WhenToWork Employee Scheduling

3.8 (264)
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WhenToWork Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for WhenToWork Employee Scheduling

3.81 out of 5
264 Ratings
1 year ago, Brookie5292
If I could make a suggestion to the W2W app, I would suggest to make a small change in the area of available shifts. I make my own schedule, so it would be very helpful if I was able to block out days that I know I am not able to work. Would it be within your power to give me the option to black out the days that I cannot pick up? For example, if I make a appointment for my kid a month and a half in advance and I know I won’t be able to work at that time it would be helpful for me to go to W2W app, to the day of the appointment and block out that time block in the available shifts section ahead of time so I know I have something important on that day. When my employer posts the new schedule I can pick up the Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I can work. But when I come to the available shifts on that Friday I will see that it is black or gray or purple and I will remember that I cannot pick up shifts on that day because I blacked out that day when I made the appointment. this saves me from having to find someone to work for me because I accidentally picked up on the day that I knew I couldn’t work.
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5 years ago, thesquidfarmer
Near Perfect
This is one of many scheduling apps I’ve used as an employee. It’s simple and to the point and gets the job done. I would love to see a way to set a default filter when viewing everyone’s schedule. I work at one location of a restaurant group with three other establishments and it’s a bit of a hassle to always have to go in and then set the filter to my location. Other than that, no complaints. Would recommend.
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2 years ago, 4f5f6s
App is confusing, use website instead
Website is easy to use but the app is confusing and unclear. I accepted a shift trade offer from someone and it disappeared, not changing our schedules or showing up anywhere else. On the support website I read that it would not change the schedule if the manager had selected an option to approve all trades, however it also said in this case it should appear as pending approval (which it did not). I went on the website eventually and realized that there was a clear easy way to view trades pending approval online and this cleared up confusing. I like the website but the app is to confusing and does not show nearly as much information as the website. Also another note: notifications default to being off so make sure to turn them on if so you are aware when a shift trade offer has been made to you. So overall: website is clear and easy to use, app is stressful and confusing.
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7 years ago, Mass boy
Honest Review
I work per diem. Before downloading this app I would have to call twice into work to have my supervisor sign my name on a OT sheet for hours. I would call when they put up the sheet, then call when I got approved for some shifts. Not anymore. This app is so good. Very easy to use. Might take a little while getting used to. I love the fact everything is organized. And I'm able to get push notifications. Plus there's a full site. I feel like every company should use this!
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6 years ago, Rabidblackrabbit
This app is great
I would recommend if possible like I would find it really useful if I could get notifications or at least Choose to turn them on if I have a shift the next morning like set notifications like let me know 10 hours before my shift that I have a shift that day like that would be helpful I mean I could just be responsible and check it every day but it would definitely help me out
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6 years ago, Create a nickbam
Amazing app, notification suggestion
I love this app it makes picking up and dropping shifts much easier however it would be EXTREMELY helpful if there was an option to be able to have notifications a day before a shift to tell when you have a shift instead of having to check the app all the time if you’re not sure but other than that it’s a great app and i highly recommend it :)
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5 months ago, Mary-Texas
Multiple logins
Why do allow one user to be logged in on the same account but different platforms like phone, tablet or laptop? When someone is trying to get work this is a hardship because another person can have 2-3 different platforms opened under the same login and people signing them up all at the same time leaving nothing for others. Be like Netflix one use one platform period. Thank you
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6 years ago, vcrguy
Volunteer EMT
My volunteer agency uses this for our scheduling, and I’ve loved it since I was first put on the software. My job uses a different software, but WhentoWork is so much more user friendly than the other software. I would love to see the company create an iPad app for this, so that I don’t always have to use my computer or iPhone (if both aren’t readily available for me).
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3 years ago, Squidnugget12463
Good but Want Notifications
I use this app as an employee and it works pretty good for my scheduling needs. It makes everything really easy. My one complaint is that I wish I could enable iOS notifications on my phone when I get a message instead of only the email or text message options that can be annoying in my inbox.
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4 years ago, PandaFace04
Update is horrible
I have used this app since I was first hired at my current job, and it is very user friendly and makes it easy to see shifts. However, the most recent update put necessary information such as ones weekly schedule, next shift, and manager notes on different panes. It has become much more unclear. While I am not opposed to having different panes, I much preferred having one single menu. It was much clearer and easier to view your weekly shifts. I recommend not updating the app until it crashes.
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7 years ago, TheNewsHero
App Broken!
App keeps launching the web version when clicking anywhere past the dashboard. Rendering the app useless because navigating from my schedule to upcoming shifts viewing is disabled. I currently have the latest version and the app was working perfectly this morning 🤔 Devs, please update the app to fix the issue. Thanks!
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4 months ago, Shift Availability
Available Shifts are Gone
In the last 2-3 weeks our organization has lost the ability to see all available shifts and employees are no longer getting notifications for new/drop shifts. Owner states there was an update and he’s been working with the company but not getting any answers. Hard to pick up shifts when you can’t see what’s available. We’ve been using this for several years and have never had a problem.
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6 years ago, gilbertesc
Push notifications
EDIT: Deleting app and turning off phone before reinstalling fixed the issue thanks to developers’ advice! I turned push notifications on through the app and in iPhone settings and I still don’t get any notifications Happened on iPhone 8 and X running current iOS
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4 years ago, im tired of this123
The worst work app ever.
This app is so incredibly not user friendly. Navigating is confusing and often times it will show a time in one box and a different date in another. The best forum for this app is to use it on the computer??? My job uses this at the pool I work at and it’s created so many no-shows because people genuinely don’t think they’re scheduled. Just this morning I missed an entire shift because I had no idea I was working. I’m not sure if it’s glitches but it needs to be fixed some way. This is peoples jobs at stake.
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5 years ago, YourLeftSock
Less Stress
Walked into my first job with a lot of uncertainty and fear. This app made my work schedule easy to read and made everything a lot smoother. I’m so grateful that this app is exists 🙏. The only thing I would change is the navigation, it can be confusing when you’re new to the app.
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5 years ago, itsalyse
Push notification problems
Having trouble with push notifications. The app is great in general but I had just upgraded my phone and now when I set my push notifications in the app, it doesn’t save. I don’t know what to do because I need the notifications.
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4 years ago, KatCrystal
Crashes all the time & makes me late to work
I can’t seem to trade shifts without the app crashing. When I emailed support they just blamed my scheduling manager instead of fixing their app. I also don’t get notifications of new shifts until roughly 5 minutes 𝙖𝙛𝙩𝙚𝙧 the shift has started. By the time I get up to work, I’m around 10-15 minutes late. The UI is gross, the app never refreshes when I press the reset button. Whoever Matt is needs to be fired and I know I sound like a Karen but I’m 15 and fed up with this app’s bs.
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4 years ago, CodyKen2
Was Great
Now just good. I no longer have the option to get notifications through text when something changes or a trade is put up. Also, I keep seeing the dot indicator for a trade, but when I click on the day, no trades are available.
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2 years ago, Dave in retail
Good enough, would like a bit more features
It dose it’s job, I see when I’m scheduled for work, fantastic. But a IOS 15 widget to the IOS widget stack would be great, and would make the system more optimized, I can see the schedule without going into the app I could just look at the widget, ‘ohh there is my schedule’, even better, great.
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4 years ago, BumbleBeeBry
I have to say I love the ease of this app and being able to have all scheduling needs accessible wherever I go but I wish it had a widget for the iPhone so I can always see when my shifts are or something, I think that would be an awesome update!
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2 years ago, Bev53
Great app when it works
This app has been great to see my upcoming schedules and to request and be notified of time off. But yesterday it froze and today it’s still frozen. I’d delete and reinstall but afraid if losing my data and not being able to log back in because I forgot my password.
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4 years ago, Vi2cci
New update?
I guess the app updated. Most things are the same more or less. Big positive I can now scroll through employers. Big negative, days with available shifts aren’t displaying a dot. Also when it pairs with my google calendar the times for the shifts are off (yes I’ve check the time zones on both apps and my phone)
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4 years ago, sistermaryjamie
Not bad but used to be better
The manager app has gotten a lot better when viewing weekly shifts, however the employee app in my opinion did not need the same separation between the dashboard and weekly view making for unnecessary clicks.
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6 years ago, Aarow 567
Useful.. but..
I use this app for my schedule for work. The app works, but is very janky and often tricks you by cutting out an entire week on the main screen, and makes you look at the week before. Along with that, when you try to look at who’s working, you have to tap the same tab 3 times before you get to the page you want.
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6 years ago, Steven the employee
Great except for notifications
It’s great for scheduling and easy to pick up shifts even if you don’t know the person and are looking to get some extra hours. My biggest concern is that whenever I set notifications up and hit save, all the notifications turn off again for some reason
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1 year ago, Nycode802
Great except
PLEASE add the ability to setup subscribed calendar and not just an export, it would be so nice if all my shifts automatically were added to my calendar without having to reexport it every month to google calendar.
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2 years ago, gurlwhoworks
Great app but
I would recommend notifications when you work just so you don’t have to keep checking the app or guessing when you have to work.
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1 year ago, Crochetc
No notifications
Great app but Not sure if the software of the app is outdated but an update may be required. I have stopped receiving notifications from this app once I upgraded my iphone’s software. All notifications are enabled in app and phone settings.
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4 years ago, HeyThis isbgreat
Could be a lot better
It’s a good app, but notifications do not work (they are turned on), navigation around the app could be improved greatly, it isn’t easy to view everyone’s schedule and it’s, and a better chat/messaging experience would be greatly appreciated.
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5 years ago, romaneva
Great, but Could Use More
I love this app, it makes things very convenient for job. I think it’d be a cool feature if you could set up a notification like “Your Next Shift (whatever the name would be) starts in 1 hour!” or something like that.
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3 years ago, bhoppinh
Cannot see anybody else working for some reason
This is just a bug currently that needs to be fixed, whenever I go onto w2w I can only see my shifts but not who else is working and it takes a long time if I want to see.
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4 years ago, user146284
The New Update
Love the new update it looks more modern and I am now able to do everything that i use w2w for on the app alone without having to open in a browser.
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4 years ago, Vizhnu29aH
If it ain’t broke ...
I’ve loved this app since I started using it a little over a year ago. A few days ago, a new update came out, with a lot of changes to the interface. A severe downgrade! Very disappointing. Developers: Fire the moron who green-lit this one, and just put it back to the way it was before.
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2 months ago, Varsity Bound User #3333
Terrific app! Very organized and easy to follow. However, with it being such an advanced all I’m surprised it does not have a dark or blackout feature.
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5 years ago, SuperSoccerTex2
love this app
our company just recently changed from this app to another app called optim8 and was very disappointed to have to leave the W2W app. it was great and very easy to get around on.
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5 years ago, Rossman92
Great service but the app needs work
The when to work service is absolutely amazing!! However, if you need to quickly and reliably check your schedule, then you cannot trust the app. The schedules do not refresh and you can only swipe through two weeks at a time in the home page.
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2 years ago, Willy D H
Pretty bad
Besides from deleting posts from the trade board about a day after they are posted, this app is hard to navigate in general. Boring interface. The developers could improve this app a lot by updating the trade board operations and by making the app more user friendly in general
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3 years ago, Corey P16
Export to other calendars request
Good app. Only thing I dislike is that there are no options to export to other calendars except Google Calendar. How about Outlook or the iOS calendar?
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6 years ago, Egotistical maniac
Could use work
It would be great if after requesting Time off you were able to cancel it. For example, I took time off because I thought I’d be out of state, but now plans have fallen through and I will be able to work. So I wish I was able to say I am now able to work those dates.
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4 years ago, Dominic Fultz
Great software!
Our company uses w2w for over 200 of our employees. It is super user friendly, and gives our company all of the scheduling capabilities we need.
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5 years ago, HORRIBLE:( 3321
Nice but needs improvements
This app is really nice and so easy to use! But the notifications don’t work anymore. I keep getting messages from workers or added new shifts that I don’t know about. Please try to fix it. Other than that its really good.
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5 years ago, Trinyanatops
I usually don’t write reviews but this app deserves it
The UI for this application fails to load frequently forcing the user to close the app completely and reopen it to actually see their schedule. It is not intuitive either, most of the buttons don’t do as they display. Being a app developer I wish I could help them fix this app.
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6 years ago, Gabsutasu
Just one thing
The app is super useful overall, just wish I can see all the posted weeks rather than the current and following week.
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5 years ago, Lexi-Obregon
Great app!
I really love how easy it is to manipulate this app, and how clear it is. I do wish that there was a function to click, and have all your shifts automatically synced into the phones calendar.
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5 years ago, hugsabear
Please add widget support
Love this app so far. One thing missing that I’d love to see is widget support so that I don’t have to open the app. I’ll give 5 stars if and when this gets implemented. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Rnemtb
Deleting messages
Great app ! Needs a better way to delete messages instead of one by one.
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5 years ago, Diaa Fityani
Next shift notification
I would like to recommend a next shift reminder, it would be so useful.
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6 years ago, hecking oui
When to work
Had a bit of trouble with the login stuff but other than that it is pretty good
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3 years ago, jfkanfkahflabfgyg
Good App, But I Have A Suggestion
You should make an Apple Watch applet for this app that just shows me when I work next or whatever. Would be helpful.
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2 years ago, 39099000
Duplicate message
Great app but I keep on getting duplicate messages I think this is a bug.
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