Weatherology: Weather Together

4.7 (3.5K)
188.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Weatherology Mobile, LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weatherology: Weather Together

4.66 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
2 years ago, jrbart
New interface is deal breaker
I really enjoyed the version 6 interface which made this app stand out. Now it looks just like the other 5 weather apps I have and I will probably delete it if this is the future direction that they have decided to go. I understand that they want to expand the features, but I was in it for the look and feel. I have several other apps that were designed around the concept of a circle or pie that can expand which piece you are interested in, and what can I say, I just prefer it to a tabbed interface. Edit: I have upgraded my review to 5 stars because the developers have taken the time to reply. It it the same reply they have given others who do not like the new look, but hey, they replied. As far as not being able to expand and add new features with the old interface, they should look at how some of the other apps have done it. I’m sorry, but I really was in it for the look, and if it looks just like the other apps now, I think I will use the other apps.
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9 months ago, TwistedPickle12
Absolute Hidden Gem!
This is by far the best weather app I’ve found. After trying what feels like dozens of other apps, I stumbled upon Weatherology and haven’t looked back since. The UI is clean and easy to navigate; customizing favorite locations is simple and useful as someone who has to travel every few weeks; And, the radar has multiple options for layers so you can geek out at whatever type of elements you’re wanting to follow on the map. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about ads popping up on your screen while you’re trying to stay updated on the weather! I can’t believe it took me so long to find this app, but now that I have I tell everyone I know about it.
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2 years ago, KTNNC
I’ve been looking for a replacement for Dark Sky since it won’t exist at the end of the year. So many other weather apps just don’t cut it. Either you have to pay a monthly fee, they are covered in ads, or their radar is awful. This one is simple, has all the necessary info without overwhelming you, and the radar is actually better than Dark Sky’s in my opinion. My car is not fancy enough to use the CarPlay aspect of it, but I think it’s great just on your phone. I would happily pay once for this app, just please don’t change it to an irritating subscription based service like everyone else!
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4 weeks ago, oldhat01
Best Weather App Hands down!!!
I’ve downloaded many weather apps and used different apps at the same time because each one had a down side to them. Some were useful but on weekends or holidays slowed their updates to once an hour like NOAA. Weatherology always has THE current weather and all the information you need and then some. Which weather apps give you the wet bulb temperature which the military uses for outdoor activities like this one? Great app, my go to app. And if you can’t screen the info, just one tap and you can hear a current 20 second audio forecast. The only app I need.
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1 year ago, Zeeek
The best weather app you’ll find
I’m a Dark Sky refugee and have downloaded and deleted 20+ apps looking for a replacement. Every single one has either been heavily paywalled, built around a gimmick or littered with ads. Not Weatherology. This is the one that’s finally taking the Home Screen slot where Dark Sky once was. I sound like I’m getting paid, but honestly just happy to finally have found a weather app that does almost everything it needs to and nothing it doesn’t. Great developer response on bugs too. Get it!
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4 years ago, Allen Lieberman
Ad free experience = RARE GEM in the world of weather apps
Subject line says it all. AWESOME radar national composite display. That is just the beginning of a wonderful user interface I encountered on this app. Whom ever designed the app did a great job. Slight learning curve in navigating app as menu options at top of screen not labeled. Once you get the hang of navigation, this app is such a refreshing change when compared to other apps that clutter their apps with ads. I require epi pen when it comes to ads and this app fixes that problem with no ads. Hope it stays this way!
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2 years ago, CandorTruth
Giving this an honest try
I have only had this app a day so far. I am very picky about apps in general but specifically weather apps. I will update as I go but my initial opinion is i love it. Most importantly, it appears this app does not collect data like others do. Some to include everything you do on your phone. It is free. Nothing is free so i am curious but I am impressed. I am still looking for wind info and i see the radar function is not great but i read why in the app info. I have high hopes for this app. More later.
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8 months ago, RDLGSTX
A fine WX app, from a collector of way too many
H/T to the Weatherology team for a clean, efficient, all-in-one weather app. I’ve been through and collected many. Weatherology, and my dedicated radar app are now first and second on my phone home screen. Not to be overlooked is the accompanying excellent Apple Watch app and clean complications. Great job, and thank you! ========== Update 7 November 2023: This WX continues to impress for accuracy at my location and clean interface. Still my first up WX app! Thank you Weatherology team!
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2 years ago, Naria1
Need a no music option
Update: Thank you for adding the no music option. A more diverse selection of voices would be very cool next. --- I was looking for a weather app that worked with CarPlay. The natural sounding voices reading the forecast is pretty neat, but I would like to have the option of no background music or to make it much quieter compared to the voice volume. No matter which music style I tried, I found them all distracting. Also a graphic display for CarPlay that has simple temperature and weather hazard warnings (lightning, fog, freeze, etc) would be nice. Thank you
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4 years ago, Miken37209
No radar with CarPlay
Update to respond to developers: Apple restricts weather maps from being displayed on CarPlay for safety reasons. It would actually be safer to allow the maps to be displayed because this leaves me with the only option of picking up my phone and looking away from the road to get the information I need. I wish Apple would realize that. I wanted a weather app that shows the radar on CarPlay. It’s not a bad weather app but when it said it worked with CarPlay I thought that meant it would display the radar. When I’m driving down the road and I want to check the weather conditions I don’t want to have to pick up my phone to do it.
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4 months ago, KCBladesMan
Best weather app I’ve found
I’ve tried a number of different weather apps, only to delete them in frustration when they fill the screen with ads or nag me with pop-ups to sign up for their paid versions. There’s none of that with Weatherology. And even better, the forecasts are more accurate too. I do wish the daily and hourly forecasts stretched out a bit further, but otherwise excellent.
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3 years ago, come easy
Missing information
Although a nice weather report it is missing weather visuals in its forecast, there is no 3,4,6 or 8 hour cloud tracking like found on other weather apps, instead we see a very brief look at clouds, also there is no forecast on expected wind duration hours days or mph. Very disappointed in Radar one minute it shows clear skies and 45 minutes later it’s solid clouds and no direction of where it is coming from or going to, I believe this can be greatly improved by a longer duration perhaps tracking for a two or three hour window would fix this poor presentation.
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3 years ago, cattinc
Great on phone, not so great on CarPlay
I downloaded Weatherology based on a search for weather apps for CarPlay. All came up with this app. After installing and configuring the app (as well as rebooting the phone), I was excited that it actually showed up in the CarPlay list. Once I hooked up the phone to the car, I was very disappointed. There are wasn’t a way to show radar, any forecasts, or even something showing the outside temp. All I got was audio from a meteorologist giving me the weather. On the phone, the app is intuitive and presents the weather very nicely. In the car, not worth the trouble.
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4 years ago, pgeller
A better weather app for all
I was only familiar with Weatherology as a speaking weather app for CarPlay. Since Apple insists traditional weather apps are too complicated for driving mortals, it was the best choice out there. Today, I accidentally discovered the richness of the iPhone app! It’s a concise but complete weather application with tremendous depth and a brilliant user interface. Everything you need to know is packed in there and just a tap away. Now my go-to weather app!
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10 months ago, Nolan_Christopher_Parish269
I love this weather Ology app.
I really do love this weather Ology app. I’m proud of what you guys have done, I gave this rating of five stars and I give you guys a 100% of a great job. Well done. I definitely would love to see a lot of accessibility improvements to this app and the next few updates or more if necessary. thank you so much for providing it for me to use as a blind individual once downloaded from the App Store, thanks again.
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4 years ago, Pmftac05
Almost perfect
I greatly prefer this ap to many of the others I have used for weather. And I love that it works with my Apple CarPlay! However, switching between locations is cumbersome. If there was a way to add a screen where local current weather for all of my “favorites” is displayed that sound be awesome! Also, a faster way to switch between locations. There’s a good number of steps required to switch from the extended forecast of one saved location to another. Otherwise I’m glad I found this app!
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12 months ago, Tennis_Shoe
Don’t have to search anymore
This is by far the best free weather app I have ever used. The UI is very friendly and esthetics is very pleasing to the eyes. I have tried just about EVERY weather app in the App Store and this is by far the winner. I had a few questions for the developers and after emailing them…the response was fast and solutions were offered. Extremely please with the app and the developers and would de recommend!!!
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10 months ago, BookGobbler
My favorite weather app! Usable by everyone!
I love this app. It does a great job of providing me with current weather information. I like that the developer has paid attention to Accessibility. Those who use screen readers can use the app. Those who need audio have a good audio report. I like the customizability and I like all the information it provides. It’s my favorite weather app of all time.
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5 months ago, qqqqqqqqwqqqqqwqq
My review
I love it! I gave it a 5 star rating! Its features are very useful! The one thing that I wish it had was a feature where you could add more then 10 favorites! Also I wish it had all of the meteorologists listed! Could you make it so that when I listen to the forecast they can say the radio station name like they always do when they read the weather?
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3 months ago, Hotrod6045
Almost Perfect
Love this app but it’s missing current location NWS notifications. Also, if such were enabled, perhaps Critical Alerts & Time Sensitive notifications could be enabled for current location and our favorites for things like tornado warnings? I’m almost to adopting this app as my go to weather app but I would love to see current location NWS notifications to come soon.
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12 months ago, Mitchychelle
Extremely accurate and reliable
I’ve used many kinds of weather apps prior to downloading Weatherology and I must say my experience so far with this app has been by far the best out of any other apps. I travel pretty frequently, so to get accurate forecasts has been a huge plus. Highly recommend this app to anyone!!!!
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5 months ago, 25$@
Some Inaccuracies
I have been verifying the data in this app against the national weather service & noaa lover the last couple of weeks & find that this app has some pretty bad inaccuracies. Right now it says the wind is 4mph from the south, but the nws & noaa indicate wind is 21mph from the south. That’s a huge discrepancy. The temperature is usually close, being off by a degree or two usually. And, yes I am using the exact same location in each. I would need to see the accuracy improve to keep this app. I think it would be great if that were improved significantly.
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11 months ago, tmanspitzer
No location change
I really like the app but it does not change location automatically. Even when you have current location selected it always shows what ever is entered in Home location. Example, I live in PA on my iPhone I have a PA city. On my iPad I have a city from FL. I received PA weather on one and FL weather on the other even though they both are set for current location. If there is something I’m missing please let me know. Until then can’t use the app. Thanks
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2 months ago, semmoha
Just one concern
I really love this app and it has everything we need , and it’s really accurate , just one concern and trying to understand, I set up the setting on current location , so sometimes get my location , but sometimes get different location it’s not really my current location, did I miss something, just trying to understand the app and how it works. Otherwise it’s awesome app
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3 weeks ago, SpArTaN 6A
Great weather app!
I’ve used many, but this is becoming my favorite app. I had a problem initially with the app telling me that it was always currently 93 degrees. So I contacted the developer and they responded in minutes and the issue was fixed in about an hour! Outstanding customer support and I would highly recommend to anyone!!!
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1 year ago, STARZSKILLZ7
This app is amazing! Can’t believe it’s free. I’d pay for this! I love the voices and audio, map styles, and the ability of change the app icon. Another plus is the global radar. Most weather apps show radar for US, and Europe, but this radar allows me to see world-wide radar! Major major plus! Please add county lines for US map! A lot of effort was put into this app. 5 stars!!!! -Fan in NC.
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2 years ago, Ruessyyyy
CarPlay Maps/Radar
I wish there was a maps program that you could see the radar on. I’m guessing that is not allowed and that is why. After such a quick response from Weatherology about my above question, I’ve moved them from 4-5 stars. Hopefully Apple changes their policy with radar maps.
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4 years ago, SatishPappu
Great for keeping houseguests happy
I entertain international guests a lot. I check the weather everyday in order to decide which tourist destination and national parks I should take them to so that bad gloomy weather doesn’t disappoint them. This app is convenient because I can have the gps and music going all while getting alerts from the app! Great information keep up the good work
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2 years ago, unstablebb
This app really isnt any different than the 100s of other weather apps out there. I bought it specifically for its CarPlay ability….whic is literally just a single line on the screen telling you your location and weather. I was hoping with CarPlay i would get more, especially a live radar on my screen without having to access my phone (which makes the apps CarPlay ability pointless). I would give more stars if the app was….more than any other weather app…its not.
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4 years ago, KyBunnies
Top Weather App
This is the top weather app for me. I have personally downloaded almost all weather apps the the AppStore. Not a single one compares to this amazing app. NO ADS. Yep you read that right there are not any ads. The second best feature: A real human providing the forecast. Weatherology where have you been? You have become the love of my life app. Please never change. I love you.
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2 years ago, Amber Starfield
Cool app, but could look better.
I don’t know why there is a big, low resolution, functionless weather doughnut in this app. It doesn’t even remotely resemble my current conditions. It is mostly sunny and 102F, while the weather doughnut looks like overcast stormy skies that I can only dream of having. Other than that, the app is great. Please toss the doughnut and get some better quality weather images.
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2 months ago, TN2024TN
With Carplay
Works poorly with Apple CarPlay. On my phone the data and map displays work good but in my vehicle the displays are terrible. They are nothing like the phone display. It only gives a verbal forecast. Pretty useless when driving. If the displays were the same on the vehicle as on the phone the app would be great. Deleting until more usable. Update: Developer, all that was necessary was a simple explanation and I would have upgraded my review and stars. However, since you chose to use a condescending tone, you now have one star.
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2 years ago, Brandon Dinkel
I love Weatherology!!
I love the hourly forecast on my radio station in Russell Kansas and now I can have it on my phone. I use it almost everyday. It is a great app. And of course I have to have my favorite meteorologist voice Jennifer on my phone. Keep up the good work and thank you for what you all do to prepare us for what the days will bring.
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10 months ago, Mistayu
Best Weather App I’ve Ever Seen - Hands Down
I’ve used nearly all of them (literally) but this app is the best so far. It does what it’s supposed to do and gives me the information I need, even cool voice prompts. No extra unnecessary bells and whistles but it’s so much better than basic. Highly recommend! My only beef is that I don’t get rain alerts and I need that where I live.
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5 years ago, Mat&Bend
I found a bug...
I love this app, because it is one if the most easy to use weather apps out there. My only complaint is that on the current version, the app crashes every time you hit the play button for the weather forecast, making that part of the app useless as of right now. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, 9264randy
I have been using the weather bug app and website for decades but this Weatherology is a breath of fresh air and a new perspective on weather. I love the auditable forecast feature although I am not a fan of the music behind it. It is a very good app and cannot believe it doesn’t have a bunch of ads and is free. I am going to be depending on this app for years.
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4 months ago, Larjorgen
Best Weather App!
I think I've tried most of the weather apps. All had significant flaws. But I LOVE WeatherOlogy! I like the layout (uncluttered), the fonts, the icons, the little sounds it makes, and the visuals. And the UI is very intuitive. Data provided has been accurate, matching up pretty well with the NWS.
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1 year ago, Imperial66
Refreshing change
Like many people out there I have tried many weather apps. This is a refreshing change to many other weather interfaces. Clean, pure and easy to use. On top of that it is - to this point - very accurate.
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4 years ago, e_hollaway
What happened?
I wrote a previous review praising this app because it was so good. It provided the best data in my opinion. Now, for some reason, I don’t get notifications about any weather, and you removed one of the best features, the storm tracks in the radar. Those were so helpful because you could see where a storm was going to go, and prepare for it if need be. That function is no longer there. That really makes me sad. Hoping maybe you guys are just working out some kinks and will return that and other features in a future update.
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4 months ago, Asia E. W.
Weatherology Perfectly Predicts the Weather Everywhere in the WORLD!
I use Weatherology everyday when I’m home in Florida. I traveled to Cabo last week, and I was pleasantly surprised that the app perfectly predicted the weather there also. Weatherology perfectly predicts the weather everywhere in the world!
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4 years ago, Chuck-IV
CarPlay integration disappointing...
I was looking for something that would show me something about the weather on my CarPlay display like a radar view to show me what I am driving into. But all this has the ability to do is tell me my local forecast via audio. Not what I was looking for. If we can have Waze and Google Maps show us navigation maps, no reason we can’t have a weather radar displayed on screen.
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2 years ago, TUSA
Would have gotten a 5
Version 6 would have gotten a 5 star review from me. It had a beautiful simplistic interface that made the experience one worthy of Steve Jobs. Version 7 does everything that is wrong with apps today. Takes a beautiful minimalist approach and turns it into an over complicated mess that can only be described as “ look, mommy bought me 64 crayons. Like my drawing Daddy.” Bring back the version 6 interface or at least a choice to use it and I will revisit this review.
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2 months ago, Stubbs6
Really nice app with good features. Would still like to see push alerts for precipitation and allergy and air quality information as well. If the Home Screen widget showed when there is a watch or warning that would make this app pretty complete in my opinion.
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1 month ago, Haley Balego
Best weather app there is!
This is hands down the best weather app I have ever used. I have tried dozens of different weather apps and none compare to this one. Very user friendly and lots of nice features. I highly recommend this app!
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5 months ago, ecabra
Great app except
Love the app except for the Lock Screen widgets you should have one that at least tells you the current condition as well as the current temperature. You can also have a Lock Screen widget with the location and condition or even with the temperature. Just a suggestion.
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2 years ago, omerfarukcebeci
More than a weather app.
I really enjoying to use this app not only for getting accurate weather information but being able to read and listen well wrote articles too. I really enjoyed. Good Job Weatherology!
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2 years ago, Mr. Son
Finally I can see the weather instead of Ads!
This is a good weather app. Easy to use interface, fast, and no ads flashing in my face demanding attention. It’s also the only one I have found with a CarPlay interface!
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3 years ago, Grumpy Old Hepcat
Looks nice, Doesn’t get the basics right
Number 1? It doesn’t honor the default forecast setting. Number 2? The current temperature reading never seems to be right. It is often way off, think 8-10 degrees. It usually isn’t even consistent with the hourly forecast. For example: current temp 83F, forecast temperature for right now 71. Afternoon high predicted to be 77F. The forecast is probably right, but the App gives grossly conflicting information.
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6 months ago, Dj CDX
Might be the sexiest weather app I’ve ever seen!
Just downloaded this ystrdy but wow loving it so far! Great layout, loads quick, all the info I need. I work at a ski resort so I’m pretty picky about what I’m looking for in the a weather app and this one delivers the goods so far!
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4 years ago, symbolicalove
Location has to always on
Bad battery drain when I have to keep location on at all times with this app otherwise Drain my battery on my phone and if I were to set permission to only allow access to location while using an app with this app it would not allow me to manually select or set my location haven’t been able to use the app since Downloading and trying to set location
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