WPSD Radar

3 (76)
75.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WPSD Radar

2.96 out of 5
76 Ratings
6 years ago, weather ckick
Wpsd radar
Just locks up. No particular rhyme or reason. Just does. Am reinstalling one more time.
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5 years ago, Usafmom13
Won’t even open anymore
This was one time my fav. I bragged on it. It started to have glitches like it would not open the first time or take a long time to open now when I click on it, it will immediately close its self. I’m sure if it worked fine at one time it can work fine again, but until then I’m deleting it. I’ll check back in about a month to see how it is running. I’ll update my review at that time.
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4 years ago, dfhcxz
Very difficult to read
Not sure the designers of this app ever looked at their last update. It’s white text on a blue bkgd and it’s almost impossible to read. There’s no contact info to tell anyone this. It’s really annoying, because it’s not a bad app, otherwise.
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1 year ago, darrell 22
Make a way to turn off all the warnings of the radar. You can’t see anything because the screen is fifty different colors during a storm event. I have to go to AccuWeather to actually see the radar returns.
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4 years ago, Red transit
Lock up
Still locks up. I have to delete and then open again.
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7 months ago, Cindy-Lou-TN
Ad opens without clicking
The past few days, it CONSTANTLY leaves the app and opens an ad, that I haven’t even seen or touched, in my browser. This is ridiculous!! Either fix it or there’s no need to use this app. It makes it useless!
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5 years ago, ShirleyToon
Poorly run
Paxton media group should let the audience decide who to keep and who to let go but no you will keep pretty boy blond from Pittsburgh. Then why not put his voice on the radar app. You still have Jennifer’s months after she was let go. You people are a disgrace.
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4 years ago, Captrob12
Does not work
After there performance improvement app stopped working. Saying not available at your location. My location never changed.
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5 months ago, Dgeorge1964
App won’t open on Apple iPhone 15
Tried several times to open app but all it does is open and goes away.
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12 years ago, badal38257
Was much better before the update
Most of the time the radar wont load, the key is on the screen everytime, I cant see through the storm to see the city names and it doesnt use all of the I5 screen. The future radar would be great if it would only load.
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4 years ago, phil0666
Can’t get it to work
Has worked fine for years and just stopped
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4 years ago, dwynn19
Use to be good app
Now have to remove/reload each time I want to look at it otherwise it just stales.
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5 years ago, Jcfishy78
White letters on light blue background
Too hard to read! Going somewhere else for my weather.
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6 years ago, Chrisleadfoot
it WAS my favorite
Now the letters are so freaking small it too difficult to read. I quit using it
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6 years ago, Darnell411
Murray Kentucky
Best weather Radar in the App Store and it’s FREE!!!
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4 years ago, what a jole
Works, don’t work. Currently not worth the hype.
See title.
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5 years ago, kylanana
I hate the new map!
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8 years ago, lynne_91
Loved the previous version, new version is a nightmare
I adjust very well, generally, to app changes and updates, but this update makes the app very hard to use. I liked seeing all the information--radar, current weather, 10-day--from one screen and now everything's on a rotation. I hate that you have to click on vague icons--not words, which actually mean something--to bring up menus. I loved the old app and wish I could have it back. I might delete and look for another, more user-friendly local weather app that is more concerned with delivering information and less concerned with looking sleek and trendy.
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7 years ago, NoBite
Latest Update Fixed It!
This is once again my go-to weather app. It opens quickly and works as it should. I find this to be the simplest weather app to use. I especially like the radar map.
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7 years ago, Jst4funcs
Latest update fixed the crash issue
With the last update to the WPSD weather app, the crash issue has been resolved and now I can keep an eye on upcoming weather. Thanks for resolving that issue WPSD!
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10 years ago, Cory Shannon
Great App!
It's weather at my hands and I love this app. It has a friendly user interface that anyone can do and I like the weather alerts. I would love to see latest weather videos. Perhaps in future updates. Keep up the great work!
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13 years ago, chbrst
Amazing App
This App is Amazing, our Family Watch over this App Like a Baby during the Flood. It saved us a Lot of time and Probably Money then. Get it!!
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13 years ago, Fitzy1212
Easier to use and better then the weather channel app
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7 years ago, Ljyoung
Ugh!! 😡😡😡😡
If you can't fix it, at least bring the old radar app back, PLEASE! My husband refused to install this version, he still uses the original, and he is the only person in the house who has a working WPSD radar app. I have tried numerous other weather apps, and none are as good as the original. All this one does well is freeze up.
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7 years ago, Sadtoseeitgo
Just deleted
This app was my favorite go-to app for weather, unfortunately it was just deleted from my phone. It was only taking space. It would only work on occasion and the rest of the time it was frozen when you clicked on it. Wish it would have been fixed.
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10 years ago, Help fix large letters
I have an iPhone 5c with iOS version 7.0. The letters in city names are huge which makes the app not useable to keep up with conditions. I have been using weatherbug to stay informed. Any fixes in the works for this ? Thanks
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8 years ago, faithefin
Old App was better
I really did not like the format change in this app, but got tired of the startup message in the old app. So I've been using this for a while. When I upgraded to iOS 10, this app crashes all the time. Glad I did not trash the old app...I'm going back....
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13 years ago, Love6411
Could be better
I love the idea about this app but it never seems to be accurate. Like rite now there is no storms in forecast but it is storming. Please improve because I like this app.
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10 years ago, Its the best thing EVAH!!!
Very helpful
It was very quick and helpful when we needed it.
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9 years ago, oOMacyOo
Crashes When Using WiFi
You cannot use WiFi with this app. When you try to use anything, but data it immediately crashes. Also will randomly crash when using data. Please fix this.
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12 years ago, VictoriaLeigh2095
Love it
I like how I am able to see so many days in the future. Thank you WPSD!
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13 years ago, ThomThomb
Great source of local informative wheather information and more.. Five Stars!
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7 years ago, Fowlerb2
iPhone 7
I can't get the ap to work on my iPhone 7. It works fine on my wife's iPhone 6. I keep getting the error to make sure airplane mode is turned off and connected to wifi. This is the only ap I ever get this error message on.
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8 years ago, Blah29877
This weather app is aweful
I used to love this weather app. Ever since the last update it doesn't work. It needs the bugs fixed! I have had to delete it and reinstall twice and it still doesn't work.
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7 years ago, Hdrjrhdbdbdgkcswgvm
Finally working
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8 years ago, Tired2night
Last update was terrible!!
Does not function well since last update. Slow to open or crashes completely.
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8 years ago, Addictedtothisgamd
The app works off and on but I have to use the weather channel app more than I can use the WPSD app because it doesn't work
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8 years ago, Wildcat 19
Radar cloud cover
General cloud cover is horrible on their radar. It's fine when considered with rain but general cloud cover by itself doesn't even show up on their radar.
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9 years ago, 05KC
first & only review
it's a cool app, I downloaded it because of a snow storm
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8 years ago, Fedup2004
Disappointing and fed up
Since the update the app only works like 10% of the time. Keeps saying error and retry. Does it on both my phones. I finally gave up and deleted the app.
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10 years ago, Atlmama1
Simple App-Love it!
Thanks WPSD! I enjoy your app and its user friendly layout!!
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13 years ago, Silsmad
Would not load
Would not load on my iPhone 4 over wifi. Very disappointed
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13 years ago, Buckwheat409
Won't load info
Keeps saying no network connection while I am connected to wifi!
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8 years ago, Ktaylornoel
Update please
This was my go to for weather each day. Since the latest update it simply is a waste of space on my phone.
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7 years ago, Luke.a.gallimore
Won't load
The app gets stuck on the loading screen and never opens 9/10 times
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8 years ago, Fungamezzzz
Needs fixes
Used to work great but since last update this needs improvement!
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8 years ago, princessspicewood
Since the last update this app stinks! Very slow loading--if it even loads! 9 out of 10 times, I have to close & reopen the app.
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8 years ago, Local Critic
This is one of the worst news apps. The news is never current and it is amazing that a station Mike's away has more current local news.
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7 years ago, Dst3333333
Weather alerts
Severe thunderstorm passed through here 30 minutes ago. Now that it has cleared up I get "heavy precipitation has been detrimental your area".
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7 years ago, KYMontoya
What happened?!
Used to be good and after the update it went to crap! It freezes and force closes all the time.
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