When I Work Staff Scheduling

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When I Work, Inc.
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User Reviews for When I Work Staff Scheduling

4.77 out of 5
34.8K Ratings
3 years ago, RR1911BD
Group chat
It’s good app,maybe add a group chat between coworkers with same job title and have two week schedules instead of one week at a time. And also have the ability for the worker in shift to adjust his/her time then have supervisor approve instead of supervisors trying adjust times of all workers all the worker would need do was submit their adjustments then have approval from supervisor based on time and location stamp of app,,,!!!! Also some companies corporate office is based out of state,so how about having the time zone and time difference shown and adjusted according to companies and time zones/state. Another thing,I had download an hour tracker for my work hours due to mine and other coworkers being wrong based off this app so try having a subsection with clockin/out option that keep tracks of hours and adds in hourly pay and accounts for lunches and breaks….there is potential for this app I like it but I don’t like having multiple apps to help track everything along with always asking coworkers what’s going on!!!! Think smarter not harder we all in this together hooah! 😎🥷🏽💪🏽
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3 years ago, princesspurses
Good Ideas…could be more intuitive and informative
I generally don’t have problems with app. The only thing is when changes are made to my schedule by my employer I don’t get any kind of notifications. If there is a setting for this I haven’t found it. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist but It’s not something that I was prompted to set up. Also it wasn’t completely apparent that I needed to indicate that I wanted my availability to “repeat”. Otherwise what it does essentially is prompt you to list your availability for the following week, but it never prompts you to list your availability beyond that first week. If it weren’t for an incident where I had gotten scheduled for a Sunday which I thought I had indicated I was “unavailable” for but in reality I only listed my preference for any given day for the first week only. So I would explain to new users that you have to fill out your availability and use the “repeat” slide button or go through the calendar manually and list your availability for as many days as possible or at least for a few months. Other than that the app has nice and helpful features like who works and when, as well as a place to message co-workers without having their personal phone numbers.
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6 years ago, lawme
Hands-down the best app of its kind.
I’ve tried many different shift scheduling/clock in/out apps before. Some were good, some less than good, and some were outright treacherous. ‘When I Work’ is not good, it’s not even great, it’s spectacular; it is by far the best scheduling/shift planning/hours and pay tracking/extra shift finding app I have encountered with! While the smartphone version offers all the features you need, it is not until you access ‘When I Work’ from your pc and realize this app’s incredible potential. The amount of clever features and details is amazing, it’s like having a bookkeeper/HR person sitting next to you ... for free! Time is money and having this app saves you both. Lastly, kudos to your customer service… big kudos, that is. When I first installed the app, I needed some help so, I e-mailed your customer service, hoping they can enlighten me within 24 - 36 hours. However, I was wrong ... I received an e-mail with detailed explanation within an hour. So, keep doing what you’re doing … because you are doing it right!
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2 years ago, Ms. Erica•
I truly enjoy my “When I work” app, checking and knowing my schedule has never ever been soo convenient. As a supervisor I’m also able to view every employee that is also scheduled with me which really comes in handy when it’s time to schedule breaks. I’m also able to request time off and view if there is any days open (on the days that I’m not scheduled) for OT. The weekly alerts prior to my actual work week is such a great asset for me to review and make any adjustments to my schedule if need. And lastly, having my picture added as an option for other coworkers to view ; helped me to be able to communicate and learn everyone’s name, as well as their positions within the company. In which I , really felt was generous as well as Genius… easy to navigate from profile to dashboard and all the other categories provided … so with that being said I really enjoy this app and look forward to being very mobile while being apart of a Great team of Hospital Transporters!!!!
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6 years ago, hughescloset
I can't see history as of yesterday
I work for a major airlines and we use this app to track our shift drop split and trade we also use the history to keep track of who we picked up because w have to note it the day we work. As of yesterday. The history is not there for us. We deleted and reinstalled still not working please fix asap Also are team is large and we drop pick up swap and split a lot. Daily we have to put who we are working for. Can there be an added feature that when we pick up a shift that there is another line stating who we are working for it will eliminate a lot of issues for teammates and add the capabilities for teammates to add personal notes to a work schedule as a personal reminder. Right now it's only a supervisor feature. It will help teammates when we need to remind ourself for future task in one place. Thank you in advance
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3 weeks ago, Alena Q.S.
World exactly as you'd expect it to! Except for one thing
For the record, this is definitely the best scheduling application I've ever used. The interface is easy to understand, and it's very convenient being able to view your time sheet as the week progresses. The chats are awesome as it's nice to have workplace communication separated from personal texts and e-mails. The shift swap/drop system is easy to I have no major criticism aside for the fact that you cannot view the calendar Sunday-Saturday. While having the calendars begin and end on weekly pay periods may be important for some, it is a mental hassle to try and envision a work week like that. I imagine that many people do not schedule their week according to pay periods and instead see Sunday or Monday as the beginning of a new week. I really wish there were a toggle to select which day of the week you want to see your calendar organized by— different options for different people. There is a bug I noticed that if you open the app while not connected to the internet, you are logged out. Not the biggest issue, and it's easy to log back in, but I figured I should bring it up. Other than that, the app works as expected. It's extremely user-friendly, even for those who may not have the most technology literacy. From the way the different tabs are organized and even how readable all the text it— it's great! Even with my critiques, I would say this is the best scheduling application I've ever used.
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6 years ago, Kylie1999
Usually I don’t leave reviews on apps but for this app I need it for work and it’s glitches has created complications for my every day life. I updated the app and when I reopened it kicked me out of my work group. I tried to log back in and it said find a workplace and I typed in my job and it said it was waiting for approval from my manager but the same email that said I was waiting for approval is the email where I get notifications from this app saying my schedule as if I am already in the group even though when I go into the app it says it kicked me out. it’s super Frustrating because when I go in the app I can see my self as one of my coworkers like it’s two separate profiles even though it’s the same email and same profile which makes no sense. This is an app I need to see my schedule for work and to see my work chat for work updates finally my manager had to except the request that made it look like I was a separate profile but I have only signed up with one email and it’s the same email I used for them to accept me back in. So we had to start all over and I can’t see my past schedule or my hours but I can see my other profile that apparently doesn’t exist anymore
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7 years ago, It's No Sam
Availability no longer usable
I am an MFA student, so being able to set my availability for different parts of the year is incredibly important. With the old version, this was incredibly easy to do. I was able to set different availabilities for different parts of the year, set when they started and ended, and add names and descriptions for each, making it easy for both me and my employer. But since the new update, that is impossible. The interface for availability has become confusing, and setting specific dates is no longer apparently possible. Any change made to a specific day is applied to all dates indefinitely, regardless of what the starting date or end date is set as. It is effectively impossible to set an availability beyond the current week, an even then it must be entered day-by-day using a calendar. This is unacceptable. I have no choice but to use this app, since my employer set it up, and now I have to submit my availability by hand and hope it’s respected. This may actually cost me shifts in the long run, since my employer is already inflexible with the schedule as it is. I imagine I’m not the only user in this situation. Please return the availability menu back to its previous, usable form.
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5 months ago, awesome🔥
It’s okay?
This app has been nice for scheduling purposes, however, I have add major issues with the “workchat” section. First off, I sometimes don’t get a notification that a text has been sent in the group chat. This has happened on many occasions, and it hinders my ability to pick up extra shifts or cover shifts. Secondly, I am having major issues with once I send a message, it disappears on my end. I don’t know why this happens, and it’s simply frustrating. I then have to send another text because I am unsure if the person has received my first message. I have the iPhone XS, so perhaps my phone is the issue, but I have the latest software upgrade from WIW so my phone model shouldn’t be an issue. Perhaps other people are having the same issues as myself, and would love to have my issues resolved because it’s annoying. However, I like how it’s a scheduling and a message app which is convenient. I just wish the issues with the messaging would be fixed!
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2 years ago, K8tieeeeeee
Great App, just one minor issue
I have been using this app for a couple years now and love it! It’s so easy to use and makes scheduling so much easier! The ONLY thing I wish they would change (and I think over the years I’ve emailed them at least 5 times about it) is the way time off is displayed on phones for managers to see. Anytime someone wants to ask for time off they text me and it is not possible for me to easily check how many other people have the day off. The way the app shows days off is in order of when people asked for it off, which means I have to scroll through all the days off and diligently look to see if I see the same date. I WISH there was an option to organize days off in order of the date needed. I always get the same response (that they will pass it off to their team to look at)…I can’t imagine I’m the only one who sees this could be useful.
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6 years ago, DarcInGA
Fantastic company & Scheduling Service!
One of my clients has been using this service for almost a month now. They provide hands on training, which really gives you a quick-start boost to getting your company online. That being said, it is REALLY easy to use and gives you the option of publishing your shifts live, or just keeping them where you can work with them until the time is right to publish live! You can create recurring schedules, one time schedules, you can color coordinate different departments, communicate with all your people in one place, and send out individual message or blast messages! It really is an amazing service! And very reasonably priced! The only room for improvement I will say is the phone app. It is stupendous on a computer, but the phone app does need some visual improvements. But it definitely does what you need it to do! I love it!
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6 years ago, Less Mush
Post and Pray Method is Out the Door!
I manage a small swim club with approximately 27 staff members. I was using MS Publisher to type up a schedule, hang it on the wall and pray people showed up for shifts and had shifts covered when needed. The problems came when the guards started texting me to swap shifts and I couldn't keep track of it. WhenIWork has saved my life! I am able to develop a schedule, post it and the guards can swap away because the can only swap with other guards holding the same certifications! I no longer stress that there will be missed shifts, confusion about when to work and failure to cover for people! The app also helps me manage payroll to insure I stay within budget! I can't run the club without this app. I can't say enough great things about the support team and the ease of use. Download it! You won't regret it!
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3 years ago, Lullulemon
Delivery Partner
As a delivery partner all my warehouse managers and other co workers super friendly and helpful. Easy to work with and very respectful all each other. Nothing to complain. My only concern is last week I received an email about special weekly offer. If I work on certain hours I get some extra bonuses, which is great because my all other co workers also getting this offers on a weekly basis and that was my first e mail and I get super excited. After a week I didn’t receive any confirmation massages or e mail about the working hours I’ve done with that offer. I send an email to driver support and I received a massage saying ups we send you that e mail by mistake?! I hire a babysitter just to able to work on that late hours shift so I can make some extra money now you just saying sorry to me. I am totally disappointed. The answer I’ve received from the support team. I worked my other driver friends work as well. They all getting there bonuses but ME NO! I shouldn’t be punished because of someone out there sending me that e mail “by mistake” . Here is my very honest review, related to my very recent experience .
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6 days ago, Co Randall
It’s just not great.
A bit clunky, messenger/chat app is absolutely horrible. My employees rarely ever get notifications on their phones. Also each month I have to redo the entire staff schedule because it won’t just copy all the shifts to the next month. You can run the shifts for months, but then when you “change all” the shifts it assigns it out for as long as you have run the shifts, so the next month I still have to redo it, because employees change availability and shifts each month. All the checklists and task lists are hard to find and can only be viewed in week or daily view, but I am always looking at the month view. If you’re schedules rarely change, and communication through the app is not a priority, you will probably my be fine. Oh also, no place to call for support, they only ever suggest you delete and redownload the app every time there is a problem. They never address the core issues.
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4 years ago, JailerJoe
Incredibly slow and poor customer support
My biggest gripe as the account holder is that it’s as slow as molasses in January. I’m on a government T1 fiber line (shared) and it just shouldn’t be this slow. I’ve tried 4 different browsers and they’re all the same. It just shouldn’t be this slow. Today I attempted to have customer service delete a personal email address I’d used to set up a dummy account. I’m the account holder and it was my email address. They flat out refused and told me it was policy that once an email is set up with a profile they can’t change it for security reasons but that only the user can change or alter it. I AM THE USER! The guy just continued to tow the company line. It was ridiculous. I’ve had many other frustrating interactions with their CS and at this point I’m about to jump ship. Add to that the poor reporting features and it’s just getting to be more of a headache than anything. If you’re a small company/organization with very light and simple scheduling needs it might be ok since you won’t have to deal with CS much.
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7 years ago, Rusty728
New update is TERRIBLE
Before, creating my schedule and setting my availability was a breeze! I could switch it whenever school was in session or vice verse. I could even set a preference for being unavailable twice in one day, or set my availability for a certain time span up until a specific date. Now it is on a weekly basis - terrible idea. For example, for Friday I am available all day. But now, I want to make my Friday’s unavailable to work from 5pm-12. When I try and input this, it keeps telling me it’s “conflicting with another day.” This is absolutely absurd! It’s not conflicting with another day because I don’t care about future dates, I want it to be consistent every Friday now! Now I have to delete my entire availability schedule for each day just to change ONE availability for any day. It’s ridiculous. PLEASE undo this. Or at least give each person an option. Maybe it’s a glitch because being a 19 year old, completely understanding technology, me nor my coworkers the same age as me can figure this out.
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4 years ago, MSR89C
Usability across devices
This app has been the most user friendly so far and simple to use for different stages of staff computer-savyness. My family has employed several person that ‘don’t necessarily’ use a computer or smart phone for many activities but they say they all like the app, and Most of the time are able to open it on their phones But they can not see each other’s schedule, even when published. My motorola phone cannot do the same things as my iPad or laptop, which can be a hindrance. The free features are good and I would pay for more features if it cost less & I was able to at least be able to do more on my “smart phone”, like fix the schedule. And if everyone in their category could see each other’s schedules. I love the ability to message on the app itself. Thanks for the quick response from customer service & the follow-up.
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6 years ago, Clockwork Orangutan
I had a bad initial experience; but, after deleting and reloading the app, it Almost became useable. My main suggestion now would be to change the placement/color of the Clock in/clock out button, and the Take Shift button. They are the same and easily confused in haste. I picked up a shift unintentionally, because I was trying to clock in. The app froze...couldn’t clock in. Back out and came back in...pushed the button. Apparently came back to a different screen and ended up signing up for a shift that I didn’t want. Another update: received notification that the schedule for the upcoming week was released...so contractors can pick up time blocks. I cannot see any of them. Next week is blank. In fact, every day is blank. I’ve never been able to access this to sign up for blocks. Ever. Which means I can’t get priority on the jobs. In case I’m just missing something, I tried their tutorial videos...and what do you know?...they don’t play. None of them. Every one is a black screen. Well done.
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6 months ago, Good Samaritan 2
Hello! I’m using this app with my current job from an employee perspective. While the overall app is really great, there are two things that I think would really help improve it! The first thing would be to allow work chat message feeds to be deleted. I have so many one on one chat threads between me and another coworker that I no longer need. I can’t even delete a old message feed with people who are no longer employees. Secondly, it would be really helpful to add in message reactions! Rather than having each employee individually send a thumbs up emoji— having message reactions would still allow engagement but not take over the message feed. Overall, I believe these two suggestions would help improve the functionality and convenience of this app!
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9 months ago, Ellemoni
Great scheduling, dodgy messaging
I really truly love this app for scheduling and the open shift feature. The app itself could use some serious work, however. If the app is already open and times out, it will allow you to type and send messages but after you hit send, if you think to look back to it, you might find a little exclamation point symbol indicating that your message is lost in the void of cyber space. If you don’t look back, the message is still lost and you don’t find out about it until someone gets upset that you didn’t reply to them. This can be disastrous if the staff members contacting you are saying something like, I’m sick or injured or I’m not coming to work. I have begun training my staff to close out the app after each use, and to open it new so they get a refreshed page. This helps somewhat.
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3 years ago, KasperOCOG$$
Makes life a little less hectic
Well, not to sound like a lot of other reviews but I’m usually not one to have time or patience to write reviews. Though, I do feel bad because I do read a lot of them when deciding on something to choose for myself. ANYWAYS, I try to be more to the point now. There is nothing wrong I can currently say is with this app. It doesn’t glitch or run slow. It’s coincident. The clock in, clock out process is very easy to use and I really like how it will show you how long you’ve been on lunch break for and even send you notifications about break almost being over. Scheduling, Contacting other employees, etc. work just as well, making life run a bit more smoothly. Definitely worth the 5 star rating.
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3 years ago, AngelsANew
Amazing software for any business
I truly enjoy the ease of navigating through the software. Scheduling is a breeze as well as truly helpful by allowing client employees to clock in from their mobile phone. Working in the home care industry, our caregivers are unable to clock in from a stationary device. So, being able to clock in from their mobile device is truly helpful. The added perk of being able to keep track of where exactly an employee clocks in is essential to ensure that they are clocking in and out while at the client’s home. One recommendation I would make, is update the software so that employers can set up the clock in and clock out with the 7-minute rule.
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4 years ago, J03 P.
Bad app design
I have had When I Work for some time now, and I have had multiple bad experiences with this app. As a teenager trying to dip my toe in the water when it comes to work, I don’t think that it’s fair that I have to deal with my manager reprimanding me over missing a shift due to the apps poor coding. It is extremely scary knowing that your boss is irritated with you missing a shift and constantly having problems with the app. I shouldn’t be put through this and nor should anyone else. To clarify the exact problem I had, I experienced login problems via Apple ID. Every time I tried to use Touch ID it would take me to a blank screen with one two options. One to find a new workplace or create one. I finally figured out that since I had already registered my account under an iCloud account, I could just log in via the email. While this may seem like a simple solution, this is a product of poor app design and should be fixed immediately.
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1 year ago, bsjsnsjdjd
Very easy and efficient
There are plenty reasons I love this app but here are the main ones. Availability: It allows you to set what times and days you’re unable to work (or prefer to work) which really reduces on people calling in to say they can’t make it. Clock ins and outs: I am someone who frequently forgets to clock out so I love it. It also allows you to set what time you clock out and in. Who else is working: It automatically shows you on the front page who is going to be working with you! The front page also shows what shifts you need to confirm so you don’t forget. Hope you get this app cause it really is great and showcases much more than I mentioned!
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7 years ago, Val C
Multi Store Manager
I love this app , it's very useful for our business , helps tracking where people log in or out ,and it lets you know when someone forgot to clock in as well. We've been having problems for a while with it logging users out but i think that got fixed , the only thing that's not really convenient with the new update is the filter when wanna check out the schedule for a certain location , i think the old way was way more convenient especially when you have access to multiple locations it will show you all of the locations at once ... it's kinda of a mess ! wish you guys went back and eliminate that filter , other than that's it's a great tool !
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3 months ago, SloanertheBoner
Cool app
I can clock in on my phone ty. Please make it not randomly sign me out though. Thx Update: Awesome developer contacted me abt my login issue which is really a non issue. To be fair i have been using the app for a couple months now daily and have only been logged out unexpectedly twice. Super convenient app. Especially the notification abt “your lunch break is about to end.” The only other feedback i have is maybe make it so i can set the amount of time before my break ends when it notifies me. Current it notifies me 1 minute before my break ends. I would prefer an option to change it to a notification 5 minutes prior to break end. Thanks
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10 months ago, Saxxynyc
When I work...great!
This app works great for our ever-changing work schedule. I love it because it is up-to-date and I can always see who I am working with each and any day. The text and email notifications are great. Individuals can set the shift notifications to meet their own needs. The app also has push notification shift reminders which are also useful for people that don't check their email that frequent. Once our boss updates the schedule we get an immediate notification of the shift change, so we are never in the dark. For tech savvy individuals, it's a great app. I hope we could continue to use it!
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3 years ago, @CEOSIZZ
To build on what I was suggesting, Gopuff has multiple locations within one major metropolitan market. Usually our drivers drive for multiple offices. The GMs drop the shifts all at the same time (Thursdays 1245) that doesn’t make sense either..& the shifts are first come first serve so they are filled in under 60 seconds. If WIW was able to have one mass streamline of all the offices within a single metro where drivers would get the hours they want even if it’s not at the office of their first or second option. As of right now it’s a lottery of picking the right office & landing the shifts you want. There has to be a better way !! Too many people are left without workout with the current system. Thanks!
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4 years ago, kmartjones92
You won’t regret this!
I had searched and searched for an online tool like this to help organize the schedule I make for my employees. All other programs I looked into, required payment for even the most basic packages. When I work is FREE for the basic scheduling options. Through the app, my employees can request time off, switch shifts with others, see what position they are scheduled for each day, etc. They also get immediate notifications when their shifts have been changed. To top it off, a rep from the app even called to make sure I didn’t have any questions or problems getting it all setup. Can’t say enough good stuff about this!!
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1 year ago, Carolynn Rose C.
When I work App
I started using ability beforehand when I started back at my job and they transferred over to this app officially - I find it very easy to navigate and use, I also find it extremely helpful when seeing my current schedule; along with who I will be working with on my scheduled shifts. It would also be awesome if we could see our current hours totaled at the end of the week (meaning if I picked up more shifts in that current pay period week) but other than that I really do recommend getting the app for employers/employees! One more thing- I love that we can be able to see notifications/messages from our administrator so we can all see/communicate:-)
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4 years ago, stacy stacks
Best job ever!!!
I can say that I have done Uber, Uber eats, DoorDash and I have found that go path is an amazing place to work for. I’ll be employees are so kind and the management of spectacular. They understandWhen issues come up and they’re there to help you. I can say that I needed help as I got stranded on the freeway. I let management now through the app which every driver on the clock in C, and one of the drivers that does not even know me came and rescued me from a four hour wait on the freeway for a tow truck. I recommend this company to not only work for but you order from as it is well organized and thought out. Definitely Covid free with all the actions that we take. Love go puff❤️
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7 years ago, brunocdeo
The new “My Availability” section is terrible
We use When I Work in our college to manage student employees. They used to set up an “Availability” calendar based on each semester and whenever they require a change in schedule, we just would have them to either request time off or create a new availability for that period. The old Availability system allowed then to do that very quickly since you graphically visualize your week, but now we have to add slot by slot in a very complicated way. I understand that the new system would probably serve occasion when the employees will have a different schedule every week, but I honestly think this is a minority among When I Work users. I think it would be great to have both new and old systems working together.
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4 years ago, _briv
Employee of small, locally owned restaurant
I work at a locally owned restaurant in town with about 25-35 employees. Most of us have the app downloaded onto our smartphones and this app has made the scheduling system so easy! I find that the built-in chat feature is one of my favorite features about this app as it makes communication very easy between people, especially if you don’t like to give your personal number out to everyone! It would be cool if we could customize the colors of the app on our own phone—I do not love all the green! That’s my only “complaint” about this app! Other than that, this app has been perfectly executed. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Logan qaul
Changing Availability is Impossible
Every once in a blue moon, it will let me look at my availability slots and even change them, but most of the time the button is completely gone from my dashboard and when I go to Find More Hours and try to input my availability, it says the ability is disabled for me and it doesn’t show the availability I’ve already filled. This is so frustrating because I have a busy schedule but want to make sure I’m getting more hours. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading it and logging out and back in. Neither worked. It’s very stressful having to think that in any moment the schedule will be posted and I’m either not on it at all or I get scheduled when I CAN’T be.
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3 years ago, luckeek7777
Almost perfect
I usually try to start my clock out at 58 or 59 minutes past the hour if I am going to type some clock out notes in the space provided in the clock out pop up window. But I have noticed that if It has turned to the next hour as I am finishing my clock out notes (or maybe because I am taking too much time) I will be clocked in instead of being clocked out. This just happened to me yesterday. I thought I was clocked out and I left. Ten minutes later I get a message on my cellphone telling me I need to clock out. I was driving so it ended up being 15 minutes after my shift should have ended that I clocked out again.
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3 years ago, Mango_Wolf101
Great to use for businesses!
- This app is decently easy to use for beginners in technology! - Super easy for a manager to explain how to use the app to their employees. - Uses icons in order to help you find things easier while using the app. - And most importantly, “When I work” is extremely useful for handing out schedules to your employees! -Allows you to see other employee’s shifts for the week. - Extremely useful if you get anxiety when it comes to wondering if your employees know their shifts or not, because when getting their hours, they have to accept them first. It will also send an email to them the day of to remind them they are working and when. Overall, “When I Work” is really useful, simple to use, and definitely helps when making sure your employees are organized with their schedules! The inky thing I don’t know would be if it would work as easily for a larger business rather than a small one. Definitely recommend trying though!
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11 months ago, debber12!
Use to be better
Biggest problem of this site now is there is no where to request availability for certain times. For example, I might have a dr appointment in the morning and available to work 11-7 or 12-8 but busy in the am. Or busy after 5:30pm so can only do an am shift. There use to be a section for that to be added. Not just days off. It makes it difficult for part time workers and full time workers who might need to take an am or pm off for an appointment. So our managers have to deal with figuring out our schedule on this along with pieces of paper we now have to give them for our availability. It would be great if you added that back in to the program. Thank you Debbie
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8 months ago, feriinvfrikbfruiffbkfdujbfde
Functional and straightforward
Pretty easy to navigate, features work well without bugs or glitches that I’ve noticed, doesn’t have any weird unnecessary ads. I suppose I haven’t really looked at the privacy or data collection settings yet, but can’t really find any negatives with the app in the time I’ve used it. Edit: privacy policy mentions location data, but I’d venture to guess there’s a companion app for clocking in/out that makes sure you’re actually at the job site. My company doesn’t use that so I can’t say for sure, but I didn’t see anything alarming in the notes.
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3 years ago, Jmgala22
Been using them since day 1
When I opened up business back in 2014, I needed a system that would allow my staff members to clock in and out right from their smart phones, adjust schedules with ease, easily calculate the number of hours worked, and most of all easily schedule my team in minutes. Wheniwork allowed this. Their customer support team is quick . When COVID-19 happened, they were right there to help us and pause payments until we were able to re-open business. I haven’t looked at any other scheduling system since. Thank you wheniwork!
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9 months ago, Meshel <3
Used to be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I find the app easy to use. It heaven has an option to be able to click in on a shift even when one isn’t scheduled and you get called in to work. But…. It used to allow all employees of a location within the company I work for to see ALL OTHER EMPLOYEES SCHEDULES. It disappeared like 3 months ago. It was so convenient for swapping shifts and for making sure all shifts were going to be covered if someone was calling off work. I asked management within our company if they changed it within their schedule app but they said no. They have checked and it appears that option to VIEW ALL SCHEDULES is just gone. Please restore it.
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2 years ago, RadRichNephew
Simple Layout
I recently installed this app to keep track of my time at work. I clock in on here and on my time clock at the same exact time, brakes and clock outs also. I’ve had it for about 2 months now, and so far it has helped me show hours I worked that the time clock missed. Simple layout, easy to navigate through the app, notifications are a great add also, the app can notify you that it’s time to clock in, or if you forgot to clock out. It also has location clock in, you can set it to automatically clock you in as soon as you arrive at work. Great app!!!!!
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6 years ago, AmyAdamsFAN
Worth every penny!
We have only just started using this app a few weeks ago. But can already tell how valuable it will be the season! As a public golf course, we have dozens of seasonal employees and keeping the availability straight for all of the young workers we employ has always been a challenge. Plus the app is flexible enough to allow crossover of positions as many workers are trained in different to work in more than one area of the business. I used to spend days working on a schedule for the following week, and now I can put it in the hands of multiple people who can all work on the schedule the same time.
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1 year ago, dawnsan717
When I Work App
First, I LOVE that when the schedule is posted I have to confirm the shifts I am scheduled so that if there are any issues with any dates or times I can decline the shift & work directly with my manager to address the issue. You can also set up reminders for the days you work and timed alarms. I like being able to look at who I’m working with and if I need a day off the app shows me what crew members are available to possibly cover my shift. Lastly I like that I can send messages to any of my crew members by setting up a work chat. Great app and easy to maneuver through.
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1 year ago, queenie glenda
Delivery driver
I have not been with them long, but they make you feel like family right away. It’s a great learning experience for anyone. There are many different tasks that you do, so you are learning all the time. You can let them know what hours work best for you and they will work with you on most anything you ask of them. Joel and Hutch are great guys to work with, along with the rest of the staff you feel very comfortable. The pay is ok. But great for moms , or anyone else that wants a job just to stay busy and make some extra spending cash. Full time is available but not mandatory. I love it myself. Glenda Tripp P.S. The salsa and pickles are amazing.
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4 years ago, josh1350
Well made UI but please add to widget page
The app is very high quality, no complaints whatsoever. This makes it very easy and organized for employers to schedule and employees to know about it. However I do see an extremely good but missed opportunity for this app. Developer if you see this, please please please make this app show the employees next shift in the widgets page on iPhone (the page all the way to the left). That would make the app soooo much better and would allow users to just swipe to the right to view what their next shift is whiteout even having to open their phone or the app. Please consider.
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6 years ago, idagreg
Attendance needs work
I’m a huge fan of When I Work we recently started using the attendance app as well. However It takes me almost an hour every pay period to fix my staffs hours. When I work doesn’t offer any kind of automated rounding which would stop unintended overtime. Example an employee clocks in 3 minuets early and clocks in 4 minutes early from lunch and then 3 minuets late clocking out. So every day you have 10 minutes of overtime, that adds up to a huge amount of unintended and in un- authorized overtime. If they would provide an option for overtime rounding that is already approved by the labor department It would make processing payroll much quicker. Btw the law states under 8 minutes round down over 8 minuets round up. 8:03 gets rounded to 8:00 and 8:08 gets rounded to 8:15 Hopefully this gets addressed soon.
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4 years ago, Mlcarlson88
Wish it was better
I first suggested When I Work for my company because all the benefits, online and on the app, were the best I had seen. But the issues we have had the last several months have been infuriating. The app constantly force closes, freezes, has issues with the server or proxy, and in general can’t keep up. Also, email response from the team is great and for the most part timely, but when I have an issue it is sometimes easier to call as opposed to email and that has never been an option for us. We are currently shopping around for other apps that can handle our business needs, and as much as I don’t want to switch, I hope we find a solution so we don’t have to deal with the almost weekly crashes and issues we keep having.
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8 months ago, amy5grace
Organized convenience
I love this app to keep up with my work schedule. The reminders for an upcoming shift are so helpful. It shows the total number of hours for the week, who you work with and now remembers of events and birthdays of coworkers. I also appreciate being able to see only my schedule for the week without having to search through each day. We used this for a while then they canceled it. I’m so glad the company I work for brought it back. It keeps me organized and is so convenient to have on my phone.
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5 months ago, NinjaMoose2019
Fantastic app with one huge con
The cons are the fact that not just for me but my other co workers will send messages and sometimes they dont go through even if you send them several times. This is a huge factor considering if you’re running late or if you need to write necessary information sometimes you cannot contact your manager to let them know. That bug hasnt been fixed for well over a year. a smaller detail to add is the photo quality on this app is horrible so if you need to send a photo for whatever reason you wont be able to see it due to the quality. other than that this is a wonderful app and it works beautifully.
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8 months ago, mbledsoe_btown_IN
When I Work - App Rating
I do mostly like this app. It makes managing my every changing schedule easy. That is so long as my managers properly manage on their end. Sometimes I have issues between locations as I work at a few different store locations. I suspect that this is not as much an app side problem as a management issue. The group chat feature is nice for communicating with other employees to cover shifts and relay important information. The time off request feature is also nice. The app does make my life easier and I appreciate that hard work it takes behind the scenes to maintain it.
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