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WireGuard Development Team
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1 year ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for WireGuard

4.37 out of 5
682 Ratings
4 months ago, surfman49
VPN works great, some usability enhancements would be good
So far, this has worked very well from the VPN side with a Linux server. If you need other devices (eg. TV device) then WireGuard can be installed on some routers. For this app, I recommend that the on demand functionality remember the prior on/off status after turning on another tunnel. For example, if I have tunnel A set to on demand enabled and I enable tunnel B, then after I disable tunnel B then tunnel A resets to tunnel A DISABLED. I understand that two tunnels cannot be enabled at the same time but at least remember the prior status. Also, I think the shortcuts and split tunneling recommendations that other people have made are good ideas.
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4 years ago, Karnol233
Connection Problem
Dear Wireguard Developers, I've just downloaded Wireguard for iOS on my iPhone X. I found that it could not connect correctly. When I checked the log, I found "Failed to send handshake initiation", "no route to host" error messages. When I further checked the problem, I found that there is no Wireless Setting option in the WireGuard settings page in the iOS settings. I understand that this setting will only appear in iOS devices with Cellular sold in China. Under normal circumstances, China region devices will pop up the user permission to use data when an app first runs or requests to access internet (You can select: off / WLAN Only / WLAN & Cellular Data), but WireGuard does not pop up this alert when it first runs, so the Wireless setting option does not appear in the iOS settings, it results in WireGuard can never use any network (WLAN and Cellular Data). To solve this problem, I'm eagerly recommending that you add a "Import tunnel from url" option (or any option that can trigger internet access request from the app). It will not just function as a new method to import tunnel, but it will also trigger internet access request when used which will trigger the pop-up asking permission to access internet. Please, please, please take this into your consideration! I'm looking forward to getting Wireguard connected on my iPhone and I believe many people have the same issue. Thank you so much!
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2 months ago, Chris(topher)
Works well
I’ve been using Wireguard on my Mac to connect to my home server while away and it’s been working well. I’ve only just now installed it on my iPad to do the same when I’m away without my Mac. I wanted to also install it on my Vision Pro but I’m disappointed to find that this iPad app is not enabled or available for download on the Vision Pro right now. Please make whatever change necessary to at least allow your iPad or iPhone version to run on Vision Pro as many other iPad/iPhone apps do. I understand that there are other Wireguard-conpatible apps available in compatibility mode on Vision Pro so I’ll resort to that if need be but I thought I should at least ask you guys to make yours available. Thanks!
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3 years ago, TrekWiz
On-demand Not Working after iOS 15 update
This app was working great when I disconnected from my WiFi when I had prior versions of iOS; I had it set to automatically connect to the VPN and it did this seamlessly. After the iOS upgrade to iOS 15, this doesn’t automatically connect anymore and I have manually connect using the VPN button in my iPhone settings. I also have to manually disconnect from the VPN when I connect to my home WiFi. I don’t see any WiFi SSIDs show up on the list of WiFi network to exclude. I removed the app and reinstalled the latest version but this did not solve it. This is probably not the developers fault, but I hope they can fix it. It’s a fantastic app, otherwise.
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6 years ago, Wornoutcamel
Fast, Light and Most Importantly—Stable!
As proven by my own experience—Absolutely the single best app for using your WireGuard VPN protocol profiles. The connection is stable and stays connected for days to the tunnel through multiple hops on and off of cellular to and from WiFi networks. It is open source, well supported and absolutely brilliant. This is an incredible asset and wonderfully executed. To all those involved in bringing this app and WireGuard to iOS, thank you! I am an advocate of using VPNs and the OpenVPN protocol and the OpenVPN Connect app for iOS, however, the release of this app changes everything. While this app is not the first WireGuard app in the AppStore, it is the only one I would ever trust—as it was created with the same transparency and openness as the WireGuard protocol itself.
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5 years ago, HeloHead
A remarkable improvement over OpenVPN
[UPDATE2] After two months usage I must confess I'm still impressed. With that said i do have one concern and thats excessive data usage. For the past several years ive been averaging less then 1 GB a month. Since installing wireguard my cellular data usage has exploded. Last month my cellular usage exceeded 5GB and this month its on track to exceed 7GB. Currently i have no explanation as i have not installed any new apps or changed my cellular behavior. My only recourse is to go back to Open VPN and see if my data usage goes back to normal. [UPDATE] After a month of usage i must confess this app & protocol has exceeded all my expectations. To date It has NEVER failed to smoothly transition between wifi and cellular. Ive never had to reboot and performance is predictable based on which VPN server i choose. Im now so confident of its ability i finally removed my OpenVPN client. As a long term (2+ years) OpenVPN user i must confess i tired of all the issues related to transitioning between cellular & wifi. Those days are now in the past. Simple, reliable and trust worthy is what i expect of VPN software and thus far Wireguard has delivered. Thus far i am extremely impressed.
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5 years ago, Sharknado2K
great if you’re up to setting up your own backend
Wireguard is ideal for people who want to set up their own VPN infrastructure rather than trusting someone else’s. Much, much simpler than IPSec or OpenVPN, and very fast. I like that the app can be configured to auto connect on WiFi, cellular, or both. And that you can whitelist or blacklist WiFi SSIDs. However, since upgrading to iOS 13, I’ve found the VPN periodically stalls, preventing any traffic at all. I can get it going again by restarting the tunnel. Not sure if this is a bug in the app or in iOS 13, but it’s pretty frustrating. This wasn’t a problem in iOS 12.x.
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1 year ago, scooterscotty69
Amazingly Simple App - Works Flawlessly!
At less than 5MB this app allows me to use a free WireGuard VPN connection from ProtonVPN while also using NextDNS as my DNS to block trackers, ads, websites and more. It’s the perfect solution, and I use it on my MacBook as well to combine the power of ProtonVPN with NextDNS in a tiny app that runs flawlessly with on-demand always running. The simplicity and lightweight of the app makes it such a simple solution that I don’t even need ProtonVPN or NextDNS installed on my devices. Cheers to the developer of this open source project! Free and open source is the way to go for privacy!
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1 year ago, Leeii15
Needs Passcode Lock for Settings
I love Wireguard as it is very fast and easy to use. One feature that I would like to see is the ability to prevent users from opening the app to make changes to the settings using a passcode lock. Mainly being is that I have family devices that I want to ensure the VPN is connected when they are outside of the network which can be obtained with settings but it doesn’t prevent users from going into the app and making changes to prevent the VPN from connecting.
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4 years ago, jacobnoori
Ahead of Its Time
I’ve been using this app to establish a connection with my WireGuard server at home and today it really sealed the deal for me. I’ve never had issues with instability or dropped connections so I was already impressed but I found out today that you can also do on demand connections with granular control and that blew my socks off. At this time, Apple’s Shortcuts app doesn’t even have the same functionality with any kind of VPN native to the phone. WireGuard protocol and the iOS app are both ahead of the game.
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4 years ago, Carsonise
Make on demand tunnels easier to enable or disable?
Been using this for a few months now and it works great and is very reliable. Haven’t had problems with it. Is it possible to make the on demand tunnels easier to enable or Disable without having to “edit” the profile? Would it also be possible make that available from the phone settings like other VPN providers are able to do? I get that it may not be possible to add that in for the phone’s settings app due to being able to specify the tunnels for cellular or SSID but just being able to switch those on or off with as few steps as possible would be great. Additionally, when switching off the on-demand tunnels for SSID’s, would it be possible for the previously added SSIDs be retained and not lost when the WiFi tunnel is turned back on? Other than that, great work!!
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3 years ago, tmatthews14
Overall? Very functional. Would love Shortcuts integration
This app does a great job building and establishing a WireGuard VPN. Functionally it works great. The UI could use some help. I’d love to see an easier way to view connection status, connection details, and easier ability to view logs (that aren’t hidden on the Settings page). Lastly, integration with Shortcuts would be amazing to be able to automate the VPN connection outside of the WireGuard app.
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5 years ago, Hooverhiker
Wireguard is AWESOME, but VPN app auto-update is huge security risk!
This is not so much a Wireguard problem as it is an Apple problem, but all VPN apps in iOS are vulnerable to the tunnel breaking during auto-update of the VPN app itself. VPN APPS SHOULD NOT AUTO-UPDATE!!!!! How does iOS not have auto-updates configurable per app? VPN apps should NOT AUTO-UPDATE WHILE IN USE WITHOUT USER APPROVAL! VPN auto-update breaks the tunnel even while actively in use, unless iOS is keeping the tunnel alive while removing the VPN GUI indicator from the status bar... What the h3ll Apple?!??
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3 years ago, buddy63737
Battles for proxy control with private internet access app
I just want to connect to a private WireGuard server but not use it as a proxy. This app mistakenly assumes that I want to use it for a proxy. I already use private internet access for proxy, and they’re supposed to be able to coexist, but enabling one disables the other. But when WireGuard is enabled, it doesn’t try to use the WireGuard server as a proxy, the internet works just fine. It’s a strange bug. I hope it gets fixed. Then I’d give WireGuard 5 stars because it does work otherwise.
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3 years ago, Spirit2220
Switching from LTE to Wi-Fi and Vice Versa
I set up the Wireguard VPN to connect on Wi-Fi and Cellular. When I switch from Wi-Fi to cellular manually it connects to the VPN on LTE but does not do a handshake. I have to toggle the VPN off and back on for it to work. When I switch from LTE to a Wi-Fi network that I have the VPN set to NOT connect to when on this particular Wi-Fi network it will keep it on LTE until I go turn the VPN off myself. This is happens in iOS 14.4 and 14.5 beta 2. Not sure if it is iOS or the Wireguard app or both.
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1 month ago, Carlin.S
Smart VPN controls
I love the automatic VPN when on wifi and being able to exclude certain networks, like my home wifi. What I don't like is that it's difficult to update my VPN IP address. My VPN IP sometimes changes weekly and pasting it into the tiny text box with the port number in it is difficult. iOS often doesn't show the paste dialog; I have to carefully only delete the IP portion; I have to double-tap in a tiny space after removing the old IP. There should be a button to directly read the IP address from clipboard. Or better yet, a service I can point DNSomatic at to automatically update it. I also wish it would offer to disable the VPN of its unable to connect after 30-60 seconds.
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5 years ago, ❤ 
Solid connectivity but a drain on battery
This client is super solid! Very fast connect time and reliable throughout the day switching between networks. The only problem is it’s a big drain on my battery. Overnight with low battery mode on, airplane mode with WiFi enabled, it used 25% of the battery in 8 hours. Uninstalled and went back to an IPSec tunnel and battery drain was single digit percent for the same time frame.
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2 years ago, ipodchrish
Kind of spotty in iOS 16
The app seems to have gotten spottier in iOS 16. Can’t seem to view the log as it will disappear after loading it. Seems to fail at connecting sometimes where there weren’t any problems in iOS 15. Hopefully gets addressed quickly. Otherwise WireGuard is a fantastic, free solution for simple VPNs. Would recommend.
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3 years ago, jason@PH
On demand is broken
WireGuard works well on my phone, except for it’s primary purpose…which in my case is on demand (automatic) connection to my VPN. This has been broken for some time and I have waited since COVID began for an update to address this. But so far, nothing has been fixed. Judging by all the posts on forums, I’m far from the only person to have this problem. Please update the app to address automatic connections using iOS 14 or higher! It would then be a five star app…
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5 months ago, Xizts
Fast, Efficient, and Convenient
I have used a variety of different protocols for VPN to my home but WireGuard has been the most stable and provided the best speeds. The app barely touches my battery and it’s convenient to have the on demand feature to connect to my VPN when I am on untrusted WiFi networks. WireGuard is simply the best.
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4 years ago, nobodyhome44
I’ve been through the weeds with vpns such as open, but hands down, Wireguard is where it’s at. For anyone having issues check your network interface settings: they depend upon your network routers because this works at the IP layer. If you understand Linux networking layers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Rock solid; keep up the good work team!
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5 years ago, Preston Lanier
Needs Shortcut Support
Works great but desperately needs Apple Shortcut support so that users can automatically enable a WireGuard profile based upon conditions. For example, I would like to be able to set up a Shortcut that enables my WireGuard profile when I am on any wireless network but my home network. Otherwise, thanks for the great app and protocol.
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4 years ago, dbgbxavh u
Easy on iPhone, Difficult on Linux
When connecting on iPhone, it was just a couple of clicks, but on Linux, the default guide on the website kept giving me errors and I had to find help on other websites. I did not appreciate the fact that WireGuard itself was wrong when it came to connecting on Linux. Other than that, low power and extremely fast protocol.
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3 years ago, jmac93427
Absolutely the best VPN for ease of use!
What can I say that hasn’t been said? I’ve been running WireGuard for a couple of years now, initially on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ alongside PiHole. I migrated everything seamlessly over to a Raspberry Pi 4 that’s running several other apps simultaneously. I’ve never EVER had a problem with WireGuard. Solid as a rock. Stable. Dependable. Zero complaints. 100% recommended.
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1 year ago, jtgamer715
Using this to connect to PiHole server. Works great. I would like to see a feature added. Can you add a lock pin for parental control. I want to force my kids to use the vpn when away from home. A pin to restrict access to turn off the vpn or edit config files would make this perfect.
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1 year ago, Lesterw1
The worse part about this app is there is no way to tell is the VPN is connected. You slide a switch and simply hope. The switch will happily show Green even if it is not fully connected. Also the log page does not work. It instantly disappeared when you open it - so good luck trying to see it. When it does connect, it seems to work great. But for the zero feedback on connection status and the inability to view the log page, 1 star.
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3 years ago, the brain of j
Was great until iOS 15
Now the on-demand functionality is totally broken. I leave my personal Wi-Fi network and in the old days WireGuard would connect automatically, but now, nothing. If I manually connect, it doesn’t disconnect when I get back to my home Wi-Fi even though it’s listed on ‘except this ssid’. These issues took WireGuard from something that worked smoothly and seamlessly in the background to something that is annoying and doesn’t behave like it should.
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3 years ago, npburns224
Enable On-Demand concurrently on multiple profiles
I would like to see the ability to enable On-Demand concurrently on multiple profiles. I’d like to route my traffic through a split-tunnel when on a trusted WiFi network or cellular connection and through a full-tunnel when on an untrusted WiFi network.
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5 years ago, TheOfficeScranton
Keeps disconnecting
I’d like my VPN to be on all the time, but for some reason, it keeps disconnecting every so often. So I have to set reminders every couple of hours to make sure it’s still connected to my VPN’s server. Not sure why. Once this issue is fixed I’ll be bumping it up a star or two, but for the time being, it’s not very user friendly or convenient that I have to check in on it every hour or so to make sure it’s still connected.
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2 years ago, Charlie49582
Much faster than OpenVPN
Better, newer, etc. A bug I found: the on-demand feature doesn’t work as expected. I have it set for on-demand on all wifi except the SSID of my home network. However, it autoconnects to every wifi, including the “excluded” one.
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3 years ago, prioriophil
Excellent reliability
WireGuard for iOS is super reliable, simple to use, and as customizable as you’d expect. On demand doesn’t seem to be working on iOS 15 anymore but I leave it on all the time anyway so it doesn’t matter much.
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2 years ago, Varenc
Best VPN solution around
Super easy to use iOS app once you’ve setup a Wireguard server. Wireguard servers are super easy to setup and quite secure. I love that it’s impossible to even detect the presence of a Wireguard server on a particular host. Thanks for making such a slick iOS app too. Cheers
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2 years ago, Neiporliang
Requires Shortcut Support
I hope it can support turning off or opening a configuration file in a shortcut, so that you can automatically turn on wireguard when you leave home and turn off wireguard on the specified network (such as at home).
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11 months ago, JBlongzX
The best VPN tunnel for custom needs.
Easy to reach different local networks when abroad with no noticeable latency added. I run tunnels to Cudy routers running WireGuard server. I took one star because the on-demand activations feature does not work recently. Hope it gets fixed.
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4 years ago, coastalpanda
Good client needs improvement
Overall a good client, easy to use and light on battery life. My main issue is that it doesn’t handle network changes well when switching back and forth from WiFi to cellular - the vpn remains connected but traffic doesn’t route through the vpn after network switching
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6 years ago, Joes tavern shack
Pure Simplicity
Whoa, this protocol is much faster than OpenVPN. Product is in Alpha build so beware that it still is in the early stages of development and testing, but so far my connection has been fast and stable. A speed test confirmed a 2.5x speed improvement inside the VPN tunnel.
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3 years ago, jemcgrath
Does not work correctly
WireGuard works great on MacOS, no major issues. However something is up with the iOS version, appears to connect to server, but does not pass traffic through correctly via wifi or LTE The same connection setup for MacOS works fine to the same server. Developers!!! Take a look please something is not right. Back to OpenVPN for me until this can be resolved
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5 years ago, Jstelar
Getting Worse
Still better than OpenVPN but after some updates I noticed a higher battery consumption. It’s not my battery life normally decreasing. I can confirm going to Battery in Settings and seeing WireGuard app showing among the first apps (at 4%). Before wasn’t even 1%. This on standby.
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11 months ago, WG ghy
Good app overall but log display flashes and disappears.
Having been using the app for a while. In general good app when it works. But the log display is buggy: the log flashes and disappears, making troubleshooting hard.
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1 month ago, Dave with the shirt
On-demand feature is nice. Would be a game-changer if split-tunnel was a feature.
Some apps (mainly GPS, music streaming, etc) have trouble over VPN connections. Would be nice if there was a way to set up split-tunneling.
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1 year ago, Bottleworks
It works great and is fast. The only odd thing is that the log blanks out when viewing it. You have to save it and view it elsewhere. Thanks for making this!
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3 years ago, Enig123
Net traffic doesn't route with latest version
Not to mention that I have lost previous configuration after upgrade to iOS 15, the latest wireguard can get handshake with the server, however no network traffic was able to route to wireguard server. Hope this will be fixed with next version.
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3 years ago, RofflesTheMighty
Great until it lost all my settings
I love WireGuard, and it’s been great. However, I’ve just upgraded to ios 15 and it lost all my configuration settings. It’s a bit of an extra pain because I’m currently traveling abroad and have no way of getting my settings back
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6 years ago, lonnie2.71828
World-class WireGuard
Thanks for bringing the world-class WireGuard VPN to iOS ! There is simply no better VPN offering this simplicity, security and efficiency. Battery consumption is less than with other VPN types, and tunnel throughput is much higher on my embedded router endpoint than with other VPN types.
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8 months ago, GK8023
I hope that the professionals of the team can update it as soon as possible and can't integrate other devices well.
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1 year ago, Snookered123
Log data shows briefly, then screen goes blank.
As described in the title, when I go to settings and click “View Log” it briefly shows data and then the data disappears.
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2 years ago, henry5150
Needs lock to turn on and off
Great app, would love to see the ability to password protect the ability to turn it on and off.
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8 months ago, FreeStyLeR83
Easy on battery life
WireGuard iOS app is so optimized that it barely consumes any battery. I would like to thank the devs for their work. Request, if I may; Please bring Apple TV app 🙏
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3 years ago, Scooter-IT Debit
Still shows IP address of my cellphone ISP
Its lightning fast and works very wel with my Untangled router. However despite restarting my iPhone and various trouble shooting techniques when I check my public iP address it shows the iP of my cellphone provider and not that of my home ISP. This flaw discloses my country and area so I cant fake it to be still in the USA blocking me from accessing many sites and services that are unavailable in the location where I am.
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4 years ago, LAX20531
Crash crash crash
I’ve tried going from Zip file to WG as well as retrieving the file from WG and both instances crash the app. I did find that repeating the process continually will eventually load the entire import. Just keep importing the file until it returns a message that 0 of (total networks) were loaded. The log has nothing usable.
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