Winmaildat Opener

3.6 (75)
8.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maklabu GmbH
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Winmaildat Opener

3.61 out of 5
75 Ratings
10 years ago, iSteve-0
Opens Great... but you can't delete when finished.
The app works great to open these pesky files (which iOS should open by default), but my only issue is that one can't delete the files. This isn't really a major issue for me, since I am jailbroken and can access the file system, but one should be able to delete them in the app itself. Great easy fix for a stupid iOS issue, however. Good app.
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6 years ago, GiuliaPal
Best free winmail opener
I tried 3 free winmail openers that failed to open the winmail attachment. This is the only one I came across that accomplished that task. Exactly what I needed, thank you. And the ads don’t matter if you are using it for just one file every once in a while. Again thank you for creating an app that does what it says!!
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8 years ago, Petie Ravioli
Works great !
Running Winmaildat Opener on an iPad Air 1st Gen, iOS 9.3.5 - it *totally* delivers the goods with no fuss, no mess, no bother. It was an easy decision to contribute 99 cents to the author of this app rather than look at ads to use it for free. It's a steal, worth every penny. Well done. Thanks for a great, easy to use product!
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6 years ago, Bets94549
It works!
So happy to finally be able to read certain attachments that I could only read on a PC. It is nice that when I try to open, this app comes up as an option.
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7 years ago, Bluzfest
Kept all promises
I found this App to genuinely fulfill my skeptical expectations. It has worked seamlessly to open my .dat-formatted files without corruption. I would recommend even those among us most reluctant, to offer this an opportunity. WCT
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6 years ago, NE Yanqui
Works but some issues
The app opens winmail dat files but groups them all together so that it is somewhat difficult to find them. They are numbered so the highest number is usually the last in but trying to find files afterwards can be challenging. Otherwise, good.
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6 years ago, gerv1951
It works! First, download the app. Then go back to the email with the winmail attachment. Click on the attachment. You’ll be asked to chose a program to open winmail. Choose the new app and boom, it opens!
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7 years ago, Crackle Graphics
Worked great and was free!
This worked perfect and was free. I tried another version first and before it would open file it wanted $4! This was completely free
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5 years ago, AZ Flagg
Don’t waste your $.99
The application opens windat files fine, but will not allow me to save a photo, crashes the app every time. Windat can open and show me the photos, but that is it! The developer does not respond when you report a problem, either; I just requested a refund, stay as far away from this app as you can!
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5 years ago, Idiaudi
Winmail Opener
This app is great. Lists all the files attached and allows you to look at their content. Great and useful product. Hats off to the developer!
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5 years ago,
Works w/iPhone 6s Plus
Opened a jpg image attached to email right away! Some ads but just 99 cents will make ads disappear. Thanks!
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5 years ago, repright
Simple and easy!
Does exactly what it says it does. Simple and easy to use.
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6 years ago, Parrot Friend
Love this app
Worked great! Solved the problem opening these file
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5 years ago, DiegoAndino
Simple. Fast.
Easy to use and opened all the files I tested including Excel, Word, and PDFs.
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7 years ago, SuBee40
Exactly what I needed to view necessary documents.
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7 years ago, johnsuzy
exactly as advertised
Works exactly as advertised
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6 years ago, TNTgames
Would not open
Tried and tried and tried and could not get the app to open the file
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7 years ago, Carrie Chance
Use this one people
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7 years ago, Lauraart79
First legit free app that I installed that worked!!! Easy and no charge!
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5 years ago, AliceAliceAliceElizabeth
Doesn’t work
Does not open files in photos; crashes anytime I try to save a photo to images
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7 years ago, Ebpstudio
Life saver on .dat
Thank you guys for this it's awesome and very helpful
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5 years ago, Miss Luna
Crashes Constantly. Doesn’t Save
Love the concept but this app constantly crashes and closes out when I try to save.
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7 years ago, HMooner
Works BUT..
I was able to open a PDF, however this app came with the GOOGLE MEMBERSHIP free prize scam, so I had to spend time doing cleanup.
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7 years ago, Grandpa1812
Does as it says so easily. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Nomad1957th
Not what it says.
Does not open .rtf emails.
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11 months ago, 60's had exchange if ideas
Useless ap
Does not work!
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8 years ago, Kevin. J
A must have!
I frequently get emails with winmaildat attachments that I could not open on my iPad. I was forced to go to my desktop computer to view the attachments, what a pain! I found the Winmaildat app and gave it a try. To my great relief, it worked perfectly. It fact, I liked it so much I paid for the ad free version. I have to add, when I contacted the app maker about my purchase, he got right back to me! An app is only as good as its support and this one gets 5 stars! ,
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9 years ago, Jardinger
It works !
I tried a couple of other viewers that either couldn't open .dat or wanted me to pay to open it. This app allowed me to open the attachment and print it. It gave a message about limits in free, given it actually proved it works before asking for money , I think limit is beyond fair. This I will be buying the full version when prompted. I love they prove their usefulness first.
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9 years ago, Samgoode
Thanks Man! You have my appreciation ✌️
Only windat opener that's actually free and useful. It's rarely necessary, but when it is...this does the trick, and allows you to move the file converted to PDF to Evernote or Goodreader or email, etc. No frills. None needed. Just a handy app to have for those rare occasions. I did notice like the previous review stated, there doesn't seem to be any way to delete the file once you've opened. I did take a star off for that. I'd prefer my files to be deleted from the app once converted. Perhaps in an update? Anyway...for what it DOES do? Many thanks.
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9 years ago, 😒🔫👎👎👎
Great app! It works
This app is the best ... All the other winmail apps make you pay to open up a stupid email ,... But this one is the best because it's free... The other ones trick you and you think it's free but once you go to look at the email ... It gives you a price for the "extended version" it's annoying!!! But this one is great! I recommend it 👌
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10 years ago, JMShort
10 out of 10
I cannot believe how easy the app is to use. the interface is well designed and intuitive. And it works - blazing fast. I was so impressed after using it just one time that I went back to the App Store to find the premium version to buy.
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11 years ago, synapsecbn
Works okay, but couldn't handle xlsx file
Seemed to work okay, but didn't couldn't open a small, multi-page xlsx file contained in the winmail file, though it did open another. Because it couldn't open all the files, I'd have to say that the app is unreliable. I can't roll the dice and hope it will open a file. Fix that bug and it gets 5 stars.
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9 years ago, fickjr
Works OK
Works OK. Would like to see the ability to erase the file once it is viewed. Also can't cancel email sending if you change your mind.
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11 years ago, JeremyRotert
Does what it should!
Simple, works perfectly. No pressures to buy anything, just a small, barely noticeable ad bar at the bottom. Even allows you to open the converted PDF in other apps.
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8 years ago, L8cy
It's really free!!
Finally I can open the one stupid document from my email without having to pay for an app that I'm probably never going to need again.
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8 years ago, Fighting naturalist
This actually works! And free!
I was able to read winmail attachments, and unlike the other apps that require you to pay to use, this one is ACTUALLY free! 5 stars
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11 years ago, JMV123456
Perfect in 10 seconds
Just what I needed. Worked without having to think. I highly recommend this solution.
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8 years ago, Megaac
Works great
Tried other apps didn't work this one works great no need to sign in just download and open files simple
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9 years ago, Collegekidwwww
Actually is free and works
All other apps cost money or lie about being free this is actually free and works- opened a pdf attachment for me! Thank you to whoever made this
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9 years ago, Vaughn1640
Great app!
I just got this app and wish I had months ago. Until Apple fixes this problem this is the perfect solution.
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9 years ago, iBest
Looks ugly, works great!
Never judge by the looks! This app definitely needs an iOS7/8 make-up to be on par with the new design cues of iOS, but it works as mentioned. I used to have an impossible task opening attachments on my iPhone/iPad from Windows users, but this app makes it possible. I just wish they could update the look and feel of the app :( Update: PLEASE update look n feel of this app to reflect iOS 8!!
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11 years ago, Bway Nerd Girl
New user
I just got this app, but it's working so far! I'm finally able to see attachments on my phone!
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11 years ago, Commodore James
Does what is should but...
It does what it claims but I don't see any way of deleting the past files I have opened. The list of files keeps growing and growing...
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10 years ago, EmiP1984
Get this one!
The first app I tried that actually lets me view the attachment itself, not just the details ABOUT the attachment.
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10 years ago, Dfs2110
Works great
But I have no idea how to delete the files, and nothing in the instructions addresses file deletion.
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11 years ago, MomWithiPhone
Easy and works
Easy to use and worked perfectly.
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10 years ago, Joe rick
Works great
Works great, this app should be part of any IOS, apple should definitely buy it!
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10 years ago, Pinksugar8
Works Well
Unlike other apps claiming to be free this app works well and is actually free. Very easy to use
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11 years ago, Chichifaloo
First time's a charm
Worked immediately, and was easy to use!
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9 years ago, Brian D of Maryland
Nice, simple and this app does exactly what it's supposed to do. Couldn't be happier.
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