WKYC Weather

4.7 (5.3K)
59.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WKYC Weather

4.74 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Orkidlady
Was a great app!
I loved this app previously but in the last few days it keeps getting stuck at the opening screen. ThennI need to close phone down. Reinstalling so we will see. This app has been super reliable for years. I was one of the first to download it. But lately not so great. Also the icon is just stupid. While it’s the new logo I hate it. I don’t even watch Channel 3 much since the revamp and now watch Channel 5. The new format for the news is just toooo........ reminds me of the gimmicky Channel 19 news. Someone sold you guys down the river. UPDATE: Two weeks later and after reinstall it’s still crashing. So sad as this was my fav app. Now I am installing another stations app.
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4 years ago, Deemiller60
Why such a low rating!?
Granted, I’ve only had this app for a short time but I don’t understand the low ratings. So far, I really like it! At the very first screen it gives me all of the info that I want to know. Wind speed, temp, live radar etc.. Most weather apps make you scroll through different screens to get all of that info. If you want to look at your current weather more in depth, that is also available. Ignore the bad stars and give this one a try!
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5 years ago, MJG2
App crashes on startup
Update: As a last resort, tried deleting and reinstalling the app. This finally allowed the app to run without crashing, but I lost all of my saved locations in the process. Cleaner look with better control over map appearance and overlays is nice improvement. —- Same issue as reported weeks ago by others. Splash screen displays then app disappears. (Wish I read the reviews before updating). App appears to be still running in background, but if I try to foreground it, it displays the splash screen for a few seconds and disappears again. Why is this fatal error not fixed yet?
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6 years ago, wkyc regular
Bring back old app
My favorite app, WKYC weather, doesn’t work any more. I loved it when traveling and while at home. Tried to reinstall and read reviews that an upgrade has wiped out the effectiveness of this app. I can’t turn it on any more. Do I have to go to another Cleveland channel’s app? Please restore old app! A WKYC regular
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4 years ago, Tmobioo
WKYC continues it’s downward spiral
I’m not sure who they’re trying to appeal to, but it’s certainly not the segment of viewers who want, and need, the news and weather that are delivered professionally without focusing on their TV “personalties”. It is substandard by every measure. Take a hard look at other markets in other cities and glean the professionalism there. Please, you owe it to the Cleveland Viewers. As for you App performance, it doesn’t perfom well at all, and hadn't for years! Fire your developer and get it on track. You needn’t look too far to find a Cleveland weather app that works well.
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2 years ago, Bastiaise
I’ve been using this app for years. I also used to watch the morning video of the weather daily. But now, the videos are no longer daily and one can see that they are an after though from someone. Why have videos if you are not going to update them morning and evening like in the old days? Very disappointing that in the era of instant news, this app has fallen behind.
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4 years ago, weatherconsciousguy
Radar difficulty
Love everything EXCEPT the radar transition from present to future which is always inaccurate. For example, the major storm that DID go through the Cleveland area today (Nov 15th) about 5pm was shown roaring thru Toledo / Sandusky... but disappearing completely before hitting the Akron area.
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4 years ago, Flyfanatic
Quick Response
This app is the best weather app. Quick loading and lots of data. I use it every day.
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4 years ago, busygal52
My Go-To Weather App
This has been my go-to weather app for years, and I have recommended it to many others. Thanks for an app that shows the weather without having ads placed over top and dividing the screen. I have to say though, I do miss the 4 seasons graphic that used to show when the app was opened. ☹️
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3 years ago, dmg16023
Figured out why it locks up
I have had the same problems listed by others - the app locks up upon opening and won’t load. I recently installed an ad blocker and tried suspending it, which allowed the app to work normally. Problem solved.
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5 years ago, Amrap5901
Color codes provide very little info
Does a regular person test your updates? How can one possibly see rain or snow tracks through the purple or red areas of the weather advisories ? Blue is the color for snow. You programmed lavender to represent the advisory area. I cannot see the progression of snow in blue through the lavender area. I cannot believe this is the first time someone has brought this to your attention. If no one has, you cannot state that “we haven’t heard of this problem before”
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3 days ago, digg_nation
Weather forecast unreliable
I like the app for the radar, and while I do not expect a long range forecast to be accurate I would think a 24 hour forecast would be accurate. I work outdoors and need to know how to prepare for the day. Even a reliable 12 hour forecast would be helpful.
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5 years ago, Bizzibizzibizza
Who designed the icon?
I updated the apps on my phone, and thought the WKYC weather app was removed. The new icon doesn’t make sense. A big 3 in a circle? How is that relatable to weather? I use the app on all of my devices and like it. I like the ability to change the layers and radar.
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5 years ago, m37373737
Seems faster, but new generic icon?
The loading time seems improved with the latest update, but a generic number 3 in a circle is an odd icon. The old icon was clearly identifiable with the local channel 3’s branding and the word “weather.”
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2 years ago, JohnPerko
Old bug still there
When the app is open, about half the time it opens only at the top half of the screen. This is on an iPad Pro with iOS 15.7. This has been happening for years. Am I the only one who sees this?
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11 months ago, Irish Santa
You need to do something to fix it.
Keeps crashing. During the last storm the radar showed nothing even though Betsy was telling us a sever storm was coming. The future radar bar freezes all the time. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, JCU 64
Weather Warnings
Very helpful. Great warning alerts. Have been very helpful when we were out of town on vacation.
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5 years ago, gloriaRN
Lines on storm tracks now too thin
I do not like the latest update to this app, the lines on the storm tracks are now so thin, they blend in with other things on the map. I have to blow up the area of the storm so much, I can’t get a good summary of what is headed where. What was wrong with the old storm track overlay? Nothing! Recode this.
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4 years ago, moyra b.
My “ go to “ weather source
I utilize the radar not only for the local area but nationwide also
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2 years ago, lkantura
WKYC weather app
Great go to app. Since iOS 16, doesn’t open first tap on iPad Pro. Close and then opens on second try. Annoying. Otherwise would rate 5.
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4 years ago, KCR57
Good app
Usually great app. Only complaint is when the BLOG doesn’t work. I enjoy it for short news blurbs.
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6 years ago, Sk00077
Like it, but it could be much better. *Please add the wind direction feature on the map as continued moving arrows. This is important in Lake Effect snow events. *Please add dark color map style. *Lightning feature is useless most of the time.
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5 years ago, ugliest dude
Good but needs bug fixes
I like this app pretty well but it needs bug fixing because it keeps freezing and it takes a little bit of time to load
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1 month ago, Therealm80
Doesn’t Load Radar
During a storm it doesn’t load the radar and the timeline is just question marks! Please fix it’s my favorite app
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5 years ago, Scout Walker
Need old app
Cannot track storms with such a dark map background.
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4 years ago, Coppiririri
Best Weather App
Can see anywhere in USA, and since I’m a traveler, I love it.
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4 years ago, toobusytoorder
Many advantages
This app is convenient and easy to use. On my deviceThis app is convenient and easy to use it loads rather slowly This app
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1 year ago, Big Pepc
Good Weather app
If an MLB team is the WKYC Weather app, then it is worth it, however, it would be very helpful to be able to set CLE Airport.
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2 years ago, AT_Dreamer
Was a great weather app and could also get news headlines in the blog, but the blog no longer works.
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5 years ago, slm1968
Upgraded and now the app will never open It was my go to for weather but need to find something else now because it never works.
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6 years ago, stop making me your pawn
Great new map experience
Great new map experience. A black screen with a dot and no map whatsoever. I’ve used the app for years, I guess we’re done and install one from another local station. iPhone X ios12
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4 years ago, Headzeo
Works great
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5 years ago, Pintastic pinner
Undo the update
I used to absolutely love this app, until the last update. Now it’s terrible! The graphics are awful. It crashes. The forecasts are off. Please undo the update!
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11 months ago, Baller295755
The radar isn’t even close to accurate. I’d give it 0 stars if it was possible
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4 years ago, Salmonfly Gramp
Great to have local info.
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5 years ago, OOC girl
This is my favorite weather app too, getting stuck on home screen. Hope your fixing it, I’m lost without it!!!
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4 years ago, SexyAndyKnowsIt
Much Wow, Such Great
Rain snow and oh hail no. It’s a nice radar map
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5 years ago, JenJewel22222
For years I used this app. Now the map is awful. There aren’t any indicators on the map. No street names or cities. Time to move on.
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5 years ago, AnneMarieR
No longer works
Quit working after the last update.
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5 years ago, fqatzob
App crashed
Updated on May 3rd... Splash screen goes to closed. Tab is open underneath but bringing it up goes back to the splash screen to closed...lather rinse repeat.
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4 years ago, Chris Morrison 1241
“A 5 star review”
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5 years ago, JanetJanet6845
Your recent update ruined your app. All I wanted was a simple weather forecast and now it is so complicated.
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5 years ago, Lorc oh
New up date ie awful
Not liking the new update Why do apps change and the future out look yuck
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5 years ago, nmh1999
Stopped working
Was working great. Now all I get it a radar screen and network errors.
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5 years ago, gghhrr123456789
Do not like new map
Pls use old map
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13 years ago, SkylineChili4Me
Accurate and full-featured
After searching for a decent weather app from all of the big-name national sources (and coming up empty), here comes the only one worth having. The only potential downside would be to a frequent traveler who likes to store a list of locations and have them at the ready. But for 99% of us, this one is right on point. Great job, WKYC!
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11 years ago, Ryfy1979
Needs more development.
It's time for an upgrade for this app. -Needs to adapt to iPhone 5 screens. -Lake Erie is an important part of Cleveland weather especially to boaters. There needs to be lake temperature info at the very least. -All features should be available in both portrait and landscape mode. -There needs to be more weather information available. Where is the barometric pressure information, school /business closings crawl, the NBC chime when I activate the app or perhaps get an alert? -All and all this app is useful, but lacks new and improved innovative features. It has a lack of eye appeal after having this app for a year now. Really needs a clean and attractive new look. The radar is an awesome feature! Why clutter it up? I want pop-up menus and features that can be swiped in and out of view and an awesome automated forecast feature that plays the weather forecast out just like you were watching the news but without the reporter. The Channel 3 News music in the background would be a nice touch too. Lets get to work Channel 3! Make this happen and I'll start watching the news again.
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13 years ago, anonfrank
Better than Weather Channel app
After using the Weather Channel's app for the last couple of years, I switched to the WKYC app largely for the localized weather reporting. The weather map is generally up to date unlike the sometimes hour-long gap on TWC. The best benefit is that the national radar map is available and is just as well updated. That means I can use it while I'm traveling as on a road trip planning for bad weather is crucial. Interface is good. Could use a radar + clouds (together) option like on TWC. Videos are up to date. So far, works great on iOS5 on iPhone 4.
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11 years ago, Adam dudziak
Most accurate weather app!!
My only complaint is the future view on the radar used to be better. Now the view in the future is different than the present. The radar in the past/present is very accurate but the future view is not and is hard to interpret. I would prefer both radars look the same.
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13 years ago, Commander57
Great app but 10 day forecasts look depressing!
Listen, I know it's Cleveland and not Hawaii, but can you please make the 10 day look a little less depressing? For example, if there is "a chance of morning thunderstorms," why not put a thunderbolt and a sun instead of just the ominous thunderbolt? I appreciate a realistic forecast but a little bit of optimism/hope never hurt anyone!
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