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User Reviews for Webex

4.56 out of 5
6.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Kitbrown
Love the app but would fix a few small things
First, I use this app all day long almost every day and for the most part it works incredibly well. I have tie-ins with things like Sharepoint and OneDrive so it aids collaboration on files. Messaging is quick and I like the hierarchy of Teams and Spaces. They could get a little more creative with permissions but it may add complexity we don’t need. What we do need is less caching time on the app. If you need real-time changes, like when doing administrative work on Spaces and Teams, it’s much better to use the web interface. Sometimes it will take the app forever to catch up to any changes made either on the web or even in the app itself. It also wouldn’t hurt to have one more level of hierarchy above arenas when things get really busy. Finally, an option to auto-populate team members into a new space (other than just (General) would be a nice option when creating a Space under a Team. Still, the best messaging app I’ve used since ICQ. 😉
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2 years ago, Jude Murphy
Excellent, But Needs More Table Stakes Features
My organization (ADP Innovation Lab) has been using WebEx Teams since 2020, and moving away from our previous messaging and video providers, this has been a godsend. However, I believe there are still some very basic features that should be supported natively. These can be seen here: 1. Bulk Support for leaving spaces, as opposed to one by one. (For both mobile and web) 2. Native polling support for users, with customizable question and answers. 3. Ability to add custom emojis for reactions (or just more emojis for reactions), AND the ability to react more than twice on a messages. 4. A setting that “Tagged Messages” or “Unread Messages” automatically goes to the top of all messages, even when you have “Favorites” be its own section. Maybe make it’s own section. This comes from having to scroll down to find the notification / person. 5. Having a separate section for unread messages makes me click on the filter and then click on the unread messages, can we make this generally a better UX with one click somehow? 6. If some of the features above aren’t going to be done, maybe link to a store in WebEx to see where you can get bots that have been written to accomplish these things.
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2 weeks ago, 𝐂𝐄𝐂𝐄
This app is great
My friend had originally introduced me to this app to just talk with her since I didn’t have her number overtime I got a whole bunch of my friends numbers and it’s actually fun when we call We could change each other‘s names , we could mute each other , and turn off there cameras which is actually really funny. On Webex we are able to have group chats where we can all talk and call.
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4 years ago, Karate Kenzie
Good app, few feature should be added
I use this app for school, and I have to say: It’s extremely convenient. Especially during coronavirus. However, there are a few things that need to be changed (in my opinion!) First, I think that the developers should work on fixing the fact that every time you get out the app to research anything, the next time you get into it, it just sits there and lags. Second, I think that you should fix the fact that you can’t raise your hand when you join from WebEx Teams into meetings. I may be wrong and there is a way to do this one, but if that is the case, PLEASE reply and correct me! :) Finally, I think that you should add a feature where you can look at what people’s deleted messages said. There have been many times where my friends tricked me and deleted their message and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I just think these features would be really useful, but other than that I think that this is a great app and I’d recommend it to many people. Have a good day!
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2 years ago, bri8345
No background app refresh so no ability to answer calls
I use Webex to work from home, we recently switched from Jabber to Webex. I am unable to use the app because calls do not go through if my phone is locked or if the screen is not directly on the Webex app. I’m not sure why this is, I have reached out to my organizational support, Apple support, etc so it has to be the app settings. This is not a good app if you have to answer phone calls because unless your phone is ALWAYS on and never locks, draining all of the battery, or you never switch/toggle between apps, you cannot get phone calls through to your phone. I have tried everything I can to get this to work and done research for months but I still cannot get it to work. If it is possible for developers to allow notifications from the background when apps are not open and the phone is locked, this would be great. Until then, I am unable to even do the basics of my job while working from home.
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3 years ago, halloween is comming!!!!!
Need something extra...
Ok... it’s is a great app but i need a little somethin-somethin... So i use this app for online school so i am on a ipad but when i go on computer u can change ur font in messenges and on ipad u cant do that and i really love the font changer this but most of the time i am on ipad and it does not have it so please somehow make this happen...cand that’s kinda all that i have to say... other that that this app is great but one more this is that u might wanna make it available offline somhow because when i have a question for school and my dads fixing the internet i try to text my teacher but it says “unable to send” or something like that so please make that happen too.... and if we are in a group call can u make it so we can see our self????????? And sometimes when i try to call somebody it does not work so please fix that and bye! Have a nice day stay safe and of course.... have fun! ✌️
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3 years ago, Fiyer411
Please Add Apple Watch Support
WebEx (Teams) has a great iOS app. It integrates very nicely with my desktop client running simultaneously and is great for calls and team messaging. It has been my full replacement for Jabber for 3 months now and I am loving it. The only feature it is lacking is an Apple Watch App. I miss being able to change my status from my watch like I could do in Jabber. I also miss the ability to check conversation history and check for new messages on my watch. While I still get the notifications on my watch, I don’t always see those or remember if I responded or not. By having an Apple Watch App, I could see the real-time conversation history, order and read status. Thank you!
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1 year ago, emilyroxxxx
Stellar App, Mobile has one flaw that RUINS it
I work at a recruiting firm and we use Webex for all of our communications. On PC, I have no complaints. When you go to hang up/disconnect on mobile, the button is extremely unresponsive and has a slight delay so if you double click it to hang up (like you have to do 50% of the time because it's not responsive) you end up re-calling someone you recently called because the window finally closes and you accidentally click on the number, calling them. This is infuriating when dealing with clients, people who's space we are trained to respect. Double calling in the same day is looked as like harassment according to our company standards, and this app makes it very easy to do so by accident. Really well built and convenient app, completely ruined by this one flaw that is truly fatal when working in a professional industry.
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1 year ago, djooones22
Works well for when on the move
The app works really well with calls in allowing you to remain available when away from the office. However, there’s some nagging issues around the call log I would like to see addressed. Calls that are answered on the desk phone, and not answered using the Webex app show up as missed calls in the local iPhone call history. This clutters the iPhone call history with fake missed calls. There’s also no way to turn off the Webex call log from being integrated into the iPhone call log. Would like to be able to disable that integration completely when ready.
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2 years ago, AppleUser3589
Just doesn’t work as needed
We moved to this service and simply cannot reliably take calls. On WiFi we will answer a call, get shown you picked up the call, other lines stop ringing, unable to speak with the caller and a few moments later all lines ring with the same incoming call. On cell network it’s basically the same. The only way we can get the call to be answered is by killing the app and starting it back up. This works for around 4-5 hours then the call feature is just broken again. If we move from WiFi to cell it breaks the call feature and we have to kill then open the app again in order to make or take calls. We can use handsets but that doesn’t help when folks are mobile or working remotely.
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2 years ago, Serene84
It works but super frustrating at times
I use this app for work. It’s frustrating when you only have 3 rings to pick up a call because of company policy, but the phone app misses one and a half rings vs the pc app. I’ll hear the pc ringing well before my phone. So if I want to use my air pods with my phone I constantly can’t connect to the call in time even if I hit answer on the 2nd ring when the notification finally shows up, the call just drops. It’s frustrating, but I deal with it. I just constantly have to call people back and bring up my recent missed calls takes forever too.
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1 year ago, RixTheFox
Lacking IPv6 Support
I thought there was a strict requirement by Apple that all apps in the App Store needed to support IPv6. My mobile carrier only provides v6 on LTE and my network at home is also v6 only with NAT64/DNS64 and my iPhone does 646XLAT for connection to legacy IPv4 services but whenever I’m at home or on the road I get the notification that someone sent me a message but trying to open the chat to see what they said shows no new messages. Attempting to log out and log back in now shows the message “unable to connect to the server”. Even attempting to send the logs to support says it cannot send them. It’s really not acceptable in 2023 to not have IPv6 support.
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3 years ago, Megzxc
New issues with push notifications
Since the last update, I’m now getting push notifications on my phone for messages that I have already read on my laptop, and I am not getting push notifications at all for some brand new messages that did trigger on-screen notifications on my laptop. I will say that the search feature seems to have improved recently. It’s not as slow as it used to be, and I can now search for groups by name whereas I didn’t used to get any results back at all when searching for group names.
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2 months ago, reallydaryl
Unsafe: no CarPlay audio
This app is unsafe to use in a car with CarPlay. A recent update broke all Webex audio when connected to CarPlay and it’s still not fixed. Because if my long commutes I often have to take meetings while on the road. Couldn’t even use AirPods to hear while my phone was connected to the car’s usb port because Webex kept rerouting the audio into oblivion. Having to troubleshoot while driving is incredibly unsafe and defeats the purpose. My only option is to unplug my phone and hope I don’t run out of battery during the meetings. I also loose the ability to monitor Maps routing by doing that. I’m forced to use Webex by my company; we all hate it.
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7 months ago, Smilesbypayet
Invaluable for global teams
I started using WebEx as part of an international Continuing Education program for dentists in early 2021 and have used it almost daily since then. It took a bit to get used to, and with the number of Spaces early on, it was moderately cumbersome to keep track of everything. As additional organizational features have been added, that problem has largely been resolved. It’s a remarkably flexible app, too.
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1 year ago, Beastly477
No transfer call option
I'm a system administrator for a corporation, and we use Fusion/Megapath for VoIP, so therefore we are forced to use WebEx. End Users are reporting that the transfer call option has been removed from the mobile application. We were able to use this function in the app previous to the most recent update. This can not continue to be an issue, as the company I work for needs the ability to transfer calls withtin the company. I have submitted a ticket on Fusion's customer portal, and await a response from either team. Would not recommend for business use!!!
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5 months ago, MikeyMangood
“CarPlay support” doesn’t support calls
If it weren’t for Webex calling simply not working over CarPlay (receiving or placing calls), this would get 5 stars. But showing an incoming call, allowing me to answer it, and then it dropping every time is unacceptable. There is no setting or combination of steps that makes it work. Not even a workaround like using Webex via Teams. It just cannot be used to make or receive Webex calling while plugged into CarPlay, whether accepted or initiated via the phone itself or the CarPlay display. Why there is no option to disable CallKit, or manually select how calls are handled on the device, I don’t know. But it’s outrageous. Do better.
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4 years ago, theoatdawn
Aww man! I love the new update! There are so many new features! And it is more compact, easier to read, new themes, and it makes it really easy to communicate with my teachers during virtual learning! However....the new update forced me to log out and back in..as well as other students and teachers across the district. From then on we were not able to find our teams.... but it is a very seamless app!😁
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2 months ago, Chris5625
Enable location services
The app offers to let me turn on location in settings and takes me to the screen to allow the app to access my location but the button is not there. Is this a known issue? Otherwise I use the app daily and it does everything else fine.
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3 years ago, Chuclee
Cool bed no
So Webex is a great app but if you are in LISD student your messages will always be deleted by LISD Moderator. He deletes messages and he might even remove you from a team you made sometimes he removes the people you added to your team but if you add them again he will remove them and send you a message over 3 times. If you are not in LISD staff member then he will message you operation checked requires LISD staff member in it. Even in a private chat your message will be deleted. So we rated this 2 stars. 1 is for a good app which sends messages but the other is for Messages getting deleted if you are you in LISD.
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3 years ago, Adventist
R&D Listen up!
I’m so confused as to why all Webex features are not available in one app? Why must i download three different Webex apps? We are past those days! Lets create a better UI This definitely needs to be consolidated into one app....also would be a game changer if you could do file sharing in a way that the parties included can make personal changes or notes that would store on their end view...... effectually a shared document that can be individually annotated on ones own end. 1) Also try to integrate a social space... Call it the “Break Room 2) Make task lists available for projects.... with status bar, and status updates.... so that team members can know when projects are completed. 3) make a way to attach a title to the user example: CEO, secretary, Manager, supervisor...etc Reach out to me for clarification on any ideas and we can also discuss compensation for any ideas implemented.
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2 years ago, Chainsawjake
Wish the webex chat app worked half as well as webex meetings
I’m accustomed to apps integrating smoothly with the iOS ecosystem. The webex chat app does not integrate well. Between only getting generic notifications on the Home Screen and Apple Watch, general app instability, slow refresh / update speeds and a clunky user interface (why does it take so many clicks to start a new chat with someone?), using this app is far from state of the art. If you want to make it even worse, try to integrate a Cisco phone system with the app….that has been a long, painful and disappointing process.
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4 years ago, scooter snail
Ok, so after the update, there has been a major glitch that needs to be fixed instantly. While we have to do important school work and send photons and attend meetings, the app keeps asking to get permission to use photos and the microphone to send photos and hear meetings. The problem is that for iOS, there is nothing to let Webex access the camera and the microphone in settings. It’s gone! Reduced to atoms! It doesn’t exist. Please somehow integrate in into the Webex app, or just automatically do it. Thank you for reading my ted talk.
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1 year ago, 6583011
Great App
Great app, really does what we need it to do. The only complaint I have is that there is no way to keep images that I take and send within the app to stop going to my personal photos. We have to take and send images all the time for my job and and the end of the day I have to go to my personal photos and delete all of them. A button toggle to turn of the auto download feature would be great!
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2 months ago, shikhanshu
Don’t fix what ain’t broken
Classic example of trying to “make something better” that is already good and breaking it to pieces in the process. I take a lot of meetings from my car during commute. And thanks to these recent updates, I can’t use CarPlay as audio doesn’t work with Webex anymore. I have to keep the phone disconnected from the cable and use earphones to do it. Which is distracting and dangerous. I only hope that my employer switches from webex to something else. But i know that’s not going to happen. And obviously webex doesnt care so they are not going to do anything about it.
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2 years ago, Reviewer450
Crashes frequently, voicemails and recent calls dont update or just disappear, and whoever designed it needs to find another line of work — for example I just got a call and needed to conference someone else in (from my contacts saved in the app), and yet when I clicked on conference I got a random list of people in my organization but could not choose a contact I had already saved in the app AND could not type in their phone number. And there’s a feedback tab but you have to sign into an account that doesnt exist to use it. Zero intelligence behind this app.
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4 years ago, NYC+30
Big brother!!!!!!
Creating a psycho effect on business users by showing when everyone was last “seen”! Who cares???? ???? ???? Only management does. Cisco enforces surveillance, not productivity. My friends at another job keep moving the mouse to show them Active!! Stop showing that Active status!!! Others will get back to us when they see the message!!! We don’t need to see if they are active, only to see if they do a presentation so we don’t disturb them. Response to Developer’s comment: NO! This functionality, to show you inactive after 5 minutes, should not be there! It creates 1. a desire to management to be big brother (and expect that you have it on when others do) 2. stress for subordinates. I am in management. You can tell me all excuses but you still create a non-productive frame. Please remove it instead of finding excuses. There are other silent employee activity monitoring tools. You should not make this app the same.
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2 years ago, ChaserDallas
Easy to use and powerful
Such an easy tool to use and powerful communication tool that our entire team uses. I love the ability to send files/attachments to messages, as well as add links to text so that teams can quickly access pages or information at those links.
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3 years ago, Silleloc
Restore automatic dismissal of notifications
Since the last update, I now receive notifications of my own messages. This seems completely unnecessary as I know these messages are sent. Please restore the earlier functionality where notifications would automatically disappear from my phone when I read the messages on my computer. The notifications are clogging up my screen, and I struggle to filter actual new messages from old notifications.
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2 years ago, VanillaGorillaMT
Has come a long way…
Have been using this now for two years or more, functionality and features have increased drastically during that time. I am impressed with the continual regular updates, thank you for putting time and energy into this platform.
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1 month ago, American Primitive
Used to be reliable but is now completely nonfunctional
I’ve been attending regular weekly webex meetings through the iOS app on an iPad for four years. For the last 6 weeks I have only been able to get in once. Most of my colleagues are having similar issues as well. Dial-in works intermittently but you lose all presentation content. There cannot be any quality assurance testing of WebEx. The disintegration of the app is nothing short of astounding. I truly hope that you can once again deliver a functioning product.
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3 years ago, unknowmjr693r
Can’t login on iPhone 13 mini
When I try to login, the apps browser takes a very long time for me to be able to authenticate using my token. I can’t sign in at all. Update: Increasing rating to 5 as I am able to log in now and also this application supports voice text messages.
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5 months ago, skettibender
Issue with notifications
App works great for me except that the badge will show notifications but there aren’t any unread messages or missed calls and I can’t clear them. I open the app and hop into spaces and go to call history and still I see the red number on the badge on my Home Screen. Not the end of the world but pretty annoying.
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1 year ago, ladi-dah
Please allow iPhone WebEx app to access Focus.
I use Outlook at work to mark myself out of office. The airplane icon on my iPhone WebEx app indicates that this app knows that I’m out of office. I continue to get Webex calls. I put myself in Do Not Disturb on the iPhone WebEx app in addition to being out of office. I continue to get calls. It appears that the only way to stop the calls when The I’m not working is thru iPhone > Focus > Do Not Disturb. But, I would still like others to be able to contact me on my day off. But there is no way to allow the WebEx app to access focus, therefore no way to customize it so I hear from everyone EXCEPT WebEx when I’m am not working. I uninstall the app and reinstall it when I’m on vacation. Just nuts.
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4 months ago, MK_AK
Great APP .. just add support for Google Cast also
WebEx is a great app for quick meetings and calls and easy sharing and it’s very secure . Only thing I feel would be great if the content is allowed to share on Google cast also it would be awesome to view the meeting content on tv screens too.
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3 years ago, jess1985
Near Junk
Just got this from my employer. The dial pad is delayed when typing a number in and the call quality sounds like it’s 2006 again and was calling on 3G. It’s 2021. We should have HD calling. Why is it my CISCO VoIP phone at the office is crystal clean but this sounds like garbage? Internally it’s fine. I don’t talk with internal because it’s only 3 of us and all of our calls our external clients with cellphone numbers. Get it together. Why all of the sudden dark mode has turned itself off by itself!!!
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1 year ago, CarloInTX
Call quality mediocre, No voicemail
Call quality has been pretty meh. Voicemails got lost somewhere in recent versions. They show up on phone and desktop, but nowhere to be seen on iPhone version. I get notifications but they do not show up in the app unless I tap on the notification. If I just go directly to the app, they don’t appear. Wait for next call, person leaves message, and tap notification, and voilà suddenly there are messages.
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1 month ago, Lil23y
One Issue
Great app version! My only issue is that even though I don't have any unread messages, I still have a red circle on the app/ it says that I have messages to look at. Not sure what the issue is, I open and close out of the app, make sure I click on every chat, etc, but I can't seem to get the bubble to go away.
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3 years ago, Fristr8ed
Audio issues
I have this app to connect to my office phone when I work remotely and need to make protected calls. Too bad the people I’m attempting to call can’t hear me when they answer the phone! So many calls where I cannot be heard and this is wasting my time. And no, this is not user error.. it’s not my phone, nothing is muted, not connected to any other devices.. just have issues when I use this app. How am I supposed to get my work done?
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9 months ago, KPH102970
Great App… BUT….
My employer uses CISCO WEBEX for meetings, chat, collaborations, etc. It works great. For the work I do, we are required to have a coworker control our screen, check strings of a patch job, then put in their credentials to start the job. This noble app allows us to view someone’s screen, but does not have the control option. The App NEEDS the control option…
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2 years ago, DrGesus
Most recent update ruined the text log
This last update has made it in usable with having an active conversation with text chats. Every time I type and send something it never updates when exiting a conversation I re-enter and it’s blank completely have to force quit the app to reload a current version of the text log of a chat and then if you type anything new it will be out a date again and you’ll have to force quit the app and reload the whole log.
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3 years ago, ttiefenbach
Current Version Prevents Google from Loading
The current version is pinging every second, sometimes less. With the “Team” app and Meeting app installed together, it’s checking so frequently that Google is “detecting suspicious activity,” and preventing searches. 41.4.8 is Trash: Instead of notifications of messages I get notifications of errors to display a message. That’s worse than before when they added the stupid notifications to meetings that I can’t turn off and use WebEx Meetings for. Ridiculous!
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3 years ago, Thisnicknameistaken24
Use this app daily for work, but the notifications in the latest release are buggy. It alerts me for messages that I’ve already read on my laptop, so I constantly have to open the app to clear them out. And now it’s sitting at 1 notification, but for no obvious reason (cannot find any new message, no highlight on a channel/space/etc). Maddening.
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3 years ago, RFluke2014
Notifications are terrible
Within the last couple of updates the app icon I longer shows the red circle with count of unread messages and notifications stay in my Notification Center forever even after I’ve read them on my computer. Also, every time I move to another app and reopen Webex it kicks me back to the main page instead of putting me back in the chat I was just in.
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2 years ago, DGG005
Cannot Answer Calls
The application worked well for a couple of weeks, but since December, I can no longer answer calls. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, but calls just ring once and automatically go to missed call. If it wasn’t mandatory for my organization, I wouldn’t be using this app. We moved from UCX to Webex and it has a lot of crashing issues. It seems to work well on the laptop. But that defeats the purpose of mobile communication necessities.
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4 years ago, is1237
Notifications not working correctly
App has been great but with recent update there’s no toggle to turn on the feature to actually display the notification message that comes in. I would like it to display as I receive iMessages with preview on. Just displaying a notification is okay but rather get a preview of the content of the message
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4 years ago, 4star😸
The new experience
I use webex teams on a daily basis and the transformation on the experience is remarkable . The application have introduced several new features recently and has some pretty powerful integrations with other apps and bots. The productivity improvement is remarkable with the meetings , whiteboard, calls and chat on the same pane...
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3 months ago, tttooiiubj
High quality join meeting experience!
I’ve been using WebEx for over a month, it give me a very impressive join meeting experience, the audio and video quality is excellent, there are plenty of interesting features ongoing during the meeting.
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2 years ago, cs_cabrone
No notifications schedule?
How can an app like this exist where you cannot disable notifications based on schedules like after hours, from an application level? If you’re on vacation you need to sign out of the app or reconfigure the call queue to simply stop getting calls. How in this day and age there isn’t a function to silence notifications within this application based on hours someone would work during is enraging. This app is garbage compared to Teams
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2 years ago, Zurilian
Constantly Bugging me for 911 Address
I use Webex to receive office calls on my cell phone. The app continuously alerts me to update my 911 address for emergency calls. Not only when I’ve changed location, but even when I’m sitting in one location do I get this message repeatedly. There appears to be no way to opt out of the 911 feature. This is the most annoying thing about the app to me, but in general this is a lousy, clunky, poorly constructed app that I would NOT recommend.
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