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WillyWeather (AU) Pty Ltd
Last update
3 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for WillyWeather

4.8 out of 5
19.2K Ratings
1 year ago, davyhouston
Good as it gets
I've purchased a lot of weather apps. Frankly, I don't know why, but I do enjoy looking at different interfaces. I've tried a bunch on my Apple watch. Some are very informative but don't have a well made interface for the watch. I just want to look at my wrist and see what's going to happen NOW and for the next few hours. Willy fits my needs perfectly. Thank you developers for writing such an excellent watch implementation. I've used it for a short time, but it's definitely worth the purchase. I HATE ads and software authors should be rewarded for their work. Some people just whine about the ads instead of doing the right thing and buying. Most happily it's a one-time purchase and not a ridiculously priced subscription. Heck, it's $3.99 one time. Pay once and enjoy indefinitel.
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12 months ago, hartleyb83
Willy Weather will always be my go-to source for accurate, real-time weather forecasts and reports! And hey, that’s coming from a Wannabe Weather Girl (no joke, I dreamed of growing up and becoming a meteorologist!) who literally got grounded when she was growing up for watching The Weather Channel “too much” ummm…. Okay?! So, yeah, I highly recommend WW app, Especially above the other well known weather app that everyone uses. WW is ad free, it doesn’t cost a dime, it’s ACCURATE, you can set it to send you your daily forecast, plus it has the moon phases, tides, wind speeds, rainfall amounts, humidity, temperatures, sunrise, sunset, wind speeds and so many more cool features that you’ll enjoy playing with! Just download it already!!! You’ll be glad you did!!! Take it from an old Wannabe Weather Girl!
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5 years ago, Honest Hemoglobin Fan
Wow! WillyWeather Sets the Standard
Hey everyone, I was a WeatherBug guy since it’s weather-service-app first became available (I even had a Weather Bug tee-shirt). HOWEVER, doing due diligence, I’ve ”sampled” several weather apps over the years; Weather Channel, Weather Live, NOAA Weather, My Radar, etc, and no-one rivaled WB, until NOW. WillyWeather is absolutely made for persons who want a serious but user-friendly weather app. Every aspect of WillyWeather’s weather presentation of weather data is easily readable and applicable from going to the beach, boating, hiking, yard work, flying, farming, road tripping or traveling in general. We live on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, and weather can turn-on-a-dime. Good weather forecasts aren't just a convenience, but a life-preserving requirement. GET THIS APP! You won't regret taking the time to do so.
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5 years ago, Snotpig
UV ratings very important for many!
Great to get it every day! Had forgotten about it, since local stations often no longer carry it! One old Chicago Station does WGR! I have a work history in the early 1970’ies in a hospital radiation therapy dept! I think I am now more sensitive than ever to the light frequency! Fair skinned, but not that fair! Had dark hair in middle years! Born blond, so my pale green eyes are the flag re my light wave lengths’ intolerances!! They have always faded to almost yellow in the summer! Prevention of origin of those forgotten head aches I used to get will be helped by your site, etc. do key is knowing the U-V rating everyday! I lived near East Germany in the 1960’s! Avoidance is best in our high output month now! They prepared for everything; even had iodine liquid kits for school kids in case of a blast yielding rads! Just remember natural iodine, in even flowers, carries their pigments, hence the flowers’ intense colors jump out at one anywhere, but especially along the sea coast of Maine where the ocean has a history high iodine content! Been there seen it! Mid-west soil water air is naturally iodine deficient-hence use that old iodized salt! Thanks for the monitoring! A health saver! Marion in Lansing, MI area.
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2 years ago, DavidW987
Most Accurate of the Weather Apps
I’m a weather geek and have seven different weather forecast apps on my phone. As western North America suffers under a record shattering heat dome I’ve been paying even more attention to the weather than usual. During this unprecedented extreme weather Willy has been nailing the hour by hour forecasts. It is far more accurate than the other apps on my phone. Besides the accuracy I really appreciate Willy’s informative and intuitive graphical display of forecast and recorded temperatures. You can also choose other displays such as forecast and actual precipitation, etc. I might appreciate the graphical design, but everyone should appreciate the accuracy.
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6 years ago, Anhdru
All the information
Willy Weather here in Queensland works just fine. All the weather data I need is in it. Radar is available and works well. Tides are given in interactive graphic format and the details of height and time are all there. The interface is functional and easy to use once you learn your way around it. It’s my go-to app for detailed information at the start of the day. Their weather widget is filled with information and can even substitute for opening the app itself if you’re in a hurry. Weather data seems to come from the nearest airport rather than a local station (unlike Weather Underground’s), but that as far as I can see is the only drawback.
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2 years ago, Brullotj88915
Love WillyWeather!
This is the best weather app. Logical, detailed, and with beautiful graphics and maps. I love being able to look in real-time at the air quality as well as heat differences all over my city. This alone is really valuable if you want to understand how urban structures and traffic affect you in a city. I also really love the UV Gradient daily charts—so much more useful and informative than what you normally see elsewhere. I’ve been using this app for several years now, and I’m extremely happy with it. 😀
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6 years ago, GranniePants
This app has all the info I look for. For example, tides, visibility, UV index etc. are easily found, unlike other apps I’ve tried. I love the fact that I can edit the toolbar section to my preferences. However, current location... 2 towns away in Massachusetts... is wrong. The airport in my New Hampshire city is closer to me than the one listed as ‘my location’. My city’s weather info comes from our airport, so you do have reporting from here. This makes me believe wherever I may be will also be off. Trivial as this may seem, it bothers me. When I try to turn current location off (following) it won’t let me. I would definitely purchase the full version if these issues were corrected. Here’s hoping that’ll happen otherwise I’ll continue my search for the perfect app.
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3 years ago, Tamanzi
Love the text forecast – maps need work
I love all the info presented in this app and it’s graphical presentation of stats and data. Love the text forecast! But here in SWFL radar maps that are very local complete with storm cell info as well as lightning are very important. So a regional radar based over 100 miles away without this data is disappointing. One less star although is importance would dictate the subtraction of two stars. However the god stuff is so good, it’s gets a star back. Maybe in a future release better radar with storm cells, wind movement and lightning. Especially lightning!
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3 years ago, JeroenBours
Finally a simple app.
I compared this app against many, including wind-only apps for sailing, NOAA etc., but this app by far keeps it totally simple and shows you just enough. Granted some NOAA apps are amazing, but also require too many clicks. This app has simple graphs showing wind conditions during the day - it's exactly what you need to judge wind conditions for boating or other activities. Same goes for tides, rainfall etc. The iconic menu at the bottom lets you do this within seconds. It's "Aussie" common sense.
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5 years ago, Myztro
Simple yet customizable
Love this app. I tried so many weather apps and they were too fat and bogged down that I was constantly waiting to get the weather and sifting through ads. Willy Weather is clean and simple. It takes a few minutes to get used to the plot charts but once you do, you can customize several weather factors to view simultaneously. Seriously, it’s so simple you might accidentally pass by the best weather app available just because it’s not flashy, but that’s what makes it fast and easy.
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6 years ago, opcode arg
New favorite.
Information is extensive, organized and accessible. Graphing is my favorite feature. Truly an impressive collection of user capability and data provident. My one request is to allow more than four remembered data types on the graph accessible from the top bar. Also, to remember order of data feeds when redisplaying graph. You provide the ability to order them for color selection, but revert to some default order upon recall.
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4 years ago, Fogenbaugh
This app looks good at first glance. Seems to be close to the NWS forecast. Then I saw the fine telling where the forecast is coming from. Most readings are from our local airport less than a mile away which is good, but for some reason they get the wind readings from over 30 miles away at an Air Force base that is near sea level. My home elevation is near 7000' in a mountain Valley with a totally different climate. There is no way we have the same winds at that distance and difference in elevation. My local airport shares all of their data including the winds. Everyone depending on this app should check to see if the "local" weather touted is really local. Look for the fine print.
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4 years ago, RBBi2ns
Best Weather App out there!
I ran across WillyWeather accidentally and I am so happy I did. It is SO user friendly AND gives a person all the details you could want in text, graph, and/or chart form in the measurements you select. Being able to go to one app and get the ‘basic weather’ plus tide charts, wind speeds etc. in easy to use and track charts is great. Plus, Willy only sends notifications on information truly worth being a notification. Great app, thanks!
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3 years ago, Pixie Lisa
This app is all you need!
I have several weather apps installed on my phone as weather dictates some areas of my job, I recently came across this app and I’m so impressed, everything you need to know is right here, I hope it’s accurate, as it’s relatively new to me I can’t say for certain, one thing I would change is the white background, it’s too bright on the eyes, but I’m being picky.
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2 years ago, FreyasCloak
Hateful Advertising
Update: I've changed my review from two to four stars. After the response I received from the developers, I will download and use the app again. If I see the ads again I'll send them to the developer. Thank you WillyWeather supports advertising that divides our nation. In light of the treacherous events of Jan 6, and now talk of a dangerous civil war in our country, as well as the effects of domestic terrorism, I have to assume the developers approve. Too bad. It was a great app.
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4 years ago, Picky Reader1
Problem with latest version
Nothing but bugs and crashes, ready to move on. You guys had a great App, but you’re blowing it. Recently gave this app a problem review. Was immediately contacted and asked for details. Through a bit of troubleshooting, we were able to isolate the conditions that caused the problem (within graph plot, don’t turn off real-time temp). Working great now, and I’m impressed by the developer’s response.
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5 years ago, Thwarp
Move over weather channel
I tend not to write reviews unless something is of the “outstanding” effort of the developer and this is one of them. More straight forward than the weather channel because the data you want is right there without all the mucking about. I particularly like the live wind and wind forecast feature. You don’t even get that or rain accumulation with the weather channel app. Hats off
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2 months ago, LauraLaura0808
Love this app
Clearly reliable as it shows data from weather station nearby, no matter where I travel. I love this app— it’s very reliable which for a subject that is completely unreliable— weather! I always know what is happening “now”. I love the “UV” scale as I have sensitive skin so I know when to be outdoors. I also like watching how windy it is in my area compared to other areas. Nice work WillyWeather!!
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4 years ago, Humpty dog
Great for hunting and fishing
I use the app to find out when first light each morning to schedule my fishing trips. While fishing , I can check last light so I can tell my wife what time the boat will be loaded. When hunting, the shooting times depend on sun rise and sunset. This app makes it mighty easy to stay legal. Thanks for making the times available each day.
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5 years ago, Vagabond019
Difficult and confusing to use
This worked well when I first set it up in one country. I liked the option to know the tides charts. Then I managed to get one more country when I travelled but now it is impossible to choose a further one, like France, and it appears there is limited choice of countries. It seems to revert to,the USA. Even with location services on it lists my location as almost 1000k from where I am!! Ridiculous. So I will not buy the ad free version and only use it when I am back in the original country where I downloaded it. Pity as it’s a good idea.
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3 years ago, Scubapinkgirl
Reliable and easy to use
This app has been a very reliable source of weather info but most importantly - the app functions and rarely (maybe twice in two years) does it have issues loading or updating. Can’t say the weather predictions are perfect but it does offer a gauge to measure severity.
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1 year ago, Dollhousrs2016
The Wind
Last night we had a severe thunderstorm. I could hear the wind real loud; inside of my apartment. I went out to the patio to move some things because the wind was so strong. I went online to see how many miles per hour the wind was and this is how I found this app. We had 55.3 mph wind gust last night.
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6 years ago, Izakreb
Willy weather and tides
Have used app for long time but recent updates removed the “now or current” feature also when opening up it shows status as a day behind. As a boater the tide app is really helpful and I really love all the info the app provides, however I would like to have the features I mention back. Thanks, Gary
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6 years ago, jdrus
Very good
This is without a doubt the best weather app I’ve come across. The ui is very good, and isn’t over designed like many weather apps. The layout has a high level of information density and is easy to navigate. I’ve used the WillyWeather website for a while to check wind forecasts for when I bike, and I’m extremely satisfied with the app!
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4 years ago, Lizz0851
Exactly what I was looking for
This app is great! I needed a notification to let me know when there was going to be a frost or a cold snap. Not only does it give me those options and many more, it tells me when first light is AND when sun set and rise are AND how much time until then. This is a super app!
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2 years ago, IRONWORKA
Wily review
This is hands-down the best weather app for emergencies you name it from earthquakes to volcanoes from twisters to hurricanes you name it you got it local law-enforcement anything that’s going on around you Willy weather has it this is your one stop shop for all your needs get you some
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2 months ago, MikeOK34
Great app
I’ve used this app for years and it’s one of my favorites. I paid for it a long time ago but recently like a lot of apps they are making them nearly unusable for us who paid years ago without shelling out more cash. This one tried that to my disappointment. They fixed it though, so as promised I am upping my stars.
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3 years ago, All-the-nicknames-r-taken
Best I’ve found so far
It has everything I’m looking for, plus a little more. Easy to navigate, good data layout, super happy. Can see wind and direction over time, excellent general summary current conditions in same view as forecast. Throw in the tides, rainfall, and more and just color me pleased. Been using it a couple weeks.
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6 years ago, DKFuhrman
Darrel Fuhrman Opheim Montana
I use Willy Weather to know where to feed the cows, so when the worst wind chill of the night, they will get the best wind shelter. I looked at about 15 other wind apps, some didn’t even cover Montana, Willy Weather will give me wind speed and direction for 7 days. Some only gave me 3 days. Also my cousin uses it to know when to spray crops.
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3 years ago, ShaggyBreh
Great app
Work at a golf course and this app really comes in handy for the things that you need to know like rainfall totals over the month and averages, especially with the hot days. Only thing is I would like the radar to go a hour in to the future besides that great app
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3 years ago, spyguy0341
Great weather app just missing one thing
Love Willy weather. It would be the perfect app for my line of work if it just includes how close lightning was to my location. Maybe it does and I just haven’t found a way to access it but it would be the only weather app I used if it included that.
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4 years ago, AshleyNurse
So easy to use. So much information. Very intuitive and user friendly. And thank God they don’t overload you with a ton of ads like other apps do. I can look up tide times and wave size along with weather to take my dog to the beach and explore the tide pools! Highly suggest you get this app. Forget the rest
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6 months ago, Capt JDF
Really like the visual of the graphics. Quick and easy to customize and change from location to location. Found to be dependable. I use every day for planning especially when fishing on the Great Lakes.
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5 years ago, tipsyshoes
A fabulous weather app
WillyWeather is a no nonsense app that delivers. The weather data and information are presented in a sensible format and in my experience the accuracy is as good as it gets. I have also found the developers to be very responsive to questions and comments. Highly recommended.
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7 months ago, sherrykay50
Good app for wind, but…
I use this app a lot for mostly one thing: current wind speeds in particular areas. I check rain amounts, but it is usually inaccurate to my location. A good app, but $30/year or 4$/monthly (48$/yr)? I pay for other comprehensive weather apps for less than 1/2 that. Lately they are continuously sending blocking pop-ups to pay so I may delete it.
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5 years ago, KoralMae
Best weather app!
I love this app! My concern is wind. When it blows, I need to work. Being able to mentally prepare for what’s coming is so important to me, and this app is extremely helpful in those preparations. It also has uv index, swell data, moon phases, weather alerts...everything you need. I’m so glad I’ve found this.
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4 years ago, GregoryVigilant
Love it
Love the beautiful new look! Gets straight to the point weather-wise... and with zero annoying distractions! Plus it’s quick, accurate, and reliable. Highly recommended by this multiple-year user!
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4 months ago, Sarah Maddox
Love this app
This is my number 1 app because we hike and go to the beach all the time so I use it to look at wind forecast, tides, etc. We are nature people and this app keeps us informed of all the different weather patterns we might experience in a day! Thanks!!!
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1 year ago, WilWthr
Very detailed and accurate
I appreciate this ap for its detail. I work outdoors and need a way to judge how to organize my day. Willy Weather does just that. It’s almost always accurate and the best one I’ve found yet. Thank you, Willy Weather!
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4 years ago, Oscar2d
Easy to use, always loads quick
Easy to use; I use app for moon phases, sun times, and tide high/lows for the beach. Gives times for first light, sunrise, sunset, and last light of the day. I also use their website on laptop at home. I recommend highly to try.
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4 years ago, tomtheguvnor
Good app. Shame about the ads for white nationalists
I get that apps use ads for support. However accepting ad revenue from the Trump campaign aligns WillyWeather with a regime which separates toddlers from their parents, refers to neo-Nazis as “good” people, tear gasses peaceful protesters and uses taxpayer funds to extort personal favors from foreign governments. Despite being functionally a good app, I’ve stopped using it as I really can’t stomach the lies and propaganda being pushed in the ads.
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1 year ago, bexcused
Please Add Pollen Index & Lock Screen Widgets
I was going to use Weatherology instead, but you guys have more accurate data. Just wish I could view it at a glance from the Lock Screen widgets. Also with the way Pollen has been lately, I have to keep track of the index daily.
Show more
5 years ago, k.morong
Incorrect tides
Tides are always wrong. I’ve used this app all over East coast from Maine to Captiva, Florida and it never is right once. So disappointing. Responding to developer: any beach in south Florida including Hollywood beach, Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers and in Maine Popham Beach, Phippsburg, Maine, and West bath, Maine. It’s not even mist beaches but rivers, etc. I entered exact locations. I’m not stupid either so trying to tell me visual is an issue, no your app is. I use other websites with the same exact locations and they’re accurate. I expect it to be off a little bit but by hours? No way!
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7 years ago, CheckFuse
Be careful
There is a lot about this app that I love, but you have to look very carefully and question what the app is reporting. For example, because of the fire in Santa Barbara County, I wanted to look on the Willyweather app to see what the wind speed would be today. Unfortunately, the app was reporting wind speed from 30 miles away in a different county. If I hadn't noticed that, I would be freaking out at predicted winds of 30 to 40 miles an hour. Sometimes the day and the night is reversed. Just always pay attention to what the app is reporting and doublecheck it with other weather apps. I know they are going to do a major update, and hopefully these bugs will be worked out.
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1 year ago, Mr T- Bone
Fast & Easy
The app is very fast and easy to navigate. Has a lot of options for viewing. All types of weather conditions. I use it for tides mostly, but I also use it for wind speed, and weather. Love it.😍
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4 years ago, mlipsky
Love it!
Nice app!! Wish it would crest a widget that can go on your Home Screen. Love the Apple Watch format! Keep working on updates this app is a must get!! I’m going to wait until they have create a widget for the Home Screen that’s the only downfall! But good things takes time!
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3 years ago, weekdaylady
Great App!
This app has everything you need to stay informed on the local weather. Especially like the Tides & Wind options; able to plan that fishing trip or boating with reliable information.
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4 years ago, interested party
Completely Local
We live away from the city where the weather forecasts are usually centered. This app is based on weather stations no more than 5 miles away from me, where conditions can be very different.
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10 months ago, Michigan Qajak
Willy weather has proven to be extremely accurate for wind, and weather at the times shown. I would highly recommend this app.
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