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User Reviews for Workday

4.69 out of 5
859.2K Ratings
4 months ago, Neenoshka
Macy Watson
I would just like to say that I am about 10 years behind on technology. I had been putting off joining this and just using paper because it was too difficult for me in my condition to sit down and figure out how to do all of this technical stuff. However, this young lady was just so patient with me and I cannot emphasize how patient she was with me. She was kind. She showed empathy and she showered me with confidence that she would stick with me until the end until I figured out how to login how to change my password, what things to avoid I can go on and on. I had a little trouble and tummy issues this morning, so had to run to the bathroom. She was kind enough to call me back and keep her word and finish what we started. I truly could continue to articulate in depth how this phone call went and how she was so professional yet personable and down to earth. She even affected me an a way I now I feel that I have to change my attitude, no matter how much pain I’m in because kindness is something that can spread very easily and because of her now I wanna extend that and pay it forward I hope only good things for her. As she is someone that I’ve never encountered in my adult life when it comes to customer service I hope this gets to someone on top that can reward her in some kind of special way. She’s a very special person and knows her stuff. Thank you very much Macy. Be well and may only good things come your way. Keep up the good work. ♥️👋 LTD California.
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7 months ago, oB1kaknowBee
Review for work day from a GPC user
The app is doing ok but it could be a little more create with an automated AI that could be accessible with voice activation and speech pattern recognition for the less technological people that or older. It would help them with an understanding when there’s no one around to take them step by step in understanding what is going on in the company. Giving an employee a full understanding of an job opening position, their investments in the company helping them to grow with the company and feeling more part of the company with investment opportunities actually getting an understanding through an automated AI system that can simplify things in ways so any user would feel comfortable using to improve there opportunities for jobs in the company and also helping the company understand there employees and we all grow together as a team. Also helping the company enter the Technology Age with a smooth transition with transparency and teamwork. Other than that work day is the right step into the future.
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1 year ago, TomCat6975
I love using Workday
As a seasoned HR professional with over 30 years of experience, I have seen and used a lot of systems. I can truly say that nothing compares to the functionality and convenience of having everything I need in one single place. I don’t have to go anywhere but Workday to complete learning, training, check my paystubs, manage my benefits, or even set up a checkin with my manager. The added bonus is that I also get to work at Workday and share this amazing system with customers. Every time I get to demo our product to an executive team, I thrive on connecting with them, and understanding their goals so I show them ways we can improve their efficiencies so they can focus on their strategic goals.
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10 months ago, c49er
Convenient hassle
I like this app ok and its convenient but can also be a hassle. It’s nice to have a lot of things conveniently in an app on hand. The hassle part was setting it up some but the office people in our company helped us. The biggest hassle I have is the requirement of changing the password every so often and not being able to do it myself without help. I’ve had to do it once and had to call our corporate people for help to get it done. It has a place in the app it says you’re supposed to be able to do it on your own but I have yet to successfully do this. The several attempts so far it always tells me that something is incorrect and wrong such as lately the old password that corporate gave me and I have logged in with and triple checked to make sure it wasn’t my error of entering it incorrectly. Doesn’t help it doesn’t give you the option to see what you’re typing as or after you’ve typed the passwords in.
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4 years ago, Chess Putnam Fan
I can’t even.
I don’t know the problem is but I’ve had it with this app. It worked fine for me for a couple of months and then somewhere it went to hell. I use it to clock in and out for work and a month ago it randomly (or so I thought) stopped recognizing my password. You can’t retrieve your pw and to change your pw you have to know your current password which I do but apparently the Workday app doesn’t agree. I couldn’t get in on the website either because it wouldn’t recognize my pw. A couple of days later IT was able to reset my password which I wrote down. Two weeks after that, same deal. PW randomly stops working on the ap and I can’t log in online either. After 2 more days of not being able to clock in or out of work IT gives me a new password again. I went to the Apple Ap store and looked up the version history for the app and compared it to my IT call log and yup, for the last two times when they’ve updated the version it somehow fubars my password or whatever madness it manages to do. I’m able to log in with my new password on the Workday website but not the app because it still won’t recognize my password.
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2 years ago, Skydivebabe
This app it the worst
I truly believe the new CEO of our company has some stocks in this app. It’s very confusing. It takes forever to log in at work. It takes forever to clock in or out. I don’t know how to use my Holliday pay. I can’t figure out how to put in person sick time. I am Not sure if I am actually getting paid for the work I do. The pay check comes to me up to 3 days late now. I don’t need all those different icons ... just let me see what hours I have to use, what I have used, and how I can apply my earned paid time off or vacation pay. I can’t fine any brake down my weekly checks? Did I get the extra money from open a CC? Or did I get cheated? Why didn’t the managers go through this as a new system update so we know how to work it? Very user UNFRIENDLY! Terrible system. I don’t know where to turn for help. HR? Labor Board? The ASM at my store made it very clear we could not ask questions about this at work unless we punched out of work day. I wish I could give this 0 starts! Terrible Terrible system!! 👎👎👎👎👎
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3 years ago, Blind in the System
Not great
Too many “clicks” to get where you can see the whole picture.... for techs it’s frustrating for managers it’s so much of a hassle I’d rather do it all by hand! The worst part is the time crunching for techs. Looking to approve on call work, PTO time off, holidays, and/or instances of working outside of or longer than the normal work day schedule is nearly impossible. I used to be able to pull all of my techs up on a two week calendar view and review everyone’s time cards in one go, or drill down to individuals as needed. Now I get a date to one side that will skip around time blocks for PTO, weekends or holidays without showing why there’s a gap there unless you read another section somewhere else that says PTO was taken... good luck find that time off easily because that’ll take you three clicks to find on another screen that you have to write down or memorize when you go back to the time card you’re trying to approve. In short this program needs a lot of work to be easy to use.
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10 months ago, l4zyl10n
What’s even the point?
I keep trying to use this app, as I don’t always wanna use a website on my phone. When I found out Workday is available as an app, I jumped on the opportunity to download and use it. The only problem is, what’s even the point of having the app if, when I put in my organization ID, (just as it appears on Workday’s website), it never give me the chance to log in. The app just freezes after I put in the ID, and it never gets to a log in screen. I’ve tried doing it on my company’s wifi, my home wifi, my cellular network, everything. And yet the app still doesn’t let me in. I’ve tried it off and on over the past few months, near year, since we switched to using Workday. Along with having any and all updates come in. I’m severely disappointed and hope that the development team can figure out what’s going on and fix it, cause this isn’t the experience I expected from what I can compare to the website proper.
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2 years ago, Archpriest
App is much better than web based version
I have a lot of complaints about web version, trying to view work weeks as a 12 hour shift worker is a nightmare especially when your work week extends through the weekend. Web version is much more manageable. I wish there was a overtime worked setting where I could keep track of my annual worked overtime, but this option is not avalible. I really like the vacation request system, I do wish there was a way I could put in my normal hours worked or expected to work rather and then link it to my Apple or google calendar.
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6 years ago, jdibblechi
Interface not user friendly
The app's interaction is completely optimized around the underlying database structure, rather than user needs. Entering time sheets in incredibly laborious -- click on Time Type and wait of a menu of generic time types to appear. Select a time type category, and wait for the system to query the members of that query. Finally, you get to type your value, but don't expect common patterns like Google type-ahead to search as you go. You have to wait again for a server search for potential matches. And once you enter your time entry, if you decide you need to change the category, the Workday app erases the hours field that you entered before, so hopefully you've remembered it. And don't even get me started on expense reports. I sorely miss Expensify and Forecast, which we were using before our corporate office made up standardize on Workday. Workday is definitely a product built for the convenience of the engineers who auto-generate this horrible interface -- not for their users.
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4 years ago, Tiff 1987
strongly dislike this app
I used to be able to download my pay stubs not print so was not killing trees. Anything I seach for like pay stubs as they are hard to find gives anybodys name that works for or has worked there with the word pay. What in the world it is oneof the biggest things it is supposed to be used for. Then when you do find it it is the worst layout ever. Example 1. 100 dollars for hours worked yet no idea how many hours that was would have to do the math to figure that out. Example 2. At my company we earn PTO by hours worked my old pay stub would tell me how much I earned this pay pieroid now I just get a lump some of my pto bank not quite as usefull for me to make sure it is actually the right amount. I feel more Vulnerable to hackers as now they just have to hack one app to get thousands of peoples Info and still IDs. I trully hope your company will not force you to use this useless hard to use app.
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2 years ago, Anonymous\ Honest review
Don’t work
I have good internet and phone service but the app won’t even load no matter how long I wait. It would ask me to login at the beginning and after I pressed login it ask for my organization / company name. I input the name and it showed a green check mark. From that point on it show a blank white screen with three dots loading. No matter how long I wait the screen stays the same. I reinstalled the app but the problem is still the same. I have used multiple phone to see if it will get fixed but the problem stayed the same. I can use the web version, but I can’t check everything there. It will be helpful if this problem get fixed soon. Another suggestion is we should be able to check our schedule and hour we work on the web version since the app won’t work. I can’t even load the app so I don’t know how am I supposed to check my schedule.
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4 years ago, nanceq@$**
Not user friendly for Administrators
As an Administrator, I supervise Supervisors and their staff. I have to provide coverage and need the ability to print out staff timesheets to which there is no ability for me to print timesheets of staff 2 tiers below me, only those I immediately supervise. Additionally, the preview pane does not provide all the necessary info. needed to approve timesheets (ie. for worktags required for teleworking status); therefore, I have to first go to all staff, then go to my org chart, then find the staff, click on review timesheet to check worktags, and THEN go back to approve timesheets. And I should add that when staff have to print their timesheets for me, the worktags don’t print out. Awesome! This seems completely unnecessary. This review is primarily for Workday in general, as the app offers even less options that make it even more user unfriendly.
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6 years ago, SkyRon
Convenient, but not intuitive.
It’s nice to have this with you at all times as an app on your phone. But if you put in a start time of 8 o’clock, and the time happens to be 637 when you’re doing it, the end time automatically is at 37 minutes. It would be nice if there were an easy or quick way to automatically get that minute to :00 or :30 since most people start at the top or the bottom of the hour. Then at the out time, it does the same thing. It should into with that if I started at in o’clock, I’m going to end at an o’clock. But there’s that 37 again. It’s not a big hassle just an unnecessary inconvenience.I would think this app would intuit that my end time minutes column is probably going to be equal to my start time.
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7 months ago, 4th down let’s punt
Worst App I’ve Ever Used
Where to start… the day 1 roll out was terrible, sloppy, unprepared, incomplete app and froze. Still to this day it makes no sense I have to select 0% tax rate when my state has 6% tax rate. It took 3 months to get my first expense reimbursed. Having to log into a teams meeting at a specific time with multiple people to try and get assistance is terrible. Especially in a patient care setting. Let me stop taking care of patients because nobody understands how to use your app. Every single time I submit an expense reimbursement it has errors. If I’m doing something wrong, I was taught incorrectly, but if I’m not, it’s just lazy you don’t fix the app. Either way, nobody has said anything the 8 months plus we have been using it now. My company used concur before and that app is light years ahead of this. I have begged to go back to it. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
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1 year ago, Freecrazyjoe17
Need just a little work
The app is overall a great app, although it’s the app saying when we can request the available balance we get all the money from the 2 times we requested it and we used all our requests because you only get 2 of them per pay period. Okay cool that’s not my problem my problem is when after we done used all our request we waiting looking at the date that’s provided when you can request again, and it be false lol the app be lying I guess it be a estimate date or whatever idk that’s my only problem so far y’all fix that for me lol I just be wanting to know the truth lol. Ps.I’m bored that’s why I type all this but this real spill sincerely, 17teenshots🤣💯.
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9 months ago, JWpb2
Don’t like the app at all !! When my pass word needed to be changed there was no warning it was going to expire until I clocked in the next time. So I followed the instructions ha fat chance!! I literally spent the next seven hours and countless emails to workday to get this changed absolutely ridiculous!! I understand the importance of the security of personal info but I considered my bank account info and security far more important and when the time comes to change password not only do you get warning but it only takes a few minutes to change. I feel with this app you might as well go back to a punch card, and the worst part no one in my faculty knows any thing about it and workday website doesn’t give any contact info in case of problems. In my opinion and experience it’s worthless and poorly thought out .
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4 years ago, GAF sir inspector
Too Slow!
I enjoy Workday about as much as one can while doing expense reports. It’s user friendly and I’m thankful that my company uses it for finances, Human Resources, etc but the time that it takes for things to load could drive me up a wall. A simple task that should take 5 minutes turns into a 30 minute ordeal with the majority of the time spent with me screaming at the loading bubbles on the screen. Also, every now and then I just get kicked out. Whole app closes and returns to home screen on my device. I have to log back in and luckily my work is usually saved as drafts to pick up where I left off. Just seems like a little glitch I could do without. Other than these couple issues, thumbs up.
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4 years ago, OGJohnnyboy
No more Face ID
The app itself is actually really good like it’s convenient for both the employer and employees because you practically see everything about your job which is handy these days. However after I quit my old job to go to my new they were both using Workday so I had to log out from one account to a brand new one. Anyways long story short, I can’t use Face ID anymore like it doesn’t give me the option anymore so I’m stuck typing in my password every time which is obviously way slower. Any Workday devs reading this, please look into this and suggest a new solution for this please.
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4 years ago, PrototypeActual
Great features but no noticeable updates
Plenty of good features have come out but the updates I feel don’t do anything. I’m not sure why I have to still set up my pin/Face ID every time I have to reset my Workday password or why I have to turn back on Push notifications for clocking out every shift. I also don’t get prompted to religion after changing my password after the app. After a day or two it’ll have me sign in while I’m rushing to clock in. There also needs to be a notification that my password needs to be changed soon instead of a surprise redirect when I try to login into the app for the day (again while rushing to clock into work).
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4 years ago, dpink25
Meat Cutter Highlands Ranch CO
Work day along with all other Whole Foods applications have provided me with transparent communication from the company I dedicate my time with, working here for now approximately 2 months I have seen a dramatic change in overall operational standards in the meat department, my observations & views are also taken into consideration when dealing with the unprecedented Covid19 virus. The management team at my location truly does care about the safety & wellness of everyone who enters the business. I am appreciative for my part I perform here at Whole Foods to be in part of a greater cause we make in our team of exceptional employees & our community service.
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4 years ago, eroninson423
Workday - NOT A FAN
Our company switched over to Workday about 5 months ago. After using it as a manager for employee time, absences, performance reviews, promotions, recruiting, etc., I have to say this has got to be the least user-friendly HR application I have ever used. The form pages don’t flow naturally and the error descriptions are not very helpful. Approvals are another headache - they seem to go in circles having subordinates approve manager actions, then still having to approve the manager action after that before going on up the chain. It’s wasting a lot of time and is very confusing. Worst of all, the confusion is causing inaccuracies in the company’s and employee’s records/data. I thought after using it for awhile that I might get used to it. But I find it more and more frustrating the more I use it. I wish we had never switched to Workday and I’m not alone in that opinion.
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1 year ago, nedan80
Clock-in confirmation button
Overall I really like the functions of the Workday mobile app. But as an employee who needs to clock-in/out the confirmation button has caused so many numerous in-registered clock-ins. Yes my boss can fix it but it really is an inconvenience that Workday is suppose to mitigate. For those on an iPhone with no actual “home” button the “home” slide up often gets in the way of the clock-in confirmation button. If it was moved up 1/3” it would minimize the clock-in fails. Also, the desktop version needs to mirror the same functionality of the mobile app. Radio selectors for meal/out clock-outs on desktop? Come on, it’s 2022 keep consistent between the app and desktop web version.
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4 years ago, Kema217
Works flawlessly for what my job use it for
I can understand the negative reviews, each workday app is different and set up to the companies standards. My job doesn’t use this app to clock in and out, we still clock in the ole fashion way, badge and kiosk, we use workday to request time off, and keep up with our PTO balances, and view/ print paystubs. So basically no problems on my end, password is saved automatically and Face ID works. I’ve had to re login quite a few after the updates, but long as your password is saved in keychain(iPhone) you want have no problems logging back on and reactivating Face ID.
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3 years ago, WeBates
Workday Review
In my experience using Workday for learning about working here at Brooksby Village Home Support, I found it simple and effectively informative for myself and my fellow employees. It is an effective tool to use for any position here at Brooksby. It is simple enough for any employee to use. My favorite part about Workday courses is that you can stop and return back to the place left off. This makes it so employee’s can take these courses while on a break and return back to the initial phase of the class if necessary. I would recommend taking Workday courses for all employees of Erickson Living. Sincerely, Wendy Bates
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2 years ago, Tmax1983
Time off
This app and the program in general is a joke. If I go to put in a request for time off and make an error I can’t just go in and edit it. I have to wait for who knows how long then go and cancel the request then make a new request. There are too many steps to just request a day off. As a supervisor this makes things very difficult when staff make errors on requests that are for the same day. The old digital system we had for time off requests worked wonderfully, but this one makes me want to rip my hair out. Worst thing is clearly the people at Workday don’t care to simplify things or take input to improve the app. As I’m going through and reading some of these reviews, I see that they have only followed up on a select few which shows they only want corporations money.
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5 years ago, kd susoxnsb
When given a task to change an employees status, the ability to edit the errors does not work at all. This makes workday very frustrating and we have to submit a ticket to our service center for theses changes. Further more most of the reasons we have to transfer employees back and forth is because workday has moved an employee for no reason. It’s very frustrating and way to time consuming with no ability to clear the task through. Not sure if it’s workday or something within are corporate errors but it’s very inconvenient and causes a lot of issues.
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5 years ago, Msgatochannn
Clocking In/Out Shouldn’t Be So Complicated
Can Workday hire me to create their clock in/out process and what it would appear on screen to users? The current one can be simplified by reducing the number of windows and screens that users has to navigate in order to clock in and out for the day and breaks. Also, just make it plain and simple by listing “check in time”, then a row below that would be the “15-min break”, the row below that would be “lunch”, and finally the row below that would be the time you clock out for the day(“out”). Instead, it currently shows as an example: 8:00-8:31 (meal), the row below shows 9:01-2:15 (meal)... not efficient. Each day I get confused because that’s hard to read, I end up making some mistake as a result, then I email my supervisor to adjust it to the correct time which is a waste of her time. Please fix this, thanks!
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6 months ago, MGMA93
Needs serious attention
App freezes when selecting a photo to upload for requested tasks such as updating a personal photo or government IDs or any other pict really. It will just freeze up in the photos and not let you select anything, not other albums or cancel. I have to tap outside of the screen or close the app and start over. Frankly it’s annoying when my company is breathing down my neck to complete tasking and the app refuses to work… good times. Will update review when the app has been fixed and updated too.
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3 years ago, MattInAustin
Too many clicks required slows down data entry
Far too many clicks are required to enter time or to make changes to time categories. It really bogs down the process and is very tedious. For example, I accidentally entered 8h per day for a week of vacation but categorized the time wrong. There's no way to make a change to a single day and propagate that to the rest of the week automatically. Furthermore, when you change the time caregory, the hours for that day reset to zero. Why?! That's just sadistic. I had to go back and essentially recreate every day. What makes it worse is that you have to click in a field twice to make it editable: once to activate the field, and once to select the value you want to change. Asinine!
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4 years ago, APPAPPAPPMAN
Service tech JCI
Terrible app, no explanations on how to use,did I mention terrible app?not quite sure what my company is trying to use this for , did I mention terrible app?Saw a golfer on TV with the WORKDAY app on his shirt, I am certain he’s not using this,. I asked my manager for half day off, work 4 hours in morning, take 4 hours off in afternoon. App only allows whole days off,nowhere can I put in hours I want off, 4,6,812, hours, just not a user friendly App,no accommodations for Bereavement time off, just another smooth talking APP SALESMAN, pushing down corporate throat. Did I mention terrible APP?, This will be a short lived app, certainly there is an app developer out there that will come up with a better solution then this WORKDAY APP. You can reach out to me, I can help you build a App that is user friendly with the working people of the world.
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6 years ago, Gdgjnc
I like the app and that I can access it from my phone rather than just while I’m at work. One thing would like to see is being able to manage my direct deposit a little more freely from the app. For example if I have my income directly deposited in to two separate accounts I would like to be able to manage how much I would like in each account at a moments notice with a tap on my screen rather than doing it the hard old fashioned way and calling the corporate company and it taking weeks to make a slight change.
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2 years ago, 26railroad
Can’t Edit Itemizations for “In Progress” Reports
For whatever reason, this app only allows editing of line items in expense reports (like adding receipts or changing amounts) when the report is in the “Draft” stage, but not the “In Progress” stage. I’m not sure what the difference is between those two, because the non-app interface allows for editing of line items regardless of “Draft” or “In Progress” status. I like the app because it doesn’t stall out when uploading a receipt (unlike Chrome and Safari). I don’t like the app because my expense reports are drafted by my employer, so all of them are “In Progress” when I begin adding receipts and changing amounts.
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4 months ago, Grateful Tulsa
Abysmal backup for new system for new hire and I9
I recently hired a new technician and the new onboarding system through my day was absolutely appalling . No one could help me navigate the system and it got compounded when I called the so called cvs health help number - I spent one hour trying to get a real person as the prompts did not include or say help with On Boarding a new colleague- instead I had to put in my ss number my date of birth !!! How incompetent and inefficient . When I finally got though yo a person she was not trained enough to help me . As a pharmacy manager it was a nightmare trying to run my store and deal with all this too I feel you need to make our lives simpler - please take away the hiring process from us and give us an hr department that will do all the leg work for us
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11 months ago, Boothacus
Not really user friendly and really frustrating.
While I've had training the program isn't naturally intuitive. Instead of offering menus etc and easily understandable ways of using the programs it seems to be designed with someone with a lot more computer sense and perhaps the intuition used in coding. The average schlub who uses this will not find it self explanatory like many other programs. If PayPal or other programs like this used this sort of format for the average or below average user it would never be the giant it is now. Please make these things easy and usable for an idiot. Someone of us must use this program and find it extremely frustrating yet want to get paid so we can afford to take classes to make us less stupid. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Jake G.J.
Hard to navigate
Terrible UI, and not user friendly on desktop or mobile. On top of that, the mobile app is unresponsive and slow. I wish my employer would use any other system for us to complete trainings and track time. We can’t view schedules on the app, and the time off request function is confusing and just does not work properly. We can’t even complete some necessary actions anywhere outside of a company computer. While I realize some of this is the fault of my employer and not Workday, the frustrating nature of the program does not help. While the management team and employees have the ability to communicate through workday, we all just text each other rather than bother with this time consuming and messy program.
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3 years ago, lostlife1978
What happened to 24 hour
I don’t write many reviews so this feature that o am talking about has been there since their last update about 6 months ago or so. I didn’t mind the app as I was able to put my time in fairly easy using the 24Hr form. Now since this update that I stated you MUST use 12 format. I hate 12 format for punching in hours. If it does not register the am pm push then the me thing you know your inputting a 16 hour workday instead of only 4 hours. It’s annoying as to why they changed it. I wish you would at least have the option to select how you would like to input your time with either 24Hr or 12hr format.
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4 years ago, fhjtye9851
Simple use, difficult log in...
I am unaware of the multiple uses of Workday. My primary use of this app, and the primary use explained by my job site, is for viewing paychecks. Our paychecks are direct deposit and this is our only access to view deductions and payments. I have never had a single attempt for an easy log on. The PIN number access changes, the password changes, we’ve gone to an additional Authenticator app to got thru to Workday that times out before you can get number and get back to Workday, and have access denied. I recently made many efforts to write passwords and keep track of the many changes Workday puts me through to view details of my paycheck. I voted one star only to make sure my comment gets a post. If you’ve read this far, zero stars is my true rating.
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4 years ago, TVDan1043
Time off confuses it
Workday can't wrap its digital brain around somebody taking a day off. It can't figure PTO into whether or not you have entered your time for the week and gives me an error if I try to submit less than 40 hours because I had a day off this week. And heaven forbid you take a whole week off! It absolutely can't handle 0 hours worked in a week and bugs you and your supervisor and your HR manager with all kinds of emails and in-app messages saying you need to enter your time for last week or you won't get a paycheck (meanwhile when you go to the PTO page it shows 40 hours of approved time off). This is what happens when different parts of the app are designed by different committees that don't talk to each other.
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2 years ago, 164Godisgreat
App background color sign in page
When opening the WD App-the background color changes from royal blue to light blue with white font linked message which reads: Notice to Users. Even with good eyesight-can’t read. We have employees who solely rely upon App - and we’re maximizing the Notice to Users link yet if one can’t view the link what good is it? Kindly update to keep royal blue background color throughout the sign in page. A larger font would be helpful too or even a black color font: Notice to Users. Kind regards.
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5 years ago, Lbg1970
Can’t save login information
I have no problems with the app itself other than not being able to save my login information. I constantly have to be sent a text to verify my identity and go through the laborious trouble of having to re-enter my information. It would be very convenient feature to be able to save my login information to not have to go through this process every time. It takes a long time to finally get into the app. If there is a way to do it I have not found it, I have looked at different areas of the app. If anyone else knows of a way to do it please let me know
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2 years ago, greeng8or
So very buggy
I’ve had issues with this app for well over a year now and still waiting for an update that will solve the issues. The most obvious problems start with log-in. Despite always electing to have FaceID and/or a pin, Workday can’t seem to make either of them work and will inevitably require typing a password and ask me to re-up these features every time, very annoying. Once logged in, submitting simple expense reports gets very cumbersome with tags upon tags upon tags and is met with errors which make no sense (i.e. “Too many request submitted”) when only one is in the works, and the errors also give no indication on how to fix them. This app looks nice on the surface but is broken and buggy on the inside.
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4 years ago, Cdobbs37
Consumer Like App Experience
This is the most useful and easy to use business app at my company. Everything about my pay is available at my finger tips. Time is easy at my company but I don’t know how others have configured their time tracking bc some of my coworkers in different jobs have a different tracking views/ways to check in/out. I also can complete learning courses and review my team members on mobile. There is even automatic expensing with a photo of a receipt and my manager showed me his financial performance dashboards. Very cool.
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2 years ago, Skylar Gordon
Overall good, but new issue
Overall, from an employee perspective, this app serves my needs well. Unfortunately in the last few days myself and several other people with the same position have had an issue where, while checking in, filling in the necessary fields pushes the button to check in with outside the frame of the screen, making it unreachable, causing us not to be able to check-in. This has been irritating to us, and has made more work for management as they have to correct our clocks.
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4 years ago, xxyBartlep20
Hard to use
The app sends you to the website that sends you back to the app. After setting the app up and confirming sign in on my phone and iPad I am able to access the app for only a month or so. I then have to create a new password and pin just like the first time I set up the account. This usually involves issuing my work equipment. Multiple times I have been unable to set up the account on my personal equipment and have been forced to email my documents to my personal accounts to use for loans etc.. please make this user friendly so I can safely access my payslips and w2s securely from home. Thank you.
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3 months ago, Mbbodybuilder
I only use workday because it’s what my employer chooses to use. Now we have to use workday to clock in and out of work and let me tell you it’s the worst system for time keeping. Everyone uses their personal phone to clock in and out and about 80% of the time not only do I experience this but as well as a lot of my colleagues when clocking in or out it always says move to your location even if you are in the building and on Wi-Fi. And especially if Wi-Fi is turned off on your phone it always says move closer to your location. When It does that you can’t clock in and out. All the other features of workday are okay and nothing to be impressed with. Just my personal experience and opinions.
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10 months ago, Madness33
Finally - A Business app that works.
The Workday app is great! The interface is clean and intuitive, and there a ton of functionality packed into the app. Most everything you need to do on the desktop version of Workday is available in iPhone App; like requesting PTO, pulling pay checks & W2s, scanning receipts & submitting expenses, etc. For leaders, there are tons of interactive reports and dashboards and the interactive org charts are beautiful and nicely laid out. Definitely one of the best business applications I have used, to date.
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2 years ago, Chakra 4 Yoga
Time sheet entry is cumbersome
Providing the hours, locations, and units takes too long to enter with too many multiple entries for one class. In addition, if I choose to enter a weeks worth of hours, the system slows down. Selecting the location with corresponding charge numbers is inefficient; I have to memorize the charge numbers because the title for each location is so long that I cannot see which location I am selecting- please shorten the names with key words that identify the site.
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7 months ago, Criley19
I used to love it
When I first started using this app for work I loved it. I could easily log in via Face ID. I use the app on my personal phone and on my work phone. Now every time I log in, it makes me do it from the very beginning of my organizations page. Clicked remember me, it never does and it says it’s the first time I’ve logged in using this browser which is not true. Clicked do not challenge me on this device for the next 10 hours, doesn’t work. I can go to log back in 30 mins later and it makes me start all over again. It works fine on my laptop but I don’t always have my laptop with me when I need to log in.
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2 years ago, Katie, CPT
Most difficult app
Never had so much trouble with a scheduling and time tracking app as I do with workday. It’s just as difficult through a company desktop that’s on our network, as it is on my app. It periodically logs me out when my sign in credentials haven’t changed- so I rarely get an accurate clock-in. And it’s nearly impossible to submit sick hours (even when you have the balances). The PTO request times out and is virtually impossible to complete. Even my HR dept has the same issues on the corporate side, and tells me to “try again later.” I’ve wasted hours across days just trying to submit time I’m owed. Awful service- I wish my company would change time tracking software.
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