WFM Innerview

3.5 (60)
11.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
WFM Online, Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.3 or later
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User Reviews for WFM Innerview

3.5 out of 5
60 Ratings
4 years ago, Daslut
It’s great, now how can we help improve it?
My supervisors at TSQ say that this app is still in BETA and that surprised me at first. In truth, if we looked at everything in life as if it were in that state, improvements would never be second rate. I have spoken with Andrew McCann about some items and look forward to hearing from him soon. Is there a way to opt in for emails to my personal account so that I may know what the “weekly question” is going to be about? Cake MixiM
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3 months ago, Qtpiep123
Hours not showing
Hello can the app developer please reach back to me about this… So my schedule(s) stopped showing up on the app for about two weeks now and I’ve tried everything from uninstalling the app to logging out to refreshing the app and nothing works is there anything else I can do to have my app back working?? I even called the customer service line, still nothing also spoke with my managers about if they said they’ve never seen anything like it and basically told me to do the same things I’ve already tried. It’s frustrating because I can’t even do coverage shifts since it’s not showing up. And yes, I am being scheduled because I’ve had to write down my schedule the past two weeks because of this glitch or whatever it is in the innerview app. It just says “0hr scheduled” for every week and our schedules are put out for three weeks.
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3 weeks ago, briandecker187
Requesting time off and apple wallet for discount card
It’s a great app to check your schedule and for your discount card but I think the app should have a request off feature for people to request off easier and be able to see if they get the day off. Second I think you should be able to sync you’re schedule to you’re personal calendar to see you’re schedule easier without going into the app. Lastly be able to put you’re discount card into apple wallet
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12 months ago, that scorpion guy
App update
I like the app… It’s convenient for what I need to do as far as checking schedule and requesting days off… But today I went to check my future schedule and put in a request, and the app won’t open… It says that the current status of the app isn’t compatible with with the current iOS software update…
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4 years ago, Travis528
Love the improvements
Just released a new and broken app! Please fix. ***Update*** Initially when I update the app it would not display even after restarting my phone. After a day or so the app magically started working for me. I love the new design and works great!!
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12 months ago, nylonfiberpizza
This app is usually fine and does it’s job, but I just updated my phone and now I get a page that says “the developer of this app needs to update it for it to work with this version of IOS.” Discount card, schedule, open shifts, everything I use daily is now inaccessible for an indefinite period of time.
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4 years ago, AaronM33
Looks and works great!
This new version is really sleek and everything is very accessible. I like the search function for benefits and discount info. Thanks for the upgrade!
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12 months ago, @brashaa.a
The app needs updating it’s not working ASAP
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2 years ago, 13mmagee
Too much security to get to in-store scan
Asked me to verify 3 times on my Authenticator app, then froze on a white screen. I was just trying to get my WFM in-store discount, but with the line of people waiting behind me, I ended up just paying full price. Not everything needs to be this secure
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12 months ago, Biker1231
“App Update Required” with no update available
It’s unethical that Whole Foods employees need to use this app to pick up shifts (i.e TO WORK), and yet the app is unusable. In other words, I have effectively been laid off just because this app doesn’t work. Someone needs to answer for this.
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1 month ago, awantipuso
App is practically useless
Every other button press locks the screen to the point that I need to reset the app. I thought I was behind on an update, but that is apparently not the case.
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12 months ago, imaginethegood
Update needed for IOS
Please update ***UPDATED**** Thank you for same day update
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3 years ago, banannaalien
Can’t login
I thought this app would be convenient for the digital discount card but I can’t even log in. It always says there is an error and then directs me to the login again. Useless app.
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9 months ago, Jroc0404
Landscape for iPad
Hi Team, can we get a landscape version for this app?
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12 months ago, Victoriousssssxo
Not reliable for ecomm
The app hardly works for team members in EComm. We constantly have to call the help desk for issues with finding shifts/filters and they just tell us to redownload the app
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5 months ago, uuuuuuuukkkkk
iPhone 15pm no
Innerview can no be use on iPhone 15 pm , please update
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2 years ago, Jaeonee
Very Glitchy
Have to keep removing and re-downloading
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1 year ago, gladgirls
Feature suggestion.
Please add calendar integration with iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, et al.
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5 years ago, Jessa6828
Love the Concept
Long time coming and a great concept, just needs a bit of tweaking. Few glitches to work out. Overall clean look, but still clearly in development.
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5 years ago, KennedyPip
Please fix the bugs
Downloaded the app excited to use it and I was asked to log in. Perfectly fine I did then a blank white screen popped up and the bottom had options. Discount card news ect. So I click on discount card and I have to type in my login and password again. I assumed it was another security thing since it was my first time using it. As soon as I finished typing it all in again it gave me the option to use my Touch ID. Figured okay it’s just setting up. Nope... everything I touch after that asks for my login and password doesn’t load anything new other than that. Would love to have a functing app to use but I guess I’ll just wait till the bugs are fixed.
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5 years ago, JujyCakes
Needs more work
Loaded the app on the 1st day. It’s taking too long to log in, way too many keystrokes to get to anything and returning to the main menu. Acts more like a desktop app rather than a mobile app. Like others have mentioned, this mobile app needs Touch ID and Face ID, access to Apple Pay or other online wallets. Today the whole app is showing errors. I’m deleting it and reinstalling. We’ll see how this works on the 1st day of Team Member Appreciation Week.
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5 years ago, AngryPenguin27
Totally Half-Baked App.
No persistent login means the app is useless. The convenience of having a digital discount card is completely nullified by having to log in to the app every time I open it. I’m better off using my physical card. Articles are not optimized for mobile devices either. Fonts are too big and the general framing of content is off. This really isn’t an app as much it is a bad port of our internal web services. If the company paid for this to be developed they should demand a refund.
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4 years ago, TinYbutMighty376
Don’t bother wasting your time
This app has nothing on it that would benefit a WFM team member by having it. My TMS is telling me that I can review my benefits from this app, not true. There is no menu bar to search for benefits on the app. This is just another example of the company trying to save money by telling TMs to figure it out themselves while misinformed TMSs get spread thinner and thinner in every region are unable to do their job effectively = help team members.
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5 years ago, sugarsnappea420
Resolution of articles does not fit screen
Lots of kinks to work out. Touch ID and Face ID should be allowed to access app. Also auto sign out after 15 mins of idle is a little annoying. I still take my discount card rather than open the app because signing in takes too long.
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5 years ago, sam01010
Good idea, terrible flaw...
I like the idea of the WFM discount card being on my phone, but if I have to log in EVERY TIME I open the app, it’s too annoying to use. Please give an option to remain logged in, or at least Touch ID or whatever is used for saved passwords. Until this option is available, the app is pointless.
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5 years ago, Mahin JK
Can’t log in
I’ve repeatedly not been able to use my employee discount because the Innerview app doesn’t work. When I log in, it always reverts to the log in page. With a correct username/password, I am unable to login and access my discount card. Very disappointing to not have access to my discount.
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5 years ago, Saqoy
App is a bit slow
App is slow to load even when on WFM WiFi. Though it does have a nice clean look.
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5 years ago, Sparty!
I can take a screenshot of my TM discount barcode and keep it on my phone so I don’t have to carry around my card anymore. Awesome.
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4 years ago, xDlolxxx
Needs Apple pay support!
Would be great if TM discount cards could be retrieved in seconds via Apple pay when paying at a register during a lunch break at WFM. Otherwise the app is so good so far..
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5 years ago, Filmklipps
Touch ID?
Nice app that was a long time coming, but could use a few updates to iron out the kinks. A little slow to load. Does not keep you signed in. Does not have Touch ID enabled.
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5 years ago, TomTom WFM
Add Touch ID and enable wallet.
Need to be able to add discount card to Apple wallet. No Touch ID makes logging in to use card time consuming.
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5 years ago, mimirosee
doesn’t work at all
I downloaded the app and signed in and every page is blank so then i went to app support and signed in and it says i don’t have access and need to wait for approval for my own account????
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5 years ago, TheHoomanGamer
App is very buggy
Excited about the future functionality of this app, however in it's current state it is very buggy (doesn't work upon first logging in, throws lots of null reference exceptions, etc). Fix the bugs and it'll be a very useful app for WFM TM's!
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5 years ago, theumyeahwhatevers
No Wallet Support / No Wallet Support
No wallet support? Why not? Honest question. *IF* it loads up it takes too long to pull up your digital discount card. Quicker to hand the cashier your physical card. It would honestly be in everyone’s best interest to screen record / shot the discount card and use that.* I mean Prime customers are sharing their screen recording... *except that there is verbiage regarding digital duplication and that corrective action may occur
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5 years ago, JoeMarsh88
Doesn’t work
***update** Still useless! Still having the same sign in issue Useless! Tried to sign in and its just stuck in an endless loop of asking me for my email credentials
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5 years ago, ThaUnjust
This app doesn’t work at all. Every time I log in I’m redirected to blank pages. I deleted and redone loaded multiple times still nothing.
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5 years ago, Michael BL
Still not working
Supposed to go live April 22 it’s now May 18 still not working.. thanks!
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5 years ago, lilyjtaylor_22
App doesn’t work
Really disappointing
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5 years ago, spicedcow19
Everything is blank and it keeps signing me out.
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12 months ago, westernwaste
App stopped working since I updated iOS
Wish I could submit a screenshot but ever since I updated my phone, the app shows a “ App Update Required The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS. If you are the app developer you can build an update at” error
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5 years ago, BillsonMan
Impressively Lackluster
Functions as if it’s a web browser, provides little to no advantage over the workday app apart from Whole Foods news... you’d think a subsidiary of amazon could find someone who could develop a simple app.
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5 years ago, edvnuik
Innerview inop.
Got app from store qr code. Login takes me to microsoft signin. Got that done. Now cant see anything beyone microsoft site. Im using an apple, so sabotage by microsoft I guess. If you have an apple phone, may noy work. Crap.
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5 years ago, OliverBeaumont
Can’t even sign in
Unsure of why a microsoft account is needed when it seems more logical to use our account. Looking past the fact that I can’t even log in (every time I enter email and password it prompts for email again), this looks like an app that would be quite useful for WFM team members! It’s just not quite there yet. I hope the bugs and kinks get worked out so I can at least get my discount in there!
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5 years ago, mrs crankypants
Terrible- I have to keep entering my email address which every other time it doesn’t recognize and when it does and I then enter password, it asks for a verification code, which I then enter, it brings me back to asking for my email address. I’m chasing my tail here
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