WHDH 7 Weather - Boston

2.6 (57)
62.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sunbeam Television Corp.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WHDH 7 Weather - Boston

2.63 out of 5
57 Ratings
2 years ago, MikePfromBurlington
Video always way behind now
The app itself is great but video content old. They have a 6:00am new broadcast and they used to post that by 7 or 8 am. Now it’s the video from the previous day, usually 10pm but sometimes 4pm. Almost useless. Weekends forget it.
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4 years ago, Cario278
You say you guys value our feedback... Well here it goes!! I think this app is really great. But the set up is really off!! I think that the view of Boston should extend all the way down the screen instead of it being divided into sections. You have a VERY beautiful picture of the city and then you mess it up by cutting it off with another picture of clouds and then another picture of the complete weather forecast!! It’s a new year why don’t you guys go back to the drawing board and reinvent this app!! From the looks of your reviews... I think you should!!! ASAP!!
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3 years ago, DKsoxfan
Love the blog
Being able to read the blog to get some nuance on the forecast is useful. While the video forecast is nice, sometimes video isn’t a good medium cause you don’t want to make noise or put on headphones. As a plow driver, I stick with 7 weather since the forecasts are solid and the blog is great. I wish the maps feature was still there so you could quickly pull up the “special” map for snowfall predictions or info about other weather events.
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7 years ago, StudioPeg
It used to be great, now it's almost useless
We LOVED this app in its previous version. We used it all the time when riding bikes to see when we had to stop, where we had to go to avoid localized showers, and of course for the forecast. Now it is UNREADABLE on the iPad!!! The giant 7 logo background and the forecast white scrolling lettering makes it IMPOSSIBLE to read! You can't see the words anymore! Ahhh, but you can see the ads just fine. Look, we know ads are the point for you and we don't mind, but when you make the app unreadable for its main purpose, you have lost your audience and then the ads aren't seen by anybody, something your paying clients should be concerned about. I'm deleting the app when I am done writing this review. It's too bad. Your very visible ads won't be seen when you lose your audience due to purposeful unreadability in the rest of the app. Sorry to lose this once very useful app.
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4 years ago, ChickenLee
Where did the maps go??
The important local angle (maps) was removed so there is no reason to choose this app over any other generic weather app. I'm really disappointed. Now I have to go back to the website for the actual forecast. I want more than a listing of temps with sun and cloud icons! Please bring back the special maps and 7 day forecast that used to be right up front. And don’t remove the blog, please!
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6 years ago, Hughkona
Unusable with ads
I used to love this app! The main things we look at are the 7 day forecast, the blog, and the specials map to see how much snow we are expecting. Now- there are not only way too many clicks and barriers to get to those things, but the ads pop up so incessantly that you *cannot read* the blog! I have tried even taking screenshots of it because it disappears so fast into a full page ad over and over. I’ll be deleting this app. Very sad to lose this. Please fix!!
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6 years ago, MJCphoto
Used to be AMAZING now it’s the worst!
This used to be the most epic weather app - my go to even after moving out of Boston. Then I made the mistake of updating it last week!!! I used to be able to see my current location weather along with the seven day forecast for the city I was in. Now, it will show me only current city conditions with Boston’s seven day...and I’m no longer there. I could add locations and view the conditions for the week so I could plan accordingly. What happened???! Bummed.
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6 years ago, Thunderstorm138
Love this app
This has become the only news app I watch. They have live broadcasts far longer than the other stations. The closed captioning is excellent. I also appreciate that they scroll closings while broadcasting. Thank you
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7 years ago, Jimytime
The Weather Blog is back!
Thank you for listening to the reviews and feedback. The weather blog is back! This is my favorite part of the app and really the only reason I use it. Glad they returned it to this version of the app.
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5 years ago, Bobometer
Upgraded today: unable to open
UPDATE: Still unable to open app since update:::::: Just see the 7 weather splash screen and it disappears. The app stays open, but closes out each time you tap on it:
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6 years ago, gcreedon
Ads ruin the app
I tried very hard this morning to read the weather blog but couldn’t because of the huge Discover ad that kept popping up. I don’t have a problem with ads - you have to pay for stuff - but you could set a cookie so ads aren’t seen the rest of the session.
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3 years ago, Zoetyuv
Miss the maps
I really miss the maps tab which used to be on the app. I loved seeing the snowfall totals predicted (Special Map) and other info. This was the reason I choose this app over others. Please bring the map section back.
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13 years ago, Why do I need a unique nickname?
So-so app, could be improved
This app is a little unwieldy to navigate. I would love to see things a little more like they are on the website. One unintuitive element is looking to screens to the left of the opening screens, when it is clear there is nothing to the right. Be sure to check both directions to make sure you're getting all the screens. I really miss the written descriptions of the forecast, including today's more descriptive one. Icons of a snowflake are not worth a thousand words; snow could be a dusting or 10 inches and the difference is huge. There is a link to the national weather service warnings, but those are also not very user-friendly. Closings don't seem to be posted. They are the best at explaining Boston weather to me, but some of that is missing in the app.
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2 months ago, fcycycucuvuvi
New look
You have to fix the new look on the main page that shows the temperature. Underneath the temperature is the dew point and humidity. The dew point and humidity are only top of each other so I can’t read either of them Please fix asap Thanks
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6 years ago, Mamadeb1
What happened to this great app?
I used to depend on this app to give me up to date weather - especially the radar - now it never loads - or it freezes midstream. I have just deleted it from my phone - looking for something better now.
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7 months ago, Standard Gamble
Good when it works!
I have a lot of problems with this app simply not loading. I have had to redownload the app many times.
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2 years ago, Kissy's Rating
Fix the Daily vs. hourly forecast
Your daily forecast and your hourly forecasts are very different. The daily shouldn’t state that the high is 89° with a 20% chance of rain and the hourly states that the high will be 81° with a 65% chance of rain in the evening.
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2 years ago, jghhx
Weather video not updated
The embedded weather video has not been updated in six days, I count on this app for my Weather and this is unacceptable
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6 years ago, Zom bee2
5 stars
Thanks for fixing the bug! Update is great
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2 years ago, cmhasan
Piece of junk
It’s totally unreliable app, more or less 100 % of the time their predictions are incorrect. The radar map is incorrect 100% of the time. Just got rid of this junk app
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6 years ago, Whythef
No video!
The video on this app is just a black screen. So, if you like watching the weather forecast on the radio, by all means download this. Otherwise, the other Boston channels have better apps.
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6 years ago, ChrisBoo13
The old version had a drop down menu for a link to school closings. It was very convenient. Nothing on this one?!?! Why
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5 years ago, Mike Dias
After the latest update, will not launch on my IPhone 7 Plus.
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6 years ago, Terracemasscarver
Worst app ever
Take a lesson from channel 5 app no problems with theirs. I deleted 7 weather app no one seems to fix it
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7 months ago, Jim H Sec 113
Not working currently on IPAD
May be due to upgrade to iOS 17, but not functional
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6 years ago, Imogen😈😈
Channel 7 logo is in the way, font unreadable and an ad in the middle of it.
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13 years ago, wacko413
Pros: Nice, clean interface. Data is well layed out. Ablilty to navigate a live radar loop is very useful. (Big plus because not every weather app can do this.) Has listing of school / business closings. Ability to access WHDH's canned graphics for live TV forecasts is a nice plus. I found it more useful than the "mobile" edition of WHDH's weather website. In fact, I think the "standalone" WHDH weather app is better than what is included in the "weather" portion of the WHDH news app. So get both. Cons: No device rotation support. (Minor.) This would be helpful for tracking storms moving west to east in landscape mode vs portrait mode.
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13 years ago, Fastfingrs
Very Awesome
I like it more and more each time I use it, really really great App! Very loveable. Does much much more than the built-in weather application given by apple. It covers all weather systems with radar, gives a superb hourly forecast just as well as daily. App is very easy to use, and the weather is very up-to-minute. It gives all the watches and warnings in every location you put into it. You can add your location and numerous others that you wish by choosing the small "i" info button on the homepage weather screen. Does very well for all weather needs. 
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12 years ago, dmickey9
What happened
All of a sudden the app isn't loading and I count on you as my go to for weather and news. Please fix it.
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13 years ago, DavidFoster
No matter what your expectations might be for a weather app, surely a minimal one is that it is at least accurate. As I write this, Boston is experiencing snowfall at a rate of about an additional inch every hour. Yet this app boldly proclaims that current conditions are CLEAR, overlaid on a bold and shining orange sun. Not only has the snow been underway now for at least eight hours, but it had been forecast several days in advance. One of the app's screens even details how many inches are forecast to accumulate. Even free, this app is way overpriced.
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13 years ago, FayPit
stopped working
Crashes upon opening once you upgrade to OS 4.3. Their solution listed on the website: 7. Why is my app running slow, freezing or crashing on iOS4? You have to completely shut down apps by clicking your home button twice and removing apps from the list of all running apps. If there are too many apps running in the background, the phone may run out of memory, which can cause the app to run slower or potentially get pushed out of memory and cause the app to crash. This happens quite often and is unfortunately a feature of iOS4. ------------------------ Tried that. It still doesn't work. So I deleted the app, re-downloaded, hard reboot, and.... it STILL doesn't work.
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9 years ago, Boricua857
Works great
This app runs very smoothly. Can always watch the latest forecast video. Plus the live streaming of the news runs flawless with perfect picture.
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7 years ago, Jeff 1987
Two steps forward, four steps back. Yes, there are new features and a new look, but there are lost features as well. My biggest issue is how this app became click bait. There's almost more ads than content now! Was a simple straight forward app, but no longer. I truly want to support the independent local station, but this reinvented app is garbage ...
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10 years ago, MAs World
Too bad
This used to be my #1 weather goto app! Earlier this year you made major changes which ruined it, especially the new tiny sized 7day map, now the tiny map has even lost its tiny neat graphics! You really blew it! Channel7 weather is the most Acurate but unfortunately your app now is weak, slow and clunky! Fire your developer and get a real app, you deserve it! 😞
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13 years ago, Richlab
Love it.
Great app, love the blogs, I have no idea why people talk about the crashes, mine has been flawless since it was introduced.
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7 years ago, DC999999
Lost weather video ??
New look is fine but I can only find 'watch live'. Where did 'watch latest forecast' go? Many weather apps can tell me the weather. This was the only one with a useful video forecast and this update seems to remove it?
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8 years ago, SARS9876
Popup ads!
Omg - the adds that pop up are out of control. Same ad comes up multiple times. Please make it stop or improve the design so you can dismiss it once. There also seems to be more screen space dedicated to ads than news. Aren't you supposed to be a news station? Get it together whdh.
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7 years ago, Tracker148
Changed for the worse
The WHDH weather app was unique and useful prior to this update; it had all sorts of maps and most importantly, the blog. Now it is difficult to use and has far less information. I can get the same data from the iphone weather app in a much clearer format. Deleted.
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7 years ago, Notimpressed666
Worst update ever
This was my favorite weather app, now it's the worst! It's almost impossible to read on an iPad. The logo sits right on top of everything. You have to scroll what you want to read to a blank spot. Where did the blog go? Blog was the best, now gone. Also, thanks for wiping out all my saved locations.
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8 years ago, HickeyBE
Gone downhill
App used to be good. The new format isn't as intuitive. It also doesn't connect a lot of times now and doesn't show any forecast or radar map. Would be nice if they fixed the bugs.
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11 years ago, CDiegzz
Updated design is horrible.
App doesn't start on the most important screen! Every time it starts up with the side bar. It should start with your top favorite places weather by default. I open the app for weather. No reason I should have to tap something else to get there.
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10 years ago, Davey's Gal
Dreadful updates
I have this app for one reason: the weather. Now, when I select the "Weather Blog" tab, it takes me to the local news. Please return to the previous design with easy access to weather information in the weather app.
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11 years ago, TripleAAardvark
Why have a separate weather app apart from the news app? Just integrate the two. If the news app doesn't have sufficient weather information then it's poorly designed and a bit of a rip off.
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8 years ago, Farmer Lindsay
New changes are awful
I used to LOVE this app now the new format makes it difficult to watch video forcasts or really anything.... Not sure why everything changed 😕
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10 years ago, Sara Gummybears
Could be great
I do prefer the old version although some of the graphics are a little better, however, the reason I gave it 1 star is it seems like during the most important time, like expecting 12 inches of snow, there is no video forecast posted!! Lame!!
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7 years ago, Goosechase
The revamp of the app is terrible. No blog, maps, live content anymore and the look is bland. Don't know why they changed. Was by far the best weather app and blew the other local station apps out of the water now it's terrible, I've deleted it.
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7 years ago, cmgwahoo
Terrible update
The prior version was easy to use. This one is a disaster. Lots of ads. Background makes it difficult to read the text. Go back to the old version. (And where is the weather blog?!)
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7 years ago, bigcat656564
This thing is garbage now. I agree with all of the other reviews. Since they updated it they took out everything that made it useful and made it the weather app with their logo, useless now.
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12 years ago, PWboston
I like the computer link to Channel 7's weather report and expected the app to be the same. But it's not. There's no video report. So, it's just another weather app.
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10 years ago, Brainiac2020
Terrible app.
The new design and updates are terrible. This app is almost unusable. It is glitchy and freezes every time I have used it. Often there are sections that are inexplicably inaccessible. So annoying.
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