Who Called Me

1.3 (12)
2.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
LTS Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Who Called Me

1.33 out of 5
12 Ratings
6 years ago, Mackjr123
A big rip off
I have used this app for some time and recently when I run out of credits I am required to purchase 4 more and after doing that I get a notification that all is set or completed with the sale of .99. Then when I ask to search for the number I get a message that I am out of credits again. If I buy 4 more I still land up with only 4 and I have been charged $1.98. Don’t fall for this operation and don’t buy this app.
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2 years ago, ajkt92
DO NOT BUY! I just wasted a dollar yes I know it’s not much but who wants to waste money on something that doesn’t work???!? I tried 4 different numbers cell phone number, landlines that I know are active every time it says sorry search found nothing! DON’T DO IT!
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2 years ago, Batview
Horrible App
App doesn’t work with any number you search. Doesn’t deserve a single star!! No help or tutorial either. Scammers! Don’t waste your dollar!!!! I am requesting to an immediate refund!!
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9 years ago, Momto4nnj
Charges for searching?
I have had this app for a few years. I don't understand why there is a charge after 4 searches now? I am deleting this app. Not worth it!
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9 years ago, AppleUserOKC
This is not really an app. You get 4 number look ups for $.99. And it doesn't tell you who called from 800 numbers. I consider myself $.99 wiser. Will delete.
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5 years ago, Vero734
I continue to get charged on my credit card!!! I didn’t get any information that I needed. Then there is NO way to contact anyone for help!! 😡😡😡😡
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7 years ago, Tom Ann.
After finding 3 calls, 4th unknown, wants to charge me again. Should have told me that up front. I will delete it.
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8 years ago, libraryanne15
This used to be a great app, it let you know what company called you. Now all it gives you is a map. Worthless, I am deleting it.
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5 months ago, Robert2024……
Who called me
Very misleading!!! Bought the app.. 99. Does not work..
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10 years ago, Lde0406
Do not waste your money
The star is only because i have to so I can post. I tried a number that I didn't recognize that had called me. This app couldn't find any information so for fun, I tried 35 of my business associates work numbers & guess what? Yep, didn't find not one of them.
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9 years ago, DDog223
Great Useful App!!!
The 2015 update works great, It does exactly what i needed it to do. I keep receiving calls from people i don't know and they dont leave messages. I have identified the culprits once and for all! Thanks for making this.
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9 years ago, Tamaraidic
Crashes Constantly!
Works well for #s that have already been reported. However, it CRASHES ALL THE TIME! Can barely see more than one report on any given # before it crashes...& that's if I'm lucky. Don't bother getting it, not worth it.
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9 years ago, Mataverdy
This app is useless. It gave me the opportunity to search just 4 numbers and 3 of them the results were unknown and then they ask me for mor money if I want to search 4 more numbers. For what did I pay? For nothing!!!
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12 years ago, Reivax!!!$$$!!!$$$
The Scam of Scams!!!!!
This is the VERY FIRST view that I've ever written & if I could make it a negative (-5) I would. When or if anyone buys this app, they are gonna know immediately that this is a rip off. Good luck to those who do not believe the reviews to this app!!!
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14 years ago, !scam!
Does not provide the information it claimed and signed me up for additional services and began withdrawing money from my account.
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14 years ago, chuckcoop
Not that useful
Could not find a good use for this app. Do not waste your 99c. Most of the reverse phone apps aren't that good
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13 years ago, Ta2d4Life
Complete waste!
Wouldn't even look up local landline numbers.
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12 years ago, bl563
Waste of time and money!
Definitely the WORST app I have ever bought! Don't waste your time or money!!!!!!
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11 years ago, WLStinson
Should have known this was bogus. U can get the same info using a search engine Want money back
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9 years ago, Kellybh510
Go back to previous!
This app was great before the redesign. Now it is completely useless
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14 years ago, Milkman1000&&&
U people should be ashamed of yourselves this app does absolutely nothing that that the white pages do for free
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11 years ago, Dmhelie
Don't waste your money. I wish I could get a refund. Does NOT work!
Doesn't work. Total waste of a $1!
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9 years ago, KelWig
Poor app
This would be a great app if it would quit locking up and shutting down
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11 years ago, ttst03
I wish I read the review before wasting my money.
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10 years ago, Mile annoyed
A waste of money and a rip off don't buy this app I want my money back
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13 years ago, BR5410
Waste of time
This app does not do what it says it will do. I want my money back.
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10 years ago, Claudyh11
Does not work!!! Do not purchase!!!
This app does not work!!!
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9 years ago, TenBoom
Not Worth It
Pay? No. Deleted.
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12 years ago, Eric732
Worst app ever
Had a free app that was waaay better.... Bought this and what a freekin waste... Smh
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11 years ago, Sam_w1
This application is a scam! it doesn’t work!
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13 years ago, @$&0023
Rip off , do not buy !
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