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The Home Depot, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Workforce Tools

4.81 out of 5
117.7K Ratings
1 year ago, jrkizzle
Priceless utility
I am very impressed with this app. My last job had no such thing and it was honestly a Nightmare trying to keep track of, and request time off, even sick time. The schedule was always being changed then changed again, employees couldn’t view their schedule except for a paper Copy posted at the store, no one could take a photo of it so if u forgot to write it down, u were screwed. This app. Is beyond amazing, all of those issues, and many more I haven’t listed have been resolved in this platform. It has all the essential information one needs for everything related to your job. All important info is condensed and streamlined into a simple, concise, easy to use interface. All relevant info can be accessed immediately and with navigational ease. All in all, I can’t believe anyone can preform at their highest possible level in their position without this app. Must have, if your employer doesn’t have it or an equivalent, highly suggest it.
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3 years ago, #boymom🦸‍♀️
I love this app.
This app helps me out so much I’m checking my schedule and allows me to check my attendance (although it’s always amazing, I’m always on time 😁) it allows me to change my break time and my days off all on my phone. It allows me to check my paystub to take a screenshot or print it out whenever I need them. It keeps me updated if I missed a punch at work and make schedule requests off right at my finger tips. The QR badge to clock in and out with there is another app that allows the badge to be displayed on your phone as a widget to allow it to be easier for clocking and and out. I highly recommend this app for anyone in the work force that can have access to it, USE IT!!!! Thank you to the awesome programmers that made this thank you lots.
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1 year ago, CherylBonehead
Useful… when it works🙄
This app is quite useful… when you can get it to work. It is supposed to keep you logged in until you need to change your password or you log out, but it constantly logs you out, sometimes multiple times a day, and usually at the most inconvenient times. (Like when you’re double checking your punch time for lunch, so you won’t be late) Then when you do get logged back in, half the features don’t work for several minutes, sometimes hours. I also receive notifications saying a new schedule has posted for a specific date, but when I check the schedule, nothing is there. If I had a nickel for every time it freezes up, logs me out or says “an error has occurred”, or notifies me of nothing, I could probably quit my job and live off of that money. Occasionally a window will pop up asking if you want to give feedback. When you click “yes”, it won’t let you do anything. So is this just another glitch or are they fully aware how bad the app is? The fact that this app is crap really isn’t that surprising, seeing as the registers and first phones software is equally horrible.
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3 years ago, MrDud3
New, unnecessary update broke the app
Prior to the update, the app worked fine. I could log in, check my schedule, get my badge to punch in, etc. now I can’t even log in? I put in my info into a window that pops up, already a bad sign, and hit “sign in” and it tells me the page expired? That the page I’m trying to access is... no longer available? What page? I’m trying to log into an application to check my hours! EDIT: the page says it got an update a week ago but as of October 2021 I still can’t log into this &$&@ app. You’d think that they would fix this issue because they changed the process for when you forget ur myapron password so that you need to use the app to change it according to my store manager… which doesn’t make a lick of sense because you need your password to log into the app?! Good thing I wrote it down. At home. Hope they didn’t expect me to do infocus last month. The only thing I can fathom is this MUST be an issue with MY phone, I see other people logging in just fine as they punch in using their phone. Wish it was that easy for me. I knew getting apple was a mistake.
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1 year ago, 9876543456789
Logging into workforce
I understand the need to have good security when doing procedures on secure websites, but I feel the number of redundancy to get into various areas is not needed. For example to log into In focus to do our monthly session, we have to enter the same passwords and ID twice. If someone has that information once it doesn’t take a wizard to figure to use it a second time. Another issue I have is when creating a new password, why is it that we are locked out of everything for over 30 minutes at a time when we are probably logging into the time clock at the beginning of our shift. In talking to a number of programmers that I have known from my previous jobs, they have never run into that issue before and certainly don’t understand the reasoning behind it.
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5 months ago, TE in NC
Partial days off
I think this new system is both well received and works well for the company and the employees. I do miss from the old system where you could request a partial day off. That way you could do a doctors appointment in the morning and have time to work in the afternoon evening. Also, I’ve been having issues where I have one hour lunch hours as my preference but I’m scheduled half hour lunches, it still shows one hour preference but again I’m receiving half hour lunches it’s not every week it just throws in about every second or third week.
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3 years ago, Ember Lux
Will not keep you logged in
I used to love this app, it made clocking in and checking your schedule so easy. However for over a a week now it will not keep me logged in. It will log me out several times a day, every day. This greatly reduces the convenience the app is meant to provide. Want to quickly check what time you start/end on a day for making other plans? Nope, need to type in store number, user id and password then wait for it to load. Want to clock in quickly? Nope, it’s going to take more time to log into this app then doing it the old fashion way, (digging out a scrap of paper with your id on it included.) When it kept me logged in the app was easily a 4-5 star app. Now it’s only slightly more convenient then printing out my schedule every week on a company printer or taking a picture of a computer screen.
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3 years ago, Capomatic
I like some aspects of WorkForce, especially being able to request days off weeks in advance. This is very helpful due to outside meetings and doctor appointments. I do wish the program would update faster. There are occasions in which I punch out for lunch and forget the time. In the previous program, I could check my 'time card' to see what time I left. Overall, I believe it is a improvement over the previous program.
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2 years ago, Mike M. D-28
Was a decent app that left a bit to desire
Was pretty decent however I feel it left a lot to be desired. I don’t know exactly what but I feel like it needed to have a lot more of the one phone productivity apps so that when an associate was unable to utilize the one phone your personal phone would be a decent back up. And now I say was because as of the latest update I can’t even log info even after deleting several time and resinstalling when signing in I just receive a message stating the website is I longer available. Such a sad day as I’m probably going to be very early or very late tomorrow seeing as I relied solely on the app for my schedule.
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2 years ago, INMTB
As a 12 year associate tools such as workforce are ver beneficial to all associates. I do believe that it can be used as a subliminal training tool without an associate even realizing they’re being trained which increases their knowledge of store operations, builds upon the customers experience within our walls. This in turn causes investors to seek us out because the shopping experience is so amazing our company’s shareholders rejoice with their return on their investment into THE HOME DEPOT. Here’s an example, we have conditioned our associates to use the scanner to clock in, the associate is focused on the scan cube, put a short TEACH at the top or bottom and you have begun a training process that the associate willing learns from ! I have many more suggestions, just contact me anytime ! Jeffery L Smith #2021 Seymour IN. * Copy On File*
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4 months ago, drod4452
Add specific position for shift offers
I like that we can offer up shifts on the app but it’d be nice if we could see what positions specifically are being offered for the shift rather than just the general department. For example in Cashiers, a smaller text underneath the main position could be put that says either (mainline, pro reg., or sco). Many times I claim it and find it’s a position I can’t do because of my disability and have to switch places with other coworkers and I feel bad for them because they come into work thinking they have their position already assigned.
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1 year ago, kitchendesigner2
Works well the calendar format is a little clunky. Seems to be written for desktop viewing. Most user a cell phone though. Choppy week view an missing two week view or two month view would be nice built in. Request days off should have a day through option. Login are not consistent. Sometimes touch or face log in fails. When submitting request time of day range input needs to have better selection days are mostly in sequence.
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1 year ago, Bowwow079
Great app
Easily to check my schedule and helps me to b on time to work... plus it has a lot of other features that is good like requesting days off for vacation easy to send in for a request . This app is always improving and it’s keeps on getting better all the time... good job guys! Some people use this app to punch in also I don’t, but it’s nice to hav that as an option. I’d give this app another star but it won’t let me ...
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3 years ago, snacksterr
Very functional, very clear, easy to use
Not bad. Decent launch, and many improvements as time as went on. Broke workday. Still haven’t been able to get into that, so thanks (don’t think that was this app that did it). Otherwise, easy to see, easy to use, easy to understand. 5 out of 5 because I’ve never seen an scheduling app for a job I’ve had that has worked so well. Keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, Rachel3045134
We still need access to occurrences
We still have to login to my apron to view occurrences. We should just be able to view them on this app. I got an occurrence because my manager didn’t put in my sick time when I called out. Because I didn’t see it right away we couldn’t get it reversed. If we had access to it on the app it would be more accessible.
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4 months ago, Narrow range baritone
Only one problem
Yes, the only problem is how often it’s down. Particularly if I want to use sick time to come in late. I currently have a late-in because the system was down and I didn’t ask my manager to make an adjustment soon enough. I have also wanted to put in for a day off when the system was down and forgot to go back and do it. That’s on me of course, but it’s still frustrating. That said, using sick time has come in very handy—sometimes when I’m just running a little late. But one morning I was on time till a driver struck my car and sped off. Or when I had a leak in my bathroom and I had to be home for the plumber. In the past, usually the whole day was written off. But now I can deal with the situation, and get sick pay until I come in and work the rest of the day.
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1 month ago, Libradragon9
Nice app but
Since we upgraded I no longer receive notification when new schedule has been posted like it used to. Also can’t see the past days that I was scheduled like last week. Also if there was a way to list the dates them at vacation was used, like an format option instead of searching through your days (again tho can’t see past) to search when and what kind of time was used if any then just list sick time used- the dates n hours then list vacation used - the dates and times it was used.
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2 years ago, RGomezPhotos
Very impressive app.
Honestly, with my experience with Home Depot systems, I didn’t expect much from the app. However, I’ve been thoroughly impressed. While the user-interface can use some refinement in the user-experience area, the app as a whole provides great information along with great usability. I especially love how I can see my new schedule and clocking in via the app. Seeing my vacation and sick time. All quite easy to dine in the app. Well done Home Depot.
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9 months ago, kindones
No more partial day or..
No way to write why you need that day off. Like before I could put in for a partial day off. As I usually don’t need the whole day I just need to be scheduled to be off by a certain time. No more of that and now no notes to why you are requesting off. Like if the kids braces appointment or a doctor appointment etc and since no notes we can’t even write there that we need only certain hours off. We want to be able to be flexible but for me to have to request a whole day off vs a couple hours. It hurts.
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11 months ago, Ach army
Needs work
I check my schedule for the entire week, each week- but when my store updates/changes my scheduled hours WITHOUT discussing it with me, I should ABSOLUTELY get a notification to the posted changes. This wasn’t an issue before… Lately this application is on the Fritz. I have the most updated software for my device and this app, but it is logging me out every time. I have to log into it 6-8 times a day. Previously I could go months without issues.
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2 years ago, March29abby
Logging off
Although the app has almost everything one needs regarding scheduling, the constant logging one out is getting annoying. On the Home Screen under “associate login” button, it says one will remain logged in until the password is changed, which im sorry to say it’s not true. Everyone at my store is getting annoyed about using the app since the constant logging in is getting irritating.
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2 years ago, kimsum5150
This app needs major improvements
The first thing I noticed was that you cannot sync your schedule with any calendar apps period!!! Which makes setting alarms and scheduling appointments no easier than if you didn’t have the app in the first place. Now I got logged out of this app somehow and have not had any success trying to log back in! I get sent to a safari page which asks for my store# user id and password then when entered the sign in button is not clickable! Why does this have to be so overly complicated just to access my schedule? I doubt the ‘gods’ of flooring and diy would approve!!!
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1 year ago, momgmelimel2100
Great App!
I love being able to access my paystubs on workforce and all the other neat things I can do! I just haven’t figured out if I can change my tax deductions on here yet but I’m sure if anything full version on the computer might possibly work. Anyways it’s a great app regardless of that and I love being able to clock in with a simple electronic step like with workforce!
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2 years ago, Betty@01
No longer available
No longer available after my iPhone had a software update, all my other apps work but not this one so now I have to carry 2 phones to get my hours or to see if I logged in or out . Very inconvenient besides people at work think I am a drug dealer because I have 2 phones . Come on people fix the problem.
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3 years ago, jackemled
Regularly breaks & bugs out
Every update, there's some huge bug that just breaks the entire thing. Last update, it kept logging you out & not letting you log in. Now the calendar view is broken again, it does not load, so I can't see my future shifts, I can only see the very next shift on the home screen of the app. Also, it disabled the "send feedback" feature but gives you an annoying popup to get you to send feedback anyway, which does not actually allow you to send feedback when you click "yes", so I can't even send a bug report about these problems now.
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2 years ago, englizh
Jamilah Yaminah
Helllo Team, I will believe in you all, no matter the daily task we fight together to complete. I will continue to earn common mutual understanding. And if it ever seem I do not, I’ll resume as is and pick up the paste too and help you all continue to “WIN”, first! - I appreciate being apart of such an strength wise and building together force, and I will always honor the opportunity!
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2 years ago, 7Up Cake
So convenient!!!
It’s so easy for me to check my work schedule, request vacation, time off and see all my time related info all in one place. I don’t have to call my job if I forget what day or hour I’m scheduled for the following week when I’m making doctors appointments or any other necessary appointments. So convenient!
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2 years ago, Jenibird
Convenient for the most part
I enjoy using Workforce. It’s very helpful. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to sign in often and it’s on my phone. A lot of my apps I don’t have to keep signing in. When I go to use it to punch in quickly now I got a sign in, so that’s just wasted time. So that’s frustrating. If you could do anything to make that better that would be great. Thank you , Jennifer DelRosso.
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2 years ago, sissy 1733
First Impression
Even though this is the first day of training for me.😁 Yesterday was orientation. I was over joyed by the kindness, from every individual! Everyone was so helpful to me! When I left, I was filled with so much excitement, and couldn’t wait to go back the next day! 😊 I just want to tell everyone Thank You! And a big shout out to Laila for helping me get this job! Looking forward to working with everyone at 0778.😁
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7 months ago, halofan56
Work schedule printing thru app
I am hoping soon that we have the capability to print our schedules from the app. If the app fails, it’s going to be tough to acquire our work schedules. Since the website schedule has gone away. Otherwise, currently I have to write down on my calendar blotter my hours.
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2 years ago, Gussie588
Error message!
Many times I am at home or at work and I tried to schedule days off and hours off, but the app comes up with a message saying I can’t complete that at this time try again later. I find it Very annoying. This signal is poor at work but at my home I have a very good signal and I still get that error message on occasion.
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4 months ago, BriBri1147
This app is very useful & helpful with checking my schedule, attendance and requesting days off. But I don't get notifications at all from this app when they change my schedule or when the new schedule is updated. I have to check it mostly everyday to make sure it hasn't changed. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, cj 5411
I like the app, however, for my company Home Depot, when I request time off, apparently this system doesn’t talk to our payroll system, so it doesn’t pay you, it just allow your request to be made, and you have to request to be paid for your time separately! If not for that, I would give it 5 stars!
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3 months ago, johnnyangel7
Easy To Use And Handy To Have!
Work Force is a great tool. It is easy to use and among the many uses of this tool, am able to see my work schedule for the next three weeks, when I have clocked in and out, and the number of hours I am working or have worked. This is a five star tool!
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1 year ago, bluebellsintherain
Punch away at ease
Made life easier . Can see schedule once posted , request for days off ,check last punch ,get notifications about paycheck . All in all very easy to navigate . Downside sometimes doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi and has to be restarted to get the latest info .
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7 months ago, téa cushman
Logs Me Out Often
The features of this app are great, however, it often logs me out and will not let me login again until a randomly chosen time. I try to login and it says “Failed to login. Please try again.” At first I thought it was a password error, but when my password is incorrect it tells me that specifically. I have no idea why it does this and it’s so random that I never know when I’m gonna be able to log back in. Very inconvenient if I need to look at my schedule or request time off before the deadline.
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12 months ago, LilyN.V
Schedule request issues***
I see that there was recently a bug fix related to scheduling request errors, unfortunately that problem is still occurring, I’ve been trying to request a particular set of dates for a week now, I keep getting an error.
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3 years ago, hxp92
Good overall, but has a glitch in the requested off section
Great app, but recent update doesn’t allow you to view the status or history of your requested time off… I think it’s a glitch. I made a request off thru the app, then found out a few days later it didn’t actually submit it. Other than that hiccup I really like it.
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1 year ago, Josiah722
Easy to use
This App is so easy to use and such a convenient tool when checking your Home Depot schedule. The new feature exchange is also an easy and convenient tool when looking for coverage. I highly recommend using this app for your schedule needs.
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1 year ago, FEDORA II
Easy and convenient
I really like the WF app. Very easy to keep track of my schedule. I like the last punch feature to easily confirm that I punched in or out. Scheduling time off or vacation requests is easy to do. I like the UPC to punch in. I’ve made a screenshot shot of it so it’s easy to access in case the internet is unavailable.
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1 year ago, NorseSoldier3
Work Force Review
This app is WAY easier to navigate and see my schedule than any other scheduling app I’ve used before this. It’s also easy to put down my days off instead of having to start an email to send out. So thanks to this app it’s made my life easier.
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2 months ago, Part time team member
It would be nice to be able to add a note, when requesting a day off or a half of a day off so that if you need to be off during the day, but can work at night, or can work at night, but not during the day can be reflected in your request so you don’t have to take the whole day off When it’s not necessary.
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3 months ago, Ipod664
Good when it doesn’t break down
I like how i can do basically every employee action on this where other companies force you to look on their site or other apps (specifically me@walmart) but you guys gotta fix the system very rarely has something not broken on me and forced me to wait a minute, sign back in, or just come back later. Great app but can’t use it a lot of the time
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2 years ago, Anniston's GMa!
Was loving workforce
Why are we having to log in every single time we open up workforce now?? I hate that 1 part of it. We sign in all day at work, then at home we’re still signing in. Everyone is frustrated with this part of it now. Everything else gets a 5 star!!
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3 years ago, bundleit
A great way to check your schedule and keep on top of things . Nice job for employees to have access to their work assignment bravo for all the other contacts too. Keep up the good work thanks very much John S. Johnson and all around Employee as required take care. Ps. All around great bunch of coworkers and managers
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1 year ago, Log in AGAIN
Info at a touch
I like this app. Just wish it would not log me out constantly or freeze up when I refresh the page. I love the information it contains but HATE having to constantly log back in! This didn’t used to be an issue. But with “improvements” came frustrating problems.
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2 years ago, Alisamtz
It’s okay
It’s sometimes slow and takes forever to load but it works. Wish they could make like a option for like posting shifts, so someone else can pick up hours if they’d like. I know H‑E‑B uses a work app like that. I think it would be much easier because finding a manager and having them to input it takes forever. Either the Manager is occupied or they forget to input it.
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3 years ago, chaitanya Bhtt
Electrical associates
I am enjoying my works with our customers & & try to helps him out also I am doing with my supervisor & all the co friends & play the team roles & I am glad to works with everyone & keeps it’s up also thanks for give me the opportunities to serve my abilities to s provide the best service 👏👍
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2 years ago, nonicknamestotake518cat
Work force helps me keep track
I love my job, this app helps so much to know when to work, ask for days off, keep track of my clock in and out times! Some days are hot, long and hard, but I’m loosing weight, feeling great and so happy to get out in the world again!
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2 years ago, kcomva
Functional app, needs new features
Theres no reason this app can’t sync to google or Apple’s calendars, would also be great to be able to export your schedule as a single image so you don’t have to take 5 screenshots so people will know when you’re working other than that, app is great, features work well
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