Windfinder: Wind & Weather map

4.8 (44K)
91.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Windfinder: Wind & Weather map

4.79 out of 5
44K Ratings
11 months ago, benbanjo
Excellent app. Lacks dark mode, but that is literally IT. This app has got you covered!
Do yourself a favor and download this app. It is excellent. Really very reliable forecasts and generally pretty snappy performance. The only other down side I could mention (besides begging again the dev’s PLEASE add dark mode) is the ads are extremely easy to click when trying to view the forecast. Even when you don’t actually mean to click to em. But that can obviously be removed by just upgrading to pro, also a very good option, especially with all the additional features that gives you. But even the free version is really very good.
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3 years ago, Trpoical girl
Super accurate
I am a landscaper in an area known for spotty downpours. Windfinders accuracy with tracking rain has been a big help. I can always expect rain on the hour they say it will hit. We are also prone for hurricanes and their residual effects even if they don’t hit us. Twice this past year our local weathermen were telling us we were going to get slammed with hurricane conditions yet windfinder showed minimal effects..... and windfinder was right. Thanks for being on track!
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5 years ago, Beeheflin
About 80% accurate
The information is very well put together, easy to understand and be able to see the forecast via a quick glance. Don’t feel like I need a degree in meteorology to read the app like most of the other wind apps out there. However, the forecasts are about 80% at best. Sometimes if you’re watching the weather for a certain day, the wind and temperature forecast can change dramatically from day to day. One day it might say 78 degress but within twelve hours the forecast will change and show 69 deg. Then twelve hours later it reads 77....😖🤷🏼‍♂️
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3 years ago, ceruleandrms
Great app
I use a few apps to get an average on how the wind might be. As a kayak fisherman, wind can really be my enemy, especially when I'm a few miles offshore and I'm battling the elements. This site has been good to me and I appreciate the work put into it that helps keep me safe. Of course, good judgement helps a lot too butimnot known for making the best decisions so thank you Windfinder for keeping me alive to pay my taxes and child support another year!
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1 year ago, Mik mike
wind finder
I deff appreciate this app for wind when i fish here in NJ . This app helps me when trying to make plans for my future fishing trips , It’s not easy to predict mother natures winds by days. As far as i’m concerned it’s the most reliable. This app gives you ball park mph but direction seems to be close most always ! God Bless and Tight lines to all us that enjoy fishing AMEN!!!!! Enjoy life everyday and always think positive let the negative be gone !!!!!
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4 years ago, Aa77D
Better than most
This app provides actual maps of wind direction including changes that occur near the coast and throughout the state. It is always difficult to determine beach conditions, when most weather apps give a direction only. This app shows the actual direction on a map. I can tell, if there will be a sea breeze or land breeze during the day. There may be a breeze out of the south, but the nuances along the coast are different depending on the actual location. First app I check for expected wind direction.
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4 years ago, mark@PtRichmond
Everything you need to plan a sail one place
Just fantastic to have wind, waves, weather and most importantly TIDE all on a single line in hourly format. I set favorites at the Golden Gate, Angle Island and my home base a in Pt Richmond and I get a picture of wind tide and current by swiping through those three. Adds a huge element of confidence and safety to sailing and paddling on the Bay. Simply the best app for Bay Area sailors and boaters. I support the apps I use that just plain work. Windfinder got my contribution.
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4 years ago, A1WorldRecord
Wind finder
Love this app pretty accurate even if i go fishing 30 miles south of my home town its comforting to know the temperature & wind direction of the location i choose to fish and what time intervals these winds & temperatures will come to my area . I work most of the time thing i like about this app i can now plan my fishing trip ahead of time . I got this app from a local farmer best thing I’ve ever seen . Used by all the farmers in my area
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2 years ago, Potential Tenderoni
There have been many times where I have checked the weather before going out to hunt and it has looked good, only to find that the wind makes it miserable once you get out there. Windfinder’s accuracy eliminates that and allows you to come up with a strategy to find success in less than ideal weather.
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5 months ago, Animal B
Easily the best weather predictor app out there
I’ve been using the Windfinder website for years and just switched to the app. Not only is it smoother but it’s a little simpler. Highly recommended for surfers, boaters, outdoor adventurists, you name it. And best part is it’s 100% free without an annoying pop up ad thrown in your face every 30 seconds.
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4 years ago, sylbrite
Amazing App
I am a sailor and have traveled by boat up and down the East Coast of the US and throughout the Bahamas. Windfinder is my go to app for knowing wind direction and velocity today and the upcoming days. I had to make the crossing recently from Ft Lauderdale to Bimini in the Bahamas. I relied on Windfinder to forecast the date, time and departure point for making the crossing. Thank you Windfinder for incredibly reliable info!
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1 year ago, Curtis5785
Best Wind App
Pretty easy to use once you figure it out. I found this while my husband and I were team trucking. It is by far the most accurate!!! So many weather apps ignore wind speed or are grossly underestimated. This app might have saved our lives helping us to decide to shut down and wait. Thank you!
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2 years ago, nfkrhejdj
Tide info is spot on
The tide info that is included on the Windfinder page is very accurate for the Florida keys. It differs up to two hours from other apps such as Tides Near Me but it is spot on Accurate. The wind prediction is as good as any app but , remember it is only a guess. I always go to this app because of the tide info available and its accuracy
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3 years ago, FishHard 2016
Not Accurate
As a full-time boater, I need reliable weather reports. Compared to the Weather Channel and local TV weather, Windfinders always seems to forecast much higher winds than the others. They change their reports frequently from one extreme to the other...and neither report was even that accurate. Windfinders is about 50% reliable.
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2 years ago, ZZtelecaster2020
Sailing Plans
We were planning a sailing day at Lake Pleasant and I checked predict wind which said 1 to 10 kn. On arrival the wind was blowing probably 20 kn. I spoke with the Go sail Arizona captain and he suggested this app which was accurately describing the present wind and predicted the wind changes through the day. It’s nice to be able to make plans to sail and arrive with good sailing conditions.
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4 years ago, Erie-dearie
AlwYs use it before we take the boat out. And even before we hit the woods.
I think this app is very handy. Check it ,always before we put the boat in, to get an idea of what the lake might be. And before hunting, this gives you a handle on which way the wind is blowing. I like it.
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5 years ago, Burn em
For all intents and purposes it’s the best
The usability/functionality is unparalleled. I can hop between locations with ease. I do wish it was updated, however, more often. At least by the hour. I think it updates every six hours which can prove to match up with current conditions.
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5 years ago, Yeago bango
Great for work and play.
Used app for work on wind turbines, kite boarding and sailing. The visual map with arrows as well as being to switch to standard map is an excellent feature. Showing the locations of the observation points is also great especially on lakes where wind can “jump” over the tree line and sensor.
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11 months ago, blueish apriojish
Great App & Team
I use this app to monitor local winds for foiling. I like being able to set up future alerts so I don’t have to constantly check the app. And the dev team quickly responded added a spot for me when it wasn’t on the map. Y’all rock!!!
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12 months ago, Uwspearhunter
Great app for Boaters
In south Florida, all the weather stations we had are out of commission as NOAA doesnt have the budget to repair or restore a major safety tool for mariners 😩 Thankfully we have Windfinder to acquire this critical information to plan our trips on the water. A lot of useful & valuable info to utilize. Thanks!
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3 years ago, AK47gunnerdoc
Easy and Accurate
It is nice to see whether and wind, more than seven days out, Windfinder goes 10 days. Obviously no weather predictor will be super accurate at 10 days, but Windfinder is pretty darn close. Windy only goes seven days, Unless you upgrade to pro.
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3 years ago, Postal Preston
Very good App!
I’m very much enjoying this weather app! As a man who works outside, this gives me details that others will not. The wind charts plus tidewater information is awesome to know as a person who lives near the coast. 5 stars and my “Go to” weather app on my phone.
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4 years ago, Lewis Household
Commercial fisherman who works 7 days a week !!!
I trust wind finder everyday when I am out on the water. I have pointed hundreds of people to it . If you are a pro you will use what all of us do every night . Wind finder !!! You will be glad you did !!!
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5 years ago, Tjeffers
Helpful for gauging Go/No Go on fishing.
I like this app because it tells me what is happening pretty much right where I am heading to fish. I check it often and gauge if I am going out or not. Conditions inshore might be one thing but offshore 30 miles out it’s another. I am enjoying this app very much.
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3 years ago, Clamdigger 56
River Road Clam House We’re on Facebook
I use this app every day I go clamming I need it for tides and wind. North Jersey I use it for wind in the Raritan Bay. South Jersey I use it in Stone Harbor for tides. When I go to Florida I use it down there too for fishing swimming and boating I find it to be the best one it works for me commercial fisherman Gary
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2 years ago, dmeisterman
Great service
I use it on fresh and saltwater bodies. Most accurate hour to hour wind reports and the on the water body directional bars are super helpful. Often the wind curves over water and your generic forecasts do not take it into account I swear by it
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4 years ago, robdog1235
Totally inaccurate
I’ve been using WF for about 6 months. Of those 6 months, we didn’t do several trips to our offshore islands because it said it would be 20+ knots. Come to find out, when it was “20+” it was really only 4kts at the weather stations on the island. Not impressed, it’s been inaccurate way more than it’s been accurate. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ll trust NOAA more than this app now. You want an accurate app, try Windy (the online one, not the blue one, that one is just as bad!)
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3 years ago, Doc Schlitzer
Trustworthy Windsspeed and Waves
I live in SunnySide Florida now since 1993, and always was a “victim “ of the Un-known Weather God Thor. So, last time i got rained out and blown around on the Gulf, our neighbor Sprinkler Mike was teasing me, about this app, and he installed it on my cellphone. Now i am smarter than a 5th Grader
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2 months ago, Capt. Zig
Good product!
Great tool! Often matches the other platforms I use to cross reference data. I wish the hood canal bridge live feed/real time data would come back online though!
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4 years ago, derb 66
Wind finder
Fish about 150 days a year and constantly reviewing wind directions and speeds to affect my day on the lake. With this resource my time is maximized and I don’t go out into situations that aren’t productive. Which in turn means I catch more fish.
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4 years ago, elizapep
Great app to stay attuned to the wind changes during the day. It makes planning activities that require wind or Are better without wind much easier/ more accurate and those activities are consequently much more enjoyable.
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2 years ago, TideGuy 26
This app is constantly right on the money with every forecast! Planning trips offshore is no longer a guess with when the morning or evening will turn into rough seas. Must have app 🙌🏾
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6 years ago, London Bay
Always helpful
Love Windfinder for its informative weather content. Working on the water, it’s important to know the weather, wind speed and direction. This app provides that content on a semi hourly basis throughout the day as well as showing future forecasts.
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4 years ago, welkerfritz
Good Info, but...
I like to use it for updated information, but I have found that the information is not always accurate. The forecasts are sometimes way off, but I don’t know how easy it is to forecast wind speed.
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6 years ago, da po po in da ho
Easy to use; just got better
It’s an easy, intuitive interface. The most recent update in March 2018 allows you to see wind direction arrows overlying the map. I have found the predictions pretty reliable, but it tends to underestimate windspeed by 1-3 mph.
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1 month ago, andobind
Always check wind finder
We always check wind finder before making outdoor plans. Accuracy really helps on days where we plan to use the boat!
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2 years ago, World1971
Great product
We use this product to schedule our fishing trips, one of the most accurate we have found
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2 years ago, i fivein
Live this app
I use my app several times each day to plan future fishing trips and avoid hazardous weather conditions when I am on the water.
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4 years ago, jukin,,
Best wind advisory
Best app for checking wind conditions they have been right on every time it’s very important especially when you’re on the lakeOr plan I’m going to the lake it also helps with planning to golf or just plain traveling
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11 months ago, Wade-fisherman Jeff
Reliable information
I’ve fished the Texas Coast for 40 years. Wind determines the choices the next morning. This website’s accuracy is spot on. The forecasted timing is reliable also.
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7 months ago, Keysmishr
Super helpful tool
Managing a fleet of 28 boats, this tool is a crucial information source for us and I can share it with clients as well to help them see what’s happening now and a forecast for looking ahead
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3 years ago, White wolf aka el lobo
Wind prediction is pretty accurate. Live in Miami Beach and I would say that based on the apps wind prediction I can plan when to kite and NOT work with reliable consistency. Definitely increased my enjoyment of life. Probably making a little less money🤑🔥💪😎👍🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺
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4 years ago, sailchannelislands
I check before I head to the marina.
Quick, easy and all the basic weather info a sailor needs for a day on the water.
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6 years ago, Nickelshot
My primary use for Windfinder is for wind forecast for sailing on an inland lake. Though periodically check other apps I haven’t found anything that beats Windfinder. Easy to use, good interface, accurate, and quick. It would be nice to see a charting view in addition to the tabular view.
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1 year ago, james daderko
Thus far, my bible of when to blow off work and go flying! Very, but not 100% accurate in all forecasts, but after you get into the rhythm of the forecast as compared to your 1st hand observations, it's easy to interpret the data and proceed accordingly.
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5 years ago, dews
Detailed info is insightful and appreciated
I have found that the weather/wind information provided is not only helpful, but also extremely accurate.
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5 years ago, Waleye guy
I use this app for fishing. I jig for walleye and boat control is very important. Also helps us determine where to go. App seems to update often and is fairly close on times of wind changes.
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7 months ago, Manicsportfishing
Charter Fisherman
Here in Marathon Florida we have extreme weather changes. Manicsportfishing runs 400 plus trips a year. This is the only app that is consistent for us. Highly recommend! Thank you Manicsportfishing Charters
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2 years ago, swazi87
Best app for boaters
Best app I have found for boaters. No more switching between apps or websites. Very pleased. Haven’t bought the membership but 10 bucks a year is definitely worth it!
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4 months ago, grackle
Use it every day.
I need to know whether to drive to fly model aircraft at the local field. The app tells me reliably if it's worth charging batteries the night before.
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