WorkPlan by Verizon Connect

1.7 (132)
21.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Verizon Connect Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for WorkPlan by Verizon Connect

1.67 out of 5
132 Ratings
6 years ago, I am 68
Trk driver 30 yrs
Freezes up every time I leave the office after being off duty , puts you on On Duty not driving in slow traffic , logs you on duty when parked instead of off duty if you forget to make a duty change , switches to driving when just going through a trk stop or pulling trk into shop for service if you drive over 4 mph .
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6 years ago, Sunset423
A phone company developing an elog. Hmmmmm. In order to go off duty after driving, I must first tap on duty, go thru its tap this and that, then hit off duty and tap this and that again. Instead of just signing the post trip at the end of the day, I have to sign the pre trip as well. It doesn’t allow lee-way such as 2 miles “free”(as some companies do) after duty status changes. Ex: leaving shipper- gives you time (2 free miles) towards reaching interstate. When on duty, forget about moving across the lot to hook to a box or park, it will put you on drive automatically. That’s where the 2free miles would come into play, instead of “oh yeah; gotta go into yard move,” tappity tappity . Then, more tappity tappity to get out of it. I have to keep checking the app due to it randomly changing my status. That’s just a few of the problems. My company uses this app. I hate it.
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4 years ago, trstebb29
Absolutel crap!
Time to update my review, this thing is absolute garbage! I don’t understand how Verizon can charge a fee to use this crap. I’m only using it because this is what my company chose to go with, but believe me if I had a choice it wouldn’t be this. Since it became an eld last month it has been crap diagnostic/malfunction errors every day each time you change duty status this happens. Now it can’t calculate mileage correctly and for me that’s an absolute must as I’m being paid right from the odometer. Their technical support seems to know nothing about the garbage that Verizon is peddling here. Absolute garbage, do yourself a favor and purchase a more reliable app like Big Road or Keep Truckin, you’ll be glad you did
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4 years ago, 8294782
As a fleet manager this product was supposed to make my job easier. This app is absolute junk. Even my tech savvy drivers struggle daily with the WorkPlan app. The WiFi connection is unreliable, the customer support is unbelievably bad, the web portal is complex and confusing. I honestly can’t say anything good about this product. I spend most of my day fighting this piece of garbage and not nearly enough time on other important tasks that I need to do. Luckily I found another product that I am trying out and after a couple days can already tell it is far superior to the Verizon WorkPlan App.
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5 years ago, dbeachel
Crashes and is not compatible with iOS 13
It’s a pain to use in general. It will log you unless you disable logging. Example: I park my truck, complete my logs, and sign out. BUT if I don’t disable location services, it will log me in when I drive home. Currently it’s completely dead as it doesn’t work with iOS 13. I would highly advise against this product, even though Telogis is a bit of the standard fleet program for small-medium sized trucks in a fleet.
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5 years ago, unhappy 248
Verizon connect work plan
With in the last month or so, this app has developed a problem. 90% of the time, after logging in, the app shuts down and stops tracking my driving/non driving time. When I bring it back up it meeds to log back in. I’ll still be assigned to the truck, but indicates that I’ve been driving or not driving the entire time. Was using iPhone 6 now iPhone 7. Same problem. So I cannot give it more than a one star rating.
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6 years ago, Allen in the road
Handy but
Its great for just in general and easy to use logs. But i keep getting false violations. Can drive for 6 hrs and will flag me for 8 hr vio. Odometer is never correct and the check boxes on dvir’s sometimes take multiple taps to mark off. Great idea of an app, but just doesnt work quite yet.
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5 years ago, hebejdbrh
I absolutely cannot stand this app... It never works right. Constantly kicks me out and says I’m not logged into my truck but when I try to take DOT break it won’t let me logout until I put the correct mileage in (on the truck it doesn’t show me logged in to... dose nothing but get red flags and then the company is on my back about it. Junk junk junk
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5 years ago, Master Zorgus
I will never get back the time I’ve waited for this to find a signal to tell everyone I’m on break.. oh and thanks for the constant annoying reminder of when I need to take a break but not a single peep when breaks over... some of us get paid based on this half rate computer program. Will Verizon reimburse us this lost life and pay?
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4 years ago, Total Frustrated Driver
Total Frustration
This is the second ELD installed into this unit and now after been running with it for 5 months it decided to take a dump in the toilet, won’t connect to phone every time I sign in and now higher support tells me I might need a new one to installed, what about fixing the old one, nothing but issues after issues
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5 years ago, 013144
This app is an absolute mess, constantly freezes if you need to change a password only gives you two hours not a lot of time if your working and not constantly checking your email. Puts you in violation when your working not driving.
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6 years ago, gws87
Do I need my location on to allow the app to record on duty hours
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6 years ago, snuffyjoispissed
The pits
This log is not fmcsa compliant, yet my company makes me use. Only one signature a day is compliant. This log has you do post trips then makes you sign it before the end of day. Will not log in your home time zone instead logs in the time zone you are. Changes duty status when it wants. Does not accurately log miles driven.
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5 years ago, esco801
I updated my IPhone software, now I cannot look at or use my hours of service
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12 months ago, jrZeb80
I thought Verizon’s reveal ELD app was bad, this is way worse. Everything is more difficult than it should be. I’m not even the one paying for it and I still feel like I’m being ripped off.
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6 years ago, Dome89
Our company choice to use this app. It always crashes and will freeze. I always have to re download the app to get it to work. So many complaints and yet nothing has been done.
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6 years ago, i hate verizon eld
I drive illegally every day because of this app
I hate this ELD it rarely connects to my truck and when it does I still have to use it like a paper log. Support tells us use a paper log along with elog
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4 years ago, Gearhead34
This is hands down the worst app I have ever been forced to use. It is painfully slow, crashes constantly, and makes serious errors regularly.
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5 years ago, james pulliam
Dose not work
I’m a truck driver. This app dose not work. Messed up my phone. Freezes all the time. I bought a new phone still doesn’t work. Updated still don’t work. Worst app ever -star
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7 years ago, Kevin at RTI San Antonio depot
My maps from the 1st version have never downloaded and still won't download from this version. So I give this app a C-. Besides that telogis doesn't respond when you send messages on their app. I've also called and someone always says they will check on the issue and call me back. Of course I'm still waiting on that call. On the point of speeding, when I never speed. I'll address that when the app actually can tell what the speed limit is where I am and what road I'm on.
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1 year ago, $hamrock$
Reset password
If you guys make an app at least make it able to reset the password.
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3 years ago, Nunya0011
One star is being kind. This app loads more than it actually works
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5 years ago, usidjdkkejxjfidjdis
Doesn’t work as promised!!!
Device is horrible !! l have been dealing with issues every day every day every day. I am sick of it. It’s costing me money and the company l work for.
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6 years ago, box driver
No good
This app is extremely laggy. Freezes and logs you out randomly. Tech support says to uninstall and reinstall but this does not help. Avoid this app.
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6 years ago, joe12344432156
Hard to believe companies are willingly giving up all this information to Verizon. Who is undoubtedly selling it to their competitors.
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6 years ago, Joeyavila
iPhone X
Should update it for the iPhone X and up
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5 years ago, Tahoe62
The worse elog I have every use , some need to junk this or all the drivers should talk to fmcsa and get this throwing out
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5 years ago, moyufb
Need to update so it can work with iOS 13
Can’t fully use the app anymore
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5 years ago, rich 850
Does not work with new iOS update
Does not work with new iOS update
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5 years ago, ahhdidbdbdjdjd
No Bluetooth
I can’t connect with my tablet today sometimes work good sometimes not I hate this app 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
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7 years ago, kingfish66
Fly by night app that does not work
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7 years ago, iamsmallfry
Not driver friendly
My company is using this on their trucks. Things that need improvement: • log graph. Look at the Keep Trucking graph layout how it looks just like a paper log sheet, where a driver can see a snapshot of the entire day instead of only 10 hours. The having to scroll side to side is annoying. • have the above mentioned graph and details on the same page, where we can edit on/off/sleeper time without having to go back and forth. • Make the editing process a little easier. I have to go back and forth, and every time, I have to go to the main 8 day details page and select a day...for every single edit. • a visual countdown clock for the 30 minute rest break, not just a 1 hour warning and that’s it. I need to be able to, at a glance, look down and see how many hours and minutes I have til I’m in violation, so I can compare it to my gps’ eta and see if I can beat it to a specific location, or, a customer, or do I need to stop earlier. • Allow for parking lot driving by having a reasonable speed/distance threshold so we don’t have to remember every single stop to put it into yard move mode when a driver has 15-20 stops per run. When I used to run the Qualcomm system, we could move, and it would trigger driving, but if it was below a certain length of time (5 min), or distance (I don’t know the exact distance was), but I could pull off the exit ramp, go off the drive line, get into the truck stop and park, and it would fall back into on duty and not count as a driving violation. I don’t mean this to be a smart aleck, but, make the layout similar to the Keep Trucking app, but built on your amazing telogis backbone. - Charles
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5 years ago, Germ413
Worst eld ever
Worst eld ever wish are company go back to Big Road
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6 years ago, reedshop
Decent app. Like all apps my company has tried, it does not track mileage well on 20% of the trucks. Especially trucks made between 2000 and 2008. That’s not the apps fault it’s due to the OEM interface. in my opinion, the #1 problem with this app is that it makes you return to the exact same physical address to qualify for short haul. The DOT requires only that you return to the locality (town or zip code). The number 2 problem is that there is no countdown feature letting me know I’m going into violation. In my opinion, if they don’t fix these two issues, they will not be a player in this (what is becoming) very competitive industry. That’s too bad, because I have also dispatched with this app, and it is rich with features.
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8 years ago, Tidying fled
Waste of time
The app crashes multiple times a day. Time is wasted on site waiting for app to work anytime you select on site, en route, complete or select any button. I have driven between sites, 30 mins, and the screen has not updated since selecting complete at the last site. Customer support is subpar having been hung up on a few times. There are better options for routing software. Do your research, don't get suckered like my company did.
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11 years ago, Azsarge
Amazing Job Mgt and Hours of Service App!!
Robust solution that effectively assures compliance and productivity of commercial resources.
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10 years ago, EyeNtheSKY
Ops mng
Awesome app; don't know how we lived before it!
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9 years ago, Pmaz13
Waste of company money
Odometer never match his vehicle. This app is constantly freezing up.
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7 years ago, Jamester0001
Needs Iwatch available
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2 years ago, 228113
I like it
I like it a lot
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4 years ago, Jetli3322
My case # 4443289 opened more than one moth still there. 1st time called said will check and let me know. 2nd time sounds like the customer service guy he doesn’t know what happened even I gave him the case number. I need repeat whole story to him.
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6 years ago, Daycabber
Logging in is a pain as of late
The app used to be great. Then a few weeks back, it stopped letting me log in on my iPhone without deleting and reentering the username and password. Upon doing so, it auto clocks me in if I’m off the clock, whereas I used to be able to check my hours off the clock. It makes me select a tractor every single time, despite the fact my tractor isn’t setup to use the WorkPlan app. Really frustrating. I was hoping the last update would fix things, but it made it worse. Now I have to open the app, wait for it to hang in the workplan screen, force close and reopen it to get it to work. Also, it suddenly is using my battery far more than before.
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6 years ago, gunjalopy
Horrible elf
App constantly freezes kills battery and logs us back in no matter what we do even if we leave the vehicle synchronize app and everything.nothing like coming in on Monday morning and finding out you were logged in all weekend
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