Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

4.7 (2.3K)
382.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

4.72 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 years ago, HSM_A
No call fowarding required
I instantly uninstalled other software when they ask me to authorize call forwarding. This one does not. It only uses API provided by iOS, which is what Apple intended.
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6 years ago, .....Rr...
Option for support countries
I really like the app for telling me who’s calling me, the database is really awesome But now that iPhone XS supports dual sim It doesn’t detect which country the esim is using Is it possible for the users to select which countries for the app to detect or even just download all the database ??
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2 years ago, Deliiaaaaa
Awesome app
This app is good in helping to identify scammers and prevent unnecessary calls. I’m less worry when I received private calls or weird numbers. It will show where is the source of the phone calls from.
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10 months ago, Weselyshon
Very useful. Continent interface. Spam check well
Good choice for everyone
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2 years ago, rageworx
Stop full screen ads!
Why annoying to update database even has no update from last, and shows full screen ads? It is truely misleading people to watching ads violence.
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3 months ago, Supichaya(Keh)
Thank you
Many thank for your innovative creative app
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3 years ago, roxas69
So for the first few months the app worked. Now it continues to tell me to go to my setting and follow what it says, and when you try it says error no matter what you do. The app is literally useless. They haven’t updated it or anything. In fact they haven’t updated it in a WHILE! Ha
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3 years ago, Markwtfsrsly
Ads everywhere
After the last update, this app detects nothing but is only full of ads. Most of them are full screen, unskippable and cannot be muted. Disgusting. I immediately removed this app after a full-screen unskippable ads showed up.
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2 years ago, Wwmjr
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3 years ago, Unlimitedsoundsdj
Doesn’t seem to do anything
On my iPhone XS, it don’t seem to do anything. A different app does catch numbers and display in the call log, but not this one. Also when you report a number they are so not reported yet.
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1 month ago, jadan p.
Don’t waste your time
Horrible app that never works. People call me from blocked numbers constantly and their contacts are never revealed. Don’t waste your money or time on this app, it’s garbage. If I could give 0 stars I would
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3 years ago, oil head
Becoming a fishy app
I just found out by checking the battery usage this app runs in background even I have background refresh off. Not recommended any more.
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8 months ago, Spilled Tea
Does Nothing
It didn’t do anything. I even tested it by looking up some numbers in my contacts and it didn’t tell me anything. No different than without it :/
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3 months ago, Almight kash
A lie
It said it can see who in the call history was calling u but it doesn’t it only works for someone if they call not for in the past so:/
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1 year ago, RickyDeDe
Sorry, way too much garbage here
Need a simple app. No intrusive notifications, access to caller ID, etc, etc. I'm not interested in playing games.
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3 years ago, bohongtw
I cant see enabling in settings
After ios updates I can not see anyway to enable it anymore
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6 years ago, Chayuth Pirotesak
After update, iOS disabled Whoscall with no way to re-enable without error. Then I restarted and error persisted. I reinstalled, could enable, but cannot download caller ID Data. The app is completely useless.
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5 years ago, joean.mac
Can’t report number anymore!
With the latest update, the app no longer allow number to be reported. How am I going to contribute to the community?
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1 year ago, PonyKing
> 95% of spam calls simply cannot display correct information
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4 years ago, 뭐냐이거는
Not working completely
It is not compatible with the latest update on iPhone. Useless application.
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7 years ago, EdwarDallas
Does not work
Unable to even look up unknown phone number because they are ALWAYS in the “wrong format”.
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1 year ago, Lunas5667
Not working
Didn’t even work and paid for it
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2 years ago, DrKevisn
Not able to update database
Often not able to update the database.
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3 years ago, coolch
Unable to use
It’s gone by itself on setting!
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3 years ago, Vorawat.t
App no longer works
With the recent updates, it seems like I cannot enable “Call Blocking & Identification” on my 12 Pro Max anymore.
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1 year ago, Osama_Omari
Very Limited
Very limited and framed This app does not cover enough geographical areas
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6 years ago, rebeth2
Don’t Bother
Practically worthless—virtually all numbers say: “This number has not been reported yet”
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6 years ago, the-simplicated
Bait and switch
Caller ID is now a subscription only feature.
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3 years ago, Augustine Chen
Stopped working after iOS or app update. Reinstalling didn’t help.
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1 month ago, Antoinette35
Does not work at all.
It’s literally doing nothing AT ALL!!
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3 years ago, ~~~~~~~ny
No longer works
Is it abandonware?
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3 years ago, gridgrid
Does NOT work with iPhone 12 Pro Max
Does NOT work with iPhone 12 Pro Max
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6 years ago, StormySteven
Fxxking update Fxxking protect Fxxking ability
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8 years ago, JJooggoomi
If you want to stop spam
It's pretty nice app i think because it makes me more productive man preventing spam message and call. I really really hate that spam but when i get this app, it's possible to stop that automatically 95% maybe If you want to get out of spam, you should use this app in South Korea
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7 years ago, David XL
Doesn't help much, database doesn't update
It reminds you from time to time to update spam numbers from their server, but I haven't seen any change in number of phone numbers in each of the three categories for months since I installed it. I have personally reported 10+ spam phone numbers.... And it does not block spam calls automatically. These days, spammers change phone numbers rather quickly, so if a call blocker does not automatically block spam calls somehow based on crowd reporting, it's not going to work. I'm uninstalling. Update: Not only the above, it seems that I'm getting more spam calls after started reporting spam numbers :O( I have uninstalled it. I have been let unrecognized calls go to voicemail anyway...
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7 years ago, Dan in Mesa
Useful, but not as good as it used to be.
It's supposed to display caller ID and block spam numbers, but that functionality hasn't worked in quite awhile even though it is enabled in the phone settings. Still, it is useful for looking up numbers after the fact to see if they are a spam number. Hopefully the caller ID and block call functionality will be returned soon. I am on iOS 10.2.1
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8 years ago, chrisanderson93
Great Functionality
Started using this app after I began receiving so many robocalls that I was just ignoring all calls. The database doesn't have everything, but it is growing and has significantly helped me reduce the number of malignant calls I accidentally accept. Saved me tons of time!
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7 years ago, Ormmii
It works great for me!
I tried to down after they fixed the bugs, it works great for me! The apps is totally free, free download and free monthly payment. I used to have a spam call at least 2 times a day. After use this app is no more! Thanks for a great app!
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7 years ago, leewonmo
Not enough worthy to spam notifying
It didn't show effective information when i received phone calls from 070-***numbers. Sometimes the whowho has better result than this. There were many times when i search numbers by manually it were spammed. But those numbers didn't shows automatically when my phone rings.
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9 years ago, caiOHawk
Very good idea
It's excellent know who is calling you or just verify any number without take a search in Google. The app has a good database and user friendly content to help anyone. Nice idea but I feel it will be better if has more iOS integration. Like when someone call you, it can inform at same time who is calling.
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8 years ago, Didier Ma
Great - auto update will be appreciate!
Works as advertised. Having both japan and Hong Kong number and travel a lot. Saved a lot of time and roaming. Must have for iPhone users in supported region. It would be great if the Caller ID database can be auto updated.
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8 years ago, heru ateng
Cant update and install whoscall phonebook
Always failed when updating phone number list and always fail installing whoscall phonebook. Even worse than previous version.
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8 years ago, S. Penman
Call screening done right
Using feedback from multiple people makes this a much more useful tool than others I have tried. Innovative and smart.
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8 years ago, jengo
Tiny database makes it useless
I have yet to see it work once. The database is so small no wonder it's doing squat. It also never seems to increase in size. I've reported multiple spam calls on to get them a few days later and the database was updated. Feedback: make it easier for me to report a spam call. And actually push out db updates. This app has potential and you are doing nothing with it.
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8 years ago, leyosa
This App makes my iphone more powerful!!!
If you use iOS10, just download this app and enjoy the power of call identification. We all been waiting for this kind of app and function for ages.
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8 years ago, 샴바라의낭인
Overwhelming PERFECT Spam Shield
It is too easy and simple to use. If you get this app you can be free from bunch of(about 3,000 spam lists update every week) spam calls. Just go get it. You will be free from spams :) Good luck!!!
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8 years ago, A.W.Kim
Best caller id app
Based on big data collected from many users, you can filter spam calls and search numbers. I am free from most of spam calls now. Very satisfied.
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8 years ago, Eastereggm
Now I don't need to check the number before I receive the call! Directly notice the number who is!!
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8 years ago, tyong0716
Nice App for iPhone
It was hard for iPhone user to stop spam call but it is possible to use this App with iPhone now. It is not perfect but useful.
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8 years ago, vmourac
Crashes when opening the app
Never had any issues with this app, but since this update I can't open it... Tried killing the app in the background and restarting iPhone, but nothing helped. Hope it gets fixed soon
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