WECT 6 First Alert Weather

3.3 (97)
146.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WECT 6 First Alert Weather

3.3 out of 5
97 Ratings
7 years ago, A21511
No hourly updates
This app does update like the weather channel app does. I would like to know the actual weather as the day changes.
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1 year ago, Vernellbell1
Much better
From a visual standpoint, this is MUCH BETTER! I depend on this data daily and the updated app provides all the information I need! Although I don’t care for the ads, however I understand the why behind the reasoning!
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4 years ago, BradQW
Great until today
This has always been my go to weather source; however, as of today the hour by hour forecast only goes until 10 AM and then theres an ad. I’m not sure why but it makes the app less useful. Perhaps it’s a bug.
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2 weeks ago, Boomrabbitt
Where’s the dewpoint?
Dewpoint is very helpful when determining how long you have before frost in the morning. It’s great for telling how muggy it’s gonna be and how dry it is for plants. The radar has already become ridiculous. The 24 hour versus the shorter timeframe past/future do not match at all. Weather warnings are very slow to notify. This used to be a good app.
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3 years ago, Beach girl 8
New updated needed.
I update a few days ago. There new format looks like. Can't open the news or anything. Get a Wect update and try to open. First your get an advertisement. Then when you try to open story nothing shows up. Or it's takes forever to open. Before update no problems.
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6 years ago, Gabeross06
Best weather app, hands down.
The app is updated by ACTUAL meteorologists and not computers. Provides a more accurate forecast. I’d like to see the weather channel app do THAT!
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5 years ago, ZB919
Update ruined it
This app use to be the best weather app. This recent update has completely ruined it. The radar is always wrong h less you put it in motion and even then it’s terrible. Sometimes change isn’t good. And in this case the app was so much better before
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12 months ago, Frogfoot169
The radar on this app is absolutely awful. It doesn’t work a lot especially during bad weather and you really need to know what the next 30 minutes of weather is going to be. It’s a waste of time.
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6 years ago, Kattonn
Would prefer to be able to use this app in landscape viewing as well. Otherwise a good app.
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6 years ago, Surfganfsta
Need the weather!!!
When opening this app I have to stare at the weather/news cast for 30 seconds to minute before I can actually get the weather. I need the report immediately not 2 minutes later! Used to be my go to weather app but not anymore.
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2 years ago, Archie T. Shaw
It'll load ads really quick but not the weather radar garbage app can't believe that I dealt with this crap app for over 2 years after coming back from inbred Alabama don't even bother with it
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5 months ago, zq1vpa
Good but_
Seems like Brunswick county is no longer on your radar. Wilmington to Charleston?
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12 months ago, Mosc2023
The radar map shows what happened already not what is projected. Not useful in my opinion.
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2 years ago, Bowercor
Fails to launch
Will not launch on my iPad. I deleted app and downloaded latest version but it freezes at launch. Earlier versions worked well.
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1 year ago, Itrieditshard
Nice app but…
I used to like this app, now when you launch it, you have a listen to a 2 minute commercial. The shorter commercials were ok, now there just way to long.
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4 years ago, heavyattack
Locks Up on Start
Had this app for years. Every once in awhile they improve it so much it will not start. Opening screen just locks up. App support link does not work either (5 years old).
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2 years ago, Searching!
10 day forecast is stuck on Sunday & today is Tuesday
10 day forecast is not updating. I’ve restarted the app & my phone. What’s going on?!?
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7 months ago, Hoop bop be dop
Delete locations
Location delete instructions (3 dots) does not work.
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3 years ago, azkr2
What happened to the radar? It now doesn’t show predictions so I can’t see what’s coming. I feel this is dangerous as it doesn’t let me prepare for weather.
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1 year ago, Sc2Nc8115
App won’t open
So I’ve had this weather app for a few years and everything was great accept 3-4 days ago the app stopped working on my IPhone XR.
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2 months ago, Ellie Gram
Why all the ads.?
All I want is a straightforward weather report and forecast . You shouldn't be forced to hear or watch endless ads. Will go eisewhere.
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2 years ago, Paulinnr
The app gives a mishmash of adds and broadcast screens. I have to work to get useful visual information at a size that is readable. Thus I rarely use it. Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, Gunner Beal
Love it
But add crowd reports please. It would be awesome to be able to alert people to possible hazards.
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4 years ago, crbrpi
App has always worked great untill recently. Now I can’t use it at all bc a message keeps popping up that it’s currently unavailable in my area. Please fix this!
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8 years ago, Skygirlwhoflys2011
Pretty good app. Doesn't have too many cliches or problems. Easy to navigate, good images, weather is pretty accurate.
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5 years ago, u can't take it
Every time I update your app I have to install & reinstall. Had enough!
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1 year ago, Jrfarrellsr
IPad app doesn’t work
IPhone app works great. IPad app doesn’t work since the West Shore Home ad was added.
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4 years ago, JoeBravo64
What happened?
It’s pouring out, yet the radar shows nothing. Yes I have made sure to add the precipitation layer. Uninstalling.
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5 years ago, 😂🍀😗😗😗😗
Good at the map fades a little
Love mom
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4 years ago, TCNXY
Not responding
The app opens but radar doesn’t work
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1 year ago, Mr. Shizzles
So many ads
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4 years ago, jstaylor1981
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9 years ago, Gee728
Updated App is terrible!!! Rate=Zero!!
Ever hear the saying if it ain't broke, don't fix it? No more favorites. Have family located in all parts of the country and world and I could check on their weather status daily if need be. Well favorites are gone!! The new app is not user friendly!! They want you to pinpoint your exact street location for more accurate weather. Why? Will start using another weather app so I can keep in contact with family members' weather located outside Wilmington. I rate this app a ZERO!!
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11 years ago, Rob Forch
Was great now No current location
The app was fantastic. Now the "current location" does not work. Location is turned on for the app and it just keeps throwing an error. Other then that the app is a great way to see local weather and know what is coming accurately. Still this is the go to app for weather here in the WECT area.
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9 years ago, Calligaster
Needs work!
Still liked the older version better not as user friendly now! (More unnecessary menu tabs)! But the most annoying thing is the location icon blue dot that covers & blocks what your trying to look at! Even when zooming out it stays the same size blocking a huge area of the map!! Please fix that & everything else would be considerably more tolerable!! Thank you! Weather Nutt!
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7 years ago, Wbritt
Radar page
Needs a current location button on radar page.
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9 years ago, Bugaboozle
Best App Around
I am a mother of three youngsters. This app helped me so much in preparing playdates, vacations, and so much more. It has all you need including temperatures, radar, hourly forecast, and 10-day overview. Best of the best!
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13 years ago, Richdelux
I was able to track the hurricane on my iphone, even when there was no power. Works great.
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12 years ago, Mdedwar2
Delete and reinstall
App works fine if delete and reinstall after updating to ios 6.0.
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12 years ago, Chad B21
Back to 5 stars
Thank you for fixing!! This is the Best weather app IMO
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10 years ago, Fl gun
It's a great app
This app helps you know what's going on in the day
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9 years ago, aski739
My notifications stopped
Right after the update I have lost my notifications. With not having cable I need my weather notifications.
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12 years ago, SHEclipseGST
Do NOT update
App no longer updates after the update. Click to open and it closes immediately.
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12 years ago, JYPaulos
Latest update crashes on launch.
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13 years ago, Sandkuhler
Video doesnt work
Videos dont work. We will be hit by Hurricane Ilene (wilmington, NC) within a few hours. I have yet to get a hurricane warning with this ap. I'm deleting it now.
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12 years ago, Zuk Sami
Latest update not working! Opens then immediately closes!!
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12 years ago, Dustin York
Crashes after update!!!
Crashes instantly on startup. Do not update if you have a iPhone 5 / iOS 6!
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12 years ago, Slimcat926
Do not update!
After update, app opens then immediately closes. Tried rebooting my device to no avail.
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12 years ago, Karebearcheers
Crashes when you open. Do not bother
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12 years ago, hudson2001
Was great until iOS 6
Was perfect app until iOS 6 broke it. Update app and I'll update rating.
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