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User Reviews for WiFi Scanner

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
3 years ago, Jeremy wilson85
Graphs no longer work
Currently the app is at 50% funcionality. Looks like it has not been updated in a while.
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4 years ago, tekknowsnothing
Stopped working, But there is a FIX!
I guess it stopped working when i upgraded to High Sierra or catalina not sure when.. But bascially i was only able to see 1 wifi network in the scan which was odd. This app always worked beautifully before. Turns out, all you had to do was enable Location Services, unders system preferences > security > Privacy.. back to 5 stars
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5 years ago, jbbarnes
Extremely useful for diagnosing Wifi issues
This app does a great job of showing all the APs near you, along with a great deal of information about each one. It graphs out signals on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The interface can start off pretty cluttered with tons of SSIDs, but a little tweaking will eliminate the clutter and help you see exactly what is on each channel. A great inSSIDer alternative.
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4 years ago, Lee C Baker
No longer works- limited to 1 wifi network
In the past, this app always worked perfectly, showing the details of every network my laptop could see. In the past year or so, it has changed to only showing one network at a time, and a randomly selected one at that- so it's no longer useful for finding networks, or to tell if my network is on the same channel as another network. I've waited for a couple of months for an update, hoping that it was simply a bug; but the app remains useless.
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4 years ago, w-gordon
Useful Tool for WIFI Sanning
I have using this tool for many years for a simple reason it produces fairly accurate results. I like the interface it gives you a good picture at one glance and there has been a few added features over the years.
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4 years ago, BestChris12345
Good Tool...but gotta turn on location services!!!
I love this tool, but it stopped working after an update. Turns out you gotta turn on Locatin Services under System Preferences>>>Security>>>Privacy. I would have never found out how to fix this if not for the other reviews.
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1 year ago, stuckfly
Excellent app; excellent support!
Keep it updated, and if you have problems check the AccessAgility website. They have some Mac support articles that fix most situations. Start by restarting your system, of course. I’ve been using this app since it was released and it still works perfectly in MacOS Monterey. If you are new to WiFi administration, the app's Help menu is pretty educational and tech support is outstanding. This app is a must-have for your admin toolbox.
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4 years ago, SkuZast
Upon downloading it seems as though it is NOT WORKING. You MUST turn on location services under the system preferences. If you do not, you well become frustrated, like real quick.
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5 years ago, 1234Mike4321000000
was able to use
there seems to be some bugs in it. I was able to get done what I needed but it certainly wasn't clear when usinig this app. When I tried to contact the company, it would not accept my email, it is what I have been using for awhile.
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12 years ago, DM_18
Gets the Job Done, a little buggy
My wifi signal was horiable; I needed a scanner to figure out what channel use. I would have used coconut scanner but it seems to crashes on 10.7. WiFi Scanner has a few bugs. If you sort by channel, the sort only last till the next refresh. If you move the columns around. it can cause the columns to no longer display properly. But the program dose what it need to to be useful.
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2 years ago, JaegerBob
Used to just work
Yep, was pretty easy to see our network at home and help us make channel preferences. It just worked. Now it just doesnt work.
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2 years ago, FlaConsulting
No longer supported
Stopped working on my computer and looks like Mac is not longer supported as Windows version was updated in Nov of 2022, and Mac hasn't been updated since Nov of 2021
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2 years ago, Shaka
Pure garbage. There is a lot of other apps that do way more and do it better. Don't waste your time.
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8 months ago, nomoregoodnicks
Not working for Sonoma
Crashes when starting up on Sonoma
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4 years ago, Kamil7350
Asked for a refund - no response
They don’t respond to their email.
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7 months ago, HoyaHokie
Sonoma.. doesn't work
beachball spins/ crash/ panic.. app need fixing
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10 years ago, iPhoneAddict72
More Comprehensive, Yet Easier to Use Than Wireless Diagnostics
I had been using Apple's Wireless Diagnostics program on my laptop and was looking for more information to solve a WIFI drop problem. I already knew that there are a lot of users in my neighborhood on the 2.4GHz frequency clogging up channels 1-11. But even though I am on my own channel on the 5GHz frequency, I am still losing connection. Although I still haven't figured out what's causing the dropouts, this app gave me the assurance that I am on the right track. It is so easy to use that instantly I was able to see graphically that I had the strongest signal in the neighborhood. I like the way each WIFI network is color coded. And the ability to view or not view users allows you to compare individual networks or see all of them on the same frequency. The columns can be sorted ascending or descending, so sorting the Last Seen column will cluster the network traffic by time. The Signal Rank tab ranks the networks from strongest to weakest. If you want to graphically see how the individual networks are clustered on each of the channels, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz tabs can show you just how busy your neighborhood really is (or isn't if you are lucky). The developer also has a PDF user manual on their website. Highly recommend!
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12 years ago, JordanRLB
Glad I bought this back when it was $0.99
It was a little rough back then, and had some crashing issues on 10.6 and 10.7, but MANY updates have come out since then and each one offers great improvements. I have had no crashes whatsoever in the last few version updates (Running OSX 10.7.3). Love the new color scheme and charts that were added, also the dedicated "Join" button for each network found works like a charm. I'm frequently on a college campus plagued by over-use of certain access points, while others are left open and clear (they have been running a really out of date version of Aruba OS for the WiFi system for some time now). This gives me the ability to easily select another access point when the one I'm closest to gets too crowded. $0.99 was a killer deal for this, but $3.99 still not bad for a great WiFi scanner which is obviously under constant development and improvement.
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10 years ago, BMOCroc
Fantastic for Network Admins
I monitor and manage wireless networks for my company where we provide wifi for student housing. This app is Priceless! We use Windows laptops in the company with inSSIDer but the majority of the time I will use my macbook. The only things that i like about inSSIDer over this app is the fact that inSSIDer can show 2.4 and 5ghz bands at the same time while also showing RSSI over time. It would be EXTREMELY useful if this app had the optiont to show 3 of the 5 graphs at the same time side by side. The viewing size would be small for each but when I need to take screenshots for troubleshooting i want to have several graphs showing. Also it would be great if the app had the option to forget SSID’s after a period of time. There are many time intervals that I would use; 10sec 30sec 1min 30min 1hr 1day. All in all I really do like this app
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13 years ago, cdenesha
so far so good
I am fortunate to have found this while on sale for $.99 - I would not have tried it for $20. It is hard to find a WiFi Stumbler for the Mac it seems. iStumbler is old and doesn't refresh properly, KisMac crashes fairly often on 10.6.8. I'm trialing AirRadar now since they offer a non-App Store 15 day trial. Also testing NetSpot which is more of a mapping tool. Request to developers - WiFi Scanner seems to want exclusive access to Airport - please if possible allow other stumbling software to run at the same time. Right now if another app is accessing Airport WiFi Scanner's data disappears and doesn't come back until it has a chance to access Airport exclusively. Also, there is something wrong with the Monitor feature of double clicking an entry to see more data and a time graph of signal strength. When you double click on an access point, it switches to your currently connected AP instead of the one you are trying to monitor. So lots of potential, and since it is new it should get better. The developers seems to be WiFi experts based on their Enterprise software offerings on their website, so I look forward to future updates. chris
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12 years ago, awlogan
Good scanning tool
The upgrade added a huge graph that can't be resized and takes up a huge amount of screen. The app itself doesn't seem to be able to be resized. I really could care less about the graph, what I want to be able to see are the APs in the air. Hopefully they'll correct in the next release by providing an option to hide the graph and resize the app. UPDATE: They fixed the issues I had before in the latest version. I think overall this app was worth the money as it let's me quickly see what SSIDs are up, signal strength, etc. This is very helpful when I'm trying to figure out what's going on with an AP or if a config change that was pushed has taken effect.
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12 years ago, Keith Parsons
This scanner does what it needs to do.
This version of WIFi Scanner does just what it needs to do. It allows you to quickly see the available Wi-Fi in your area and make decisions accordingly. I like the graphing that can help you to see which AP has not only the best signal, but one that is consistent. I think you'll be amazed to see how many neighboring Access Points are showing up in your space. It would be nice to be able to turn on/off the graph, or to put it in a separate pane - but I'm satisfied witht this iteration. This app is always in my dock. I do a lot of Wi-Fi testing and use it every single day.
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10 years ago, 873458
Good utility, a few tweaks to improve
Signal graphs do show the channel, but it would be helpful if that was in the main summary table by default. Additionally, checking the 5GHz tables makes things a little tough since the graphs are relatively small and tend to overlap (a white background would help a bit, but still, the network names overlap). WOuld like the names to have hover labels to make it easier to see what the info is, as well as the ability to see just one portion of the graph at a time (it would work on a big screen, but a laptop is 99% going to be the machine of choice for this). But all in all a good useful tool. Well worth the cost.
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10 years ago, stephmur123
Great tool for understanding Wi-Fi conditions
Sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand what is happening with Wi-Fi. How strong is my signal? Is my access point really transmitting on 5GHz and 2GHz like it’s supposed to? How strong is my signal? Are my neighbors all stomping on my signal? How fast is my access point really? It’s impossible to get this information right from my access point. This program shows it all in an easy to understand format. Whenever I have any questions about what is happening with my Wi-Fi, this app is invaluable. Highly recommended.
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11 years ago, Phast Phil
quick and simple wifi scanning
My objective was to find a wifi network channel for my network that had the least amount of interference. I used the column sort to easily find the least used channel, and most important, a channel(s) used with the lowest signal level. I'm using OSX 10.8.2 - the app seemed to work just fine, no crash, no spinning balls etc. I'm amazed that so many routers are setup with the default channel, SSID etc. From my HiRise apartment in NYC there no less than 30+ wifi networks within range, so this app helped pinpoint a channel that worked well.
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10 years ago, familytime98
Exactly what I needed to improve my WiFi speed
This app is exactly what I needed to find the best WiFi channel and settings for my WiFi Internet. I was able to see all the nearby routers, channels and their signal. I then configured my WiFi router using the channel that least interfered with my neighbors. Then I checked my WiFi speed using an Internet speed test website. I had to do this few times to find the best configuration for me but now my WiFi is super fast.
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9 years ago, exoticbirdphotography
Works like a charm
This is the best App I have found if you want to see what’s on your network, and be able to collect WiFi signal and speed data. I have four active channels (primary router and a second AP, both working at 2.4 and 5GHz). I can look at all four simultaneously regardless to which I am connected. It would be nice if the ability to collect data for my wired ethernet connections were added in a future update.
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11 years ago, rymacguy
Don't waste your time or money
This app is devoid of any explanation, help, or FAQ. Its scanner is so bad it cannot differentiate two access points I have that share the same ID. Even the parts that do work on this are awful. You cannot save your findings, you cannot export your findings. You can buy an iOS app for $5 that feeds the app GPS data, but you can't really do anything with this data as you cannot use it to map SSIDs in a KMZ or anything that might be useful. All of the functionality of this app and more are already built into your Mac in Lion and Mountain Lion. It's called WiFi Diagnostics in Lion and Wireless Diagnostics in Lion (hold down option key and click on airport icon, then give your admin credentials, and hold command-2 when app starts to get the cool functions and tools). I strongly suspect most of the positive reviews to this app were obtained through deceptive practices, I simply don't believe that anyone could give $2 for a program that does less than what is built into your Mac and be happy about it.
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10 years ago, thedustinn
Honestly, this is one of the most useful things I have ever downloaded! Not only does it show all wi-fi routers/networks in your immediate area, you get SSID's and MAC Addresses of those devices. It shows what GHz band said networks broadcast on, and what b/g/n mode they use. It's graphical displays/charts are amazingly handy and easy to understand, even if you're of a less-technical ilk. So far, I've been using this app to help not only my personal network, but my girlfriend's network get up and RUNNING! So long as you know how to change the settings on your own router, you can use the information this app collects to work around all that interference that may be causing your wi-fi to be dragging! Simply: it's amazing. Thank you, AccessAgility! Thank you, iTunes!
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12 years ago, JumpinJimGavin
Decent WiFi App
Considering the really low price, you get a fair amount of information with this app. RSSI values, channel usage, noise level, etc. You are able to quickly see what is going on in the 2.4 and 5GHz bands. There are far more expensive tools that can give you more detailed information, but those tools cost a LOT more than this one.
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13 years ago, hdi2
Works well.
I was looking for low cost scanning software that I could use to locate nearby wifi networks, and view their signal strength, and channel. I frequently have to troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues, and being able to identify signal strength, and find out what channel all of the networks are running on is extremely valuable. This app does a good job of giving me the information that I need.
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12 years ago, WifiKiwi
Great update to a very useful app
In spite of the complaints about this app, it NEVER has crashed for me and I have used it since hte 1.1 version. This is a great app and the addition of the RSSI plot gives a great way to see the history of signal strength. A must for anyone who needs to see what their connection looks like as they walk around. This app just keeps getting better.
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12 years ago, packetman255
It is what it is nothing more and nothing less…that's not a bad thing
If you need to do signal checks around a building for converage for $.99 this is a great tool. If you want to see what SSID's are around you this is a great tool. Anything map related….this is not the tool. I'm also not sure what the listner does. I think the listener part may be part of a tool suite since they also sell WiFiPerf.
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10 years ago, McKennaM24
Reliable, Useful, Stylish, Excellent App
Does exactly what I need it for. Works very well. Highly recommend to other people who have a need (or want) for qualitative and quantitative network analysis, home or otherwise. Just downloaded and tested the newest update - the Speed Test feature was a wonderful addition, brought my opinion of this app from a strong 4.5/5.0 before, to a 5.0/5.0.
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9 years ago, Mikel14
Works well, easy to use, constant improvements
I rarely take my time to write reviews but the developers of this software have stood behind it and continue to make excellent upgrades to the look and functionality of this software. It has always done what I needed it too, which is showing what parts of the spectrum are crowded with signals.
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9 years ago, Rdonson
New UI and features are a big improvement!!!
This is turning into a really super app. It has been very useful for a long time but as they improve it just keeps getting better and better. Its my go to app for info on wireless. The ability to understand S/N from all the available wireless signals and now the speed test make it a must have app for me.
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12 years ago, LacquerheadTX
I really wanted to like it but . . .
It's horribly unstable. When it's not crashing it's completely saturating the machine. It does these every 30 seconds or so for several seconds at a time. Integrating it with the Remote GPS is not only cumbersome but unless you're a software and network engineer it's not likely you'll ever figure it out. Once we got it running it provided no meaningful data and caused even more frequent crashes. A complete waste of time and money. Fortunately not much but I wish I could get a refund to discourage this developer from further developing and marketing a horrible solution.
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9 years ago, Mike&Kara
Works Really Well
I used this to help trouble shoot WiFi at home. It’s amazing how many WiFi spots you an see in your neighborhood. I used this to help move my WiFi channels away from my neighbors to minimize interference and improve signal quality. Definitely worth it, an essential tool to have. I would love to have a copy on my iPad of mobile troubleshooting.
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12 years ago, dannyt2
This update, v1.5.1, is much better now
Windows and graph can now be resized. I wish it could locate hidden networks. Old Review: I'm hoping the author didn't realize that with this update to v1.5 none of the windows can be resized, including the main window. If done on purpose I would not reccomend this app. If windows could be resized as before it would rate higher.
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10 years ago, MikieWikie
Awesome !!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!! It lets me see all of the other networks in my area, so that I can then tweak my wifi to the exact specs so that my home network is working in the best possible set-up. The app is fast, reliable, and just plain GREAT!! I would recommend this app to ANYONE who needs to “SEE” surrounding wifi networks, and to configure your own to operate at its peak !! Highly recomend this app.
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10 years ago, purplechopper
Previous PC user loving this app
I recently switched from a PC and was looking for a wifi scanner. I was pleasantly surprised that this app provides more information than my PC based app and is easier to use. The reporting feature has been very handy and has allowed me to include great looking wifi scan graphs in my work project reports.
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12 years ago, Charlie Clemmer
Great tool for MacOS Wifi scanning
Love the updates to this product, developer has been very open to feedback and improvements. I haven't had any crashes with this on my 2011 MBP or previous 2010 MBA. Very helpful for seeing signal strength and history, phy, security, etc. A must have for Mac based Wifi admins and pros.
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10 years ago, mmcx
Channel Info is shown.
Thanks for prompt support response, AccessAgility ! I have just purchased WiFiScanner. It is just what I need for my troubleshooting and, first impression, looks good with convenient UI for doing it. Folks, channel information for both 2.4 and 5 GHz is provided in WiFiScanner in my (just purchased) v2.5. Review of Sep 03 ’14 is wrong - probably user misunderstanding of the tool.
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5 years ago, burbel314
Works great and top notch customer service
Have used this successfully for years to successfully tune my Wifi networks in my downtown condo. With the latest update to OSX Catalina, I noticed only a single entry when scanning SSIDs. Contacted the developer (on a Sunday) and got an amazing turnaround and fixed my issue (enable Location Services for Wifi Scanner)!
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13 years ago, Scott Kelly
Great WiFi Utility
I was tired of trying to find a good WiFi tool for my Mac. Now I have found one with WiFi Scanner! I am often traveling and using the wireless on my laptop for connectivity to the Internet. As we all know everyone has access points out there and channels over lap everywhere. My Mac never accurately shows the signal strength in the toolbar. With WiFi Scanner I can take a quick look at available access points and what their signal level is. This makes sure I get a great connect each time. This is definitely a must have if you are roaming and using wifi!
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10 years ago, RobbieGiroux
Great Company / Great App
Gives detailed and clear information - which is harder to do than it sounds! Easy to understand graphs. I had a bit of trouble figuring out one feature and emailed support - expected to hear back in a day or so - but got a response back from a human in minutes. Fantastic service!
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9 years ago, Taylor Hively
Very Useful. Well Done.
This gives you similar functionality to InSSIDer at a lower cost. I find this just as useful and in some ways more useful. This type of app is something everyone should use to diagnose wifi issues and find the clearest channels for reduced interfererence. This one does a good job.
Show more
9 years ago, WApatriot
Excellent app, well worth the price
Basically this app will answer any question you may have about Wi-Fi connections. If anything, the amount of information presented can be a bit overwhelming, but you will no longer have to wonder which of the available Wi-Fi services will give you the best performance.
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9 years ago, MikeBarber
Great app for finding and fixing Wifi channel issues
I live in an appartment complex so there are a ton of WiFi routers around me. This app makes it wasy to find the few open windows where there is the least congestion by letting me see where all of my neighbors are broadcasting.
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5 years ago, gyropilot
WiFi Scanner is Back!
A big THANK YOU to the developer for getting WiFi Scanner working again under OS X Mojave and a 2018 MacBook Pro. I've been using this app for years and appreciate the continued development. It's my go-to app for finding out what's going on in my surrounding WiFi environment.
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