WEX CardControl

4.8 (34.9K)
106.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
WEX, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for WEX CardControl

4.75 out of 5
34.9K Ratings
9 months ago, MiamiTarzan30Fire
Trustworthy Fule App
In the 5Days This short time that I have use this app I can say I have found the best prices at least $.50 to $.61 in savings per gallon when gas right now is $4.59 diesel fuel at pilots or loves just one block down I was able to get it for $3.99 per gal at Citgo @ 145 Gallons a savings of $78-$80. Let’s multiply it by 3x⛽️ week est. $220-$250 Now time 4x⛽️Almost a Grand. Whether this is in the best interest of the owner operator or the company. Saving money is the name of the game baby whoever is reading if it don’t make sense, you don’t make money 💯% F@cT$🫵🏽🙏
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2 years ago, Tgindc
No Satellite View of the map
Loved the old app and only gave it up when I had to recently. was pleasantly surprised at some of the options with the new app. But one issue is huge. I cannot get the fuel finder to give me a satellite view of the truckstop. So there’s no way of knowing whether our big rigs will fit into the station, because there are gas stations that are not truckstops included in this system. I was on the phone for nearly an hour with the WEX support staff. Three of them. none of them were the right person. simple question: how do I change the setting so that I see a satellite view rather than a Street view on the map. No one knows. there is no way to change settings on this app, at least none that I can find. i’m using version 5.0.5, which I was told is the most current version of the app. Ugh.
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3 months ago, rls1020
Complete trash app
This app is complete garbage. They send us a list of the current fuel discounts everyday but it’s not always accurate and they will not reply to any of your emails. For ex, I saw they had a certain location with a discounted rate listed at 3.329 per gallon but when I arrived the price was 3.549 and that’s what was charged on my account but for some strange reason they have it listed that I saved 0.61 per gallon. Lies lies lies. How are you going to say I got a discount when the discounted price I paid is the exact same at the pump. On top of that they app features don’t work, the nearby or route features don’t work at all. They say on the site that there’s 4500+ locations but yet the app can’t list anything along l95 from Miami to NY. Very very interesting!! Thumbs down.
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2 years ago, MarkCashMoney
Terrible update
I wish I never updated from the super old version. I can’t see any truck stops near me on the map unless I zoom in super close down to the exit where I know they’re at. There are many cases where I don’t want to use the route feature. Also on the route feature truck stops get grouped together and prices get cut off. Whoever thought that was a good idea has never used this app. Small pins on the route with varying colors depending on the difference to the lowest price on route is how it should work. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This isn’t Facebook this is an app for business use and how badly it works is inexcusable. I didn’t even get to the random crashing or freezing. This is what you get when you outsource everything.
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2 years ago, mikenicky💗💗
Piece of crap. Worked better before.
The old way worked better. I can’t see fuel prices and discounts. If I do anything on the app to try to find fuel, it kicks me out just like I was to log out. I’ve deleted this dam app and redownloaded it and guess what, does the same thing. The way this economy is now, I need all the money I can save. Can’t save without being able to see my discount fuel prices. Thanks to whoever thought this upgraded app is better!!!😡😡🤬🤬🤬
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2 years ago, Qballl!
Terrible app
The entire purpose of this app is too show, not only fuel locations, but discounted prices. It simply does not work. You can only see advertised prices the same as you would see it on a roadside sign. Overnight our fuel discount list just disappeared and now I’m told the only way to find fuel discounts is through this app, and it doesn’t show any at all!!! After several phone calls to fleet one the best answer they can give is “re-download the app”, which I’ve done. The app doesn’t work, period. I’m left guessing where to send our trucks. Your customer service is poor and incapable of addressing the issue and your app is worse. I’ll be actively looking for a different provider
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2 years ago, Vabuki Vo
Horrible Experience
This new updated EFS app is the worst. Finding fuel prices along route feels like a chore. The list is painful to scroll through. The previous version was far superior. I fail to see what benefits this version brings to the table. Seems like some pennies were saved by someone. Bring back the previous version
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9 months ago, Frankie to
This APP has been Hacked. I have enter the information on two fuel cards into this app to check fuel prices and both times my cards have been hacked. Someone has tried to use my cards at multiple locations within minutes of each other and then EFS shut my fuel cards off. It is being done remotely because there is no way they can be at these locations within minutes of each trans action.
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2 months ago, Loosing Money daily
Loosing Money
There is something wrong with this APP!!! When I type in my current location and destination, the App starts to load. Half way through the loading, it Blinks out and goes back to my home page.. This is costing me time and money. The nearby tab works when I’m in a 5 mile radius, but by then it’s to late. It’s has me gambling on fuel prices. My last load I had to pay and extra .30 cents per gallon.. For 190 gallons that adds up.. I don’t know if it’s just my IPhone 15 or all phones. Hopefully they fix it soon. I have no other choice but to wait This has been going on for a week now
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1 year ago, FJB infinity
App does not show true price
I’ve been a WEX customer over a decade. The program I am on gives a great discount at my local fuel stops, however, since they changed this app to “wex card control”, I no longer am able to see what my fuel price with the card will be-the app only shows the pump price. This is nothing new for WEX as they used to email daily pricing out in a way that you had to scroll down through all the cities in all the states to find a price. I suppose all good things must end. I’m using MUDFLAP more as I can see what I will pay before I pump!
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2 years ago, $CrawDaddy$
Not Very User Friendly
Very hard to find fuel on the exact routes that I am traveling. This is very frustrating. I have to snap the route by adding destinations but am not able to add enough because the limit is four. This really makes planning difficult especially with todays fuel prices.
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2 years ago, DLG RVer
Upgrade to the app software was superb!!!
Thank you so much for updating the app. The ability to search for fuel along the route as an option is perfect versus constantly scrolling area by area along our route and guessing. It works quickly and efficiently.
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10 months ago, Leak wonders
3 stars
Ok, when the app is working it is great. But it has it’s bugs like: all of the sudden you can’t login using faceID or pin. When you call to get help, they give you two options: 1. Delete and reinstall or 2. Have your fleet reset the pin then login using the last 4 of your card as your pin. When that doesn’t work, and you continue to try and login unsuccessfully, your account will get suspended (they don’t tell you this in the app, *the app should let you know when the account is locked/suspended *) and you have to get your fleet to reinstate your account and then your card and pin should work again. They should have a stay logged in feature on the app.
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9 months ago, 567Pete
A lot of the times there is a couple different routes a truck driver can take to get from point A to point B. This app only gives one route and no way to select a different route. The routing that the app lays out may be way out of route to my destination. The app needs a way for us to select the routing we want to take. Other than that, it seems to be a pretty decent app.
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2 years ago, ddan50616
The old one is better of this because the old one evening you can copy the location of the gas station and pastEasy but this one you can not doing anything this is horrible.
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1 year ago, kw900lkevin
Won’t open the check writing side of app
For 2 days have not been able to register a draft check. Have updated the app itself turned phone on and off and nothing. Will open a transfer to bank. It’s much easier to register a check on the app (when it works) than using the phone
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2 years ago, Raudelgnz
Old version was better
Why they remove the location where you do transactions like state and city used to show , Also find location was better the old version when we put route from point A to B it shows all gas Station and rates on that route , now we have to zoom to a Specific area to catch the better rates
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3 months ago, Jack m hoff
Efs/wex fuel app
It’s down or malfunctioning way more than it works on a regular basis. They consistently have private locations I can’t use, like trucking companies that happen to have a card reader system for their company trucks, listed in my fuel locations. Sometimes fuel stops aren’t even where they say they are, I mean how hard is it to confirm an address so you have the location right. I’m actually happy that the company I work for is going to comdata.
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2 years ago, Squeakie.
S••••y update.
S••••y update. Does NOT show city name and only partial Love’s locstion number. After you tap on one location you have to start over. The version before was simple. The list contained city and station name and location. You could scroll back and forth and compare.
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2 years ago, batman556701
Update made a useful app a great app
As an owner/ operator I use this app daily to check fuel drives and review purchases. The improved fuel routing works great. I only held back one star because I would really love to have a print/ share button. Besides that little suggestion this app is a must have for any owner operator using EFS.
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2 years ago, puddin6869
Dont understand why you dont care about the drivers
Every time you guys change things it screws it up for independent drivers. There are no longer locations on our receipts that we pull up on the app. And the fuel discount search is back to being screwed up again. You can only search within 25 miles or on a specific route.. the route part is cool, but allow us to search where ever we want again
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3 months ago, Ajit55
No Price shown for Bulk DEF on the app
This App doesn’t shows the Bulk DEF pump Price like Mudflap shows. I am using this WEX card for few years but now came to know that Mudflap not only shows the Bulk DEF price but also the $.25 discount on DEF which this WEX never ever gave the discount or posted price. Mudflap also has the same or even lower price than WEX at some Truckstop. Everyone must try Mudflap once so that you can compare the price. I wasted thousands of $$ for not using the Mudflap.
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2 years ago, Tubastew
Stations along a route
The old version displayed most stations along a route. This version lists many, but only displays 3 or 4 stations. I prefer a display that is more visual, not a list. The app is also very slow in loading stations to the display. It seems we have taken a step backwards. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, Hillbilly 1996
Hillbilly trucker
Love this app it works perfectly and you can take care of bills transfer money take money off it there is so many things that you can do with this app thanks
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1 year ago, Clough S
Good tool for finding best price in area
Once I figured out how to search for fuel in different locations App is awesome. Saves me hundreds of dollars a year finding companies that have offered discounts
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2 months ago, Crash393
Simply doesn’t work
The search along a route function, has never worked. That’s the purpose of downloading this app LOL. Poor software engineering. It’s not of any use, because all carriers get e-mailed fuel prices daily. If you cannot search pricing along your route, you’re forced to go thru emails manually (time consuming). Response from developer is “we’re working on it” for approximately 11 months.
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2 months ago, MSparling
Martin Sparling
I really like being able to see where I use my card, and I am able to check my cash balance on my card. Thanks
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2 years ago, Dain Unicorn
Important feature lost….
-2 stars for inability to request a virtual check number for payments requiring paperless checkout. I have to burn a physical check for a check number. Other services can generate a number, why can’t you? -1 star for breaking the ability to PASTE a check number into the check number input field.
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1 month ago, Terrible Payout Method
Final Payment
I don’t like the fact that my money for a load pay out is not Automatically reflected on my card immediately. I have to make a phone call to reach someone in order for the to release my money in order for me to have access to my cash. That’s way too much extra steps. I’m going to go back to direct payment to my Bank Account. This is really TERRIBLE.
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2 years ago, 44119912
Poor poor features
This app is practically useless. There are various features that could be changed to make the app very usable and it could be easily done. Basically I have to use the “Fuelbook” App then use this one to follow up on with accurate prices, as it’s the only one my company uses. If the developer would like some advice on how to improve this app I would be glad to give it.
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8 months ago, MavDriverJG
Not working, right
I can only get it to display the prices of fuel not the discount even after purchase, it does not show the discount I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall, log out, log back in even contacted support, and they didn’t know how to solve it it’s strange, because a friend of mine uses the same exact app with the same company as me and it shows everything
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11 months ago, Fat ol’ bastard
When searching for fuel along, my route, I put in a city that I know there is a loves in, and it tells me invalid address, city after city, that I know there’s loves in! if you pick Jerome Idaho, it will work, though that’s the only city I can get it to work for so far! I never thought I’d say COM data, for FleetAdvance is better than anything, but it sure is working better than this, very disappointing!
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2 years ago, ssan juarez
Transferring funds
After I received my pay for my job I tried transferring my funds into my bank account and it’s still not there
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2 years ago, Sure aha
Understanding a new system or order.
The new screen I’ll give it time to see if it works and why it was changed.
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2 years ago, HomeGrownUniversity
Missing info Misinformation
Often times the price is wrong when I get to the place I’m fueling. Also, hardly any truck stops show up at all when I put in a search for fuel.
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2 years ago, D-n1c3
Terrible app service
I downloaded Card Control on my phone and it will not allow me to verify my transfer account due to the Numbers blocking to verify tap. I am completely unable to transfer my phones to my banking account via web browser and the app. This is one of the worst experiences I’ve had managing money in any account that I’ve ever had.
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4 days ago, Red Rocker Transport
Easy living
I like how everything is laid out and easy to use. It makes my life much easier.
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11 months ago, Anne Marie C
Very helpful buuut…
it could be so much better if we could choose one chain, or two, or all! I only fuel at one place and would love to filter out the rest! Other than that it is a great app!
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6 months ago, Glay2022
I love count whit this card!
I am trucker since 2022 and I have the privilege to be an user of this app I can plan my diesel route in advance. Great diesel discount on truck stops around US territory.
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2 years ago, ndn02kz
You can’t see discounts prices through this app You will get discounts Only on next day with receipt
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6 months ago, milkmoney73
I can see all fuel stops not just the ones in my network which would be fine if I could actually see my discounted price on the fuel stops that are in my network but I can’t! What’s the point of even having this app?? I’ve called numerous times and nobody seems to know how to make it work. Very aggravating
Show more
2 years ago, wheeler111522
Perfect for my needs
Able to see where to fuel and manage my money! Great new look and super easy to use.
Show more
3 months ago, lpvp
One of best
Nice improvements just have to get used to them thank you again one of the best thank you guys
Show more
1 year ago, buvuvyvuvuvyc
Lucy at customer service
I just want to thank Lucy at customer service for outstanding help and step by step helping me. Thank you Luccy
Show more
5 months ago, CCSD2
Thank you Wex for having a great fleet 1 discount with TA and Petro. It has kept our company in business and my family fed. We appreciate you.
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2 years ago, Jonny Kingman
Nothing understanding
I am newbie here , got the card , create pin , download the app but it’s not enough to get fuel at pump, I tried called in customer service where feeling card and PIN numbers but there haven’t option connecting with operator- only electronic answers. In first view bad - very bad
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2 years ago, upset transporter
This app is terrible! The navigation to find fuel discounts doesn’t work. The app closes every time I try to use either the near me or route options. It needs to be fixed immediately AND we need to be able to go back to the previous version of the EFS app until this app is fixed.
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2 years ago, Pepe d los Pobres
Nope. I’m not liking it.
This app was an update on the previous version I was using. I don’t see it as an upgrade. If I could go back to the previous version I would. This version if harder to get fuel prices, which is the number one reason I use it. Also, CAT Scale shows up as having fuel for sale. I’m disappointed in the update.
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2 years ago, aiadams
Not user friendly
Not user friendly at all and still haven’t figured out how to print off monthly reports. The previous app was a lot better. We need this to work when our on the road. You really need to go back to the old app. NEVER had problems and this one it is everyday.
Show more
9 months ago, GaGatorGirl
Kicked me out and can’t get back in
I have tried everything. Even a new card. It won’t let me log back in to find fuel on a route and know what the discounts are. I guess this must be on purpose because why do you want drivers to dave money. Not cool…. Worked great for a while. Now doesn’t work at all.
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