WinZip: #1 zip & unzip tool

4.3 (1.5K)
56.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
WinZip Computing LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for WinZip: #1 zip & unzip tool

4.27 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
5 years ago, BDfalcon
Great app
I’ve been using WinZip since the very first launch of the program on my ibm comp back in the 80’s lol I can’t imagine another program that kept up with the times and the past.
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1 year ago, DrCuddlecraft
Sorry, gave it an honest shot
As stated in previous reviews, the audio is hijacked. Any audio playing turns off when I have the app open and: I go to the iPhone Home Screen I turn off the screen The screen turns itself off I think the asking price isn’t much but I wasn’t ready to immediately pay for the program. So I stuck with free, deciding if the program made my zip-life significantly easier, I’d support with a subscription. I needed a difference, as well as consistency. The program was good enough free. So I wasn’t inclined to pay for free any more for that reason. But I figured if I use it a pretty long time I should still support it. Well, not even a full month in and anything I downloaded from The WinZip transfer files just vanished. Completely whimsied itself into thin air. So much for that consistency. All this app did was help me learn how to use files and Google drive together to get what I need without any purchases or apps at all. I hope it improves in the future, but I cannot currently recommend this app to anyone.
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11 months ago, Completely original nickname 249673
Freezes, asks for too many permissions up front
Even though it’s 2023 and everyone uses zip now, someone gave me a .7z file, so I thought I’d try this to extract it. “Extract” immediately froze the app. “Extract to here” gave me a loading bar that was stuck at zero and the app still froze when I tried to cancel it several minutes later. It also asked for full access to my photos, videos, and media the moment I opened the app. I get that it can be used to archive those things, but maybe wait until I go to do that before trying to access them? The fact that it tried to access them immediately is extremely questionable.
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3 years ago, Flowerlark
Saving a zipped file on a ipad/ iphone sends the file directly to either files or dropbox. You can't open files from either of those locations without a subscription. Unbelievably greedy! As if I'm going to sign up for a subscription before I can even test the app! Companies are trying to bleed us dry by locking even the most basic functions behind subscriptions you have to pay continuously! Remember when you only had to buy something once and could use it as much as you liked?
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5 years ago, fr33s7yl0r
Greedy developers from minute one
What is the use of a software that can't open a zip file saved to your iPhone?? When you download something let's say from Google drive it saves the file to a local iCloud drive which is essentially the only location in "My files" that you can save to on any iPhone. Guess what? WinZip can't open any file from that location. NOOO, THIS LOCATION IS CONSIDERED PREMIUM. So tell me - what is the use of an app that can't open a file you saved to your phone??
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4 years ago, ART&TAT mom
Not User Friendly!
So I have this on my computer but can not find a place to sync it unless I upgrade on my phone. In the App Store, it says nothing about In App Purchases under the “Get” button. Uninstalling as soon I am down here. I’ll stick with the one I have on my phone, one it’s free and two it downloads to my files on my iPhone where I can pick to upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, and ICloud all for free. This app wants to you to pay to have that access.
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3 years ago, Sasha2199
Why can’t I choose a whole folder?
Why do I have to choose one file at a time. I want to select an entire folder. Unbelievable waste of time. You app doesn’t work with drag and drop. It doesn’t even support split screen. You have to add one file at a time, rather than a folder. Send to doesn’t support apps like file mail. Just who is this for exactly, because your app is the worst thing I have ever seen. Do you know how to write an app or what??
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5 months ago, Johnny 35765
Nothing like the old Windows WinZip
I downloaded this product with the intent of password protecting documents for distribution. This WinZip for IOS is feeble to say the least. The final straw for me was the error when attempting to open the encrypted file: “The operation couldn’t be completed. Inappropriate file type of format. I was able top cancel this subscription before incurring any charges. The old Windows version that word was free.
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5 years ago, Homeschooling Mother
Stick With Free
I got the Premium because you could delete, now the feature is gone. I was able to highlight and press delete down bottom but now I paid for nothing!
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5 years ago, mcsorange13
Useless when free
The free version of the app never worked for me at all. It never popped up as an option when trying to “open with” files from my email, and didn’t recognize any of the files I already had downloaded. Any time I tried to search for something it just popped up an option to pay for the premium version. I don’t want to pay $5 to download one zipped file. Waste of time.
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12 months ago, woollybe04
WinZip has been around since literally right before Windows 95
They have always been there for me and is a very easy program to operate
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5 years ago, iWinks
In app purchases
This app is listed as not having any in app purchases. Only to find that more that half of the app does nothing. Because it is mimicking the paid version and when you try to do anything it tells you to use the paid version. I don’t mind paying for apps. But don’t trust ones that try to trick me into paying. I’ll take my money elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Stressedcfc
Zip file free version
Worked fine for what I needed and was able to unzip the file and save on my phone. The app worked as intended.
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5 years ago, Vaebnkehn
Simple. Ad Supported (so free). I was even able to zip up Music files and send them! Thank you very much for your app!
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6 years ago, Koiutflycb
Horrible app!
This app is completely cryptic, and is so non-intuitive it’s impossible to use. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to even get a file to show up in the app, but once it was in there I spent two hours trying to unzip it without success...all I got was pop up and was never able to decompress my files.
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3 years ago, johnbale
Awesome app
I’ve been using WinZip for over 20 years great program.
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6 months ago, 831Michael
Wicked awful with iOS
Restarts at random. Some files can be opened in the zip, some not. Interface for iOS makes adding files to include in the zip tedious. Wanted to try using the interface on my mac but cannot move the subscription. Cancelled, uninstall. Do not try again.
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5 years ago, coolyash10
So you can't open anything from Files, because it's a premium feature. And once you've somehow managed to open the file and unzipped it, you can't share it anywhere. It is basically only viewable inside the app! 1 star because that's the lowest possible rating!
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5 years ago, Naruto-san
Its good asf
If you know how to use the application it’ll definitely work for you, very simple and agile, so I love it !
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3 years ago, SilverGurensi
Pretty great with how it works on Ipad and my Iphone!
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4 years ago, usingCigna
Does not work
I tried it on an iPad running iOS 13. It could not find let alone open any zipped files in the iPad Files. There are no missing privileges errors, so this appears to be an application problem. Useless. Too bad 7-zip is not available on iOS.
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5 years ago, nicjthom
Waste of time
As the title says, this app is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t do anything, won’t unzip anything. Every time I try it keeps offering the upgrade. Don’t bother downloading. Had to give 1 star otherwise couldn’t rate, but really not worth any starts!
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4 years ago, TR-Ada
Useless for zip files on iPhone
You made an app thats supposed to open .zip files’s not opening anything i save on my iPhone. Some of us don’t have the luxury of having a laptop computer to download and view .zip files. Im always on the go, man!
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5 years ago, Leavemealone69696969
Hijacks iPhone audio
The app does what it’s supposed to do, but I wish it didn’t take over the iPhone audio and mute my music whenever I launch it.
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7 months ago, TwoCees410
Unzipped folder and can't find where files even are. If you want to move them out of the terrible Winzip file storage (wherever it is) it must be done one by one. Really, really bad.
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6 years ago, marilena0920
downloaded app to hopefully send some pictures but found out can only zip 1 picture as this is a trial version. nowhere in the title or very long description does it state that this is a trial version. very disappointed
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1 year ago, Angie52521
Paid for full version and still nothing works. Please reach out asap.
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5 years ago, Tanya1970
Waist of my time downloading
App useless unless you pay. Asking for password when there was no option to set up password but plenty of offers to buy the full version.
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8 months ago, $45B,ot:/,mm523-MAN
Doesn’t work with voice recordings
The app is missing a way to find and compress voice recordings
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3 years ago, GBsreaction
Just wanted to unzip an embroidery file or a font file, no instruction just request after request to pay for full site for $5 bucks. Why would I do that when I cannot get 1 download un zipped....😡
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5 years ago, Comet353
Does not access local files
iOS has files now and this program does not access. Only accesses my photos and music. Will not upgrade as it can’t do the most basic
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5 years ago, Lunar Dount
Guaranteed the good reviews are fake!
You can even tell by reading them...all the bad review are right. It does almost nothing unless you pay and there’s better cheaper apps out there. Hard pass
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2 years ago, Nicolas tubakao
Fake good reviews
The app is extremely limited and shows many ads. All the good reviews are fake. You can tell from the reviewer’s names. They just do not sound like real people.
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5 years ago, Texas Cowgirl 55
Awful rubbish has no functionality but playing ads.
The free version is utterly worthless for any functionality at all, and seems so hopelessly buggy there’s no way I’d consider paying for it. Free Zip/unzip utilities are too plentiful for that.
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5 years ago, One_hoop
Photos and media only, free version
It is inaccessible through the files app and you can not access files or copy them to the “local” folder. Waste of time for me.
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5 years ago, mvan231
Full version needed to do much
Need to have full version to do much of anything with any files you have unless saved locally
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4 years ago, ShrinkingTyler
I would buy, but it won’t work
Crashes, every single time, right after the advertisement. I have no proof the paid version works if the trial doesnt
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2 months ago, Georgie Porgy, 1st
Failure in technology
If you trusted an app to do what it says it does, to unzip, this one does not and will greatly disappoint.
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5 years ago, geezluiz06dareal1
Just need more free options
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9 months ago, Bubbajones70
Software is somewhat useless for useful matters
Nothing like the old PKzip, winrar or even WINzip from years ago. Can’t even try to fix a partially corrupted file.
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5 years ago, )~(0BG0BL|N
Can’t/won’t open a zip file... saved in my files...
Isn’t that the whole point? Wants me to buy full version when it is so flakey to use? No thanks.
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1 year ago, gone to heck
5 stars if only extracts files into apps
I don’t like that it won’t extract files and turn the files into apps
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5 years ago, xxHighGroundxx
Only Single Use
This app is borderline unusable. I could only unzip a file once. Any other time I tried to unzip an add pops up and even after closing the ad it doesn’t unzip
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3 years ago, F1ben
You don't want the free version.
The free version is more of an ad than a trial. You don't want it if you want an app the does something.
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3 years ago, Swanieseagal
Don’t get
Scam. Let’s you zip, but not unzip. Trying to do so only brings you to a screen so you can buy full version. Don’t buy it, can’t unzip.
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4 years ago, Alli98543
Worthless Unless You Purchase Pro
You can’t really unzip anything or save it anywhere unless you upgrade. Totally unhelpful.
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5 years ago, Rfireguy
Can’t try unless you buy it!
Rip off app that doesn’t allow you to try it! Well I won’t be buying it either!!!!! Beware don’t buy!!
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3 months ago, Rameg55
Does not work; Horrible App
Crappy App; Horrible App ; have to be. Houdini to use this. You get stuck in a circle cycle; can not get out
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3 years ago, The RLS
Been trying to cancel subscription with no luck
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5 years ago, MHalpainy1
The ads stop it from working
The title says it all. I wanted to try it but I deleted it within 2 minutes.
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