WhatsApp Business

4.7 (852.1K)
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WhatsApp Inc.
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WhatsApp Business

4.72 out of 5
852.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Beach Stargazer
WhatsApp’s review by me!
I unquestionably went for the 5th star! But how could I consider anything less!!!!!! WhatsApp has changed the way that I communicate with family, friends and yes, colleagues, customers, and my fellow volunteers in different organizations. My family is chat keeps us all connected from California, to Texas to Florida and with our parents in our native Colombia. We share the superb, the good, the not so good and the sometimes difficult moments. The work team chats keeps us updated as to relevant industry news, and reminders of upcoming meetings, and the place to help our peers with questions, resources and guidance. But wait, there is more my commitment to make a difference by volunteering my time and efforts to help others have kept me happily engaged in various social causes by continuing to have time to give back! So, you see how can I not be grateful for what WhatsApp has dine for my and my family, peers, volunteers, clients and others. Thank you WhatsApp! You have kept us united, safe and even humanize me and I believe all my beloved human beings around world!
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2 years ago, Tax Business Owner
iPad Compatibility
I sincerely love WhatsApp Business because with this app I could assigned a telephone number to my business and separate my personal number from it. It’s so genuinely designed for businesses with all the features you can apply it on your account; like: arrange chats, assign labels for easy follow ups, quick replies, have available business hours for your possible clientele! It’s amazing! I would love it even more, if WhatsApp Inc., could have WhatsApp Business compatible with iPad, because a great volume of businesses have an iPad for their daily business operation's. It could work with WiFi Only iPad’s and also with the iPad’s that work with cellular connection. It would be a tremendous great opportunity to continue with the growth of WABusiness downloads with a next update making it available and compatible for iPad.
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6 months ago, Vk Carib Groceries
It would be nice to have these fixes
I love the app….. but it needs some changes. As business owners it would be great to give the customers the option to make changes to their cart after we (Business owner) made changes to their order. Example: One of my customers placed an order and sent in their request. After updating and add custom orders, I sent it back to them. The customer then change their mind and want to now add more items to their cart. Surprisingly they can’t undo their order. We would like the option for them to make changes to their order before placing their order. Please see this!!!! I would also love if we could get to add a item within a Collection AFTER we create it. Not add an item then create a Collection. AND!!!!!! have an option within the ADD ITEM where we could select the ALREADY CREATED Collection!!!!!! I AM USING THIS APP FOR MY SMALL GROCERY STORE AND ITS BEEN GREAT. IF THESE BUGS CAN’T BE FIXED THEN TELEGRAM WILL TAKE OVER BECAUSE THEY ALREADY HAVE THESE FEATURES. PLUS MORE!!!
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2 years ago, Alexander Buchelli
Nice! But Could Be Better…
Whatsapp business is a great app to have a more effective and efficient interaction with a potential client, and even though it gets the job done…it could be better. Here are a few ideas: -Search bar for the catalog (from both ends; client and business owner). This would help do business on this app in so many ways, and truly make life easier for not just the client, but also the business to have quick access to everything already registered. -Tags for products. Something similar to the tags for contacts; a few optional tags that would help not only with the 1st idea, but also could be useful to sort the catalog (similar to the contacts feature). -Option for client to see ALL catalogs at a quick glance (similar to the already existing feature for the business side). It would also be immensely useful for the client to be able to get a quick idea what type of products are being sold by the business and could really help accelerate the interaction process. -AND lastly… The ability to share individual products from the catalog page. (As a client and business owner). This would make it to where potential clients and even the owner could share a specific product with someone and or in groups or etc. Maybe even something similar to the feature of the cart and the ability to share in other chats. Other than that, the app is great. 4/5… for now…
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4 months ago, Los Lobo 50
WhatsApp is now ruined by META/FaceBook
With the recent updates to WhatsApp being used in FaceBook/MarketPlace more scams are happening and Zuckerberg does ZERO to POLICE any of it. As long as they pay for advertising, they can advertise anything. My WhatsApp worked perfectly and was encrypted but something happened in an update that allowed me to use my APPLE IPHONE 13-pro to save my password and allow my facial recognition to open my WhatsApp…. When the next update/bug fix updated my phone, my password was gone, I had to change my Apple password and that created an error for Apple to forget my Whatsap password or WhatsApp now required me to remember the password which I could not, and Whatsap refuses any customer service. I just lost a $15,000 commission because Apple and WhatsApp keep no password, therefore you have no way to recall people, chats, quotes, invoices, etc…. And WhatsApp does not answer emails or messages. They lie about getting back to you. They also lock you out longer, every time you enter an incorrect guess at your password.. DO NOT TRUST YOUR PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS TO META OR WHATSAPP NOR MARKETPLACE.
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8 months ago, Callyshair_empire
WhatsApp chart issues
WhatsApp business Hangs First and foremost; I'd like to say a huge and fantastic thank you for creating such a resourceful app, it's the best thing for businesses out there at the moment. Sincerely it's so good. But it's got a few bugs that we've got to fix up. Anytime I send a status update or delete one; my WhatsApp goes out of service, it just hangs and you can't click anything at all. Nothings gonna work for about 5 minutes and it's frustrating. The same thing happens when I put my data connection on and opens the app: it just goes out of function for a while. Yesterday i was receiving status updates from other contact but I was unable to upload mine, I mean the whole day g ) ), people sent me text (chats) but my response refuses to send out . I thought it was going to last a few hours and itd be back up but no, it started about 4:30pm yesterday sept 14 and till this moment it's still like that; I mean today is 10:05 sept 15 g w w. Had to delete and now downloading all over, chats lost cos if I recover chats I might face the same predicament Go Go please help us fix this. Nonetheless, you've got a great app here. Kudos
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1 year ago, TheRahmah
A NEW FEATURE OR A BUG? Please fix it.
I’d say WhatsApp business is the best app for dealing transactions so far. The features are really good, the business tools and the voice note on status but since the voice note update, WhatsApp status has not been loading like it should. The status stop loading the minute you leave WhatsApp and continue only the minute you return to it, leaving the ones that were uploaded while you were away out. I don’t know if this is a newly added feature or a bug but please, fix it. It’s affecting business owners already, customers that were away when we uploaded goods won’t be able to see it and that’s reducing our sales.
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1 year ago, Oyizzy
Statues update issues.
First of all, I must say a very big thank to the Whatsapp team for this, this app has helped my business grow and I do not take it for granted. But recently I noticed that I don’t get to see peoples update when I am out of the app only when I am online. If my WhatsApp is open I get to see people statues update but the moment I am out that is it. Some times I am out for one hour and the last update is 1 hour ago and be 1 or 2 minutes because I just came online. Pls what is going on because it seems I am the only one experiencing this. Pls kindly fix this as this is affecting my business with my partners. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Mandy Blossoms
Should add a “share with everyone” in status
Okay so I love announcing new upcoming stuff on my business account in status, but I don’t always want to save so many numbers in order for them to see my status. Plus, when I get a new customer, they can see it directly without us having to add them to our contacts. Of course, it would be nice to have the buttons available when posting. For example, I wanna share something with my contact list? Have a button available for “share with: only contacts” “share with: everyone” Or even “share with: close friends” would be a super rad feature.
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2 years ago, Akinzofgod
Please Fix Auto Voice Record Repeat and Status Updates Auto recall
I’m enjoying WhatsApp and it’s really helping my God’s given Ministry (JESUS ENDTIME FIRE MINISTRY OF GOD) a lot. I recommend WhatsApp for all Glorious God’s created social Animals all over the world. Thank you WhatsApp. However, There are just two very serious issues I will like to recommend for the next version upgrade. They are: 1). Fix Auto Repeat Voice Record: There are very important and extremely precious voice records that requires to be automatically repeated without having to keep pressing the play button each time. Please kindly Fix this in the next version upgrade. I strongly believe it can be fixed. 2). Fix Auto Recall Previous status updates: There are very important status updates that needs to be repeated or recalled. I want to believe it’s possible to fix the auto recall according to their time and dates. Please kindly consider these two issues for the next version updates. I wish for WhatsApp to Live Forever in JESUS NAME.
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10 months ago, RealKingTino1
New feature request
Can you create a feature where users can share their WhatsApp links, each with a personalized message. This would be especially useful for referrals, as people can customize their messages when sharing the link. This way, when someone clicks on the link and opens WhatsApp, the customized message will be automatically inserted. This helps businesses identify the source of the referral and who the link was shared by. This feature enhances the referral process and ensures a smoother experience for both the users and the business.
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1 year ago, aya skubi
Fix the bug
I don’t know if it is this new feature on WhatsApp that is causing all this. The way WhatsApp hangs lately is really annoying😡the most annoying part is customers can’t view our status and it is really making it hard for we business owners. Anytime I go offline and I come online my views reduce it won’t show me the number of people that have viewed my status, most people are even complaining that they can’t see it, I myself have confirmed it cause I might post and I won’t see the post on my other WhatsApp WHATSAPP PLEASE DO BETTER FIX THE BUG
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1 year ago, Para x jr
The best app and the little I have that made me review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star
Really the best and I will give a five star, but not going to do because of the issues I’m having I don’t know If it bug fixes or whatever, whenever I’m out of whatsapp I won’t see status updates that are being updated while I’m offline probably on other apps, or I switch off my cellular data I won’t see status that have been updated while my cellular is off, I’m experiencing a lot and this issue has got me thinking of what to do, I would love a feedback to as what I can do !! WhatsApp business is great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, just reviewing a 4 star because of the problem
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1 year ago, Emre_ATL
I cannot use the app
I have been using this app over 5 years already, and my app stopped working all of a sudden. I tried to delete and reinstall the app numerous times. I tried activating on different phones, same result. And after multiple tries of trying to activate on different phone, even my account got temporarily banned. I see the messages flowing on the background as I receive the banner notifications. However I cannot see the messages, I cannot sync with WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop app. Upon emailing numerous times, it is obvious that each time different person replies and responses are irrelevant. I tried to activate on regular WhatsApp App (not business), even that didn’t work. It is obvious something happening with my account(phone number), and it is not the application.
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9 months ago, Ricchiedan
So sad WhatsApp status quick view when longpress on status not status 🤲
Why does WhatsApp status long press which the shows the status briefly without viewing fully does not work on iphone 13pro max users. I had few friends complaining the same issue on the 13promax as well it’s so frustrating why did doesn’t work here while it even works on 11pro max before upgrading. I think WhatsApp developers need to do something on this real quick because we are so adaptive to this. Or kindly put us through what to do to be able to make the smart status view by long press click on each statuses. We like it please do something. We was confused why it doesn’t work. Write to apple but Apple responds the issue is with you WhatsApp developer’s please do something about this.
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1 year ago, Av Vulcan
Excellent application for my businsss
My only regret is the underutilized tag feature. As a business app, I think the label feature has great potential customers for follow up, creating targeted broadcasts or customized groups. At a minimum, it could help me sort through my contacts easily. I am also hoping I can use this label feature to create a community, send customized messages when they contact me or even get customized alerts. I suspect the dev team have plans for this feature and I am excited to see what they accomplish in subsequent updates.
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1 year ago, frklq
Option for pro users
WhatsApp is such a fantastic app that hasn’t generated a pro version not even the Business WhatsApp … I wish to be contacted because I can make several tender for a policy to benefit pro users . For example ‘A pro user can see how many group each and every of his/her contact is managing at the moment and another one is forwarding calls for example your data is off it’ll forward it to another WhatsApp of your programmed choice . Like I said I have multiple policies hope to be contacted some day best regards .
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4 months ago, Grace Hayford
Banning my WhatsApp has cause much problem to me
I came back from class to find out my WhatsApp account was banned and that’s the only media I communicate with my family outside the country and I enjoyed using it but all of a sudden this happened I’m really depressed now and don’t know what to do I have no idea why my WhatsApp was banned and how that happened but I will seek for a release on my account because I’m schooling here in Africa and there is no other way I could get in touch with my family abroad so I will like that to be quick
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2 years ago, Spiky fist
Fixing the bugs!!!!
I really would have rated this the best business tool but I have to be honest, there are some irritating bugs that has been there for way too long. 1. WhatsApp hangs when I switch on my data. My WhatsApp literally hangs on everytime my data is on and I’d have to switch off my data to be able to reply to texts 2. When it’s not hanging because of my data connection being on, it’s hanging because I just uploaded a status. Every single status update sends my WhatsApp on some 5-minutes-out-of-commission journey. Please look into these A great app over all
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8 months ago, onuorah Goodluck
WhatsApp business has some issues now
First I will like to say I enjoy using this app deu to he fact that it’s for business too but I had an issue earlier this morning about the app refusing to open so they told me I had to contact their email🤦🏽‍♂️, And I really needed to use it this morning, I’m just confused that the same WhatsApp buisness I know isn’t supposed to respond this way it’s business for real 😪but well I hope you get I fixed soon or else I’m deleting it, it’s a great app tho, so I’m just gonna rate it 5 stars ⭐️ before leaving .
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8 months ago, CyprianLaw
WhatsApp status
I’ve never written a review before. I’ve been loving WhatsApp since the day I started using it.. but for this,… I feel I must write something. There’s nothing I hate most now than the fact there’s no delete option for WhatsApp status. What if I mistakenly post something and I need to delete is asap?? That’s a bummer. Please. You guys really need to get this fixed. It’s really uncomfortable for me being unable to delete a particular status post. And this is making me avoid WhatsApp now.
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2 years ago, akmadtoom
I would have give Whatsapp business 5 star but I won’t be able to do that cause of the challenges I’ve been facing while using the app. Ever since the last time I updated my Whatsapp business app, it have been malfunctioning ie I find it difficult to update my status and whenever I try updating my status, I stopped receiving messages and my messages don’t deliver. 3 days ago I tried backing up my chart and uninstalled my Whatsapp business, then I reinstalled and recovered my charts but so far I’ve seen no improvement nor changes, it won’t just stop malfunctioning and it’s affecting me seriously. Please help find solution to this
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8 months ago, kinze027
Not too okay
The new update of WhatsApp Business on iPhone is not too okay now when we tap and hold on a status we can’t view it indirectly we have to click on it first to view it which is not okay for iPhone users like us….and when you click and hold on a status it only brings the ‘mute’ option on the status this update is so trash kindly return it back to the normal way and find something else to update about it. And while on the app we can’t increase the volume of our speaker on our iPhone it’s so annoying kindly do some changes and stop making this app inconvenient for the users I hope you take this seriously and work on that
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1 year ago, K.O.C global
Automatic translate
No doubt WhatsApp is the leading mobile app in the world now , but few things are still lacking . I’m not comparing but considering Skype and WeChat the only advantage they have above WhatsApp is the ability to activate an automatic translate. Which enables you to communicate In your local language and your business partner will do the same , and it reflects on the reader preferred language , if this can be added to WhatsApp we are taking over the world . So far this app is super amazing and a top notch all features are Amazing
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7 months ago, Gifted5555
Upgrading of whatsapp
This is actually a business WhatsApp, and people post their business on the status some as videos and photos. Then the videos that are posted it will be nice if we can actually be able to skip it every 3sec incase we see what we like and want to screenshot not having to wait to replay the whole video then hold the screen before we can screenshot, that one is stressful please consider it in the next update u guys are really trying. Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, KG and MG
The app is great has been wonderful ever since I started using but just recently about two days ago it started not giving me notifications when i have my phone locked. I can only see I have messages once I open the app and this is very concerning for my business. I have background refresh on and I was searching different solutions online and it still persists. Maybe it was a bug in recent update because i remember i updated the app a few days ago and it started a little after that. I have the latest update on my phone and everything that needs to be on to get the notifications and nothing. This is really bothering me due to this issue and I hope it gets fixed right away.
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9 months ago, D'mercy voice
Please help us to work on this!
WhatsApp is one of the best app I’ve been using so far in my entire life, but I feel some features will make it more nice, at least by now we should be able to save from other people status too, like video and picture, I feel this will make it more nice if the beautiful team of WhatsApp can add this feature on WhatsApp. And how do I delete on my story if I mistakenly upload something I shouldn’t have uploaded, there’s no delete option there anymore.
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1 year ago, Prof Atif Hussaini
Excellent opportunity to quantitative look after business
What’s app Business is wonderful mobile application that help business man to look after whole of days business activity in quantitative ways and also it help to prioritise its customers groups and along with wonderful opportunities to upload business profile in offline mode any one want to access any time anywhere . My Request to Allah Almighty to bless entire team of what’s app with more wonderful ideas ameen
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1 year ago, George060
Suggestions as an happy user
I must first appreciate every team member of WhatsApp and it’s community, wow! you took it all to the roof 🚀🚀🚀😊 WhatsApp stands to be the top social media application. Perfect for business, for family, texting, sharing moments, you name it…, I’d like to suggest that perhaps some more color options be added to the fonts, a situation where we might have red and blue color fonts. It would add more style to texting and writing business. Thank you for your consideration 😊
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1 year ago, Give your life to Christ Now.
Mayowa Samuel Durojaye is my name
I’m a very intelligent person and working with WhatsApp will be my dream Come TRUE. Here’s one of my Thoughts for a WhatsApp update that will make people talking, it would be nice for WhatsApp to add automated status update for an individual, so even when the individual isn’t online, after setting a timer for a particular time, the update will take place even if the individual isn’t online. Thanks For more updates, WhatsApp kindly reach out, would be an Honour from Africa 🇳🇬
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1 year ago, Don’t Do This To Us Please.
Worst WhatsApp Update in History
This new WhatsApp update is the worst and it’s bad for business, so I’d post my product and whoever isn’t online at that moment won’t see it and I’ll keep losing customers by the day? That’s absurd; y’all better take WhatsApp back to how it was cause this update is the worst in history. What were y’all thinking while making this please? WhatsApp was way better. WhatsApp is the only app we conveniently do business and now you’ve ruined it 💔😭.
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1 year ago, olisa007
Status views update
This new what’s app status update isn’t helping my business, most of my clients complain that they hardly see my post this days and they fail to get new stocks of my product on my status and this started happening after my last update on this green app… this is really affecting my business please stop this new update and make all offline and online viewers get to see the new and old post please this is really affecting and discouraging.. aha please it’s hurting 💔💔💔💔 Do something pls pls pls because this out only means of survival and communication so look into this errors
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3 years ago, yinkaajere
My WhatsApp keep freezing and exiting me out of the app, I’m frustrated
Hello , my WhatsApp keep freezing after deleting and reinstalling several time , still not working , it keep exiting me anytime I want to reply chat or check my setting or upload statues , in as much as I’ve deleted my WhatsApp more than 20 times today and I’ve also reinstalled 20times , no improvements, same problem. It’s so frustrating I don’t no how to fix this , Can you please help out .
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4 years ago, Vwronica Jumbe
I love the app but am having a problem with my number , whenever I post things on my status the app mostly malfunctions so for 24hours sometimes am unable to respond to messages ..I switched from messenger to WhatsApp business hoping it would fix the problem but still nothing..I used Watsapp messenger with another number but I am not experiencing that problem only on my actual number , what would be the problem and how could I fix it ?
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4 years ago, Njohana
Great but better with categories
Hi, l am enjoying so much this app and it is great for business, only thing l see you don’t have an option to organize your products by category, so if you have 100 type of the same product, customers must look one by one. And also you should be allow to send pictures o messages to one group of customers for example de one inside your categories and only the ones inside the category that you select. Everything else is perfect and great!
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7 months ago, DemiGod_official
Too good but can still be better
First of all , this is one of the best social media platform in the world without any argument, been enjoying the experience over the years but please the upgrades for a while makes my experience with the app feel like downgrades. Why did they stop us from previewing status by holding on it , why is my WhatsApp glitching out and hanging occasionally , I can be texting and the WhatsApp just stop and removes itself then I’ll open the app again .. Then personally I don’t like the feature of replying a text and going back to all chats and it takes you to the top and I’ll have to start scrolling down to reply old text and it will still take me to the top of text whenever I go back to all chats (I do broadcast so I get lots of messages).. Anyways it’s a great app but please we need better experiences.. thank you ❤️
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1 week ago, Victor,Brown.
WhatsApp is a great app and I give it all 5 Star! It brings us closer together from around the world in a more private n secured way, and every other thing perfect. I just want to suggest something if possible it could be considered - to add an edit option to status uploads, I mean for the captions as you might want to edit the write up you used to create a post without deleting it. It’s on some other social media platforms… Thank you WhatsApp!
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1 year ago, Bunmex89
I love WhatsApp business it’s so comfortable for we online business owner but please help us to adjust the status the way it was before..it is only people that are online the moment you post that will see your status and it is not helpful for us that do business on d app cause of this we are loosing customers cause some will Complain they can’t see what I post since they are not online when I post it … please look into this thank you
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11 months ago, Mr Dee_2
Best Platform to do your online Transactions
Firstly the platform got great features for sellers which is quite alright But what’s up Your App refuses to connect to a network and every other applications on my device can access network well just WhatsApp and WhatsApp business it just keeps showing connecting for minutes even right now as I’m sending this review it’s still showing connecting Please FIX ASAP!!!!!!!!! We’re losing customers
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9 months ago, Karlajustme
Great business and personal tool
I use WA to call my family overseas and send them pictures for free. It also has allowed me to make phone calls locally or abroad when I don’t have data but connected to the internet. I also created group chats for business and added my employees, we rent RVs, each RV has its own chat, we upload departing pictures, repairs needed, actions needed to be taken, etc. It is indeed a great tool for me and my business as well.
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5 years ago, SmartMeals
This app is very helpful if you own a business. Quick replies will reduce the time you spend texting customers by a huge amount. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP: Since last update away messages are being sent at all times including business hours. I have gone through all the settings multiple times, I am 100% sure my business hours are set correctly and I selected the option to only send the message outside of business hours. I had to turn off away messages since it’s sending it to all my customers at all times. Previously I wasn’t having this problem. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG ASAP!!
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2 years ago, smash0013
Almost good
Problem is business people are never going to use their personal private phone numbers, they might use a different service. It’s either Google or any other service to create a separate line without buying another phone or adding another line to their current service. when I first downloaded this app, I had no problem using my business number before now for some reason you have made it impossible. so, unfortunately, I will not be using your service and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.
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3 years ago, 1-1-1362$:?2@283592
About whatsapp that I experienced just the night ago
So yesterday night im sick of being on the online world so I want to let go of them but I couldnt find any way to push everyone from me so i tried to delete whatsapp but then I want to redownload it cuz my mom and I lives in a two far different places and I need to call her to see her face but then again my whatsapp is still on loading mode from yesterday to today
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3 years ago, 𝖛𝖛
The Organic Business Tool
I find WhatsApp Business the greatest organic business tool, where one can build their business through contacts in their network, sharing tons of content which would otherwise need to be promoted in Facebook or Instagram for reach via broadcast lists and status with far better reach. Only bug witnessed is within the synch of Facebook profile towards business hours, which fails and I have to set manually to have the away message corresponding.
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3 years ago, Ade Burna
A big problem
Hello you’re giving us though time with the new updates or something some months back I can’t search people on my WhatsApp update yesterday someone told me to update the WhatsApp that I’ll be able to search now I can but I can’t post picture to my WhatsApp status a lot of people are experience this pls find something to do about it we ain’t enjoying the app for the past few months pls find something to do about within a day pls. Thanks
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1 year ago, Chubs_access
WhatsApp business crashed on my phone and has refused to function
Firstly I’d like to say thank you for building such a great platform. The app crashed a few weeks back and I had to uninstall and install back, but ever since then it has refused to open on my phone, I have gone through the process of downloading and deleting several times, it’s absolutely frustrating my business. How can I resolve this please
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9 months ago, Motush Exception
Search button in status
You have got a nice app nd I really enjoyed it but please this new update on WhatsApp doesn’t allow search of a name on status except you have to scroll down and be looking for the person name it’s not nice pls return the status update search button to the status so as to enable us to easily search for people name to see there status scrolling the whole status to look for a name is not easy pls return the search bar there Nd also u cnt click nd hold on someone status again on this new WhatsApp update I mean on the previous one u can click nd check someone’s upload on his or her status without the person knowing u already checked the status nd it won’t show at his or her place dat you checked I’m not talking about privacy setting you should understand wat I’m saying Please work on the two things mentioned help us restore them back thank you
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1 year ago, chisomsylvia
Disappointed 🤦‍♀️
Since this last update my WhatsApp has been hanging seriously and it’s so annoying honestly 😡while typing or viewing a story it’ll hang and I’ll have to wait for few minutes before it’ll start working again And next minute the app will go off automatically then I’ll have to login again so please you guys should do something about it real quick cos it’s frustrating 🤦‍♀️
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1 year ago, Bet.xx
WhatsApp hangs and reduces status picture quality
This app is great but I’ve noticed how much it seems to hang from time to time,now don’t get me started by saying it’s my phone,I use the latest iPhone and yet WhatsApp hangs badly. As if that’s not all,whenever you post a picture of video on status,no matter how beautiful and well edited the video/picture is,immediately it sends to status,the quality just reduces and becomes sour. It’s very bad considering this doesn’t happen on your other apps like instagram and facebook,so why WhatsApp then? Y’all really need to do better and fix this two issues cos I’m not the only that complains. My friends do too!!
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1 year ago, Empress Cee
Higher picture and video resolution
This new WhatsApp is nice, but i need WhatsApp to allow a higher picture and video resolution, and a longer video status duration. It would help with posting of longer videos instead of cutting it short. Lastly, beta needs to work on WhatsApp glitching of status and hanging too, because for some of us that have a lot of contacts due to our business, our WhatsApp hangs whenever we post on our status, and it take a long time for it to work again. Hence, causing delay of our job.
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