World Voicemail

4.2 (1.5K)
234.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Norwood Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for World Voicemail

4.23 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
10 months ago, Leenah661
Works !!!
So glad i downloaded this app! Stupid  got rid of my voicemail for some reason so I had no way of getting any voicemails. I hate I have to pay for something that should be free, however it is a feature I need so it is what it is. It works and that’s what matters.
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2 years ago, Dump buster
World VoiceMail is super!
I lost my voicemail for unknown reasons on my Apple IPhone. Over a period of two weeks I spent no less that 4 hours on the phone and in person at Xfinity in Anderson (Indiana) and the Apple store in Indy. No resolution to the problem so voicemails ‘left’ on my phone continued to remain unknown. Tonight while watching TV my wife suggested I go to the ‘App Store’ to look for voicemail apps. I downloaded World Voicemail and after a few minutes necessary to have it load my wife called me and Voilà, I have voicemail for about a dollar a day! Kudos!
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2 years ago, Rainbow Lavonn
Do NOT download this app! It is NOT associated with AT&T or Apple in any way. You will be charged without your consent. Your voicemail will be hijacked by this service and will not always work. The transcriptions are terrible and even after changing the settings, unknown callers were sent to spam. When I tried to stop my subscription, I was told there was no way for the company to do that. I uninstalled the app thinking I could at least use my voicemail through my service provider, but this app STILL has priority. Now, if I’m lucky, I will get an email with a terrible transcript of my voicemail. There is NO WAY for me to access the voice recording whatsoever. Complete and total scam!!!!!
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3 years ago, its that one girl
don’t download terrible app
this was a thing i downloaded and it took 2 minutes to download and then when it finally downloaded it, i went on it and put in my phone number, told me to press continue then it said phone number failed i clicked it again and again and it would not let me. I checked if it really was my phone number and it was crystal clear that it was mine. i am now concerned it took my phone number. i have an app that detects these kind of things and i will probably get a notification. please do not download this app it is terrible.
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5 years ago, school player
Impossible to delete and they charge without authorization!
I’m having the same problem as the user that just posted a review. They keep trying to charge me thru apple $38. I had to remove my card and can’t even access the App Store anymore because they try to charge me EVERY SINGLE DAY! And now I can’t even use my visual voicemail because this app has me locked into their system which means I can’t get my one carriers service for voicemail! This app needs to be removed before other users end up with this same problem after they download the trial! There’s no way to get rid of it and go back to the carriers visual voicemail!!
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3 years ago, goaldriven diva
Please Help me! This App is NOT working for me
Got this app, and Idk it seems like my vm msgs have been delayed, so when I delete the app & re download, it seems to charge you each time. I understand no refund but I just want to disconnect my phone number from this and use my native phone voicemail. I contacted Apple and it’s nothing they can do, I’ve tried, deleting this app, re-downloading it, turning off my phone, resetting my phone and I still CANNOT RECEIVE MY VM msgs. Please Help me remove this app. Thanks is advance.
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4 years ago, 🤗ShDavis
Love it
Now I can see messages instead of listening to them. No calling to check either. It just appears written like a text. I can even respond with a text. Very glad I found this. Now I need my employer to do something like this at work. 🙃
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3 years ago, Wilf_too
If at first you don’t succeed . . .
Had an issue with the setup process; sent an email at 2AM and had a response when I woke up. They offered a couple of suggestions. First one worked and I was in business.
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5 years ago, 2342Quentin_Upton
Its very helpful
This app is very helpful and works really well. People who run it are very helpful if you ever have an issue. I lost my sister while back and keeping her voicemail was very important to me. I was so glad I found myself
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5 years ago, xchelseastarrx
Worried about getting charged for nothing...
I JUST downloaded the app for it not to work with my carrier & it’s not allowing my to end the subscription it forced me to sign up for to “try it”. I am already overly frustrated that my iPhone deleted my “visual voicemail” option & after reformatting my phone 3 times with no backup there is still no fix to it.. and now this!! I will be livid if this company changes me for an all that does not work for my service provider.
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3 years ago, WhatJustHappened?!
Destroyed my voicemail
This app completely destroyed my phone’s voicemail system to the point I can’t even use it. It’s been over 2 years and it tells callers that my number has been disconnected now. I’ve tried numerous times to get ahold of World Voicemail for them to release my phone or something on their end, but it’s impossible to get in touch with them. My cellphone company can’t do anything to help me because they have done all they could.
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2 years ago, Av8or1979
Besting it's kind!
Was having issues trying to initiate the service. Kept getting an error message. I sent them an email with a screenshot. Received a followup email with clarification. Next morning I woke up to a text stating it was resolved. I tried it and it worked. Amazing service and reliable. Not overpriced like some of the others and way better than original providers VM. Excellent customer service!!!
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12 months ago, Zlpit
Stopped working after 8 months
Stopped recording messages after 8 months usage.
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5 years ago, BobTheBeeGuy
Totally useless.
Free 2 week trial started out with a fair transcription of voice mails. Then transcriptions did not make sense and were nothing like the messages. Then half the words were in Spanish and English words did not make sense. Nothing wrong with message playbacks and they were all understandable English. Some transcriptions were just a non-word but playback was a long understandable message. No option to choose a transcription language.
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2 years ago, Bob the caply
Your mum
Oh you’re like so bad at Fortnite literally get better just old gnarly old and he’s just not good just get better bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad it’s good you just not good Mrs. Bad
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3 years ago, mcsher71
Update voicemail
It would have been nice to inform your customers that we would be using a secondary voicemail to pickup missed calls. Instead, I’ve missed many calls of importance because no information was given. Last time I take your updates. ATT said they’ve had customers with the same issues. Never again!!!!
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4 years ago, Global Technologies
This app ruin my day
I installed the app for try to use and is a really headache i can't receive any call and i cant use my appstore as normall i don't know what this app do in my phone because i can't receive any call the app modified my voicemail and i need pay for enter in the account because the app do it as default without accepting any subscription i don't know how i can solve this problem i need help!
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5 years ago, Mazzebah
Its very helpful.
Love this app! It takes voicemail to a whole new level! And the customer support is very quick to respond and very helpful!
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3 years ago, LillianJ jensnens
Didnt work at all
I signed up for the (forced) free trial and set up my greeting. Me and my friend went back and forth with calls to try and get it to work but nothing. Every time we tried nothing happens and i cant get it to work. It might be my phone type (Iphone SE) but still nothing happened. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, flyingfish182
Cuts off messages being left
Evidently, there is a time limit on the length of receiving a message. I had an important message cut off before all the information was delivered to me.
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5 years ago, Daignj
Didn’t work
Tried this app out. Didn’t work as I’d hoped my messages seemed to have not gone through as some people contacted me and left me vm I didn’t get them at all and my friends had issues leaving me a vm as well. I think there was some sort of problem in this syncing up to my phone. Left me frustrated and annoyed. I can’t say I recommend it.
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2 years ago, 刁難入去都可以唔會
Did the school go through my work
Did the boys get my car
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5 years ago, fragilelilac
Didn’t work on my phone
I purchased this application to use for voicemail on my iPhone 6 with Straight Talk service. I deleted it. I’m being charged $4.57 monthly. The number associated with the billing is a recording and it hangs up after it states something about purchases on iTune and refers to iTunes bill website. I’m trying to resolve this and are frustrated!!!
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5 years ago, Hillard Kirlin
It's great app.
This App is amazing! And the greetings are professional and very standard. I got this App because my original visual voicemail stopped working. So, far I'd recommend it!
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5 years ago, Lloyd.Buckridge
Great app.
I love this app! It takes voicemail to a whole new level! And the customer support is very quick to respond and very helpful!
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5 years ago, Dr. Jeromy Johns
Great app.
This App is amazing! And the greetings are professional and very standard. I got this App because my original visual voicemail stopped working. So, far I'd recommend it!
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2 years ago, lauralyons
I just finally got it setup last night
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5 years ago, IXRAYU1004
Great app! Keeps voicemails organized in groups and transcribes them and texts it to you! So much easier! Totally worth it!
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1 year ago, michelle b. still
great app! great customer service!
this is a great app with great customer service. when i needed help reactivating my app on a new phone, the support staff was very responsive.
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3 years ago, Meshinee
App made me agree to all these terms and conditions to then ask to pay for a subscription. If I had known I had to pay, I wouldn’t have agreed to anything in the first place. App keeps your phone number and service provider info.
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2 years ago, scubaturtlej
Doesn’t work
Used to use a long time ago. Switched to you mail which stopped working and blocking all incoming calls from coming through. Tried to go back to World Mail app doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, brandy🦋
It won’t let me see or hear any of my voicemails
Every time I try to open this app it immediately kicks me back out I even deleted it and downloaded again and now all my voicemails I guesss are just gone and I never got to see them or go into my app!
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4 years ago, David Boyack
Need money back
I subscribed for a year, and it doesn’t work. It turned half of my notifications to Spanish, and it won’t accept my number so I can’t even get my voicemails. I can’t cancel the subscription so I just wasted $33. Can I please get my money back?
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5 years ago, maddrummer51
Use at you’re own risk!
After canceling this app the developer has literally held my phone number hostage and my carrier voicemail no longer works. I have tried to contact this developer at least 10 times and no response. Buyer beware!
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5 years ago, CBK3
Apparently does not support US numbers
That said, if it is offered in the App Store, it should work in the US. If it doesn’t, why is it there? I sent a message to the developer, but they have chosen not to respond. Do not bother to download this app at this time.
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5 years ago, mokuleialei
No Voicemails
I set this up and waited after loosing out on 3 voicemails with text message of them so then I loose another after setting it up. I can’t hear on the phone so I need text messages instead. Bummed this didnt work.
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3 months ago, Paris Blue Nose
Doesn’t work
I lost my voicemail with Apple and i downloaded this to get my messages and it won’t even allow me to register
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5 years ago, No longer on the fence
Very easy to set up and configure
Really cool app.
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4 years ago, adavis198425
Terrible app
This app is a waste of money and I wish that I could get a refund. It doesn’t record voicemail or show that you have missed calls. Extremely unhappy.
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7 months ago, Sex with lc
I deleted this app due to the loud noise on the voicemail feature couldn’t even hear what the default was saying.
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5 years ago, SherriQ 1234
Installed and deleted within one day
I should have listened to the reviews. To me just a waste of money, nothing special. Did’t make it easy to remove either.
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1 year ago, rtrtrytr
Help needed
The app is asking to re subscribe even though it just charge me, still not working.
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4 years ago, sanazyn
Didn’t work on my phone!
As there is no submit(save) button at first step, I can’t even register my phone number! I have 7+ and ios 13.3
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5 years ago, Misserma
Great voicemail
I love this voicemail you must try it
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3 years ago, Honey Gear
Says it’s free but moment you download it the app won’t let you use it unless you pay. Clickbait. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, delorssa
Pointless, Waste of time
This app does not work at all. You pay the 38 dollar subscription just for all your “voicemail” messages to be 2 seconds of static
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2 years ago, Joshuawlkr
Trying to activate my voicemail
It doesn’t work it keeps saying try again
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10 months ago, rwsmitty
My provider will not except your program! Sorry , I didn’t know this was against my provider’s policy !
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2 years ago, auree89
Doesn’t record voicemail messages correctly. Not worth the money
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7 months ago, GotchaNoCandy
Not free
You will have to pay monthly to use this app when your phone comes with a free voicemail.
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