Wind Compass

4.6 (19.6K)
100.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Wind Compass

4.62 out of 5
19.6K Ratings
4 years ago, beaglebaron
Simplicity and utility and most importantly works as stated
My purpose for trying this app was to be able to check current wind conditions-actual and gusting- It does just that and more with minimal ad displays. I would like to be able to set a high wind alert but after trying more popular apps like Windy that offer that feature I quickly discovered that that is a paid feature. Not only that but some make you create an account and/or push you to upgrade to a paid version from the get go. Lastly the information display on these other apps is hard to read. Contrast that with this app and everything is readable easily digested and free of clutter. Thanks for making a very useful application. I will note the other apps may be more useful for those in the sailing community for things such as plotting a course but beyond that simplicity is what this app is all about.
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5 years ago, paul argo
High winds (direction?) VS Semi Truck ( high profile vehicle)
Found this app VERY helpful in avoiding dangerous high winds in a semi truck with a 53’ trailer which is turned into a big sail. Example was April/June 2019 traveling from Lubbock,Tx to Amarillo,Tx during 45 mph sustained winds with gusts in the 70’s. This was the few days that multiple semi trucks were blown over in and around Amarillo,Tx. . I used this app from Lubbock to Amarillo on Interstate 27 going north. The interstate tracks a mostly straight south/north path with one exception in my case at about the 100 mile marker near Cayon,Tx it zags a bit west then back north and in that spot it would have turned my trailer directly into a 45 mph sustained wind with 70 plus gusts that WOULD HAVE turned my (empty. Not loaded with weight) semi truck over except I looked at the app and modified my direction onto side roads that kept the wind mostly at my tail or “a tail wind” which was no problem thanks to the app. Thanks again 👍
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1 year ago, SUHSeungJi
Finally, an app that tells me WHEN high winds start
I live on a mesa in the high desert. I spend about 5 hours a day outside in the garden, etc. All the apps tell you what day you will get high winds but not what time of the day they start As we get extremely high winds here, I need to know what time of day I can do work that requires the wind to be quiet. This app does that. It’s a simple, well thought out app without all the bells and whistles most of us don’t need. Thank you to the developers….really appreciate your handy work
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6 months ago, Raven93023
I just can't seem to find a weather app that shows everything I want to see. And I have a hard time finding one that's accurate. I have horses and hour by hour I'd like to know what's going on so that I can make sure that my animals in my property are in good condition. Most weather apps don't show me the wind but they show me other things I need to know such as is it going to rain, is it going to snow, etc. I like this app and I paid a lot for it because it shows me the wind. But it doesn't show me if it's going to rain or if it's going to snow so I end up having to use two or three different apps just to get the information I need. If I could take it back, I would not pay for this app. I did not get offered a free trial. It's the bare minimum of information and based solely on the wind pretty much. I'm greatly disappointed.
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1 year ago, As1258ghrr
Reads clipboard...
Update: too bad W/C predates the iOS 14 App Store “Privacy Policy”... besides pasting a copy the clipboard contents on startup, would interesting to know what else it’s poking around in on the phone... iOS 14 reports “Wind Compass pasted from Messages”... this happens each time the app is started.... if the clipboard is empty then it does nothing but if the clipboard contains data Wind Compass “pastes” it... why would Wind Compass paste from the clipboard upon starting and what is it doing with the pasted data!?! Wind Compass is a weather aggregator... it aggregates data from Dark Sky or other providers... it really has no business pasting around your iOS clipboard... Bad enough people paid for lifetime service and didn’t get it but this clipboard business lifts that concern to another level... You really might want to avoid this app in favor of another... Btw: Wind Compass is the only app on this device that behaves like this...
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6 years ago, JMB5041
Useful app
This app is great for determining wind speed and direction. I have a lot of trouble in winter with pipes freezing on one side of my house that is exposed to the wind. I use this app to determine wind chill in the side and it’s been a pipe saver. Also love it for kayaking on open water and for monitoring driving during windy days in my high profile RV. Data is accurate and app is uncomplicated and easy to use. Just a note if you have a magnetic case it may mess up the compass function, but that is a phone issue not an app issue and it doesn’t affect the accuracy of the info.
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2 years ago, MerlinFL
Changed my rating due to failures…
This has been working perfectly for several years when I moved to my home near the water in Florida. For the past few months, I’m getting ‘Cannot provide request. Try again later.’ Well, later doesn’t mean a few minutes. It’s many hours up to a few days before I can get any reading of the air whipping by my house and curling what should be relaxed water. If there is an issue with the transmitter, or this app. I’d greatly appreciate getting it fixed since I couldn’t send a direct message either from this app. Nothing else comes close to what this CAN do and I can’t afford to get my own anemometer.
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4 years ago, CN💋
My preferred weather app.
I’ve been happily using the free version for at least 2, maybe 3 years now. The first couple months I only used it to check the wind speed, but eventualy I found myself using this instead of the handful of other weather apps I downloaded. It’s far from the fanciest app and while I do miss the animated weather feature some apps have, I got tired of my phone showing rain/snow/sun when it wasn’t accurate. This app hasn’t disappointed or mislead me once.
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3 years ago, Sean Zlatnik
Worked alright at first, now really hit or miss
I don’t know how it calculates wind direction, but I found that, in general, dropping grass to the ground gave more accurate information about the wind direction. Also, for several weeks the speed got stuck at one speed and I had to delete the app and reinstall it to get it to work. And right before I wrote this review, it wasn’t letting me see any information. When it works it’s OK, provided you take the wind direction with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t always work in general, which is frustrating.
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1 year ago, InkyVampire
After years of use it stopped working completely.
Kept getting error messages. Thankfully removing it and reinstalling it fixed the problem. I live between the ocean and the desert, so the winds here can be extreme. Most weather apps aren’t wind specific or are too much info (and no dark mode). This is great for basic wind, only, and doesn’t hurt the eyes. Thanks.
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5 years ago, constant listner
Great Ap
Very simple an easy to read. Not a lot of clutter with different layers of junk to go through. Does everything that it says it will do. Had a little glitch with getting rid of the ads. But I got a response to my inquiry in just a few hours and their recommendations solved the problem. The free version is just as good. I just hate the ads. It was well worth the $1.99.
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2 years ago, Sanddog Scotty
Needed Wind speed
Download a app it’s an interesting layout. The wind speed here in Palm Desert California is approximately 15 to 25 mile an hour gusts, according to the weather service and weather underground app. I can barely stand still with the Gusty wind. APP shows 4 miles an hour with GUST of 9 mph, the app is not effective or accurate. I close the app and opened it several times thinking it just needs to reboot, no luck. I need to know the direction and speed for the different activities. Sorry but would not recommend. Thank you
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6 years ago, beachgalca
Incredible app!
I live in Southern California just south of the horrible fires raging. This app has given me the best information about the Santa Ana winds in my own area. These winds fueled all the California fires. I have been using it for days to check the immediate wind velocity and to know what to expect in the future - this includes temperature forecasts as well as wind. Thanks for this vital information when really needed!
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8 months ago, Boosh1983
When it worked, it was decent.
I used this app for several years and it was pretty accurate. Recently, all I get are error messages and it tells me to try again in a few minutes. I’ve tried again after minutes, hours, days and weeks. The app has been updated, IOS is updated on my device and it still fails to work. I wish it would work but I can’t really give a positive review when it failed completely.
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4 years ago, CaitJH
Perfect for skimboarding or other wind-sensitive activities
Perfect app for skimboarding or other wind-sensitive activities! The other apps (google, Apple, weather bug) have always been hard to read for specifics with wind. Big fan of this one!! It’s informative, specific, & super easy to use. The wind compass is amazing and truly couldn’t live without it now.
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4 years ago, evanmustain
Man, this app is amazing. If you’re a hunter, you know that wind direction is one of the biggest factors when sitting in a stand/blind/or even the ground. This app gives a very accurate gauge on which direction the wind is going. I love that it’s not like other apps that only give speeds on certain towns and such, and that it gives the wind speed for your EXACT location. :))))
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5 years ago, LD0109
Accurate and very useful
Use this ap for wind information for burning wood piles on my property, Last thing I want is a fire to get away due to high winds, Ap helps me to know when it is Ok to burn based on wind speed and direction thus keeping me out of big trouble. Highly recommend for others that do burning like me!
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2 years ago, Herman34326
Simple. Effective. Great APP!
I have had this app for some time now and I have to say, it works great. Its simple, not cluttered up with a bunch of useless data, accurate, and reliable. It’s become one of my goto weather related apps! To the developers: You have a great app. Try not to screw it up in future updates…😝
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6 years ago, yenimod
If you want a Great wind app this is it. No fancy graphics, no funky clutter. But, it also gives you your local weather or choose another location and get that weather and a couple of other great weather info also. Just very simple and just very easy to use. Just what I wanted and happy, happy, happy to have it. GREAT WIND APP - you need to get it. Jim Whitehouse, Texas
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8 months ago, MBM0722
App Stopped Working
For the past few days I haven’t been able to get the app to work. It tells me that there isn’t an Internet connection which is not correct. I will keep trying to get it to work since I find it to be the best app out there.
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3 months ago, CaptainEd23
Great app with one main problem.
I absolutely love the app but lots of times I have to wait a long while to get it to come up because I keep getting “can’t provide request, try again later”. Living on the coast in Florida, it’s pretty important to have something you can depend when you need it. Gonna keep it but hoping that y’all read this and figure out the bug.
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2 months ago, Fun knee
Very Pleased
I am very pleased with this App. It follows me wherever I am. It also allows me to check the weather forecast and wind speed in other areas. And I love having a weather thermometer at my fingertips. Good job to those that created the App and keep it updated constantly.
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6 years ago, Nitalc
Wind predictions
We live in a high wind area. Desert with no trees to help block. This ap has been invaluable in predicting high wind days and nights as we have had problems previously with things being blown all over the place. I am very happy with the predictions and have been able to batten down before damage is done. Thank you
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5 years ago, Elanielul
WindCompass life saver
In Hurricane Dorian and I don’t know what we would do without the WindCompass app here in Florida. It tells us exactly what the wind is what the gusts are where they’re coming from so we will know when to open our front door and take the shutters off without being blown away. Thank you for saving our day
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6 years ago, Aicraven515
Love this
My backyard is right in the path of this wind tunnel near the base of a mountain, so things can get crazy out there! I use this all the time to plan when I should spend time out there, when to avoid any gardening or yard work, or even to see what I should be strapping things down for the evening (so they don’t fly away!) Great app.
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4 years ago, LocoCha
My go to app
I fly planes, drones, I kayak, this app is perfect because it clearly gives you pretty important info for those activities at a simple glance. I then use a more complex weather app to look at the forecast, but this is definitely my go to app when I want fast info regarding the current conditions. Great app!
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11 months ago, Portfolio
Novelty app.
I could see a storm approaching. I wanted to know the wind speeds so I could determine whether or not I would have to disassemble my vertical planter. This app said there were 8mph winds with 16mph gusts. I was in disbelief, so I tried downloading other wind speed apps. By the time I realized that a severe weather warning with wind gusts in excess of 60mph had been issued over an hour earlier (via Apple’s Weather app, doh!), the planter had blown over. It was a heartbreaking disaster and not entirely my fault—thus the one star review. You bad, bad app!
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6 years ago, Memimmel
Wind sock
I love the app it’s great. It’s fun. The reason I gave it only I three-star is because my husband has the same app on his phone and we can be in the same area in the truck together and wind speed and gusts will be different which makes me question if it’s correct it all but I still like the app because I’m sure it’s close and since he drives a truck and hauls campers he has to know what the wind speed and gusts are at all times.
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4 years ago, mdj1012
My go to app for wind information!!!
Plain and simple, this is the fastest, most accurate wind information app. Every sportsman should have this wind app on their phone! I use it for taking my boat on the bay, deciding about laying out by the pool, or just to get the most accurate info about the air movement around me. Enjoy!
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3 days ago, B’Dub
Why’s going on with this app
Loved using it and even thought about buy a subscription as I drive over the road. Can’t get any information on anything as it says no data to report in the area
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5 years ago, Garpie
This is a great app
This app is perfect! Weather data is powered by Dark Sky, which I use often, but this app has all the info I need on screen or one or two taps away. Easy to read. Easy to find the info I need. Combined with one of the radar apps on my phone, it will be my main forecast tool.
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4 years ago, SchmetterlingToo
With the latest “upgrade”, I am unable to look at the daily wind forecast. Now users have to subscribe for that feature. I use the app infrequently and a subscription is not warranted for me. Sorry, I will have to use a different app from now on. I will check in a few months to find out if you have changed your mind. Perhaps you are willing to keep customers in exchange for advertisements but without paying an annual fee.
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2 years ago, TRenderings
Re evaluation of app! (Edited Review)
This app is great! The important thing to remember is that when the app fails as with all apps … I have found the best remedy is to uninstall it and reinstall it to debug. Have a great day. Also switch to Always Allow location for the app! - TRenderings
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3 years ago, Swilly10
Pickleball wind guide
The average speed and possible high wind gusts are very important for this game as anything above ten miles per hour makes the game a challenge for a good player and an impossibility for lower level players. The wind barometer app you provide is our Bible. I use it all the time.
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5 years ago, Steve ‘da Finn
Super accurate and informative
As a cyclist, I was frustrated with my traditional weather apps when it came to wind speed, direction and forecast. I’ve been out on rides with this app 10+ times and it is spot-on reliable. Why can’t the other weather apps nail it like this one?
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4 years ago, robyn2robbin
I got this app to help determine wind direction, speed and gusts when setting out for a bike ride. It has more than fulfilled my expectations and I find it to be more accurate than the ‘wind’ stat on my weather app. Love the extras-twilight, sun angle... it gets to stay on my iPhone.
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7 years ago, paddlepowerRMCJR
The wind is power
Use this app for kayaking, in the ocean on the central coast. We paddle into a mild head wind and turn back when the head wide increases. It is amazing how easy it is to use the information to increase enjoy ability. Almost like being pushed back to your destination. Cool app thank you.
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4 years ago, Hawaiian Hottie
Accurate App
I work and run construction jobs and wind can be a safety hazard for my guys. So I downloaded this app a few months ago and it’s been pretty accurate compared to other instruments we have on the job site that read wind speeds. Real good app to have on your phone.
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12 months ago, Salmenes
WindCompass Unreliable
When the WindCompass is working, it is a great asset for any boater, fisherman, or even outdoorsman. However, it frequently fails to work and tells the user to “try again later.” This unreliability greatly diminishes its use for obvious reasons.
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6 years ago, Jimbo1224567899999
Could be great
The app is ok, but it should not want to locate where I am. That’s nonsense and a tracking concern. I should be able to select where I want to know the wind speed not have this app assume. How many users are using the app as a before I go tool to decide. I really don’t care what the wind speed, short of damaging storms, while at home. And this apps constant need to calibrate, why for what purpose?
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1 year ago, KEG#2
Wind direction arrow
I like the wind direction arrow in this app. You can set it to show direction coming from or blowing towards, that is a great feature. It turns as you turn the phone so it's always relative to the direction you're facing.
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6 years ago, Bobmacguy
Top notch weather app featuring wind.
You won’t need an wind instrument if you have this app. It even has wind forecasts. I hope there will be capability for history also in the future. Much other weather information is available - - for example: % Cloud Cover.
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2 months ago, Pago1921
I use this app all the time, for riding my road bicycle. I sometimes ride up to 100 miles at a time. Many times, I plot my route around the wind. I live in a very flat area, so wind has much of an effect. It’s a great app to have.
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1 year ago, craycray 244444444
Great when it works
We use this app a lot when traveling in an RV. I like it when it works which is 85% of the time. BUT I’m not so sure it’s that accurate. Our rig is 38’ plus a tow. Sometimes it feels so windy but this app says 12 mph gusts. And I KNOW it’s more than that but it gives me a good general idea.
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5 years ago, Brandie711
I really like this app!
I like that this app gives you the essentials. I have a few other weather apps, but I’ve found that they don’t always reflect the weather situations I’m actually experiencing, but this one actually does. It’s my new favorite.
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3 years ago, Trapper Adair
Wind Gage Deer Hunting
I absolutely love this app, very helpful and is very accurate for current and next day or two forecast. Like the hour by hour forecast especially. Sunrise and Sunset it also very helpful. Recommend this to anyone.
Show more
1 year ago, Aruba Ken
Wind compass
It’s actually a good aap when it works. Tried refreshing it but to no avail! I think they just want you to sign up for no ads at a price. Follow up to this review. Because I like this aap I paid for it. It started out without having to refresh. Now even paying for it still have to refresh and still not working!!!! Beware before you purchase.
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2 years ago, newsnerd728
Issues getting it to load
It’s helpful when it will open but many times it fails to load. Many reviewers love it. For whatever reason I have problems getting any info at all. No matter if I open it at home or elsewhere. “Try again later” is what I get, and as one reviewer wrote ‘that can mean hours later’ so that’s a problem.
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5 years ago, Scott 3094
A great app
This is a great app if you do anything outdoors. It gives you a great forecast for the day by hour. Let’s you know the wind speed and direction to help with hunting or boating decisions. It also has the times for sun rise and sunset for your location. Overall a great help
Show more
4 years ago, xtdplyf
Good but missing some basics
Overall a very good app. Nice to have real time wind direction, but presentation is confusing by relying solely on compass mode. Would like to see a North-up option, which I think is how many people are used to seeing wind reports. Also the feedback section asks you to select a feature to discuss but I found no way to select it
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