WordPerfect Document Viewer

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LawBox LLC
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6 years ago
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10.7 or later
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User Reviews for WordPerfect Document Viewer

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10 years ago, again again again again again
Why am I getting updates of the exact same version over and over?
I don’t understand why I get updates everyday, sometimes more than once. Always 2.9.8! Seems like a waste of space on my computer. Are these really updates? I think not. The version never changes. I have to clean my computer to get them out.
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10 years ago, Veehbj
Why is is updating again and again to Version 9.2.8?
I like this app as it makes it very easy to get WordPerfect documents into Word. Wonder why Microsoft stopped doing the file translation. Not long ago you could open a Word Perfect document in Word and then save it as a Word document. My concern is that I see a notice that the WordPerfect Document Viewer has been updated. Each of the last five or six updates have all been to the same revision, Version 9.2.8. Each have come in on a different date, with two coming in today. Are these really updates, or is the same update being loaded and installed again and again. If so, seems like a waste of computer time and storage space. Also is distracting to see the message pop up on the screen every day.
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7 years ago, Spirit Master
Perfect for Law Students on a Budget
Unlike literally every other word processor I can think of, WordPerfect doesn’t offer a super cheap version of their software for law students. By unfortunate coincidence, most of us have Macs. If you’re a law student and your shiny new internship just gave you an assignment involving a whole bunch of .wpd documents that you can’t open on your MacBook, this is the app for you. I’m not sure what the other reviewers were talking about re: copy/paste functionality, but so far I haven’t encountered any formatting or copy/paste issues.
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10 years ago, stillinger
Fast, reliable…great
I use this app just about every day, and it’s been a lifesaver. My wife’s company deals with a large number of file types, and guess who gets to deal with them? This guy. Anyway, the people that make WPD and several other file readers sure got it down. (tho my wife thinks Im the clever one and let’s just say I don’t disabuse her of this notion lol) Anyway, great app!!
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9 years ago, Master-and-Commander
WordPerfect Document Viewer
In a word, FANTASTIC! My first word processor was none other than WordPerfect. This was back when Microsoft was just a DOS directory GUI (2.1), and as a result, I have thousands of documents and many long ago forgotten. Recently I needed to resurrect a few documents and felt lost. Now with this application I am able to view and save off to a readable format. Thank you LawBox LLC, you are the best!
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12 years ago, Katmama
Well worth the $10
I too have many YEARS worth of Corel files and I was afraid of making that move to Mac and to Word. BEWARE - as other reviewers have said, this program won't recognize the formatting, which is really too bad. It would be great if it did but that's just not the way it is. But it's so much quicker to open a file with this program to view it, and then copy and paste into Word and reformat than it is to open it in Corel using Parallels (which is taking forever) that it's not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. I'm happy to have this program. Just being able to quickly view files and see if they are worth keeping or not is well worth the $10.
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9 years ago, nothing is impossible
Awesome tool!
I found a document I wrote 15 years ago to which I really needed access. Nothing would read it, yet this app did and it preserved the text and formatting. It was well worth the $6 I paid for it as it saved me hours of work converting the document by hand. Well done!
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8 years ago, writermay
Love the batch convert
So far this ap seems to work great. I loved that I could batch convert. That seemed to work best in batches of about twenty. I’m a writer and had stubbornly used WordPerfect for years, but have gone to Word and need to be able to get into old manuscripts.
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9 years ago, Rlwesty
Works Perfect
Yea! I thought these files were lost forever. Installed app, dropped a WP file written in 1993 (with no extension!) on the app and, voila, the file opened with formatting intact ready to work with in Word. Fabulous and worth the price.
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10 years ago, UL136_37kDa
Dependable, easy to use, everything it says it is
This is a solid app. What more needs to be said?
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10 years ago, Fideshmoog
The app is great. I particularly want to emphasize customer experience - tech support is very fast to respond and to help with any issues.
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9 years ago, Ghtrg
It converts about as well as a mediocre OCR program for PDFs — the documents I converted were not really usable, even to cut and paste, when converted to Word. It would not handle footnotes at all, and every footnote was printed multiple times. You are better off using OpenOffice.
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7 years ago, SanAntonia
Just purchased - Not working. Doesn’t seem to recognize WPD docs
I just purchased this app. Very disappointed! It does not recongize my WordPerfect documents, which is the whole point. Seems to be a waste of money. Perhaps that’s why it’s on sale!
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8 years ago, Nostacia
This App Won’t Open after I paid for it! HELP!
I was really excited to have purchased the Word Perfect but after I paid for it I am unable to even openit on my mac:( Please help!!!
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6 years ago, JayBird003
Bad performance
This app pretty much took my money because it didn’t convert my file to word document.
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13 years ago, melissaatlaw
Converted my WPD doc to RTF, now editing in Pages
I am an attorney with a TON of wordperfect documents (literally 1000s) that I use for writing and research. I am constantly referring to my wordperfect database. I was so disappointed that Wordperfect is not compatible with MAC. I love using the MAC (OS X version 10.7) for email and web browsing, accounting, etc. But I can't work without easy access to my Wordperfect documents. Until now, I have had a PC along side my MAC in my office. Anytime I needed to view or edit a WPD doc, I'd have to go to my PC, convert the doc to PDF, then email it to myself. I'd get the email on the MAC, save it, and then edit the document in Pages. Obviously, this is horribly time consuming. But with the Wordperfect Viewer App I just have all my wordperfect docs on a external hard drive connected to my MAC. On the MAC, I access my wpd file using this new app, I save it to "RTF" format on the MAC. And then I open the RTF in Pages and can freely edit. I can't find any problems so far! What a timesaver!
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12 years ago, jpowell
Saved my bacon
I had some very old WordPerfect for Mac files that I wanted to dust off and this app opened them like a champ. I simply needed to add the .wpd extension to them and WordPerfect Viewer did the rest. Awesome job!
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11 years ago, emendelson
By far the best WP viewer
This app is by far the best of the WordPerfect viewers available - and I can say that with confidence because I put together one of the other ones (a freeware app, not in the App Store). This is the ONLY WP viewer that correctly renders paragraph numbers in WPDOS files if those numbers have any unusual formatting. The other viewers number all numbered paragraphs as "1"; this one numbers the paragraphs correctly. Excellent work. One small point: the license is weirdly formatted, and still describes the software as version 2.4, although it's now 2.5.
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11 years ago, coderipper
Well done!
OK. Let's face it. For better or for worse, Wordperfect is dead. WordPerfect Viewer is the only viewer in the App Store that I have found to handle documents containing images correctly. That includes the highly recommended WPD Wizard. If you don't want to have to run a PC or virtual machine to open and view your WordPerfect archives, I have found nothing better for the job than WordPerfect Viewer. Exporting to a format that can easily be read by Pages or MS Word is a piece of cake, as well.
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13 years ago, _Jaso
Not good
This app ruines the document formatting and does not show all of the text in the document. Page width is gone, the page is as wide as the window. Page height and page breaks are gone, it's just one long page. Headers and footers are gone. I recived a document with headers and footers that was 4 pages long in Word Perfect. However, in this program the headers and footers were gone, and, when I when to print, it was 9 pages long. I would not recommend this app if you want to accually see the document how it was intented to look. If all you want to see is the text in the body of the document then this app may be for you. It wasn't for me.
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12 years ago, rlwnsf
Will not open WP files created with WP 3.5 for the macintosh
I just flushed $10 completely down the potty. This application is worthless to me since it will not open WordPerfect files created with WP 3.5 for the mac. I still have an old mac with WP 3.5 that ran under System 9, but was hoping to work with these WP files on my modern OS 10 mac. It is unfortunate that you cannot try these applications on your files before wasting hard-earned money on them. At least the developers should state the limits of the application and for a translating program such as this one, what it cannot not do.
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13 years ago, GRCheav
Great app.
When I switched to Mac a few years ago I had some "orphan" WP files. I bought a version of WP for Mac but since I prefer Pages I basically abandoned these files. This week I really needed to open one but my WP programme was missing. WordPerfect Viewer really came to the rescue and was so easy to use that I converted ALL the old files in a very short time.
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10 years ago, dental user
Adequate, WPDReader $1 nicer user interface
This program opens the files in a small window that you have to manually drag larger. By comparison, WPDReader for $1.00 opens it up with a larger window, shows a document map on the left and has buttons on the top to do the actions you want to do (rather than make you do those things via menu bar). Adequate program, but ironic that cheaper competitor feels more complete.
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11 years ago, rasterbate
Works where other apps fail
After trying many other reader apps included OpenOffice and getting errors or garbled text, I downloaded this one and it worked perfectly, rendering the text in the original formatting and appropriate line breaks. Thanks so much!
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11 years ago, Gloggins
Worked when Open Office didn't
Had an old wpd document. Open Office couldn't read it. This program did. It doesn't seem to allow edits, but you can select all and copy the document into Word. That's what I did.
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12 years ago, TheBarrister
It works
The legal profession is still someplace in the dark days of the 20th century and that means there are still piles of Wordperfect documents that need to be read. This application does exactly what is says, you can view WordPerfect documents. It works, well worth $10.
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10 years ago, Firebird.One
One Happy Camper
After decades of crashes and blue screen wipeouts in Windows my family shifted over to Macs. Solutions cause problems. I could not open any of my thousands of WordPerfect files. WordPerfect Document Viewer to the rescue. So far I’ve opened about a dozen WP files by changing the file extension from whatever to .WPD and using this app. I have another app that purports to do the same thing. If and when this one doesn’t do it I’ll try the other one.
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11 years ago, RC-Dev
Worked great
I needed to convert a Word Perfect doc and this did the job. I may never need it again, but it was quick, safe, and priced right.
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10 years ago, nickdz01
Not bad
This opened the files in .wpd that I needed to view. The formatting was slightly off.
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10 years ago, jeshuabr
Imperfect Viewer for WordPerfect
I don’t know how this got 35 positive reviews. This program does not work as advertised. I want my money back. You can open the .wpd document on your Mac, but that’s as far as the program goes. None of the original formatting is preserved. Don’t buy it.
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12 years ago, Dolphin Express
It works!
Just like that, I no longer need to keep my old notebook PC around just to decode even older WordPerfect docs. I miss WP, but I won't miss that Dell notebook.
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11 years ago, EmmaRoon
Not for foreign languages
I had old word perfect files that included Hebrew. This could not convert them and simply gave me messed up symbols where the Hebrew was. Probably a fine app for english documents, just not for anything with symbols or unusual text forms.
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12 years ago, Maverick-777
Great App
Solid app. Wish there was an option to save/convert to .doc / .docx
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12 years ago, Kyleishia
Didn't open my files
I used WPD in 2005 to create documents and the viewer will not open them. I have no idea why. They are password protected so maybe the viewer cant access them? Either way, 10 dollars wasted.
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10 years ago, JumoArk
Love it.
Does just what it is supposed to. Great little app.
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12 years ago, adam75south
good enough
I only need to open and view WPD files. It works decently. Apostrophes have funny code in place of them, but it's good enough for what I do. $10 is probably pushing it, but it's worth it for me.
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12 years ago, pekklejus
Waste of Time
Better off using NEO-OFFICE which is free full featured word-processor. This is a waste of time, hardly retain the original formating compared to Neo Office. Way overpriced! Wish i have donated the $10 to neo office.
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13 years ago, bv070386
didnt work for me
The document “.wps” could not be opened. WordPerfect Viewer cannot open files in the “Pages Document” format.
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12 years ago, Barolo_rob
opened doc but all the fonts was lost , so ended up with a jumble of words and they were not Perfect. What a total waste of $10.00
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