WMV HD Player & Importer

3.6 (544)
44.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Macca Studios Ltd
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for WMV HD Player & Importer

3.65 out of 5
544 Ratings
7 years ago, SoleSupplier
Please fix buffer issue 6-8-17
I really wanna say this app is amazing because it really has everything I am wanting But I must admit that the buffering really takes a star away. I listen to some subliminals at night and I hope the developer can fix if!
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5 years ago, tiredofrestrictions
Love this app!!!
This app is fantastic! The only thing that would make it better, is by adding a voice to text feature. It could then become the premier app ever. There are a couple of companies that do this for medical transcription and, it would be amazing if the two could partner with their technology!
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4 years ago, VonDoom71
Dated and Unintuitive
I purchased the pro version and haven’t got it to do anything I honestly have no idea how this app works and i am a coder. Update: still a garbage app with zero updates in years. This crap app doesn’t come with instruction and the help button just redirects to a for sale page.. meaning the developers have abandoned this app. This is sincerely the worst most unintuitive app I’ve ever wasted my money on. GARBAGE!!!! I cannot stress this enough. STAY AWAY! ABANDONED! TOTALLY USELESS! JUNK! WORTHLESS! The developer (s) would rather argue with you then offer help or constructive feedback.. SCAMMERS! BUYER BEWARE!
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8 years ago, RCOTN
Works For Me!
Since we are iPhone/iPod/iPad users, all the devices we happen to use are Apple Products. This means we are unable to download and view wmv. files... unless you download this app. Works great, and it's simplistic to navigate. UI is pretty straight forward and it plays the files in HD. What more can ya ask for?
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3 years ago, MisterSucker
Works, Doesn’t work
Sounds like it’s about 50-50 or 60-40 at best based on reviews. Admittedly I’m not a whiz with this new technology but this one is a complete puzzle. Shouldn’t it be easy to use even for dummies? Bought it 6 months ago and everything I click on is dead. Is this a scam or do you just have to be lucky or smart? How can I give it even a star? Did the makers of this APP assume too much? Never bought an APP that I couldn’t use until this one.
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2 years ago, cincy2018
No help if requested
I tried the help link and was sent to a domain registration site. Could not get basic information on the app, had to figure it out by trial and error. Seems to work correctly, but had to work with it for some time before I knew what each icon was. would have rated it higher if help had worked correctly
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6 years ago, Michael Andrew Voight
Love this App
Not sure why people are complaining. This App works excellent on my iPad with absolutely no crashes and very smooth buffering. It's so easy for people to jump the gun and blame Apps when in actuality it could be a low bandwidth connection.
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7 years ago, Deepu narayan
Disaster and conned into buying a faulty product
I checked the preview of this product by importing and playing a wmv file from Dropbox . It played the ten sec preview fine and prompted for payment . As soon as i upgraded it starts to stop every 12 sec or less and shows buffering to an already downloaded file . I have to stop the video and start again every time . Horrible . And not even a proper customer care info in app
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8 years ago, Belzy א
No sync w iCloud, slow on iPad mini 2
If I had a Dropbox or Google Drive account, I'd have access to my archived media, but this does not connect directly to my iCloud storage as it does to Dropbox and Google. However, I can connect it if I go to my iCloud folder first. Also, the very slow buffering makes this impossible to use on an iPad mini 2. I did have better luck on an iPad Air 2.
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4 years ago, tifflwal
This app came to my rescue! There were files that I thought I would never be able to access again having an iPhone, but this app helped me retrieve the files I needed!
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6 years ago, Hpy in mn
App quit working after a month
Worked great at the beginning now after the recent update the app won’t open any movies copied to it. Frustrating the update messed up its function. Useless now.
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3 years ago, Noelito Vargas
Great local video player
Please move the volume and zoom in/out to different locations. The volume touches the multitasking bar on the bottom.
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3 years ago, RubalGopal
Download it if you want to waste your time
I download it and now I’m regretting that I’m wasting my time too to write the review for this rubbish app. I waste my time energy and data to download and jerk with waste of time app. All 3.1 rating is fake reviews. So do not download it. It will not play any single video even cannot open the camera roll from your phone.
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6 years ago, Okie Steve
Basic version limited
Haven’t been able to play anything yet but after I get the full version I will be back for an updated review
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5 years ago, Kamilah Dawn Ali
The app is great. I’ve been able to listen to old recordings that were only available on this format.
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6 years ago, SuperHeroYaYa
Fix your app!
After last update app wont stay open and shuts down back into main screen of my iPad. This needs to be fix.
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7 years ago, Colinlegalnyc
Works as advertised
Integrates well with my other apps has an easy to use interface
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7 years ago, kdcunn
Mobile Videos
This program works great in the field for customer sales enhancements!
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8 years ago, Madnuke
Works OK
Allows me to connect my media in dropbox and easily transferred to my phone. Interfacing and updating could be done a little better but it works for me. Worth the money spent on it.
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7 years ago, TimeBandit2
Does What It's Supposed to Do
I downloaded this player for some mpeg files I wanted watch. Works perfectly. Highly recommended.
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7 years ago, Jerrypag46
Wanted a media player that would play and loop video for a demo. WMV is easy to use and plays flawlessly. I highly recommend
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7 years ago, Drummindog
Meh, played 10 seconds and asked for money.
Don't care for this kind of "in app purchase". Either price it or have a slimmed down version, but the way this app was put together, you get a tease and then you have to pay to see more than 10 seconds. Look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, JDeezy80
Works Great
Being the type that has old videos of many different formats, this app came in clutch for me!!
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7 years ago, martij16
Preview works great but have to pay to play
Preview for an old wmv file worked great, but can't see more than a few seconds without purchase. Not much info to see if purchase is worth it and whether or not it's possible to save it in an updated format.
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5 years ago, Nguy
In the middle of importing a file from my google drive it stopped and then suddenly crashed and won’t open again even after restarting the app. Right after I paid the extra $3 to unlock all the features. Apparently wmv files cause the app to crash and become unusable #rip
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5 years ago, the dude that knows all
The app plays music well but for an app you have to pay for it would be nice if the music continued playing when you closed out of the app or shut off your phone.
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6 years ago, Dean_hk
Suits my needs
Works to provide the content when you need it.
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7 years ago, Enigma law
Glad I found it!
It solve my problem that's why I gave them 5 star!
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7 years ago, vinayaksd
No Support for AVI files
This app is really good and supports many file extensions, which prompted me to buy the app. Later I figure out it does not support AVI files. When I play AVI file I can just hear audio there is no video. Any plans to support AVI??
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7 years ago, JDMcRead
Have a few .wmv files that I enjoy viewing on my phone. This app is the best, easiest way I've found!
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6 years ago, Stavison
Not Free
First of all, the user interface is very dated. The big problem is that after going through the hassle of importing the video I need to watch, I could only get 10 seconds into it before it stopped the video saying I need to buy the full version to watch my videos. NOT WORTH THE TIME AND HASSLE....
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3 weeks ago, rdc1133
Being an apple user with this app I can NOW download wmv (s). Price is right too..
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7 years ago, OG37
Much needed
A much needed app it your using Iproducts Like that ipads and IPhone to down load and view. Your definitely gonna need this app
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6 years ago, MTZandA
Last update ruined the app
The app attempts to open, then freezes, then shuts down to a blank dark screen. I have restarted my phone several times to try and reboot it but it won’t work. Fix it please!
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3 years ago, Hot House Cut
Excellent App!
Easy to use. High level of security. Great visuals. This is a must-have app for phone, iPad, or laptop, or computer! 💻
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3 years ago, Utr3d
Bad app
This app immediately tried to access sensitive private data while trying to upload personal files. Luckily my cloud account blocked the apps access and denied it. I have deleted it. Won’t try that again.
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7 years ago, jeffelledge
Fantastic product
I hope iCloud support comes soon!
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7 years ago, Hank 2020202020
Great for trips
Recently I traveled to Europe and on the plane this app saved my life from boredom. I love this app and I recommend it to anyone traveling.
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4 years ago, wolf4677
The best
This app is fantastic ! I have nothing but good things to say about it. Download now ASAP You will not regret it.
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4 years ago, EGMD51
Worked seamlessly playing recordings I saved to Dropbox
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5 years ago, Gphill6
Good features, yet lots of bugs
I just updated my iOS (12.2), only to find most buttons to play and view videos do not work! Hard to use the app if you cannot view videos!
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7 years ago, Gas app 2.0
Great app for saving vids
I love this app. I was able to save numerous videos from my laptop to my iPad.
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7 years ago, Erlese
Free version doesn't play the entire video
This is pure crap! Downloaded it to watch an WMV file only to have the video stop 30 seconds into the video with the pop up of ' rate it' ' purchase Pro' screw you guys for wasting 10 minutes of my life I cannot get back!
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5 years ago, conskins
A little confusing at first but good once u figure it out
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7 years ago, Smylee11
Great App
Love this app. Allows me to view my videos without any problems.
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8 years ago, L9348
The app works perfectly and the video quality is great
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6 years ago, NotInMyTacoTruck
Makes you pay to listen to more than 10 seconds of a clip
Get ten seconds in, then it notifies you that the full version is required for anymore. Don’t bother downloading if you’re not going to fork over the money.
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6 years ago, Meme55555
Of course
It said there were in app purchases, but silly me for thinking I could get one song to play fully. There’s a ten second limitation unless you want to pay, so if that doesn’t work for you then don’t bother.
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5 years ago, J Getchell
Perfect fidelity
Just like playing a windows movie on a windows pc!
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6 years ago, Qniceuntilnot
iPhone X not very compatible
App needs an update... Doesn't really work with iPhone X. Bought the pro version and it just doesn't work. Would like a refund or an update.
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