rodeo as to whether it’ll be accurate. Also just to note. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience with the app’s reliability. This was the final straw. I unsubscribed from the premium and uninstalled the app.
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4 years ago, MoreRainyDaze
They’ve ruined the app.
I used to love this app. Used it several times a day and recommended to everyone. But no longer. They “updated” it and it stinks. I can’t think of one improvement that they made. And right now a storm is clearly coming out of the SE on the radar but the app say it’s coming from the NE. This is on top of rain not being calculated/reported accurately. Last year in August after we’d had almost 2’ of rain and my road was flooded for the first time in 40 years but the closest weather station reporting to them that we hadn’t had rain since May. I contacted them about it and they said a weather station hadn’t been calibrated or something like that. Whatever. It’s just not accurate or reliable in a lot of ways. I trust the radar but that’s about it. This isn’t data from your local meteorogist on the tv. It’s a bunch of people with weather stations on their roofs and that’s not reliable for a lot of the info you may want. How they screwed up wind direction tonight is beyond me. Don’t spend $ on this app.
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3 years ago, Jamesonsdad
Gone Commercial
This used to be my “go to” app for current weather and forecasts. The radar was easy to use, fast and accurate. For the past year though the functionality of this app has been in decline. Telling is the update history. Version 6.7 6.8 and 6.9, the most recent, only state to contact developer with suggestions or comments. The reason for this, in my opinion, is because they aren’t fixing bugs or improving performance with these releases, but instead are crippling the app with advertising and performance reductions in a bid to make you subscribe to the ad free premium. For example, in the past, the radar loop would load relatively fast and would loop smoothly at a speed that allowed you to visualize the speed, direction and intensity of storm development. Now the radar loads slowly and loops just as slow. Too slow for me to find it useful, or even comfortable to use. There’s plenty of other apps that now outperform this one, and I’ve decided to move on.
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4 years ago, Frogmouth9
$48 a year!
The app interface is absolute garbage now. Before everything was on one screen. You could briefly glance at it and get your info. You could also customize it the way you wanted. Not anymore. This was the best weather app for the iPhone. The format was perfect why change it? The premium version went from 4 dollars a year to 48! They took their most popular app, which relies on user driven data, and jacked the price way up. Not to mention charge for features that were previously free. I will no longer be using this app. I know I could use the free version but it’s loaded with too many obnoxious adds. Congratulations on ruining the best weather app. UPDATE: instead of fixing this broken app, the devs decided to double down and lie. They have deleted thousands of one star reviews and have added fake five star reviews. That says a lot about a company. Rather than listen to their customers, they just lie and deceive even more. I will never download the app after this.
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4 years ago, Lacalema
I have had this app for years and used it almost daily. It was amazing and super accurate. To the point where I could say things like “it’s going to start raining in 18 minutes” and be right every time. That matters when you are working outside and need to cover your work but also on a time crunch and need to work every minute possible. I waited until the force update day. Annoyed at how many adds there now were and their placement but could deal with it. Annoyed that features previously available were now behind a paywall but I could deal with that. Woke up around 2:30 in the morning to the sound of rain, checked the app. Not only did it say nothing of rain but also informed me it was sunny out. In the middle of the night. Out of curiosity and habit I still check the app a lot. Not once has it been accurate. Why would they totally destroy such an awesome app? Looking for a new weather app and using the disappointing stock weather app that came with the phone until I find a new one.
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