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Wonolo Inc
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User Reviews for Wonolo

4.79 out of 5
32.4K Ratings
6 years ago, ashleeallday
So grateful for Wonolo!
Wonolo is honestly a saving grace for people like myself who need to get work immediately and make some money instantly. Using Wonolo cuts out the whole long-term interviewing process that is involved with getting a job and allows people to individually make their schedule around their life by choosing what days and times they are available. For my life and situation Wonolo has been extremely helpful and just what I need to be able to get by. Wonolo has your back 100% as well. If you had a problem at work and you write them they will listen to your side. If you have an emergency and can’t make it to work, they’re understanding as long as you communicate with them. Every single person I have interacted with who works for Wonolo has been so respectful and treated me like a person and I am so thankful for Wonolo for giving me a chance to get my life in order when I didn’t know where else to turn! The benefits I have received from Wonolo far outweigh the negative so THANK YOU WONOLO for making going to work as simple as it could possibly be and allowing me to be in control of my life in so many ways!
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2 years ago, samanda041229
Terrible Custoemr Service
In an attempt to fine flexible work, I hopped onto the App Store and found Wonolo. I decided to download it since the interface looked nice and it had several high scoring reviews. Immediately after creating my profile, the app let me know they are not allowing companies in California (the state I reside in) to make job postings. Understandable, I’ll just delete/deactivate my account. Wonolo does not allow you to do so on your own— you must contact customer support, who’s only form of communication is through email. I fill out the form and await a reply. I am unable to respond until a few days later. By this point, I receive an auto response saying the ticket has been closed and I need to resubmit. Frustrating, but I create a new ticket. The following day I go to respond to the new email and it says again the ticket has been closed, even though it has been opened for less than 24 hours at this point. Again, I’m instructed to resubmit yet another request. I scour the internet in an attempt to find any other contact information, to no avail. I had no negative feelings about not being able to use the app to its fullest abilities, but this is downright ludicrous that you cannot delete your account on your own. Obviously I do not recommend this for anyone in California but beyond that, I will never recommend this to anyone for the simple fact that you cannot address concerns en vivo and the customer support is a joke.
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2 years ago, RobThaRich
Waste of time
Dont plan your life around this app because employers will cancel 1 hr and in my latest case, 7 minutes before the 12 hour cancel and still get half pay. Ive grabbed shifts that nobody wanted last second and obviously i wasnt on the job site, arrived 15 minutes after the start time just to get reprimanded and given a late start on my badge. Not only did that late disqualify me from the $550 bonus at the time, all my jobs that week got canceled and i ended up not working that week 🫠. Its real funny how a job will get cancelled and then reposted for a shift no one wants to work; overnight or 10 hours (usually both). Whats the point of grabbing multiple different jobs ahead of time if every single one of them gets canceled literally right before the 12 hour mark. Literally went to sleep and woke up just to find out i wasnt going to work that day? Other apps at least give you a 24 hour window. In my honest only use this app if your desperate and even then dont put all your eggs in one basket. Also its been taking longer and longer to get paid and its no wonder clienta are dropping them and using other apps to fill their work quotas. Support for this app is non existent, phone doesnt work and never get a reply from the messaging system. Wish i never used this app and i wont be using it going further 👎
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12 months ago, poetryzzoniac.
this has been a terrible first impression
this app has, so far, brought nothing but frustration. they don’t allow you to fully sign up (your payment information is needed to do this. they offer nothing like paypal, venmo, or even cashapp that would add any type of security to people unfamiliar with the app. i had to search reddit just to make sure it wasn’t a scam before putting in my bank information). then when i put in my name and routing/ account numbers, it says i didn’t enter my address information. which i would 100% put in if it was on the page at all whatsoever, but it’s not there. i can’t type in the lack of a space. then the one job they showed me was 800 miles away. it would literally cost me more to get there than i would make. for all that just show me nothing. there’s MANY other issues, and this is just my first impression, so i would recommend just finding another app (because if there are obvious issues on the surface, there are clearly going to be major issues down the road). update: after only a few more minutes of trying to complete the other steps to sign up, i can confidently say that this app is literal garbage. it’s RIDDLED with bugs, outdated pages, and mandatory fields that can’t be filled out. i’m quite sure it’s just a phishing scheme at this point.
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3 years ago, Bling Diggity
Only app I’ve been able to find good work on
I’ve tried several different gig/shiftwork/temp job apps, but none of them except Wonolo actually had any jobs available in my area. I mean, don’t get me wrong, i know Pensacola FL definitely isn’t the biggest city in the world - but we still have ~400,000 people in the metro area. There are tons of businesses hiring around here. So i feel like those other apps must not actually be trying to add gig listings outside of the major cities like NYC, LA, Seattle, Atlanta, etc. Which is pretty dumb because there’s tons of ppl looking for work and tons of businesses looking for temp workers in medium and small size cities like the one i live in. Thank goodness Wonolo is around. I found a decent 4-day gig within 5 minutes of signing up that’s 20 minutes from my house.
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4 years ago, BigWeese206
Dishonest & Grossly Irresponsible
Wonolo takes advantage of hard working people trying to get by. I smell a class action lawsuit very soon. A company without integrity, Wonolo will make a statement in their App store description, say something different within the app itself, and then actually do something inconsistent with either. For example: “Get Paid 1-3 days after completing a job”, becomes “Get paid 3-5 days after completing a job”, which in reality is: get paid whenever we feel like paying you, which can take a week or more. Another example: “Our people’s health and safety are important to us. During the COVID-19 outbreak- if you feel sick or have been in close contact with someone sick you can withdraw from a job within 12 hrs of start time without any penalties”- in reality- you follow their recommendations, yet they penalize you for doing so. Another example: “After a job is complete, if a requestor wants to change the Wonoloer’s agreed upon hours, this MUST be approved by the Wonoloer before any adjustments are made” - in reality- they will adjust your hours without your knowledge and pay you accordingly- regardless of how long you actually worked. I could go on and on, but my point is that Wonolo is greedy, dishonest and irresponsible & they need to be held accountable.
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5 years ago, user242529
Wonolo support is really no support
I started picking up jobs in July and everything started out great. It took 4 weeks before things started taking a nose dive and they continue to get worse. Support has taken up to a month to respond to concerns that needed to be addressed in that day. Some of my submissions have never been responded to at all. I have jobs I haven’t been paid for. I have cases that were closed repeatedly and I was forced to reopen the case as it was never resolved. Wonolo does not care what happens to any of the wonoloers as their requestors will lie and the lies will cost the worker time and money. Wonolo never bothers to consult the worker about anything. They prefer to just restrict or just cancel the account. The people I have been working for ask me to come back and give me great ratings but Wonolo trashes my credibility by canceling my jobs. There lack of concern or support and the glitches in their system has caused me a good deal of financial hardship. And the promos and bonuses are BS because somehow the system seems to glitch in just the right way to insure you never get one. And they will never get around to resolving that glitch either. When this worked it was great but 5 months later the risks have more than out weighed the reward.
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4 years ago, Lex711991
Treated worse than prisoners
I live in Philadelphia and do not have a car, but have been in desperate need of some kind of work. Finally found a job I could get to with public transportation assuming I left 3 hrs early. So I left at 5am, but my connecting train was a minute early and I missed it, so I immediately called the manger on site (the job was for BigFly) who belittled me, but told me to come in anyway and I would be able to work. So instead of withdrawing from the job because I assumed I’d be working, I waited an hour for the next train, walked a mile to get to the warehouse, called and texted the manager who told me to come in anyways, but received no response. Waited another hour at the work location to no avail. Then opened the app to see all my jobs had been canceled and I could not take another one. AND I just spent 30$ on train tickets that will only add to my debt. This app has no respect for an individuals time and if you dont have a car to get to the ridiculous locations, don’t even bother- you’ll end up spending more money than you’ll make.
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2 years ago, ShellyMichelle12
If You Need Money
This app is good to make money if you live in the area of the available business. Unfortunately most of their availability is not in my state of Delaware. So, I would have to drive an hour away to get a position. They have some good positions like working at Nordstroms in Lancaster. Working in retail was a good job to make money if you need it, however it was an hour a way. At Nordstroms you work in retail and help with the merchandise. However, they have other positions at different companies that seem dangerous or suspect and are very scary to work at. They are hard labor jobs that is exhausting and energy draining and have you working like a mule. Some of these places have you working at impossible speeds snd don't give you a break. However, if you are like most people and are forced into jobs that you don't want then you have to figure out what works. I have college degrees, certifications, and work experience and I have worked at desk jobs my whole life, and these are not desk jobs.
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4 years ago, Kindergarten Wrangler
Not paying Wonoloers
Since the announcement of Wonolo coming to an end, I haven’t been paid for my last few jobs. After a run around, I still haven’t received pay. Completed the last job on December 18, 2019. Received a 5-star rating. Requestor approved the job. Wonolo still hasn’t paid me. Wonolo advertises a 3-day pay period. So far, it has been 3 weeks. I’ve referred 10 people to the app using my specific referral link and name. Wonolo has NEVER paid me the referral bonus. I have been with Wonolo since the year it was invented. The first time I wrote support an email about my pay, they took away my hard-earned badges. Recently I was in a car accident and had to cancel a job and they still restricted my account and brought my rating down to a 4.6 when I had always earned 5 stars for the past 5 years. Wonolo support and worker service is incompetent to say the least. They don’t care about the labor force. I have stayed this many years for the companies they partner with like Stitch Fix, Dolls Kill, Yerdle and Farmgirl Flowers. Wonolo didn’t seek those bids though, it was the labor force that helped bring them to Wonolo.
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2 years ago, What Is The Reason?
Odd Questions To Apply
While the process seems pretty easy initially I thought that some of the questions asked were really odd for an employer to be asking a potential candidate. Questions were basically asking how much you needed the money, why you need the money, how happy you are in your personal life, and if you want your children to have a better education than you had. I don’t see how any of those questions have anything to do with someone’s ability to perform a job. I also didn’t like that the app immediately ask for a picture to be taken on camera and doesn’t allow you to simply choose from your camera roll, and the app basically requires that your location be accessible at all times even when you’re not using the app. Call me overly suspicious but the app seems very strange and overly invested in personal information of candidates. If anyone one of the creators are reading this I am reading interested in knowing how pertinent the personal lives of your candidates are to their ability to perform a side-hustle.
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3 years ago, Ajafree
Worst business practices ever they don’t follow what they posted
I have had a horrible journey with WONOLO and the job requesters they allow on their platform. Both WONOLO and job requestors work hand in hand in targeting and forcing work force issues and behavioral and social experimentations. They even go as far as to hire people to play out roles in these matters to push and enforce unjust working environments and personal presence. They suspended my account based upon he said she said issues and never followed through in looking into the matters. They didn’t have my back taking my word at all, as if what I said never mattered. They don’t follow their own posts about their business practices. And they and their requestors constantly use me as a subject for experiment I’m sure I may not be the only one. They cover up these covert actions with displacement of responsibility and reverse psychological practices, much like the system we live in in general just another fake platform disguised as a private contract pick and be on your own time app In order to mental test people, almost like the police force or military are secretly controlling it.
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3 years ago, stopblack hate
be careful and be warned
Took 2 jobs went to the job site and worked. When I got the their app dint allow me to start of complete the job I contact support they said talk to request let to sighn me in I did the requester said okay they will sighn me in worked all day when time to go the requester said okay he will clock me out I’m good . It’s been days nothing has happened their trying make me work for free the 2 and requester even tried to deny I was at job site their job description is not the same as what u be doing at that job. Guys be very careful of this jobs . Till today my pay hasn’t been payed don’t know Whr to get help with this issue contacted their support team no one in answering so sad the jobs was so far away. Wonolo is now as am!! Be warned . Places they send u they be rasist treat u so bad humiliation u name it Wonolo doesn’t protect its workers just being a mess now the support lady who is Asian at every plate she’s rude treating people as slaves yelling at people if u ask her not too she place a fake job on ur app that’s their way of punishment sending u to fake jobs be warned
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3 years ago, Black Draggen
Pay Issues
This a great app for work In Atlanta so far. But the Two Times issues come up like either your phone could die. Or you not in cell range to check in. You can either be canceled as a no show. Then be removed and then have to write them an email you cannot call these people. Wait for a response and then prove to them you were there. Then wait to be hope this doesn’t happen on weekend. Once this happened I waited 7 whole days for one shift I worked. As of April 3rd it’s been two weeks since I worked March 20th six Flags job. and still haven’t paid I went back and worked another shift got paid for one and took a picture and emailed to them and told the requester to let them know. and they still haven’t paid me for that day I worked. My Rent is weekly. So imagine if you was in a situation expecting them to pay you. They are good but resolving your pay issues on time you better have another thing to fall on.
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4 months ago, tezbandz22
Just doesn’t have any shifts
I been on this app for 7 months and never once gotta a job and just choice to delete this mess If I get a notification and I click on it there no results that the job actually exist. Or it say it been filled when in 30 seconds of it been sent out 🤷🏻‍♀️. It just weird 7 months they only sent me two job notifications. This app is useless go to blue crew app or people choice app they actually have shifts everyday and actual fast pay week to week and after 10 shifts there same day pay app that actually follows there word this app does nothing to help you, my friend actually got a shift but they job cancelled it 30 minutes before the start time the company manager said they had no idea people from the app was coming they had no idea about it the app at all. I don’t understand how they don’t know but anyway they didn’t want to pay at least half the shift or two hours pay. People wasted their time/gas getting there early it’s so unprofessional.
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7 years ago, don dadasky
I have had the opportunity to read some of the review here and I wonder if it's same Wonolo company they talking about . I have worked with Wonolo for a year now and all I can say is thank you WONOLO. Yes I live in Sacramento and drive to SF to work but I must confess my experience has been amazing . I work and I get paid. Whenever I have issue with payment Wonolo is quick to deal with it immediately . Whenever a requestor cancel on me I get paid half of the money for gas. And whenever a bad requestor maliciously rate me a low star and my account gets disactivated , I send Wonolo an email explaining the reason with credible evidence and my history of work and they get me back on my gig. They aren't perfect but they are the best for now . For me it's easy money. I work delivery for GOODEGGS COMPANY IN SF. Great company and amazing payment . Dollars bills everywhere.
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5 years ago, Azilliondollas
Great potential, horrible understanding
The administrators and owners of this app need to do better at arbitrating for their workers with the amount of prejudices and discrimination that gets us workers restricted because of their own interpersonal issues. I've been giving bad reviews and restricted because of these petty bigots giving falsified ratings! I'm homeless and without transportation and I've commuted far just to be mistreated like this. I've been withheld from earning badges because of this. I'm missing out on bonuses because of this. I've stopped using this app for months because of this and returned to it continuously occurring still! I'm a hard worker and I refuse to allow a racist company to destroy my opportunity at finding work
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2 years ago, Archbishop is ga
At first it was a good app and you got paid in a timely manner. However recently I was put down as a no show for a job and was refused payment for the work I actually did. Contacted support and they claim that the would “investigate “. They don’t investigate they get your complaint hold for a day or so and then respond with some “ we sorry but after investigating we have little to no proof that you worked”. So I still had the on-site manager number, I contacted him and he pulls his timesheet and voila proof. I tell support these they still don’t investigate so I asked him could he send the timesheet. When they respond again they he got in touch and sent the timesheet but because they did not see my name I will no be paid and still put down as a no show due to lack of proof that I worked. It’s starts off good but trust me from the other reviews I read this happens a lot and support does not help nor intend to. You risk the chance of working with no paying using Wonolo
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5 years ago, Lgw10967
Not professional
I’m waiting for my restaurant to open and trying to make some cash until then so I signed up to deliver pizza tonight. When I arrived they told me I’d be washing dishes and making pizzas. Which I didn’t agree to. I nicely and professionally explained this to the manager and told him I’d be happy to stay this time and do whatever was needed but they needed to change their ad to reflect what was actually expected. His response was to ask me to leave so I did. Next thing I know, I’m being reprimanded by Wonolo via email. Look, I get that you deal with felons and people who can’t keep jobs but I’m not that person. I’m very professional and I expect to be treated the same. I downloaded this app at the request of a friend to get her a referral fee and figured I’d make Some extra cash but not like this. It’s very convenient that you keep your phone number hidden. Don’t expect this company to be in business much longer. We are in a new day and time where people won’t be treated like slave labor and disrespectfully anymore.
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4 years ago, Lyfe0414
Choose wisely
This was an excellent idea to help those interview various companies, learn various job descriptions and career outlets to help with career debit repair planning . I feel it could help those with low pay in need of help with bills, medicines like chemo,divorces, child support, a disabled child, elderly parents they care, for or simply a person trying to pursue life goals. The gigs that pay you quickly sometimes aren’t that pleasant it’s like a slave shop then the W-2 companies don’t want to pay you on time they want you to sweat as if your in a sweat for your money worked for as if this crazy world we living in isn’t enough stress already. I work from Dec 13th until January 2 without pay yea I’m the fool for trusting in an app but had no problems last year unfortunately I lost my car and couldn’t continue tried it again this year after all it is a temp and was let down something awful after the various referrals for the incentive and without.
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3 years ago, vhind dry bbnkmn
This app was recommended to me by two people who are incredibly close to me so i believed it would be a big help. Boy was i wrong, i have accepted at least 5 jobs through this app and all of them have ended up cancelled on me within a few days without any reason as to why. You email them and they don’t respond to you at all. If you’re looking for a way to earn extra cash i would not recommend this app. it’s simply become a waste of time. This goes double if you live in the New York/New Jersey area. you won’t get work all you’ll get is a headache So i am back to add that not only did I work a job, but now that i’ve worked a job they’re not even trying to pay me. so yes, this just confirms that this app is completely useless and doesn’t help with much. for those it works for i’m happy for you but i’ve experienced more headache than help since i’ve been involved with this app and it will finally be deleted from my phone. Thanks for nothing wonolo
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3 years ago, aspen1720
I’ve worked for Wonolo for close to two years now. At first it was nice because I was desperate for money! But I have noticed within the past year Wonolo really is not a good place to work. I’ve been injured on the job due to hazardous work environments, worked with people with no experience and actually got kicked in the face by someone! Had a boss put me in a headlock! I’ve never worked a job that hasn’t requested me back! My work ethic speaks highly for myself. The requesters really have no respect for their employees. You’re promised a total payout and if the requester is done with you they cut your hours and you don’t get paid the whole day you reserved for the job and lost other opportunities doing so. If you have a family emergency and don’t withdraw in 12 hours you get cut from work for a month. Pay out is 3-5 business days. I switched to Veryable. Daily payout. Better jobs. Higher paying jobs. You can connect with support 24/7 unlike the ridiculous communication system with Wonolo.
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1 year ago, Ronald McCain
Needs Work
Could be great. Not all available work shows in app only online. App isn’t parallel to website and website isn’t fully functional. Jobs show online and not in app. You can go online and view available work but can’t sign up or even login online. Acceptance can only be done thru app. I have only received offers thru notifications and even then it’s only after I’ve sent offer to myself multiple times. Also support is nonexistent, the chat service doesn’t extend you to support when the preloaded info isn’t what you are looking for. I hope this company can get on the ball with this as I’m not the only person experiencing this issue. Fellow Wonoloers have experienced the same. The Requestor I have worked for has always needed and posted work, but never is it fully filled and the congruency between app and website function is the root. Please work on this as it’s more $ for you and us.
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3 years ago, Tyron...
Review After Working Though Wonolo
Seemed great at first until you get to some of these jobs rude management poor app support structure and if they don’t like you they’ll cancel all your shifts very bias and also will cancel your shifts after not putting all requirements in the job description then when you go to the job site they try to enforce dress codes that were not mentioned in the app before accepting the job one job told me I couldn’t wear a hoodie or a jacket with pockets and no jogging pants with no mention of that in there requirements and pay sometimes can take 4-5 days sometimes even longer wouldn’t do wonolo if your looking for consistent structured work wonolo is confusing and unorganized once you get to these job sites and the management tries to treat you like you’ve worked there for years it’s sad I was so happy about this app and first but would not recommend anymore there’s way better options for money making
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5 months ago, Zay600
Horrible app
This app is horrible I found out about it through a coworker but I always was suspicious because my coworker that put me on wasn’t using it to find a job. I still look past that and tried it for myself I stay in Atlanta pretty busy city every time I go on the app they say is no jobs available in my state but soon as I exit out the app it shows me jobs that are available by me as soon as I click the job it says error in the app and doesn’t let me accept any job which makes no sense. As soon as I get a notification I click it and then when it take me to the app it says error no jobs available. Then also it’s like why would they even recommend me jobs in another state I will be spending more money to get to the job then I will be making from the job which is backwards. I don’t recommend anybody download this app and just go to a regular Temp Service by you
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9 months ago, MikeB2of10
Once you are in their system their is no deleting your account or data.
My experience with this company thus far has been a nightmare. A simple fat finger error, which is admittedly my mistake, has led to a multiple week issue. Seems they are unable to correct the issue and I have to wait for my first job. Catch is, there are no jobs within about 500 miles of me. Better yet, they asked for copies of my ID and other things to prove I was me before telling me they couldn’t fix the error. So I told them to just delete my account. Now they said, basically, it isn’t in their interest to do so, so they are keeping my data. If you are on the coasts in a major city, maybe it is worth it. Personally, I’d stay away, period given the ordeal this minor issue has become. I can only imagine if it was a serious issue. I’m pretty sure you’d get left out in the rain. Best of luck.
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5 years ago, E Aware
Slow to respond to Workers Need
Overall, my experience with Wonolo has been very unique. It’s an excellent way to earn extra money, however, when it comes to contact between the Wonolo Workers, and those in charge they either don’t respond to our emails and case tickets, or respond so late that the issue resolves itself. Specially as it relates to pay. I know several wonolers who have not been paid for jobs they worked weeks ago, and are still awaiting payment. And the Wonolo team has not responded to their emails or case tickets. I myself am now experiencing this and I am having to chase them down to get paid for a job I worked almost a week ago, and even after creating 2 case tickets, still haven’t heard back. It doesn’t help that there isn’t any inbound calling. Until they do a better job it responding in a timely manner to workers issues, Wonolo is never going to be as great as place to work for as it can be.
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4 years ago, 1219chris
Racially Discriminated
Supervisor Saul placed me on the line by myself as well as had me far away from everyone. On lunch I asked Saul if there was a break room so I can find something to eat and he said no. I then asked him if there was at least a vending machine I can use and he said no. I let Saul know one of my brothers died today so I am having a family emergency. He gave me no response, he didn’t care. After I asked Saul for help to clock out, he did not want to help me once again. I had to plead with him for at least two minutes before he reluctantly came to the clock out tablet and offered me absolutely no help once again. I observed how Saul treated the other races that were in the warehouse, and the vibe was completely different when responding to their questions or lending a helping hand. I was not treated fair the entire time I was there. I thank you Wonolo for providing opportunities, but I am highly disappointed in how I was treated today.
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1 month ago, Lynette Ahola
Working For Wonolo
Wonolo is a good app to work for. They have a variety of different jobs to choose from that pay well and the most most important aspect of that is that you really get paid and they don’t take a large amount for you to use their app. The app is easy to maneuver and self explanatory. The only complaint I have is when you are at the job it doesn’t always let you clock in and then when it does it counts you late when you weren’t and the app tracks your location and they know when you arrive so that doesn’t make any sense.. Other than that they are awesome and I recommend them.
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2 years ago, kee4man
Pretty cool app but!
I went to a job for a company called hello fresh in Arlington. I parked my car in the designated parking about a mile away from the company, and took a bus with the others who also worked for the company. I made it there on time and ready to work when I was stopped by one of the security guards there. He informed me that I can’t work because I wasn’t wearing steel toe shoes. I informed him that I wouldn’t know to wear them if that specific instruction wasn’t on the app. So he pointed me into the direction of one of the wonolo staff that sits there with a laptop making sure everything is going peachy. I told her that I didn’t come wearing steel toe shoes because the app didn’t say so. She verified it and said that I could go home and I didn’t have to worry about a penalty. She would mark it as I showed up. But instead I found out that I was marked as a no show, therefore fewer jobs show up for me.
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2 years ago, Qutie que
Good app but has many glitches
This is a great app to work with. Plenty of nice jobs and opportunities. Before applying to a job I just work a shift there to see what I’m getting myself into. I just like that 1. If you go one day without accepting a job and limits your options. Every time I refresh it, it removes jobs for some odd reason. And/or shows the lowest pod jobs on the app. And 2. The point system. I had an emergency come up 5 hrs before the job I accepted started and they gave me a point which limited my access to jobs. I should not have to suffer consequences because of things out of my control. Peoples have lives, kids, health issues, etc. some type of leniency should be shown. But overall it’s a great app!
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5 years ago, _m̨̢̟͇̖̩͎̲͋͛ͪ̌̂́͘_
Craigslist needed an app like this to scam us more
Hey all! Let me give an honest critical review about this junk app; its not worth your time. First off, you aren’t able to review the companies you’ve been fired from. Second, they will fire you and underpay you in wordy contracts, that include the tip that you wont receive, in the pay. Third, Wonolo will make you sit through multiple scripted seminars where the host wont know what you’re talking about and you’ll likely fail their retarded 9-question test with retarded multiple choices that will make you choose the wrong one because thats how bad this test is. Recommendation: let everyone vote on their bosses: somwhow their ratings are 4.8 while they smoke weed and talk trash to us, making us work, and penalizing us in pay and account restrictions Make an option for a help button; as these guys get shady as hell at site, unsafe, and violent Your scripted seminar was EXTREMELY offensive as you mocked people asking for an ambulance instead of withdrawing from a wonolo job. Your company has fired people for incurring multiple breaches on a batch job simply because they were minutes late. No one reaches out to these people. Youre losing your workforce because youre a dumb company that wont listen to me ever Fyi ive been working fieldnation, onforce, workmarket, etc without issue for 6years You are the worst.
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3 years ago, Isaac Stephen Soto
False advertising of quarantine pay
I’ve been using Wonolo for work and it’s been pretty great I never had issues in getting payments or jobs through the app. However what I do have an issue with is that I recently tested positive for COVID and on the Wonolo website it specifically says that I can get quarantine pay but the problem is that it does not give a link or an email or anything to submit paper work saying you have COVID so my question is why say you can offer something like quarantine pay for those who get sick but yet not make it clear on what the steps are to take it really makes no sense and needs to be fixed Wonolo has been my full time job and for me not have this reliability is just bad especially since I really need it now I’m probably going to fall behind financially all because Wonolo Cannot or are incompetent on how to handle these things
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10 months ago, AllieJPhx
Don’t Waste Your Time
I am in Phoenix Arizona. This app has been available for several years and I am just now attempting to use it. There are absolutely no jobs available on this site. When I first signed on to the app last week there was a available job that I could bid on for hello fresh. Since I was a new client, I was asked to take their safety and job requirement tests. I also agreed to submit to her background check. I went through the whole process, I have badges, saying I completed the necessary testing requirements. But when I was finished, the job went away. I inquired to Wonolo about the background check status but they never responded through the support portal. I deleted the app and decided I won’t use this company for getting work. Their customer service is lacking and I don’t feel I would be represented well if I did get jobs with them.
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5 years ago, Sugg1
It is a great app if you are looking for work. The only thing I think needs to be fixed is , if a job cancels your job you should have a reason as to why the job canceled you. Also , it should say on the job listings how many workers each job needs. If a certain job needs 5 people and 3 take it , it should say 3/5 just so you know how many spots are left ! Something else this should have is an actual number to call just in case something went wrong because emails take way to long. It would also help if we get paid quicker instead of days later. Overall though , it is a very helpful app if you are looking for quick work !
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5 years ago, tropwenj
Garbage Workers app is worthless
They start out by sending you good workers then you get crap workers. My problem was trying to find local workers who would even show for interviews. The sales person said they can solve that for me. I was told that if the Wonolo workers don’t show/late for a gig, cancel last minute or are bad then they are kicked off the platform. This is an absolute lie. They don’t kick any workers off the platform. Have had several workers cancel 1 to 5 hours before the shift and then you don’t get a worker. Also, the app is horrible you can’t edit some jobs via the app. Watch out! The workers constantly end the job 30 to 60 minutes after their shift. To not get charged the extra time you have to contact support which never responds. I suggest finding a good worker on here and then steal them off the platform. Oh, if you ask for a credit because of a worker or app screwup they will give you a credit for one specific week, but then your jobs that week never get accepted (Here is a credit for the next 7 days. Oh, that’s weird nobody accepted your jobs for the next 7 days). Had a worker that was suppose to hit 50 stops in the shift, all close by. The worker pretended to hit the stops to pickup some paperwork. Later I found out the worker only went to half the places.
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4 years ago, BRIESULLI
Still haven’t been Paid Bank info mixup
I worked two jobs with Wonolo at the Nordstrom fulfillment center. I was supposed to get paid on the following Friday after working and didn’t even though I emailed support a week prior to pay day to make sure I would. They did try and pay a completely different amount under someone else’s completely different name though and they tried to directly deposit it into my account. That means they are crossing bank information and it’s not secure at all. That’s very scary considering the fact that we have all this fraud going on now. I’ve emailed Wonolo over 6 times no response. Fortunately I’ve been able to find a lawyer who is going to not only make sure I get paid but also make sure I’m compensated for my bank information being compromised but I really wish I didn’t have even do that. It’s not far people work and don’t get paid.
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1 year ago, CuznDee007
Don’t waste your time
This app will show you work for 3/4 days then once you apply and try to work they will kick you off, they also don’t believe any word you tell them only the employer I was working for 12 hours got paid for 8 had visible or off of the missed payment and times still no reimbursement, once you try to clock in the app will show you down the block even thro it ask for precise location & still can’t find you, this is prolly the worst app to use for gigs use Instawork instead much better and user friendly U.I is more modern as well
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1 year ago, Ryan Hudson
Shady business practices
I recently used the Wonolo app and was extremely disappointed with the experience. The app promises to connect you with job opportunities, but what they don't disclose is that in order to get hired on with a company, you must first complete 520 hours through Wonolo. This is a huge commitment and a major red flag. Additionally, the hours are not guaranteed, which means that you can be essentially barred from working for companies in the app for a year unless they pay thousands of dollars to Wonolo to hire you. This is a shady business practice and I feel like I was misled by the app. I highly discourage anyone from using Wonolo. The lack of transparency and the potential to be locked out of job opportunities is unacceptable. The app takes advantage of workers who are just trying to make a living. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Wonolo
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2 years ago, Puncho 1084
Horrible Customer Service
I’ve Had An Wonolo Account For Months Now No Problem! All Of A Sudden I Work A Job For A Bakery Warehouse! When I Got There It Was Not What I Signed Up For They Had Me Picking Up Dead Mouse Traps. So I Told The Requestor I Would Have To Leave Because Of Emergency but I Forgot I Had There Helmet they Gave To Me to Work In. So I brought the helmet back to the warehouse I get a Email The Next Day Telling me That My Account Is Being Put On Hold For Theft About A Helmet I Returned The Same Day!! To This day My Account Has Been On Hold And I Have Yet To Get An Response From Wonolo Concerning My Account Being On Hold It Has Really Hurt me Financially!!
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2 years ago, 302ZAC
Wasn’t so lucky with it
My sister had actually recommended this app to me as she had used it once or twice. However when I downloaded the app I had only seen jobs listed for about 1 day or so and after that whenever a job notification pops up (new notifications) and try to select “View” the button doesn’t work and then the page says there are no jobs in your area. I find it hard to believe because when I use the map the pins show but don’t show for me to select and well work. I’ve had the app a lil over 2 weeks and since I was planning to use it along with other money making apps since I’ve moved to a new state…I became extremely flustered at how poorly it all worked and deleted the app. Even the “App Support” option takes you to a broken link.
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2 years ago, yuhanna M Ab
App is almost perfect
Love the app, I think the app could just use a two quality of life improvements 1. We should be able to search jobs by employer. So for example, if I see Nordstrom I should be able to just click on them and see what shifts they have available under an “employer page”. 2. One should be able to see what jobs are available even if you picked up a shift from somewhere else already. —this enables individuals more flexibility. Imagine picking up a job 20miles away, but then a job 10 miles away becomes available before the 12 hours. This gives us more flexibility on jobs to choose. You could add safeguards that stop us from picking up two shifts during the same time. Otherwise you have to withdraw from a shift to see if something else is available. It’s a risk cause you could lose your shift. Give us this freedom and you’ll have a bunch of happy campers Aside from that, this app is perfect
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3 years ago, ShanteDx
Free labor
The app has glitches so you won’t be paid on time. I have only received 2 pay outs out of my 4. So how do you need to verify my identity although I’ve already been paid - so therefore I’m verified , right ? I uploaded my license 8-10 times and they still “need to verify my identity”. I’ve been to my job site 4 days and everyday I’ve experienced a problem with the app and received delayed unrelated responses. The customer service department takes a minimum of 3 days to respond , so you basically have to decide if you want to continue working for free while they respond and just hope you get paid. I also haven’t seen nor found a phone number to contact anyone verbally. *developers need to respond to my emails not this review.*
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2 years ago, worst banking app period
Worst work platform
The agents take forever to reply, they never reply to emails. Instead their bots reply & 9/10 no agents available. When you email them bots reply & you never will ever get a response I haven’t out of the 11 emails I’ve sent. They don’t want to pay you, it’s always a wait on top of a wait on top of another wait and they call it the process. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten my paycheck, over an approval. They never want to help you it’s always an unfortunate poor soul, that doesn’t fully comprehend what you are telling them, so they don’t whatever they feel like to resolve your problem, even if they have to repeat the same process 5x over !!! Even after reading previous conversations about how many times I contact them about the same 2 week problems !!!! I HATE WONOLO !!!!
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6 years ago, AmightyLeanos
Work when you want and get paid
This App has been amazing for me. I took some time off from my regular job and wanted time to reexamine what I enjoy doing with my free time, but bills and life catch up, that's when I found wonolo. It's been great I have been able to dip into other industries and have fun meet new people and work some great events and have even found steady gigs to help me cover my bills. If you are between jobs or just need a little extra money this app is great pick the times and jobs that suit you and work as little or as much as you want, wonolo gives you the power to be your own boss.
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4 years ago, WolfNanigans
Good for sure and also room for improvement.
I’ve been using Wonolo for 2 years. At first I thought it was too good to be true and was burnt in the past with a previous In-Demand work platform but Wonolo has really been a God send! With the flexibility and less hassle I was able to work small jobs while my nurses an injury AND focus on my mental health! I am super super thankful! Areas for improvement: We need more opportunities for Wonoloer’s (your title when you start using Wonolo) to learn more skills, expand on their current skills and grow within the company. We definitely need those sweet sweet bennies (benefits)! Maybe Wonolo’s who have delivering outstanding service could Mentor up and coming Wonoloer and receive a shiny new badge & cash bonuses and perks. It could expand on the existing Brand Ambassador Program. We also need more a home base in NY where we can get questions answered face to face. Email is good but face to face is better. Plus a physical presence will help with Morale & create an even healthier In-Demand Workforce. I hope this helps and can be implemented and thank you again.
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6 years ago, Mr MacNasty
***Life Changing***
I used to be stuck wondering how was I going to pay for certain bills or have extra cash to spend on my Family unfortunately sometime working 1 job isn’t enough Thanks to Wonolo they have given me the freedom to do this , my advice to new Wonoloers is follow the process don’t drag your feet get your drug test don’t complete your profile you will be able to earn and earn money on your schedule and you experience some pretty cool places. One last tidbit Wonolos support team is on point and if you ever encounter any problems they will have your back 100% Five Star Hands Down
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6 years ago, Joel P.fox
Worth giving them a try, to explore new work and meet new people. 👍
Hi, I have been an independent contractor with Wonolo for about 7 months now and I must say that it is an ingenious simply EASY and UPTO DATE app that works very well with job seekers, job requesters, and Wonolo has a very supportive team working AROUND the clock to maintain a great flow. I live in the Bay Area and with Wonolo I have experienced meeting new people and gaining new career ideas while working the contracted assignments that I signed up on either a daily or weekly basis. Has a good software and easy to use, straight forward app. Once assignments are completed,my Pay was always on time, usually within 1-3 business days, almost NEVER had an issue with getting the exact questions I was in need of answered through Wonolo Support. All I can say is thanks for the help I received through wonolo and for being able to have jobs accessible to everyone! If you’re curious I say give it shot, you’ll do fine! Thanks, Joel
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4 years ago, MJGC12
Great app for work
I like this app it works like Uber you get an alert as soon as a job post. You have to be quick about it but once you get it, you got it. On the other note, I’m still waiting to get paid for the 1st job I picked up at a calendar warehouse and been trying to get a hold of support and they take forever to answer. No phone number to get in touch with someone to get this squared away if it wasn’t for that I’d give this app a 10 star but other that is the reason i gave it a 4 star. I’m just hoping it gets cleared up so I can get paid and be done with that.
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2 years ago, Yanaa161998
So far, so good
I’m in Chicago and I love Wonolo. It’s very convenient and I always see jobs. Better than People Ready. I’ve had one issue regarding getting paid but it was resolved immediately. The requestor asked temps to stay past the finish time & I did but didn’t get paid for the remaining hours but as I stated previously, the support team was more than happy to help. The only reason I won’t give it 5 stars is because the app literally logs me out every-time I close it. I go to update it because I assume that’s the problem but nope. No update needed. Idk what’s the glitch about but I hope it gets better.
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