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4 weeks ago
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12.1 or later
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User Reviews for WorkTango

3.38 out of 5
71 Ratings
8 months ago, Shawn W G
Decent app with some issues
App is amazing but it will not let you change your profile picture on your profile
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5 months ago, Cromagnum Man
Constant errors
My employers has used this app for employee recognition since it was youearnedit, to kazoo, to now worktango. For about the last one to two months, anytime, I try to do anything on the app, I get an error up at the top. If I try to do the same thing on their website, it works just fine, just not on the app. I hope they fix it, because it’s completely unusable now. I have tried deleting it, and reinstalling, but that still has not helped.
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5 years ago, Maat13
New App Major Downgrade
This new app lacks a ton of features available on the previous one. Can’t filter by anything useful like following, can’t get to profiles from posts, can’t see who I’m following or who is following me...I could go on, but why? This should not have been launched with so much functionality missing. The previous app was great. Used it way more than the website. I won’t be using this app the way it is. If not made useful soon, deleting it. Not worth the space it takes up on my phone.
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4 years ago, frustrated bus ridet
Switch between menus in the app requires authentication
Something has changed in this app. Now after inItial SSO sign in to the app, switching between menus, exp from Notification to Rewards will require re-login and vise versa. Not able to do anything without keep logging in 10 - 20 times. On top of that, the app does not give you a history of who you sent the points to. Not a great user experience.
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2 years ago, DanielZ82
App performance getting worse
It takes up to 10 seconds to refresh notifications. Moving through this app is getting less efficient. Previous YouEarnedIt app performed better - please improve mobile app experience!
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3 years ago, ongpata
Awesome App!
Love the Apple Watch integration for my workouts to get points right away! I love that I can redeem for my Starbucks gift while I’m at the store on the spot!
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3 years ago, tanasugar
Some tidying needed
Overall works great! The only trouble I encounter is sometimes having to login again if I haven’t used the app in about a week or so.
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9 months ago, Naty6969
I can’t not log in
I delete the app , and I try to login and say : There was a problem taking that action. Please try again. So I try so many times and nothing work
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5 years ago, tempo_kid92
Wish I could upload a profile pic from my phone, but otherwise a good user experience.
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1 year ago, jill-123
Very Frustrating!
I keep randomly losing Points To Send from my wallet and when I look at my profile of all points given or received there is nothing to indicate where the points went!
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4 years ago, anynamethatwillwork
Constant loop asking for company url
I continually have to enter my company url when I click on an item it’s like it kicks me out then retype url. Once I’m in and the landing page loads I don’t even get time to recognize someone or even search their name before it sends me back through the sign in loop. Please fix ASAP
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3 years ago, Unhappyandsad
Doesn’t work
The app stopped working! Keeps giving me the notification that there was a problem taking that action please try again, and it just keeps going in that circle and never works anymore. Was a great app until it crapped out.
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3 years ago, NandorSantiagoWTF
Apple watch integration glitch
Hi all. Overall the app looks and woks good. However, the apple watch integration works randomly. One day it recognizes my activity and I get the points others it recognizes it again but it gives me 3x /5x / 11x or more the points. Pleas fix this! I would hate to have to disconnect it.
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4 years ago, swissmissmell
Not impressed
Yes it’s nice to recognize each other at work but why not just talk face to face? The points can be exchanged for overpriced goods (something that would cost $25 you’ll get for $50 worth of points...) when I contacted support to ask how to deactivate my account I got no replies... so overall very shi**y...
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2 years ago, BobTheChief
sign on experience is a pain
I use about a dozen SSO/SAML enabled apps and unfortunately this app is the most incompetent implementation. How hard is it to store the company’s SSO url so you don’t have to ask it every time?
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8 months ago, YYYTRAM
Really fun app for recognizing teammates and staying connected while working remotely.
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2 years ago, jljljenn
Does Not Work At All
This app doesn’t work at all. It won’t even let me log in. I haven’t been able to use it in well over a year. No one at my company is able to use it, so it’s not just me.
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3 years ago, zabiollah
Spend 5 minutes trying navigate the app and you’re bound to find a glitch
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5 years ago, npspromoter
Amazing app
I use this at work and I have been getting great feedback from my peers
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2 years ago, MosesRedSea999
Horrible app couldn’t get in the URL
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2 years ago, Rizzbeatz
They work with Lego land and Lego land was the dirtiest place I ever worked for beyond gross 🤢
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3 years ago, KazooNicknameThanks
After being signed in for a few days the app is rendered useless. I’m not able to view anything on my iPhone but I can see all the menus. And on my android it constantly tells me there’s an error and I need to retry signing in, but it won’t let me go to sign in screen. The app just closes. I’ve had to delete and reinstall so many times on both phones. Also the app doesn’t stay up to date with the website (for example, app still calls it Behavior Bonus). So disappointed.
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5 years ago, Joe appleseed
Renaming Deminishes App and Tool.
This updated app is fresh for the company that was already delivering a great product. I know refresh of look and feel can be good, unfortunately, re-branding as Kazoo versus Youearnedit diminishes the acceptance of the app and program. We have now gone from a name that everyone could understand and relate to, to one that by the dictionary definition is a toy instrument. This seems like one of those great marketing ideas in a closed room at a conference table that everyone celebrated having a new meaningless name (that actually has a meaning) so they could take their new company any direction. In the end they named their company after a small tin joke toy. Who wants a Kazoo point? Vs. YouEarnedIt? And Kazoo HR? That really takes away from a progressive people focused approach back to old model HUMAN RESOURCES reminder every time you see its name now. - a musical toy consisting of a tube that is open at both ends and has a hole in theside covered with parchment or membrane, which produces a buzzingsound when the performer hums into oneend. Also called mirliton. Slang definitions are too vulgar for app review, but at Rant over.
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