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4.7 (3.8K)
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Tien Long Nguyen
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather Widget®

4.67 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
6 months ago, multi-genred
Lots of details: I use it daily (many days, multiple times)
This is my favorite weather app. It gives all kinds of info others don't, like Visibility, percentage of cloud cover, wind speed, precipitation intensity, -& it's pretty much in real time (within an hour at most). I love the smaller widget (the medium size of the 3 options), & all the different widget themes, including how much detail I want shown on my main phone screen page; I also love how you can customize themes for the full app (when you click on the widget). It took me a bit to familiarize myself where everything was in the app--there are multiple places to click for "more detail" & to find even more info; now I know exactly where to go to find specific stats & facts. (It took me some time initially to understand & set up the widget, but with some patience & experimenting I got it how I wanted it. It has been well worth that initial confusion.) I've found this app to be more accurate regarding temperatures here than other apps, though it's a bit low on wind speed. The only info I get from other weather apps now is wind GUST speeds; & monthly-annual precipitation accumulation, and pollen levels with type of pollen. I also use another app for its "real-time" weather alerts. Everything else I want is in this app.
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1 year ago, RadioADHD
Best Weather App!
I started using this app because of the great live weather widget that helps make my iPad home screen useful to my daily life. I was able to match it to my theme because of the huge amount of choices. Much to my further delight, I soon found that this is the most detailed, accurate and easy to read weather app out there. I love being able to toggle between temperature, rain and wind with a quick tap. I also appreciate being able to see everything, including the air quality index and radar, all in one place on the modular, theme-able app. I was just looking for an attractive weather widget and got a lot more!
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5 years ago, SusFurl
Widget display
UPDATED!! Thanks to the developer for such quick response. For the local weather and time the app works great and is very easy to read. 5 stars once I can display a different weather location 🙂 I am so disappointed! I REALLY didn’t want to write a bad review without giving the developer the opportunity to respond first but I can’t seem to send feedback to him. The website just returns and error and the App Store takes me to the same error page so I am sorry this is the platform youbare first hearing from me. After searching through so many weather widgets to find what I wanted I thought I had found it. I even purchased the pro package which is something I never do. What I needed was to have a weather widget that displayed current time and weather for a location other than my home. But apparently the widget only displays the home location. I have to click in to see my other location. Sheesh!!! I can do that on the native weather app and so many others for free! I asked for refund but was denied. And to top it off when I click in to see my other location, the current time doesn’t display for my other location. So frustrated!!!! Perhaps I am missing something. Why can’t you have any location of your choosing be the one for the widget????? The home widget is just what I...just not for my home location.
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5 months ago, %nope
Some great features but many errors
First of all, i would rather have provided this feedback to developer, not posting on app store, but i could not locate any functional support /contact method. This developer has not provided any (linked support is devoid of support options). I do appreciate the variety of features and personalisation available resulting in an attractive weather app w which to widget-out my phone (bc i need to see the weather on every screen. When it can be broadcast directly to the back of my eyeballs w/o a device, sign me up). This app is not exactly infallible re: forecast, but i don’t count on it to be exact; just ubiquitous. My only (big) complaint has to do w the glaring lack of precision in design (less important) coupled w an inappropriate lack of knowledge in the subject matter (weather, astronomical/ meteorological basics, etc). The 2 common examples are: a full moon icon consistently appearing in a daytime section or two in weekly visual forecast where it should be some other icon that indicates daytime weather conditions. The 2ⁿᵈ example: moon phases are incorrect. Specifically, the conflation of “waxing” and “waning” phases. Please correct this! i.e. “waxing” = increasingly brighter before full moon vs “waning”. = diminishing to darker/less moon surface illumination after the full moon.
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1 year ago, FogCitySweet
Hi! I’m a trucker chick!
I have bought every app in the Apple Store and many subscriptions. Your temperature and snow visuals are the best! They are the best! Better then anything I have every seen! I love the full screen and Lock Screen widgets! They tell me everything at one glance. I could post the temperature and snow widgets I immediately looked up, for you to see as I have to run empty down through Colorado and to Arizona. But you already know they are sublime…. This is my favorite widget app!! My favorite one! You did such excellent work on all of these to make sure there was a widget for everybody!! Happy Holidays!
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2 years ago, Mike H Pedersen
I love the widgets.
Normally I’d go 5 stars but I have one complaint-the radar is terrible. I’m sorry because I ran the 3 day trial and ultimately subbed. Because it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that took the time and care to be beautiful. I admit I love eye candy, and furthermore, the number of options for the look. I ran it the entire 3 days to see the widgets behavior at night, etc. Also the icon selections. And the 7 day view. It’s all so good it just makes a nice application. The best thing is I found completely by accident. I didn’t know the App Store had little categories just below me he search. I tapped widgets by accident and saw this one. You should be on the main page. Well done.
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3 weeks ago, mirspa
Been using for quite a while and it keeps getting better!
I love how completely customizable everything is, and the subscription is very reasonable compared to other apps that offer almost the exact same thing. I think my only complaint is that I wish more widgets offered hourly weather instead of the next several days. I don’t mind going into the app to see what the weather is going to be this weekend, I’d rather not have to do that when I’m getting my kids ready for the day in the morning. Some widgets do offer hourly view, but not many, and even those are the more basic widgets. I’m obsessed with the new transparent widgets for my phone!
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3 years ago, Curecidp
Need Developers Support
I have been enjoying this app for quite a while now. However, I want to customize the widget, and it won’t let me. I upgraded to the pro version quite some time ago. I can’t seem to get a response from the Support Team to rectify this problem. Please respond. **************** The developers saw my cry for help and has promptly responded to me! I am tickled pink to be getting the situation resolved and to be able to keep enjoying this wonderful weather app! Good work you guys, and thanks for the wonderful app!
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1 year ago, Oldman from the 60s
New radar map is fantastic
Developer has continued to make improvements. Design and information is clear and accurate. New high resolution radar map is the simply the best weather map I have ever used. In my job, accurate weather forecasts are important. Tried 10 weather apps over the last 8 years. This one is the best. Apple’s new updated weather app is second. Supporting independent developers is important and I will continue to use this app first.
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1 year ago, Rusty 2122
Radar lacks
Out of all of the weather apps, I tried I picked this one! Even though I had to pay for it it was well worth it! I’m very picky about my weather apps I live in Florida, and I need to know exactly what is happening almost minute by minute as storms pop up out of nowhere! This app is absolutely wonderful, except the radar is lacking and it lags a lot. Definitely needs to be updated. Definitely need more options as far as how fast how slow you can progress, the radar etc. etc. etc. Other than that fantastic app keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, Hethret
Tells me everything and makes it”fun” in a way. But it’s a really great app for all! It’s great for tracking weather across the nation and country and you’re very local neighborhood even. They are very thorough and wonderful at the design that they did. I love changing the themes up it’s a fun activity to have/feature/add-on, what have you for quirky people like me! Great app for those who don’t care about those aspects as well! When it comes to weather, five stars! Five stars all around! LOL :-)
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2 years ago, Ronny Beanstack
Totally good. Thank you
I've tried many different weather widgit apps to find the cheap, single payment and you provide the best features I need like real accurate weather data, so many widget types and UV, Radar... It's worth the price unlike other app just give some simple widget layout and not fun at all. I can simply see if it rains with radar widget, see next days forecast and if I want I go to the app to open hourly detail of weather information. So great! Thanks
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3 years ago, BriSummer
Good app
If you could match backgrounds with widgets it would be awesome! Ex. Christmas and Halloween and thanksgiving, New Years, etc! I really love the widgets! The backgrounds are really nice also! I love all the weather you can get! You get a Lot of weather and also UV, air quality! You even get a radar and radar widget! I use dark sky which is Leaving so I purchased the dark sky app! You really get a lot with this weather app! You definitely should check it out!
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1 year ago, Hotflash61
Awesome- App Love it!
Over the years, I've probably downloaded just about every weather application trying to find the best one. This one is definitely the BEST for me. I’ve had it at least 2 years or more. I love that it's updated frequently and accurate. It is also customizable and features themes that you can also download, along with customizable widgets and fonts. It's A+
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5 months ago, Evereddie60
Almost there
I paid for the full version. Tons of data with ability to display in many formats. Graphically looks beautiful. Great widgets. The one item that is holding it back is precipitation amount in the forecast. Instead of total amount as all other apps have they use amount by hour. Useless if you don’t know exactly how many hours to factor in. This should be an easy fix and would move it to the 5 star category. Otherwise a nice weather app.
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8 months ago, sportfreak55
Doesn’t completely work
I have the PRO version and even though the app is nice it doesn’t work completely, the section weather & calendar will not sync and when I contacted the developer a while back I was told they know and it will be fixed, well when will it be fixed?? That feature was one of the reasons I bought the app as I thought the functionality would be helpful since I travel often. A suggestion for an additional feature would be to add functionality to the Dynamic Island like some of the other weather apps have.
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2 years ago, Kdw4
Took free version away now it’s worthless
I used to love this app, I had a free version that was NEVER wrong. One day they required me to by a subscription or the pro version for a one time fee, so I bought the pro version, since I’d been using the free version and loved it. Ever since I paid to keep the app, it is now almost NEVER right in its forecasts. How a free version can be so much better than the paid version, I’ll never know? But this app is crap now and I can get a free version anymore. Don’t even know if they offer one, because I wasn’t given a choice to keep the free version in order for it to work.
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4 years ago, A Mad Chemist
Has data now missing from Weather Underground
Although the data are displayed differently than in the old (good) versions of Weather Underground, the functionality is there and easy to access. One of the things I like about Weather Widget is the more detailed 24-hour data view that shows the predicted precipitation total for each hour as well numerous other helpful predictions. Highly recommended.
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5 months ago, BeachKath
Terrific Weather App!
This is a extremely useful AND fun weather app! Tons of fun and serious theme options. But the weather info is super and detailed. We live on a tiny island in the ocean and even our weather is right! Choices of weather info sources couldn’t be better! We get to use NOAA! The developer/owner of the app is a very nice guy, too. He helped me a lot Bill when I was new to the app a couple of years ago. Thanks, Sir!
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2 years ago, Nguyen tien long
Thank you
I downloaded many apps and you are the best one. Your price is totally cheaper than what you’re providing: Great weather app compare to Darksky or Twc, amazing widget collection with radar, uv, air quality or any weather forecast I want. You’re far more worthy than other simple widget app. I used your app almost everyday. Looking forward to your next updates. Thanks
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7 months ago, theSoccerDad2
Radar widget doesn’t work
UPDATE on developer’s response: In spite of “fixing” the app, my issues continued. And when I reached out it took too long for a response. My idea of a good app isn’t one I have to remove/reinstall/etc Sadly I wasted money on this app. I wanted a great radar widget for my phone but the widget rarely worked and kept insisting I needed to be a premium member. Which I was. I contacted the developer and they responded at first but then stopped responding. They know this is an issue but won’t fix it. I’m tired of the “delete widget, delete app, reinstall, reboot phone, etc” for a service I have to pay for. Don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, terris2212
The widget is awesome
The main reason which I have downloaded this app was the beautiful widgets but looking at all the other options makes me love this application because of its design and nice colors. Also the radar , wind , temp and other options made me delete many other weather apps and keep only Dark Sky and this one. A big thank you to the man behind the scenes that responds after a few minutes. 👌😘❤️
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11 months ago, Missknb
Not very accurate.
I’ve had the app for about a week now and I have come to realize that it is not accurate at all. I live in Arizona and the current temperature is 113, all the other weather apps are showing 113, my outdoor thermometer is reading 113, and this app is saying 108 feels like 102. I’m here outside and it does not feel like no 102! It feels like I’m standing inside my oven at 350! How are you going to say 108 feels like 102???!!!! Maybe the heat is getting to me, but how can the app be off so far from all the others?
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2 years ago, Allen's iPhone Account
Background Transparency
Any chance of adding a transparency function to the background setting? I keep my first page as simple as possible and my wallpaper automatically changes daily. For keeping it simple, your app has the widget I was looking for (weather, time, and date combined, stacked with my calendar agenda) and, for me, some degree of transparency would make it perfect. Allen Markham
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1 year ago, Divinelixir
Paid widgets no longer working
Disappointed. I paid the lifetime fee so I could activate all of the offered widgets. While the activate button is still present for each option it will not change the widget appearance if I attempt to change to a different one. It only allows me to use the standard free one now. I have waited the 1-2 minutes, reset my phone, deleted the widget and re-added it and it no longer works. This has been going on for about a week. I would like a refund if I can’t use all that I paid for!
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3 years ago, Ocdette
Stop asking for Reviews when you have Barely SEEN the App!
So here’s the review... Who knows if you like it or not? The stupid review request pops up and obscures the screen before you can explore it. THEN, you’re almost forced to get the paid version..NO!!! If you like something, find value in it and use it, you’ll pay for it. If it’s forced in your face before you know, you WON’T!.... Soooo I will NOT! I think it’s a good app.. but who knows...
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2 years ago, raj-jay
Moon phase in weather widget
Tien, I like the fact that I can customize the widget. But, I wish you could show moon phase during night time instead of the standard moon icons in the weather widget. That would put the application in a different class of its own. I assume given that you support moon phase widget, my request is not too much to ask. The Geneva moon app does the moon phase really well.
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4 years ago, Elli, Texas
Just what needed👍
After hours of looking trying to find a widget that would give me, date, time and weather all in one, came across this all. Had one request for date to be added and what do you know a day later the came true with an update. Very impressed with there app and customer service. Keep up the good work and thank you!
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3 years ago, fFzgFFYzzgGhZhx
Great app!!
I personally bought this app for the weather widget and it’s great!! The widget is customizable in icons for weather, font, color of background and although there are some options restricted to people who buy the full version, i have the free version and there’s still a very large selection for widget editing and it’s free. Love it!
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2 years ago, MissNyxxie
Great app, slow update
I love this app and it’s ability to be customized. However, one little issue bugs me. When you go to the screen where the widget is, it takes a solid 5-10 seconds to update based on the current time. I wish this was more seamless.
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1 year ago, Jay Jay 0516
Absolutely Wonderful
This is an outstanding app! I kept getting the wrong weather with various other apps. This app has been accurate and all great features for even just the free account. 100% recommend to all! Should be a top weather app for sure!
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1 year ago, mattgordon39
Great weather app
This app is a hidden gem, despite its names it is more than a weather widget app. Here are the pros: reasonable subscription price, highly customizable (from themes to icons), simple UI, good weather sources, a good widget as well as stand alone app. I would like to see some new features mostly a widget for Apple Watch.
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I wish you would make more of these easier to get for people who can’t afford to pay for them like myself. I’m a woman who has no job, no money but I absolutely love these widgets. So please help people like myself out and make more of them easier to get. Thanks so much, Crystal Sexton
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6 years ago, Cranberry1234
Excellent app
This app ,is simple,right to the point,accurate,weather,all the other apps are needlessly complicated. Please don’t try to upgrade. We experienced a nor’easter and all the weather stations and apps were off this one is close good job. Just one thing the guide intro is unreadable it moves to fast to read. Otherwise superb.
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3 years ago, Ninja Liz
Favorite weather widget
Really like this app, really easy to use and fairly customizable. I wish they would add moving widgets for the Home Screen it would make it all that better. Would recommend for people who like to customize their Home Screens with widgets.
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5 years ago, CRAP - DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Works and Free Version isn’t Ad Crazy
This app works. It works well and the developer is on top of any problems that arise. I have the free version. I’m considering buying it. If it stays stable and good like it is, I probably will. I would like to know what my weather source is. It should be NOAA but I’d like to make sure. Overall, it’s a safe app that works well.
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5 years ago, justsomeguyinohio
Weather with a Vision
Excellent App. I love this app because it was designed for those of us who are - visual learners. The temperature, humidity, wind, etc... are all done in beautiful histograms that fluctuate relative to the time of Day. Easy to read - Easy to understand. Not only is the app gorgeous to look at it - it communicates detailed info easily and effectively to the user. Take it from a techie: rich data can be sexy! Very nicely done.
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3 years ago, Weather_Dude38
Doesn’t show current location on radar
Like everything about the app, except for the fact that it doesn’t show your current location on the radar app. Had to delete the app for that one reason, but will re-download if that issue every gets fixed. Nice app overall though, but that’s a deal breaker for me unfortunately
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4 years ago, merriejayne
Lovely weather widgets
I love the different widget options. Fairly accurate and informative. The pressure and dew point are excellent features, helps me pinpoint a pressure headache when I get them and I’m able to better handle my gardens for work with the other information given. Thank you for your great work!
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1 week ago, Star amazed
Works great
One of the better abs, definitely a lot more accurate than some of the previous ones I have had. Have been using this now for a couple years.
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2 years ago, thatguy555
Great app but widget doesn’t update
I really enjoy this app. But the last couple weeks it seems to freeze on a time and not update. I’ve re-installed it, deleted the widget, and opening a new one, nothing seems to work. Not sure if it’s a big just one my iPhone or across all of them. Kind of disappointed because it makes the app unusable.
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4 years ago, Kerri Nick
Suddenly missing from watch??
Hello, I've been using your weather widget app on my apple watch series 4 for some time and now it's suddenly missing. The app store doesn't show apple watch anymore but it still says it's on there. What's going on??? I'm change it to 5 starts if I can get some answers. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Noeleo09
Widget Display
I absolutely love the feature that greets me in the morning with a “Good morning” and gives me the days forecast! The widget can be a little slow to load, but other than that, it’s great! I like that you can choose the style, however I wish there were more options. Quick and easily accessible.
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2 days ago, Ms.beatlemania.
Works great and easy to use
I do not tend to write long reviews but I like this app and the widget on my phone. easy to read at a glance and when I click on it, there is a details weather report right there. 10/10
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2 years ago, heychief62
The app is accurate which is very surprising sense some don’t get close. Love all the choices too choose from can change your page every now and then
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1 year ago, Joseph Wolverton
Weather app
I’ve tried a whole lot of different weather apps and this one knocks it out of the park. It even beats my local News. Thank you. You all have put a lot of work into this. Much Appreciated. Joseph W.
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2 days ago, Gene💥
Weather Widgit
I really like this App. I use it every day. In fact I rely on it multiple times a day. I also like the various aspects of the current weather forecast available like the wind and rain. As a free app I’d give it 10⭐️s!
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3 years ago, randynx
Doesn’t reliably update
I want to like this app more than I do. My biggest complaint is the temperature displayed is always multiple degrees off. It only updates once I open the app. I was expecting it to constantly refresh and update and display the most current accurate temperature, but it won’t do that until I open it. It’s 3 to 9 degrees off every time.
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5 years ago, Bernardle
Weather Widget
Love the widget on my home screen, no longer have to wait for the app to load to see current temperature. Simple visuals for expected temperatures and precipitation during the day. Able to see more when I want. Overall, thanks.
Show more
7 years ago, Midnitelouie
Best I’ve used
I’ve tried a bunch of weather apps. (No really. A BUNCH of weather apps...) This is the first one that gave the the info I needed without bugging the living *^%#* our of me. Smooth interface. Clear layout. One of the few five star ratings I’ve ever given a product.
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