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4.7 (64.7K)
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Windy Weather World Inc
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9 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for — Windy Weather Map

4.71 out of 5
64.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Mc7859
A narrow-minded review for the rest of us...
This is a very narrow-minded review for those of us who are just weather junkies - we're not flying kites (at least not every day), sailing boats, or otherwise out playing in the wind. We just want the best weather info available, both forecasted and observed. I've got every remotely serious weather app in the app store and subscribe to the premium services of a couple dozen of them. There's only one thing (in my opinion) that this app does that other available apps don't do better (and it's the only one that has this feature at all): it allows you to stack the parameters of several different models for easy comparison. I've created a custom profile that lets me see the model parameters I'm interested in grouped together for easy comparison: temperature, precip, wind, etc. The other Windy app's maps are far better, LuckGrib is far better at displaying the models and ALL the parameters, etc. I could go on with this sort of comparison for pages, but this app is the only that has the killer feature of letting me position the data in a chart in the order I want it - for that reason alone, I pay the subscription. Their support is also first class and they listen to requests from their users. But the custom profile comparison capability is the reason this app has a place on my home screen, and the reason I think it deserves 5 stars in a very crowded category.
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3 years ago, TUNA FEVER
My name is Bill Maxwell I am the owner and operator of the sport fishing boat TunaFever. From April through November my 57 foot sport fish weather permitting seven days a week between 45 and 55 miles offshore. We operate out of the Oregon in Inlet fishing center located in Nagshead North Carolina on the outer banks. Most of our fishing is done on the western wall of the golf stream where it crosses the hundred fathom them curve. This app Windy is by far the most reliable source of information that I can use to determine whether I’m gonna have a safe day a beautiful day or whether I should go at all it’s an important factor on how I treat my people for my business because of the accuracy of this app. I’ve been in business for 34 years and looked at all kinds of things for information for safe passage in the ocean and yours is by far the best I recommend it to anyone and it is been my pleasure to use it thank you so much Captain Bill Maxwell !!!!
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10 months ago, redalertshit
Best app to track tides wind and moon phases
All in all it very detailed weather report can use gps on your phone to show your location and nearest locations multiple choices of weather data sources or I use the compare all models to get the best idea of what they are all saying. From the tide Time including showing the length of the moving tide and slack tides using graphs which is very accurate even in spots I wouldn’t assume it would be. The wind report is very helpful and using different reports can give you a good idea of future outlooks for the days you may call iffy but the standard showing of it is very accurate for immediate knowledge of the next 6-8 hrs for sure. The fishing reports seem to match with standard fish and moon tides but doesn’t give an updated report unless a user posts about it and fishing is usually a hush hush type of your spot found fish don’t tell anyone sport.
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2 years ago, Gran14
Great App
This is a great app. The ability to compare different weather models on one screen is unique to all other weather apps. The info you can customize on your personal forecasts is great, too. I get just about everything I want, displayed in the order I want to read it. I even pay the annual subscription because I feel strongly enough that they have earned my business. I got so sick of Apple Weather and The Weather Channel predicting 0% chance of rain for a Saturday and then updating their forecasts when the rain hits (while I’m getting soaked). I do not miss those days. My only wish- a way to know the water temperature at each location. Maybe there is already a way to track this and I’ve not found it yet. Anyways, great work.
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2 years ago, CORYJS@01
Fake app? Update: Delayed account registration
As far as I can tell, I paid $40 for absolutely nothing. This application will not load any data. Period. I’ve tried registering my email/account which it won’t let me do. The prompt keeps claiming my account is already in use. The remember password feature doesn’t work. The app just doesn’t actually do anything. Fairly certain this application is a scam. Trying to figure out how to report it to Apple. Update: 24 hrs after purchasing the app, I was able to register my account and begin using the application. Not sure why I was unable to register at first. I have an iPhone 12 Pro and my IOS is updated. Given weather underground’s recent poor performance regarding wind I needed a new app and quick. Heck, I was willing to pay $40 for a good one….In short, if you’ve got a trip planned the next day (duck hunt for me this time) be sure and download this app several days in advance.
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3 years ago, Bignorwegian
The app developers have turned Windy into a greedy, money hungry app. They once used to show wave height and now it is only available if you “pay for pro”. When I originally contacted Windy they told me this was an error by developers and the next update wave height would be included for all. THAT TURNED OUT TO BE A COMPLETE OUTRIGHT LIE. I am not one to say “look at me”...but I commercial fish, I tournament fish...and there are many on Long Island who know who I am. Once upon a time I used to recommend Windy to everyone in my industry., out of principle bc you told me lies that it would be included the next update, I will NEVER use your app. I will NEVER recommend your app and I will go as far to tell everyone I know never to trust your lie-filled company. Dont forget who your demographic is. IE salt of the earth fisherman who operate in an oldschool manner and on principle. DONT string us along with lies saying it will be included in the next update. And then follow up w me a week later “oh yea forgot to tell you, youll need to pay for pro to actually get it”. Dont push the old salty dog...
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2 years ago, Festacarpentry
Accuracy question?
Overall great app. Choose and compare from a list of weather models, and data options like wind speed, wind direction, water temp, air temp just to name a few. Set up alerts for favorable weather conditions. I have mine set for west wind less than 10 mph and swells from south less than 2’ with 10 second period, another words flat conditions. I do however question the accuracy of the information. Example: the interior bay should be around 80 deg, the ocean around 65-75, outgoing tide should be 71-75 and incoming tide should be 60-65. If you look at the data there’s no temperature difference between incoming and outgoing tide. The data has the same water temp the same for areas mentioned, how can the be? Waters discussed from Barnegat Bay and Barnegat Inlet New Jersey
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6 years ago, Medic781
Most thorough and well designed wind/weather app
I use this app for sailing. I have downloaded many wind forecast apps, but beyond dedicated weather routing software none come close to the beauty, design, and depth that windy has. First, the interface is simple, easy to navigate, customizable, and puts all the data you need right at your finger tips. Second is the breath of numerical models. In North America you have the trusty GSF, but you also get the benefits of the NAM model and the ICON model. In Europe they have a whole suite of models available as well. The wind data from all these models can be displayed at the same time so you can use the real world conditions to see which model seems to line up best and thus guide your choices. Third, local wind related shops can advertise in the app. I used it to find boat rentals near me when I go traveling. All in all it is a fantastic app. I wish the developer would make a similar platform except that would incorporate other parameters of the various numerical models so I could have this same interface for parameters such as winds aloft or precipitation. It would also be fun to have some of these other parameters on the global view as well.
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11 months ago, Bitz3B
Best in Class
This app is far and away the most informative and timely for tracking wind and weather. I use it for falconry, and area scent detection/dog tracking. The granularity/resolution it offers is the best I’ve been able to find. I also like that I can use different sensor networks depending on my use case. What you can do with this app is only limited by your knowledge/willingness to learn its features. I find the textbook entries they’ve made very useful, and often use them as reference material when trying to explain climate or weather phenomena to people. I hope they will consider implementing physiologic metrics, which would make this the premier application (besides isrid) for SAR and outdoor recreation applications.
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6 years ago, So It's Come To This:
Great, Versatile App for Water/Wind Sports
I almost exclusively use Windy for sailing in and around NYC. The different models coupled with the cloud, rain, and temperature forecasts are great. I haven’t found a better interface and I’ve tried nearly a dozen other apps before being told of Windy. I wish there was Apple Watch support like complications or a fully native Watch App. I have other sailing complications installed and being able to glance and current or forecasted wind conditions at once would be great. I also wish there were a way to lock or snap the view to the current date/time without hiding the legend. It would make a small but impactful change when using the app to look several hours/days ahead. Some stations are real-time and give you current sustained and gusts. It would be great if Windy could plot both over time in one view. Finally, I’ve noticed that tide data for the NYC area isn’t always accurate. Recently it said high tide was several hours sooner than my guide books indicated and so it’s not as helpful there as it should. Still, it’s a great app and part of my arsenal of tools to plan, prepare, and track my sailing. And I hope it continues to improve its features as it has added new forecasting models and data points.
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7 months ago, blackfirebird
Accurate in my area, lifetime paid option
The ‘best’ wind forecast has been a lifesaver for where I sail. I work on a sailboat 5 days per week and Windy has been by far the most accurate for the wind and tide, though not for precipitation. I go out rain or shine so it doesn’t matter to me personally, but if it does matter to you I would recommend checking other sources to compare for rain. Otherwise it’s great and has a lot of customization options for what information you see. Thank you to the Windy team for offering a lifetime paid option; I strongly prefer to be ‘one and done’ for purchases, and that’s ultimately why I got the paid option.
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4 years ago, ddjanowski
I like the app itself, its interface is well designed and intuitive. However, I use the app mostly in one area for paddle boarding and kayaking trips on the Hudson River in New York City. My route, dictated by the tidal currents and winds—especially when paddle boarding—are limited to about 15 miles north of midtown Manhattan to the Verrazano Narrows (entrance and exit of the upper harbor). I have found over the course of about four years of use that the app’s wind speed predictions are accurate about 50% of the time. On many occasions I have encountered winds about 10 mph greater than predicted or predictions of gusting speeds that are in actuality steady speeds. These are not of much concern for sailors but for other human-powered watercraft it is much more of a factor. All that said I’m not a meteorologist and do know that wind prediction is an extremely complex science, especially so given the complex topography of the area in question in this review.
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3 years ago, Dallas - Texas
Great for drone pilots and enthusiasts
First of all you are offered a free basic version of the application. There are additional add ons they will be helpful in other applications. The way this works for me is the app provides wind conditions at your nearest airport at various elevations and times through the day. Then it’s forecast in the coming days. Wind speed planning is critical to all drone pilots at every level. To my knowledge this is the very best app available for that application. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to the developers for allowing your users to have the very valuable basic level for free. Thank you 🙏🏻
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1 year ago, Christopher Meacham
They have great customer service and a gorgeous app
I'm feeling flexible about my opinions right now and have gained some useful info from this app. Best to have at least some knowledge about weather and especially local conditions to couple with this app. A couple glitchy moments. The date bar is heavy handed when scrolling. Local weather stations are seemingly useless. The map section is the most useful when you combine it with your observations of real time conditions and knowledge of weather patterns ie pressure systems, wind directions, barometric information, etc. I'm wanting to love it because there anything better out there that is this customizable. That said there's sometimes too many variables to pick through for getting actual local data.
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4 years ago, Allen Lieberman
Subscriptions by deception. Placement of continue without subscribing way out of line of sight
App itself is pretty much replicated by other apps that display wind grids such as Windy (red colored icon) or Ventusky so you may want to avoid this app to not accidentally get deceived into subscribing into a trial period of which turns into a paid subscription after a short period of time. Presentation of data is nice and app can be customized to purpose you want (water or air sports for starters) This app gets lots of accidental subscription complaints because the continue (or next button) is far away from the center of the screen when presented with subscribe choices. The actual button bypass committing to any subscription is black text on blue background in upper right corner. Very hard to see by design unless you have superior color differentiation vision. It is by design meant to not be seen. To re-iterate, if you don’t want to subscribe to any subscriptions, be sure to look for the option in upper right corner of screen when presented with free trial subscription options or you will be inadvertently subscribing to some very expensive subscriptions!
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4 years ago, Remington1137
Weather forecast when and where I need it
In the spring and summer I do a lot of fishing offshore. My boat is a 21’ Striper. I need to know if it’s going to be windy. I ALWAYS check Windy’s forecast when I’m planning a trip. They let me pinpoint the areas I’ll be fishing and give me an accurate prediction of the weather. In the fall I hunt waterfowl. Again I’ll ALWAYS check windy before I hunt. I save my hunting spots as “favorites” If it shows a weather front coming in, with high winds, I’ll start making plans to hunt those days. Here too their forecasts have been highly accurate.
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1 year ago, oly va ha
Decent app but horrible philosophy on spam
App does exactly what I want and expect feature set wise The only thing that is not great is the constant advertising to sign up for their Pro plan. No only do you get push notifications that can’t be turned off but when you go in the app upon tapping said notification you get shown that ad, then you close that and another replaces it immediately. Close that and go to settings and get yet another one. In settings you find there’s no preference to turn off this garbage as I will never sign up for Pro having been bombarded with this junk. Literally advertised themselves out of not getting any of my money! Edit, response to dev: Negative. There are no settings for notifications for your app there. And that’s not even the issue I brought up.
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5 years ago, Wbrexaidfdmsk
Suggestion for weather widget
Thank you for this app. It has really great presentations. The weather widget on the initial screen has temperature and wind velocity but not wind direction. It would be great to have wind direction as does the forecast detail current weather block, which shows it as point of the compass, for example NW. The arrow in a circle direction indicators require me to translate in my head to the point of the compass, for example, SSW. If only there was something that showed actual current and historical. Or maybe I’m not identifying it. The predictions, even short term, are pretty often wrong in my out of the way corner of the world. Current according to the prediction is pretty often wrong.
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10 months ago, storm_chaser8527
I love this app. I got it like 2 hours ago and I enjoy it. The only issue I have with it is I can’t find the radar. (I am talking one that tracks storms and the direction they are going) When I find it, storm chasing will be easy. Besides that, it is a good weather app. The free version is great and it has no ads. I am thinking about getting the pro version. The developers did really good. I have been looking at other reviews and saw that this game has bugs but the developers fix them when they find it. Really good app! I recommend it if you are looking for a ad-free weather app. It is accurate and the free version is awesome!
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11 months ago, Johnfromthevalley
Be very wary, of subscribing.
I have no opinion about the app itself - my negative opinion is how I feel I was tricked into a subscription. I appealed and lost the appeal a few weeks ago. Today I said “what the heck” it’s paid for. Might as well reinstall it. And BANG the same slick computer jugglery that caught me the first term , was of course waiting to snag me, a naive fool for a second “free subscription “. Mock me all you wish - my ineptness makes my point . I’ve purchased hundreds of apps and never encountered this kind of “trickery”I just wanted OUT of this app. Again the app May be fine May be great but I didn’t want it. It’s not the app, it’s the “trickery “ for an unsophisticated user as myself . I’m quite angry at this. BE AWARE
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3 years ago, cnymph
upgrade trashed local weather stations
Don’t waste your time. I would rate it zero stars if possible. After 4 years, This past upgrade lost all the weather stations on Roatan. Prior to the upgrade there were stations available on the Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras. Now there’s nothing. Clicking on the airport Coxen Hole, brings up wind forecasts on Cayos Cochino, closer to the mainland. This is useless for shore diving wave high TS, paddle boarding, kite surfing etc. Might as well just pick a location and check out the conditions visually by yourself. Big disappointment. It’s been three plus weeks, and each time I click weather forecast for Roatan, I’m sent to other islands close to shore, with feet of differences in wave height. This app has become useless. Note I used to love this app.
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1 year ago, Inezruth
I live right on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin. All the local weather reports and every other app I’ve tried gets its info from five miles inland which is never close to accurate (if you are familiar with the Great Lakes you know what I mean!) FINALLY, I’ve found an accurate (for me) weather app that gets its info from a location .5 miles due North of my house. It took me a while to figure it all out and get just the info I want easily accessible, but it is well worth the time! Thank you!
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3 weeks ago, CAVC Coach
Love the ‘Compare’ view
I’m a wind sports addict, so it is important that I have good information on future conditions. I’ve used several apps over the years for this purpose and this has been the best. This is because of the ‘compare’ view that lets me see all the forecast models on one screen. Think about what that does for me: if all the models show a similar wind velocity then I have very high confidence in the forecast vs. if the models are all different then I have low confidence in any of the forecasts.
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6 years ago, GDIndy
Boater beware! Older boater that is.
If your hoping to use this app for boating activities on the water be advised, the fonts, color contrasts and info lines are difficult enough to read from your recliner at home let alone a bouncing boat. There is no way on my iPhone to expand the font size to read or pinch down. Great info if your at dock planning a voyage but of little help if you are underway. :( Issue is visual. I cannot zoom into very small data bands to read comfortably. Need to have ability to zoom especially when moving.
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3 years ago, Edie in Hong Kong
Need this app for open water swimming
I use this app to plan for my open water swims. It would be helpful to have more factors for swimming (you have every other sport!). On swims that are not along the coast, but are a channel crossings between two land masses sometimes more than 20km apart, it would be good to have more precise information on how the wind will change in the middle of the channel. We need wind direction, wind speed, wind gust, currents, current direction, swells size, swell duration, water temperature.
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2 years ago, blaze232
The free trial is NOT free beware
I’ve heard great things about this app and wanted to check it out. When I downloaded there was an option for free trail and pay once your free week is up or just pay now. Since I wanted to check the app out first before just outright paying $50 I decided to go with the free trial. Once I chose the free trial option my bank notified me of a suspicious charge on my account and I saw they charged me the $50 right off the bat! I played around on the app for a few minutes and it does look great as I’m a boater and the wind forecast helps me greatly. But I’m am very frustrated that I was charged before consenting to do so. Basically there is no free trial they will charge you right away so beware!
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11 months ago, Captain Roy howard
Captain Roy
I have been using this app for 5 years and it is better than all the other sites to me it’s the most reliable for off shore and in shore fishing the one thing that I notice when I tell people about it they always call and ask how to read the app. It’s not that difficult for me so I spend time trying to explain. It seems the icons on the home page is confusing. Don’t change anything
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6 years ago, Oki Jedi
Great for Wind Direction and Speed
The original site stated this would always be free. Sadly that did not stay true. However, if you are one that truly wants to know about wind and waves, this app is stellar. I really don’t like paying for an app, this one has been well worth it. Good for surfing, sailing, diving, kite flying or whatever activity you would like to know the accurate wind for. Especially helpful during the tropical storms that we get where I live. Get this app, you will not be disappointed!
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1 year ago, applearcade9
Best Weather App
As a frequent sailor, windy has been an essential tool for me to plan my trips. The app provides real-time wind and wave data, along with detailed weather forecasts, making it easy to plan my sailing routes. The user interface is intuitive and the app is easy to navigate. I particularly like the wind map, which allows me to visualize wind conditions in different locations. Overall Windy is a must-have app for any outdoor enthusiast
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5 months ago, Alex Hoffenheim Dua
Reliable app for accurate weather forecast
The way the data presented in the app is very handy. Takes me about one minute to check the forecast for the weekend so I don’t need to spend a lot of time choosing a window for my boat trip. Quite happy with the forecast accuracy having different models and they update frequently. Would be nice to have buoy data in the app too.
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6 years ago, acehiilm
Brighter fonts, option to hide the offers
It is a great app that I use daily. However for an outdoor app, it is most of the times hard to read in sunlight. The hour font color is unreadable in sunlight. It is a grey shaded font in a black background. Good luck reading that. Also using the color black on the wind speed with a blue background is also not a great combination. Much better would be to use white for more contrast. Last remark is that I would like to see an option to hide the 'offers'. It takes screen space and have absolutely no interest in it.
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3 years ago, gunmetalred
All info in one place… except radar?
Being into a myriad of water hobbies, I’m really excited to have everything in one place— no more going to NDBC, NHC, and my local weather app to get swell size, period, tide, and wind forecasts. However I am really confused as to where any basic radar info is, or if there even is any? Had been hoping to ditch all my other weather apps and just use this one, but without radar it still can’t beat the free local weather app.
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1 year ago, oldtoppie
Windy App
I have been using Windy App for a few weeks and am very happy with the forecasting . This App is very important to me and my associates being that we all live on or close by the water. When planning a day out sailing or with a powerboat I consult Windy for very accurate advice on what to expect of the sea and wind conditions . Please maintain the good work we thank you ! All the Best to anybody reading this for a fruitful year of 2023
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3 years ago, OnTheWind
Model layer mis-match
Note that the layers you select are not necessarily a product of the base model you selected. For instance the isobar layer is always a product of the GFS27 model even if you selected ECMWF as your base model. The Windy team is aware of this and have been hugely responsive and receptive to discuss this mis-match of model outputs. Hopefully it will be resolved in some fashion in a future release. I particularly like the ability to graphically compare the wind output between the various models to establish model convergence.
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11 months ago, Undead Orlan
Data overload.
If you are looking for a weather app with tons of data, this is the one. Lots of customizable content for specific sports and activities in various regions. Definitely not a typical weather app. For context, I spend a lot of time at the coast and traveling the state and while I’m not really involved in sports, it’s always better to know what the wind conditions are where i’m going.
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5 months ago, Karen LH
Every screen has a request
Every screen on the 7 day free trial had one or more requests for upgrade (money). I didn’t keep it on my pad more than 7 minutes. We all have to make a living, but this was over the top—I couldn’t get a feel for the app’s operation because the flow was interrupted by the need to refuse upgrade requests. Other reviewers seem to like the app, so maybe it’s good but I couldn’t get past the requests. It would have been nice if it had waited for a day or so (out of the 7 day free trial) before it started demanding upgrades.
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5 years ago, Rationaldna
First time writing a review
I have literally purchased hundreds of apps and have never written a review for any of them. This app makes the exception and it made me break my rule. Where do i begin? This app. It is effective, easy with a gorgeous UI to match. If you think it's expensive, it's worth every penny. Let the development, packaging and presentation of this software be an example to all other app developers on how to do it right. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Cali redhead
Windy is amazing
I love how accurate windy is! This app is very useful for me and helps me to go my job better and keep things at home protected. Yesterday for example I saw that it was going to be very windy and there was a small tree with a awkwardly big trunk and I said to customers please don’t park there that three is swaying back and forth and it’s not even 10ft tall; next thing you know it fell over into a parking space and it would have damaged a vehicle.
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6 years ago, 87Love25
Awesome App!!!! Beyond awesome everything we needed to fly RC planes at a glance to tell if it’s a fly day or not. You can even make your own locations and label them. I sent my friends a screen shot of there flying field and were blown away as I had labeled it as Robs flying field and the city’s name they were blowing me up and had to have the App.:-) you’ve done an amazing job with it. I don’t know how it could be Free. Great job hope for your continued success!!!
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6 years ago, Viorro
Tides are off and developer doesn’t care
The issue has been reported many times, first time at least several months ago, with no reponse from the developer. The tides for Long Island, U S coast are off, and user reports suggest this is not an isolated problem. After buying the paid app with a lot of hope, I’m very dissapointed with this lack of action to address a peoblem that is affecting one of the major features.
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5 years ago, Jay Marquez
Sailor’s companion
I check windy every time I’m considering going out on the water. It’s among the best wind forecast sources I’ve been able to find and easy to use. Just like PredictWind, my weather routing go to for navigation on long races, it relies on several forecasting models, but with an easy user interface for quick analysis of what kind of breeze I may encounter on a day sail or weekend trip.
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12 months ago, qtipium
Best app for hang gliding
I love using Windy for checking conditions for hang gliding. It’s great having control over exactly which models to use since specific ones are better for different sites and forecasts. I have a custom dashboard I use with all the models and metrics I like to check, and the feature to notify me when conditions are within the parameters I set is incredible.
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4 years ago, MattH-VA
Lots of good information
In my second year using this app and it’s my go-to for comprehensive weather information. The ability to choose what’s important to me and to have access to multiple models is great. Now, if the developer would just add the ability to verify/adjust time offset and make it easy to jump back to “now”. I paid for pro features and I use them.
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6 years ago, MSEP 10-10
Almost what I need
It would get 5 stars if it had all. After the old Storm app was revised to give better radar tools but fewer wind tools, I went looking for what was missing. The Windy tables with all info are perfect. But the map is not helpful. It would be better for me if rather than wind rose for the single station, it could integrate a map with all wind vectors from many sources along with the radar. Then it would have all my met, waves, and tide info in one place.
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6 years ago, WileycoyotesfanIVXX
Using free version for wind checks to fly RC aircraft. Works great for basic overview of the conditions. Needs more frequent and precise weather updates. Weather changes quickly sometimes and the updates need to keep up. Also I find it to be a bit inaccurate on wind speeds. Example; currently it says 5mph winds, when I go outside the trees are bending sideways with strong consistent gusts that are way more than 5mph.
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3 years ago, imagineowl
Please add widgets!!
Awesome app. Very well done. I would love to see some iOS widgets to put on our home screen. Could be very useful especially if we can select specific stats to display from specific locations! I like to fish and boat and many of the apps in our industry are not great. Some are pretty but buggy. Some are confusing but well developed. I can say this has both! Great job windy!
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6 years ago, John K4
Simply the best
If you’re looking for comprehensive weather data with the ability to create notifications for ideal conditions, this is it. My only ask would be if the forecast could more easily be navigated to the current time. It’s sometimes difficult to side scroll to the current hour if you’ve lost track of the current day.
Show more
4 years ago, kwaide
What happened with the new update?
We used to love this App for the fact you could see swell heights and weather forecasts for at least a week out, and was always pretty accurate. But now after updating the swell heights have gone away and I only can see a forecast for 2 day. Very disappointed if this is a way of trying to collect money by now cutting out the free version of this app. I have recommended this app to numerous amounts of people and would be a total shame if they have taken away the features we all used in order to make profit.
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6 years ago, GMak
Not for the feint of heart
This is a very confusing app for the casual user without an advanced degree in meteorology or atmospheric sciences. Basic info like “what direction is the wind blowing?” is represented by arrows which are pointing relative to the orientation of the separate true north arrow so it’s hard to tell EXACTLY which way the wind is blowing. If you have a degree in atmospheric science - which I don’t - this may be a great app. I can’t evaluate it on that level. But for the average user, info could be presented a lot more clearly.
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6 years ago, J@A/\/\M3E$S
Great App: room for improvement
I love to kite and I have been using windy to watch the wind and it’s been pretty accurate so far. It has more locations than I thought it would and it’s my main source of information before I get out under a kite. I use the kite model the most but the kite sizes are set for someone much lighter than I am. There should be a place in either in settings or profile for the user to input body weight for accurate kite sizes.
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