WKRN Weather Authority

3.3 (113)
67.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
LIN Television Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKRN Weather Authority

3.27 out of 5
113 Ratings
3 years ago, Sayrah1987
Used to be pretty good but annoying now
I am so sick and tired of hearing “this is Danielle Breezy with another update”. It’s so annoying I’m about to delete the app. Now the banner notifications say there’s a tornado warning in my area but doesn’t say the county unless I open the app. This does nothing to help me. Other local stations put what county in the notification so we know it’s close to us. I opened the app on this last alert today that is supposedly for my area and it’s over 2 hours away from me. Not helpful at all. I don’t have time to keep opening the app to check
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4 months ago, oldguytimes
This app is wonderful, between the traffic updates in the morning, the little mini weather update videos, and the alerts, there’s not much else you could want. My whole family LOVES the “This is New 2 meteorologist Danielle Breezy, LIGHTNING has been detected for your location!” Having those little alerts pop up out of the blue makes my day, as we are all big Danielle Breezy fans and constantly check the weather anyway. This is an app I keep on my phone all the time, it never gets deleted!
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6 years ago, Rose Petty
I liked it better before
The app itself is fine. Works as intended. A few too many ads but I get it. But why do my push notifications have to say “I’m chief meteorologist Danielle Breezy and you have a new weather alert”. Just give me a sound like before. Half the time the “alert” is to watch the news. Good word. I really enjoy it after I’m bed for the night. Just stop. I’m tired of hearing her voice constantly. To the point I’m considering deleting an app I’ve had forever. It’s that annoying.
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3 years ago, Land0of0Lee
Fix your app!!!!!!!!
I want to like this app, I really do. During the tornado warnings on March 25th this app would alert me almost 10 minutes after the weather radio went off. The other problem is that when you do finically get the alert I have to go into the app, wait for it to upload, wait for an Ad them get the warning! We would be dead if we relied solely on this app. Plus when we were watching WKRN once it got close to where we live, they stopped forcasting! We still had a tornado warning! We are in the viewing area!!!! This happened last year with the tornado. People died last year!!! We had dear friends lose family and homes. If I could give no stars I would. You need to fix the issues.
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1 year ago, angledangle420
A million notifications
I wanted this app to keep me up to date on emergency weather notifications, but I get literally like 30+ notifications for a watch or warning, and often for areas not even close to me, which is dangerous because then I don’t take the warnings as seriously since they don’t always affect me. You need to majorly fix this! It’s dangerous! People might not pay attention to warnings if there’s too many. And idk why it gives dozens of notifications in a row but it’s annoying
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3 years ago, Puente2473333
Great App... Other Than The False Tornado Warnings
Use and love the app, appreciate the quick info (not so much the ads loading in life & death situations) and heads up overall. Unfortunately over the past couple of months I’ve received ‘tornado warning in our area’.. and there’s nada, nilch, zero warnings on my Weatherscope app. Get the tornado warning bug out, nix the adverts in serious situations and it’d be a five star app.
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1 year ago, ivegottacrush
Love this app. Always good to know what is coming and have time to get you and your family in a safe place if needed. You can set which alerts you want and turn them off when you don’t. Not sure how alerts can be annoying especially when it could save your life. I recommend it
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4 years ago, DGTN
Used to work good, now? Not so much.
I used to get sounds for alerts, now all I get is Danielle Breezy informing me of a weather alert even though my settings are for sounds. Trust me, if a tornado is bearing down on me, I don’t want hear Danielle telling me to check my app. I’ve used this for years but am really disappointed as of late. When the last round of storms/tornados came through, I didn’t even get an alert and that’s not acceptable. Thankfully we weren’t affected by the tornadoes, but to not even get a storm alert? Not good.
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7 years ago, Retired USN CPO
Location and ads
I really liked this app before the last update. Now it insists I keep my location on all the time, instead of when I'm just using the app. Also the ads pop up at inconvenient times, like when you are trying to see the map, to check where severe weather is. The ads should be removed or at least give the user an option to turn them off. I find this to be a safety issue, since I use this to help keep my family safe.
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2 years ago, Sydtysts
Constant weather clickbait
People download these apps for important weather updates, but the app spams you constantly with nonsense alerts that are half a state away or completely benign. It is gross to pop up with “new tornado warning in your area” every 20 minutes when the warnings are actually several counties away. How am I supposed to know when there are actually warnings near me? This is counter intuitive and actually causing more risk. Danielle Breezy has cried wolf so many times that I’m now deleting the app.
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3 years ago, 3351:)
Having some major issues with the app. Even though location is always on it won’t use my location. It keeps the weather on a location that is far from where I live. Also wish I could find a way to set it to severe weather alerts to my location only. I don’t like getting every weather notification that’s comes out. I don’t need notifications every 2-3 minutes about the severe weather in places hundreds of miles from me.
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6 years ago, Chicago0123
Has downfalls but good
Weather team in Nashville updates the videos frequently throughout the day which is great. App / layout is ok though but everyone seems to use that same format theses days so oh well. The same pop up ad is insanely annoying every time it takes up the whole screen and sometimes wont close on my iPhone X! Fix please.
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2 years ago, Candace828
Used to like it
I used to love this app but lately I’ll get notifications that say “there’s a tornado warning in your area” when it’s no where near. I’ve tried and tried to change settings so that I only get alerts for my selected areas. Also, I’m not sure if the app was recently updated but every time I try to load the app the last few days it crashes. Going to be deleting it!!
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2 years ago, Sandincreek
Oh for the good ol’ app
WKRN has been my go to channel and weather app for many years but I am considering changing that. The weather app has been declining in both performance and functionality - no radar in the midst of storms for instance - and with this last update it doesn’t even open! 😕
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3 years ago, parks ☺︎︎
it’s ok
i have no problem with it EXECPT sometimes it’s not accurate like on the map it’ll say it’s raining but it’s actually not raining, just cloudy. and when there’s a tornado warning sometimes it doesn’t put it on the map till later.
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3 years ago, Yourgrandpawouldhateapple
This isn’t it.
This is the first time for severe weather since I installed this app. I’m getting tornado warnings “in your area” that are for cities 50 miles away. Then I open the app and have to watch the video to see where the warning is. Next app….
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4 years ago, mmbgse
App quit working suddenly
App in the past few days constantly says “This application is not available in your current location” every time I try to open it. I have used this app for years and never had this occur and now the app won’t even open for me at all. Even after redownloading. I haven’t moved and still live in middle Tn. It just suddenly doesn’t work. Fix this please as it’s utterly useless now.
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1 year ago, Agrios.
Hire a Product Designer
Downloaded this app due to a tornado warning in Nashville but as soon as I opened it I wanted to delete it. WAY too much information being thrown in your face and it’s impossible to understand what you should be focusing on. Looks like they’re cramming as much info in there as possible without any intentionality. They’d benefit greatly from hiring a product designer to fix this
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3 years ago, New phone123987
Why would you make a human voice notification
App works ok maybe great but a standard tone sound for alerts is best. Can’t have this thing talking at me all hours of the day and night. A tone is non intrusive. A sentence of speech is more intrusive. Thank you.
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3 years ago, freeman tom
Tom Freeman, Williamson Co resident
This WKRN weather app is a great help to our family! WKRN weather alerts are helping our family be prepared for any change in weather around the clock. Well done team WKRN!
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1 year ago, Crash2.0
Bad update
You used to be able to see the last couple of hours on the radar and see how the weather is trending. Now you can only see the present and the prediction. I prefer to see the track of storms as opposed to where they currently are, to me this is useless.
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3 years ago, titanskol
This is a very good app
When I use the app I get great quality and accurate weather reports overall this is a great app to have
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3 years ago, "D.Breezy"
Grateful with caveat
Too many warnings about heavy rains outside. Makes me very annoyed that often only 15 minutes apart! Video clips too frequent. Suggestion- use audio to lead with areas/counties affected
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2 months ago, Tinkertay
The most ridiculous app of all weather apps.
Installed it to keep track of potential tornado warnings instead I got continuous updates of 4 different weather events in 1 minute. I even adjusted my settings to only tornado warnings. Next thing was “you have new storm tracker updates” I’m uninstalling this app as soon as I write this review.
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3 months ago, Linda729
Poor alerts
I keep getting rain/ lightning alerts when there is nothing on the radar and not a cloud in the sky. Very frustrating!
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7 years ago, JamieSnyder21
Great update!
Love the facelift! Nice job! Love the daily videos as always. But need to lose the pop-up ads ... very annoying. Thanks for the great app ... morning videos are part of my daily routine. Keep it coming!
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10 years ago, *geeky~gamer~chic*
Closes out during peak times!
This is a great app for checking temperatures and radar...BUT...during storms and extreme weather it constantly closes out and won't work. Like tonight during the storms, I can close out the app and try over and over to open it then it will close right back. The same thing happened not long ago on a stormy day when there were school closings. This is a design flaw that needs to be fixed!
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6 years ago, cepmama
I used have used this app for several years and preferred it to all others I have tried. However the update is cumbersome, slow and difficult to maneuver. I will be searching for another app that is more user friendly.
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7 years ago, KTMoy
It’s okay but ....
This update is fine but it doesn’t rotate when I have my device in the landscape position. The ads will rotate do but the content will not . If you fix the lock you have on the screen rotation for your content that would be great.
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7 years ago, tcoombes
Livestream of newscasts freezes every 5 min
The app is great except the livestream of the newscasts seems to freeze about every 5 minutes. When it does, I have to open my phone, restart the app, navigate to the livestream, and start it up again.
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2 years ago, TnAngel1
Not accurate anymore
This USE to be the best weather app but now it’s way off every time.. we get rain and radar shows clear , the forecast is never what it says . Sadly i have to find another more accurate one . Go Vols !
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3 years ago, Jada Plant
Love it
This is the only weather app I use love it
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6 years ago, RedCotton
Radar is lacking
The radar it to delayed. You would get blown away by the time it updates.
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4 years ago, Theboys0001
Ads are more important!
Each time we have lost power and are sitting in a closet trying to get weather, we get repeated ad pop ups! We can’t ever seem to get the important information we need.
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5 years ago, Duckcsm
Background color
I liked it better with the green background. The black is hard to see. Other than that it’s a good app and works very good.
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3 years ago, Matt_15012
The funny man. That’s it. He makes my morning.
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7 years ago, Wde1856
Another good app ruined
New update=can’t find anything you want easily. Very disappointed. Will probably delete when I finish this review. Ugh.
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4 years ago, kcm2014
Good app. BUT
It keeps telling me this app does not work in my area even though I live in middle Tennessee so I’m not sure what the problem is. Please fix
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4 years ago, robboy6023
App goes blank
App will not stay up during severe weather.
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9 years ago, Shangirl1234
Good weather app
The main screen has several boxes to swipe thru including: daily forecast, hourly forecast, radar, latest school closing, latest blogs, latest weather video forecasts. Accurate local weather. I was using Yahoo weather for general use but with bad storms coming in, I prefer this app to give me better information and updates.
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10 years ago, Johnsonboys3
Rarely works :(
I LOVE this app....when it works. It always shuts down on me though, especially during storms. If y'all can fix the glitches then it will be amazing, but until then I've had to download other weather apps. Honestly I do like your layout and uses the very best....so please fix it!
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11 years ago, Nbleak21
Better then many Pay Apps!!!
I was skeptical picking up a news channel's weather app, fearing it would only give me the most mundane of information, but this app is great! A Full Featured app that is easy to navigate, at a cost that is, well, none! This app will be replacing my NOAA weather radar Plus app for everyday use!
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10 years ago, HeyitRach
Please fix.
I LOVEEE this app, but since the latest update it never works for me. It occasionally worked at first, but now when I open it it doesn't show anything but the face. This weather all has been the most helpful to me since I downloaded it so please fix the bugs that are in the system. I really don't want to have to look for another one. Thank you so much!!
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11 years ago, markhiram
This App is unbelievable! Everything you need in regards to the weather! I'm very thankful for this app since I am a property director that makes decisions to salt before opening my facilities or close due to inclement weather! Thanks WKRN!!
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7 years ago, Bitterproffit
Privacy Issues
Used to work great but now it insists that I allow it to track my movements whether I'm on the app or not in order for it to continue to work. If I have it set to 'location while using app it will no longer work'. Too creepy.
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10 years ago, Naenae1971
Worthless since latest upgrade
Always used this app but since the latest upgrade it only works about 5% of the time. When trying to use it the information never loads it continually keeps searching! I read that optimal use is with iPhone 5. Which stinks because not EVERYONE has the 5. Please fix!
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10 years ago, Tango05
Used to be good
I used to love this app & rely on it daily. I live in Murfreesboro, and whatever weather station is 'closest' to us-in Smyrna- is obviously faulty. It will be stuck at 32* as the current temperature, if it even registers a temperature at all. Unreliable and has become useless to me. Deleted app today.
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11 years ago, mylf
This app is beautiful and easy to use! Finally a weather app from my favorite local channel!
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11 years ago, Kaydaver
Not good
Has a fixed weather key banner middle of screen that is very intrusive to main image. Pins my location plus unknown location 150 miles away for some unknown reason. Past and future radar is useless - current would be enough.
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10 years ago, happylady5
Doesn't work after last update
This app is great and helpful but since the latest update, it isn't working at all. I even deleted it and reinstalled but that didn't help. Disappointed. Hoping it gets fixed soon!
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