WFTV Channel 9 Weather

4.8 (10.8K)
71 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cox Media Group
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WFTV Channel 9 Weather

4.8 out of 5
10.8K Ratings
3 years ago, FL Sunshine n' Oranges
Florida’s Centerpiece
One-thousand miles north of Central Florida the weather pattern is substantially different. After 35 years of living in Central Florida, I can testify you need to be aware of the weather. Florida is the lightning capital of the world and can be most vulnerable during hurricane season. Even so, Central Florida (as I like to think of it) is like when a bowling ball first strikes the number one pin on a bowling alley. The noise of pins flying through the air sticking each other, sounds exactly like the East coast ocean breezes crashing full force with the West coast breezes causing violent thunderstorms. And, it all happens right here over Central Florida. This is why I have the Weather app from Central Florida’s news leader WFTV on my iPhone. One ‘click’ and you become aware of your surroundings instantly. Thanks to Tom Terry, and the Channel 9 weather team, I confidently rate WFTV weather app with the highest rating of five stars. J Gray Smith Central Florida, USA
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11 months ago, Storoit
Best Ever
The WF TV, channel 9 weather app is absolutely the best weather app out there. I’ve looked for a better one and can’t find any that give better coverage to the local and regional weather conditions and projections. This app can show you the weather radar for almost anywhere in the country and it also can show general weather conditions, temperatures, etc. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to keep in track with the weather locally or across the country with friends and relatives.
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4 years ago, hayloiz
Great App!
Not sure if I missed when the app wasn’t so great? I’ve never experienced any issues with this app as other reviewers have stated. It always notifies me if rain is coming to my location, or if lightning was detected. The radar works well enough to where I don’t need a separate app, it’s just not as detailed as said apps. Maybe that’s an area they can work on. But I love having this app! It’s very convenient.
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2 years ago, Shooter-G
During Severe Weather
During severe weather especially while watching hurricanes come (miss us) it’s often not the most recent weather update video that is the most apparent and sometimes difficult to find the current one. I definitely trust Tom Terry and team most ever since Tom was the only one who got Charlie right!
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11 months ago, nuecy12345
Keeping us all informed!
This is my first time using your app, which was recommended by neighbor. I love it! I’m staying up to date on what’s happening in Marion county and Florida as a whole. I’m also able to shared the app with my loved ones and they’re staying informed as well. Thank you all for doing an outstanding job as we all preparedness for Idalia.
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2 years ago, '42 Chief
I’m an avid motorcycle enthusiast and I’ve been relying on your forecasts and especially your radar to keep me as safe and dry as possible, especially during riding. The time lapse feature allows me to see the real time movement of storms and adjust my route to avoid them as much as possible. Thanks for keeping me safe
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3 years ago, mckeeca
Morning News
I am so grateful that Brian is back... Jamie and Nancy are fantastic but we were all missing Brian. I feel like they are my family. I teach school and watching the team each morning gives me a great attitude that I take right into my first grade classroom. Thank you to the entire team... l love everything y’all stand for.... Carla McKee
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11 months ago, TCB-TCB-10
USED to be a good app
They took what used to be a great app and LOADED IT DOWN with SO MANY ADS that it takes forever to load and parts of it no longer function properly (especially the MOST IMPORTANT, the “EYE ON THE TROPICS” section) the TINY video map of the approaching hurricane forecast no longer loads (endless spinning disc) and it is too small to even SEE on your phone as it is crowded out by ALL. THE. BANNER. ADS. Even when it USED to function, you would have to wait through ENDLESS ANNOYING TV commercials. I gave up on it
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2 years ago, higugivigi
Great job to who invented this app
This app has a great way of showing the radar in a way that you can always check the weather in a easy way not any other app has it the same way as this app Give this app a try please
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7 months ago, Guffin62
Radar issues
I love the app when it works. Most of the time the app works except for the radar. It can be raining out and when I call up the radar, there is nothing on the screen or some times the radar blinks on & off. I have run all updates for my phone and the app. If they can fix the radar issue, it will be great.
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3 years ago, HBL1984
Amazing App!
We are on a road trip and it is able to follow us! We received an alert by your weather news app that there is heavy rain and severe thunderstorms in our area. Thank you for supporting and protecting us wherever we go! Best app, by far!🙌🏻☀️🌤🌦⛈🙌🏻
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2 years ago, rhank you
9, The Best weather channel ever.
Ever since Tom called the hurricane Charlie path, which he was the first to call the correct path.., I have never watched another weather channel. Keep up the most reliable weather channel on TV!!!
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5 years ago, Trader gator
Doesn’t seem the new version of this app was tested enough. Today getting message it can’t connect to my WiFi but all other apps including App Store sure can. I’m going to delete it and download again but new app is not nearly as nice as old one so will be looking for a better one. UPDATE- delete and reinstall worked for awhile but app is unusable again today. Deleting for good. Terrible.
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3 years ago, E C Prouty
Best weather app I’ve ever used.
Simple straight forward easy to use and easy to see all aspects of current and future weather. I check the weather all around the United States. I love this app. Ed Prouty The Villages, FL
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5 years ago, Wgmsarkis
Not sure about the negative reviews. I live in central Florida and I’m outdoors a lot. I rely on the lighting and rain alerts. On iOS, this app has never disappointed. Keep up the great work. A widget would be great by the way!
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2 years ago,
Needs major improvement
This used to be my favorite app. They have been slacking off majorly. I’ll log on and what’s on there is 3-5 days ago. Nothing gets updated on a regular basis. It’s very frustrating. If it doesn’t change soon I’ll be deleting it. FYI. I’m not the only person that’s talking about it
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1 year ago, Hawaiiguy58
Very accurate and user friendly
Thanks for this fine service
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5 years ago, BritBirdT
This app use to be very good and bang on with its alerts but I downloaded the new updated version and the storms that we have had don’t seem to show up at that time of event. ? Maybe have another look at this app and try to fix it. Please iv always followed you guys as trust you.
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2 years ago, xpf100equals rain
Just think the opposite
You would think with today’s radars and satellites that it would be relatively easy to predict the weather compared to a hundred years ago. Well apparently not so much according to channel 9 weather. If it says it’s going to be no rain, pack your umbrella! If it says 100% rain, pack some sun tan xpf 100. Follow these general rules and the program seems to work great.
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3 years ago, P6688453209j
The app is user-friendly but at times doesn’t make any sense on what you see on the radar. In other words what you see on the radar is not what’s really happening.
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2 years ago, Mary I. M.
Most accurate radar I’ve found yet!
Love this app! Helps me plan my outdoor activity with precision, very helpful. Recommended to everyone I know! Thank you.
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3 years ago, cra games
WFTV Weather
Trusted more than any other channels. During the time frame that DISH satellite/Apollo Group had us blacked out I learned quickly that no one was better, more trustworthy than Tom Terry/Brian Shields. Love them and the morning crew #teamnosleep ❤️💙🧡💚
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3 years ago, M.I.Jo
Great job!
We always watch you have the best people in your office and field thanks for asking. I never learned to type
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3 years ago, Dr. TMT
Dr. Thomas Terry
Highly accurate reports for lightening and heavy rains to my position. Excellent radar depiction of where the weather system is as it progresses through my community. Highly recommend this WFTV weather app.
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6 months ago, GrammaCajun
Need to fix the radar map
The radar is always way behind the current conditions. Many times, like the present, it’s showing the rain is approaching. However it’s pouring outside.
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3 years ago, Lacoquigirl4
Love everything
It’s very accurate on the spot with the news and always notifying on time for bad weather I’m very grateful And congratulations for a good job you do daily.
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3 years ago, Bear Boomer sunshine sage
I watch you every I love everyone... y’all are the start of my day and the end of my day.. keep up the good work..
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9 months ago, Musicfanatic815
Good app but too many ads!
Please provide a paid option to remove ads. The ads are the worst part about that app and there are way too many!
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2 years ago, john4640
9 weather
Always accurate and helpful.
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3 years ago, VETTEmine
Honest and high quality
There is just something about Tom Terry when he speaks makes you feel good about what he says.
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3 years ago, RacerGal51
Weather Review
Very happy with this site. I can go to my local city and find out exactly what the temperature is, wind, rain and very happy. Keep up the good work guys and gals!
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3 years ago, singinsherryanna
Simply the best!
I trust them all to give me the most current information!
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3 years ago, chickink
Tom Terry, Brian Shields, and all the rest of the channel 9 weather team are excellent! We never watch anyone else! They’re accurate and a pleasure to watch. Thank you!
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2 years ago, ssffguinnhi
Dependable all the way to the beach. Would like to see ocean predictions wave heights and wind direction otherwise super
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2 years ago, skysurfer0623
What’s going on??
Everytime I hit live news now it’s showing me 3-4 day old news never did this before we don’t need past weather we need updated weather
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1 year ago, OldFart24643
Forecast accuracy
Sometimes the daily forecast in the app conflicts with forecast on tv. No notification for Special Weather Statements from NWS. Radar sometimes crashes.
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1 year ago, deel173d
Best Meteorologist in the USA
WFTV have the best and most comforting Meteorologis during the above worst weather that we encounter in Florida, From Severe Thunderstorms, Tropical Storms, too Hurricanes.. Tom and his team are the Best!
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1 year ago, 1572 LP
App has a bug or loading problem.
Please check to see if can be fixed. Hurricane season is here. thank you
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2 years ago, klou22
Always right on the mark...thanks
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2 years ago, Patg-mong
Only weather I believe!
Thank you
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5 years ago, Daisy901
Wrong language
My app is in Spanish instead of English, and the help section is not working. Getting an error message.
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3 years ago, Viking 1955
Weather outlook
Best app for checking on my local weather outlook.
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1 month ago, Brandon Haalychik
Most Inaccurate Weather People
It’s impossible to plan a day with WFTV or this app. The weather team isn’t even consistent with themselves. Every broadcast and different meteorologist says something different and this app is just about as inconsistent as they are.
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3 years ago, Florida's my home
Thank you
Been watching Channel 9 since they began. Great station.
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5 years ago, jack magnet
The radar does not work it’s poring rain outside right now and the radar shows nothing in my area. And I agree with BUGS every time I turn on it tells me can’t connect turn on my wifi on turn off airplane mode. Bring back the old version.
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4 days ago, nitpleased
The letters and numbers are too small
I guess you ruined the app for me because the letters and numbers are too small and I am a senior. You don’t even offer a way to change it for the convenience of the viewer. Horrible.
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3 months ago, @this_is_my_tic_toc_1
Tom Terry
I’ve been watching Tom Terry since Hurricane Charley. He’s the ONLY meteorologist I trust. I trust him and his team and no one else.
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3 years ago, crewsnbarbie
Love WFTV Channel 9
I love WFTV. The Weather Department is always right on with their predictions. The Traffic Department is always up to the minute. And all the Anchors are great
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2 years ago, Lyn-Clermont
Love it!
Best decision I made before hurricane Ian was to download this app. Thank you for the continuous coverage.
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10 months ago, wwaassup
Weather radar locks up ! And worst of all the ad’s !!
Please get rid of the ad’s !! Maybe that’s why the radar locks up ?
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