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User Reviews for Wemo

4.02 out of 5
116.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Set it & forget it
I like them a lot. They take the place of the clunky old timers, that have to be set and reset as the length of day and night increases and decreases. They can be easily set from your phone. I can also leave on any light and turn them off from my bed before I go to sleep. Leaving a distance ambient light on while cruising through the house on the way to bed, not disturbing my partner with a bright light in the bedroom. The verdict is still out as to whether they will work from somewhere else around town or from somewhere else in the country. I felt that set up was a little difficult. Both my husband and I have droid phones. I also have an I-Pad & a computer. I set the program up on all of the devices. They were all working. Then this morning, my husband was unable to access the program. It seems a little too temperamental. I put a new device on another lamp last night. It came up on my phone and I pad right away. But he can’t access the program now on his phone. So I’ll have to fool around with it, again for the 5th or 6th time. They should all sync together. Nothing has changed with our phones or the internet. I downloaded the program to all the devices. So I don’t know what the problem is with that. The techs need to go back to the drawing board to fix that. Once you have the price on your phone it should always work.
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5 years ago, Office & Home Users
Remote Access Does Not Work
I have been a Wemo customer for several years. Began with one light switch and, although getting the switch detected and connected was wonky, the light worked great with rules. Over time I added more switches and currently there are 6 Wemo devices at my residence. The advertised benefit of Wemo items is to (1) set up rules for devices to turn on/off automatically and (2) for remote access. (1) For the last year+ the “rules” do not work if I am not home. Forget having your home appear like someone is home when you are not. (2) Remote access also does not work if I am not home. What good is having a remote access function if it does not allow you to access your devices remotely? I have started from scratch and followed every trouble shooting method Belkin suggests any I have to now advise that Wemo is a failure. This was not always the case. Historically remote access worked flawlessly. No more. If I’m at the corner or on the Indian continent Wemo doesn’t work. I have earnestly tried to be a devoted, long term customer, but that has changed. Last night I tried to turn on the front door light from a nearby restaurant and the app updated to show each 6 Wemo devices “not detected.” Simply said, the Wemo app does not work remotely, which means these expensive Wemo light switches and plugs are worthless. Thankfully I have still have old fashioned timers to plug lights in to because these expensive Wemo gadgets don’t work.
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5 years ago, Tyraelos
I’ve been spoiled.
I’m not a loyal customer. As soon as I find something I don’t like about a product, I’m on to the next brand. Customer service and a brand that actively listens to customers are the only 2 things which will have me reconsider. That being said, I got my first WeMo, a dimmer light switch about a year ago, maybe a little more than a year, I forget, but it has spoiled me so badly for other light switches due to one little option. The ability to set rules. In my case I have a rule set up to turn the light off 30m after it’s been turned on. This allows me to essentially walk out of my bedroom and not have to ponder whether I’ve turned the light off or not. It’s enough time to walk in and out of the room to do things too. There’s been a boom of WiFi light switches and dimmers but believe it or not, WeMo software remains the only one capable of this. My only issue is that things have been flawless up until 1.22.x. Now the switch ever so often becomes “not detected” and oddly, while I can turn it on or off with Alexa, it loses all other functions like dimming and rules/timers etc. The only fix I’ve found is rebooting my phone. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, I’m ready to buy more switches.
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6 years ago, verydisappointed13
DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD!!! Read all reviews first!!
I don’t know what to say more than do not purchase the WeMo Mini Switch. I’ve never written a review before, but this device made me so angry; and I’m very tech savvy, This product never worked from the get go. I bought a pack of 2 mini switches and could not get either to work and the app is a complete joke!! It doesn’t find your WiFi network (which is the strongest signal around me) until it has refreshed the page about 4 times. It continually gives me networks though that have one or no bars. Then if I’m successful in getting my network, as soon as I put in my password it tried connecting for about 20 seconds and then the app crashes. Every single time!!!!! Good luck getting the app to reload after that. It just keeps saying connecting. I bought these the same day as I bought a Nest thermometer for my house. I had the Nest wired into where my existing thermostat was, set up and connected to my WiFi, and working with Alexa for voice temperature control seamlessly in about 30 minutes. I worked with these “smart” switches for about an hour and a half before I gave up, raging that something that simple could be so poorly made and not work a single time I tried. There are many more reviews on here like mine and my hope is that someone reads these before purchasing them and wasting their time with this product and company. I promise it will save you hours if you go with a different brand!!
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6 years ago, Secureone60
20 Wemo’s functioning well
I bought several outlet switches in 2015. I did have some difficulty getting them to program and function well. But I really liked the idea of not having to purchase a main hub or controller. And once programmed, they worked very well. In 2017, I built a new home. I have twenty Wemo devices. They were east to install and program. My biggest problem was poor internet connectivity. Once I resolved my internet issues, they have worked well. I have all the features active, from schedules to sunset to sunrise and connected to Alexa. I do keep my firmware updated too. I have noticed that on some occasions, I don’t see a few devices. In the app, top left corner, there is a refresh or check button. Once I hit that button, it checks all devices and they all appear. Is it a flawless product? No, but what it does do and how it actually works is so very cool. Just think about the automation control via Alexa. I control lights, ceiling fans and shop tools. I did discover that my router did not cover my House well. I added a range extender and that solved all my connectivity issues. I would recommend this product. I have a lot invested in the Wemo products now. I will be adding more.
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5 years ago, Elasmodude
Cool, but...
Wemo has been, for what it is supposed to do, mostly fantastic. Only a few times over the years did I feel it was unrealistic in expecting me to know when some random update was necessary; since I couldn’t predict that, a light that was supposed to come on while O was away... did not. In my neighborhood where I’ve already been a victim of burglary, I need all the help I can get, even a light coming on at sunset helps. It was a very bad feeling to come home from a trip to find it not working. Other than that, I only have one more complaint— the message that came today (only when opening the app of course), gave a choice of writing a review or “not now”. Yet, it would not go away until I clicked “write a review”. I HATE that. You don’t know better than me, where O spend my time. I needed my phone to track something else for a friend’s child, and couldn’t. So here’s your review. Good product, annoying steps to and from it.
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5 years ago, BeckSaki
WiFi Crockpot
I love the WeMo WiFi Crockpot! There is nothing like coming home to a Crockpot full of extra spicy Golden Curry (It is actually called Golden Curry). It is easy to make. Just take some chicken thighs and cut them into chunks. I precook the thighs in a bit of olive oil. Then dice some carrots, potatoes and water chestnuts. I dissolve a half a package of the 8.4 ounce package in some heated water then add it to the veggies and chicken. Make sure you have enough water to Marie than cover your stuff. Then set to low. You can watch the progress on your WeMo app. I let mine cook for at least 8 hours. Then I add more curry blocks until it thickens to a thick consistency. Serve it over white Japanese short grain rice and wallah! I have the WeMo light switches, 5 so far. I have all the outside lights like driveway hooked up. I actually hired an electrician to install them. I believe they only work for single pole switches. Another words if a light can be turned off or on at two different switch, the WeMo won’t work. And WeMo customer support is awesome and patient. As I recall there customer support is on par with Apple and Ring doorbell. So make some curry and turn some lights on with your app!
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5 years ago, apple user nyc
Total garbage!!!, App and switch constant issues
I’ve been using the wemo switch for over a year now and there is always an issue with connectivity with wifi and the app. Seriously the switch defeats the purpose of remote access. Wifi connection is constantly disconnect from the switch, therefore, App does not work, Alexa does not work, lamp connected to the switch does not work. I have excellent wifi available but I find myself connecting and reconnecting the demo switch to the wifi. On top of purchasing a garbage wemo product, the memo app is totally glitchy, laggy and constantly crashing. I wanted to write this review and had to keep trying just to get the freaking keyboard to pop up on the display without the screen turning totally white and freezing and then crashing, and when I did get the keyboard to pop up and started typing the app crashed in the middle of me writing the review and had to start the whole process again just to write this review. I was about to give up but wanted people to know to stay away form the demo switch and the wemo app. NOT worth the headache, better off with the many other options out there that actually work. *To get the review up using the Wemo app, I actually wrote this review on the notes app on the MacBook and copy and paste onto the wemo app.
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4 years ago, Nb29902
Yikes please fix this new update
Use to be a five star rate but now a one star. I just wanted to be on maybe the top read so new reader can see. We have been using wemo products for many years and had no issues. They updated the app now I can’t open the app to log in. Also because I can’t log into the new app my smart plugs and light bulbs (12) in all will not work with our Echo devices. Which is why we bought the wemo smart plugs and light bulbs. I have been on the phone for hours a day for several days with technical support. It seems that there is a problem and they are working on it but it is now several weeks. And at least a week from hearing from them. Yikes please bring back the old version while you work out this problem. I am not sure they read these reviews because I pointed out to the technical support person that there is a lot of people complaining in their reviews about this problem. The tech didn’t know that there were complaints and will let them know. That is why I used a 5 star hoping it will be read. Yikes
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5 years ago, JADavis00
Nightmare setup
The true cost of this “smart” plug is the amount of money you pay for it, plus the amount of money you make an hour, because that’s how long each of these took to finally get configured. I had to perform complete factory resets of each wemo plug at least four times, not to mention network resets, and hard phone reboots. Per Belkin’s instructions, I literally deleted and reinstalled the wemo app several times for each switch. The real tragedy is that whatever convenience and time saving I may realize with these switches will NEVER add up to the amount of time I wasted setting them up. They aren’t inexpensive; they’re cheap. I’m only wasting more of my own time on this review so that others don’t have to. Understand that at the end of the day, these are just on/off switches. They can’t even act as dimmers. If you’re thinking of buying this, then do yourself a favor first: stand in front of your light switch and turn it on and off, over and over, for an hour, and count the number of cycles. If you seriously think that you will cycle your light on and off more over the life of this wemo plug than you did during that one hour period, then you might break even. Otherwise, I suggest you move on to more serious home automation.
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5 years ago, Keenle2016
Obscure setup and unstable work afterward.
So I’ve been using two plugs for about 1 year. My initial setup experience was quite obscure and required couple of rounds of restarts before plug got connected; second plug was same couple of attempts before it worked. Overall they worked fine afterward. A bit slow in response, sometimes like 7 seconds after I toggle the switch. About a week ago I’ve updated to a new router(new network name and password) and from there plugs just stopped to work from the app. One of them still somehow works through Apple Home App. Another one does not. No matter what I’ve tried it does not pair again. The most terrible part of the reconnection story was that both plugs appeared as publicly connectable WiFi point couple of hours after my old route was disconnected from the power. Anyone can connect to them and attempt a new setup. WeMo plugs cost a bit more than alternatives, I was fine to pay a bit extra for what I hoped can be a good user experience. My experience with these plugs is 2 starts out of five - they work, but I expect stable work from smart home gadgets. UPDATE: 3 weeks since I’ve tried to reach wemo support - no response. WeMo is worthless piece of electronics that does not work produced by manufacturer who does not care.
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1 year ago, Packomatic
Almost works.
I bought a plug and a light switch. Downloaded the app and started with the plug. I didn’t find the instructions at first since they were in another secret cardboard bubble in the packaging. The app walked me though the plug and it worked with no issues. Now on to the friggin light switch. (I am tech savvy and have installed several other smart plugs and devices) after numerous attempts to get this switch to log onto the app, I called customer support. 8 minutes to first answer - I was told to give the gal 5-10 minutes to get back to me. 20 minutes of music and then disconnected. Yikes! I called back and got a guy who knew his stuff. He walked me through a number of steps that were not in the instructions and I got it working. Adding the faceplate onto the switch to finish up, the little reset button under the switch got pushed. I’ve spent the past hour going through every possible combination of reset/turn-off/rebuild/button hold imaginable. I had to toss in the towel. I don’t like to feel like this thing beat me, but it’s looking like it has. I have no idea if I will ever get it working or if the wall plug will work for any length of time. Sorry I bought “the cheap one”.
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7 months ago, ItzaMotto
Once great now plagued by issues
Updated 2023: App failing to connect/log in. Wemo was once my go to smart device as the product was exactly what I needed 10 years ago. Lately, I’ve noticed some changes with Belkin/Wemo that could eventually make this product obsolete. I’ve lost my confidence in replacing this brand therefore slowly switching to Kasa. Updated 2021: * Wemo Mini Smart Plugs experience issues reconnecting to WiFi after power outage. I’ve noticed recently that my smart plugs are having issues reconnecting to the WiFi. In order to reconnect, I have to unplug each smart plug and plug them back in to resolve. Rules are no longer in sync when having the Wemo app on multiple devices. The issue seems to be with how Belkin/Wemo is saving the rules in the cloud. When a rule/several rules are deleted on one device (iPhone), the rule reminds on the other device (iPad). When deleting from the iPad, the deleted rules reappear on the iPhone. This occurs even when done in reverse. Recreating the rules doesn’t resolve the issue as the new rules will only remain if you don’t delete the old rules. If the old rules are deleted, all the previous rules reappear and the new rules are gone again.
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3 years ago, Buggy**
Lose connection frequently, lots of sync problems
I love the idea of these plugs, but in practice, they have been a big pain. I have really good internet with three satellite routers, yet these plugs become disconnected quickly and rarely regain connection. Their one redeeming quality is the rules function which continues to work even when they lose connection. That, however, is also problematic because the rules cannot be changed when the device is not connected to the internet. Which brings us back to problem one again. I am also annoyed that one of the reasons I purchased these particular plugs is because they were advertised to work well with Apple home and Alexa. Alexa is hit or miss (probably due to their connection issues). And ever since I had to manually reset all of my plugs (following tech support suggestion) because the plugs had stopped following the rules and were coming on and off at weird times, they no longer are connected to Apple home. So, overall, I am not very impressed but all plugs on the market have equally poor reviews so I guess I’ll keep fiddling with these.
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7 years ago, scottilla72
This app was better in earlier versions
This app doesn't necessarily "crash," but it forgets everything any time you switch to another app (or lock your phone) then come back to it. Earlier versions were much better (or maybe faster) at recalling the status of your devices. You can no longer simply open the app (or even switch over to it from the background) and turn off your lights. The icons all spin in orange, and sometimes you have to refresh a time or two before all devices are as they should be (devices that are off show as on, some that are on show as off, some are "not found," even if the icon on the device itself says it's connected). Super inconvenient. That's my only complaint. It's a simple app, does what it should (after it "finds" everything again), and does make some of my needs really handy (whole house fan, backyard lighting, BBQ area lighting, etc). This problem wasn't there in earlier versions of the app. It has slowly regressed to where it is now. C'mon programmer guys n gals, put your heads together and clean this one up. Love everything else about this product and app. Thank you in advance!
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2 years ago, AmmarYasirA
Honestly one of the most pathetic attempts at building an app. One of my devices has been "upgrading" for months now. Deleting and redownloading the app does nothing. Oh you want to add a new device? Good luck. The app will send you in an infinite loop till you start pulling your hair out and while it's trying to figure out what it wants to do next, a fortnight will have passed and it still won't be able to add your device. I had this problem the first time and I don't know how I got it to work but I recently changed my router and have to deal with it allllll over again. No easy way to just change the wifi settings without having to reset the device and go through another insane process of changing the wifi back to the wemo device over and over and over again because this company doesn't seem to understand how good ui and software is developed for people who aren't nearly as tech saavy as others. I would avoid this company and its products with a ten foot pole. I'd rather break my own legs than have to deal with this app. Save yourself the trouble and return whatever you've bought if you can... but if you can't... Ha. Good luck.
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4 years ago, Kps good news
HomeKit don’t work don’t buy wemo
HomeKit don’t work I brought 4 wemo products two 3 ways switch and two dimmer I install the two switches first and after a month I install the dimmers that when the nightmare started, I spend around 2 hours on the phone with a wemo technician she couldn’t get the dimmer to set up on the wemo app after she try everything on the book delete the app reinstall the app and do a bunch of other things to no success. After the technician hang up I was able to add the dimmers to the wemo app. Now another nightmare start the dimmers can not add to apple HomeKit I specifically bought this dimmer because it’s said it work with Apple HomeKit that issue wemo is aware of it for the longest time their never fix it I’m still not able to add the dimmer to Apple HomeKit. I get to all kind of issue with the app connection it’s not reliable, customer service tell you that wemo is working on the problem. If you like me that use HomeKit this app is absolutely garbage you should not buy Wemo product the app is beyond frustrating to use and does not live to the basic standard of what you’re expected. Now I want me money back
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4 years ago, sasorima
Terrible app
This is a terrible app for it being the factory set-up app. On iPhone it constantly shuts itself down during set-up. I had to uninstall & reinstall the app 3 times before it would finally allow me to set up the dimmer switch completely. I also had to restart my iPhone 2 times as well. I’m on the iPhone 11 Pro this is the only app I have ever had this many issues with. I still am not able to connect the switch to my Apple home kit as their firmware update has caused more issues than any good. I have tried uninstalling & resetting to factory default. Still the only thing that happens it sometimes the app will acknowledge the switch but it won’t allow the connection. It’s grayed out and not selectable. So when I reset it .. I had to go back through the entire set up again to only get to the app shutting itself down several times again. Finally getting it to work but still not with home kit. So my advice if you can manage to get through the initial set up. Spend the 1.99 to get the belkin WSwitch just below this app and use that from here on out. It even comes with the Apple Watch app. It works way more than this less reliable app.
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6 years ago, Vette z06
It flat out works.
All negative reviews are either competitors or people who just don’t get it. I’m sure there are a few lemons out there as with any consumer product, but this Wemo app and product work great. I will say there are some cheaper alternatives out on the market now, but I prefer the incredible reliability of Wemo. If the WiFi goes out and for some crazy reason they disconnect from your WiFi or you change your WiFi, my two newer switches connect automatically, my four older ones will not. I think this is where people have issues reconnecting. You need to actually pull the switch from the outlet and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Before plunging it back in, hold the reset button and hold for five seconds while plugging it in. This should take care of the issue and your WiFi will be able to locate your Wemo switch. From there just follow the directions on your phone/tablet.
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3 years ago, Rhino. 24
Purchased a smart outlet a while back. We use an array of smart home products from a number of different companies in the house, but the setup for this outlet was by far the most frustrating. This Wemo app couldn’t find/recognize the outlet for a very long time. Ironically, Apple’s At Home app was able to connect and run the device long before Wemo’s own app could, though I’m unsure how that is even possible. If initial setup was the only struggle, I’d probably give this 3-4 stars. Unfortunately, it isn’t. On a number of sporadic occasions, the outlet refuses to work. There were a few instances that made sense (like after a power outage), but others (like the one that prompted this review) seem irregular. Sometimes these issues resolve themselves in a day or two, sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, I’m reminded of the agony of set up. Do yourself a favor and purchase any other more reliable smart home product. Maybe Wemo’s other offerings are less excruciating to connect and run with this app, but I’ll likely never buy another one to find out.
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5 years ago, Lindanube
Very unreliable
I have been using this app for a couple of years with three switches and three minis that I have. Frequently the Wemo has become unavailable for the Google assistant to be able to contact and then by magic it’s available again. I recently changed networks but I renamed the network and password to match the old network. My nest cameras & front doorbell, & Rachio irrigation system controller all connected without any issue. My three Belkin light switches connected but the mini smart plugs would not reconnect. No matter what I have done, I have not been able to get them to work and it appears that the app is The issue. The minis will connect to the network and then the app will lose connection to all of the devices and fail. I am very disappointed and unhappy with this whole set up at this point. Not only that there’s a section to report a problem in the app that malfunctions as well and won’t send the report to them. And guess what the section to rate the app, when I clicked on one star rating, it failed and wouldn’t let me rate the app. Not very happy with this app at this point in time after three days of struggling with this.
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6 years ago, dB decibel
Impressive Software Upgrades
I use built-in light switches (wall switches) and also plug-in modules. I use most of them for controlling lights and use one for controlling a water pump. I like the feature for pre-programming control of my lights. I set the lights to be on at dusk so that the house is lit up when I arrive home after dark and also so the house has a lived-in look when I’m not home. The process used for programming when to turn lights on & off is intuitive and easy. Changing the on/off times, such as for shifting the on time later or earlier, is particularly easy. I love that I can quickly turn lights on & off from my phone anytime I have an Internet connection. I use that capability on days when I get up before sunrise. I then use my ever-present phone to turn on a light for my stairway and also one in my kitchen so I have a well lit route to my kitchen even before I start walking. I also use the capability when I’m away from the house, such as on vacation, to randomly turn on & off lights to give my house a truer lived-in look than is provided by the lights controlled by on/off timers, i.e., more variety/randomness. I am particularly impressed with how Belkin provides updates to the WeMo software. The updates are usually for making the system more secure from outsider snooping or attacks. Bravo to Belkin for providing such conscientious support!
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11 months ago, Willy the Wonder
Works about five times and then I need to unplug and plug it back in
The first problem is the Wemo switch that I bought doesn’t match any of the devices shown in the app. But it does have an Apple HomeKit number, so I went ahead and installed it to control a fan. I can say “Siri turn on the Living Room fan“ and the fan comes on. I can say “Siri turn off the Living Room fan,“ in the living room fan turns off. So why does it deserve a one star rating? It works about five times and then Siri says “the living room fan is not responding“. If I unplug the switch and plug it back in it works – for about five more cycles. I thought maybe I buy a bad switch. So stupidly I bought another one and the same thing happened. I’m not sure what model it is because the box just says “WeMo smart plug Fiche intelligence“. It also says “works with Apple HomeKit.” Indeed, it does work with Apple HomeKit — for about five times and then I have to unplug it and plug it back in. If somebody would tell me what to do to make it work all the time without having toUnplug and plug it back in, I would change my rating to five stars.
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4 years ago, GR8IDEAR
App Now Worthless!
When the WeMo app was just a local connection, the app and the devices worked perfectly. Since the introduction of ‘better security’ and the requirement to log-in to your account via an internet connection, the app is no longer reliable. Whenever we have an interruption with our internet connection (power still on) the app is rendered useless. And when you do get connected, it takes repeated attempts for the app to recognize the devices that have been configured for years. We invested in about 20 devices. Only about 9 or 10 can be reliably controlled whenever the WeMo app decides to connect to them. I’m not sure how long Belkin has owned WeMo, but their software team has ruined the interface. I highly recommend WSwitch App to be able to use your WeMo devices. Even the Apple Watch function out performs Belkin’s native App. At least offer a local-only option as most of us are capable setting-up a secure LAN and don’t require your added security to turn on a lamp. UPDATE: The latest update that ‘fixes’ login and password management has rendered the App useless...will not connect at all. Worthless.
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4 years ago, Srad600
Lessons in Frustration
This app is likely very close to one of the worst apps I’ve seen. When it works, it’s buggy. When it doesn’t work, prepare for “lessons in frustration “. I have (3) wemo mini plugs. When I first bought them, about a year ago, I remember it taking me a few days to get them setup. Not because I misunderstood the directions but simply because the setup failed over and over again, until it just didn’t. My steps didn’t change, the devices just don’t work reliably. Once they did eventually link up, and get programmed, they worked so long as I let the programming turn them on or off. Fast forward a year and my WiFi setup has changed, so I need to reinstall the devices. Once again, its taking me days to install them because they keep failing during setup. Or they complete setup and then when I open HomeKit, they just disappear. Or I setup one, and go to setup the next one and that obliterates the first one! I’ve had it with these crappy devices. In the trash they go! These things are a complete waste of money and valuable time.
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4 years ago, jesse james music
Stopped working and kicked me out
We We installed our WEMO system a little over a year ago and have had multiple issues. We are currently on our third switch for one of them because it has suddenly stopped working and won’t respond to any efforts to get it going again. Though my phone shows the same schedule I set a year ago for the exterior lights, throughout this past year, all of our exterior WEMO lights have randomly taken turns changing their day/night schedule. Currently they come on at sundown when scheduled and then shut off within an hour. We then have to manually turn them on and off after that for the night. The real kicker to all this was when I was recently logged off of our account and then couldn’t log back in or even reset my info because my account suddenly did not exist. Though I am the originator of our account, I now have to use my husband’s login info to access our WEMO account. This system is continuously proving to be untrustworthy and a waste of our money.
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7 years ago, Silverwolfy
This is legitimately the first review of an app and product I’ve written. The WeMo app and WeMo Mini Plug are the stuff of nightmares and I hope that this will prevent you from buying it. I’ve spent 3.5 hours trying to set this thing up and an hour on chat with Belkin support, and it still does not work. I’ve restarted literally every point of connection this thing has and it still fails to set up properly. The app crashes constantly and needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled to even attempt setup again. The device tries to connect and the app drops it. The support technician was nice and tried to help, but the product and app are clearly flawed when the device and the app that are meant to go together can’t even hold a connection. I’ve got Echo Dots and Philips Hue Lights at home and those devices go through a similar set up (connect to the device’s WiFi, then get redirected to your normal WiFi). Those devices took 15 minutes max to set up. Maybe that’s a high bar, but 3.5 hours is at least 3 hours too many for a simple smart plug. If you don’t want to waste an eighth of your day, don’t buy WeMo.
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6 years ago, CaptnJD
The update ruined everything
One autumn evening I realized that my lights didn't turn on when I arrived home. I checked my phone and noticed the greyed out wemo icon with the white pie chart slowly filling up inside of the rounded square. A few days later, still nothing, my "smart plugs" weren't communicating with IFTTT... I opened the app and saw a friendly new interface! I figured I just had to set up the switches again like before. And I have been trying ever since... It's been weeks. So to clarify, I am a college student and we have really "secure" wifi and this is constantly causing problems with smart home devices like Google Homes, Chromecasts and Wemo switches.. HOWEVER you can still connect every other smart device. Now with the EXCEPTION of Wemo devices. I had tried countless times to reconnect them to my college wifi and still nothing. I don't know what you guys did or forgot to do in the update, but my switches worked before it and now they don't.. so I have to wait a whole year before actually being able to use them.. For now they are just useless white rectangles jutting out of my outlets. Thanks Wemo...
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5 years ago, Sgtpepperslonelyheart
Huge fan... one minor flaw, in my opinion
I have been absolutely in love with these switches. I don’t normally write reviews unless I really feel strongly about a product/app (which is rare). However these light switches and plugs have been an incredible start into making my home, smart. My only pet peeve with these is that there is now widget or anything for them. If I’m looking to turn on/off my lights real quick, instead of swiping over to widgets and turning it on, I have to go find the app, wait for the app to load up everything, and then turn it on. It may seem like a minor thing, almost not worth complaining about, but when you’re trying to run into a room real quick and you’re standing there waiting for an app to load to get some light, it gets frustrating after a while. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoy these products.
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6 years ago, WelshYoda
Continuing connection issues
Bought the Wemo Link and two LED bulbs as a package for use in our front porch lights. Easy set up with the app, set up the rule for auto on/off, and I thought everything was settled. Several months later we had a power outage from a storm, and found that it had also reset the “rule” (lights stayed on). Tried resetting the rule, and that worked for several months. Wake up one morning to find that one of the light bulbs won’t turn off, and doesn’t appear in the app anymore. Tried resetting both the app and the Link, but no success. Ended up buying two new LIFX bulbs that are both HomeKit and Alexa compatible for the front porch, and tried moving the still-connecting bulb inside as an “out-of-town” timed/rule lamp. Unfortunately, while the Link still connects to the app, now the second bulb doesn’t. Also tried contacting support several times for help (both via email and through the app), but the only response referred me to existing FAQ and didn’t offer any other resolution. At this point I’m giving up on Wemo.
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4 years ago, BecksMom07
Game changer at home
Over the years I’ve been adding wemo light switches, dimmers and outlets. I have no more left to convert. First I needed a way to turn on my front porch light at night when it was dark and I was coming home from work. It was too dark to see the keyhole for my door key. I tried so many other things. Nothing worked. I got a Wemo light switch and was hooked! I can either set the light to turn on at Sunset or manually turn it on via my phone app. Then I got one for my bedroom ceiling fan. When I’ve been sick in bed it’s so nice not to have to get up to constantly turn it on and off. Then my son kept leaving lights on around the house. I can check all the wemo lights status on my phone app and turn them off if I need to. My favorite use is a Wemo outlet plug in. I connected my coffee maker to it. I set up the coffee at night. When I wake up I turn it on via the Wemo app. By the time I get downstairs the coffee is ready. I set the timer to turn the coffee pot off after 30 minutes I connected Wemo light switches to all the bathroom fans. I set a timer so when you turn the fan on the countdown starts. Wemo turns the fans off after 15 minutes. I also use them for all the indoor Christmas decorations. All the decorations are on a timer, but I can also manually turn them on/off via the app.
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6 years ago, TheRealLurch
Easy-Peasy Set Up
This is a fantastic product for anyone who is looking for the added convenience and/or safety of having the ability to turn on and off your lights while at home or on vacation. I read some of the other reviews about the set-up and use of the Wemo Minis, and I cannot agree with those who say it is either hard to set up and/or use once installed. I bought three 2-packs from Costco and had set-up four of the six plug/switches, using just my iPhone and app, before I realized there were written instructions included in each pack. Install for 6 plug/switches took Less than 30 minutes total. It was very intuitive, and the Wemo app did a great job walking me through each install and set-up using my home's existing wifi network. As far as use goes, I did not experience any of the problems some users have encountered with slow response or delays turning on and off lights. My guess is they are having issues with either their smart phones or the speed and durability of their wifi networks not the Wemo products. Now, I have the ability to turn my lamps on remotely from anywhere in the world, run independent on-off schedules for each, and turn lights on before entering or after leaving a room. Very convenient. Great product! Tremendous value! Happy Customer!
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2 years ago, Richard_Dawson
A couple of years ago Belkin forced all users to create an account in order to let the app control Wemo devices. Fine, except they didn’t tell anyone so users like me scrambled like mad to figure out why the app stopped working. So I went ahead and created an account through the app and everything worked. Now today Belkin did something one more time and again all my Wemo devices went offline. Apparently the account I created in the app was never created online, and once again without any notice the devices stopped connecting. For Wemo, there’s only phone support, no chat. So as I waited for over 45 minutes, I went ahead and created an account online only to get an error that my password from the app does not adhere to their standards. So I created a new password which met their standards though still got the error that it did not; then reinstalled the app and logged in using the new password; reconnected my devices to my wifi. And everything finally seems to work again. Someone should be fired for all this hassle.
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7 years ago, Frankeanu
Completely worthless
I've spent hours on two different WiFi networks trying to get either of my brand new mini smart plugs to connect. I've lost count of how many times I've un/reinstalled the app, factory reset the plugs, and tried everything I can think of. Occasionally, the app will saying it's connected to the plug and is trying to connect to the WiFi network. After about 20-30 seconds, the app crashes. Every. Single. Time. On both smart plugs. On both networks I've tried. Whether I've freshly reinstalled the app and/or reset the plug. Every. Single. Time. And often, after it crashes, it won't bother reconnecting to the plug again. To further degrade the experience, the Belkin support site doesn't work properly in a mobile device. The support article pane zooms in too far, can't be zoomed out, and won't stay scrolled; it snaps back to the top of the article as soon as the scrolling motion stops. I had to go dig out my laptop just to use the support website for a product that is supposed to interface with my mobile device. Epic fail from start to finish, Belkin!!!
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2 years ago, dran_reb
App broke recently
The Wemo app was great for controlling Wemo smart outlets when the app worked. Something changed. Right now it’s almost completely broken for me. I’ve been getting a ton of random “not detected” errors with my outlets even after several resets. This means I lose control of my outlets, and sometimes this happens right after it was working five seconds earlier. The app is very glitchy lately despite it working well for over a year for me. Uninstalled, reinstalled, made sure the Apple Home app is not interfering…. No luck. Seems I get control of my outlets about 50% of the time now. The off timer function broke- it used to work, but no longer. The outlet will stay on forever despite the app recognizing the fact I’ve created a timer rule to turn off after X time. Really disappointing for a great app to suddenly be so useless. What’s worse is that the links to support articles and community forums both here in the App Store and in the app itself, don’t work.
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3 years ago, Dissapointed in Philly
Bad support for questionable products
I’ve had Wemo products for a number of years. For the most part, the product is ok. Most of my devices are set to a schedule and I never have to touch them. Recently, 5 of my 6 devices stopped working. All 5 devices are unresponsive just like Wemo support. I did extensive testing before I contacted support. I presented my results to support only to have to go through the same steps. The end result of level 1 support was reset all the devices. This is the second time in three weeks this where the same 5 devices failed. I asked for level 2 support only to be put off saying they can’t get me to level 2 directly. There is a 24 to 48 hour turn around for level 2 support. 3/4 of my house is in the dark and I can’t get support for a problem which affects 5 devices. 3 are light switches directly wired to the house. 2 are plugs. I would highly suggest finding another company which can support their products. It’s terrible customer support when most of their products have failed and they won’t reach out to correct the issue.
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4 years ago, Padre–J
Too Erratic and Frustrated
I bought 4 minis from Costco about a year ago and have only used 2 of them because I can’t get them to work or stay connected to the app. I had difficulty getting them to work initially and then when they were connected and programmed, after a few months they disconnected without any warnings and now they are beginning to repeat the problems all over again. Contacting the WEMO tech support did little to help me solve the problem and definitely had a difficult time communicating with some of the technicians...I’m moving onto another controller and recommend you save your money... Current update with the new version 1.25...FYI, the other controller wasn’t programmable so I came back to WEMO, which is still a mistake and worse yet with the new version that requires you to open an “account” to use the app with an email and password...I went through the steps and then it wouldn’t allow me to sign in and kept giving an “Error, Try Again” message...still can’t connect so now I will have to go to another controller...
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7 years ago, apple sucksD
It chimes.
I have the mr coffee and it's ok. Initially it was easy to hook up to wifi but when I had to change wifi modems it was a pain to switch wifi networks. It was harder to switch passwords than the initial setup. Then the app gives me the feeling that they made it at the last minute and really didn't care either way. When I wake up I can barely see so trying to hit the brew button and see if it's actually brewing is hard since everything is so small. The big one is the door chime sound that lets everyone in the house including my three year old know that the coffees done. Yeah so that quiet cup of coffee alone before your kids wake up are gone after the coffee pot lets them all know to get up. This one just might bother me the most. Like I said the app was thrown together at the last minute and nobody cared about it. It'd be nice if in the app you could turn off the chime. I live In a small house so that chime wakes everyone up telling them to get up. I'd like to have quiet time before the kids get up.
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5 years ago, DAB51
Difficult to understand the instructions on the wemo app, then install and link to Alexa. All steps were difficult. Got my lamp re-linked with the help of 2 of your very patient reps however. Both were knowledgeable and patient but because of a language barrier problem I had some trouble with communication with one gentleman. He was patient when I had difficulty understanding his dialect however. After the call was dropped 3 times, probably from my end, I rec’d a call back 2 out of the 3 times which was nice. With their help I was able to reinstall my device which I would not have been able to do from just the instructions. It was missing some necessary steps that were not explained on the app instructions. Other than that it works fine. I just wish one wemo could pair with more than one device.
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4 years ago, F226429
Do not buy or use Wemo
I have multiple Wemo devices and they constantly have problems. Each time they update the firmware or app it just gets worse. They used to work fairly well with Alexa, but now it is a joke. Alexa can’t find a device when you ask it to be turned on so you have to delete it from Alexa, go back and tell Alexa to discover new devices, then it finds it and will work again. However, it usually breaks again in less than a day and you have to repeat the process. My other favorite is you actually go into the Wemo app and it shows a light turned off. However, you are sitting there looking at the light and it is turned on. You press the button in the Wemo app and now it turns green to show the light is now on. The app doesn’t even know the status of the devices it is supposed to control. This app and the Wemo devices are the worst things I have ever seen. Do yourself a favor and buy an alternate product so you can save money and stress This product should be rated with negative stars.
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4 years ago, Sound Dr.
Seems like they’re trying to be sneaky
Everything was working fine and then one day the app would not connect to my devices. It then told me I had no Internet connection. I did have an Internet connection and then checked to see if there was an update and no update was available. I ultimately deleted the app and re-downloaded it again but this time it wanted me to create an account, and I never had to do that before. So I created an account and now the app only connects to one of my two devices. Just seems like a sneaky way for them to get you to create an account so they can start to do data mining. I had no problems for years until now. Since I wrote this review, the app now will not connect to anything. Fortunately for me I have the original app with no updates on another device when I purchased the products years ago and it still works perfectly with the old version. I wish Wemo had followed that old saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
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4 years ago, Honcho501
Not the greatest
I had Wemo for many years and already fully invested . The system works and doesn’t fully works at times . The rules or programming is the best feature of this product and works well and it’s reliable. The remote control itself it’s another story. The app fails to recognize the devices half of the time making remote access restricted . It’s something you learn to live with because the automation works well . The lights will go on and off as programmed. Unfortunately I would not recommend this product if you are starting out . The technical support is restricted to the product warranty time so if you have the system for a long time they will not support you . I think that’s a lack of vision from the company to loyal customers. This system works well with Alexa and apple home automation but with the same chronic conditions about not being able to connect with some devices at times .
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4 years ago, SJ-2013
Worst app and now made completely useless
This app has always been horrible, but now after forcing users to use an online account NONE of our rules work anymore and we cannot even delete and set up new rules for the various devices. Amateurs are programming this. An example: You open the app, wait sometimes a minute or more for your devices to show up. Some are shown as powered on, which in reality they are not. You press one of the ON/OFF buttons and then get the orange spinning wheel of death. After random wait periods it either says your devices cannot be found or or randomly turns them on or off. It is just ludicrous. This is not rocket science: why go through a server likely located in China (do you want them knowing when you are at home and taking a shower etcetc?) rather than have the app send a simple command over your local wifi within half a second?? No no, we like waiting a minute for the light to go on. Wonderful. Absolute rubbish on stilts this application.
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7 years ago, blacksilver274
No Updates in 1 Year+
I have 10 wemo switches in my condo, the app never works properly when setting up the switches. It always says unable to connect to network when there is no issues. I forget the networks on my iPhone and sometimes that allows the app to move past that error. So poorly designed. Also, every time you switch into the app it has to refresh the status of the lights and it takes a few seconds... why?! Why can’t they host the status of my lights on their server instead of having to go fetch the status from every single switch. Again poor design. I’ve had the switches for over 1 year and unfortunately they haven’t released any good updates. I love the wemo switches but their software dev is disappointing and makes me wish I would have the competition.
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4 years ago, JoeSmithFrank
It works! But not with HomeKit for me.
We have many plugs, old and new mini, even the one that calculates electricity usage. We use them and love them all. Setting up with IFTTT was simple enough. If it gets to hot, window AC turns on; but only as long as my Wemo rules says, and then it goes off. Simply. We we tried to use HomeKit, it was disaster. It required much work to undo, along with selecting NO within Apple settings. Had to do this on each our family members devices, as Apple is persistent. We have had no issue since. Alexa was simple too, but we removed those a year ago too. This application gives us enough control, by itself, that I’d do it all over again. Program schedule from home or away. My only concern is location requirements. I’ve refused to allow updating the app, on any device for about 4 months. And will not as long as I hear that location will be required to use this system. I only wish Belkin would again release the makers device and other products with Wemo built in. FWIW, since disconnecting Apple HomeKit from our 20+/- Hue lights, they too work great using their application. So many reviews complain about HUE and Wemo, for me it was integration with Apple HomeKit that was the issue. I don’t have a hub for Wemo, like we do for Hue and Logitech, maybe it would make them work better, but I doubt it. We love both products and have gifted many. But it’s apparently not that easy to combine multiple disparate technologies into HomeKit.
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6 years ago, bacci1
Third Update, Big Improvement
Every time there is an update, I hope that the problems with the software have been solved. But that is never the case. It's always the same thing, the new version can never find the 2 Wemo devices, so I have to dump the software then reload it and do the rediscover with wifi. Fortunately the 2 devices have memorized the settings so even without the software running on IOS, the lights turn on and off at the right times. Why can't these guys at Belkin ever get this fixed?? There have been issues with these devices from day one. Very disappointing! Ok, since this review was written, the WeMo device setup has improved drastically. Right now I have four of them and the set up is almost flawless. I have increased my number of stars to reflect the ease with which the Wemo devices can now be set up.
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6 years ago, Laylay84
Poorly Made
I wish I could give no stars. I have the WEMO crockpot. It’s useless. I should’ve kept my old manual crockpot. In all the time I’ve owned it, it’s been operable maybe four times. It refuses to recognize the WiFi signal (which is ridiculously strong). I have to delete the app and re download again and again. Refresh my phone a hundred times. Even then, it still does not work. It’s frustrating and disappointing. A $150 waste. The biggest issue is that the crockpot seemingly won’t stay on at all unless it’s connected to WiFi. It’ll turn on, but moments later, like seconds, it powers off. I can’t use it for anything. It’s taking up space. Don’t waste your time or your money. I called Belkin to complain, and they literally said, all of the devices are having this issue but because I’ve had it for longer than a week (when it didn’t have issues), the best they can offer me is 20% off my next purchase. Keep it. I’ll go to Walmart and buy a $20 crockpot that’ll work better than this piece of you know what.
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1 year ago, whatnicknameisnotaken
9 WEMOs in 10 years
Switches, dimmers, and minis. Been very fortunate to have all devices working this entire time. I did have to replace one dimmer about a year ago but that is the only issue so far. Switched from AT&T to T-Mobile internet last week and did have to remove the WEMO app and reinstall it to set up my switches and was able to connect all but one dimmer. I called WEMO technical support and they helped me get the dimmer connected again. I have no problems switching my devices on and off from central CA (I live in southern CA). I can’t believe all the crappy reviews I see. If I had read the reviews before owning my WEMOs, I don’t think I would have bought them. Either I have been very lucky, or WEMO gets every bad review out there published. My recommendation is to start with a light switch for the porch and set up the rules to use the sunset and sunrise to switch your light on and off. I find this very useful because the sunset and sunrise times change daily and your light will come on and go off accordingly. When you are away from your home, try to switch your light on and off to see if you have any issues with connectivity. Good luck 🍀
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6 years ago, markburt
Poor customer support
I have three different Wemo devices— smart plug, light switch, and dimmer switch. The light switch and smart plug work fine but I had problems with the dimmer switch not staying connected to the wemo app and paid $14 shipping to get it replaced under warranty (strike 1 against Belkin for making you pay to return warranty items). They sent a replacement which wasn’t much better with connection as the original with the added plus that it caused my dimmable lights to flicker (something the original switch didn’t do). When I contacted Wemo customer support about this new problem they decided that my lights were not compatible with the dimmer switch. They didn’t explain why my, supposedly, incompatible lights worked fine with the original dimmer but not with the replacement (strike 2). This means I cannot trust any Wemo or Belcon product on the market, no matter what kind of warranty it has since Belcon doesn’t honor their warranty and just tries to sweep legitimate claims under the carpet, so to speak.
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4 years ago, Crlaozwyn
Killed It
You know what’s worse than forcing people to sign up for an account in order to keep using hardware that’s worked for years? When the account system is broken. Tried to sign up and got to where it asked for my name. Kept giving error messages no matter what I put. Weird, right? Well, I still got the “account created” email so I figured no big deal and verified my email. When I tried to sign in, it said my username/password didn’t match. Weird, since I’m using a password manager... reset my password to a new one, again with the PW manager. Same issue where it says the password isn’t right. Huh. Tried again on the same email a couple weeks later. Still broken. Used a different email to try again, since my first one “has an account” already. Same issues. Same broken crap. Now my multiple switches are useless after a power outage since they didn’t reconnect to wireless automatically. If I didn’t know better, I’d think WeMo was trying to kill their brand.
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