Whova - Event & Conference App

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Whova Inc.
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Whova - Event & Conference App

4.78 out of 5
135.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Denise Janell
Planning and
I have to say that I truly enjoyed the features provided through this app. One of the most important features that really helped me stay organized and plan for the event was the fact that it gave all of the sessions and once you decided which one you were interested in, you could add it to an agenda and then when you’re done, you can see the agenda for the entire event and you can see the agenda from the selections you made. On the day of the event, I didn’t have to open up the hard copy of the agenda. It was already loaded in my phone. I knew exactly where to go. I knew what was going to be discussed which helps alleviate the stress of trying to figure out where to go next, and increase my time with collaborating with my colleagues. Another feature that I enjoyed was the reminder so I knew that 10 minutes before my next session. I would get an alert on my phone to let me know it was time to head to my next session, that was very helpful for me. Lastly, the listing of other participants allowed me to see what professional educators I was in the mist of throughout the conference, and that helped me make informed decisions about which sessions to go to, to meet the needs of the education institution that I support. All events should have this app for their participants, so that participants can maximize the time spent during the event/conference. It like a personal assistant at the conference!
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6 months ago, Meeting Marvel
If you are an event planner, use this app!
As someone attending meetings organized through the Whova app, I can say it’s been a game-changer for staying informed and organized. Having all the necessary information conveniently located in one app makes my life so much easier. I appreciate being able to access meeting details and updates on the go, ensuring I never miss important information, even if the meeting location changes last minute. The photo-sharing feature is fantastic for sharing all our memories with other attendees. It’s incredibly helpful to see images related to the discussions right within the app. Additionally, the Agenda functionality keeps me on track and ensures I’m always aware of upcoming meetings and any changes. What impresses me most about the Whova app is how it fosters seamless communication among all participants. Whether it’s receiving instant notifications about meeting updates or being able to quickly share feedback, the app enhances collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page. Overall, as someone who relies on the app during meetings, I highly recommend it for its convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness.
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4 months ago, wiedmacj
Out of state conference/ business meetings made easy with Whova
I just recently attended a conference that included continuing education and business meeting out of state. I had never used the Whova app before. Once I was registered, it was strongly recommended to interact moving forward with this app, this was a pleasant surprise as the app provided everything needed in real time and made it easy to refer back as needed. I was able to schedule my own agenda as well as look at the general agenda for the three days of the conference. As part of the continuing education requirements, we had to fill out a survey following our attendance. This was also done through the app and allowed us to keep track of what I had completed. The app also gave access to presentations/ PowerPoints before and after to allow for review. If nothing else this made it worth the time to load the app. Any news or information give by the host was sent to all. I can not give enough praise to this app 15-10 is a good starting point. I hope the Mid-American Athletic Trainers Association sees this and continues to use the app next year! Excellent choice MAATA.
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3 years ago, BPeter100
Suwannee Banjo Camp experience
This was the first year for Banjo Camp to go online. Of course, it was due to COVID. They used Whova and my experience as an attendee was OUTSTANDING! I liked it almost as much as attending the camp and, in some ways, it was a better experience. For example, I am from Massachusetts and I would not have traveled to attend this great camp in Florida. Also several of the sessions were recorded making it possible to see sessions that were scheduled at the same time. Plus I could review the same session several times. In addition, all documents were available several days before the class so I could review them ahead of time. Those are just a few of the reasons why I loved the online experience. I even suggested that next year, when COVID is hopefully over, the camp should adapt a hybrid model where some attendees are in person and, at the same time, others view the class online. I think it could be a good model for all music camps (and other types of camps) and it would enable many students to attend far away camps without the time and expense of travel. It would also increase the overall camp attendance. BRAVO Whoa!!
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2 years ago, Jewelsandjemsbyjen
Made The Event A Breeze
Initially I was iffy about having to use Whova for the event I was attending, but once I saw how it allowed me to interact not only with the event hosts but also the other attendees, I quickly came to love the app. I was going to this event on my own and didn’t know anyone else that was attending and the Whova app allowed me to chat with and get to know other attendees prior to the event so I actually had some new friends to meet up with and hang out with. The app also allowed me to keep easy track of my schedule for the event (had several classes), allowed for immediate notifications of updates to the event and even had a map of the venue which was extremely helpful for finding my classes. I feel kinda spoiled by having been able to use the Whova app for this event and I hope that any future events like this that I may go to will use the Whova app as well. To those planning events, I highly recommend you use Whova for your attendees to keep track of the schedule and get to chat with other attendees prior to the event. It really helped make the whole event so much better!
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3 years ago, Jim-Howard
Great event platform
I recently attended the first all-online version of the Pacific Seabird Group’s Annual Meeting. It was held on the Whova app, and the features supported on the app were great. Some improvements from the in-person meetings I’ve attended in the past are the ability to access the pre-recorded or live-recorded talks and posters, which you can access again if your notes aren’t perfect. The chat options in the live talks are great, and the speaker can focus on answering questions, rather than the room being held captive while one person has a “more of a comment” moment. The “agenda” interface was great, and the ability to set up a “my agenda” to compare to the whole conference was great. Getting in and out of “rooms” was simple, and I didn’t experience any lag or glitching when they opened. All in all, I hope we use the platform to augment any in-person future meetings, especially since being able to access the other talks means you don’t have to miss anything during concurrent sessions. If we do future online or virtual conferences I think this would be a great app to organize it on.
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3 years ago, Indent9
Whova is the right choice for your awesome event!
Whova, a virtual platform, made my learning experience exciting! Finding topics, for our event, was easy and efficient. Using the Follow tab helped me to keep up with Topics that interested me the most. Finding valuable resources was just one click away! The search feature saved time when looking for a topic, small group, or an individual within a small group. When networking , I was able to bookmark a participant so that I could find them quickly and message /video chat with them worldwide! Though I tend not to interact with Organizers / Program Facilitators / Program Presenters, I did so on Whova because they seemed “close enough” to be reached. The Organizers/Facilitators/ Presenters interacted with participants real time and if participants reached out to them afterwards, we were notified that a response was given. I did not have to consider technology troubles because there were none. For that reason , I was able to fully grasp all that was available to me during the event! Whova is the right choice for an awesome event!
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6 months ago, Maritza Reneau
Whova experience
I am an ESL / MLL Teacher, I also taught Foreign Languages for 20 years prior to teaching ESL. I have been to a lot of conferences where they use different programs to guide us through the conference. I am not a techie, I don’t really like to technology. Most of the previous experiences have been difficult because I couldn’t follow their program. Whova was different, it was easier to follow. They had different features where you can locate the classes, a social feature to ask or talk about subjects with colleagues. Also you selected the classes you attended and Whova recorded them and reminded you about them. In the end, they provide you with a certificate of completion. There were other features that I didn’t explore. But I was very happy with the results on the ones I used. One of my colleagues who is ultra techie also loved it. So Whova covers the whole range from non experts to like me to super experts like my colleague. I hope I can see Whova in my future conferences, it makes my life easier. And that’s a good thing.
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5 months ago, HeartDocjr
One-stop-shop for conferences
I usually don’t leave reviews for apps, but I was so impressed with this app when I recently attended a medical/scientific conference. The interface is very fluid and user-friendly, and I don’t recall any slowness or lag (other than that related to the slow conference center wi-fi). In addition to the basic functionality of allowing you to plan your day and browse the schedule, the app features really enhance the conference experience. While listening to a speaker give a talk, I was able to pull up their bio, go to their associated website, and browse their other works, all without leaving the app. The app also has photos, discussion boards, and other features that foster the community aspect of a conference: attendees were able to organize meals, informal meet-ups, and after-hours outings. I’ve been going to medical/scientific conferences for about two decades (preceding the introduction of conference apps), and Whova is by far the best conference app I’ve come across.
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2 years ago, Graduate Student x1000
It actually works! Like, really well!
Finally, a conference app that is genuinely better than a paper program. I used this app for 5 days at a conference for the first time last week and it by far exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use (intuitive even for those who aren’t technologically savvy), not buggy, and has a lot of neat features that help with networking in a way that isn’t awkward. The map feature is excellent and particularly useful, and I like how easy it is to add break out sessions to my personal agenda. The way the app is laid out makes a lot of sense too — the first page it brings you to is the agenda, and then you can click on each event to read more, ask questions, take notes, and chat with other attendees in the sessions. I’ve had to use a lot of conference apps, and this is the first one that has improved the conference experience rather than create a headache. If I were a conference planner, I would definitely use this! Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Jebb13
When you can’t hug
I was introduced to the Whova app for our UCC national church conference of some 150 plus participants resorting to a virtual meeting due to COVID. I’m age 73 and an avid Facebook user, texter, and email user. I’ve used Zoom some. I was very comfortable with the Whova app in reviewing my agenda and signing up for various breakouts. I was impressed how well we were able to break out for small group discussions, the warning message as time limit was approaching and the rejoining the large group. I could see participants. I use a Mac which does not always adapt to various app, but had no problems. Our conference ran four days with minimal issues. A highlight of our conferences is the meeting of folks from all over the nation and hugging. We could not physically hug but the app readily allowed me to search out to folks, meet new folks, send messages, and more. In these crazy times and when travel is not an option....Whova is an outstanding option.
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2 months ago, leftybec
Great app for Connecting at Conferences
I was first introduced to Whova as a exhibitor/sponsor of a conference that I attended in May 2024. As an exhibitor, this platform really helped me to be organized and keep a virtual presence with conference attendees that were using this app. I was to upload brochures about my business, videos, and giveaways. It helped me to keep track of visitors that came to my booth and made it easy to interact with attendees at the conference. It also allowed me to exchange information with attendees post conference as well. I could go on as there are a lot of really neat things about this app that could be used in different settings of conferences. The only drawback would be that some attendees did not use the Hoover app to interact. With time and recognition I think this would be easily overcome as it is easy to use a communication tool before and after the conference setting.
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2 years ago, the ideator
Great app! Just one single suggestion
The app was fantastic, easy to use, and fun! The feature for adding points and incentivizing competition is a brilliant detail. Unlike other apps, I made several hundred connections and began friendships with many of the attendees. The option to post pictures and create your own meet-ups as well as themed rooms was a great way to draw attention and unite like-minded attendees. My only suggestion: it was sometimes cumbersome to find the reply to a post or notification. This was mostly an issue with the “new member section,” where a new member would be welcomed by someone else and I would receive a notification. To find the reply (and remove the notification), I was forced to scroll through all the different members that had joined, meaning I would have to scroll through 30-50 different posts. All in all, excellent app!
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1 year ago, austin-brown
Whova review
I used the Whova app for the first time last week at a large convention setting. I have attended venues like this for years and over the last 5 years or so, some for of app design has been part of the experience. I have never had much success using prior apps… they were confusing, not helpful and I generally lost interest in using them. The Whova app was a totally new experience. It seemed seamless in its presentation, very friendly and easy to attain information that I needed. It kept track of events, introduced speakers and slides used. The app kept me in touch with the conference staff/ problem -solvers if any questions came up. Responses were in text form and open to all users and very helpful to gauge what I may have been missing. Can’t say enough to the great value it brought me as a user!
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3 months ago, CaliDoc 9
Appreciate this app experience
I love that this app is available to conference organizers and attendees as a platform for seeing agendas; interacting with attendees; connecting names to faces, credentials; asking questions during the event. The layout is mostly visually pleasant, the navigation is intuitive and user friendly. I appreciate the ability to retain information up to 3 months post event, to download content loaded into the platform, continue conversations beyond the event. The greatest feature opportunity for me is that the different features were a somewhat visually dense- lots of words/descriptions, a lot more Whova content than I anticipated or needed on the conference mini site. Had this been a more extensive conference (longer duration, more exhibits or agenda events), it might have been overwhelming to navigate the app real time and navigate the conference simultaneously. Overall, really good
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1 year ago, blowgunner3
Love this app. Wish I had it years ago
I recently attended Maine Fungi Fest and had the pleasure of using Who a for the first time. Immediately I saw this app would have been extremely helpful when I was working in a corporate setting and had to go to week long seminars and bring information back to the company. This would have been amazingly helpful organizing the short time at these events. It controls any contact between attendees, built in system to arrange meet-ups, ways to coordinate not only your team but coordinate how your team meets up with other teams and individuals. I love this app and would and have recommended it to everyone when the subject comes up. I have a degree in computer science and some coving and I am impressed how they designers seemed to have hit almost every point.
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4 months ago, hikingdragon42
Invasive and infuriating
The fact that some of my social media accounts would be pulled automatically was not made clear when I signed up for an event. This felt incredibly invasive and quite frankly creepy to see a photo that I did not knowingly link posted publicly on my account there was no opt out option made clear at account creation and I would not have consented to the sharing my now defunct self employed business that was also wildly irrelevant to the event I was attending. Furthermore the agenda sign up and overall use of whova was truly terrible with speakers, tours etc not listed in any kind of chronological order, the multiple attendee tickets a bizarre copy and paste of the full individual information instead of simply purchasing two tickets was infuriating and confusing. I found the leader board, trivia and all the extra “features” forced and obnoxious. While it is possible whova was not optimized for this type of event (sand hill crane festival) it has guaranteed I will avoid the use of whova as much as logically possible in the future
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1 year ago, Lucille W,
Great networking tool
I just used Whova for a professional in-person conference for the first time. I was very impressed with the app and thought it really facilitated greater engagement before, during and after the conference. As a speaker , I was able to upload information about my session way in advance to build interest and ask a question for the group to ponder beforehand. I was also able to create a poll that went to the entire attendee list and then share the results live in my session. Because I knew who and how many would attend my session, I could tailor my presentation to the expected group and then follow up with individuals afterwards. It was also easy to reach out to people I was hoping to connect with during and and after the conference. Great addition to any event!
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2 years ago, KariannSadlon
Introvert Heaven
Whova provided a fun, easy way to interact and network with attendees and organizers throughout the conference. It was helpful to see people’s photos and information prior to meeting in person. One of the prime benefits was being able to see all the sessions in the palm of my hand rather than carrying around a paper agenda! Securing a spot on the leaderboard quickly became my obsession; however, I was disappointed that it went unrecognized by the organizers—what’s even the point of awarding points at that point? I have revisited the app several times after the conference to export presenter slides and continue discussions with other attendees. Overall, it was a great tool to have throughout the conference and allowed the introverted attendees to partake in discussion and networking without stepping up to a microphone or approaching strangers. I hope to see this app utilized in future conferences.
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11 months ago, NiksR2
One Stop App
I want to begin by saying that I am not a fan of apps because they take up so much space on my phone. When I heard about the jumpstart conference, I wasn’t even sure if I would go, but being that I am a first time home school in Mom, I decided it was my best bet. When they offered the app, I am mediately ignored it. I decided to download it because the agenda was on the app. As much as I hate notifications, I thought it would be a great idea to allow them to come through in order to be informed. I was blown away by what the app could do. Presenters started posting, attendees started connecting with one another, and within a matter of days, it was a full-blown party! The app was so useful and resourceful. It also helped everyone get pumped for the conference. I know that sounds funny when I’m talking about a home schooling conference, but it was awesome! It posted updates in real time, including the day of the conference. For example, if a room or session changed, they updated it on the app. I love that the presenters were able to upload their PowerPoint presentations, documents, on the app (for access to everyone), etc. It truly was a one stop shop :-) I will definitely recommend this to my friends!
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3 years ago, spaceveldt
Great UI/UX
I recently downloaded Whova for a virtual research conference, and I’m very impressed with both the app and website performance. Both platforms really facilitated organic interaction between attendees. The Exhibitor Hub was especially useful and gives options for promoting yourself/your company, showcasing offerings, and collect leads. My favorite part of the app was that it automatically grouped attendees by keyword interests and organizations, and you could browse through all of the groups to find mutual interests. I’m not sure if this is already a feature on the app, but on the desktop version, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could browse the conference website while I was attending a Zoom session (great integration with Zoom, btw) and a popout of the video would appear alongside the rest of the content. Would be good to have that for mobile as well.
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2 months ago, JMSXX101
VA Hightech
It is my opinion that your website is very user-friendly and very easy to maneuver I had trouble at the beginning, figuring out hitting the agenda button and then hitting the live to attend a program button. I would suggest that you amend the homepage to indicate to touch the agenda button to then be able to participate in a program. You should require that any speaker using slides to only have 8 to 10 lines on each slide. The slides were not legible. In addition, I would recommend that when slides are being discussed that you have a full screen with the slide. It’s not necessary to have the speaker on the left and the slide on the right. The speaker can come back-and-forth whenever the slide is not being discussed. Good luck with your program. All the best James Slattery.
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3 years ago, poeple will love this
Whova is Everything in the right place!
As a first time user of Whova, I am impressed with how simple maneuvering around the app is. Attending a virtual conference became interactive in more ways than would be possible in person. Meeting and connecting with people in this virtual world was simple, fast, and allowed for so much information at the tip of my fingers. Each link was exceptionally easy to access. I especially love the space to take notes, and store data. The bonus was being able to participate in chats during presentations as well as access several presentations at once. Virtual conferences on Whova will change the way conferences happen. Whova paved the way for me to see how accessible participating in a conference can be from the luxury of my own space.
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3 years ago, Slide Doctor
Easy to navigate
Once I found out that livestreams were indicated at the top of the sessions ‘agenda,’ and only appeared there each day, I found the app easy to use to find a live-streamed session. And you can create your own own agenda of only those things you want to attend. The streams ran one after another with no real need to leave and come back to see the next one. It was, for the most part, glitch free as well once something started streaming. I used my iPhone for everything each day and was on my own home WiFi. And, once things that were recorded for later viewing that we had to miss are loaded into the app, we’ll be able to see all those sessions too. I like the app. It’s pretty easy to use and connect with others at the event.
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3 years ago, Sophia7269
Great for a first time conference goer!
My first time using Whova was also my first time going to a professional development conference. The organization elements of Whova helped me easily browse and set reminders for different panels I wanted to attend. The Community board was great for interacting with other participants, and the Ice Breakers helped me feel more comfortable in this virtual community space. The mobile app and desktop page UIs are similar in a good way! It meant that I could easily navigate both and quickly pick up a conversation I was having on desktop later on the mobile app. My one critique is that the Polls tab never worked on mobile for me. The conference I attended didn’t use that feature much, but it was a slight point of confusion for me when I was watching a panel on mobile and they asked me to fill out a poll.
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4 weeks ago, Whova is incredible!
Excellent app for events
At first, I was a little apprehensive about using the app. After I got over that and downloaded it I was surprised to find how versatile the app was. It’s like a combination of social media, event planning, and scheduling all in one place. I used it for the BOAF 24 meeting and everything that had to do with our event was there. Also, all of the class schedules were available to us were on there with all the details of each class including time, duration, instructor, and location. I was surprised to find many of our classes had PDFs of the PowerPoint presentations that were available through the app to download through the Whova app. I highly recommend the Whova app. to business professionals for any event, they may be hosting.
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1 year ago, RDC-FDRS
Whova App Review
The WHOVA app was utilized for a conference I recently attended in ATL. It was AWESOME!! I was able to see the overall agenda, create my own agenda, meet up with others, see the menus throughout the conference, receive updates from the organizers of any changes in presentations, meeting rooms, etc., check out the attending vendors and speakers, connect with other attendees and view pictures taken throughout the event. In short, it made this conference unlike any other conference I’ve attended. Very user friendly! Another PLUS, we will have assess via the App for a period of time after the conference to watch the recorded sessions and continue to connect with our fellow attendees, giving us an opportunity to continue to grow relationships. I highly recommend this App.
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3 years ago, Collaborator
Beyond impressed
I’ve got to tell you that I am beyond impressed having used Whova for the first time in an online conference experience. What really did it was seeing the many engaging ways Whova has built into the app to connect individuals and groups interested in the same topics. It actually suggests people to the user who share similar interests. It facilitates anyone starting a topical discussion group — or, taking it farther, facilitates anyone scheduling a video or face to face meet up. The contests built in make it fun to share more and complete tasks to gain points - perhaps to rise into the leaderboard. All to say that in the week leading up to the conference, I saw more interaction in the app than I usually see during a whole conference. Talk about giving a boost to the actual online conference!
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1 year ago, Sash Levy
An app that does it’s job well
For a recent conference, I found that Whova does a great job organizing everything you need to know. It’s also super easy to set up your profile which was awesome. The only issue I had, and it’s small, is the little button on the bottom right of the Agenda page. You’re supposed to be able to click it to take you to the currently in-progress sessions on the agenda, but every time I would click it, it would take me to the top of the page (showing me the earliest sessions that day). Not a big deal but there were a lot of sessions at my conference which made it a tad annoying to scroll through. Otherwise, I’d be happy to use Whova again for future conferences.
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12 months ago, Chester Walker
NASRO Basic SRO class
The class was amazing. Jordan Kelley and Brock Hardy were awesome. They knew what they had to teach not by looking at the power point but by memory. It’s was very enjoyable to take a class that was a week long with instructor that you could tell enjoyed and were passionate about what they were teaching. They explained every bit of the class so not one in the classroom could say they didn’t understand any part of it. I can’t speak for each instructor you have but for the two that taught me last week. They are absolutely great at what they do. If you rated the instructors from 1 to 10 you would have to give these two men a 15. Awesome class was made into perfection with two above average instructors.
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2 years ago, The Numbers Lady
Whova Interactive App for Events
I recently attended an event in my local area. The app, Whova, was an amazing tool that offered so many engaging, useful, and informative tools. I was able to register for sessions and refer back to the app for time and locations. I was able to make suggestions and chat with other participants in real time. Also see any updates or changes made instantly. I would highly recommend this tool for engagement and participation with events or itineraries. It is ideal for participants within a group or if you are attending solo. I found that it was very helpful to stay in contact with persons I met during the first day and meet new people as well. Loads of input and output. I can’t say enough.
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3 years ago, Mackster19
Highly recommend
I used WHOVA both on a computer and on my phone to follow the Statistics in Pharmaceuticals conference (SIP2021). I can say I liked the experience. I were able to see the agenda and select the part that interested me to put reminders on my own calendars. Whova allows presenters to add the materials for the participants, and it’s a good way for participants to network since they can see each other’s profile and interact. One particular is that we were asked to list our interest, and based on them we could see which participants shared the same. That’s an excellent way to filter out the hundreds of participants in a conference. I will definitely recommend WHOVA for future activities.
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4 months ago, Sheena Archangel EdTech
Extremely practical and useful
As an employee at Archangel Education and Technology, I've been utilizing the Whova app for the NCEA convention, and it's been an invaluable tool for our team. The app's intuitive interface has streamlined our access to event information, making navigation a breeze. The networking features have facilitated seamless connections with fellow attendees and exhibitors, enhancing our collaboration opportunities. Additionally, the agenda customization feature has allowed us to tailor our schedule to perfectly align with our needs. Overall, the Whova app has significantly elevated our NCEA convention experience, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone attending a large event.
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2 years ago, gregsim
A real online conference
The East Coast Genetic Genealogy Conference was conducted entirely on Whova. All the elements of a real conference were there in the comfort of my living room. Evan a lost and found department (which spawned quite a few wisecracks). The attendees were all accessible plus multiple sessions in each time segment, but we get to watch them all! I can’t give them 5 stars yet because there were some rough spots, but I expect hiccups in a new platform. I enjoyed learning the environment in the week leading up to actual conference. All the poking around earned me points which put me on the “Leader Board”, which created some element of competition, but only 10 of the 350+ attendees were so featured. I see tremendous opportunity for development of an online genealogical community.
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10 months ago, SHPoole
WFWA Conference
I am not tech savvy. Not at all. This app was so user-friendly and definitely enhanced my overall conference experience. Not only could I pull the agenda up at a moment’s notice (which I did regularly over the course of 4 days) but the level of detail about the workshops, presenters, schedule, etc., was very impressive. One bonus was being able to scroll through a list of other attendees, read their bios, and connect with others with common interests and/or backgrounds. I can honestly say that many of the discussions I engaged in centered around how great the Whova app was. Kudos to your team and thanks for providing us with such a useful and easy to use tool!
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1 year ago, Beingtularosa
Whova app
This app was very helpful for the 2023 Al-Anon International Convention in Albuquerque, NM. It is user friendly and easy to navigate. Two things that were particularly helpful were the map of the Convention Center site and a complete list of the agenda, both of which I printed. The agenda gave complete details of all meetings and workshops including times and locations which I referred to often. The photos submitted by attendees were a nice place to check out who was attending among those who submitted their pictures and info. The ability to receive and send messages to other members provided the opportunity to connect with specific members among the approximately 4000 people at the event.
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9 months ago, Cathy Lu
A must have!
I’m very pleased with this Whova app. It’s a perfect way to connect with all participants, coordinate our conference, and network. The only three things that need improvement especially in the phone app. 1) Change the ice breakers into a form thread OR have a button on the top corner to tap “Mark All as Read” so we won’t be stuck with swipe, swipe, swipe, especially with over 700+ attendees. 2) Move new Replies to the very top so it’d be easy to find a new question, comment or response quickly. We as a conference team have limited time and scrolling, scrolling and scrolling is a hassle. I’ve clicked on “Newest Replies” but it didn’t move the posts upward. 3) Change the poll notifications. Instead of posting “+1 poll vote” and “See Results” every single time, offer a button to mute the poll notifications AND just post one-time notifications and let us click on “See Results” only if we are interested to see. Otherwise, we’d miss a comment or response in the middle of those notifications because we have way too many of them to scroll all the way up and find the comment. It’s annoying.
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1 year ago, Domenica99523
I’ve used Whova two years in a row now for an annual conference, and it’s been incredibly fun. The thing I like most is how it drastically improves the overall experience of the conference. Historically, attending conferences would require a significant amount of schedule planning to make sure events, workshops, panels, meetings, and lectures wouldn’t be missed. In addition, meeting all the people you were hoping to meet was extremely difficult. With Whova, the scheduling is vastly simplified and easy to access through the app, plus all the attendees are listed, and you can link up at any time to anyone you like within the app. My favorite part of the app is the Leaderboard, which I targeted as my personal challenge, and in fact dominated the #1 position throughout the conference, with over 90,000 points! There us a section where you can post Questions for any session, and the speakers can interact directly with you or adapt their session to address the question. Perfect! I don’t know that I would want to attend a conference in the future if it wasn’t using the Whova app.
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3 years ago, DashTheGreat
My first virtual conference with a five star experience!!
GoalMakers2021 was my first virtual conference to attend. Most part of the conference along with its activities could be accomplished through whova mobile apps. I think team whova did an excellent job. I gave it 10 out of 10 even though I was little disappointed that they didn’t allow simultaneous use of two devices by an attendee. I would have preferred to use the laptop for the panel discussion and the mobile phone for networking. But after all the two days conference ended with no major hassles or interruptions. Two of our board members assigned for our Exhibit booth could not sign in for some technical reasons.
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10 months ago, Jimmie in OR
Fantastic tool!
This is a really great tool for people who are attending a conference. Essentially, it’s a social media platform with all sorts of features that allow attendees to connect with each other, and organize their own participation. I began using it, because it seemed to be required by the organizer, but I learned that it was super helpful for my participation, and allowed me to make good use of my time and connect with other people. As with any social media, it’s only as productive as the depth of participation of everyone involved. At this most recent conference, I believe that the majority of people were engaged with Whova, which made it all the more useful. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, jfordwolf
Very quirky, but works if you work at it
We used this for an annual industry conference this year due to COVID. Many participants experienced audio and visual difficulties. We were able to work through this using the Whova chat function and logging in to the meetings directly on Zoom. Be very careful not to click on any chat “pop ups” that appear on your screen when you are in a session. If you do, you will be removed from your session to view the chat box. When you reenter the session, you will be put into the session “waiting room” and the session facilitator will need to readmit you. I do hope that we can begin to have our conferences in person again soon. This conferencing platform is a great idea, and I’m sure Whova will work through the bugs in their software over time. However, there are so many software bugs and usability issues that an app like this will never be able to take the place of in person learning.
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9 months ago, Appleoneusmonk
Good App Needs Better Notification Clearing
I’ve used this app for 4 events, and each time I find the notifications to be hard to use. Each time I opened the app there would be as many as 100 new notifications for 60+ events (comments, updates, new events), and you need to scroll through them all each time - even though you won’t be attending most of the sessions - before you back out and mark all as read. The app should all you to only be notified of updates to sessions you’ve already RSVPd to (or new ones). There were also excessive notifications about attendees with similar interests, but with no granular “mark all as read” function. Likewise, if the Whova team insists on sending in-app mail messages everyday, they should allow replies!
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2 years ago, Candycrush717
Great app
This app kept me up to date with all the sessions at my conference. I could bookmark sessions I planned to attend & the app offered optional reminders for those upcoming sessions. Each session had a page explaining the who/what/where/why of event & included a bio of the presenter. Whova also provided a platform for attendees to reach out to presenters & fellow attendees to connect, share ideas, ask questions, or just plan for group meet ups. One of the most helpful features was the video page where recorded session videos allowed those of us who missed a session to watch it after the fact. I definitely recommend this app for any conference you might attend.
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2 years ago, emboring
Very impressive and user-friendly experience!
I used the Whova app for a recent conference was blown away by how closely it matched the best features of an in-person experience. Prior to the event I was able to connect via personal message with like-minded people and start good conversations. As a speaker, I appreciated the feature that allowed attendees to post questions to my session prior to the day of the conference, which helped me adapt my talk to be relevant to my audience’s interests. (This feature isn’t usually available at an in-person event!). The integration with Zoom was smooth and user-friendly. I would highly recommend Whova to conference organizers and participants.
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4 years ago, #TeamWicks
I really appreciated the app and found it most useful as I am New to the Board of Commissioners and I was a “First Time Conference Attendee.” I did quite a bit of networking thru the app and made some, hopefully, lifetime friends! I did find that a lot of conference attendees did not take advantage of the app and that was a bit puzzling to me but I guess once you’ve been to so many, you may not need as much guidance and already know what to expect? As for me, I found it extremely useful and would definitely use it for the upcoming Colorado Conference which I am looking forward to😉 I thank you and feel that without the app, I would have been lost.🤔 I do appreciate you and thank you for listening!
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4 years ago, Esc Swede
The next best thing to bring there!
The Whova app made my first multi-day virtual conference an unexpectedly rewarding experience. Installation was simple, loading the meeting info was a snap, and selecting among optional sessions was a breeze. I liked the ability to flip quickly between My Agenda and the whole conference agenda to see what I might be missing. The embedded video links were seamless on my iPhone and conveniently linked out to a desktop for larger format viewing. The session Q&A and real-time chat functions created the interactive piece that is usually lacking in most web conferences. Virtual conferences will never quite match in-person events but Whova makes it feel like you’re part of a real meeting!
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3 months ago, Church lady 54
Whova App
I use the Whova App for our conference meeting each year with Women Walking With God. It is easy to use and connect with other people. I am able to touch base with friends from other churches and find a way to meet up. I love being able to send messages back and forth to people I may want to just ask a question of or see if they know someone I know. It has made it easy to follow the speakers and see what questions others have. I have found Whova to be a great way to connect with everyone coming to the conference. I highly recommend others to find ways to use it for their own meeting or conferences.
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6 months ago, akshfye
Added fun to our conference!
I have been to two conferences that use the Whova app. Our company’s leadership summit uses it to help members network before and during the conference. It’s a lot of fun to interact with people across the country, share ideas and see your name climb the leaderboard! I learned so much from other members of our company through community discussions and shared articles. The photo contest was fun as well. The passport contest helps motivate everyone to visit as many of the vendors/exhibitors as possible. It really helped motivate me to make the most of the conference and to network and obtain ideas from people I would’t have met otherwise!
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1 year ago, MISD Nix
Great Communication Tool!
I was pleasantly surprised using this app! Not only did it provide the conference sessions and map, it also allowed me to build and save my own schedule with opportunities to add my own or small team event. I loved that the app allowed me to reach out to others to build my network and also communicate with cohorts and teammates. I didn’t have everyone’s cell on my team, but the app still allowed me to message them and search for others I didn’t already know were attending. Every time I opened the app I found a new useful feature! It was very helpful and useful, and a great collaboration and networking tool!
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4 months ago, Marc Aaron
Nice idea, but very buggy
Using the app for the first time for a big conference. It has promise, but has some disappointing flaws that are so obvious they should have been caught before release. The most frustrating bug to me is in the community section. On my iPhone I see a red bubble apparently saying there are over 300 new posts I haven’t seen. It is absolutely, completely, utterly impossible to see these posts and/or the topic threads they are under. No matter how I sort the threads using the menu option, I see the same ten or so threads—nothing ever changes when I sort. No, the 300+ new posts aren’t all in the 10 threads. So apparently there’s a lot going on at this conference. I’ll just never be able to use the app to learn about it.
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