WJAR Radar

4.7 (999)
66.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WJAR Radar

4.73 out of 5
999 Ratings
12 months ago, Israqua
Great app!
It’s my go-to for weather both local and when traveling. I use it daily. I love the local feel and weather videos from the Turnto10 team.
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8 months ago, Medrosman
Good basic weather app
This is a solid basic weather app. Wish there was an option to pay for a version without ads. The only really down side so far is the red colored high temperature numbers in the daily view. I have a really tough time trying to read those numbers. The white color shows up much, much better against the blue background.
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4 months ago, Mrs. Leclair
Weather app review
The app could be improved by adding the predicted rain fall amounts per hour. Also as someone with asthma it you be great the see the daily air quality index listed as quick info under each week day tab. Thank you for the quality temperature and weather information.
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5 months ago, cummy man
I’ve depended on Chanel 10 weather for decades. My husband had a landscaping business and Chanel 10 made our life easier. The Hydroseed needed time to set before rain.
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5 years ago, xMacx
Work great
Follows you location for specific weather updates, and has the most recent web forecast right in the app.
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6 years ago, PatterheadJG2214
Worked until
I updated it. Now I have to open and close it multiple times for it to turn on. If it does then. Before the update it was great. Checked it everyday. I’ll keep it another week to see if it fixes itself. UPDATE: works perfectly again. Thanks!
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6 years ago, josh_dick2021
The new update finally supports the iPhone X screen and I must say this app just keeps getting better and better!! Keep it up Channel 10!
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11 months ago, Pking2322
The best weather app. It’s easy to navigate and accurate.
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12 months ago, Dad Likes Ginger Beer
Good but Slooooooow
It’s excruciating to wait for it to open. It takes so long, my phone goes dark waiting for it. Once the phone goes dark, you then have to start the process all over again.
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12 months ago, MikeyBn
It no longer shows the previous hours radar.I miss that information.
No lo
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12 months ago, HDGlider
Needs improvement
The daily forecast has dark red temps on in blue background. The contrast ratio is so poor, most days you can’t read the temps. The map will display clouds and rain intermittently. Most of the time it’s just the map with no clouds or precipitation
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11 months ago, acedawg411
Review App
Great weather app
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3 days ago, Dolatly
Griggs and brown ants need to go!
Need to remove the ants crawling around on our screens. First, I thought it was a real ant and nearly dropped my phone! Please! I do enjoy the other aspects of the app but hesitant to select your app because of it. Thank you
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12 months ago, Popw13
Please … color change
Actually like the app. One negative- VERY difficult to read the “red” ( highest) temperature. Please make it a more readable color
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3 years ago, TeamOrange
Take forever to open!!
Absolutely ridiculous that it takes 10 seconds to load/open the app, trash!!!
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12 months ago, A&O&T&L
Radar does not always work.
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4 years ago, ghetsvrutb
Have to reinstall
Have to delete and reinstall at least 1x week. Horrible app.
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3 years ago, Allagash17
Great App .......but
It’s a great app, just give us the option of getting rid of the Advertising !!!
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11 years ago, 631Prescott
Works for me!
Great local app. Can find out sunrise/sunset times and quick summary for the next 10 days if you click on an individual day on the 10 day window. That and the future radar make this my primary weather app.
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9 years ago, QAE.Analyst
Good App
My favorite weather app on iPad and just downloaded it for my phone. The negative reviews must from competitors. Has forecast both with radar and daily. Future radar good for coastal storm tracking.
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12 years ago, wpt02790
Has great radar plus 10 day and hourly forecast best one ive tried! Better than weather channel
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9 years ago, Bangsmith
Good App
This is a great local alternative to national weather apps. It could use a few more options, like weather blogs and better video, but it is still worth having.
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8 years ago, I don't want a Nickmame
Latest update made it a whole new app. Straightforward and loaded with info. I love it!
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8 years ago, Juju12756
App won't open any longer
I used to like this app then it stopped opening. At first I thought it was just while I was at work but and then it wouldn't do it at home either and I tried deleting it and reloading it everything still won't open.
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11 years ago, AlecDSilva
Great app. But needs iPhone 5 update!
I would give this app a 5 star rating but it doesn't fit my iPhone 5. Once that is fixed it can get the 5 star rating!
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10 years ago, caitlyndes
it works well and accurately and it is really nice how it is for the local Rhode Island area
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12 years ago, Sick ipone4
It is good for knowing weather in rhode island
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9 years ago, Want my forecast
Where is the forecast
The web forecasts are not current, nor do they have any dates next to them. What happened to the written forecasts?
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9 years ago, Eileenjane
Video forecast
What is wrong with the video weather forecast. It has not been updated for 2 weeks.
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9 years ago, Bored at soccer practice
Last update killed it
Just updated and now it crashes on startup can't use it at all
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9 years ago, Katclemm
What is going on with this app??? Not liking it... Where's the forecast??
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5 years ago, Tanakia
Worse! Don't update
6/25/19. Update now has terrible map view. Dark and Light versions are the cheap map version that was used years ago by many websites, even before apps were created. Satellite view is ridiculously hard to read and the zoom is so inconsistant and frustrating that I nearly threw my ipod against the wall! The zooming in or out movement is either delayed, so you do it again and end up some level of zoom that isn't at all what you want, or it zooms so fast that once again you end up where you don't want to be. To add insult to injured eyeballs, the map now uses the wrong colors for wx alerts. Example: Severe Thunderstorm Watch boxes are now red, just like the Tornado Watch boxes are most everywhere else. All Wx apps created by Sinclair Broadcasting, which does this one, are like this. I had previously purposely gotten their Wx apps because their maps were the best. I wish now that I had never updated. If they'd shown an accurate pic on App Store page, (which shows the old map version, hence false advertising), I'd never have done it.
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