4.8 (5.6K)
33.4 MB
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Current version
Globoforce Ltd.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Workhuman

4.84 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Alkaselker
Positivity at my fingertips
Whether I’m recognizing a colleague or reading a recognition I have been given, I have positivity at my fingertips. I LOVE how easy it is to use, especially how easy it is to redeem- literally in the checkout line or at the restaurant to cover the bill. The app enables me to stay connected to my colleagues through giving or receiving recognition, congratulating others on their recognitions, giving or receiving feedback, checking in with my manager or managing my priorities/goals. Woot!! I appreciate the innovations and changes I’ve seen over the years of using the app- since 2012.
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2 years ago, JenLakos
Love program but you need to lower the Amy u need
I love this program, so we can highlight our employees and coworkers but the amount of points you need to get anything of value needs to be lowered bcse yea it is nice to recognize employees and coworkers and to be recognized, we cannot get anything of value unless we have 50,000 points so no offense it seems to be a slap in the face when someone recognizes you with 40 points and u can’t get anything. Just a thought
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2 years ago, BCAC1
Surprisingly easy to use!
I was always a desktop user until a colleague recommended I try the app and WOW what a great experience! It’s very easy to use and has all the functionality I was used to. I can easily recognize my colleagues and even redeem my points!! My e-gift card was available immediately!! Definitely recommend trying this for a quick and easy way to recognize.
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5 years ago, nakdyxidknndoams
Excellent Experience
The app is very easy and intuitive to use. The best part is the ability to redeem IN STORE for gift cards. I’ve had multiple times where I’ve been in a store and redeemed for a gift card rather than utilizing my debit card. The ability to give and receive recognition is great. I receive a notification when I’ve received a recognition moment! It instantly pulls me into the moment on my feed.
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2 years ago, NineSevenZero
Numeric Credit Card Fields Don’t Work
The app is fine until the point where you need to enter credit card information to pay the balance on a gift. The credit card and CVV field don’t allow you to input anything if you tap on them directly. You have to hit ENTER from the previous field so the app automatically jumps to the next input field, which would be a good enough work around except that the CVV field comes after the credit card expiration year field, which you can’t hit ENTER from since it’s a drop down. 🤦‍♂️
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2 years ago, Lisa&Cash
Truly Human!
Ability to submit recognition for the great moments is easily accessible, easy to use, and easily shared. Appreciate the prompts. I could probably use a few more suggestive prompts if that’s ever an option, but overall I am very pleased with the Recognition tool. Great to give, and feels good win received. Definitely a win-win tool!
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5 years ago, ANKG315
Can’t Log In From The App
One of my biggest annoyances is that when you login it opens Safari to sign in. Why in the world can it. It just happen within the app?! The other issues are that you can’t easily see your points total. You’ll only find out what you don’t have if you try to add a gift card and don’t have the points it will tell you how many you are short. I like getting notifications when I receive an award and that you can nominate others. They need to make this more functional.
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11 months ago, BCAllegra
Convenient and easy to say thank you
The one app I like to see notifications from, because it means I’ve received an award or someone I’ve given recognition to has received an award. Also handy during Back to School season, since I can redeem for gift cards while I’m standing in store lines.
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11 months ago, Pbdoby
So easy to use!
Love recognizing my co-workers and this app makes it quick & easy no matter where I am. I like being able to see the other messages online, too. I used some of my point to order a gift card and was able to use it right away.
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5 years ago, Mindful DFW
Fun and easy
Read some of the reviews about not seeing your balance and not sure why. I see mine on the redemption function. Love that I can shop internationally. I was in France, in September, and redeemed for an e-gift card and had it on my phone in 60 seconds. Very intuitive and love sending video recognition moments from my phone.
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3 years ago, TiffanyAshby82
Great app
This app is wonderful and convenient, just wish they would add like visa or MasterCard gift cards that can be used almost anywhere or Walmart gift cards! Half of the gift card choices are not able to be used in our area.
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4 years ago, CJ12:/
No ability to flip screen on iPad?
I find it difficult to believe that the functionality to turn the screen during use on an iPad while connected to a keyboard isn’t supported. Having to undock my iPad and type on the screen is frustrating. Yes, first World problem..but a problem none the less. I will be glad to edit my review once this feature is supported.
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4 years ago, A20141208B
Great interface and usability. I prefer sending recognition through the app rather than a desktop or laptop. In fact, the simple yet complete GUI with clear steps encourages me to send more recognition because I know it’s hassle free.
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2 years ago, Kushagra Kumar
Reporting a bug
I like the app. However, as soon as I comment on someones award it scrolls me all the way up to top of the page feed. So after that I have to scroll all the way back down to resume seeing all the posts. Please fix or let me know a work around.
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10 months ago, kidwelsh
App doesn’t work correctly.
The service is supposed to let you offset the extra points you may need for an item by purchasing the points to redeem something of higher value than you’re points will allow. It does not work. I have tried reentering my card info 50 times and it will not accept it.
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2 years ago, DBrocks11
I was shipped a completely different item than what ordered and there is no number or email or page for support on this app. No way to correct any problems!! I finally found a contact form, received a reply with the last tracking number that delivered the wrong item! Tried to respond and it was a no reply email. No way to contact them, no customer support.
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3 years ago, steveooo424
Store is horrible
There is no filter for items in stock, so you scroll and scroll until you find something interesting only to find out it wont be back in stock for months (longest i saw was 4 months!). Also there’s only one photo per product because end user satisfaction doesn’t matter, corporations are the customers.
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6 years ago, Foff Nick Names
Good but not great
The app is easy to nominate others for a reward, easy to approve and redeem awards for gift cards. You can’t purchase items that Globoforce has to offer as part of point redemption and you can’t determine your number of points from the app. This is the apps biggest downfall in my opinion. Would love to see this in a future upgrade.
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5 years ago, MD_Gunner
Super Easy and Interactive
Apps can be amazing and apps can be junk. This app is fantastic. Super intuitive interface. Easy to navigate. Gave me all the details and insights I needed, right at my fingertips. Loved the simplicity of the app. Works every time. Well done!
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2 years ago, RTS@Mintousa
Work Human is one of the best employee perks you could ask for. It encourages teamwork and elevates employee performance. The rewards are incredible and I hope this platform continues to grow.
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11 months ago, TiffCarn
Easy to use!!
It is so easy to access my company’s recognition program. I can approve awards quickly, give recognition and even redeem for gift cards in store!! Love it!!
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5 years ago, wh happy user
Amazing app
The app is so easy to use. I love the redemption experience for electronic gift cards and the ability to give my colleagues recognition in the moment from my mobile app.
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2 months ago, mariP!!!
Used cards show up, can’t search retailer
My used gift cards continue to show up. I’ve deleted them and they still show up so I waste a lot of time copy and pasting to find the it’s got a zero balance . Also, I can’t simply search the name of the gift card I want to use, I have to scroll to find it.
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5 years ago, techiebum
Little to do on the app
This app is not worth much. You can do very little besides see your awards, see recent nominations or nominate someone. What I would like, is to redeem for a gift card (that is all you can redeem for in this app) and then track the order. That would be the biggest advantage of a mobile app. In fact you cannot see any previous orders or activity . I will uninstall until it gets more mature.
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3 years ago, fourninek
Make sure it’s the right person
I accidentally regonized the wrong employee. Maybe a last minute check before you click done
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5 years ago, Thuffo97
Great app!
Really easy to recognize and redeem for gift cards. Points are right there so you know how much you have. I even redeemed for an electronic gift card while at the store and used it right away. Seemed like a simple process to me.
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3 years ago, 1BH9
Good to go, Hard to check
Great to have the capability to recognize our team with the mobile app. Spell check would go a long way to making the recognition less error prone.
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2 years ago, Laura's acc
Ease of use
The phone ap makes it simple to recognize others.
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3 years ago, TeeeBaybee
Ease of use
I love how easy the App is to use! Whether sending an award or recognizing a colleague, very easy to do! This helps me to quickly stay engaged with my region’s team member’s performance!
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4 weeks ago, JMP winning
Excellent way to reward extra efforts
When teammates go the extra mile this is a wonderful way to reward this behavior
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5 years ago, Ivo448964
Loosing data
Can you please save the state when flipping between apps. Just spent 20 mins selecting people and writing a thoughtful message and as soon as I jump out of the app to copy and paste from another app - all was GONE and had to do it all over. Really bad experience.
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3 years ago, ellen submitting feedback
Need spell check
There needs to be auto correct or a spell check!!
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5 years ago, Pooshack
Great User Experience
I love being able to give and receive recognition on my mobile device!
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3 months ago, PeerlessBryce
Everything is way overpriced and takes forever to ship. Searching for items is terrible. Once you click on something, your have to search all over again. Your can’t get back to the results where your left off
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2 years ago, spsnola
Need easy access to GIFs
Would love to add photos, but unleash I am missing them, there are no GUFs built into the platform so you always have to go find one, download it, and then add it to the recognition. Very clunky.
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3 weeks ago, ()1234:;?????
App does not load since last update
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4 years ago, Vinod-Omaha
Very helpful in recognizing employees for valued contribution
Very helpful in recognizing our employees, individual or as Team for their valuable contribution and going Above & Beyond with positive business impact.
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3 years ago, Jaixin
Won’t open. Error
Used to be useful but whatever they did on these updates, my app doesn’t work anymore. Now all I get is “Error loading certificate”. I’ve updated app and cleared cache but still won’t load.
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5 years ago, Llamamana1963
Great way to thank my colleagues
On the fly - so fast and easy! Also lone being able to redeem and use app to purchase!!
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6 years ago, Sikiai
Not functional
Although you can download the app and sign in. There’s not much more you can do, it doesn’t give you the reward points amount, the search list is limited to gift cards and you can’t do as much as you would online. The purpose of an app is to make it easier for the user to operate not frustrating.
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3 years ago, Mememememelcl
Spell check
Can we please enable spell check in the mobile version?
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5 years ago, AndyMockingbird
Making a purchase is a snap!
Was shopping at REI and saw a sleeping bag I wanted, picked it out and bought my e-card while waiting in line. So easy!
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5 years ago, MHRHop24
Works every time
I’m in the WH app every week doing video nominations, redeeming for electronic gift cards or simply skimming the awards feed for opportunities to congratulate my friends. I love this app!
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3 years ago, Floechohart
Easy & Intuitive App
Very easy to use app. Organized & intuitive.
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4 years ago, Heatmizer25
Gifts card only? App or Business
Wondering why the app only has gift cards options to redeem but the website has products as well. Is this a user error (me), my company restricting, or is this an app restriction?
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3 years ago, JJohnson731
Great recognition platform
The workhuman app is a very easy and productive method of providing recognition to co-workers and celebrating events in their lives.
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4 years ago, lawrie44
Exceptional Recognition Platform
I love this platform for recognizing our peers and publicly showing our support and recognition for their efforts.
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4 years ago, sevange5
Some nominations could not be processed
It would be good to see why some nominations cannot be proceeded. I believe it’s because nominee have received the max recognition in the year but I am not sure as I did not see an explanation (just an error message)
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4 years ago, Nate Dogg
Let’s start that when you get points from your employer they basically take half out of your check in taxes. Not only that but the stuff on their website is DOUBLE the retail price!!! You can keep it. You might as well just go buy the stuff at the store.
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6 years ago, mora.ricardo
Missing what you would think would be a basic
Missing what you would think would be a basic feature. Knowing/showing my points balance. Without this BASIC information this app is pretty much useless.
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